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Indiana coi^uection 


3 1833 01793 2333 

Digitized by the Internet Archive 
in 2013 

Central Hotel. 


Sos. 20, 22 and 24 tgast §erTy Speet, 

S3.00 PER DAY. 



Proprietor. Manager. 


Land I Insurance Agent, 

Represents the following well-known and Substantial Companies : 
ST. JOSEPH FIRE & MARINE INS. CO., of St. Joseph, Mo. 

Total Capital Hepresentod, - $12,000,000, 

No. 24 Clinton Street, 



- Successors to J. C BOWSEIl & CO,, 

Fort Wayne Steam 

Iron anii Machine Works 

Water St., liet. Calliouii & Harrison Sts,, 

manufacturers of 



Heavy Sugar Mills, 

Marcy's Force Pumps, 


Generally used for Machinery, &c., &c. 







Sold Only by Subscription, 





We take pleasure in presenting to the public herewith our Third Volume 
of the Fort Wayne City Directory, to which we have appended business 
directories of Antwerp, Auburn, Bluffton, Columbia City, Decatur, Hunt- 
ington and New Haven. 

The utmost care has been taken, from the inception of the work to its 
close, to obtain correct and reliable imformation and to arrange and classify 
it in the most convenient form. Absolute freedom from error, in a work 
of this kind, can never be attained and we only claim to have put forth our 
best efforts to make a volume of which the citizens, and we as publishers, 
should be proud. 

A large amount of information concerning the public, religious, chari- 
table and private institutions of the city will be found on pages 299 to 315. 
The work contains 9,354 names, against 8,645 in our last issue, an increase 
of 709 names. From these figures we estimate the present population of 
the city to be 31,739. This includes territory outside the limits and 
adjacent to the city proper. 

It was the intention of the publishers to give a statistical review of the 
trade and manufactures of the city — historic in its character and embrac- 
ing every legitimate industry, but owing to the illness of the Hon. F. P. 
Randall, who had kindly offered to write up the same, we have been obliged 
to complete the present issue without this desirable addition, and to post- 
pone its publication till our next issue for 1878. 

Thanking all who have aided us by their patronage and assistance, and 
trusting that future editions may merit a continuation of their favors, 
we remain, Very respectfully, 

R. L. POLK & CO., 



Aikin Dr N J front edge and 

opposite 17 

American House, outside front cover 
Bass Foundry and Machine 

Works, opposite 34 

Bossier H H, Insurance and 

Real Estate 35 

Braeuer Conrad Boots and Shoes 43 
Canada Southern Railway Line 

-back fly leaf 

Casso& Hake, Beer Bottlers...... 25 

Central House first front fly 

Cochrane, Humphrey & Co, Con- 
tractors and Builders 41 

Cottingham & Co, Hot Air Fur- 
naces 35 

Crisenberry P S 298 

Daily News, opposite 198 

d'Isay Isaac Real Estate and 
Insurance, back embossed line 

and page 3 1 

Evans A S, & Co, Dry Goods 
and Notions.. .outside back cover 

Exchange Hotel 298 

Fisher & Tons, opposite 96 

Forgham H T, Root Beer Man- 
ufacturer outside back cover 

Fortriede L, Boots and Shoes... 33 
Fort Wayne, Muncie and Cincin- 
nati Railroad... inside back cover 

Fort Wayne Organ Co opp 99 

Foster Andrew, Merchant Tailor 27 
French Brewery, Lager Beer 

Brewers 23 

Gable Bros, Druggists 39 

Hamilton & Co, opposite 131 

Hatters ley A, Wrought Iron Pipe 

etc 41 

Hedekin House, opposite 123 

Henderson Henry C, Gable 

House 35 

Hill J B, Grocer 37 

Hinman H F, Builder 33 

Hoffman Bros, opposite 130 

Hoffman J R, & Co, opposite.... 130 
Hogan Hugh, Saloon and Res- 
taurant 43 

Hopkins Zelous, Artesian Well 
Driller 45 


Jones L M, Real Estate and In- 
surance outside front cover 

Keller Charles Jr, File Manufac- 
turer 43 

Kelsey Mrs D S, Dress Maker... 45 

Knapp I & Son, Dentists 37 

Lade Max G, Gunsmith 

outside back cover 

Leonard Dr C Henri, opposite... 122 

Ligget Bros, Livery 39 

McGillJD, Grocer 19 

Nestel Chas W & Eliza,.... 39 

N0II& Foellinger,Insurance and 

Real Estate inside front cover 

OrffC & Co, Dry Goods and 

Millinery outside front cover 

Page, Taylor & Co, Printers and 

Publishers opp 198 

Peltier Louis, Undertaker 276 

Peters Box and Lumber Co 21 

PfeifFer J C & Co, Flour Mills.... 39 
Pickard T R & Sons, Stoves and 

PIollow Ware 35 

Polk R L & Co opp 35 

Poulson B, Pattern and Model 

Maker 45 

Practical Lithographers opp 116 

Prentiss, McLachlan & Co 

opposite title page 

Randall F P first front fly 

Riblet Plirani F, Racine House. 31 

Robinson House embossed 

line outside front cover and 27 

Samse Wm, Wood Yard 45 

Scharf Charles A, Stoves and 

Tinware 33 

Schott George J, Druggist 37 

Siemon & Bro, Books and Sta- 
tionery, outside back cover. 
Sutermeister & Co, Architects... 29 
Toledo, Wabash & Western 

Railway back fly leaf 

Trentman, Monning&Som, Cof- 
fee, Spice and Mustard Mills.. 37 
Underhill & Congdon, Marble 

Works 41 

Wilson & Muhler, Galvanized 

Iron Cornices 43 

Wolf Paul & Co, Upholsterers... 29 




Beugnot J E, Auburn 319 

Binkley Jacob, Huntington 337 

Branyan & Watkins, Huntington337 

Burt House, Decatur 333 

Campbell D F & Co, Columbia 

City 327 

Campbell S L Auburn 319 

Clark >.orman, Bluffton 323 

Columbia City Hotel, Columbia 

City , 327 

Deam W, Bluffton 323 

Farmers' Bank, Columbia City. .,327 

Hall L L, Columbia City 327 

Hartman A F, Huntington 339 

Hubbell House, Huntington 337 

Johnson H R, Decatur ^33 

Jones Thos. J, Antwerp, Ohio. ..319 

Leininger Wm H, Decatur 333 

M'Lallen & Co, Columbia City..327 

Parent H J, Auburn 319 

Pioneer Saloon, Bluffton 323 

Ryan F D, Auburn 321 

Schaper & Son, Columbia City. ..329 

Sears L, Columbia City 329 

Shelly D M, Auburn 323 

Stout Jacob, Bluffton 323 

Strong E & Co, Columbia City..327 

Swick P D, Huntington 337 

Ward C J, Columbia City 329 

Yesbera G H, Auburn 321 

Yontz J, Columbia City 329 


Abbreviations 17 

Alphabetical list of names... 17-276 

Business Directory 277-298 

Index to advertisements 11-12 

Index to Miscellaneous Directory 12 

M iscellaneous Directory 299-3 1 5 

Preface lo 

Title Page... 9 



Bands of Music 308 

Banks 308 

Board of School Trustees 307 

Board of Health 305 

Building, Loan, etc., Asso'ns... 309 

Cemeteries 310 

Churches 311-312 

City Government 305 

County officers 305-306 

Courts... 306 

Federal officers 306 

Fire Department 1 06- 1 07 

Good Templars 315 

Improved Order of Red Men... 315 


Incorporated Institutions 309 

Masonic 314 

Military 309 

Miscellaneous institutions 313 

Miscellaneous schools 307 

Odd Fellows 314 

Parks 311 

Public Halls, Buildings, etc 315 

Public Schools 307-308 

Railroads 310 

Secret Benevolent Societies 314 

Streets and avenues 299-304 

Township officers 305 

Wabash Fast Mail Route. 

.Now controls and operates the fo llowing Lines : 
TOLEDO to ST. LOUIS, - 434 Miles 
TOLEDO to HANNIBAL, - 463 Miles 

TOLEDO to QUINCY, - - 474 Miles 
TOLEDO to KEOKUK, - - 489 Miles 
Connecting in Union Depots at 

St. Louis, Hannibal, Quincy, Keokuk 


Illinois, Missouri, Arkansas, Kansas, Texas, Nebraska 
Colorado and California, 

And forming the Leading Thoroughfare between the Missouri and 
Mississippi Valleys and 

New York, Boston, 


Enabling Passengers who travel by the 


To reach the principal cities in the East and West 

Many Hours in Advance of Other Lines. 

No change of cars between Cleveland and St. Joseph and Atchison (8io miles) 
and between Toledo and Kansas City ^700 miles.) 

All Express Trains of this Line are fully equipped with Pullman's Palace Sleeping 
Cars, Westinghouse's Lately Improved Air- Brake, and Miller's Platform and Coupler 
rendering a serious accident almost an impossibility. 


Qevwral S'wptriniendewt. GenH Pags. & Ticket A^gent^ 

Canada Southern Railway Lines. 

The Shortest, Quickest &m&st Direct Route 


Et, Tlouig, liffils, Iligam talk, 


. And all Principal Points in the East. 


And Principal Points in Michigan. 


Wagner's Magnificent Drawing Room and 
Sleeping Coaches on all Trains. 

FiveExpressTrains Daily 

Pass over this Line, fully equipped with all modern appliances for 
Speed, Comfort and Safety. 

Connections inToleio & Detroit are made inUnionDeiiots. NoTransfer. 


Tickets and Sleeping Car Berths can be obtained at all the Principal Hotels 

and Ticket Offices in Detroit, and at the Company's General 


FRANK E. SNOW, Qenl Pass, and Ticket Agent, Detroit. 
W. K. MUIR, Qen'l Manager. 

Grand Rapids 
Business Center 


What is Wealth, or Fame, or Life— without Health. 

Dr. Aikin's Remedial Institute 


Eye, Ear, Throat, Lung, Nervous, Chronic, and 
Surgical Diseases. 

J _ 


1 ' — I r-m 


Most families have one or mo 

The Doctor's location is most eligible, central, . 
and convenient, at 

Opposite (above) Rathbun House, 

opposite (below) AldrLch's Bank, and 

a few doors from the Union Ticket Office, with an entrance at 

(Hall extending through the Block.) 

and separate 

. Those from 

jroau should come at once to the office on arriving in the city, 

andarr.HUge treatu,ent before other business. Office JHours, from 

9.00 A. M. to 4 p. M. Sundays, 10 to 2. 

with life embittered by needless suffering— seldom free from pain, always 

57 Monroe St. 

a few doors from the Ui 
"Sbl^oy / 01 n + fo%Aio Qf (Hall extending through 
/%► V yi UllaWa Ol. fi®=Parlor for Ladies, 
x/.^ /\- roon s for the convenience of all different patients 

conscious of diseases or disability. Yet they can be cured by the skilful Specialist. 

©^"Established here in extensive practice since 1869 (at St. Louis in '65; San Francisco during '73), enjoying 
a wide and merited reputation as a most successful Physician, and having thorougF qualifications, insight and 
aptness for the Healing Art, with a complete supply of instruments, appliances, and all the best means and 
remedies known to the Profession, a constant succession of cures still attends Dr. Aikin's practice, and conse- 
quently the number of his patients is ever on the increase. 

13 1^ . ^ I K I JV , 

Tht- well knozvn Specialist, no%v perinanently located in Grand Rapids, Mich. His Improved Remedies and 
Jreatment have made hijti Celebrated /"or his Extraordinary Success All classes of Patiettts Treated with 
Equal care azid Skill. Hundreds attest the Great Efficacy of the Treatment. Hearing and Sight Restored, 
Lung, Throat, and other chronic Diseases cured, and Broken Down constitutions built up and Reinvigorated. 
Serious, complicated Diseases, ihat for Many Years Resisted the Treatment of Numerous Physicians, are 
Speedily cured by Dr. Aikin. 


A ladj' v.rites to Ur. Aikin : *' I am so soon and easily well by your treatment that m\ faith in you is un- 
bounded, and shall recommend you to all my friends as a most reliable physician." " Must have help, or die, 
or go insane I concluded," writes a man of 26, in poor health for years, who, after a short trearment by Dr. 
Aikin, further states : " Your remedies are having a remarkable effect. lean sleep better, am gaining flesh, 
and my health is improving in all respects." Dk. Aikin has given the public sufficient evidence to convince the 
most skeptical and incredulous that his method of treatment is peculiarly successful in every department of his 
(jreat Specialties, especially such cases as have defied the skill of other and justly celebrated physicians; No 
ONE shoi:lij nESi'AiR that is afflicted with seemingly incurable disease, but cherish a hope of being' relieved of 
suffering, if not entirely cured, bv his experienced skill and care. 


Ail Diseases and Affections of the Eye and Ear successfully treated b. mild remedies. Cross Eyes Straight- 
ened. Artificial Eyes inserted that look natural. No pain. 

o^T-A.e.e.h:, ooisrsxj.iviizPTioisr. 

Asthma, Bronchitis, and all 1 hroat and Lung Complaints (which, in this country, are the greatest ene- 
mies to Health and Life,; when change of climate and all else fails, are cured by Dr. Aikin's Improved Inhaler 
and Constitutionjl Restorative Treatment. 


Scrofula, Rheumatism, Dyspepsia Piles, Goitre, Drojjsy, Gravel Constipation, Tape-Worm, Liver Dis- 
eases, Cancers, Tumors, Fistula, Hare Lip, Club-F"oot, etc., renicdied by the most approved methods. 
Qj._Qi., .ri^pj ^ _. Stammering, and Impediments. in speech that daily and hourly vex and mortify, and 
OL~OlU lI(3| I ricij make one alaughing-stock through lifo, permanently cured by a scientific, rational and 
prai.ti'.al method — the cause removed, and cure perm.-incnt and positive. 

I\ IM l-^*v Married or single, confidently consult the Doctor on any delicate derangement of health, as he 
^r\ [Jl JLv ;, i^ doubtless the most skilful Ladies' Physician in the World. Do not suffer from Pain, Weak- 
ness, Whitf.s, Ulceration, Suppression, or other diseases, and drag out a miserable life when you can be certain 
of ea«y, safe, and speedy cure in any case by applying to Dr. Aikin. 

B^Stirpiculture — few, healthy children, or none. Trusses, Supporters, Preventatives, Syringes, etc., 
supplied. JiIPIIjKFSY, Palsy, Choreaor St. Vitus Dance, Neuralgia, etc., cured where other meansfail. 

Suffering the sad effects on body and mind of Self-Abuse, Excesses, Disease, or Detect, whatever read or doc- 
tored in vain, let not despair or fal.S'.- modesty be your ruin, but call, or send at once. Ji^^The only sure, ra- 
tional lasting cure for Spermatorrhoea, Seminal Weakness, Nervous Debility, Impotence, etc. No quackery or 
deception. Friendly advice and reliable aid. It is well known that Di. A. always effects a cure. His treatment 
inclurlijs All — you need never look elsewhere. Those aoout to marry should not fail to consult him. SURE 
(juif kest an J mild remedies for all private diseases or old symploms. Gleet, Syphilis, Strictures, Defects, Phimo- 
sis, Hydrocele, Varicocele, etc., radically cured. No mercury used. Private Rooms. No "getting prescriptions." 
Travelers promptly supplied. • While many innocent victims suffer the terrible effects of certain diseases neg- 
lected or badly treated by physicians in general fthey should not be intrusted with these "cases, ) it is right and 
proper to use plain terms that the indiscrete or unfortunate may know where to get help, and no offense can be 
taken by pure minded person.s — See Titus I-15. 

CO IV EHiDK Israel AL. 

Every patient ("either sex) may freely state all pariiculars of their case to Dr. Aikin, either in person or by 
letter, reposing to his trust any delicate personal, or family matter, and can always rely upon the strictest con- 
fidence and secrecy. Vf^DR. AIKI N guarantees better, safer treatment {and for less money) in all Special 
Cases than can be had elsewhere. He is easily accessible from all points. 

Xh.e Mo«t DifRcizlt; Cases 'g^o\\c\t&ci.—Consultatiou Free. Terms Always Reeisonable. 
Come prepared to arrange needful, thorough treatment. Satisfaction Guaranteed To All. Medicines Fur- 
nished. Patients, visited, in city, or any distance, in serious cases. 

Life is too Short to "be ]VIisera"ble.— If YOU have any serious, obstinate disease or annoying sj'mptoms, no mat- 
ter how discouraged or how often disappointed, stop useless doctoring and dosing an<l apply to the Doctor. Sufferers for years or a life- 
tirn'; he cures in a few weeks. All the afflicted who come to him will find the aid they seek. 

Oured. at Home.— Persons at a distance may he cured at home by addressing letter to Dr. Aikin, stating case, symptoms, 
length of time the disease has continued, and have medicine promptly forwarded, free from' damage and curiosity, to any part of the 
t.untry, with full and plain directions for use, by enclosing ,?io in registered letter. P. O. order, or Express. Call, or address 

N. J. AIKIN, M. D., 37 Monroe St., Orand Rapids, Mich. 

" Rem.eixx'berj'iDR. Aikin is the only quaiified, experienced, reliable specialist here; treats his patients honorably, gives the 
choicest remedies, is a regular graduate in medicine, universally owned the most successful and is the right physician to employ, 

R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

Fort Wayne Directory, 



0> above 

adv advertisement 

al alley 

ave avenue 

bds '.... boards 

bel below 

col'd colored 

cor corner 

e east, or east of 

e s east side 

lab laborer 

n e cor northeast corner 

nr near 

n s north side 

n w cor northwest corner 

res resides 

opp opposite 

s south, or south of 

s e cor southeast corner 

s s south side 

s w cor southwest corner 

w west, or west of 

w s west side 

wid widow 


Abbott Miss Etta, clerk Co Auditor's office, res 213 Berry. 
Abbott Wm T, Auditor Allen Co, Court House, res 213 W 

Abel Miss Mary A, teacher Harmer school, bds 59 Barr. 
Abendroth David (Deppen & Abendroth), res 40 Wells. 
Aber John F, artist J A Shoaff, bds American House. 
Aborn Thomas, printer Gazette Co, res 47 W Water. 
Abram Louis, res 163 E Jefferson. 
Ackermann John, physician 86 Calhoun, res same 
Adams Abel W, clerk V Jacobson, bds Central House. 
Adams Charles C, fireman P F W & C R R, res 377 Hanna. 

1 8 R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

Adaniiii Express Co, W P Chapman agt, 102 Calhoun. 

Adams George D, telegraph operator, res 44 Williams. 

Adams Miss Ida, teacher, bds 86 E Main. 

Adams Israel W, engineer P F W & C R R, res 146 W Wayne. 

Adams J0I11I9 Saloon, 256 Calhoun, res same. 

Adams Mary, domestic, 133 E Berry. 

Adams Robert, lab, res 104 E Columbia. 

Adams Wm, painter P F W & C R R, bds 146 W Wayne. 

Adams Wm A, pedler, res s s Taylor w of Metz,. 

Adams Wm H, clerk Foster Bros & Co, res 197 High. 

Adkins Armus W, conductor P F W & C R R, res 59 Charles. 

Adler Andrew, expressman, res 61 Wall, 

Adler John G, cabinet make;-, bds 61 Wall. 

Aebli Peter, foreman Indiana Volksfreund, bds 67 E Wayne. 

Agster Mrs Anna M, res 42 W Jefferson. 

Agster Miss Augusta, res 42 W Jefferson. 

Agster Charles, machinist, res 42 W Jefferson. 

Ahlfelt Emil, core maker, bds S6 E Jefferson. 

Ahrens Dora, domestic, 196 Calhoun. 

Aickin Ellen (wid Peter), res 156 Fairfield ave. 

Aider Peter, engine wiper T W & W Ry, res 22 John. 

Aikinger Felix, lab, bds in Wells. 

Ainsworth Joseph, hack driver Fletcher & Powers, bds n e cor 
Berry and Barr. 

Aker Henry, brakeman, bds 19 Baker. 

Albers Annie, servant Mayer House. 

Alberts Mrs Annie, laundress Aveline House. 

Albiston Mrs Sarah, bds 45 N Cass. 

Albrecht John, shoemaker L Fortried, bds n e cor Cherry and 

Albrecht Lizzie, domestic 306 Calhoun. 

Albrecht Martin L, carriage mkr 46 W Main, res 54 E Wayne. 

Albrecht Peter, shoemaker, res n s Spruce nr St Mary's River. 

Albright Miss Mary, res 16 E Wayne. 

Aldecruz Ernst, lab, res e s Jay nr Charley. 

Alder Jacob, painter 140 Van Buren, res 20 Wilts. 

Alder Jacob A, painter, bds 20 Wilts. 

Alder, Peter, carpenter, res 27 John. 

Alderman Frank, agent Russell reaper, res 9 N Cass. 

Aldrich Charles H, (Aldrich & Barrett), res 49 E Lewis. 

Aldrich Elisha M, res e s Fairfield ave s of Creighton ave. 

Aldrich «fe Barrett (Charles H Aldrich, James M Bar- 
rett), Lawyers, 54^ Calhoun. 

Algier Tony, teamster, bds 128 E Washington. 

Allbright Oella T (Wid John), bds 12 Fairfield ave. 



No. 90 Oalhoun Street. 

411 iooii i§lill@d it WheliSik Fileii, 

J. D. MeGILL, 

«-^=^DEALER IN,::^^ 

Groceries, Fruits, Etc. 




J®" Goods sold for CASH only, and prices to correspond. 


Always Ready for Wholesale and Retail Trade. 


20 R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

Allen Albert S, painter 5 E Main, res w s Franklin ave n of 

Allen Chas E, lab, res 34 Third. 

Allen County Jail, w s N Calhoun n of W Water. 

Allen County Medical Colleg^e, Dr. W Wheery 
Pres. Hall s w cor Calhoun & Berry. 

Allen County Poultry and Pet Stock Association, Geo B Hart- 
man Sec, 22 W Berry. 

Allen Cyrus W, carpenter 88 Fulton, res 171 W Wayne. 

Allen George W, engineer, res 17 Brandriff. 

Allen Philemon, teacher Ft Wayne College, bds same. 

Allgeier Anthony, teamster J B White, bds 126 E Washington. 

Allgeier Henry, tinner Prescott Bros & Co, bds 87 Holman. 

Alliger Benjamin, lab, res s s Maumee ave nr city limits. 

Alliger Constant F, bds Benjamin Alliger. 

Ailing Henry L, clerk D A Robinson, bds 286 E Washington. 

Allyn George W, prof High School, bds 154 Griffith. 

Alringer Frank, porter Gregg & Buchman, bds 176 E Wayne. 

Alringer Isador, bookkeeper J B White, bds 86 E Main. 

Altemeyer Nicholas, lab, bds 129 E Lewis 

Altenbaumer August, helper, res 100 Madison. 

Altenburger Boltemus, lab, res 183 Montgomery. 

Alter George, clerk Nicholas Alter, bds 27 Force. 

Alter John, carpenter, bds 27 Force. 

Alter Nicholas, grocer 25 Force, res 27 same. 

Alter Peter, carpenter P F W & C R R, res 27 John. 

Altevogt Herman, car inspector T W & W Ry, res s s Allen n 
of Calhoun. 

Alvater Louis, brakeman, bds Gable House. 

Alvord Mrs Frances, res 148 W Berry. 

Amann Louis, plasterer, res 215 E Washington. 

American Central Inisurance Co St Louis Mo, A 
C Greenebaum agt 31 Calhoun. 

American Express Co, W P Chapman agt, 102 Cal- 

American House, Bernhard H Schnieders Propr, 15, 17 
and 19 W Columbia. (See adv. ') 

American Sewing Machine Co^ G L Smith Manager 
139^ Calhoun. 

Ames George, teamster, res 13 Hamilton. 

Ames Milan E, fireman, res 50 Smith. 

Ames Rufus, fireman G R & I R R, res 334 Calhoun. 

Amlar Frank R, druggist, bds Mrs Wm Lytle. 

Ammon Daniel, lumber, res 287 W Washington. 

Amon Charles, conductor F W M & C R R, res 187 Griffith. 

Amstutz Peter, supervisor, res 43 Charles. 

Anderson Calvin, res 123 W Wayne. 




Box & Lumber Co. 

79 to 102 High Street, - - FORT WAYNE, IND. 

22 R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

Anderson Eli G (Anderson & Douglass), res 138 Fulton. 
Anderson Gust, machine hand Peters' Box and Lumber Co, bds 

58 Douglas. 
Anderson House, Mrs Emrick & Son proprs, 24 W Berry. 
Anderson James, fireman G R & I R R, res 8 Hough. 
Anderson Milton L, painter, res 87 Barr. 
Anderson Samuel, physician, 80 Calhoun, res 58 W Berry. 
Anderson Mrs Sarah, res 8 Hough. 
Anderson Thomas P, pianos and organs, 98 Calhoun, res Spy 

Run ave. 
Anderson Wm, conductor, bds 402 Calhoun. 
Anderson Wm, bds 106 Wells. 
Anderisoii «& I>oug^la!iiis (Eli G Anderson, Wm V 

Douglass), Grocers, 124 Broadway and 198 W Jefferson. 
Andrew Thomas M (Ellsworth, Andrew & Co), res 83 E Berry. 
Andrews David, boilermaker P F W & C R R, res 210 Barr. 
Andrews George, car driver, bds 262 Calhoun. 
Andrews Jacob A, lab, res 100 Wilt. 

Andrews James, boiler maker P F W & C R R bds 201 Barr. 
Andrews William N, clerk, bds \ iS Barr. 
Andruss George H, engineer T W & W Ry, bds 78 Douglas 

Angell Byron D, lumber, res n s W Washington, bet Rockhill 

and College. 
Angell Jacob, fireman G R & I R R, res 56 Wallace. 
Angell John J, fireman G R & I R R, bds 144 Wallace. 
Angell Mrs Orange, res 166 W Berry. 
Angest Leonard, blacksmith, res 56 Madison. 
Ankenbruck John, teamster City Mills, bds 172 E Washington. 
Ankenbruck Joseph, fuckman, res 172 E Washington. 
Ankenbruck Mai tin, lab, res 255 E Wayne. 
Anthony John C, fireman P F W & C R R, res 50 E Washing- 
Anthony Peter, servant St Augustine's Academy, bds same. 
Antrup Mrs Mary, bds 193 Barr. 
Anwiler Henry, carpenter, res 165 Jackson. 
Anwiler Louis, carpenter, bds 165 Jackson. 
App Hattliiaiii, Boots and Shoes, 106 Calhoun, res 104 W 

Arantz, Philip, lumber, res 58 E Washington. 
Archbold Lizzie, servant Hedekin House. 
Archer Charles, clerk J B Rockhill, bds cor Archer ave and 

Archer David L, Farmer's Eating House, 18 Harrison. 
Archer David R (Archer & Snow), res n w cor Putnam and 




French Brewery, 


Your Patronage Solicited- All Orders Promptly Filled, 
North End Spy Run Avenue, - FORT WAYNE, IND. 


Archer John H, real estate, res s e cor Archer ave and Florence. 

Archer Mary J, seamstress, bds Matilda Chase. 

Archer Wm L, bds i8 Harrison. 

Archer «& l§i]ioi¥ (David R Archer, Isaac Snow), Real 

Estate and Loan Agents, 25)^ Postoffice Block. 
Archibald Fred E, fireman, bds 4 Kansas. 
Arens John, lab Huestis & Hamilton, res 122 Madison. 
Arenz Henry, lab, res 170 E Washington. 
Arlin Mrs A L, bds 114 Creighton ave. 
Armack Dora (wid Albert), res n s Putnam w of E{ensch. 
Armbruster Chas, watchman, res 49 Smith. 
Armbruster Lawrence, helper P F W & C R R, res s s Harris 

e of Force. ' 

Arment Wm, carpenter, res 141 Barr. 

Armstrong Charles, teamster, bds e s Wabash ave n of Maumee. 
Armstrong Miss Emma L, teacher training school, bds 153 E 

Armstrong, Miss Margaret A, teacher Harmer School, bds 153 

E Berry. 
Armstrong Mrs Malinda, res 247 W Berry. 
Armstrong Robert S, carpenter, res 3 Henry. 
Arney Mrs Anna, res 26 Nirdlinger. 
Arnold Antliony^ Furniture Mnfr, 166 Broadway, res 

Arnold Clinton, conductor, res loi Wallace. 
Arnold James S, sewing machine agent, bds 227 Lafayette. 
Arnold John, carpenter Cochrane, Humphrey & Co, res 131 W 

Arntz Anton, lab, res 241 E Washington. 
Arntz Herman, lab, res 122 Madison 
Ash Henry J, stoves and tinware, 17 E Columbia, res 104 E 

Ashley Miss Ada M, res 160 W Washington.- 
Ashley A Judson, conductor T W & W Ry, res 41 Baker. 
Ashley Jerome, conductor T W & W Ry, res 62 Chicago. 
Ashley Philo H, conductor F W M & C R R, res 160 W 

Ashley Winfield W, printer, Sentinel office, res 104 Barr. 
Aubray Adeline, domestic, Summit City House. 
Aubray Sophia, domestic, 241 E Lewis. 
Aubrey John, clerk, bds 231 E Jefferson. 
Aubrey Joseph, res 23 E Jefferson. 
Aucmack Miss Susan, dressmaker, bds 183 Lafayette. 
Auer Conrad, watchman, res 1 7 Nirdlinger. 
Auer Daniel, lab, res 122 Fulton. 



Cincinnati Lager Beer 





Cor. Harrison and Water Streets, 

26 ' R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

Auer Lavinia, domestic, 152 W Wayne. 

Auer Robert, lab, res 265 Hanna. 

Au George F, mechanic, res 118 Wallace. 

Auger Charles, florist, res 453 E Wayne. 

Auger Louis, florist, bds 453 E Wayne. 

Augh George, polisher, bds 118 Wallace. 

Aultenbimer August, helper T W ^ W Ry, res 100 Madison. 

Auman Charles, lab, res 28 Orchard. 

Auman Conrad, machinist P F W & C R R, res 118 Gay. 

Auman Fred, lab, res 112 St Mary's ave. 

Aumann Wm, watchman, res 7 N Cass. 

Aumock Miss Sue, seamstress, bds 87 Ewing. 

Aurentz John A, clerk S A Aurentz, bds 189 W Jefferson. 

Aurentz ^olomoii A, Groceries, 135 and 137 Broadway, 

res 189 W Jefferson. 
Ausitin Tlionftas S, Dentist, 2 E Columbia, bds Central 

Auth Peter, wood bender N G Olds & Sons, res 26 Fourth. 
Aveline BLoiiiiie, Miller & Moritz Proprs, s e cor Calhoun 

& Berry. 
Aveline Mrs James, bds 20 Douglas ave. 
Avery McClairn, switchman T W & W Ry, bds 16 Wallace. 
Axt Moses, carpenter, res 129 Francis. 
Axt Wm, teamster, res 84 Maumee ave. 
Axx Andrew, saloon, 270 Calhoun, res same. 
Aylsworth Rev Nicholas J, pastor Christian Church, res 310 W 

Ayres Daniel C, carpenter, res 70 Wells. 
Ayres Emma, laundress, Robinson House. 
Ayres Henry B, physician, 114 Clinton, res same. 
Ayres Lida, waitress Robinson House. 

Baack Barthold, carpenter, bds 61 Maumee ave. 

Baade Wm, truckman, res 263 E Jefferson. 

Baals Frank S, brakeman P F W & C R R, bds 302 W Jefferson. 

Baals George, carpenter, res 150 Montgomery. 

Baals John L, carpenter P F W & C R R, res 302 W Jefferson, 

Baate Wm, lab, res e s De Groff n of St Mary's ave. 

Baatz Ernst, lab, res n s Burgess w of De Groff. 

Babcock Mrs Anna M, res 114 Clinton. 

Babcock Mrs Fanny, res 129 W Main. 

Babcock John H, fireman, bds 319 Harrison. 

Babcock Mrs Mary, res 319 Harrison, 

Babcock Thomas Z, fireman, bds 319 Harrison. 



THE lOBiisoi Emm, 

§n garrison (St., at the head of Columbia, 

JAMES H. ROBINSON; Proprietor. H. H. ROBINSON, Manager. 

The Best $2.00 per day House in the State. 


Central, Commodious and Attractive. 


Merchnt Tailor, 

21 Calhoun Street. 

28 R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

Backess Jacob, boilermaker, res 129 Wilt. 

Bade Frederick, shoemaker L Fortried, res 13 Barthold. 

Baendeau P>ed, bds 67 Bluff. 

Baeneke Ernst, lab Ranke, Yergens & Brandt. 

Baer Frank, brakeman T W & W Ry, bds 187 Fairfield ave. 

Baer George, conductor, res 46 Bass. 

Bagley Hugh, shoemaker, res 58 Wells. 

Bahney Milton M, conductor G R & I R R, tcs 122 W Jeffer- 

Bahrdt Lizzie, servant Mayer House. 

Bailey August, clerk, bds 37 Barr. 

Bailey Fred J, conductor T W & W Ry, bds 22 Chicago. 

Bailey Gottlieb, lab, res 34 Buchanan. 

Bailey Wm H, engineer P F W & C R R, res 20 Buchanan. 

Baillie John, blacksmith T W & W Ry, res 166 Jackson. 

Bainbridge Edmund, bds 301 W Jefferson. 

Bainbridge Wm C, farmer, res 301 W Jefferson. 

Bair Frank, grainer, res s w cor Wells and Hoffman. 

Baker Miss Agatha, bds 56 Taylor. 

Baker Benjamin, wagonmaker, res 139 Clinton. 

Baker Charles A, bds 193 W Berry. 

Baker Conrad, street commissioner, res 193 W Berry. 

Baker Frank, conductor F W J & S R R, bds Racine House. 

Baker Fred W, clerk Fred J Miller, bds 58 Pritchard. 

Baker Geo J, blacksmith Jno Baker, res 16 Lafayette. 

Baker Henrietta, domestic, 174 W Wayne. • 

Baker Henry, lab, res 58 Pritchard. 

Baker Isaac W, bridge builder, res 72 E Main. 

Baker Jacob, foreman, res s w cor Metz and Taylor. 

Baker Jacob .'J & K Baker), res Washington Township. 

Baker John (Welch & Baker), res 18 Laselle. 

Baker John, wagon and carriage mnir, 18 Lafayette, res 139 

Baker John A, lab, res 284 Webster. 

Baker Joseph, student, bds rear 133 Calhoun. 

Baker Julius, bds 93 W Berry. 

Baker Kilian (J & K Baker), res 92 E Main. 

Baker Lawrence, mason, res 326 Hanna. 

Baker Simon, lab H J Ash, bds 133 Calhoun. 

Baker Mrs, res rear 133 Calhoun. 

Baker J <& K (Jacob & Kilian), Saw Mill, n s Wabash 
and Erie Canal w of Lafayette. 

Balcum Miss Mary, music teacher, bds 197 W Berry. 

Balcum Mrs Sarah M, dressmaker, bds 197 W Wayne. 

Baldock Mrs Harriet, res 274 Webster. 


Architects, Contractors 



Also Agents for the well-known Stony Point, Mich., Building 
Stone and Glazed Sewer Pipe, Fire Brick, &.o. 


dpjluij ^wol:f sc CO., 

Manufacturers of and Dealers in all kinds of 

Fine Upholstered Furniture in Sets, Lounges, Sofas, Tete-a-Tetes, &c. 

Particular attention giren to Upliolstering, repairinar 'Ciiurcli Cushions, Cai"pet 
laying, hanging of Window Curtains and Paper Hanging. 


Also proprietors of the Husk and Mattrass Factory, cor. E. Wayne st. and Walton ave. 


Baldoch Will R, printer Daily News, bds 274 Webster. 

Baldwin Albert, engineer T W & W Ry, res 20 Baker. 

Baldwin Miss Anne, hair dresser, 30 E Columbia, res same. 

Baldwin Stephen, carpenter O D Hurd & Co, bds 142 W Jeffer- 

Balke Mary, domestic, 16 W Wayne. 

Ball Rudolph, grocer, 189 W Main, res same. 

Balliet Jacob, stoves and tinware, 61 E Main, res same; 

Baltes Jacob, stone mason, bds 63 Harrison. 

Bakes Michael (James Lillie & Co), res 6^ Harrison. 

Baits John, lab P F V/ & C R R, res 302 W Jefferson. 

Rand Saw Mills, J R Hoffman & Co Proprs, 200 W Main. 
(^See adv.) 

Bandau Frederick, wiper, res 27 Pritchard. 

Banet Louis, bartender Frank Casso, res 36 Barr. 

Bangert Bonifacious, grocer, 167 Broadway. 

Banning Conrad, grocer, res 208 Madison. 

Bannister Albert, baggageman P F W & C R R, bds 70 

Bannister Albert A, baggage helper P F W & C R R, bds 70 

Bannister Mrs Catherine, janitress Hanna School, bds 70 

Bannister Gerard W, engineer G R & I R R, bds 70 Charles. 

Banta Charles, painter T W & W Ry, bds 155 Griffith. 

Banta Herman, painter T W & W Ry, bds 155 Griffith. 

Barbara Frank, baker, 90 E Main, res same. 

Barber J A, brakeman, bds 330 Calhoun. 

Barber Lucien B, chair finisher J M Miller, res 50 Case. 

Barbier Peter F, saw filer, res 105 E Main. 

Barbour Lucien, painter, res 50 Case. 

Barcus Hezekiah H, confectionery, 29 E Main, res same. 

Barcus Isaac, marble cutter, res 202 Ewing. 

Bardlemann Ernst, teamster, res 26 Barthold. 

Bare Martin, hack driver, bds 42 Pearl. 

Bargeman Minnie, domestic, 119 E Wayne. 

Barger Rosa, domestic, 121 W Washington. 

Barghorn Frederick, machine hand P F W & C R R, res 123 

Bargus Henry (H Bargus & Robbe), res 31 Barr. 

Bargus Martin, carpenter P F W & C R R, res 156 E Jeffer- 

ISarg^us H «& Robbe (Henry Bargus, Alphonse Robbe), 
Wines and Liquors and Mnfrs Mineral Waters, 29 Barr. 

Barnard Wm M, land agent, bds 197 W Wayne. 



Real Estate i Insurance, 


J^kfni M^ City f^f ocperty Sought § ^old. 


Good Farm and City Property taken in ex- 
change for Texas Lands. 

it®" Represents Ten first-class Fire Insurance Companies. Can place large lines of 
insurance on all kinds of property in this and .adjoining counties, at reasonable rates. 


Wil@i Mitiil Lift liiiiii^i 0@.5 @f liliij 


Office, Booin No. 14 Odd Fellows^ Building , 



N. E. Cop. First and North Cass Streets, neap Ft. W. J. & S 
and Ft. W. M, & C. R. R. Depot, 

First-Olass Accommodations for transient guests 
and Boarders. 

32 R. L. POLK &CO/S 

Barnar Charles, deputy marshal, res 153 Montgomery. 

Barnes Mrs Dorothy, res 167 E Lewis. 

Barnes James W, salesman Owen Pixley & Co, res 48 Mc- 

Sarnesi Josliua B, General Foreman T W & W Ry, 

shops res 184 Henry. 
Barnes Lazar, lab, res 165 E Lewis. 
Barnes Patrick, helper T W & W Ry, res 6 Kansas. 
Barnes Wm, boilermaker, bds 224 E Jefferson. 
Barnett Abraham G, (Freeman & Barnett,) res e s Spy Run ave 

of w city limits. 
Barnhard Newman, clerk Foster Bros & Co, bds 119 W Wash- 
Earnhardt Christian, helper P F W & C R R, res 29 John. 
Barnhart David, brakeman, bds 58 Chicago. 
Barnum I>r. Oeorge P, Veterinary Surgeon and 

Livery Stables, 93 E Columbia res same. 
Barr Mary A (wid Thomas), res 332 W Jefferson. 
Barr Robert, machinist P F W & C R R, res 17 Baker. 
Barrahorn Minnie, domestic 176 E Wayne. 
Barrall Aaron, res 124 E Lewis. 
Barrall Anthony, bds 124 E Lewis. 
Barrand Frank, lab, res 200 Hanna. 

Barrett Edward, fireman, P F W & C R R, res 219 Lafayette. 
Barrett Frederick C, track master street railway res 135 Wells. 
Barrett James M, (Aldrich & Barrett), bds 49 E Lewis. 
Barrett John, helper, res 247 Clay. 
Barrett Mathew, clerk Root & Co, res 88 Chicago. 
Barrett Thomas R, boilermaker, bds 88 Chicago. 
Barrows Asa, printer Daily News, bds 71 Baker. 
Barrows John, painter, bds 158 Madison. 
Barrows John G, photographer, res 71 Baker. 
Barry Miss Nellie, domestic, res 34 Douglas ave. 
Barry Owen, fireman P F W & C R R, res 23 Grand. « 

Barsaw Malinda domestic 163 E Wayne. 
Bartels Frederick, engineer, res 46 W Washington. 
Bartels Henry, carpenter T W & W*Ry, res 27 Lavina. 
Bartels John, lab, Peter's Box & Lumber Co, res 21 High. 
Barth Quirinus, coachpaan J. D. Nuttman, bds 130 W Berry. 
Bartlett James C, sec Indiana Conservatory of Music, bds 

Hamilton House. 
Barton Charles M, city treasurer, office City Hall, res 303 W 

Barwiler Katie, domestic 74 Wallace. 
Basett Sarah, cook Central Hotel. 






32 West Main St., - Fort Wayne, Indiana. 


Stoves, Tinware, Copper 


Prompt Attention paid to Job Work. 


217 Lafayette Street, - FORT WAYNE, IND. 


Contractor and Builder, 

Shop, Cor. Broadway and Cherry, Stophlet's Addition, 


Bash Charles S, clerk S Bash & Co, bds 240 W Berry. 

Bash Solomon, (S Bash & Co), res 240 W Berry. 

Hask S «& Co, (Solomon Bash, Thomas L. McKee, Peter 

D Smyser), Wool, Seeds, Furs, Pelts & Produce, 49 & 53 

E Columbia. 
Basil James, carpenter, res 196 Fairfield ave. 
Basil Lewis, brakeman T W & W Ry, bds 64 Baker. 
Basil Louis A, switchman T W & W Ry, bds 166 Fairfield ave. 
Basil Mrs Margaret, boarding, res 67 Grand 
Bass Alfred, barber J Johnson, res 133 Madison. 
Bass Allen, barber, res 133 Madison. 

Bass Beverly C, clerk Bass Foundry, bds 147 W Washington. 
Bass Eliza M, (wid Sion S), res 147 W Washington. 
Kass Foundry and Mactiine Works, Hanna s of 

Railroad Crossing J. H. Bass Pres. J. I. White Sec. R. J. 

Fisher Treas. (See adv). 
Basis Jobn H, Pres. Bass Foundry & Machine Works, res 

113 W Berry. 
Bass Sion, res s end Calhoun. 
Bass dfe; S^mitli, (John H. Bass, J Sion Smith), Coal, Coke 

and Pig Iron, office with Bass Foundry and Machine Works. 
Bassano Joseph, machinist, res 405 Lafayette. 
Bassett John M, sawyer Hoffman Bros, bds 258 W Jefferson. 
Bassett IVm. M, Foreman Hoffman Bros, res 258 W Jef- 
Bastian Jacob, porter Central Hotel. 

Bastues Martin, molder, Bass Foundry bds 222 Montgomery. 
Bastues Michael, clerk, res 222 Hugh. 

Batch Charles W, pressman Daily News, bds 26 W Wayne. 
Batchelder Jesse S, confectioner Trentman & Fox, res Buchanan 

e of Lafayette. 
Bates John, cooper, bds John Packer. 
Bathul Mrs Dora, res 234 Francis. 
Battenberg Jacob, tailor res 1 33 High. 
Battenberg Lotta, domestic 84 E Berry. 
Battles John, laborer, res 40 Force. 
Baty Martha, domestic 89 W Berry. 
Baty Wm. E, laborer Hoffman Bros, bds 131 W Water. 
Baude Frederick, laborer, res 1 2 Barthold. 
Baudistel Wm, butcher, res 235 E Wayne. 
Bauer Edward, printer Sentinel office, bds Hanna House. 
Bauer Henry, boots & shoes, 321 Lafayette res same. 
Bauer Kajerton J, (Bauer & Michael,) res 95 Baker. 
Bauer & Michael, (Kajerton J Bauer, Herman Michael) barbers 

16 W Main. 


hi hib]l Uacbise Ms 



c^:^.A.l<TlD --:::> 

Railroad Castings, 




Judson's C$I$brat$d St$am Gowaors, 

mm MB WW lELS, 


Mill Furnishing Goods, 


Weisel Spoke and Axe Handle Lathes, 


Office anil Worts, Hanna Street, Soutl of Rallroail Crossing, 

R. L. POIiK & CO., 

Hazeiieer aid Sirectorj hMm, 

No. 2 Tribune Building, 


:FTJBXJISI3:E:E^s o:f 
And Business Directory. 

1873, 1875, iS77. 

Missouri State Gazetteer 

And Business Directory, 

EDITION FOR 1876-7-jusT out. 

Kentucky State Gazetteer 

And Business Directory, 

EDITION FOR 1876-7— issued in april, 1876. 

Tennessee State Gazetteer 

And Business Directory, 

EDITION FOR 1876-7— issued in june, 1876. 

We^tVif giili^^tkte (^k^etteef 

And Business Directory, 

EDITION FOR 1876-7— m press. 

Also publish annually City Directories for Grand Rapids, Saginaw, East 
Saginaw, Jackson, Ft. Wayne and Detroit. 

g^^ Directories of the Principal Cities of the United States and Canada, 
State Gazetteers, etc., for sale, ai\d kept on file for reference. Circulars 
addressed to any Trade or Profession in the country, 

R. L. POLK & CO. 





Hot Air Furnaces 


Churches, School Houses, and all public and private buildings supplied with Hot 

Air Apparatus on short notice and as low as can be supplied 

by any house in the State. 

36 Clinton Street, - - FORT WAYNE, INDIANA. 





H. C. HENDERSON, Proprietor. 

No. 40 Madison Street, Corner Lafayette, 


Fire, Marine, Life 

And Accident Insurance effected. 

«^Real Estate Bonglit and Sold."^ 

44 Calhoun Street, - -' - FORT WAYNE, INDIANA. 

36 R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

Baughman Newton J, engineer G R & I R R, res 114 Noel. 

Baumann John shoemaker, 374 Calhoun res same. 

Baumer Anna, domestic 11 Lavina. 

Baumer Miss Rosina, domestic 212 W Washington. 

Baumgart Henry, shoemkr, res in alley rear 64 E Berry. 

Baurs Annie, domestic James B Hill. 

S»au;s Fred, Upholsterer, 143 Calhoun, res same. 

Bausha Frank, brakeman, bds 22 Chicago. 

Baxter Eliza D, elk J S Baxter, bds 51 Oakley. 

Baxter John, elk, bds 51 Oakley. 

Baxter Joliii I<, Groceries, 173 Fairfield ave, res 51 

Baxter John S, blacksmith T W & W Ry, res 5 1 Oakley. 

Baxter Joseph, fireman, res s s Elizabeth w of Spy Run ave. 

Baxtrom Charles, lab, bds 65 West Water. 

Bayless Alexander H (W B Felt & Co), res 236 W Jefferson. 

Bayless House, Wm Cottingham, propr, 32 E Wayne. 

Bayless Mrs Nancy, res 65 W Lewis. 

Bayless Solomon S, brakeman T W & W Ry, res 15 E Jefferson. 

Bayless Mrs Sol D, res 215 W Wayne. 

Baylis Henry, elk Geo Reiter & Co, bds 58 W Lewis. 

Bayhs James, elk Geo Reiter & Co, bds 58 W Lewis. 

Beaber Abraham G, carpenter, res 150 Broadway. 

Beaber Jacob, carpenter C G French, res 342 Broadway. 

Beaber John T, carpenter, res 21 Pritchard 

Beach Frederick (Morgan 8z: Beach), res 133 E Berry. 

Beach John, helper, res 444 Broadway. 

Beahrs John, file cutter, res 184 W Main. 

Beals Miss Ida D, teacher training school, bds 118 Jackson. 

Beals John H, engineer P F W & C R R, res 160 E Washing- 

Beals Thomas C, engineer, res 2po Broadway. 

Beals Wm, bridge watchman, res n s Blake w of St Mary's ave. 

Beam Elizabeth (wid Cornelius), res 98 Barthold. 

Bean Frances, domestic W H Brian t. 

Bear Joseph, teamster, res 7 Bass. 

Beard Alfred, machinist, bds Gable House. 

Beard George D, painter, bds 3 Bass. 

Beard James Q, confectionery, res iii E Wayne. 

Beard John M, elk T M Biddle, bds Grand Hotel. 

Beard Thomas D, drugs, 88^ Barr, res in E Wayne. 

Bearmann Fred, teamster, res 123 W Washington. 

Beaston Flenry S, fireman, res 134 Fairfield ave. 

Beatty Robert, lab, bds 87 W Wayne. 

Beaty Wm, wks Hoffman Bros, bds 131 W Water,. « 




Coffee, ^pide & jVCn^tki^d jMill^ 



73 & 75 CoMMa St., Cor. Earr, - FORT f ATOE, INDIANA. 

Prescription Druggist, 


N. W. Corner Barr and Washington Sts., 


J. B. HILL, 

New York Grocery, 



Staple and Fancy Groceries, Canned Fruits, Meats, 
Candies and Provisions, 

Ko. 82 CALHOUN ST., FORT WAYNE, IND. B®-Cash Paid for Country Produce, 
I. KNAPP, M. I>., D. D. S. WM. B. KNAPP, D. D, S. 


||b): *» ^ 

<iBce, (S. ^. 'i§OT. §eiiy and §Unton ^ts., 

38 R. L. POLK & CO.*S 

Beaver Augustus C (Beaver, Miller & Co.) 

Beaver Charles B, messenger U S Express Co, res n w cor 
Brackenridge and Griffith. 

Beaver Edwin L, entry elk A S Evans & Co, bds S Broadway nr 
city limits. 

Beaver, Miller A; Co (Augustus C Beaver, J M Miller, 
J B Krudop, Julius Knothe, Henry M Williams), Lumber 
Dealers, s end Francis e of Hanna, nr Railroad track. 

Beaverforden Alvinia, domestic 241 W Wayne. 

Bechman Frank, carpenter, res 289 Hanna. 

Bechman John, carpenter, res 201 E Jefferson. 

Bechman Nicholas, carpet weaver, bds 201 E Jefferson. 

Bechtold Lewis, broommkr, 102 Maumee ave, res 104 same. 

Bechtold Philip, bds J04 Maumee ave. 

Beck August, elk Klotz d^ Zoeller, bds 372 Calhoun. 

Beck Basilius. lab, res 251 E Washington. 

Beck Francis J, res 157 Wells. 

Beck Henry, helper, res 13 West. 

Beck John, boilerrnkr, bds 39 Lavina. 

Beck John, bds 88 Madison. 

Beclc •loj^epli R, Physician and Surgeon, 54 Calhoun, res 
15 E Washington. 

Beck Lawrence F, finisher, bds Mrs S C Beck. 

Beck Mrs S C, res s s Pontiac w of Calhoun. 

Beck Wm G, fireman P F VV & C R R. bds 13 West. 

Becker Charles, carpenter, P F W & C R R, res 174 W Wash- 

Becker Chas, blacksmith, res it E Washington. 

Becker Charles, stonecutter Sutermeister & Co, bds 220 W 

Becker Christian (Sutermeister & Co), res 220 W Berry. 

Becker Conrad, butcher F Eckart & Co, res 80 Buchanan. 

Becker Emil (Lauferty & Becker), res 206 W Wayne. 

Becker Fred, blacksmith, 7 E Washington, res 11 same. 

Becker Fred jr, blacksmith, res 11 E Washington. 

Becker Gust, baker L Blase bds 27 W Columbia. 

Becker Henry, stone cutter, res 11 E Washington. 

Becker Jacob, foreman stave factory, res i Metz. 

Becker Jacob (Becker & Oppenheimer), res 181 W Wayne. 

Becker Louis, laborer, res e s Jay n of Pontiac. 

Becker Max, cashier Lauferty & Becker, bds 181 W Wayne. 

Becker Mayer (Becker & Oppenheimer) j res 152 W Washington. 

Becker Miss Minnie, clerk Mrs R Neuberger, bds 11 E Wash- 

Becker Simon, clerk Rothschild & Bro, res 177 W Wayne. 

fORT Wayne directory. 3gi 




Drugs, Medicines & Perfumeries 


And Choice Cigars and Tobacco. 

Prescriptions carefully compounded at all hours, day and night. 

Corner Lafayette and Lewis Sts., - FORT WAYNE, INDIANA. 





And Sale Stable, 

yos. 5 & 7 y. Harrison St., North of Canal, TORT WAYNE, IXD. 






Cor. Wells St. and Feeder Canal, - FORT WAYNE, INDIANA. 





|lli |a5lk|l |6ft|l6 III tie fojfli 

Residence, 203 W. Jefferson St., 


4o R. L. 1>0LK & CO.*S 

Becker & Oppenheimer ( Jacob Becker Mayer Becker Abraham 

Oppenheimer) hides, wool, etc., 55 E Columbia 
Beckes Barbara, domestic, 64 Barr 
Beckes Jacob, laborer, bds 64 Barr 
Beckes John, gardener Mrs L A Bond, bds same 
Beckes John, boiler maker, res 30 Third 
Beckes Matthias, boilermaker P F W & C R R shops, bds 30 

Becket Jacob, clerk J C Didier, res 138 E Main 
Beckley Isaac, res 262 E Wayne 
Beckley Stephen L, res 262 E Wayne 
Becknese Fred, dry goods, res 171 E Lewis 
Becqiiett John B, sawyer, res 138 E Main 
Becquett Mrs Thresa, res 200 E Wayne 
Bedenway Gottfried, laborer, res n e cor Jay and Pontiac 
Bedimeb Moses, laborer, bds 14 Colerick 
Bed wards Wm, brass finisher, bds 91 E Lewis 
Beebe Charles H, cigar maker J C Eckert, res 132 W Wayne 
Beebe Ira L, switchman, bds 328 Lafayette 
Beebe Philander, laborer, res 104 E Columbia 
Beegan Mrs Eliza, boarding house, 6 Kansns 
Began Joseph, bds 6 Kansas 
Beeks James C, lawyer and justice of the peace, 62 Calhoun, 

res 308 W Washington 
Beeks Wm L, traveling agent, bds 308 W Washington 
Beeler Cary, brakeman F W M & C R R, res 157 High 
Beeles John H, engineer P F W & C R R. 164 E Washington 
Beerbaum Herman, laborer, res s s W Water E of Van Buren 
Beerman Henry, bookkeeper, res 47 N Calhoun 
Beerman Henry, laborer Casso & Hake, res 44 N Calhoun 
Beeson Herman H, engineer, res 283 Monroe 
Begel Ernst, laborer Peters Box and Lumber Co, res s s West 

Water e of Van Buren 
Begue John, ( J P Manuel & Co) res 347 E Wayne 
Behen Michael, engineer T W & W Ry, bds Harmon House 
Behler Frederick, baker C W Jacobs, bds 62 E Main 
Beierlein Catherine, domestic, 222 W Washington 
Beierline George, laborer, res 28 Jones 
Beighler Daniel, ass't supt County House, res 19 Pritchard 
Beirlien Jno, laborer French, Hanna & Co, res 107 N Cass 
Beknesse Ernst, laborer, bds n e cor Columbia and Ewing 
Belknap Mrs Kate, bds 50 W Water 

Bell Geo L, watchman Fletcher & Powers, bds Central Hotel 
Bell Joseph W, clerk, bds 171 Clinton 
Bell Robert C, (Coombs, Morris & Bell) res 40 Douglas ave 



MonumGntal, GravestonG^ Marble 


f^°^ U & 76 W. Main St., 

Cor. Cass, FOET WAYNE, INC. 

/^, Dealers in Foreign and 

m American Marble and Gran- 
^ ite Monuments, Gravestones, 
0^ Cabinet Slabs, Mantels of all 

kinds. Corner Posts, &c.;aiso 

1 Marble Burial Vaults Fur- 

nished to Order. 

Manufacturer of all kinds of 



Wrought Iron Pipe, 


Sheet Lead, Lead Pipe and Rubber Hose, 

48 East Main Street, 




Sash, Doors and Blinds, 



Office and Mills, No. 100 Pearl Street, 

Bell Wm T, engineer T W & W Ry, res cor Thompson ave and 
T W & W Ry 

Bellamy Albert F, painter loo WWater, res 98 W Water 

Berlman Fred, cabinetmaker J Burkholder 

Belling John, teamster T R Pickard & Sons, bds 29 Duck 

Belore Fritz, laborer, res w s Smith n of Pontiac 

Below Fred, laborer Bass' Foundry 

Beloy John, machine hand, res 149 Wells 

Belts Jacob W, night watchman, res rear 46 Wells 

Beman Mrs E, seamstress, res 70 Barr 

Bendau Fred, engine wiper T W& W Ry, res 27 Pritchard 

Bender Christ, wagonmaker, res 190 Montgomery 

Bender George, enginewiper, P F W & C R R, res 204 i^Yancis 

Bender Jacob G, traveling salesman Thanhouser, Wiler & Co, 
res 138 Clinton 

Bender Lizzie, domestic, to E Berry 

Bender I^ouisi, Cigar Mi;fr and Dealer in Tobacco, Pipes, 
etc., 56 E Main, res same 

Bender Mrs Margaret, res 141 E Washington 

Bender Phillip, stonecutter, res s e cor Wilt and Jackson 

Bender Mrs Ursula, res 20 Poplar 

Bender Wm, painter, bds 20 Poplar 

Beneke Fred, carpenter res s s Creighton ave e of Fox 

Benhardt Christ, laborer, res 29 John 

Benner Mary, domestic, 232 E Washington 

Bennett Abram, boilermaker, res 176 Ewing 

Bennett Adam J, fireman T W & W Ry, res 29 Miner 

Bennett Fannie, domestic, 241 W Main 

Bennett John, builder, bds 327 Hanna 

Bennett John E, fireman P F W & C R R, res 381 Hanna 

Bennett Lovina, (widow Charles) bds 62 Wilt 

Bennett Winton, watchman T W & W Ry, res 125 Henry 

Bennigin Henry E, machinist P F W & C R R shop, res 329 S 

Bennigin Hugh sr, molder, res 207 E Lewis 

Bennigin Hugh J, molder, res 63 McClellan 

Bennigin Miss Lena, clerk Root & Co, res 203 E Lewis. 

Bennoy Frank, boilermaker, T W & W Ry, bds 53 Bracken- 

Benoit, Very Rev Julian, V G, res Bishop's residence. . 

Benoit Mrs Sarah, res 87 Madison. 

Benoy Charles, engineer T R Pickard & Sons, bds n w cor 
First and Harrison. 

Bensman Mrs Elizabeth, res 74 Madison. 

Bensman Rudolph, boilermaker T W & W Ry, res 92 Madison. 




ireaffleeta! iakfliiei km Gireiees 


Spouting and Copper Work, Hot Air Furnaces, &c., &o. 


No. 27 East Columbia Street, - FORT WAYNE, INDIANA. 

File Manufacturer. 


And made as Good as New. 

All Orders will receive prompt attention. 

224 West Main Street, ■ FORT WAYNE, INDIANA. 

Manufacturer of and Dealer in 


20 Harrison Street, Det. CoMDia and Main, 



Repairing neatly and promptly executed. ""©a 


EQstaurant ail Saloon 

89 Calhoun Street, 


C/ioice Wines, Liquors and Cigars, and 
all the Delicacies of the season. 

44 R. L. POLK & CO. S 

Bensman Wm, boilermaker T W & W Ry, res 76 Madison. 

Benson George L, printer Daily News, bds 33 Wilt. 

Benson' Magdalena (wid Ferdinand), res 33 Wilt. 

Bente Herman F, painter, res 155 Griffith. 

Bentley Ellen M (wid George W), res 77 Brackenridge. 

Benz Henry, printer Journal office, bds 73 N Cass. 

Benz Nicholas, truckman, res 73 N Cass. 

Benze Charles, cigarmaker J C Eckert, bds 123 Madison. 

Berdelmann Ernst H, teamster John C Pfeifer & Co, res e s 
Barthold bet High and Third. 

Berg Philip, printer Daily Democrat, bds Washington House. 

Berger Emil, baker Christain C Gumper, bds 238 Calhoun. 

Berger Ernst, laborer, res s e cor Van Buren and W Water. 

Berger Fannie, bds s s Hoffinan w of Wells. 

Berger Lizetta, domestic, 1 34 E Washington. 

Berghoff Henry C, bookkeeper B Trentman & Son, bds 106 La- 

Berghoff J Herman, clerk Root & Co, bds 106 Lafayette. 

Berghorn Fred, carpenter, bds 65 Maumee ave. 

Berlemann Fred, carpenter, res 112 W Columbia nr Jackson. 

Berlin Henry, flour packer J Orff, res 100 Mechanic. 

Bermingham John, brakeman, bds 140 Holman. 

Bernard Carrie, domestic, railway dining rooms. 

Bernard James, laborer, bds 60 Baker. 

Bernard Samuel, sawyer Hoffman Bros, res 309 W Washington. 

Bernard Simon, scroll sawyer, res. 309 W Washington. 

Bernardine Brother, teacher Cathedral school, res 171 Calhoun. 

Berner John, laborer, res 40 Laselle. 

Bernhard August, engine wiper P F W & C R R, res 87 Holman. 

Bernhard George, carpenter, res w s Lillie nr city limits. 

Bernhard Newman, clerk, bds 119 W Washington. 

Berning Conrad (W Doehrman & Co), res 208 Madison. 

Berr Edward M, baggagemaster. bds 187 Fairfield ave. 

Berr Mrs Elizabeth, res 187 Fairfield ave. 

Berr Frank E, brakeman, bds 187 Fairfield ave. 

Berr Joseph, truckman N G Old & Sons, res 107 Bass. 

Berry Geor^b H, clerk T W & W Ry freight office, bds 324 

Berry George W, insurance, res n w cor Rockhill and Pritchard. 

Berry Mary, domestic, Harmon House. 

Bertoluci Giovanni (C Grandi & Co), bds 136 Barr. 

Berwinkel Henry, clerk, bds 259 E Washington. 

Besancon Frank, laborer, res 180 Hanna. 

Besson John, mason, res 136 Monroe. 

Bestus Michael, laborer A Simon, res 222 Montgomery. 



Dealer in all kinds of 

Long# Short Wood, 


Proprietor Canal Boat DORETA. All kinds of freighting promptly attended to. 


103 North Cass Street, - FORT WAYNE, INDIANA. 

iiS^ Special attention given to aiding inventors and soliciting Patents. "©a 


Artesian Well Driller. 

51 West Water Street, - FORT WAYNE, IND. 

Mills. D. S. KllULSEY, 

Ladies please give me a trial. 
114 W, Wayne St., Cor. Ewing, - Fort Wayne, Ind. 

46 R. L. POLK &CO.'s 

Bettie -Wm, boilermaker, res e s Calhoun s of Leith. 

Betz John, yardman Hoffman Bros, res 337 W Washington. 

Betzler George, cooper, 296 Broadway, res same. 

Betzler George, teamster J B White, res 296 Broadway. 

Beugnot Anthony (Schnelker, Beugnot & Co), res New Haven, 

Beugnot John B (Schnelker, Beugnot & Co), res New Haven, 

Beugnot Paul S, clerk S R Manuel & Co, bds 347 E Wayne. ■ 
Beuke, Christian, teamster, res 155 Harrison. 
Beuret John, laborer, res 87 W Water. 
Beuret Mary, domestic, 152 W Wayne. 
Beverforden Sigfoid H. carpenter, res 90 Williams. 
Beverforden August, laborer, res 231 Webster. 
Beverforden George (Beverforden Bros), bds 231 Webster. 
Beverforden Rudolph (Beverforden Bros), bds 231 Webster. 
Beverforden Bros, (Rudolph & George), Cigar Mnfrs, 

23 T Webster. 
Beyerlein George, fireman P F W & C R R, res John. 
Beyerleiri Julius, helper M L Albrecht, bds Huntington road nr 

w city limits. 
Bicknes Frederick, (H Waltemath & Co), res 171 E Lewis. 
Biddle Thomas m. Dealer in Drugs, Paints, Oils, Glass 

and Dental Goods, etc, 6 Keystone Block, res 138 W Wayne. 
Bieber Enoch, laborer, res e s Hensch n of Aboit. 
Bieber James, res 64 Wall. 
Bieber Milton (Stanley & Bieber), res 64 Wall. 
Bielman Mary, servant Mayer House. 
Biemer George, wagonmaker, s e cor Clay and Main, res 140 

E Main. 
Bierfaum Wm,car inspector T W & W Ry, res 52 McClellan. 
Bierman Henry, teamster Casso & Hake, bds 46 N Calhoun. 
Biewend Edward F, clerk Meyer Brothers & Co, bds Robinson 

Bigelow Alonzo E, engineer, res 154 Broadway. 
Biggs Mrs Margaret A, res 22 Fulton. 
Bilcer Jacob, laborer, res four squares w of organ factory. 
Billings Ella J, res s s Putnam w of Hensch. 
Bilser Louisa, domestic, 57 W Berry. 
Bindle Joseph, laborer, res 35 St Francis. 
Binsley Miss Carrie, dressmaker E Killian, bds 85 Butler. 
Biibeck Wm, machinist T W & W Ry, res 5 Henry. 
Birch Rev W S, presiding elder M E Church, res 67 Bracken- 
Bird Ochmig, res 146 W Berry. 


Bireley Wm, street car driver, res 289 W Jefferson. 

Birkner Charles (Sutermeister & Co), res 266 W Jefferson. 

Birmingham John, laborer, res 457 E Wayne. 

Bischoff William, cigarmaker L Dessauer & Co, res 68 Ewing. 

Bishing Sena, domestic. 59 E Wayne. 

Bisson Mary, domestic, 106 Webster. 

Bitler Samuel D (H Stephan & Co), bds 40 Madison. 

Bitner Alonzo T, brass molder P F W & C R R, res 250 E 

Bitner Andrew C, brass molder P F W & C R R, bds 98 E 

Bitner Andrew J, harnessmaker L Traub, res 98 E Jefferson. 

Bitner James, molder, res 250 E Jefferson. 

Bitner John R, machinist P F W & C R R, bds 98 E Jefferson. 

Bittinger Adam H, lawyer, n e cor Main and Calhoun, bds 46 
W Berry. 

Bittinger Geo E, clerk, bds George L Bittinger. 

Bittinger George L, lawyer and real estate dealer, n w cor 
Calhoun and Main, res S Broadway at city limits. 

Bittinger Jacob B., Lawyer, n w cor Main & Calhoun, 
res 262 W Washington. 

Bittler Wm, stone mason P F W & C R R, res 11 Wall. 

Bitzinger John, laborer, res 436 E Wayne. 

Black Arabella, domestic, 216 W Washington. 

Black Isabella, domestic, 160 W Washington. 

Black Joseph, laborer Aveline House. 

Black Joseph (Joseph Black & Co), res Cleveland, O. 

Black Libbie, servant Mayer House. 

Black Joseph & Co (Joseph Black, D S Redelsheimer, A Love- 
man), millinery and fancy goods, 26 Calhoun. 

Blackburn Alice, domestic, 56 Wells. 

Blackburn Robert, conductor, res w s Calhoun s of Butler. 

Blain Scott, fireman P F W & C R R, res 104 Barr. 

Blair Thomas W, cooper J Fred Meyers, bds 9 N Calhoun. 

Blaisdell Charles A, machinest P F W & C R R, res 16 Doug- 
las ave. 

Blaisdell Philip O, drayman, res 26 Douglas ave. 

Blake Diedrich, laborer, res 231 Madison. 

Blakely Chas C, printer, res 130 W Main. 

Blakely Frank, brakeman P F W & C R R, bds 377 Hanna. 

Blakely Rebecca B (wid Homer), res 105 Wallace. 

Blakely Wm, conductor P F W & C R R, res 377 Hanna. 

Blakesley John H, sewing machine agent, res 17 Holman. 

Blakesley Lyman M, conductor P F W & C R R, res w s 
Thomas s of Horace. 


Blakesley Robert W, brakeman T W & W Ry, res 14 Chicago. 

Bland Frankie, domestic, 96 W Washington. 

Slaise liOuis* Baker, 29 W Columbia, res same. 

Blause Henry, res 342 W Main. 

Blee Charles A, saloon, 231 Calhoun, res same. 

Blee Edward, fireman P F W & C R R, res 164 E Wayne. 

Blee John A, watchman, res 125 Wilt. 

Bleekman Arthur, bds 254 W Jefferson. 

Bleekman Jerome, lumber dealer, res 202 WJefferson. 

Bleen Henry, laborer, res 100 Mechanic. 

Blemker Wm, laborer, res n s Jay e of Force. 

Bley Theodore, yard master P F W & C R R, res 154 E 

Blimker Henry, laborer, res 140 W Main. 

Block Marx, clothing, i Keystone Block, res 152 W Wayne. 

Block Wm, clerk railway dining rooms, bds same. 

Bloemker Henry, teamster J C Hoffman, res 140 W Main. 

Blood Reuben, wood dealer, res 203 E Wayne. 

Bloom Nicholas, laborer, res 9 Erie. 

Bloomhuff Catherine (wid Sidney C), res 31 Miner. 

Bloomhuff Frank M, collector, 20 W Berry, res e of Wells over- 
Feeder canal. 

Bloomhuff Nathan, fireman, bds 31 Miner. 

Bloomhuff Samuel H, lawyer, res 70 W Main. 

Bloomhuff Wm D, engineer T W & W Ry, res n s Creighton 
ave e of Broadway. 

Bloss John, works railway dining rooms, bds same. 

Blotcamp Frank, seat maker, res 136 Monroe. 

Blum John A, clerk A D Brandriff & Co, bds 75 Harrison. 

Blumberg Isaac, peddler, res 16 E Lewis. 

Blumm Julius, laborer, bds 234 W Berry. 

Bly stone Isaac, contractor, res 13 Chestnut. 

Boag Miss Mary L, saleslady J Pierr, bds 69 W Lewis. 

Boag William D, machinist P F W & C R R, bds 69 W Lewis. 

Boag William G, machinist P F W & C R R, res 69 W Lewis. 

Boardner James, laborer, bds 305 Hanna. 

Bock Fred, laborer, res 1 2 Lavina ave. 

Bock Wm, laborer N G Olds & Sons, res 39 Nirdlinger. 

Bockart John, blacksmith, res 92 Montgomery. 

Bockloh Charles F W, ice pedler, bds 83 W Washington. 

Bocksberger Valentine, laborer, res w s Franklin ave s of Or- 
chard ave. 

Bode Frank, porter H J Trentman & Bro, bds 314 E Wayne. 

Boecker Henry, engine wiper T W & W Ry, res 58 Pritchard. 

Boehner Adam, vinegarmaker, res 48 E Columbia. 


Boerger Ernst H (Boss & Boerger), res 183 E Washington. 

Boerger Florenz, trunkmaker, bds 183 E Washington. 

Boerger Rudolph, clerk, res 183 E Washington. 

Boerger Simon J, watchmaker J F Pietz, res 183 E Washington. 

Boerger Wm, house mover, bds 194 E Washington. 

Boes Amant, butcher A Wolf, res 146 E Jeiferson. 

Boes Louis, hostler Ligget Brothers, bds 119 Water. 

Boesa Wm, carpenter, res 18 Hough. 

Boester Fred, carpenter, res 164 Griffith. 

Boester George H, contractor and builder, 161 Griffith, res 

Boester Henry, stonemason, res 61 Cherry. 
Boeter Hermon, machine hand, res cor Samuel. 
Boettling Henry, works spoke factory, bds 40 Force. 
Bogasch Annie (wid Fred), res s s Archer ave nr city limits. 
Boggs David J, brakeman, res 73 Charles. 
Bohen Michael, laborer, res 245 E Jefferson. 
Bohling Wm, molder, res w s John s of Charley. 
Bohmer Chas, clerk, bds 73 E Washington. 
Bohn Benjamin, bookkeeper Coombs & Co, bds 175 Clinton. 
Bohn Christian, printer, res s s Allen w of Calhoun. 
Bohn Christian P, foreman Indiana Staats Zeitung, res s s Allen 

bet Calhoun and Harrison. 
Bohn Wm A, clerk Coombs & Co, bds 29 Barr. 
Bohne Charles, clerk, bds 44 Webster. 
Bohne Mrs Engle, res 44 Webster. 
Bohne Frederick, clerk, bds 44 Webster. 
Bohrmann Henry, clerk, bds 75 Harrison. 
Boland John, engineer P F W & C R R, res 69 Oliver. 
Bold August, baker, bds 195 Hanna. 
Bolderman Mary, domestic, 195 W Berry. 
Boling Lemuel R, painter, res 104 Ewing. 
Bohlinger Robert, engineer F W M & C R R, bds Racine 

BoUermann Emily, domestic, 128 W Wayne. 
Bollermann Sophia, milliner, bds 286 W Jefferson. 
Bollinger Jacob, collector Singer Mnfg Co, bds Summit City 

Bollmann Christ, laborer N G Olds & Sons, res 47 W Lewis. 
Bolman Albert F, cigarmaker, bds 23 Hood. 
Bolman Christopher F, turner, res i Sturgis. 
Bolman Frederick, conductor, res 33 Hood. 
Bolman Henry F, laborer, res 96 W Jefferson. 
Bolman Theodore, conductor T W & W Ry, bds 28 Hood. 
Bolton James, boarding house, 328 Lafayette. 

50 „ K* L. POLK & CO.'S 

Boltz Ferdinand F, clerk Empire Line, res 250 W Jefferson. 

Boltz Fred C, clerk J D McGill, res in Wells. 

Boltz George C, gardener, res in Wells. 

Bond Mrs Adelia L, res w s Fairfield ave s of Creighton ave. 

Bond Alonzo S, engineer T W & W Ry, res 62 Wilt. 

Bond Charles E, teller Fort Wayne National Bank, bds Fairfield 
ave s of Wayne. 

Bond George W, blacksmith P F W & C R R shops, res s s 
Samuel nr city limits. 

Bond Henry W, Fancy Goods and Notions, 16 W Berry, 
res 199 E Lewis. 

Bond Jared D, cashier Fort Wayne National Bank, rooms same. 

Bond J S, conductor T W & W Ry, bds 19 Madison. 

Bond Mrs Lavinia A, res s w cor Creighton and Fairfield aves. 

Bond Marshall S, bookkeeper W J Bond, bds same. 

Bond Stephen B, president Fort Wayne National Bank, res 
Fairfield ave s of Wayne. 

Bond Wm H, clerk W J Bond, bds same. 

Bond W J, Drugs and Notions, n w cor Locust and Fair- 
field ave, res same. 

Bondt Frederick, carpenter, res s s DeWald e of Hoagland ave. 

Boneberger Mary, domestic 79 W Main. 

Bonfield Mrs Mary, res 182 E Wayne. 

Bonfor Jno, laborer, bds 70 E Columbia. , 

Bonnard Mary, domestic American House. 

Bonnell Daniel R, supt Telegraph F W M & C R R, bds 9 E 

Bonnett George, salesman H J Ash, res 98 Harrison. 

Bons Useten, laborer, res 59 E Water. 

Bonter Cortes, conductor, res 46 McClellan. 

Bonter George, conductor, bds 46 McClellan. 

Boocher Benjamin, teamster, bds 164 Harrison. 

Book Israel, switchman, res s end Calhoun. 

Bookwalter Charles A, printer, bds 330 Calhoun. 

Bookwalter Elias H, pressman Fort Wayne Gazette Co, res 89 
W Water. 

Bookwalter Josiah, canvasser, res 330 Calhoun. 

Bookwalter Wm, painter, bds 89 W Water. 

Boon James M, master mechanic P F W & C R R, res 91 Ma- 

Bopp Henry, wagonmkr C & F Chovey, res 31 Duck. 

Bopp Joseph, sawyer N G Olds & Sons. 

Borden Edward, porter Hedekin House. 

Borden James W, judge Criminal Court, res 286 W Wayne. 

Bordner James M, helper Bass foundry, bds 305 Hanna. 


Bordon Mrs Jane R, res i86 W Wayne. 

Borensten Morris, butcher, res 235 Barr. 

Borgmann Wm, policeman, res 200 Ewing. 

Borne Jacob, carpet weaver August Junge. • 

Bornemann Charles, tailor, 98 Harrison, res same. 

Bos Wm, cabinetmkr, bds 143 Calhoun. 

Boseker Charles, carpenter, res 62 McClellan. 

Boseker Christian (Boseker & White), res 39 Brackenridge. 

Boseker Christ, laborer spoke factory, res 39 Brackenridge. 

Boseker Henry, grain buyer, res 50 McClellan. 

Boseker & White (Christ Boseker and James B White), hub and 

spoke mnfrs, works e of Glasgow n of W & E Canal. 
Boss Henry (Boss & Boerger), res 43 E Main. 
Boss & Boerger (Henry Boss, Ernst H Boerger), horse collars, 

39 E Main. 
Bosseaker Henry, seed buyer, res 50 McClellan. 
Bossier Mrs Amena, res 205 W Main. 
Bossier Henry M, Insurance and Real Estate, Notary 

Public, etc, 44 Calhoun, res no E Washington. (See adv. p. 35^ 
Bossier Joseph, engine wiper, res Lincoln, LilHe's addition 
Bossier Sophia, domestic 235 W Main. 
Bossier Wm, hack driver, bds 205 W Main. 
Bostick Emanuel (E Bostick & Son), res 170 E Wayne. 
Bostick Ephraim, bds 170 E Wayne. 
Bostick John W, (E Bostick & Son) res 108 E Wayne 
Bostick Reuben, clerk E Bosrick & Son, bds 170 E Wayne 
Bostick Samuel W, cutter E Bostwick & Son, bds 170 E Wayne 
Bostick Wm W, clerk, bds 170 E Wayne 
Bostick E «fe ^on, f Emanuel & John W) Merchant 

Tailors and Clothiers, 10 E Columbia 
Boswell Joseph, enginewiper, res w s Lillie city limits 
Both Theodore, clerk H J Trentman & Bro, res 100 E Jefferson 
Bothner John, saloon, 127 Calhoun, res same 
Bott Anton, brewer Certia & Rankert, res in alley e of Bloom- 

ingdale Brewery 
Bott Innocence, helper, res 26 Walnut 
Bott Urban, helper T W & W Ry, res 46 Taylor 
Bough er Mrs E A, bds 70 Wilt 
Bourie Brutus A, traveling agent B Trentman & Son, bds 179 

Bourie Miss D, res 113 W Berry 

Bourie Louis J, agent Leutz, Bourie & Co, res 22 E Wayne 
Bourie Louis T, (Leutz, Bourie & Co) res 22 E Wayne 
Bouse Lorenzo, engineer, res 55 E Water 
Bouse Noble, laborer, bds 55 E Water 

52 R. L. POLK & CO. S 

Bowen Anna, domestic, 103 E Washington 

Bowen Miss Clara A, teacher Harmer School, bds 229 E Wash- 

Bowen Daniel W, attorney at law, 229 E Washington, res same 

Bowen George R, bds 113 Barr 

Bowen George W, homoeopathic physician, 52 Calhoun, res 232 
E Washington 

Bowen Mrs Loretta, res 113 Barr 

Bowen Mason M, U S ganger 32 E Main, res Kendallville 

Bowen Michael, laborer, res 30 Wells 

Bowen Thomas, cigarmaker J C Eckert, bds 245 E Jefferson 

Bowen Wm, law student, bds 1x3 Barr 

Bowers James, painter 48 W Jefferson, res 268 W Washington 

Bowers Mrs Maria, res 268 W Washington 

Bowers Michael, laborer Baseker & White, bds n s E Wayne opp 
Concordia College 

Bowers Wm, painter, bds 268 W Washington 

Bowler Edward, brakeman, res 56, Baker 

Bowman Mrs Amelia, bds Melvin R Gardner 

Bowman Miss Jennie E, teacher, bds 12 Fourth 

Bowser Alexander, carpenter, res 5 Charley . . 

Bowser Augustus, fireman, res s s Julia w of Holton ave 

Bowser Geo W, fireman G R & I R R, res Wayne, Fisher's add 

Bowser Isaiah, messenger P F W & C R R, res 129 Monroe 

Bowser Jacob C, laborer, res 64 Chicago 

Bowser John H, res 1 1 Pontiac 

Bowser Eafayette M, editor, res 134 W Wayne 

Bowser Madison M, res 64 E Berry 

Bowser Orin J, teamster, res s s Charley e of Thomas 

Bowser Samuel, farmer, res n s Summit nr McCoUough 

Bowser Sylvanus F, huckster, bds 11 Pontiac 

Bowser Sylvester S, transfer clerk, res s e cor Fisher and Thomas 

Boyce Mrs Julia E, dressmaker, 28 Calhoun, bds same 

Boyd Benjamin F, conductor, res 212 Lafayette 

Boyd Franklin T, switchman, res 84 Taylor 

Boyles Robert D, carpenter, res 35 Miner 

Braan Michael, laborer, res 13 Bass 

Brackenridge Charles S, (Brackenridge & Nelson) rooms 57 

Brackenridge Ed, clerk P F W & C R R, bds 9 E Wayne 

Brackenridge Edwin T, bds 196 Calhoun 

Brackenridge George, res 23 Douglas ave 

Brackenridge Miss H M, 23 Douglas ave 

Brackenridge Joseph, lawyer 62 Calhoun, res 77 W Wayne 

Brackenridge Joseph G, P O money order clerk, bds 196 Calhoun 


Brackenridge Mrs Robert, bds 103 W Berry 

Brackenridge Robert O, bds 23 Douglas ave 

Brackenridge Theodore K, res 196 Calhoun 

Brackenridge & Nelson, (Charles S Brackenridge, Wm R Nel- 
son) contractors & engineers, 40 Harrison 

Braddock John N, brakeman, bds 35 Melita 

Brademeier Henry, machine hand Cochrane, Humphrey & Co 

Bradley Edgar O, helper P F W & C R R, bds 153 Hanna 

Bradley Edwin D, bus driver, res 87 Barr 

Bradley James K, machinist, P F W & C R R, res 153 Hanna 

Bradley SylvaSiMS l>i Foreman machine shops P F W 
& C R R res 133 Holman 

Bradley Wm, engineer T W & W Ry, bds 106 Barr 

Bradley Wm F, machinist, P F W & C R R, bds 153 Hanna 

Bradmiller Henry, laborer, res 22 Summit. 

Bradtmueller Gottheb, carpenter P F W & C R R, res 59 Doug- 
las ave. 

Bradway Orlando E, foreman brass molders P F W & C R R, 
res 216 E Lewis. 

Brady Wm H, clerk Root & Co, res west end Main. 

Braeuer Conpad, Boots and Shoes, 20 Harrison, res 
148 Ewing. (See adv. p. /\2i') 

Braeuer John C, shoemaker C Braeuer, bds 148 Ewing. 

Brahler Lazarus, laborer, res e s Lafayette n of Lasselle. 

Brake Ulrich, drayman, res s s Maumee ave nr city limits. 

Brames Christ, res 168 E Jefferson. 

Brames Louis, bookkeeper A Wolf, res 160 E Jefferson. 

Bramlette Edward, fireman T W & W Ry, bds 144 Wallace. 

Brammer Rev J H, res Bishop's residence. 

Brandenburg Wm H, confectionery, 116 Calhoun, res 121 E 

Brandriff Alfred D (A D Brandriff & Co), res 236 W Berry. 

Brandriff A D & Co (Alfred D Brandriff), iron and heavy hard- 
ware, 54 and 56 E Columbia. 

Brandt August, cigarmaker, bds 158 Harrison. 

Brandt Charles, foreman J C Peters & Co, res 34 McClellan. 

Brandt Christ, machinist, bds 158 Harrison. 

Brandt Diedrich, coremaker Bass foundry, bds 137 Force. 

Brandt Fred, carpenter, res n s DeWald w of Calhoun. 

Brandt Frederick G (Ranke, Yergens & Brandt), res 158 Har- 

Brandt Wm, laborer Bass foundry, res 137 Force. 

Brannan Miss Bridget, domestic, 154 W Berry. 

Brannan John H, grocer, 72 E Main, res 195 E Lewis. 

Brannan Mrs Julia, res 19 E Lewis. 

54 R- L. POLK & co.'s 

Brannan Miss Lizzie, bds 193 E Lewis. 

Brannan Mary, domestic, 154 W Berry. 

Brannan Michael, teamster St Joseph mills, res 200 E Lewis. 

Brase Frederick C, teamster, res 75 W Jefferson 

Brase Wm, teamster, bds 75 W Jefferson. 

Sraiin Oeorge, Baker and Confectioner, 135 Fairfield 
ave, res same. 

Brauntmeyer Carrie, milliner, bds 168 Ewing. 

Brauntmeyer Thed, molder Prentiss, McLachlan & Co, res 168 

Brawner John, painter, res 78 Wilt. 

Bray Johanna (wid John), res 57 Langohr. 

Breckenridge Robert, clerk Chas A Saunders &" Co, bds Hamil- 
ton House. 

Bredemier Henry, carpenter, bds 52 Wells. 

Bredemier Wm, tailor, res 8 Marion. 

Breen James, grocer, 176 Calhoun, res 16 W Lewis. 

Breen James, helper P F W & C R R, bds 13 Bass. 

Breen Katie, domestic, 122 W Jefferson. 

Breese Mrs EHza, res 29 Nirdlinger. 

Breese George H, laborer Hoffman Bros, bds 29 Nirdlinger. 

Breese James D, solicitor Singer Mnfg Co, res 390 E Washing- 

Breese Lee, patternmaker, res 169 Jackson. 

Brehm John F (O'Brian & Brehmj, res 3 Railroad. 

Breidenstein Matthias, carpenter, res 264 W Washington. 

Breidenstein Simpson, clerk, bds 264 W Washington, 

Breidenway Gottfried, laborer Bass Foundry, res 238 Gay. 

Breimeyer Ernst, house contractor, res 233 W Jefferson. 

Breimeyer Henry, laborer, res 219 W Jefferson. 

Breimeyer Miss Sophia, dressmaker, bds 299 W Jefferson. 

Brelsford Benjamin F, machine hand, res 141 E Washington. 

Bremer Henry, flour and feed, res w s Francis s of Wayne. 

Bremer Henry, teamster Wm Schiefer, res w s Francis bet 
Wayne and Washington. 

Brendt Henry, laborer, res 85 Force. 

Brenican Lena, domestic, railway dining rooms. 

Brennan Miss Annie, bds S6 E Main. 

Brennan John H, grocer, res 195 E Lewis. 

Brennan Miss Lillie, milliner Miss M Schilling, res 39 Force. 

Brennan Michael, fireman, res 39 Force. 

Brennan Michael, miller, res 200 E Lewis. 

Brenner Geo, saloon, 13 W Wayne, res same. 

Brenner Mrs Victoria, res 13 W Wayne. 

Brenton Charles F, bookkeeper Fort Wayne Natl Bank, bds 220 
W Wayne. 


Brenton Mrs Eliza, res 220 W Wayne. 

Brenton Miss Helen, teacher Bloomingdale school, bds 220 W 

Brenton Milton H, cashier P F W & C R R freight office, res 15 

Brew Nicholas, engineer P F W & C R R, res 170 Francis. 
Brewer Mary, domestic, 118 Jackson. 
Briant Charles F, mail carrier, bds W H Briant. 
Briant Wm H, brick mason, res n w cor Creighton ave and 

Brick Adam, res 156 Wells. 
Bricker Conrad, engineer P F W & C R R, res n w cor Green 

and Thomas. 
Bricker David, engineer P F W & C R R, res 209 Barr. 
Briel Frederick, horse dealer, bds American House. 
Briet Nicholas, bds 14 Lafayette. 

Bright Wm J, carpenter P F W & C R R, res 229 E Wayne. 
Brighty Harry, conductor, res 60 Chicago. 
Brighty John, flagman T W & W Ry, bds 24 Chicago. 
Brill August, laborer Bass foundry. 

Brimmer Joe H, sign writer, i W^ Main, res 46 W Water. 
Brimmer Mrs Rhode E, bds Grand Hotel. 
Brindle John, sawyer, res s s Hoffman w of Wells. 
Brink Mrs Catherine, res 320 E Washington. 
Brink Henry, machine hand Jacoby & Wiegand, bds' 320 E 

Brink John, clerk G J Schott, bds 120 Barr. 
Brinkman Miss Augusta, dressmaker Mrs K Schaffer, bds 157 

Brinkmann Carie domestic 166 W Berry. 

Brinkmann Henry, teamster Bass foundry, bds 86 E Jefferson. 
Brinkroeger Frederick, shoemaker Wm. Brinkroeger, bds 63 

Brinkroeger Wm, shoemaker 47 W Main, res 63 High. 
Brinsley John C, master transportation F W M & C R R, res 

30 Wells. 
Brischoun Louis, butcher Geo. Roun, bds 60 E Main. 
Britcher Ebenezer, carpenter, bds Edward Britcher. 
Britcher Edward, carpenter, res e s Wells opp. Hoffman. 
Britt Jerome, machine hand, bds 56 Wells. 
Brittingham Philo E, fireman T W & W Ry, res 301 Webster. 
Brittingham Wm. B, physician, res 70 Dawson. 
Broach Maggie, chambermaid Aveline House. 
Broadrick Wm, stave jointer Ranke, Yergens & Brandt, bds 6 


56 R. L. f OLK & CO.'S 

Broadivay PMotograpli Cfallery, E W Poston 

Propr. 1 08 Broadway. 

Brock Joseph, engineer, res 33 Butler. 

Brockerman Miss Ida, milliner C. Orff & Co, bds 49 Summit. 

Brockerman Jacob R, plasterer, res 49 Division. 

Brockerman Leonard S, conductor, res 126 Madison. 

Brockerman Thomas W, brakeman, bds 49 Division. 

Brocking Charles, car inspector T W & W Ry, res 69 DeWald. 

Brockmeyer Lizzie, domestic 240 W Berry. 

Broderick Edward, helper, bds 6 Kansas. 

Broderick Miss Ellen, tailoress, bds 6 Kansas 

Broderick Thomas, helper P F W & C R R, bds 6 Kansas. 

Broderick Wm, stave jointer, bds 6 Kansas. 

Brodersen Louisa, domestic 78 W Main. 

Brodmiller Gottlieb, carpenter P F W & C R R, res 59 Doug- 
las ave. 

Broking Richard,. laborer, res 32 Lavina. 

Brokaw J. Harvey, conductor, res 6 Creighton ave. 

Brokaw Samuel,, baggage master, bds 6 Creighton ave. 

Broking Charles,. car inspector, res s s DeWald w of Webster. 

Bromley Charles, brakeman, res 19 N Cass, 

Bromley Henry, agent FWJ&SRReSiFWM&CRR 
res 72 Cass. 

Bromley James B, barber, bds 9 N Calhoun. 

Brommer W, hostler M Glynn, bds same. 

Bronnenkant Dionis, shoemaker L Fortried, res 14 Nirdlinger ave 

Bronson Reuben, fireman T W & W Ry, bds 77 Butler. 

Bronson T. L, fireman T W & W Ry, res 77 Butler. 

Brookens Rachael, (wid Thomas), res s s Hoffman city limits. 

Brooks Calvin F, (col'd) barber, 37 E Columbia res 47 E Water. 

Brooks Henry, carpenter, res 187 Henry. 

Brooks Henry, printer Indiana Staats Zeitung, res 7 McClellan. 

Brooks Milo H, plasterer, res 136 Jackson. 

Brooks O W, salesman Chas. Saunders & Co, bds Sturgis House 

Brooks Robert, carpenter, res W s Runnion nr city limits. 

Brooks W, foreman Jaccby & Wiggins, res 68 Force. 

Brooks W H, physician, res 110 W Main. 

Brophy W, blacksmith, res n s Hanna nr city limits. 

Brossard George, (Brossard & Hahn), res Bloomingdale nr Beck's 

Brossard John, blacksmith, F W & C R R, res 82 Wells. 

Brossard Wm, helper, P F W. & C R R, res 33 Wefel. 

Brossard & Hahn, (George Brossard, W Hahn), black & lock- 
smiths 146 W Main. 

Brower Cain, finisher organ factory, bds Central Hotel. 


Brown Albert, bakery & restaurant i Railroad, res same. 

Brown Alexander, teamster, bds 73 Holman. 

Brown Rev Anselm B, pastor Plymouth Congregational Church, 
rooms 67 Union. 

Brown Augustus C, baggagemaster, F W J & S R R, res 1 5 N 

Brown Charles, cook, res 74 Barr. 

Brown Rev D Morton, pastor Third St M E Church, res s s 
Third e of Marion. 

Brown Mrs Elizabeth, res 191 E Wayne. 

Brown Ellen (wid Henry P), res 157 Van Buren. 

Brown Miss Emma, bds 207 Broadway. 

Brown Eugene F, clerk U S pension office, bds Grand Hotel. 

Brown Miss Flora, res 100 W Berry. 

Brown Mrs Flora, res ii6 Chicago. 

Brown George, clerk, bds 219 E Wayne. 

Brown Henry, brakeman, bds 139 Montgomery. 

Brown Henry, huckster, res 73 Holman. 

Brown James, helper P FVV & C R R, res 97 Montgomery. 

Brown James D (Loag & Brown), bds American House. 

Brown James E, conductor, res 186 Montgomery. 

Brown John, carpenter,, res 342 E Washington. * 

Brown John, cook Aveline House, res 96 E Jefferson. 

Brown John, machinist T W & W Ry, bds 116 Chicago. 

Brown Mrs Margaret, boarding house- 4 Kansas. 

Brown Mary, domestic 12 W Main. 

Brown Mrs Mary, res 45 Madison. 

Brown Mary E, domestic 75 E Wayne. 

Brown Mrs Mary W. bds Rev D Morton Brown. 

Brown Matthew, saloon 84 Fairfield ave, res same. 

Brown Robert, brakeman, res 254 E Jefferson. 

Brown Sarah, domestic 10 W Berry. 

Broiiril Seneca R, Dentist, over ist National Bank, res 
100 W Berry. 

Brown Wm, porter 88 E Berry. 

Brownell Hanson A R. fly finisher organ factory, res w s Fair- 
field ave, opp organ factory. 

Browning Miss Annie, milliner Mrs S J Dalzell, bds same. 

Browning Mrs Edna, res 220 W Washington. 

Brownsberger Wm, section hand, res 191 Jackson. 

Brubaker Michael, farmer, res w s Franklin ave nr city limits. 

Bruce Charles, street car driver, bds 262 Calhoun. 

Bruce Lou, dressmkr, bds 254 W Jefferson. 

Brucker Frank, cooper, res 58 Nelson. 

Brucker Jacob, stonecutter, res 166 Henry. 

58 R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

Brucker Michael, cooper, res 62 Nelson. 

Bruder August, clerk, bds 75 Harrison. 

Bruder August, jeweler Trenkley & Scherzinger, res 78 Calhoun. 

Bruebach Miss Emma, teacher East German school, bds 19 W 

Bruebach Oeorge T, Physician, 66 Calhoun, res same. 

Brunka Wm, laborer, res w s Lafayette bet Pontiac and Leith. 

Brunner Cornelius, stonecutter, res n w cor Columbia and Jack- 

Brunner John, shoemkr W Jacobs & Son, res 47 Lavina. 

Brunner Martin, engine wiper P F W & C R R, res 13 Hood. 

Brunner Minnie, dressmkr, bds 47 Lavina. 

Bruns Christian, carpenter P F W & C R R, res 332 Harrison. 

Bruns Wm, carpenter P F W & C R R, res 64 Charles. 

Brunson Abram A, bartender, bds 139 E Jefferson. 

Brunson Reuben, switchman, res e s Jay n of Pontiac. 

Brunson Thompson L, fireman, res 77 Butler. 

Brush Herbert C, engineer, bds 86 E Main. 

Brush Joseph, engineer G R & I R R, res 104 E Lewis. 

Brust John W, clerk W Jacobs & Son, bds 224 E Jefferson. 

Bruuns Frederick C, helper, res 224 E Jefferson. 

Bryan Jacol^ B, foreman F S Shurick, res 19 Charles. 

Bryant Charles, letter carrier, bds n w cor Fox and Creighton. 

Bryant George, works spoke factory, res 201 Hanna. 

Bryant James, clerk Wash Haskell, res 70 Calhoun. 

Bryant John, clerk W Haskell, res 37 Barr 

Bryant Joseph, laborer, res 192 Montgomery 

Bryant Miss Julia M, teacher Clay school, bds n w cor Creighton 
and Fox 

Bryant Mrs Mary, res 75 Oakley 

Bryant Mrs M M, bds 228 Lafayette 

Bryant Stephen, produce dealer, bds 228 Lafayette 

Bryant Wm, popcorn manufacturer 208 Lafayette, res same 

Bryant Wm, laborer, bds 137 Force 

Buch John, teamster, res 87 Montgomery 

Buch Wm, carpenter, res 10 Hough 

Buchar Catherine, (widow Henry) res 54 Charles 

Buchfinck Mrs Sebilla, res 67 High 

Buchfing Lena, cook Robinson House 

Buchheit Adam, carpenter P F W & C R R, res 20 Hood 

Buchman Alpheus P, (Gregg & Buchman) 40 Calhoun, bds Stur- 
gis House 

Buck Charles, tobacco & cigars 272 Calhoun, res s w cor Hol- 
man and Hanna 

Buck Daniel, tailor, res 290 W Jefferson. 


Buck Diedrich, tailor J G Thieme & Bro, res 290 W Jefferson. 

Buck Fred, carpenter P F W & C R R, bds 39 Nirdlinger. 

Buck John C, laborer, res 154 Clay. 

Suck IVilson S, District Agent Conn Mutual Life Insu- 
rance Co 12^ E Main, res 270 W Jefferson. 

Buckels «Foliii H, Proprietor Grana Hotel, i Harrison. 

Buckels Miss Rebecca J, res Grand Hotel. 

Buckels Solomon B clerk, bds Grand Hotel. 

Buckels Wm S, bds Grand Hotel. 

Buckels Wm T, clerk, bds Grand Hotel. 

Buckley Henry S, blacksmith P F W & C R R, res 84 Force. 

Buckwalter Louis R, machinist P F W & C R R shops, res 134 

Budde Herman, laborer, res n s St Francis, e of Lafayette. 

Buddemeyer Ernst F, carpenter, res 20 McClellan. 

Buech John, oiltender P F W & C R R shops, res 444 Broadway. 

Bueche Frederick, clerk city mills, res 15 Clark. 

Bueche George, laborer, res 15 Clark. 

Buechel Louis, carriage trimmer, res 51 W Washington. 

Buechel Louis C, painter J Fedli, bds 122 W Jefferson. 

Buechner Caspar, night watchman, res 224 E Wayne. 

Buechner Conrad, carpenter, res 125 E Lewis. 

Buehler Ferdinand, principal St. Paul's German Catholic school, 
res III Griffith. 

Buehler Louisa, domestic Mrs E J Hamilton. 

Bueker Ernst, plasterer, bds 419 E Washington. 

Bueker Fred jr, carpenter, res 419 E Washington. 

Bueker Fred sr, laborer, res 419 E Washington. 

Bueker Henry, blacksmith Brossard & Hahn, bds 419 E Wash- 

Buifalo Oerman Ins Co of Buffalo, N Y, Edward 
Seidel agent, 107 E Main. 

Buford Charles, mason, res w s St Mary's ave n of Lake. 

Buford Edward, well digger, res e s St Mary's ave n of Lake. 

Buhr Mrs Catherine, res 28 Henry. 

Buhr Nicholas, painter, res four miles n on St Joseph road. 

Buhrkuhl Henry, wagonmaker, s e cor E Water & N Calhoun, 
res 47 Monroe. 

Bulger Martin L, res 146 W Berry. 

Bulger Patrick J, driver fire department, res 61 Clinton. 

Bullermann Henry, stove maker, res 286 W Jefferson. 

Bullermann Sophia W, milliner, bds 286 W Jefferson. 

Bultemeier Fred, carpenter, bds 195 Broadway. 

Bunce James R, switchman T W & W Ry, bds 3 Brandriff. 

Burchard John, helper P F W & C R R, res 92 Montgomery. 

6o R. L. POLK & CO/S 

Burg Nicholas, painter, res 76 Montgomery. 
Burger Ira, brakeman G R & I R R, bds 144 Wallace. 
Burger Lewis, baker H Wigman & Co, res 224 W Jefferson. 
Burger Louis jr, printer Daily News, bds 224 W Jefferson. 
Burgess Francis, machinist P F W & C R R, res 28 Lavina. 
Burgess Henry, Propr Burgess Block, Office 7 same, res 

New Haven. 
Burgman Fredericka, (wid Christ), bds 35 Lavina. 
Burhenn Edward, meat market, 104 Calhoun, res same. 
Burington Chauncey, engineer P F W & C R R. res 149 

Hoi man. 
Burk John, brakeman, bds 138 Montgomery. 
Burk John G carpet weaver, res 58 Spruce. 
Burk Robert, brakeman, bds 56 Wells. 
Burk Martin, engineer P F W & C R R, res 28 Chicago. 
Burk Wm, bds 99 E Main. 
Burkas Albert, painter, bds 83 Broadway. 
Burkas John A, clerk, res 83 Broadway. 
Burke Ann (wid Edward), res 81 Buchanan. 
Burkhart Thomas, laborer, res 27 Poplar. 
Burkholder James H, machine hand J Burkholder, bds 261 W 

Burkholder Joseph, furniture mnfr, 80 Pearl, res 261 W Wayne. 
Burlager George, lab, res 137 E Washington. 
Burlager John, drayman, res 159 E Jefferson. 
Burlager Wm, polisher, res 210 E Washington. 
Burnett Alfred, restaurant, 10 W Berry, res same. 
Burns Catherine, domestic 58 W Berry. 
Burns James, student, bds 41 Williams. 
Burns James, helper, res 1 1 Bass. 
Burns James C, conductor G R & I R R, res 29 Baker. 
Burns John, laborer, res 343 W Jefferson. 
Burns Patrick, machinist T W & W Ry, bds 41 Williams. 
Burns Patrick, helper, bds 6 Kansas. 
Burns Patrick, laborer, res 14 Bass. 
Burrington Chauncy, engineer, res 149 Holman. 
Burriss Arba, bds 163 E Wayne. 
Bjirsley Oilbert E, Sec'y and Manager Ft Wayne Organ 

Co, res e s Fairfield ave s of Creighton ave. {See adv.) 
Burt Mrs Alice, res 204 E Wayne. 
Burt Anton, brewer, res Fifth w of Wells. 
Burton A W B, engineer, bds 330 Calhoun. 
Burt Charles, molder Bass' Foundry, bds 204 E Wayne. 
Burif ell Xeivton, Lawyer 17 Court, res 250 Creighton ave. 
Busch John, carpenter, res 72 Wilt. 


Buschmann Frederick W, carpenter P F W & C R R, res 131 

Buschmann Wm, carpenter, res 131 Holman. 

Bushing Henry, clerk M N Webber, bds 58 W Wayne. 

Bush Anthony, tallow maker, res 365 E Lewis. 

Bush George H, tallow maker, bds 365 E Lewis. 

Bushley Theodore, shoemaker C D Pipenbrink, bds 245 Cal- 

Bushore Thomas, conductor P F W & C R R, bds 30 Baker. 

Busi Wm, carpenter P F W & C R R, res 18 Hough. 

Buskie Henry, shoemaker C D Pipenbrink, res 339 E Washington. 

Busking Henry, shoemaker, bds 339 E Washington. 

Busse Charlotte, (widow Wm) res 160 Ewing. 

Busse Fred blacksmith, bds 160 Ewing. 

Busse Geo, printer Daily Democrat, res 160 Ewing. 

Butler Alex, works J B White, res 116 E Wayne. 

Butler Allen, bds 72 Chicago. 

Butler Mrs Catherine, res 233 Broadway. 

Butler George, grocer 332 W Main, res same. 

Butler James, barber, bds 233 Broadway. 

Butler John, watchman, bds 233 Broadway. 

Butler John, res n s W & E Canal e of Lafayette. 

Buder Lewis F, (Butler & Clear) bds D L Archer. 

Butler Mrs Mary E, res 227 Barr. 

Butler <& Clear, (Lewis F Butler, John Clear) Grocers, 
7 N Calhoun. 

Butt Urban, laborer, res 46 Taylor. 

Buttenbender Charles H, molder, bds 187 W Washington. 

Buttenbender Henry, messenger P F W & C R R shops, res 187 
West Washington. 

Buuck Conrad, boots & shoes 154 Calhoun, res 254 Broadway. 

Buuck Wm, carpenter P F W & C R R, res 10 Hough. 

Buuck Wm jr, laborer, bds 39 Nirdlinger. 

Byerlein John, works woolen factory, res 107 N Cass. 

Byson Martin, laborer, bds w s Franklin ave s of Archer ave. 


Cack Peter, carpenter, res e s St. Mary's ave s of Aboit. 

Cahn Matthias, laborer, res 144 E Jefferson. 

Cain Augustus, blacksmith P F W & C R R, res 98 Montgomery. 

Cairns James T, machinist, res 430 Broadway. 

Caldwell Theodore K, machinist T W & W Ry, res 33 Taylor. 

Callahan Wm, laborer gasworks, res 83 Williams. 


Campbell Miss Bella, res 45 W Washington. 

Campbell Benjaniiii F, fireman, res 46 Williams. 

Campbell Charles E, brakeman, res 127 Fairfield ave. 

Campbell C S, brakeman T W & W Ry, res Harrington's Block. 

Campbell Daniel, blacksmith TW&WRy, res 51 Brackenridge 

Campbell George, fireman P F W & C R R, res 50 E Washington 

Campbell George B, ticket agent FWM&CRRandFWj&S 
R R,bds Grand Hotel. 

Campbell George B, conductor P F W& C R R, res 203 Lafayette. 

Campbell Marry, Foreman P F W & C R R shops, res 
s s Pontiac e of Lafayette. 

Campbell Isaac W, res 160 E Berry. 

Campbell Miss Isabella, teacher Washington school, bds 45 W 

Campbell Mrs Mary S, res 45 W Washington. 

Campbell Robert, machinist, res 66 Wallace 

Campbell Mrs Sarah, res no Chicago. 

Campbell Wm, brakeman, bds 58 Chicago. 

Cannady August, saloon and boarding, 98 E Columbia, res same. 

Cannan Miss Agnes, teacher Jefferson school, bds 61 Garden. 

Cannan John K, machinist, res 61 Garden. 

Cannon James, fireman P F W & C R R, res 330 Calhoun. 

Cantlon John, fireman T W & W Ry, res 3x3 Calhoun. 

Cantwell Ozias R, brakeman, bds 22 Chicago. 

Caps John E, (John E Caps & Co) res 100 Barr., 

Caps Reinhold, (John E Caps & Co) bds 100 Barr. 

Caps John E & Co (John E & Reinhold Caps) watches, clocks 
and jewelry 100 Barr. 

Carberry Henry, fireman T W & W Ry, bds 82 Taylor. 

Carboiiixed Cement Pipe Workis^ E Keith Proprie- 
tor, opp P F W & C R R depot. 

Gander Henry W, foreman N G Olds & Son, res 129 Wallace. 

Carey Mrs E D, res 19 Madison. 

Carey Frank, helper, res 51 Case. 

Carier Augustus H, (Carier & Trentman) res 178 E Berry. 

Carier & Trentman, (Augustus H Carier, John H Trent- 
man) Insurance & Real Estate, 4 Foster Block. 

Carling George D, apprentice P F W & C R R, bds 233 E Lewis. 

Carlisle David, fireman T W & W Ry, res s s Fisher e of Haniia. 

Carll George S, undertaker, res 124 E Berry. 

Carll Miss Sarah, teacher Training school, bds 124 E Berry. 

Carman Caleb, machinist, res 348 Calhoun. 

Carmany Joseph, engineer P F W & C R R, res 30 Laselle 

Carmer Oliver P, carpenter, res n e cor Lafayette and Seventh 

Carnahan Wm L (Carnahan, Hanna & Co) res 119 E Wayne. 


% ■ 

Carnahan, Hanna «fe Co, ( Wm L Carnahan, James T 
Hanna, John Howenstine, Edward G Smedley, Emmet H Mc- 
Donald) Wholesale Boots and Shoes, 30 and 32 E Main. 

Carpenter Albert, brakeman, bds 14 Chicago. 

Carpenter Albert, teamster, bds 23 W Wayne. 

Carpenter Augustus, carpenter, res 59 Grand. 

Carpenter C, fireman T W & W Ry, res 59 Grand. 

Carpenter F, fireman T W & W Ry, bds 59 Grand. 

Carpenter Henry, fireman, bds 59 Grand. 

Carpenter Warren, fireman, bds 59 Grand. 

Carpenter Washington, engineer T W & W Ry, res 59 Grand. 

Carr Charles, brakeman, bds 104 Barr. 

Carr Joseph, barber F C Meyers, bds 106 Barr. 

Carray Francis J, helper P F W & C R R, res 51 Case. 

Carripan James, machinist P F W & C R R shops, res 180 E 

Carroll Danandy, carpenter, bds 24 Colerick. 

Carroll Dominick, porter, Aveline House 

Carroll John, mason, res 226 E Washington. 

Carroll John, porter, Aveline House. 

Carroll Maggie, domestic George DeWald. 

Carroll Maggie, domestic 4 W Water. 

Carroll Margaret, res 96 W Water. 

Carroll Patrick, constable, res 39 Baker. 

Carroll Mrs Thomas, res 24 Colerick. 

Carroll Wm, clerk D R McFeeley, bds 92 Calhoun. 

Carry Edward F^ dry goods, bds 46 E Jefferson. 

Carry Joseph A, blacksmith, res 121 E Lewis. 

Carry Mrs Sarah, res 46 E Jefferson. 

Carson Mrs Catherine, bds 135 E Berry. 

Carson Mary, domestic Central Hotel. 

Carson Wm W, judge Cercuit Court, res 77 E Berry. 

Carter George, porter Robinson House. 

Carter Henry, works spoke factory, res 129 Wallace. 

Carter Loren L, patternmaker, bds 62 Wilt, 

Carter May, domestic railway dining rooms. 

Carter Wm, heating furnace 50 E Columbia, res 127 E Main. 

Carter — , engineer T W & W Ry, bds 3 Railroad. 

Carto Alexander, molder Bass foundry, bds 313 Hanna. 

Carte August, boilermaker Kerr Murray. 

Carto James, boilermaker, bds 313 Hanna. 

Carto Philista, (wid August), res 313 Hanna. 

Cartwright Charles, lumber agent, res 65 Baker. 

Cartwright Mrs Coony, res 84 E Wayne. 

Cartwright Edward E, machinist, bds 65 Baker. 

64 R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

Cartwright Mrs E, (wid John F), res 73 Baker. 

Cartwright John F sr, farmer, res 69 Baker. 

Cartwright Mrs Nancy, res 100 E Washington. 

Cartwright Porter, works spoke factory, bds 69 Baker. 

Cary Thomas, laborer, res 38 Bass. 

Case Frank, engine wiper T W & W Ry, res 43 Wilt. 

Case John, barber J J Kinsey, bds 247 W Berry. 

Case Wm L, helper, res 4 John. 

Case WiUis W, (Humphreys & Case), res 203 W Wayne. 

Casebear Eliza, domestie Hedekin House. 

Casey James L, res 145 Holman. 

Caskey Marcus D, clerk Morgan & Beach bds Grand Hotel. 

Caskey Robert, blacksmith, bds 375 Lafayette. 

Cass George, helper, res s e cor Cass & Water. 

Cassels Wm, laborer, res 363 E Washington. 

Casso Frank, (Casso & Hake), res 36 Barr. 

Casso A Hake, (Frank Casso, Frank Hake), Beer 
Bottlers & Saloon cor Harrison & Water. (Se^ adv. p. 2^). 

Castel Charles E, machine hand, res 271 Hanna. 

Casting Louisa, domestic, 76 W Berry. 

Castle Charles E, foreman spoke factory, res 271 Hanna. 

Caston Louis, cigarmaker, bds 86 E Main. 

Caswell Frank A, travehng agent A S Evans & Co, bds 50 W 

Catty Joseph, carpenter, res w s Lillie nr city limits. 

Cauner Matthias, engineer Brass foundry, res 35 Force. ^ 

Cavanaugh James, car driver, bds 262 Calhoun. 

Cavanaugh Thomas, laborer, res 62 Griffith. 

Cawood Joshua, machinist, res 223 Wells. 

Ceabolt Christ, foreman Olds' spoke factory, res 214 W Jeffer- 

Cellers Wm, works spoke factory, res 52 Charles. 

Center John W, engineer Clark & Rhinesmith Lumber Co, res 
61 Melita. 

Centlivre diaries i*, Propr French Brewery, north end 
Spy Run ave, res same. (See adv, p. 2j.) 

Centlivre Louis, beer bottling works, French Brewery, res 

Central Orocery, J D McGill Propr, 90 Calhoun. 

Central Hotel^ John K Bower Propr, Col R G Morrison 
Manager, 20, 22 and 24 E Berry. (^See adv.') 

Certia Jacob, bookkeeper Certia Sz: Rankert, res 108 Wells. 

Certia Peter (Certia 8z: Rankert), bds 104 Wells. 

Certia <& Bankert (Peter Certia, Chas Rankert), Brew- 
ers, on Fee(^er Canal w of Wells. 


Chamberlain Henry, res 40 E Jefferson. 

Chamberlain James C, laborer, res 178 Hanna. 

Chamberlain Porter, machinist, res 71 Butler. 

Chamberlain Richard, painter, res 163 Clinton. 

Chamberlain Thos A, clerk, res 121 E Washington. 

Chamberlain Wm. H, railroad clerk, bds 40 E Jefferson. 

Chambers Joliii 1>, Physician, 66 Calhoun, res same. 

Chapin Henry W, engineer C R & F W R R, res 26 Chicago. 

Chapman Barnum W, engineer T W & W Ry, res 277 W 

Chapman Mrs Catherine, res n s W Lewis bet Calhoun and 

Chapman Chas, hack driver, res 20 W Lewis. 

Chapman Miss Ella W, res 160 W Wa«»hington. 

Chapman Frank M, res 14 Fairfield ave. 

Chapman George P, telegraph operator, bds n s W Lewis bet 
Harrison and Calhoun. 

Chapman Nathaniel L, conductor F W M & C R R, res 48 N 

Chapman Wm P, agent American and Adams Ex Co's, 102 Cal- 
houn, res 196 Calhoun. 

Chase Matilda (wid James), res n s Hoffman e of St Mary's 

Chase Stephen W, special policeman, res n e cor St Mary's ave 
and Putnam. 

Cheney James, president Ft Wayne Gas Light Co, res office of 
company, permanent residence New York city. 

Cheney Theodore, brakeman, bds 205 Barr. 

Cheonlein Charles, tailor, res 350 W Main. 

Cherry Frank M, boilermaker P F W & C R R, res 130 Madi- 

Cherry Wm H, boilermaker P F W & C R R shops, res 145 E 

Cheviron Xavier, machinist P F W & C R R, res 36 Hough. 

Childs Charles, brakeman, bds 30 Baker. 

Chittenden Curtis L, druggist, bds Mrs Wm Lytle. 

Chittenden Erastus L, alderman, res 69 W Berry. 

Chittenden Mrs Harriet (wid Ludlum S), res 69 W Berry. 

Chorpening Mrs Julia, res 234 Lafayette. 

Chovey Charles (C & F Chovey), res 51 E Water. 

Chovey Frank (C & F Chovey), res 51 E Water. 

Chovey John B, blacksmith C & F Chovey, res 221 E Wayne. 

Chovey C & F (Charles and Frank), carriage and wag- 
onmakers, n w cor E Water and Clinton. 

66 R. t. 

Christen John, gents' furnishing goods, i6 W Main, res 36 

Christie James, molder, bds 46 Henry. 
Christie John B, machinist, res 3 Dawson. 
Christie John N, machinist T W & W Ry, res 46 Henry. 
Christie Joseph, shoemaker, res 366 E Wayne. 
Christie Wm P, machinist T W & W Ry, res n w cor Hoveland 

and Creighton aves. 
Christman Jacob (Edsall & Christman), res n e cor Clinton and 

W and E Canal. 
Christoffel Anton, engine wiper P F W & C R R, res — Las- 

Christy Joseph, machine hand, bds 122 Maumee ave. 
Ciegler Peter, grocer, res \^2 Force. 
Cincinnati, Richmond & Fort Wayne R R, (see G R & I R R 

Citizen^s Street Railroad €0, J H Bass, Pres, G E 

Bursley Sec, Treas, and Supt's Office 123^ E Main. 
City Mills, Hoagland & Tresselt proprs, s w cor Clinton and E 

Clapp Andrew, engineer G R & I R R, res 209 Barr. 
Clare John, tinner, bds 88 Barthold. 
Clare Michael, laborer, res 88 Barthold. 
Clare Wm, works box factory, bds 88 Barthold. 
Clark Clarence W, conductor T W & W Ry, bds Harmon 

Clark Edward A, bookkeeper Singer Mnfg Co, bds 106 W 

Clark Fred, fireman T W & W Ry, bds 5 Bass. 
Clark Henry A, physician, 20 W Berry, bds 132 W Main. 
Clark Jacob W, master of transportation division (C) P F W 

& C R R, res 133 Holman. 
Clark John, conductor, res 28 Henry. 
Clark John H (Clark & Rhinesmith Lumber Co), res 11 1 W 

Clark John S, foreman A C Perrin, bds n s Baker bet Calhoun 

and Harrison. 
Clark Mrs Joseph, res 133 E Berry. 
Clark Joseph M, merchant tailor, s w cor Berry and Clinton, 

bds Aveline House. 
Clark Laura, domestic, 160 E Washington. 
Clark Lewis, propr Comparet House, Lafayette, foot Columbia. 
Clark Mary, domestic, 88 E Berry. 
Clark Nathan, bds 1 1 1 W Wayne. 
Clark Mrs Sarah, res 77 Butler. 


Clark Rev Stephen, pastor Centenary M E Church res Coesse, 

Clark Mr5 Victoria, res 5 Brandriff. 
Clark & Rliinesiiiitli liUmber C09 John H Clark 

Prest, James H Simonson Secy, n s Wallace bet Lafayette and 

Clarke Henry W, engineer P F W & C R R, bds Mayer House. 
Clary Alice, tailoress, bds 6 Kansas. 

Claus Max, apprentice J L Potter, bds 132 Creighton ave. 
Clauss John C, shoemaker, bds 158 Taylor. 
Clawson Mary, domestic John G Voors. 
Clay Henry, molder Bass foundry, res s s of E Berry nr city 

Clayton F Harry, retoucher C E Wallin, bds Grand Hotel. 
Clear John (Butler Sz Clear), res n e cor 5th and Wells. 
Clear Wm, machine hand Peters Box and Lumber Co, bds 88 

Cleare John, tinner H J Ash, bds 88 Barthold. 
Cleary Alice, tailoress, res 6 Kansas. 
Clem Charles, coachman Wm Fleming, s e cor Rockhill and 

Clements Wm, laborer P F W & C R R, res 73 Grand. 
Clemson Lotta, res 303 Calhoun. 

Clevenger Jacob D, clerk Am Ex Co, bds Grand Hotel. 
Clifford Chas E, teamster J D McGill, res 87 Montgomery. 
Clifton Benjamin, foreman, res 296 Hanna. 
Clifton Levi, helper P F W & C R R shops, res 102 Wiltiams. 
Close Mary J, domestic John H Archer. 
Close Lemuel, shoemaker, bds 40 Brandriff. 
Clune L B M, tinner, bds 9 N Calhoun. 
Coachin Belle, domestic, 106 E Berry. 
Cob urn Hazlett, laborer Hoffaian Bios, res 283 W Main. 
Cocheiller Chas L, painter, bds 70 E Coli;mbia. 
Cochrane George W, fireman P F W & C R R, bds 146 Hol- 

Cochrane John (Cochrane, Humphrey & Co), res 16 Edsall. 
Cochrane Miss Margaret S, principal Washington school, bds 16 

Cochrane Mary (wid John), res 173 Griffith. 
Cochrane Michael, machinist, bds 415 Lafayette. 
Coclirane, Humphrey A; Co (John Cochrane,George 

Humphrey), Contractors and Builders, 100 Pearl. {See adv.) 
Coder Frank P, clerk J Pierr, bds 128 Montgomery. 
Coder Walter L, salesman J Pierr, bds 54 E Washington. 
Cody John H (John H Cody & Co), res n s Creighton ave w of 


6S R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

Cody Morris, ice dealer, res 13 Barr. 

Cody John H & Co (John H Cody, ), coopers, s of W 

Main at city limits. 
Coffin Miss Mollie, seamstress, res 65 E Main. 
Coffin Mrs Sarah, dressmaker, res 65 E Main. 
Cohen Moses, pedler, res 11 Maumee. 
Cole Benjamin S, brakeman, res 39 Taylor. 
Cole Francis, conductor P F W & C R R, bds 229 Lafayette. 
Cole Miss Mary, milliner Mrs M Schilling, res 291 W Main. 
Cole Rose A, domestic, 34 Garden. 
Cole Samuel D, machinist, res 291 W Main. 
Coleman Jacob, watchman, res 147 E Jefferson, 
Coleman John, res 91 Montgomery. 
Coleman William, laborer E L Chittenden, bds same. 
Colerick David H, lawyer, res 88 E Berry. 
Colerick Edward F, real estate, res 401 Broadway. 
Colerick Henry (W G, H & T W Colerick), res 138 Lafayette. 
Colerick John A, res 85 E Jefferson. 
Colerick Philemon B, lawyer, i and 2 Foster Block, bds 88 E 

Colerick Thomas W (W G, H & T W Colerick), bds SS. E 

Colerick Walpole G (G W, H & T W Colerick), bds 88 E 

Colerick W O, H «fe T W (Walpole G, Henry and 

Thomas W Colerick), Lawyers, i and 2 Foster Block. 
Coling Peter, shoemaker, res 338 Harrison. 
Collar George, carpenter, bds 164 Madison. 
Collar Luphina (wid Wm), res w s St Mary's ave n of Lake. 
Collar Melvern, laborer, bds w s St Mary's ave n of Lake. 
Collars James, laborer, res e s Franklin ave nr city limits. 
Collin Charles, collarmaker, bds 106 Madison. 
Collins Charles, boilermaker, res s e cor Calhoun & Leith. 
Collins Dennis, laborer P F W & C R R, res 54 Baker. 
Collins Emma, domestic 105 W Berry. 

Collins John H, dyer French, Hanna & Co, res 190 E Wayne. 
Collins John W, foreman laborers P F W & C R R, res 15 

Collins Miss Katie, dressmaker E Killian, bds 58 Baker. 
Collins Morgan, bds 219 Lafayette. 

Collins Morris, brakeman G R & I R R, bds 17 Holman. 
Collins Mrs M, res 106 Madison. 

Colmy James, conductor T W & W Ry, bds 49 Baker. 
Colton Mrs John C, res 317 Harrison. 
Comfer Owen, carpenter, bds 274 Webster. 


Comincavish Felix, machinist P F W & C R R, res 25 Holman. 
Comincavish Marshall, machinist P F W & C R R shops, bds 

25 Holman. 
Cominercial Insurance Co, Noll & Foellinger agents 

25 Post Office Building. (See adv.) 
Comparet Charles M, grain buyer, bds n s Erie e of Harmer. 
Comparet David F, grain merchant, res n s Erie e of Harmer. 
Comparet Mouse, L Clark Propr. Lafayette foot 

Comparet Wilfred E, clerk, bds n s Erie e of Harmer. 
Comstock John B, brick mn'fr n s East Wayne e of Hanover, 

res n e cor Hanover & Washington. 
Concordia College, (German) e s College bet Washing- 
ton & Maumee road. 
Conductors' Brothierliood, J C W Long, R S., Hall 

328 Calhoun. 
Congdon J Eddy, (Underbill & Congdon), res ^^ W Main. 
Conger John, rooms 22 W Main. * 

Conklin Miss Carrie E, teacher Training school, bds Creighton 

ave w of Miner. 
Conkhn Cary C, engineer T W & W Ry, res 144 Henry. 
Conklin John J, engineer T W & W Ry, res n s Creigton ave 

e of Broadway. 
Conklin Sidney, engineer F W M & C R R, bds 99 W Water. 
Conley James, mechanic, res 118 Wallace. 
Conley James, teamster, res 41 N Cass. 
Conley Mary, domestic, 15 Douglas ave. 
Connair Wm, blacksmith, res 24 Baker. 

Connell Tames P, fireman P F W & C R R, bds 26 Chicago. 
Connell Wm, fireman, bds 99 W Water. 
Connelly Eliza, domestic 16 Sturgis. 
Connelly James, laborer Bass foundry, res 31 Colerick. 
Connelly James, laborer, res 118 Wallace. 
Conners Jane, domestic, Sturgis House. 
Conners Jeremiah, blacksmith, res 46 Baker. 
Conners Mary, domestic 174 E Berry. 
Conners Michael, driver fire department, res 60 Clinton, 
Connett Martin, blacksmith, res 4 Creighton ave. 
Connors Ed, fireman, bds 3 Railroad. 
Connors John, helper, res 251 Webster. 
Connors Patrick, bds Hedekin House. 
Conobeo Miss Thresa, milliner Mrs R Low, bds Robinson 

Conover Addison V D, city editor Daily News, res 158 Grififith. 
Conrad Charles L, carver, bds 130 E Wayne. 

70 R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

Conrad Elizabeth, domestic 60 Wilt. 

Conrad George, agent Davis' sewing machine, 35 Lavina, res 

Conrad John, laborer, res 43 John. 

Converse Mrs Carrie, bds 104 E Wayne. 

Converse Fred B, train dispatcher P F W & C R R, bds 60 E 

Conway Mrs Catherine, washwoman, res 17 Bass. 

Cook Adam, laborer, res 34 John. 

Cook Albert H, school teacher, res 438 Broadway. 

Cook Charles, bookbinder Sentinel office, bds 104 Barr. 

Cook Charles O, machinist, res 260 Webster. 

Cook Christian, wagonmaker, resides 72 Brackenridge. 

Cook Christian, grain merchant, res 45 W Jefferson. 

Cook Christian F W, machinist Bass foundry, res 48 W Lewis. 

Cook Frederick, shoemaker, bds 72 Brackenridge. 

Cook Julius, brakeman P F W & C R R, bds 231 Barr. 

Cook Maggie, domestic*63 Melita. 

Cook Mrs Margaret, res 51 Melita. 

Cook Nathaniel, laborer, res s s Jenison nr city limits. 

Cook Otto, machinist P F W & C R R res 260 Webster. 

Cook Wm, painter T W & W Ry, bds 58 W Lewis, 

Cookson John C. patent right agent, bds Exchange Hotel. 

Coolicen Patrick, laborer, res 19 Poplar. 

Coombes Eliza (wid John F), bds 164 Broadway. 

Coombs John M (Coombs & Co), res 94 W Wayne. 

Coombs Joseph, clerk, bds 53 W Wayne. 

Coombs Thomas A, salesman, bds 53 W Wayne. 

Coombs Wm H (Coombs, Morris & Bell), res 53 W Wayne. 

Coombs & Co (John M Coombs, Wm Johnston Jr, Wm 
H Joslin), Heavy Hardware, 38, 40 and 42 E Main. 

Coombs, Morris «fc Bell (Wm H Coombs, John Mor- 
ris, Robert C Bell), Lawyers, 32 E Berry. 

Cooney Mary, domestic 146 E Wayne. 

Coonrod Matthias C, res 94 Maumee ave. 

Coop Charles, teamster, res 16 E Water. 

Cooper Benjamin F, engineer P F W & C R R, res s s Maud 
w of Holton ave. 

Cooper Cornelius, drayman, res 19 West. 

Cooper Mrs Eleanor, res county jail. 

Cooper Mrs Ida, res 122 E Lewis. 

Cooper J G, brakeman, bds 146 Holman. 

Cooper Scott, helper T W & W Ry, bds Rockhill. 

Cooper Wm P, law student, bds at jail. 

Cooper Wm S, machinist, bds 19 West. 


Cope Daniel, porter Phillips House. 

Corcoran Henry, conductor P F W & C R R, bds 22 Chicago. 

Corcoran Mary, domestic 46 E Jefferson. 

Corcoran Owen, plumber, bds 25 Grand. 

Corcoran Patrick, res 25 Grand. 

Corcoran Thomas, brakeman, bds 22 Chicago. 

Corcoran Thomas, teamster H J Trentman & Bro, res 23 W 

Cordrey Thomas P (Holman Sz Cordrey), res 96 Montgomery. 
Cordway Belle, domestic American House. 
Cordway Lewis, porter American House. 
Corneille Auguste L, (Corneille & Bro), res 41 E Water. 
Corneille C Francis (Corneille & Bro), bds I Bowser. 
Corneille John B, clerk C Orff & Co, res 47 E Water. 
Corneille <&; Bro (Auguste L and C Francis Corneille), 

Grocers, 41 E Water. 
Corseon Katie, domestic 105 W Wayne. 
Cortright Thomas C, helper Bass foundry, res 151 Holman. 
Cor win Mrs L A, bds 226 Fairfield ave. 
Cory Abraham B, conductor P F W & C R R, bds Harmon 

Cosgrove Frank K, deputy sheriff, res 58 W Wayne. 
Cosgrove Patrick, blacksmith, bds 70 E Columbia. 
Cothrell Albert M, hack driver, bds 30 Baker. 
Cothrell Charles, switchman, res 95 Clay. 
Cothrell Clinton J, bds 171 E Washington. 
Cothrell Edward C, expressman, bds 30 Baker. 
Cothrell James, painter L O Hull, bds 171 E Washington. 
Cothrell Jared, res 171 E Washington. 
Cothrell Mrs Julia A, res 223 Lafayette. 
Cothrell Moses, Boarding House, 30 Baker. 
Cotter Edmund, laborer, bds 102 Webster. 
Cottingham Albert E, dentist, bds 32 E Wayne. 
Cottingham Wm (Cottingham & Co), propr Bayless House, 32 

E Wayne. 
Cottingham Wm H, clerk Meyer Brothers & Co, res 99 W 

Cottingliaiii dz: Co (Wm Cottingham, ), Hot Air 

Furnaces, Stoves and Tinware, 36 Clinton. (See adv.) 
Cotton Orville D, agent Fort Wayne Steel Plow Works, res 272 

W Jefferson. 
Cotton Robert, brakeman, bds 219 Lafayette. 
Couderat John, laborer, res 305 Hanna. 

Coughlin Michael, machinist P F W & C R R, bds 415 Lafay- 

72 R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

Coulter William, cook Exchange Hotel. 

Cour Claude J A (C J A Cour & Sons), also brick mnfr, res s 
end Calhoun. 

Cour Eugene, fireman, res 19 Buchanan. 

Cour Francis J (C J A Cour & Sons), res s end Calnoun. 

Cour Francis V (C J A Cour & Sons), res s end Calhoun. 

Cour Frank, blacksmith C & F Chovey, bds 19 Buchanan. 

Cour Joseph, boilermaker Kerr Murray, bds 19 Buchanan. 

Cour Mary, domestic 53 Buchanan. 

Cour Victoria, domestic 113 W Berry. 

Cour C J A & Sons (Claude J A, Francis V & Francis J), gro- 
cers, 328 Calhoun. 

Covault Wm M, bus driver, res 55 E Berry. 

Cove James, brakeman, bds 74 E Lewis. 

Covell Arthur J, clerk, res 37 Wilt. 

Co veil Hiram A, clerk Foster Bros & Co, res 37 Wilt. 

Covert Wm C, conductor F W J & S R R, res 79 Douglas ave. 

Cowan John, fireman, bds 1,29 E Lewis. 

Cowl Miss Annie, waiter Exchange Hotel. • 

Cowles Edwin N, laborer, bds 107 Jackson. 

Cox Elizabeth, domestic 184 E Jefi"erson. 

Cox John, molder, res 86 Force. 

Cox John J, machinist P F W & C R R, res 183 Hanna. 

Coy Calvin, hostler, bds 119 W Water. 

Coy Henry C, hostler, Ligget Bros, res 119 Water. 

Coyle J David, dentist, 108 Calhoun, res same. 

Cozack Augusta, (wid Wm), res e s J n of Pontiac. 

Crabb Cyrus, traveling agent, res 142 Wallace. 

Crack John, flour packer, res w s Florence s of Putnam. 

Crady John, saloon, bds Exchange Hotel. 

Cragg Charles, wheelmaker, res n s Tabor e of T/afayette. 

Cragg Thomas, cigar maker, res 143 Tabor. 

Craig Andrew, carpenter, bds 49 W Main. 

Craig Cornelia, bds 75 E Jefi'erson. 

Craig James C, brakeman, bds 330 Hanna. 

Craig John, carpenter, res 345 W Main. 

Craig Richard, engineer, res 181 Jackson. 

Craig Samuel, switch conductor, res 330 Hanna. 

Cramer David, engineer P F W & C R R, res 332 Calhoun. 

Cramer Eli, engineer, res n s Eckart e of Hannna. 

Cramer Jennie D, seamstress, bds 78 Brackenridge. 

Cramer Matthias, slate roofer, res 465 Lafayette. 

Cran Charles M, tailor, res 398 Calhoun. 

Cran Miss Mattie, milliner J Black & Co, res 398 Calhoun. 


Cran Robert, molder, Bass foundry, res 398 Calhoun. 
Crance George W, spoke finisher, bds 104 Gay. 
Crance James, laborer, res 104 Gay. 

Crance Richard, brickmaker, res n s Pontiac w of Grund. 
Crane Calvin D, publisher insurance books, res n w cor Ful- 
ton and Bracken ridge. 
Crane Qeorge !>, Lawyer 44 Calhoun, res 219 W Wayne. 
Crane Wm L jr, bds 68 Wilt. 
Crane Wm M, lawyer, res 68 Wilt. 
Cranston Alice (wid John), res 23 Langohr. 
Craw Edward L (Potter & Craw), res 330 W Washington. 
Craw Margaret, domestic, railway dining rooms. 
Craw Sarah, domestic, 91 W Berry. 
Craw Miss Sarah B, res 93 W Wayne- 
Crawford Joseph, engineer, res 61 Madison. 
Crawford Wm F, fireman P F W & C R R, bds Harmon 

Creamer Eli, engineer P F W & C R R, res n s Eckhart e of 

Creb Catherine, domestic, 209 E Wayne. 
Cressler Alfred D, clerk Kerr Murray, bds 141 W Wayne. 
Cressler Miss Anna S, Teacher training school, bds Aveline 

Cretzer Alonzo W, broommaker James Gage & Bro, bds 98 

Cretzer Henry, broommaker James Gage & Bro, bds 98 

Cretzer Jeremiah R, brakeman, res 190 Griffith. 
Cretzer John H, watchman, res 18 Colerick. 
Creveling Wm I (Smallhouse & CreveHng), bds 270 Calhoun. 
Crider David, blacksmith P F W & C R R, res 294 Hanna. 
Crighton Wm, foreman Kerr Murray, res 49 Brackenridge. 
Crimmins Dennis, brakeman, res 9 Bass. 
Crimmins Patrick, laborer, res 51 Wilt. 
Crisenberry Peter S, Propr Exchange Hotel, 18 W 

Main. (See adv). 
Crist Ellen, domestic, 112 E Main. 
Critchet Mrs Hannah, res 78 Williams. 
Crites Wm H, conductor F W M & C R R, res 73 Wells. 
Crock John, packer John C Pfeiffer & Co, res W Florence bet 

Hoffman and Putnam. 
Crofford Martin, laborer, res 30 Bass. 
Cromer Sophia, domestic, 162 Montgomery. 
Cromwell Charles, bds 40 Garden. 
Cromwell Joseph C bds 40 Garden. 

74 R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

Cromwell Joseph W, res |o Garden. 

Cronan Miss Mary, domestic, 53 W Wayne. 

Crone August, laborer, bds 21 Gay. 

Crone Herman, laborer, bds 140 Force. 

Cronin James, brakeman, res 70 Madison. 

Cronin Mrs Mary, bds 70 Madison. 

Croninger Edward, lumber inspector, bds 65 Douglas ave. 

Cropp Rebecca, domestic, 15 E Jefferson. 

Crosby Miss Del, dressmaker, 112 Broadway. 

Crosby George T, mach T W & W Ry, res 15 Henry. 

Crosby Marion, clerk, bds 201 W Main. 

Crosby Mary (wid Nathan), res 295 W Jefferson. 

Crosby Mary D, dressmaker, bds 295 W Jefferson. 

Crosby Wm J, machinist, bds 295 W Jefferson. 

Crosby Rev Marion, pastor Universalist Church, w s Harrison s 

of Wayne, res 222 W Wayne. 
Crotts Rufus C, printer Gazette Co, rooms 90 E Wayne. 
Grouse Charles F, tile mnfr, n w cor Erie and Miller, res same. 
Grouse Charles R, tilemaker, bds n w cor Erie and Miller. 
Grouse George W, tilemaker, bds n w cor Miller and Erie. 
Grout Mrs Elizabeth, res 263 E Columbia. 
Crow Charles S, carpenter, bds 187 Jackson. 
Crow John F, carpenter, res 187 Jackson. 
Croxton Worthy A, cashier freight office F W J & S R R and 

F W M & G R R, bds 50 W Water. 
Crumley Gorham, engmeer, res 40 Chicago. 
Crumley Robert, bds 40 Chicago. 

Cruse Demetrius A, tuckpointer, res 118 Creighton ave. 
Crutzer Jerry, brakeman, res 17 Brandriff. 
Culbertson John, plasterer, bds 202 Lafayette. 
Cull Catherine (wid Cornelius), res 27 Taylor. 
Cull Dennis W, carver organ factory, bds 27 Taylor. 
Cull Edward, laborer, res 94 Chicago. 
Cull John fireman P F W & C R R, res 27 Taylor. 
Cull Thomas, fireman T W & W Ry, res 27 Taylor. 
Gulp Adam, chairmaker, res 83 Montgomery. 
Gummings John, blacksmith F W M & C R R, res e s Wells. 
Cummings T J T, patent rights, res 29 Grand. 
Cumpston Charles B, telegraph operator, bds 50 W Water, 
Cumpston Charles P, boarding house, 50 W Water. 
Cumpston Robert H, clerk, bds 50 W Water. 
Cunningham John C, carpenter, res 107 Wilt. 
Cunningham Martha, domestic, 70 W Wayne. 
Cunningham Raleigh H, painter, bds 107 Wilt. 
Cuppy George, brakeman T W & W Ry, res 5 1 Melita. 


Cuppy Milford, conductor T W & W Ry, bds 14 Chicago. 

Current Sylvanus S, carpenter, bds 64 Williams. 

Current Wm H, painter M L Albrecht, bds 54 William. 

Currier Charles H, telegraph operator, res 42 Melita. 

Curry Edward F (Root & Co), res 46 E Jefferson. 

Curry Michael, laborer, res 39 Grand. 

Curtice John F, lawyer, 14 Burgess Block, res 142 Montgomery. 

Curtin Thomas A, brakeman T W & W Ry, res 56 Chicago. 

Curtis Bridget (wid Martin), res 347 Hanna. 

Curtis Eliza, domestic, 326 Hanna. 

Curtis Frank H, Bookkeeper Thanhouser, Wiler & Co, 

res 269 W Wayne. 
Curtis John, clerk, bds 347 Hanna. 

Curtis Samuel H, laborer Huestis & Hamilton, res 75 Madison. 
Cushing Mrs Catherine, res 205 Barr. 
Cushing Michael, laborer, res 28 Wallace. 
Cushing Timothy, engineer, bds 28 Wallace. 
Cushion Wm. molder T R Pickard & Sons, bds n w cor First 

and Harrison. 
Custer Edward, sawyer Hoffman Bros, res 220 W Water. 
Cutler Wm M, laborer, res s s E Wayne, w of Walton ave. 
Cutshall Joseph H, fireman, res 103 Wilt. 
Cutshall Samuel R, clerk Archer & Snow, bds 103 Wilt. 


Dagan Edward, helper P F W & C R R, res n s Lieth bet 
Calhoun and Lafayette. 

Dagan Patrick, blacksmith P F W & C R R, res 193 Montgo- 

Dahl Charles, baker H Schwieter, bds 41 E Columbia. 

Dailey Amanda, (wid Thomas) res 109 W Jefferson. 

Dailey Charles E, mach. T W & W Ry, bds 134 Fulton. 

Dailey Frances L, domestic, 310 W Jefferson. 

Dailey James, painter, bds 74 E Lewis. 

Dailey James W, fireman T W & W Ry, bds 134 Fulton. 

Dailey Laura A, (wid J W) bds 134 Fulton. 

Dailey Thomas, hack driver, res 107 W Jefferson. 

I>aily Democrats (German) Frentzel, Schad & Feudner 
Proprietors, 86 Calhoun. 

Daily J Tracy, domestic, 172 E Berry. 

I>aily Xcws, Page, Taylor & Co. Editors and Proprietors, 
n w cor Main and Calhoun. {See adv). 

Dainkler Anthony, laborer, bds 347 E Washington. 

76 R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

Daley Mary C, (wid Wm G) res 278 W Jefferson. 

Daley Wm J, conductor T W & W Ry, res 278 W Jefferson 

Dalglish Thomas, fireman T W & W Ry, res 141 Henry. 

Dalton Edmund, carpenter, res 32 AVilt. 

Dalton James, laborer, res 29 Colerick, 

Dalton Timothy, helper T W & W Ry, res 19 Colerick. 

Daly Jennie, domestic, Mayer House. 

Daly Margaret, domestic 16 W Lewis. 

Daly Simon, coppersmith res 247 Webster. 

Dame Mrs Alexander, res 25 Duck. 

Dammann John, hostler street railway co, res 241 Barr. 

Dammeyer Henry, blacksmith, res 201 Ewing. 

Dammeyer Wm, (Niemann & Dammeyer) res 61 Douglas ave. 

Damms John, laborer, res 38 Gay. 

Danahy Cornelius, laborer P F W & C R R, res 27 Baker. 

Danahy James, fireman G R & I R R, bds 27 Baker. 

Danahy John, laborer P F W & C R R, bds 27 Baker. 

Daniels Samuel S, (Dudenhafer, Daniels & Smith) res 205 E 

Danio Dwight, laborer, res 138 W Main. 
Dank August, wood sawyer, bds 214 W Jefferson. 
Danner Isaac, porter Lauferty & Becker, bds 171 E Lewis. 
Danner Mrs Lou, res 171 E Lewis. 
Danner Maynard, laborer, bds 171 E Lewis. 
Danner Orlan O, produce buyer, bds 104 E Wayne cor Lafayette. 
Darker Mrs Martha E, res 77 Butler. 
Darling Joseph L, trav agt C L Hill, res 109 Lafayette. 
Darlinger John, clerk F C Figel, bds 54 Wells, 
Darnesi Oresti, (C Grandi & Co) bds 136 Barr. 
Darrow James R, confectionery 206 S Calhoun, res 17 W Lewis. 
Darrow Jesse B, clerk James R Darrow, bds 17 W Lewis. 
Darrow Mrs Persis, res with S B Bond. 
Darst Charles, laborer, res e s Franklin ave nr city limits. 
Daugherty Alfred, bridge tender, res w s Wells n of Putnam. 
Daugherty James, engine wiper, res e s Lillie nr city limits. 
Daugherty Kate, domestic 126 E Main. 
Daugherty Thomas, engine wiper P F W & C R R, res P F W 

& C R R track at city limits. 
Davidson James, foreman engine wipers T W & W Ry, res 18 

Davidson James jr, fireman, bds 18 Walnut. 
Davidson Jennie, weaver French, Hanna & Co, res 18 Walnut. 
Davidson John, fireman, bds 18 Walnut. 
Davis Alfred A, carpenter P F W & C R R, res 125 Monroe. 


Davis Amos, agent Howe Machine Co 72 Calhoun, res 148 E 

Davis Miss Annie B, teacher Hanna school, bds 212 E Lewis. 
Davis Byron, painter P F W & C R R, res 212 E Lewis. 
Davis Charles E '^Davis & Bro), bds 126 E Wayne. 
Davis Charles W, clerk P F W & C RfR, bds 1 17 Hanna. 
Davis Edward T, foreman freight house P F W & C R R, res 

131 E Washington. 
Davis Miss Emma, clerk Mrs K Low, bds 64 W Main. 
Davis Miss Frank, clerk Mrs K Low, bds 64 W Main. 
Davis* George, feed yard n e cor Pearl and Cass, res same. 
Davis Mrs George, clerk Mrs K Low, bds 64 W Main. 
Davis George D, bookkeeper D G Low, res 63 W Main. 
Davis George E, machine hand, res 308 E Wayne. 
Davis Horace S, engineer, res 146 E Lewis. 
Davis Jefferson, well digger, res 63 E Water. 
I>avis J'esȤ>e9 Physician, 32 W Berry, res same. 
Davis John C, res 117 Hanna. 

Davis John T, printer Daily News, bds 146 Holman. 
Davis Joseph K, tinner Prescott, Bros & Co, res 121 Calhoun, 

cor Washington. 
Davis Miss Katie, res 148 E Lewis. 
Davis Marion E, wheelmaker, bds 308 E Wayne. 
Davis Miss Norah, res 148 E Lewis. 

Davis Phraortes B, news depot, 72 Calhoun, res 148 E Lewis. 
Davis Samuel T, collector, res 65 Langohr. 
Davis Vill Roy, conductor T W & W Ry, res 368 Calhoun. 
Davis Waldo T, spoke mnfr, res i Hanover. 
Davis Wesley T, engineer N G Olds & Sons, res3o8 E Wayne. 
Davis Wilbur E, dispatchers clerk P F W 8j C R R, res 20 Gay. 
Davis Wm H (Davis & Broj, res 126 E Wayne. 
Davis & Bro (Charles E & Wm H), book binders, 80 Clinton. 
Dawkins Miss Ellen, res 96 W Wayne. 

Dawson Andrew, clerk C C Fletcher & Co, bds 443 Lafayette. 
Dawson Charles M, lawyer, res 105 W Berry. 
Dawson John Wallace, res 105 W Berry. 
Dawson Jno W, lawyer, res Spy Run ave. 
Dawson Michael, well digger, res 38 Force. 
Day Amelia, clerk H Kratzsch, res 137 W Water. 
Day Christ J, grainer Ft Wayne Paint and Painting Co, bds 99 

E Washington. 
Day E Thomas (Pyke & Day), res e s Lafayette bet Washington 

and Jefferson. 
Day Henry, painter, res 137 W Water. 
Day Henry J (H Day & Miller), res 99 E Washington. 

78 R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

Day Lulu, clerk H Kratzsch, res 137 W Water. 

Day H & Miller (Henry J Day, Albert Miller), cigar mnfrs, 96 

Deady Jerry E, fireman, res 43 Wall. 

Deagen Frank, laborer P F W & C R R, bds 93 Montgomery. 

Deagen John J, helper P F W & C R R, bds 93 Montgomery. 

Deakmeier Wm, fireman, res s s W Water e of N Jackson. 

Deam Mrs Amanda, confectionery, 38 E Columbia, res 25 Clin- 

Deam Eli, bds 25 Clinton. 

Deam Harry, clerk Foster Bros & Co, bds 118 Barr. 

Dean Charles A, clerk Coombs & Co, bds 175 CHnton. 

Dean Mrs Lizzie, res 63 E Water. 

Dean Ransom, switchman, bds 49 Baker. 

Deardorff Octavius. livery stable, 88 Broadway, bds 199 W 

Deardorff Oscar, teamster, bds 197 W Wayne. 

Deardoff Richard, livery stable, bds 197 W Wayne. 

Deaveny Martin, laborer, res 76 Baker. 

Debaux Frank, laborer, res 24 Lasselle. 

Decker John, laborer, res 276 E Wayne. 

Deeter J M, fireman, res 313 Calhoun. 

Degitz Barbara, domestic, 233 W Berry. 

Degitz Carl, laborer, res 15 Colerick. 

Degitz Charles jr, cigarmaker, bds 15 Colerick. 

DeGrattry James, clerk Morgan & Beach, res 90 E Lewis. 

Dehart Abraham, laborer, res 39 Wall. 

Dehart Annie, domestic, railway dining rooms. 

Dehart Robert, conductor, res 19 Hood. 

Dehart Sylvia, domestic, railway dining rooms. 

DeHaven Abraham, teamster Cochrane, Humphrey & Co, res 
331 W Jefferson. 

DeHaven Allen, teamster J M Miller, res 24 W Jones, 

DeHaven Perry N, tailor J M Clark, bds 86 E Main. 

Dehne Ernest, cabinetmkr, res 116 Gay. 

Dehne Mrs Margaret, res 142 Madison. 

Deidrick John T, laborer John D Olds, bds 198 W Wayne. 

Deihl Mrs Ada, Butterick patterns, 8 W Berry, res 49 Harmer. 

Deihl Hugh, chief police, res 49 Harmer. 

Deininger Joseph, res 161 W Washington. 

Deininger Joseph jr, clerk U Deininger, bds 161 W Washington. 

Deininger Ulrich, notions and toys, 37 Calhoun, res 161 W 

Deirstein Christ, saloon, 2 Fairfield ave, res same. 

Deirstein Conrad, carpenter, bds 2 Fairfield ave. 


Deirstein Henry, bartender, bds 2 Fairfield ave. 

de-la-Camp John, civil engineer, Court House, res 106 Maumee 

de-la-Camp Otto, student John de la Camp, bds 106 Maumee 

Delaney Minnie, domestic 214 Calhoun. 
Delam Frank, laborer, 287 W Wayne. 
Delano Thomas, clothes cleaner, res 57 W Water. 
Delker John, shoemaker, bds 36 Wells. 
Delscheider Mathias, bds 180 Griffith. 
Delzell Mrs Sophia ], millinery, 30 Calhoun, res same. 
Delzell Wm, painter J H Brimmer, bds 30 Calhoun. 
Demaulpied Martin, conductor, bds 239 Barr. 
Demier August, machine hand N G Olds & Sons, res 9 Eckert. 
Demler Charles, laborer Boseker & White, res 331 Barr. 
Demmeir August, laborer, res s s Eckert e of Hanna. 
Demoss Lizzie, domestic 13 E Wayne. 
Denahy James, fireman G R & I R R, res 27 Baker. 
Denahy Michael, painter, bds 35 Vtelita. 

Denahy Phillip, engine wiper P F W & C R R, res 83 Holraan. 
Denio Dwight V, firuit stand, Wells st nr River Bridge, res 138 

W Main. 
Denner Benjamin, laborer, res 362 W Main. 
Denner Joseph, tanner, res s s W Main nr city limits. 
Dennihoe Jane, domestic 158 W Berry. 
Dennis Anthony, brakeman T W & W Ry, res 202 Ewing. 
Denison Daniel A, conductor T W & W Ry, res 19 Pine. 
Denny Mrs Mary, bds 133 Barr. 
Dent Henry C, transfer clerk P F W & C R R, bds 131 E 

Depew Mrs Sarah A, res rear 75 W Water. 
Depner George, expressman, res 88 Barthold. 
Deppen August (Deppen & Abendroth), res 150 E Jefferson. 
I>eppeii <& Abendrotlft (August Deppen, David 

Abendroth), Billiard Hall and Saloon, 8 W Columbia. 
Deprey James, brakeman, bds 74 E Lewis. 
Deprey Victor, works spoke factory, res 73 Lasselle. 
Derman Wm, clerk, bds 208 Madison. 

Dermer Alida, weaver French, Hanna & Co, res 184 Ewing. 
Derrer Mary, domestic 31 Clinton. 
Desprez Victor, laborer, res 73 Lasselle. 
Hessauer Li dfc Co ( , Isaac Trauerman), Cigar 

Mnfrs, 23 Calhoun. 
Dessauer Yetta (wid Louis), res 90 W Main. 
DeTilla Joseph M, boilermaker Kerr Murray, res 29 Buchanan. 


DeTurk Henry, laborer, res w s Jay e ,of Charley. 
DeTurk Lebanon, clerk J Draker, res loo W Jefferson. 
Detzer August J, clerk August L Selle, bds 56 Douglas ave. 
Detzer Martin, clerk August L Selle, res 260 Calhoun. 
Deuter John M sr, tailor C G Vogel & Son, res 105 High. 
Devereux Arthur F, wood and tie agent P F W & C R R, res 

216 W Washington. 
DeVilbiss Allen, physician, 22 Lasselle, res same. 
DeVilbiss Alton L, dentist, bds 5 Charley. 
DeVilbiss Thomas D, carpenter, bds 22 Lasselle. 
Devlin Miss Kittie, seamstress, bds 182 E Wayne. 
Devlin Wm, night watchman, res s s Archer e of Hensclr. 
Devoe Xavier, sawyer, res 23 Laselle. 
DeWald Andrew, clerk, bds 128 Fairfield ave. 
DeWald Anthony, clerk M. Frank & Co, bds 128 Fairfield ave. 
DeWald Mrs Catherine, res 175 E Wayne. 
DeWald Frank, helper Bass foundry, bds 165 Broadway. 
DeWald George, laborer, res 128 Fairfield ave. 
DeWald George, (Geo. DeWald & Co), res DeWald square e of 

DeTVald Menry, Mnfr Tin, Copper & Sheet Iron Ware, 

dealer in Stoves & Tinware, Roofing Guttering &c., 47 E 

Main res same. 
DeWald Michael, carpenter Bass foundry, bds 165 Broadway. 
DeWald Nicholas, grocer 406 Calhoun, res 404 Calhoun. 
]>elVald Oeo. «& €0., (George DeWald, Effingham T 

Williams, and Amelius J Lang), Dry Goods and Notions, 

n e cor Calhoun & Columbia, 
Dewey Wm C, marble polisher Underbill & Congdon, res w s 

St Mary n of Lake. 
Dial Elijah, engine hostler T W & W Ry, res 72 Chicago. 
Dial Oliver, student, bds 72 Chicago. 
Dial Wm, student T B Austin, bds 72 Chicago. 
Dick Daniel, engineer P F W & C R R, res 85 Butler. 
Dick John, laborer S. Keller & Co, res 30 Rockhill. 
Dick John, res 119 E Lev/is. 

Dicke Henry, (H. Dicke & Co), res 92 Montgomery. 
Dicke Wm, apprentice Wm Meyer, bds 195 Lafayette. 
Dicke H & Co, (Henry Dicke, Wm MoUering) grocery & saloon, 

215 Lafayette. 
Dickerson Jefferson, res 19 Lafayette. 
Dickey Gary, domestic 330 W Washington. 
Dickey Henry, clerk, res 92 Montgomery. 
Dickey John, machinist Kerr Murray, bds Calhoun opp Leith. 
Dickey Robert, foreman boiler shop Kerr Murray, res Calhoun 
opp Leith. 


Dickey Robert B, foreman gas shops Kerr Murray, bds Calhoun 

opp Leith. 
Dickey Wm, boilermaker, Kerr Murray, bds Calhoun opp 

Dickie Sophia, domestic 336 W Washington. 
Dickmeyer Ferd, laborer Chas McCuloch. 
Dickson James, brakeman, bds 58 Chicago. 
Didier Frank, grocer 76 E Columbia, res same. 
Didier Thiebaut & Joseph C, grocer 66 & 68 E Columbia res 

Didierjohn Joseph, broommaker, bds 104 Maumee ave. 
Didierjohn John B, broommaker, bds 104 Maumee ave: 
Didricks Jacob, helper P F VV & C R R, res 19 Taylor. 
Diebold Henry, (Heiny & Diebold), res 22 W Main. 
Diebold G Joseph, carpenter, res 275 E Washington. 
Diederich Henry W, teacher, Concordia College, res 79 Mau- 
mee ave. 
Diedrick Jacob, laborer, res 19 Taylor. 
Diedrick Jacob jr, laborer, bds 19 Taylor. 
Dieffenbach Charles, train dispatcher T W & W Ry, bds 54 

E Washington. 
Dieffenbach Frank, train dispatcher T W & W Ry, bds 52 E 

Diek John H, fireman, res 30 West. 

Diekmeyer Wm, engineer Wm Sagtmey^r, res 227 W Water. 
Diem Christian, laborer, res 100 Montgomery. 
Diemon Wm, machine hand P F W & C R R, res 11 McClellan. 
nients CliarleSs Saloon and Dealer in Accordeons, 245 

Calhoun, res same. 
Dierkes Anthony F, patternmaker Bass foundry, bds 94 Las- 

Dierkes Fred, basketmaker, res 74 Barthold. 
Dierkes Mary (wid August), res 94 Lasselle. 
Dierstien Anthony, carriage and wagon mnfr, 102 W Main, res 

37 Wall. 
Dierstein Henry, helper T W & W Ry, res 336 Harrison. 
Dierstein Henry, jr, painter, bds 336 Harrison. 
Diersiein Samuel, carpenter, res 36 Williams. 
Diether Carl F, laborer, res. 128 Griffith. 
Diether Edward, machine hand, bds 128 Griffith. 
Diether John H'(F Hilt & Co), res 128 Griffith. 
Diether Louis, bookkeeper Hoffman Bros, bds 128 Griffith. 
Diether Wm, clerk Graham & Gotshall, bds 128 Griffith. 
Diffenbaugh Henry T, miller, res 26 W Water. 


Diffenderfer Benjamin O. machinist P F W & C R R, res 189 

Digger Mrs Mary, res 62 Williams. 

Dignan Lawrence, switchman, res s s Maumee ave w city limits. 
Dill Luther C, telegraph operator, bds 254 W Jefferson. 
Dille Frank, engineer, bds 56 Wells. 
Dille Joseph H, portrait painter, 44 Calhoun, res Broadway 

outside city limits, 
Dillon Miss Anna L, teacher Jefferson school, bds 153 W Wash- 
Dingman Daniel, teamster, res rear 17 Lafayette. 
Dingman John, teamster, res rear 17 Lafayette. 
Dingman Lizzie, cook Robinson House. 
Dinklag Mrs Margaret, res 271 E Washington. 
Dinklage Mary (wid Harmon), res 30 Gay. 
Dinklager Mrs Lizzie, res 245 E Washington. 
Dinkier Lizzie, domestic, 131 Jackson. 
Dinnan Rev J R, res Bishop's residence. 
Dirkeman Samuel, laborer P Hoagland, bds same. 
d'lsay Isiaac, Insurance and Real Estate, 20 W Berry, 

res s e cor Lillie and Lewis. (See adv p. ji). 
Dittoe Albert J, clerk J C Didier, res 7 Monroe. 
Diver Miss Jennie, bds 188 E Washington. 
Dix Seth, hack driver, res 94 E Berry. 
Doby Willis P, janitor Qay school, res 92 E Washington. 
Doctorman Wm F, agent, res 135 W Wayne. 
Dodez Gustavus C, clerk A S Evans & Co, res 255 W Berry. 
Dodge Arthur, traveling salesman, res 26 E Wayne. 
Dodge Norman, engine wiper, res 123 Fairfield ave. 
Doebinton Peter, engine wiper, bds National Hotel. 
Doehrman Wm (W Doehrman & Co), bds 208 Madison. 
Doehrman W & Co (Wm Doehrman, Conrad Berning), grocers, 

56 Barr. 
Doelker Mrs Caroline, janitor Bloomingdale school, res 67 

Doermer Peter, engine wiper P F W & C R R, res n s Pickwick's 

road, e of city limits. 
Doerner Emil, clerk E Vordermark & Sons, res 23 Madison. 
Doggett S B, physician, bds Central Hotel. 
Doglish Thomas, fireman, bds 141 Henry. 
Doings Henry, laborer, res 35 Smith. 
Dolan Charles, laborer, res opposite organ factory. 
Dolan John, brakeman, bds Racine House. 
Dolan John, justice of the peace, 20 W Berry, res Huntington 
road, four miles s w of city. 


Dolin John, attorney, bds Anderson House. 

Dollman Robert, fish pedler, res 49 Langohr. 

Dohman Sarah, res 160 Holman. 

Dolph Sylvester, engineer P F W & C R R, bds 28 Chicago. 

Donahue Bridget, domestic 20 Douglas ave. 

Donahue Florence, foreman, res 44 Brandriff. 

Donahue Mary S (wid John), res w s Smith s of Jones. 

Donaldson David, with Fletcher & Powers, bds 50 E Washing- 

Donivan John W, conductor P F W & C R R, bds 326 Harri- 

Donivan Joseph A, brakeman P F W & C R R, bds 326 Har- 

Donivan Timothy, engineer P F W & C R R, res cor Main and 

Donmyer J H, fireman T W & W Ry, res 4 Kansas. 

Donnell Wm, silver plater, 52^ Calhoun, res 27 Garden. 

Donnelly Frank H, telegrapher P F W & C R R offices, bds 
Grand Hotel. 

Donner Carl, res 23 Madison. 

Donner Emil, clerk, res 23 Madison. 

Donohue Miss Jane, domestic 39 W Lewis. 

Donohue Thomas, laborer, res 25 Baker. 

Donovan James, laborer, bds 78 E Columbia. 

Donovan Jeremiah, res 95 E Main. 

Donovan Michael, boatman Wm Samse, res E Main. 

Doonar Michael, engineer P F W & C R R, res 96 Wilt. 

Doonar Wm H, fireman T W & W Ry, bds 144 Wallace. 

Doriot Julius, molder Bass foundry, res 56 Charles. 

Dorman Mrs Mary, res 100 Montgomery. 

Dormer Annie, domestic 16 E Washington. 

Dornte Henry, cigarmaker H W Ortman, bds 72 W Jefferson. 

Dorr Artemus K, grocer, res 115 Barr. 

Dorr Everett K, traveling agent, bds 115 Barr. 

Dorr Theodore, clerk J C Didier, res 115 Barr. 

Dothage Dinah (wid Ernst), res 70 Webster. 

Dothage Sophia (wid Ernest H), res 23 Wilt. • 

Dothage William E, sashmaker. bds 70 Webster. 

Doty Richard E, engineer, res s s Maud w of Holton ave. 

Doty Wm, fireman, res 17 Leith. 

Doty Willis P, janitor Clay school, res 92 E Washington. 

Doucet Isaac, heading sawyer, res 5 Pine. 

Dougal Wm M, machinist P F W & C R R, bds 142 E Jeffer- 

84 R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

I>ougall Allan H, Deputy U S Collector and Notary Pub- 
lic, 32 E Main, res New Haven. 

Doughty Charles H, brakeman G R & I R R, bds 17 Holman. 

Douglass George, boilermaker, res s e cor Holton ave and 

Douglass Wm B, conductor P F W & C R R, res 262 W Jeffer- 

Douglass Wm G, switch conductor, res 60 Chicago. 

Douglass Wm V (Anderson & Douglass), bds n w cor Wilt and 

Dove James C, sawyer, bds 126 W Main. 

Dove Mrs Mary domestic 138 W Wayne. 

Dow David, machinist T W & W Ry, res 41 Taylor. 

Dowie John M, teamster, bds John R Dowie. 

Dowie John R, laborer, res s s Pontiac nr city limits. 

Dowie Wm A, boilermaker T W & W Ry, res 54 Chicago. 

Downey Annie, domestic 14 Chicago. 

Downey Dennis, laborer, res 170 W Jefferson. 

Downey John, city fireman, bds 73 E Berry. 

Doxsee George W, fireman T W & W Ry, bds 49 Melita. 

Doyle Catherine (wid John), res 220 Lafayette. 

Doyle James, laborer, bds 220 Lafayette. 

Doyle John, blacksmith, bds 220 Lafayette. 

Doyle Patrick, carpenter, res 192 Montgomery. 

Draeger Charles, jeweler, res 38 Wells. 

Draeger Charles F, watchmaker Mayer & Graffe, bds 38 Wells. 

Drake Fred J, clerk postoffice, bds Mayer House. 

Drake George W, res 36 Second. 

Drake Mrs Hannah, res 235 W Main. 

Drake Mrs Leonora H, res 93 W Wayne 

Drake Miss Mary E, res 73 W Wayne. 

Drake Thomas F, fireman P F W & C R R, res 298 Hanna. 

Draker John, grocery, saloon and livery stable, 26 Harrison, res 
54 W Main. 

Dratt John, stave cutter Ranke, Yergens & Brandt, res 68 W 

Dreberd Harmon, carpenter, bds 164 Griffith. 

Drehr Henry, res in W Water. 

Dreibelbiss Christ, shoemaker Eggeman Bros, bds 20 W Jeffer- 

Dreibelbiss John jr, florist and seedsman, n e cor Brackenridge 
and Webster, res Wayne township. 

Dreier Wm H (Dreier & Brother), res 22 W Water. 

I>reier <fe Brothei* (Wm H Dreier, ), Druggists, 

Paints, Oils, Etc, n w cor Calhoun and Columbia. 


Dreker Henry, farmer, res 66 W Washington. 

Dressell Henry, carpenter, res Brandriff. 

Drew Wm E, saloon 297 W Main, res 288 same. 

Dreybraugh Robert, shoemaker, res 56 W Third. 

Dreyer Charles, blacksmith P F W & C R R, res 132 Madison. 

Dreyer Henry, helper P F W & C R R, res n s Charles n of 

Dreyer Wm, molder Prentiss, McLachlan & Co, res 178 Barr. 
Driftmeir Ernst, carpenter, res 131 Monroe. 
Driftmeyer Wm, Ranke, Yergens & Brandt, bds 91 W Jefferson. 
Driftmeyer August, carpenter Hoffman Bros, res 190 W Main. 
Driscoll Edward, saloon 274 S Calhoun, res same. 
Drivelbee Mrs Mary, res 388 W Main. 
Driver Albert, brakeman, res 23 West. 
Driver Willis M, Lawyer 20 W Berry, bds 118 Barr. 
Droegemeyer Mrs Helen, res 70 W Washington. 
Droegemeyer John A, clerk Owen Pixley & Co, res 70 W 

Droste Diedrich, plasterer, res 100 W Jefferson. 
Drueck Lewis, machinist, bds 313 Calhoun. 
Druhot Frank, molder Bass foundry, bds 28 Force. 
Druhot Joseph, molder, res 28 Force. 
Dryer Anton T, (Linker, Hey & Co,) res s w cor Washington 

and Wabash ave. 
Dryer Frank A, laborer, res 72 Wallace. 
Dryer Henry, helper, res 36 Charles. 

DuBois Charles, engineer P F W & C R R, res 75 Baker. 
Dubois Elvira, (wid John B) res 213 E Lewis. 
Duck Henry (Rogers, Duck & Lewis") res Gallion Ohio. 
Dudenhafer Conrad, mason, res 407 E Wayne. 
Dudenhafer George P, (Dudenhafer, Daniels & Smith) res 336 

E Wayne. 
Dudenhafer, Daniels & Smith, (George P Dudenhafer, Samuel S 

Daniels, Edward C Smith) carriage works, 11 and 13 Clay. 
Dudenhoefer Matilda, domestic Montgomery Hamilton. 
Dudenhover Louisa, domestic 79 W Main. 
Dumling Herman, teacher Concordia College, res 123 Mau- 

mee ave. 
Duffman Jennie, seamstress, bds 165 Jackson. 
Duffy Mrs E M, res 8 Harmer. 
Duffy Kate, laundress Grand Hotel. 
Duffy Louisa,' (wid Thomas) res 98 Barthold. 
Dakeman Augustus saloon 84 Calhoun, res 24 W Berry. 
Dukeman Miss MoUie, res 128 E Main. 
Dunbar David, carpenter, bds 49 W Main. 

86 R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

Dunbar Wm, engineer P F W & C R R, res 155 Wallace. 

Dunchy Carl, bookkeeper, bds 179 Clinton. 

Dunfee Mrs Elizabeth, res s s Glasgow ave nr city limits. 

Dunfee Emmett, bds Elizabeth Dunfee. 

Dunham Frank, laborer Boseker & White, bds n s E Wayne opp 
Concordia College. 

Dunham George, clerk A S Evans & Co, bds 104 Barr. 

Dunham Minnie, domestic J B Comstock. 

Dunker Louis, clerk Foster Bros & Co, bds 75 Harrison. 

Dunmyer Joseph, fireman, bds 4 Kansas. 

Dunn Charles W, salesman D S Low, bds American House. 

Dunn Charles W jr, commercial agent, bds 197 W Wayne. 

Dunn David C, laborer T R Pickard & Sons, bds 74 E Lewis. 

Dunn James, clerk J B White, res Central House. 

Dunn John, fireman, bds 58 Chicago. 

Dunn Robert, boilermaker Kerr Murray, bds 6 Brandriff. 

Dunn Temple H, principal Bloomingdale school, res 93 W W ayne. 

Dunn William, clerk M Frank & Co, bds 16 W Lewis. 

Dunn Wm, machinist Kerr Murray, res 6 Brandriff. 

Dunshee Charles E, shipping clerk Coombs & Co, bds 175 

Dunwar Daniel, traveling salesman C L Hill, res 66 W Main. 

Dupree Edward, laborer, bds 355 W Main. 

Dupuy Louis, clerk Geo Roux, bds 90 E Main. 

Durbrow Charles, engine wiper P F W & C R R, bds 322 Cal- 

Dunbrow Mrs Lida, boarding house 322 Calhoun. 

Durfee Wm A, engineer J Burkholder, res 153 Van Buren. 

Durfee Wm R, clerk Charles Buck, res 272 Calhoun. 

Durnell Chester, fireman, bds 328 Lafayette. 

Durnell, H A, fireman P F W & C R R, res Lima, O. 

Durnell, Luke, laborer, res e s Hensch, n of Aboit. 

Dutcher Wm B, marble cutter, bds 103 W Main. 

Dwane John boilermaker Kerr Murray, bds 225 Lafayette. 

Dwelly Charles, machinist T W & W Ry, res w s Harrison e of 

Dwenger, Bt Rev Josepli, Bishop, res w s Clinton bet 
Jefferson and Lewis. 

Dwight James A, traveling agent Coombs & Co, bds Robinson 

Dwyer Gerald J, cooper W Ma n, city limits, res same. 

Dwyer James, laborer Boseker & White, bds 467 E Wayne. 

Dywer John, cooper, bds Gerald J Dwyer. 

Dwyer Thomas, helper P F W & C R R, bds 6 Kansas. 

FORT Wayne directory. 87 

Dyche George W, checkman FWJ&SRRandFW M&C 

R R, res 24 Wallace. 
Dye Charles E, brakeman, bds 58 Chicago. 
Dyer Thomas, engineer P F W & C R R, res 273 W Jefferson. 
Dykes Mrs Agnes, teacher Bloommgdale school, bds Goshen 

Road, 1}^ miles n of city limits. 


Eagan Michael, machinist T W & W Ry, bds 181 Fairfield ave. 

Earl Alice, bds Benjamin F Cooper. 

Earl Elizabeth, (wid John), res 28 Buchanan. 

Earl Frank E, wheel finisher, bds 28 Buchanan. 

Earl Joseph B, helper, bds 28 Buchanan. 

Earl Samuel, teamster Clark & Rhinesmith Lumber Co, res 95 

Earl Valentine, blacksmith, res 302 Hanna. 

Earl Wm, engineer P F W & C R R, res 169 E Wayne. 

Early Mrs Bridget, res 192 Montgomery. 

Early John, brakeman, res 16 Gay. 

Early Michael, works spoke factory, bds 205 Barr. 

Eaton E, firemen T W & W Ry, res 313 Calhoun. 

Eaton James, cistern builder, res e s St Mary's ave, n of Lake. 

Eberhardt, Wm J, brickmason, res 115 Wilt. 

Eberly Daniel, miller John C Pfeiffer & Co, res 40 Fifth. 

Eberwine Christian, helper Bass foundry, res 24 Lillie. 

Eberwine Christian, laborer, res w s Piqua road, nr city limits. 

Eberwine Louis, barber, 277 E Washington, bds C Eberwine. 

Ebner Lorenz, carpenter, res 152 E Lewis. 

£bright Joseph HI, Constable, res 175 E Madison. 

Eckart Fred (FEckart & Co), res 91 E Wayne. 

Eckart Frederick, butcher F Eckart & Co, bds 91 E Wayne. 

Eckart Jacob, brickmaker, res 303 Calhoun. 

Eckart Jacob, boatman, bds 303 Calhoun. 

Eckart Joseph, street car driver, res 79 Holman. 

Eckart Wm W, street car driver, bds 139 Madison. 

Gckart F <fc Co (Fred Eckart, Henry Linker), Pork 
Packers, 60 Calhoun. 

Eckelberger Samuel, laborer P F W & C R R, res 40 Hoagland 

Eckels James M, carpenter T W & W Ry, res 215 W Washing- 

Eckels WilHs J, bookkeeper Peters Box and Lumber Co, bds 
215 W Washington. 

88 R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

Eckert Charles H, cigarmaker J C Eckert, bds 70 Douglas ave. 

Eckert John C, cigar mnfr, 85 Calhoun, res 70 Douglas ave. 

Eckert Mrs Sophia, res 93 Barr. 

Eckholt Margaret, chambermaid Phillips House. 

Edgerton Alfred P, res 154 W Berry. 

Edgerton Alfred P jr, clerk Root & Co, bds 154 W Berry. 

Edgerton Clement W, clerk J K Edgerton, bds 87 W Wayne. 

Edgerton Dixon, bds 154 W Berry. 

£dg;erto]i £di¥ard C, Manager Fort Wayne Steel Plow 
Works, 57 and 59 W Main, res 87 W Wayne. 

Edgerton Henry, bds 154 W Berry. 

Edgerton Joseph K, Propr Fort Wayne Steel Plow 
Works, and Attorney at Law, office 57 and 59 W Main, 
Salesroom 23 W Columbia, res 87 W Wayne. 

Edler Frank, organist, res 123 Harrison. 

Edmonds Mary (wid James), dressmaker, res 271 W Washing- 

Edmonds Wm S, produce buyer S Bash & Co, res 21 N Cass. 

Edsall Clarence W, deputy county clerk, res n e cor Lewis and 

Edsall Jasper N, conductor P F W & C R R, res 208 Hanna. 

Edsall Joseph W, county clerk's office, res 68 Nelson. 

Edsall Katie, domestic 224 W Wayne. 

Edsall Wm S (Edsall & Christman), res 79 W Main. 

£dsiall «fe Ctiriistiiiaii (Wm S Edsall, Jacob Christman), 
Livery Stable, n e cor W & E Canal and Clinton. 

Edsel Elizabeth (wid Frank), res 173 W Jefferson. 

Edwards Bessie, bds 29 Smith. 

Edwards Charles, porter Robinson House. 

Edwards Daniel, car inspector, res 167 Jackson. 

Edwards Ettie, bds 29 Smith. 

Edwards Peter, bds 167 Jackson. 

Egeter George, cabinetmaker J M Miller, res 58 W Washington. 

Eggeman Conrad, check agent, res s s Pontiac e of Calhoun. 

Eggeman David (Eggeman Bros), res 89 W Jefferson. 

Eggeman Peter (Eggeman Bros), res 20 W Jefferson. 

Eggeman Bros (Peter and David), boots and shoes, 118 Cal- 

Ehinger Charles, teamster J & K Baker, bds Summit City 

Ehinger John, laborer P F W & C R R, res 204 E Madison. 

Ehinger Joseph, cabinetmaker J Burkholder. 

Ehinger Othmar, carpenter P F W & C R R, res 112 Clay. 

Ehinger Roman, tailor A Foster, res 10 Nirdlinger. 

Ehle August N (Ehle & Waldschmidt), res 180 Broadway. 


Ehle Edward, res 308 W Washington. 

Ehle Frank, machinist, bds 180 Broadway. 

Ehle Frederick E, laborer, res 27 West. 

Ehle Henry, brick mason, bds 180 Broadway. 

EWe & UTaldsclimidt (August N Ehle, Peter Wald- 

schmidt). Cigar Mnfrs, 178 Broadway. 
Ehlert L, fireman T W & W Ry, res 43 W Lewis. 
Ehrmann Andrew, lab, res 10 Pritchard. 

Ehrman Charles, blacksmith 104 W Main, res 339 W Jefferson. 
Ehrman Coleman, saloon 41 E Main, res same. 
Ehrman Frederick, horse collar maker Ed Jahn, bds 129 Wells. 
Ehrman Katie, domestic 114 Clinton. 

Ehrmann Charles F, barber Bauer & Michael, bds 10 Prichard. 
£lirinanii John M, Saloon, 173 Broadway, res same. 
Ehrmann Mathias, res 145 W Jefferson. 
Eichelbarger Samuel, laborer, res 46 Hoagland ave. 
Eicher Gottlieb, laborer, res 352 E Washington. 
Eickhoff Barrey, confectioner Huestis & Hamilton, bds 130 E 

Eickhoff Charles, fireman P F W & C R R, res 94 W Main. 
Eickhoff Francis, cabinetmaker, res 130 E Wayne. 
Eickhoff John, bds 130 E Wayne. 
Eickholt Clarence, domestic Phillips House. 
Eigholz Julius (Fitzgibbon & Eigholz), res 25 W Washington. 
Eigholz Mrs L, midwife, res 25 XV Washington. 
Filers Anthony, works spoke factory, bds 273 E Jefferson. 
Eisenbarth Jacob, engine wiper, res 13 Force. 
Eisennacher Fred, carpenter, bds 65 Wall. 
Eiser Sarah, domestic 113 W Berry. 
Eising John, carpenter, res 73 Force. 
Eiten Catherine (wid John), res 47 Buchanan. 
Eiter August, helper Bass foundry, bds 22 John. 
Eiter Peter, fireman, res 22 John. 

Eitsinger Mrs (wid George), res w s Lillie s of Pontiac. 
Eitde Louis, laborer Boseker & White, res 134 Patterson. 
Eix August, laborer, res 60 W Washington. 
Eix Frederick, laborer, res 60 W Washington. 
Eix Fred, blacksmith, bds 197 Lafayette. 
Eix Mrs Sophia, res 60 W Washington. 
Eix Wm, drayman, res n s Spruce nr St Mary's River. 
Elbert Henry, clerk Root & Co, res s s Putnam w of Wells. 
Eldred D P, fireman P F W & C R R, res cor Madison and 

Eldred John D, conductor G R & I R R, res 47 Gay. 
Eldred Park, fireman, res 87 Madison. 

90 R. L. POLK & CO. S 

Elion Charles, laborer N G Olds & Sons, bds 59 Force. 

Ell Mrs F, res 1 2 W Jefferson. 

Ellenwood Horace D, master transportation P F W & C R R, 

' res 307 Calhoun. 

Ellenwood Rodney, fireman P F W & C R R, res 176 Ewing. 

Ellert Benoit, barber and bath rooms, 4 E Berry, res 54 W 

Elliesen Henry, tailor, res 19 Clark. 

Ellion Joseph, laborer, bds 13 Barr. 

Elliott Bird O, brakeman, res 19 Laselle. 

Elliott Cecil D, telegraph operator, res n s First e of Wells. 

Elliott Samuel B, carpenter Cochrane, Humphrey & Co, res 107 

Ellison Richard, fireman P F W & C R R, res 22 Bass. 

Ellsworth S Wolcott (Ellsworth, Andrew & Co), res 105 W 

Kllswortli^ Andrew & Co (S Wolcott Ellsworth, 
Thomas M Andrew, James H Ward, Wm L Ward, Oscar A 
Higgins), Carpets and Wall Paper, 26 E Berry. 

Ely George, clerk, res 123 W Wayne. 

Embody Julia, domestic Gable House. 

Embody Sophia, domestic Gable House. 

Embry Arthur L, engine wiper T W & W Ry, bds 336 Broad- 

Embry James S, bds 132 Fairfield ave. 

Embry Lewis S, res 336 Broadway. 

Embry Miss Lida F, teacher Hanna school, bds 336 Broadway. 

Embry Miss Virginia N, teacher Hoagland school, bds 336 

Eme Claude F (Rohs, Erne & Reinking), res 175 E Wayne. 

Erne Frank, dry goods, res 175 E Wayne. 

Eme Julius, bookkeeper Rohs, Eme & Reinking, bds 175 E 

Emel John, blacksmith, bds 101 Clay. 

Emerich Mrs Catherine, bds 183 Madison. 

Emerich Henry, laborer, res 183 Madison. 

Emerson Almon, teamster, res 78 E Columbia. 

Emilius Brother, teacher Cathedral school, res 171 Calhoun. 

Emme Wm, carpenter, res n s Montgomery bet Lafayette and 

Empie Mrs Eliza, res 103 E Washington. 

Empie Thomas B, supt Globe Gas Light Co, res 164 Broadway. 

Emrick Andrew J, lumber dealer, res Anderson House. 

Emrick Fred C, clerk J B White, bds Anderson House. 

Emrick George R (Mrs Emerick & Son), res Anderson House. 


Emrick Mrs Mary A (Mrs Emrick & Son), res Anderson House. 

Emrick Mrs & Son (Mary A 5z: George R), proprs Anderson 
House. 24 W Berry. 

Engelking Henry D, porter B Trentman & Son res 96 Fair- 
field ave. 

Engelking Mrs Louisa, res 125 High. 

Engelking Sophia, domestic 100 W Berry. 

Engelking Wm, laborer N G Olds & Sons, bds 136 Barr. 

£iiger jN'ils C, Furniture and Fine Cabinet Work, 143 
Fairfield ave, res 30 Walnut. 

Engle Frank, helper, bds 92 E Jefferson. 

Engle Wm, carpenter, res 149 Henry. 

Engle Wm, fireman F W M & C R R, res w s N Harrison bet 
5th and 6th. 

Englert Frank, cooper, res 18 Nirdlinger. 

Englert George, boilermaker, res 49 Taylor. 

Englert George, cooper, res 5 [ Wall. 

Englert John G, machinist, res 228 Noel. 

Englert Miss Louisa,seamstress Mrs M E Nelson, bds 49 Taylor. 

Engelton Carrie, domestic 127 W Main. 

English Mary, domestic 43 W Berry. 

English Thomas, laborer, res 124 Force. 

Enright John, laborer, res 102 Webster. 

Enright Mary, domestic 105 W Berry. 

En Wright Mary, domestic 217 E Wayne. 

Ephraim Brother, teacher Cathedral school, 171 Calhoun. 

Epple Oottlieb, Groceries and Saloon, 185 Fairfield ave, 
res same. 

Epple John, carpenter P F W & C R R, res 37 Wilt. 

Epstine Meyer, res 54 W Berry. 

Ereile Maggie, domestic 181 W Wayne. 

Erickson John, cabinet maker organ factory, res 43 Miner. 

Erlers Anthony, machine hand, bds 273 E Jefferson. 

Ernsting Charles, machine hand Peters Box and Lumber Co, res 
16 Clark. 

Ernsting Charles, apprentice Tegeder & Ploor, bds Bloomingdale. 

Ernsting Fred, laborer Ranke, Yergens & Brandt, bds 16 High. 

Ersig Wm, pressman oil mill, res 15 Smith. 

Ertel George, molder Bass Foundry, bds 45 Maumee. 

Ertel Louis, Laborer, res 134 Madison. 

Ertsman John, brakeman, bds 227 Lafayette. 

Ervin John, farmer, res n w cor Archer ave and Wells. 

Erzig William, laborer Humphreys & Case, res 15 mith. 

Esen Gustin, domestic, railway dining rooms. 

92 R. L. POLK & CO. S 

£smond Oeorge, Proprietor Gleenwood Mills S Wayne, 
res 306 Calhoun. 

Essig Adam P, propr Summit City House, 39 E Water. 

Estry Albert G, conductor P F W & C R R, bds Harmon House. 

Estry Elwood T, conducter P F W & C R R, bds 229 Lafayette. 

Etcold William, machinist T W & W Ry, res 46 Douglas ave. 

Etechy Frank, carpenter, res 39 Wefel. 

Etzold Henry, shoemaker no Webster, res same. 

Etzold Julius C, shoemaker, bds no Webster. 

Etzold Louis, clerk C L Hill, bds 1 10 Webster. 

Etzold Wra, machinist T W & W Ry, res 46 Douglas ave. 

Eutt Mrs Eliza, res 42 Oak. 

Evans Amos S, (A S Evans & Co) res New York city. 

Kvans Calvin, Confectionery and Restaurant 216 Calhoun, 
res 39 W Washtngton. 

Evans Christ, chimney sweep, bds n s Hoffman e of St Mary's. 

Evans Edwin, contractor, res 174 W Wayne. 

Evans George P, clerk, bds 126 E Main. 

Evans Henry C, clerk Root & Co, bds 88 W Main. 

Evans Ira P/ bookkeeper, bds 122 Fairfield ave. 

Evans Irving D, architect, bds 122 Fairfield ave. 

Evans John P (A S Evans & Co) res 126 E Main. 

Evans Joseph, clerk A Mergantheim, bds n e cor Lafayette and 

Evans Joseph A, machinist P F W & C R R shops, res n e cor 
Lafayette and Jefferson. 

Evans Josiah jr, cutter, res 122 Fairfield ave. 

Evans S Cary, res 105 W Berry. 

SlTaus A S <& Co, (Amos S Evans, John P Evans, Ranald T 
McDonald, Marion A Webb) Wholesale Dry Goods and No- 
tions 28 and 30 E Berry. (See Adv.) 

Evarts Gilbert C, works F W J & S freight house, res 237 Barr. 

Everhard Miss Lizzie, bds 87 Bar. 

Everhart Lizzie, laundress Grand Hotel. 

Everingham Miss Rebecca, machine operator American Sewing 
Machine Co, bds 90 Force. 

Eversole Oscar P, sewing machine agent, bds 90 Force. 

Evory Miss Hannah E, teacher High school, bds 106 E Wash- 

Ewald Max, switchman P F W & C R R, res 53 Charles. 

Ewing Alfred C, brakeman P F W & C R R, bds 144 Wallace. 

Ewing C Elton, brakeman, res 18 Baker. 

CiXCbaiig^e Hotel, P S Crisenberry Propr, 18 W Main. 
(See Adv.) 



Fahling Frederick, fireman J & K Baker, res 102 E Water. 

Fahlsing Mrs Christina, res 159 E Lewis. 

Fahlsing Conrad, farmer, res 393 W Main. 

Fahlsing Fred, laborer N G Olds & Sons, res 159 E Lewis. 

Fahlsiing Win, Confectionery & Restaurant 104 Broadway, 

res same. 
Fairbank Clark, (C. Fairbank & Co), bds 77 Douglas ave. 
Fairbank Miss Ellen, teacher Hoagland school, bds 106 W 

Fairbank Nellie A, teacher, bds 106 W Wayne. 
Fairl>ank C & Co, (Clark Fairbank, Samuel S Ludlum), 

Publishers Fort Wayne Journal, Journal Building, 
Fairfield Aveniie Bakery, Geo. Braun Propr, 135 

Fairfield ave. 
Fairfield Aveoue I>rug Store, W. J. Bond Propr, 

n w cor Locust and Fairfield ave. 
Fairfield Cyrus K, fruit grower, res s s Creighton ave w of Fox. 
Fairs Mrs Margaret, res 290 Calhoun. 
Falahee Edward, laborer, bds 57 Prince. 
Falahee Patrick, helper, P F W «& C R R, res 57 Prince. 
Falconer Miss Agnes, clerk Foster Bros & Co, bds 71 Williams. 
Falconer David, boilermaker Kerr Murray, bds 71 Williams. 
Falconer John, blacksmith Kerr Murray, res 71 Williams. 
Falconer Richard, machinist T W & W Ry, bds 7 1 Williams. 
Falconer Teany A, clerk, bds 71 W Williams. 
Falk Charles, traveling salesman Falk & Lamley, res 119 W 

Falk Leopold, (Falk & Lamley), res 119 W Washington. 
Falk & Lamley, (Leopold Falk, Moses Lamley), wholesale 

liquors, 32 E Columbia. 
Falker Frank, beer garden Spy Run ave res same. 
Fallon Peter J, helper T W & W Ry, bds 23 Grand. 
Falls Daniel M, r Prentiss McLachlan & Co), res 163 W Wayne. 
Falls George E, dentist student, bds 163 W Wayne. 
Fally Wm, molder Bass foundry, bds 162 Monroe. 
Falvy Daniel, section foreman, res n s Hayden bet Gay & Har- 

Fanz Julia, domestic 216 W Berry. 
Fanz Mary, domestic S6 Barr. 
Farber Frederick, res 197 Hanna. 
Farley Joseph, street car driver, bds 262 Calhoun. 
Farley Mrs Sarah, res 237 Lafayette. 

94 R- L. POLK &C0. s 

Farmers^ «& I>rovers' Insurance Co, Noll & Foel- 

linger Agents 25 Post Office Building. 
Farmers Motel, Valentine Monn Propr, 12 Harrison. 

Farnan Anthony, brakeraan, bds 305 Lafayette. 

Farnan Owen, blacksmith, res 305 Lafayette. 

Farner Noah, clerk, res 140 Lafayette. 

Fasold Frank, molder Bass foundry, bds Lafayette House. 

Faust Frank, boxmaker, res 375 E Washington. 

Fay Julia P, (wid James A), res n s Maple ave w of Broadway. 

Fay Michael, furnace tender T R Pickard & Sons, res over Can- 
al Feeder. 

Fay Wm A, clerk American Express Co, bds Grand Hotel. 

Feather Martin, lab N. G. Olds & Son, res 313 E Washington. 

Fechtmann Daniel D, teacher German Lutheran school, res 232 
W Jefferson. 

Fedeli Jerome, painter 2 Ewing Hall, res 163 E Jefferson. 

Fee Frank F, clerk T W Fee, res 65 Clinton. 

Fee Thomas W, painter 29 Clinton, res 65 Clinton. 

Feist Catherine, clerk C Haffner, bds 32 W Berry. 

Felker Henry, night clerk Central Hotel, bds 190 W Jefferson. 

Felker Peter, carpenter, res 190 W Jefferson. 

Fellows Charles H, engineer T W & W Ry, bds 122 W Jeffer- 

Felt Warren B (W B Felt & Co), res 92 W Water. 

Felt W B & Co (Warren B Felt, Alexander H Bayless), meat 
market, 22 Harrison. 

Felts Delmer, res 108 Barr. 

Felts Mrs Louisa, res 108 Barr. 

Ferckel Martin, saloon 31 Clinton, res same. 

Ferguson Mrs Ann E, boarding house, 22 Chicago. 

Ferguson Wm, res s s Archer ave and Hensch. 

Ferguson W T (Whery & Ferguson), res 16 W Jefferson. 

Feriter Richard, laborer, res 52 Baker. 

Ferris Frank, car checker, res S6 Dawson. 

Ferry Caroline P (wid Lucien P), res 132 W Main. 

Ferry Frank J, engineer G R & I R R, res 224 Calhoun. 

Ferry George, fireman G R & I R R, res 50 Baker. 

Fessel Mrs Wilhelmina, res 50 Wall. 

Fetters Charles, laborer, bds 305 Hanna. 

Fetters George, laborer, res 305 Hanna. 

Feudner Jacob (Frentzel, Schad & Feudner), res 288 W Jeffer- 

Feulner Frank, helper, res 33 Lasselle. 

Fick Herman A, physician, 18 Clinton. 


Fickel George W, train dispatcher P F W & C R R, res 77 

Ficker Miss Jennie, teacher, bds 266 W Wayne. 

Fields James S, clerk Huestis & Hamilton, res 12 Sturgis. 

Fieler Fred W, machinist Bass foundry, bds 196 E Jefferson. 

Fieler Wm. carpenter Bass foundry, res 196 E Jefferson. 

Figel Charles, car repairer, res w s n Calhoun, s of Fourth. 

Figel Fred C, Grocer, 54 Wells, res same. 

Fike Cyrus, mail driver Fletcher & Powers, res 156 E Wayne. 

Fike Geo, hostler M Glynn, bds same. 

Filer Eugene, brakeraan, bds 239 Barr. 

Filley Robert, roofer, res 76 Madison. 

Fillson Jacob, brakeman, bds 58 Chicago. 

Fink Charles, undertaker, 37 Maiden Lane, res 55 W Main. 

Fink Delia, domestic August Fox. 

Fink Frank, molder Bass foundry, res 176 E Jefferson. 

Fink Frederick, brakeman T W & W Ry, res 138 Fairfield 

Fink John, brakeman, bds 49 Baker. 

Finkenbiner Jolin S, Manager Singer Mnfg Co, Rooms 
60^ Calhoun. 

Finn Ellen, tailoress, 66 Calhoun, res 287 E Washington. 

Finn Mary, tailoress, res 287 E Washington. 

Finn Thomas, laborer, res 287 E Washington. 

Finney Michael, helper T W & W Ry, les 18 Melita. 

First National JBank, J D Nuttman Pres, Lem R 
Hartman Cashier, s e cor Main and Court. 

Fischer Anton sr, casemaker organ factory, res e s Fairfield ave 
s of city limits. 

Fischer Frederick, machinist, res w s Fairfield ave s of city 

Fish Benjamin, fireman P F W & C R R, res 167 E Lewis. 

Fisher Abel, lumber inspector P F W & C R R, res 322 E Jef- 

Fisher Amelia, domestic 60 Barr. 

Fisher Anthony, carpenter, res 269 E Washington. 

Fisher Benjamin F, traveling agt B Trentman & Son, bds May- 
er House. 

Fisher David C (Fisher & Tons,) bds Aveline House. 

Fisher Miss Ellen, seamstress, bds 161 Griffith. 

Fisher George, carpenter, res 162 Griffith. 

Fisher George W, plasterer, res 250 E Washington. 

Fisher Isaac, meat market, 112 Griffith, res 133 W Washington. 

Fisher Jonathan H, foreman P F W & C R R round house, res 
206 E Lewis. 


Fisher Lizzie, domestic 316 W Jefferson. 

Fisher Mack, butcher, bds 133 W Washington. . 

Fisher Emanuel, butcher, bds 133 W Washington. 

Fisher Miss Mary, res 269 E Washington. 

Fisher Michael, carpenter, res 85 E Berry. 

Fisher Mrs Minnie, bds 120 W Water. 

Fislier Robertson J, Treas Bass Foundry and Machine 
Works, res 153 W Berry. 

Fifsbier <fc Tons (David C Fisher, Henry Tons), Real 
Estate, Insurance and Loan Agents, 32 E Berry. {See adv.) 

Fisk Wm W, clerk J M Miller, res 137 Henry. 

Fissell Philip, finisher Geo Gould, res 3 miles n e of city. 

Fitch Charles B, student, bds 63 Baker. 

Fitch Otis B, fireman T W & W Ry, res 63 Baker. 

Fitzgerald Bridget, dressmaker, bds 70 Wells. 

Fitzgerald John H, constable, bds 251 Webster. 

Fitzgerald Michael, clerk Hedekin House, bds same. 

Fitzgerald Patrick, laborer, bds 60 Baker. 

Fitzgibbon Margaret (wid Michael), res 94 Baker. 

Fitzgibbon Michael E (Fitzgibbon & Eigholz), res 133 Lafay- 

Fitzgibbon & Eigholz (Michael E Fitzgibbon, Julius Eigholz), 
Mayer House barber shop. 

Fitzpatrick Bartley, res 26 Bass. 

Fitzpatrick Ella, dressmaker, res 45 Baker. 

Fitzpatrick John, section foreman, res 44 Bass. 

Fitzsimmons Patrick, res 39 Lasselle. 

Fix James, clerk Foster Bros & Co, bds 106 Barr. 

Flagle John, engineer F W J & S R R, bds 146 Wells. 

Flagler Shepard, fruit tree agent, 142 W Main. 

Flaherty John, bds 179 W Jefferson. 

Flaherty Patrick, laborer, res 179 W Jefferson. 

Flaherty Mrs Sarah, res 29 Duck. 

Flanders James, engineer T W & W Ry, res 53 Baker. 

Fiedderman John O, Clothier and Merchant Tailor, 27 
E Main, res same. 

Fleig Joseph, butcher, res t6i E Washington. 

Fleischmann Barney (Ranke, Yergens & Brandt), bds n s Hoff- 
man w of Wells. 

Fleischmann Eva T (wid Henry), res n s Hoffman w of Wells. 

Fleischmann Fred, laborer, bds Mrs D Fleischmann. 

Fleming Miss Ella, res 106 Barr. 

Fleming Isaiah, foreman Gillet's strip factory, bds 266 W Main. 

Fleming John C, engineer, res 282 Webster. 

Fleming John H, deputy county clerk, res 15 W Wayne. 


Fire, Li!s and iccikial 

32 East Berry Street. 

Represent the following OLD and RELIABLE Fire 
Insurance Companies : 

iEtna, of Hartford, 

ASSETS, $4,500,000. 

Home, of New York, 

ASSETS, $5,000,000. 

|sf fork |nilirfritirf |pncf, ei |ii|pl, 

ASSETS, $4,000,000. 

Total Aiiiiit of Assets, ■ - ■ $13,500,000. 

Policies issued at Equitable Rates, an.l Losses promptly adjusted. 


Also Represent the following FIRST-CLASS LIFE and ACCIDENT 

Companies : 
MUTUAL LIFE, of New York, Assets, - - $75,000,000 

TRAVELERS' Life and Acciden\ of Hartford Assets, 4,000,000 
RAILWAY PASSENGERS' of Hartford, Assets, - 1,000.000 

TOTAL ASSETS, $80,000,000 



Issiiraiice, Lanil anil Loan Hgeiits, 


Have for sale a large amount of 

lidi@3iFi®f iiljj IilmffOfii liili & iwellmgi 

In all parts of the City. We also offer for sale 


In every part of Allen County, embracing over FIFTY THOUSAND 

ACRES, and more than 100,000 acres in the different Counties 

of Northern Indiana, Northwestern Ohio and 

Southern Michigan. 

Money Loaned for Eastern parties in large and small amounts on Real 
Estate Security. 



Fleming Luke M. clerk Sentinel office, res s e cor Berry and 

Fleming Oliver E, law student Coombs, Morris & Bell, bds 158 

VV Berry. 
Fleming Robert E, res 158 W Berry. 
Fleming Mrs Sarah E, boarding house 106 Barr. 
Fleming Thomas H, saw filer Hoffman Bros, res 340 W Main. 
Fleming Wm, Manager Sentinel Printing Co, res s e cor 

Berry and Rockhill. 
Fleming Wm H, clerk C Orff & Co, res 158 W Berry. 
Fletcher Charles P (Fletcher Sz Powers), res t6 E Wayne. 
Fletcher Christopher C (C C Fletcher & Co), res 443 Lafayette. 
Fletcher J Frank, Livery, Feed and Sale Stables, 32 

Barr, res 67 E Main. 
Fletcher Mary, domestic 139 Montgomery. 
Fletcher Stephen, driver American Express Co, res 319 W 

Fletcher C C & Co (Christopher C Fletcher, Peter Ziegler), 

grocers, 25 W Columbia. 
Fletcher <& Powers (Charles P Fletcher, Emmett M 

Powers), Omnibus and Hack Line, 12 to 16 E Wayne. 
Fletter Henry A, fireman, res 10 1 Taylor. 
Fletter Samuel C, night watchman Turner Bros 8z: Co, res 203 

S Calhoun. 
Fletterer Wm, laborer N G Olds & Sons, bds 313 E Washing- 
Flick Clara B, tailoress, res 5 Broadway. 

Fliegner Ferdinand, upholsterer J M Miller, res 39 W Jefferson. 
Flinn George A, hack driver, bds 55 E Berry. 
Flinn Mrs Louisa (wid Geo N), res 55 E Berry. 
Flinn Wm, bds 55 E Berry. 
Flochmann Anna (wid Meyer), bds 152 Ewing. 
Flood Michael, blacksmith, res 5 West. 
Flood Norah, domestic 106 W Berry. 
Floriday Miss Sarah, domestic 31 W Main. 
Flory Jacob, tinner, bds 61 E Main. 
Flory John W, tinner, bds 61 E Main. 
Flynn Dennis, laborer, bds 76 Baker. 

Flynn John R, printer Gazette office, bds Anderson Hou^e. 
Fobes Charles, organ tuner, bds Hedekin House. 
Foegt Herman, mason, res 45 E Main. 
Foelkerding Fred, driver Root & Co, bds 76 W Berry. 
Foellinger Adolph, salesman, bds Fairfield ave }4 mile from city 


gS R. L. POLK & co.'s 

Foellinger Frederick, boots and shoes, 36 Calhoun, res Fairfield 

ave ^ mile from city limits. 
Foellinger Jacob, farmer, res e s Fairfield ave nr organ factory. 
Foellinger John M (Noll & Foellinger), res 99 W Main. 
Foellinger JLouis, farmer, bds Jacob Foellinger. 
Foellinger Martin C, salesman F Foellinger, res 130 Harrison. 
Fogel Miss Caroline, domestic Fort Wayne College. 
Fogel Tfhomas, horse shoer, bds cor Harrison and Pearl. 
Fogerty Ed, horse shoer, cor Harrison and Pearl, res same. 
Foley Jerry, laborer, res 121 Holman. 
Foley John W, clerk American House, bds same. 
Foley Pauline, cook American House. 
Foncannon Oliver P, steward Hedekin House, bds same. 
Forbes Eugene, tinsmith, res 18 Bass. 
Forbing John, collector, res 385 Hanna. 
Ford Andrew J, engineer, res 293 Hanna. 
Ford Wm, machinist T W & W Ry, bds 39 Lavina. 
Ford Wm (Pyke & Ford), res Lafayette, Ind. 
Ford Wm O, solicitor Singer Mnfg Co, res 246 E Lewis. 
Ford Wm S, laborer, bds James Eaton. 
Fording Isaac, conductor T W & W Ry, bds 55 Grand. 
Fording Peter, brakeman, res 63 Grand. 
Fordney George M, molder Bass foundry, res 161 Hanna. 
Forgham "Horatio T, Mnfr Root Beer, res 12 Marion. 

(Sre adv). 
Forsythe Samuel, bookkeeper, bds Robinson House. 
Fortriede liouis. Boots and Shoes, 32 W Main, res same. 

{See adv). 
Fortlf^ayiie Coffee* Spice and Mustard Mills, 

Trentman, Monning & Son, Proprs, 73 and 75 E Columbia. 

(See adv). 
Fort Wayne College, Reuben D Robinson, D D, president, 

head of Wayne. 
Fort Wayne Commercial College, Thomas Powers principal, 30 

E Main. 
Fort Wayne Conservatory of Music C F W 

Meyer, Principal, 12^^ E Main. 
Fort YTayne CJas liight Co, James Cheney, Pres, 

Treas and Sup't, A C Probasco, Sec'y, s e cor Water and 
• Barr. 

Fort "Wayne Gazette (Daily and Weekly), Gazette Com- 
pany, Publishers, 25 W Main. 
Fort Wayne House, James Wilkinson, propr, 258 Calhoun. 
Fort Wayne, Jackson & Saginaw R R freight & passenger 

depots cor ist & N Harrison. 

S. B. BOND, 



Treasurer. Sec' y and Manage 

Fort Wayne Organ Co 


Fackari Orchestral Organ, 


¥or(e, f)utkbi]it>- & E^legkude of '^\v(\i\ 



Fort Wayne Journal, C Fairbank & Co,. Editors and 
Publishers, Journal Building, over Postoffice. 

Fort Wayne Medical College. See Medical College of Fort 

Fort Wayne National Bank, s w cor Main and 
Clinton, Stephen B Bond, Pres, Pliny Hoagland, Vice Pres, 
Jared D Bond, Cashier, Directors Jesse L Williams, Pliny 
Hoagland, Oliver P Morgan, Montgomery Hamilton, Stephen 
B Bond. 

Fort Wayne, Miancle and Cincinnati M R, W 
W Worthington, Superintendent, office 35 ist, freight and 
passenger depots, cor ist and N Harrison. (See adv, inside 
back cover.) 

Fort Wayne Organ Co, e s Fairfield ave, nr City 
Limits, S B Bond, Pres; J D Bond, Treas ; GE Bursley, 
Sec'y and General Manager; R F Keith, Sup't. (See adv). 

Fort Wayne Paint and Fainting Co. Orlando L 
Starkey, Obediah J Kover, Charles Rivers, Proprs, 73 Cal- 

Fort Wayne Rink, n s Berry bet Clinton and Barr. 

Fort Wayne ^team Iron Works, Prentiss, Mc- 
Lachlan & Co, Proprs, Water, bet Calhoun and Harrison. 

Fort W^ayne Steel Flow W^orlcs, 57 and 59 W 
Main, Salesroom 23 West Columbia, Joseph K Edgerton 

Foster A-ndreiv, Merchanc Tailor, 21 Calhoun, bds Grand 
Hotel. (See adv, page 27. j 

Foster John Gray (Foster Bros & Co), res New York city. 

Foster Robert, bds 223 Lafayette. 

Foster Scott (Foster Bros & Co), res New York city. 

Foster Wm T, railway mail service, res 78 Brackenridge. 

Foster Rros «fc Co (John Gray Foster, Scott Foster, Rob- 
ert W Murphy), Dry Goods and Carpets, Foster Block. 

Foustch Maggie, domestic 126 E Wayne. 

Fowler George S, shirt mnfr and gents furnishing goods, n w cor 
Calhoun and Berry, res 177 W Wayne. 

Fowler Henry H, laborer, res s s Putnam w of Hensch. 

Fowler Miss Susan B, teacher drawing High school, bds Hamil- 
ton House. 

Fowler William J, local editor Fort Wayne Gazette, bds Grand 

Fowles Arthur, clerk N B Young & Co, res 211 E Washington. 

Fowles Arthur S, tailor Wm White, bds 206 W Washing- 

Fowles John (N B Young & Co), res 211 E Wayne. 

lOO R. L. POLK & CO/S 

Fox August, gardener, res s s Taylor e of T W & W Ry. 

Fox Bernhard, carpenter, res 21 Walnut. 

Fox Catharine E, domestic 170 W Main. 

Fox Elias, laborer, res 95 Fulton. 

Fox Francis, blacksmith, res 156 Wallace. 

Fox George, grocer, 167 E Jefferson, res same. 

Fox George (G Fox & Son), res 25 E Main. 

Fox Henry A, clerk Travelers Home, bds same. 

Fox tfaines. Coal Dealer, n w cor Clinton and Railroad, 

res 58 McClellan. 
Fox Miss Jennie, dressmaker, res 327 W Main. 
Fox Miss Jennie, res 248 Calhoun. 
Fox John, laborer, bds Francis Schram. 
Fox John R, brass finisher A Hattersley, res 25 Summit. 
Fox Joseph V (Trentman & Fox), res 124 W Wayne. 
Fox Lee, supt's clerk G R & I R R, bds 16 W Washington. 
Fox Louis (G Fox & Son), res s s Taylor e of T W & W Ry. 
Fox Mary, cook G Fox & Son, bds 25 E Main. 
Fox Mrs Phebe, res 9 E Wayne. 
Fox Wm W, res 327 W Main. 
Fox Win W, Propr Travelers Home, 248 Calhoun, res 

Fox G & Son (George and Louis Fox), confectionery, 25 E 

Frach Henry, laborer Bass foundry. 
Frahlae Carl, laborer, res 66 Nelson. 
Frame Prosper, plasterer, res 316 Hanna. 
Framion Joseph, brick mnfr w s Hanna n city limits, res same. 
Francdorf Wm, laborer, res 21 Berthold. 

France Edward, clerk Keil & Brother, bds 120 Creighton ave. 
France Harry F, lawyer 44 Calhoun, bds n s Creighton ave w of 

France Joseph B, messenger P F W & C R R offices, bds 120 

Creighton ave. 
France J Edward, clerk, bds 120 Creighton ave. 
France Mrs Rachael, res 120 Creighton ave. 
France Sophia, domestic 287 W Wayne. 
France Wm H, carpenter, res 27 Smith. 
Frach Henry, laborer Bass foundry, res s s Ridge Road n e of city 

Francis Adam, blacksmith, res e s Florence s of Putnam. 
Francisco Jennie, domestic Hedekin House. 
Francisco Mrs John, boards 126 Ewing. 
Frane Margaret, (wid Xavier) res 371 Lafayette. 
Frank August, shoemaker, bds 408 E Washington. 


Frank Bertha, domestic 36 Second. 

Frank Carl, clerk, bds Anderson House. 

Frank Carrie, domestic 246 W Washington. 

Frank Charles, carpenter, res 142 E Wayne. 

Frank Charles, shoemaker F Foellinger, res 231 W Washington. 

Frank Mrs Ellen, res 142 E Wayne. 

Frank George, telegraph operator, bds 313 W Main. 

Erank Henry, carpenter, res 408 E Washington. 

Frank Joseph F, laborer, bds 142 E Wayne. 

Frank Mrs Margaret, res 313 W Main. 

Frank Marx, (M Frank & Co) res 46 W Wayne. 

Frank Wm T, laborer, bds 142 E Wayne. 

Frank M «& Co, (Marx Frank, Louis Wolf) Dry Goods, 7 

Keystone Block. 
Franke August, shoemaker Eggeman Bros, res 408 E Washington. 
Franke Carl, salesman Thanhouser, Wiler & Co, bds Anderson 

Franke Edward G, clerk, bds 38 W Wayne. 
Franke John H, machinist Bass foundry, res 366 Hanna. 
Franke Miss Louisa, res 38 W Wayne. 
Franks George A, telegrapher P F W & C R R offices, bds 313 

Franks Miss Josie, milliner, res 313 W Main. 
Frash Frederick, carpenter, bds 206 Broadway. 
Frauenfelder Jacob, works Hoffman Bros, res 344 W Main. 
Freeh Henry, laborer, res 354 Broadway. 
Frederick Christina, (wid Jacob) res 415 Lafayette. 
Frederickson George, laborer strip factory, res 146 Wells. 
Frederickson Gustav, res 109 Wells. 

Fredrickson Jacob, farmer, res n s Maumee ave nr city limits. 
Frederickson John, telegraph operator, res 31 Grand. 
Frederickson Louisa, res 49 Langohr. 
Freece Isaac, teamster J Fox, bds 73 Baker. 
Freeman Avery, Proprietor Hedekin House, 25 Barr. 

(See adv.) 
Freeman Charles, clerk Hedekin House, bds same. 
Freeman Henry R, teller First National Bank, bds cor Spy Run 

ave and Elizabeth. 
I'Veeman Joseph, res 128 W Main. 
Freeman Mary A, domestic 236 W Jefferson. 
Freeman Newton B, (Freeman & Barnett^ res cor Spy Run ave 

and Elizabeth. 
Freeman Samuel C, res 139 W Main. 
Freeman & Barnett, (Newton B Freeman, Abraham G Barnett) 

paper mills, office 57 E Columbia. 

I02 R. L. POLK & CO. S 

Freese John H, engine wiper, res cor Pontiac and Lincoln. 
Freiberger Ignatz, clerk, bds 28 E Columbia. 
Freiburger Leopold, (S Freiburger & Bro) res 91 W Berry. 
Freiburger Simon, (S Freiburger & Bro) res 97 W Berry. 
Freiburger S & Bro, (Simon & Leopold) leather and findings, 

24 E Main. 
Freienstein Moritz, tailor E Bostick & Son, bds 119 Lafayette. 
Freitag August, laborer, res 19 Walnut. 
Fremen Charles, helper T W & W Ry, bds 146 Broadway. 
French Brooks, foreman stop and attachment room organ fac- 
tory, res 76 Creigton ave. 
French Charles G, contractor and builder 87 E Wayne, res 90 

E Wayne. 
French F C, fireman res 143 Holman. 
French F F, engineer, res 3 Railroad. 

French R Morgan, (French. Hanna & Co) res 148 E Washington. 
French Samuel C, fireman, res 143 Holman. 
French Sarah M, (wid Jonathan) bds n w cor Thomas and Horace. 
Freni'h, Manna «& Co, (R Morgan French, Charles 

Hanna, Oliver W Jefferds) Woolen Mills, Water bet Barr and 

Frenking Mrs Margaret, res 134 Madison. 

Frentzel John A N, (Frentzel, Schad & Feudner) res 7 s Webster. 
Frentzel, ^ctiad «& Feudner, (John A N Frentzel, 

Fred Schad, Jacob Feudner) Publishers and Proprs Daily 

Democrat, 86 Calhoun. 
Freund Wm, cigarmaker J C Eckert, bds Central Hotel. 
Fricke Anton, mason, res n e cor Fairfield ave and Chicago. 
Fricke Wm F, carpenter, res St, Wilt. 
Fricker Henry, res 175 Lafayette. 
Fricker Jennie S, teacher Washington school, rooms 266 W 

Friday August, stave buncher, bds 19 Walnut. 
Friday Henry, drayman, res i Brandriff. 
Friday Henry sr, laborer, res 15 Colerick. 
Friday Minnie, domestic 130 W Washington. 
Frienstien Morris, tailor, bds 118 E Washington. 
Frietzsche George W, harnessmake'r, bds 152 Griffith. 
Frietzsche John U, homoeopathic pharmacy 22 W Berry, res 

152 Griffith. 
Frisius Henry F, physician. 20 W Berry, res St Joseph's Hospital. 
Fritche Henry, brickmaker, bds J B Comstock. 
Fritz Caroline, domestic 62 Fulton. 
Frohlich Simon, res 271 (^old number 263) W Wayne. 


Frohmuth Harmon, messenger First National Bank, bds 93 

Frohmuth John, shoemaker John Mohr, res 93 Buchanan, 
Frohmuth Max, jointer organ factory, res opp organ factory. 
Fronefield Reuben, res 28 W Water. 

Fronfielder Jacob, yardman Hoffman Bros, res 344 W Main. 
Frost Benjamin, porter, res 24 Chicago. 
Frost James, brakeman, bds 24 Chicago. 
Frost Miss Millie, bds 24 Chicago. 
Fry Miss Annie E, res 201 W Main. 
Fry George A, (Jacob Fry & Sons) bds 296 W Main. 
Fry Henry, conductor, res 76 Dawson. 
Fry Henry W, Meat Market 246 S Calhoun, res same. 
Fry Jacob,. (Jacob Fry & Sons) res 296 W Main. 
Fry Jerome, bsggage master, bds 461 Calhoun. 
Fry John, manager McFeely's restaurant, bds same. 
Fry Joseph B, (Jacob Fry & Sons) res 305 W Main. 
Fry Oscar, bds 12 Force. 
Fry Jacob & Sons, (Jacob, Joseph B, and George A) tanners and 

curriers cor W Main and Cherry. 
Fuchs Francis Joseph, machinist, res 1 1 Force. 
Fulk John C, brakeman, bds 4 Kansas. 

Fuller Miss Carrie D, teacher of elocution, bds Hamilton House. 
Fuller Daniel W, conductor F W R & C R R, bds Hedekin 

Fuller Job R, bucket turner, res rear 75 W Water. 
Fuller Wilfred, bucketmaker Peters Box and Lumber Co, bds 

cor Water and Cass. 
Fuller Wm, teamster, res 86 W Lewis. 
Fulmerding Fred, porter 76 W Berry. 
Furste Frank L, notary and real estate, 54 Calhoun, res 22 W 

Furthmiller John J, res 57 W Third. 
Futherknicht Katie, domestic Racine House. 
Futter Miss Lena, domestic 41 W Washington. 
Futter Martin, varnisher, res 135 N Cass. 


Gabel Katie (Gabel & Lott), res 141 Calhoun. 
Gab&l Peter, teamster, res 155 Holman. 
Gabel Philip, laborer, res 74 Lillie. 

Oabel «& liOtt (Katie Gabel, Harrison Lott), Proprie- 
tors Fort Wayne City Laundry, 141 Calhoun. (See adv.) 

I04 R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

Gable Mrs Anna, res 65 Harrison. 

Gable Chris, bds 169 Montgomery. 

Gable Christian, bds Gable House. 

Oafole Fraiilc A^ Grocer, 88 Calhoun, res same. 

Gable Henry (Gable Bros), bds Gable House. 

€i-abl® Mouse, Henry C Henderson Propr, s w cor Madi- 
son and Lafayette. (See adv.j 

Gable John, clerk Gable Bros, bds Gable House. 

Gable Peter (Gable Bros), res 169 Montgomery. 

Oable Hros (Peter and Henry), Druggists, n w cor Lafay- 
ette and Lewis. (See adv.) 

Gablenz Charles, engineer, res 202 Francis. 

Oaetje J0I11I5 Proprietor Pacific Saloon, 181 Calhoun, res 

Gaffney Edward, watchman, res 35 Bass. 

Gaffney Mary, dressmaker, bds 29 Grand. 

Gaffney Wm, coroner, res 27 Grand. 

Gage Eliza, cook Harmon House. 

Gage George W, brakeraan, bds 73 Grand. 

Gage Henry, couductor T W & W Ry, bds Harmon House. 

Gage James (James Gage & Bro), res 324 W Main. 

Gage Perley R, brakeman, bds 2 Brandriff. 

Gage Robert (James Gage & Bro), res 322 W Main. 

Oage James «& Kro (James «& Robert), Broom 
Factory, 324 W Main. 

Gaines Mrs Eliza, res 30 E Columbia. 

Gair Joseph, blacksmith, res it8 Union. 

Gales Simon (col'd), white washer, res 76 Barj*. 

Gallen Henry, laborer, res 59 Force. 

Gallmeier Frederick, clerk Anderson & Douglass, res 91 Wilt. 

Gallmeyer Christian, molder Bass foundry, bds 165 Ewing. 

Galmeyer Wm, carpenter, res 136 Francis. 

Gainer Henry, laborer, bds 98 Montgomery. 

Gamroth Wm, tanner Jacob Fry & Sons, res 408 W Main. 

Ganey Fred, works Bass foundry, res 59 Force. 

Gantt Jennie (wid Edmund R), res 199 W Washington. 

Gantt Lafayette F, clerk, bds 199 W Washington. 

Oard I>r Mroolclield^ Druggist and Physician, 128 Cal- 
houn, res 130 W Jefferson. 

Gardeau Joseph N, clerk, bds 145 W Water. 

Gardiner Lydia, domestic Charles Dwelly. 

Gardner Anthony, laborer, res 31 Charles. * 

Gardner Demotte, apprentice Journal office, bds Exchange 

Gardner Frank, laborer N G Olds & Sons, bds 31 Charles. 


Gardner George W, teamster Peters Box and Lumber Co, res s s 
Breck w of St Mary's ave. 

Gardner Melvin R, carpenter, res s s Fourth bet N Cass and 

Gardt Henry, painter, res e s Hanna nr city limits. 

Gardt Sophia, domestic 60 E Main. 

Garety Lizzie, works box factory, bds 157 High. 

Garlig Jacob, sawyer, res no W Columbia. 

Garman Adam, works Peters box factory, res 172 Montgomery. 

Garman Mrs Catherine, housekeeper, 173 Ewing. 

Garr Fernando C, engineer, res 314 Harrison. 

Garrell Scipio R, brakeman, res s s Leith e of Calhoun. 

Garrett George (col'd), brakeman, bds 270 Calhoun. 

Garrison Albert, helper Bass foundry, res 18 Colerick. 

Garrison Charles A, fireman, res 202 Fairfield ave. 

Garrison John H, fireman, res 120 Butler. 

Garrison Mrs Mary A, dressmaker, 140 Broadway, res same. 

Gartley Samuel S, plasterer, bds Hedekin House. 

Garvin Miss Lila, bds Spy Run ave. 

Garwood Joseph, engineer, res s e cor Holton and Maud. 

Gary Ellen, tailoress, bds 287 E Washington. 

Gaskins Joseph, machinist, res 50 Butler. 

Gass Augustus, blacksmith, res e s Oliver nr city limits. 

Gasser Nicholas, laborer, res 600 Lafayette. 

Gaszner John P, clerk, res 1 ^o W Jefferson. 

Gates Abram, conductor, res 326 Harrison. 

Gates Daniel S, express messenger, res 301 Harrison. 

Gates Frank O, brakeman bds 301 Harrison. 

Gates Wm. H, fireman P F \V^ & C R R, bds 326 Harrison. 

Gatty George, trunkmaker, res 30 Buchanan. 

Gavin James A, janitor public schools, res 311 E Wayne. 

Gavin Miss Margaret, res 315 E Wayne. 

Gavin Robert, miller City Mills, res 8 Harmer. 

Gavin Miss Susan, janitress Harmer school, res 315 E Main. 

Gay John, painter L O. Hull, bds 133 Calhoun. 

Oazette Company, F. W. Keil, Pres. D. S. Keil, Sec. 
Publishers, Book & Job Printers, 25 W Main. 

Gearhart Wm. S, laborer, res s e cor Putnam and Andrew. 

Geary Mrs Mary, res 35 Monroe. 

Geary Wm. brick maker, res 35 Monroe. 

Geary Wm, horseshoer, bds 324 E Jefferson. 

Gebert Alfred, works Hoffman Bros, res 103 W Water. 

Gebhard George, harnessmaker, res e s Grand ave s of Wash- 

Gebhard Louis, tinsmith, res 134 Francis. 

Io6 R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

Gebhard Wm, mason, res 205 Madison. 

Gebhardt Charles, brickmaker, bds 455 E Wayne. 

Gebhart George, harnessmaker F Hilt & Co, res n e cor Grand 
and Humphrey. 

Geerken Frederick, machinist Bass foundry, res s w cor Madi- 
son & Clay. 

Gees Frank, wiper, res 43 Wilt. 

Geiger Mrs Catherine, res 147 E Jefferson. 

Geiger Charles, teacher, res 125 E Jefferson. 

Geiger Charles, clerk Thanhouser, Wiler & Co, bds 125 E Jef- 

Geiger Henry H, clerk J H Braman, bds 147 E Jefferson. 

Geise Albert, brickmaker, bds 180 Griffith. 

Geise Mrs Philomena, bds 180 Griffith. 

Geisman Mrs Elizabeth, res 40 Locust. 

Geismar Adolph, propr saloon and dining hall, 1 1 E Main, res 

Geiss Jacob, grocer 355 Lafayette, res same. 

Geistdoerfer John, works French brewery, res Lima road. 

Geller George, bolt cutter, res 2 Hood 

Geller Gottlieb, laborer, bds 36 Nirdlinger. 

Geller Theodore, varnisher J M Miller, res s s Hoffman vv of 

Gellert Charles C, barber Bauer & Michael, bds 2 Hood. 

Gellner Henry, car repairer, 113 E Lewis. 

Gempel Fred, trunkmaker, bds 12 Lafayette. 

Genet Henry A, brakeman, res 185 Jackson. 

George Aaron, brakeman, bds 219 Lafayette. 

Gepfart Barney, farmer, res s s Pontiac e of Jay. 

Gerard Antoine, helper, res 229 Madison. 

Gerardin Hypolite, saloon 28 E Columbia, res same. 

Gerardin Mary, tailoress, res 314 Lafayette. 

Gerber Conrad, laborer, res 252 E Wayne. 

Gerber Mary, domestic 152 W Washington. 

Gerberding August, teamster, res 109 Barr. 

Gerborden Lottie, cook railway dining rooms. 

Gerhart Wm, laborer, res s e cor Andrew and Putnam. 

Gerke Fred, machinist, res 84 Madison. 

Gerke Henry, boiiermaker, res 113 Madison. 

Oerfee Heiia'y IP, Grocer, 207 Lafayette, res 209 Lafay- 

Gerke Louis II, clerk Henry F Gerke, Ixls 209 Lafayette. 

Creriuaii ABaaeFiejiai Insurance Co of New York, 
A C Greenebaum, Agent, 31 Calhoun. 

German Fred, laborer Kerr Murray, res 130 Douglas. 


Oerniania fiisiuraiice Co, Noll & Foellinger, Agents, 

25 P O Building. 
Oerniau Mutual Insurance Co of Indianapolis, 

Ind., Edward Seidel, Agent, 107 E Main. 
Geres Joseph, bds 183 Calhoun. 
Gerow Teles, slate roofer Humphreys, Lohmann & Hughes, 

bds 70 Baker. 
Gerry Charles, brickmaker, res 324 E Jefferson. 
Gerry Miss Rose, clerk C Orff & Co, bds 35 Monroe. 
Gers Phillip, grocer, 117 Fairfield ave, res same. 
Gertly Samuel, plasterer, bds Hedekin House. 
Gessler Albert, butcher, bds 15 E Wayne. 
Gessler Mrs Victoria, res 15 E Wayne. 

Getler D L, conductor P F W & C R R, bds Harmon House. 
Getty Christopher, laborer, res 73 Buchanan. 
Getty George, trunkmaker, bds 32 Buchanan. 
Getz Charles W, fireman T W & W Ry, bds 18 Fairfield ave. 
Getz Jno, shoemaker John Mohr, res 18 Fairfield ave. 
Getz John, printer Gazette Co, bds 18 Fairfield ave. 
Geye Miss Carrie, domestic 222 W Wayne. 
Geye Henry, shoemaker, 424 E Wayne, res same. 
Geye Herman, boots and shoes, 117 E Lewis, bds 40 Madison. 
Geyer Philip, laborer, res 129 Clay. 
Giauque Hattie, domestic 176 W Washington. 
Gibert Alfred, works Hoffman Bros, res 103 W Water. 
Gibert Mary, cook Phillips House. 
Gibford Abram, trav salesman A D Brandriff & Co, res e s 

Range road n of Eliza. 
Gibford Catherine (wid David), res 212 Broadway. 
Gibford Warren R, marble cutter, bds 212 Broadway. 
Gibson Abraham, trav agent, res Piqua road. 
Gibson Charles, blacksmith Stanley & Bieber, bds 189 Ewing. 
Gibson Charles, conductor P F W & C R R, bds 14 Chicago. 
Gibson Elnathan C, mechanical engineer, bds Harmon House. 
Gibson Frank, salesman Huestis & Hamilton, res 22 Wallace. 
Gibson Frank, carpenter, res 38 Oak. 
Gibson Hannah I, miUiner, bds 341 W Washington. 
Gibson James H, laborer, res 341 W Washington. 
Gibson Thomas J, machine hand, bds 341 W Washington. 
Gibson Wm E S, engine wiper T W & W Ry, bds 8 Locust. 
Gick George, clerk, res 224 E Jefi"erson. 
Gidley Rebecca (wid Wm), res 20 Pine. 
Gidley Richard, boilermaker, bds 20 Pine. 
Oilbert James B, Carriage and Wagon Maker, 149 W 

Main, res 173 Henry. 

loS R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

Gilbert John, clerk Meyer Bros & Co, res 246 W Washington. 

Cfilbert William H, Harness Maker and Carriage Trim- 
mer, 149 W Main, bds 173 Henry. 

Gilbride Dennis, cooper, bds Gerald J Dwyer. 

Gilby John, machinist, res 16 Williams. 

Gilchrist Charles P, lawyer 8 Foster Block, bds 182 E Jeffer- 

Gilchrist Christopher, hair dresser, res 16 Maiden Lane. 

Gilchrist Mrs M H, hair dresser, 28 Calhoun, res 15 Maiden 

Gillen Frank, conductor P F W & C R R, bds 48 McClellan. 

Gillen John, laborer, bds 48 McClellan. 

Gillespie Arthur, student, bds 270 W Berry. 

Gillespie Mary Jane, domestic Sturgis House. 

Gillett Charles H (Gillett & Co), res 266 W Wayne. 

Gillett Dwight R, lumber agent, res 115 Lafayette. 

Giiliom Henry, clerk Shordon & Swann, res 226 Hugh. 

Gilmartin Edward, telegraph repairer, res 31 Williams. 

Gilrod Jacob, sawyer Hoffman Bros, res no W Columbia. 

Gimbel Fred, trunkmaker, bds 12 Lafayette. 

CMinpel Henry 9 Grocei, 354 Broadway, res 119 Taylor. 

Gipe Reuben L, trav salesman Carnahan, Hanna & Co, res Port- 
land Ind. 

Girard Anthony, helper, res 229 Madison. 

Girardin Annie, domestic 179 Clinton. 

Girardin Mrs Theresa, res 314 Lafayette. 

Giran Martin, laborer, bds 8 Force. 

Glaser Edward, baker, 195 Hanna, res same. 

Glass Emery, lumber dealer, res 3 Duryea. 

Glass Mrs Nancy, res 141 W Water. 

Glenn EHza, dressmaker, '-es 5 1 E Main. 

Glenn John, engineer, res 253 E Lewis. 

Glesenkamp Wm, engine wiper, res 397 W Main. 

Glessner Charles A, clerk, res 303 W Washington. 

Glessner Hester (wid Solomon), res 303 W Washington. 

Glime J H, brakeman, bds 330 Calhoun. 

€jrlol>e 4ias I^iglit Co, T B Empie General Manager, 164 

Gloyd Lewis L, check clerk P F W & C R R, bds 91 E Lewis. 

Gluckman Alexander, C Schiefer & Son, bds 8 E Columbia. 

Gluckman David, shoemaker C Schiefer & Son, bds 8 E Colum- 

Glutting Andrew F, dept recorder, bds 15 W Washington. 

Glutting John, expressman, res 15 W Washington. 

Glutting Jacob, saloon, 34 E Columbia, res 15 W Washington. 


Glynn Mrs Jane, res 53 Madison. 

Glynn Matthias, livery, 53 E Main, res same. 

Glynn Matthias jr, res 5 1 E Main. 

Gocke Anthony, salesman B Trentman & Son, res 47 W Wayne. 

Gocke Anthony jr, machinist, bds 47 W Wayne. 

Gocke Frank, laborer Huestis & Hamilton, res 322 E Wayne. 

Gocke Frank jr, clerk Foster Bros & Co, bds 47 W Wayne. 

Gocke Henry J, salesman J Pierr, bds 47 W^ Wayne. 

Godfrey Charles A, conductor, res 207 Broadway. 

Godfrey James P, engineer, res 160 Henry. 

Godfrey John, engineer, res 160 Henry. 

Godfrey Mrs Mary A , bds 6 1 Melita. 

Godfrey Chas W, clerk Hoffman Bros, bds 70 W Main. 

Godown John M, city clerk, office ci^y hall, res 77 Douglas ave. 

Godown Johnson, bds 77 Douglas ave. 

Goebel Mrs Christina, res 219 Lafayette. 

Goebel Seibert, brakeman, bds 219 Lafayette. 

Goeglein George, actionmakcr organ factory, bds 246 Broadway. 

Goeglein Jacob, teamster, res 246 Broadway. 

Goeglein John, coal dealer, res 246 Broadway. 

Goeglein Nicholas, actionmaker organ factory, bds 246 Broad- 

Goehrengt Fred, laborer, res 100 Wilt. 

Goeriz Adolphus, physician, res 365 Lafayette. 

Goeriz Gustavus A, physician, 30 E Columbia, res 365 Lafayette 

Goeriz Louis T, student Dr G A Goeriz, bds 365 Lafayette. 

Goff R, carpenter, bds 5 Sturgis. 

Goheen Charles, student Fort Wayne College. 

Goheen Mrs Sarah J, matron Fort Wayne College, bds same. 

Golden Anthony W^ works Coombs & Co, bds s e cor Lafayette 
and Leith. 

Golden Bridget, waiter Aveline House. 

Golden Edward, clerk C A Zollenger, bds Anderson House. 

Golden Katie, domestic 134 E Main. 

Golden Patrick, laborer, res e s Lafayette s of Pontiac. 

Golden Patrick jr, boilermaker Kerr Murray, bds Patrick 

Golden Patrick jr, laborer, bds e s Lafayette s of Pontic. 

Goldstone John, drayman, res 1 73 Griffith. 

Good Caroline (wid George), res 6 McClellan. 

Good Frederick, res 20 Hanna. 

Good George, saddler, bds 6 McClellan. 

Goodenough George, engineer P F W Sz: C R H, res 270 Web- 

Gooderman Benjamin, baker, res 54 W Washington. 

no R. L. POLK &C0.'S 

Ooodmiaii Cliarle^^ Saloon, i8 Harrison, bds American 

Goodman Charles M, bds American House. 
Goodman Francis X, billiard saloon, ri W Columbia, res same. 
Goodman Francis X jr, clerk F X Goodman, bds same. 
Goodman Wm, brakeman, bds 219 Lafayette. 
Goodrich A J, musical author Fort Wayne Conservatory of 

Music, bds Hanna House, 
Goodrich James G, train dispatcher T W & W Ry, bds Central 

Hotel. ■ 
Goodwin Miss Carrie, res 236 W Berry. 
Goodwin Horatio N, dry goods and notions, 126 Broadway, res 

196 W Jefferson. 
Goodyear Thomas, blacksmith street railway co, bds 262 Cal- 
Gordon Mrs Ada, res 183 Calhoun. 
Gordon George P, baggage master P F W & C R R depot, res 

n s Leith bet Calhoun and Clinton. 
Gordon Henry, horseshoer H Maroney, bds 71 VV Wayne. 
Gordon Hugh K, brakeman P F W & C R R. bds American 

Gordon Maggie, chambermaid Robinson House. 
Gordon Norton, brakeman T W & W^ Ry, bds 58 Chicago. 
Gordon Phoebe, domestic 29 E Main. 
Gordon Samuel, laborer, res 264 E Wayne. 
Gordon Wm, clerk J K Edgerton, bds 24 Leith. 
Gorham Charles D, supt western division PFW&CRR, es 

Clinton s of Holman, bds Hamilton House. 
Gorham Charles E, assistant gen'l manager P F W & C R R, 

res Chicago. 
Gorham Marquis, roofer and saw repairer, 19 Harrison, res Van 

Buren n of Canal. 
Gorrell Adam C, conductor T W & W Ry, res 20 Wilt. 
Gorrell Johnson, tress hoopmaker H Stephan & Co, bds 1 7 W 

Gorrell Sylvester, tress hoopmaker H Stephan & Co, bds 17 W 

Gorsline Sylvester L, yard master T W & W Ry, res 198 Lafay- 
Goshorn Jacob S, surveyor and contractor, Court House, res 14 

Goshorn Mrs Jane, bds 102 E Washington. 
Goshorn Rose, bds 102 E Washington. 
Goshorn Wm H. county surveyor, office Court House, res 102 

E Washington. 


Goss Frederick jr, cigarmaker, bds 163 Van Buren. 

Gossoo Fred, laborer, res Spy Run ave. 

Gotshall Martin V B (Graham & Gotshall), res w s Hoagland 
ave s of Creighton ave. 

Gotty Christoph, helper, res 73 Buchanan. 

Oould Oeorge, Furniture Mnfr and Dealer, 72 E Colum- 
bia, res Spy Run ave. 

Gould Mrs J M, dressmaker, 108 Broadway, res same. 

Gould Theodore, engineer, bds 50 E Washington. 

Gourdeau Joseph, clerk Keil & Brother, bds 145 W Water. 

Gouty James M, sawyer Hoffman Bros, res 325 W Water. 

Gouty Thomas A, machine hand Clark & Rhinesmith Lumber 
Co, res 244 W W^ashington. 

Gowan Henry, carpenter, res 347 W Main. 

Grable Samuel A, yard dispatcher P F W & C R R, res 86 

Graf John, laborer, res 18 Buchanan. 

Graf John M, engineer City Fire Co, res 51 Barr. 

Graf Philip, trunkmaker, bds 18 Buchanan. 

Graff Henry G, jeweler, res n e cor Fulton and W Jefferson. 

Graff John, engineer fire department, res Barr. 

Graff Marx, res 113 W Wayne. 

Graff Myer L, lawyer, 32 E Berry, res 113 W Wayne. 

Graffe Charles F, tinner G W Graffe & Co, res 24 W Jefferson. 

Graffe Frederick, (G W Graffe & Co) res 134 Calhoun. 

Graffe Frederick jr, watchmaker Mayer & Graffe, bds 134 

Graffe George W, (G W Graffe & Co) res 26 W Jefferson. 

Graffe Henry C, (Mayer & Graffe) res n e cor Fulton and Jef- 

Graffe G W & Co, (George W and Frederick Graffe) stoves and 
tinware, 132 Calhoun. 

Graffius Adolphus M, tinsmith, res 75 Melita, 

Grafmiller Miss Catherine E, res 262 Calhoun. 

Grafmiller Christian, road master street R R Swinney Block, 
res 262 Calhoun. 

Grage Carrie, dressmaker, bds 15 Sturgis. 

Grage Frederick, machine hand, res 185 W Jefferson. 

Grage Mary, tailoress, bds 15 Sturgis. 

Grage Sophia, domestic 164 W Berry. 

Grage Wm, street sprinkler, res 15 Sturgis. 

Graham Charles, boarding house 214 Calhoun, res same. 

Graham Charles, laborer, res 82 Wilt. 

Graham Frederick, res 159 Hanna. 

Graham George W, watchman, res 53 Maumee ave. 


Graham James, engineer, res 35 E Wayne. 

Graham James, tinner, bds 9 N Calhoun. 

Graham James E, (Graham & Gotshall) res 397 Hanna. 

Graham James S, plasterer, res Union bet Berry and Wayne. 

Graham Johanna, domestic 198 W Wayne. 

CrB*a]iaiai JSaniii©! U, Lawyer, n w cor Calhoun and Main, 
res 47 Buchanan. 

Graham Wm, chimney sweep, res n s Hoffman e of St Mary's ave. 

Crraliam «fe C^otsSiall, (James E Graham, Martin V 
B Gotshall) Attorneys at Law, 15 E Main. 

Grahl Clemens, teacher St Paul's Lutheran German school, res 
196 Barr. 

Grammemann Annie, domestic 177 W Wayne. 

€rrancl Hotel, J H Buckels Proprietor, i Harrison. 

Grandi Charles, (C Grandi & Co) res 136 Barr. 

Grandi & Co, (Charles Grandi, Oresti Darnesi, Goranni Ber- 
toluci) ornamental plaster manufacturers, 136 Barr. 

errand Rapids «& Indiana Kail Road Co, Opera- 
ting the Cin. Richmond and Fort Wayne and Traverse 
City Railroads, Passenger Depot on R R bet Calhoun 
and Clinton, offices Southern Division e s Clinton bet Hol- 
man & R R, P S O'Rourke Division Supt. 

Granger Horace, timekeeper T W & W Ry, bds 160 W Wayne. 

Granger Noah, nurseryman, res 160 W Wayne. 

Grasse Martin, brakeman, bds 262 Calhoun. 

Graszner John P, clerk Siemon & Bro, res 142 W Jefferson, 

Gray Alice, domestic 25 Butler. 

Gray Annie, w^axworkcr, bds 109 E Main. 

Gray Mrs Annie, res 60 E Main. 

Gray James P, conductor, res 73 Williams. 

Gray John, fireman F W M & C R R, bds Racine House. 

Gray John H, engine wiper T W & W Ry, bds 153 Ewing. 

Gray Samuel, carpenter, bds 37 Colerick. 

Gray Sylvester, brakeman, res 237 Barr. 

Green Charles W, res 114 Berry. 

Green Corydon, grain dealer, res 221 W Wayne. 

Green Hugh W, carpenter, res 17 Pritchard. 

Green Mrs Mary, res 114 W Berry. 

Green Mrs M Frances, ph)sician, 139 W Main, res same. 

Green Parry H, letter carrier, bds 221 W Wayne. 

Green W, engineer F W J & S R R, bds Racine House. 

Green Wm P, clerk J STyler, bds 17 Pritchard. 

Greene Richard B, carver organ factory, res 112 Creighton ave. 

€ci*eeiiel>aiiEii Alplionse C, Insurance, Real Estate, 
European Passage and Exchange Agent, 31 Calhoun, rooms 


Greener Charles, elk W H Miller & Co, bds e s Wells opp High 

Greensfelder Gustave, res 95 Ewing. 

Grreeiiiif elder Josia S, Cashier J B White, res 95 Ewing. 

Greensfelder Miss MoUie, milliner, bds 95 Ewing. 

Greer John, carpenter, res 30 Walnut. 

Greer John, laborer, res 20 Erie. 

Gregg James S. (Gray & Buchman). res 176 E Wayne. 

Gregg Mrs R O, res 8 Oak. 

Gregg Miss Sallie, res 8 Oak. 

Gregg Samuel, agent Howe Machine Co, res 390 E Washington. 

Oregg 4& Buchniaii* (James S Gregg, A P Buchman) 
Physicians and Surgeons 40 Calhoun. 

Greiner Charles, teamster, bds 56 Wells. 

Grennan Thomas, brakeman, bds 262 Calhoun. 

Grennamann Charles, carpenter, res 120 W Water. 

Grenouillet Margaret, (wid Jacob), bds 309 Hanna. 

Greve Joseph, res n s E Lewis w of Lillie. 

Gribben James M, carpenter, res 24 Douglas ave. 

Grieb John, tailor, res 182 E Lewis 

Grieb John, feeder Daily News, bds 182 E Lewis. 

Oriebel A. I^ewiis, (Indiana Staats Zeitung Co), res 148 
W Wayne. 

Griebel Charles, marble worker Sutermeister & Co, bds 58 E 

Griebel Louis, (Griebel & Son),' res 58 E Jefferson. 

Griebel Wm, (Griebel & Son), res 58 E Jefferson. 

Griebel Wm, horse collar maker Fred L Racine, bds Racine 

Crriebel <& ^on, (Louis & William) P\irniture, 44 E Main. 

Griest Albert B, clerk, bds 136 E Jefferson. 

Griffin Burr, brakeman T W & w' Ry, bds 58 Chicago. 

Griffin Nathan C, traveling salesman C L Hill, bds 66 W Main. 

Griffia Timothy, helper F \V M & C R R shops, res w s Har- 
rison n of 5th. 

Griffith James M, carpenter, bds 26 Williams. 

Griffith Joiin, student J A Shoaff, bds 245 Webster. 

Griffith Lafayette, engineer, res 186 W Jefferson. 

Griffith Levi, contractor and builder, res 59 Butler. 

Griffith Miss Lizzie, bd.i 245 Webster. 

Griffith William, student J A Shoaff, bds 245 Webster. 

Griffith Mrs Catherine, res 245 Webster. 

Griffith David, helper T W & W Ry, bds 245 Webster. 

Griffiths Wm E, (VVtn E Griffiths & Co), res 307 W Washington. 

Oriffitliis IVm. E. A; €0, (Wm E Griffiths) Hard- 
ware, Stoves & Tinware, 122 Broadway. 


114 R' L. POLK & CO. S 

Grim Ferdinand, carpenter PFW&CRR, res 227 E Madi- 

Grimason James, laborer, bds 262 Calhoun. 

Grimes Ned, molder, bds 9 N Calhoun. 

Grimm John, teacher Emanuel German Lutheran school, res 
275 W Washington. 

Grimme Geo B, tailor J H Grimme, res 19 W Wayne. 

Grimme John C, clerk, res 19 W Wayne. 

OrimBue Jotiii H, Merchant Tailor 19 W Wayne, res 

Grimmeson James, laborer, bds 62 Calhoun. 

Grinn Fred, molder Bass foundry, bds 275 W Washington. 

Griswold Edward, bds 17 W Wayne. 

Grodren Minnie, domestic 74 Lillie. 

Grodrian Wilhelmina, domestic 63 E Jefferson. 

Groebel Louis, teamster, res w s Hensch s of Putnam. 

Groezinger Christian, res 108 High. 

Grof Philip, trunkmaker, bds 18 Buchanan. 

Groghn Cilester, fireman, bds 86 Smith. 

Gronauer Wm, car repairer, res 127 Madison. 

Gronauer Wm G, bds American House. 

Gross Mrs Catherine, bds 225 Barr. 

Gross Christian C, clerk Keil & Brother, bds 136 Calhoun. 

Gross Gottfried, florist 450 E Wayne, res same. 

Gross PauUna ( Frederick), res 163 Van Buren. 

Gross Wm, saloon 138 Calhoun, bds same. 

Grosvenor Henry, laborer, res n s Burgess w of DeGroff. 

Grosvenor Samuel, log peeler strip factory, res n s Spy Run ave. 

Grotaus Henry, carpenter, res 194 E Wayne. 

Grote Fred, hub turner, res 17 Lasselle. 

Grotholtman Adolph. carpenter, bds 161 Griffith. 

Grout Allison E, messenger U S Express, res 1 2 Douglas ave. 

Grout Frederick W, engineer, res 39 Buchanan. 

Grout Lavinia (wid Daniel), res 41 Lavina. 

Grout Mary A (wid Wm), res 74 Douglas ave. 

Grout Wm E, clerk Meyer Brothers & Co, bds 74 Douglas ave. 

Grove John A, tombstone mnfr, bds Summit City House. 

Grove Maxwell, boilermaker, res 106 E Berry. 

Groves Anna, bds 34 Baker. 

Groves Mrs Annie, res 72 Wallace. 

Groves Oscar, hostler John W Sedgwick, bds 34 Baker. 

Grow Frank M, brakeman T W & W Ry, bds 322 Calhoun. 

Grubaugh J T, conductor P F W & C R R, bds 17 Holman. 

Grubb Elizabeth (wid Louis), res 196 Broadway. 

Grubb Frank, laborer, bds 196 Broadway. 


Grubel Joseph A, car inspector, res 52 Walnut. 
Gruber Caroline, domestic 165 Broadway. 
Gruber Charles, baker A J Langohr, bds 142 Broadway. 
Gruber Edward, clerk bds 53 Taylor. 
Gruber Joseph, conductor, res 235 W Jefferson. 
Gruber Joseph A, car inspector, res 52 Walnut. 
Gruber Josephine (wid Valentine), res 53 Taylor. 
Gruber Michael, grocer 16 Wilt, res 18 same. 
Grund Fred, stone mason, res 59 Melita. 
Grund Geo, barber, res 59 Melita. 
Grund Philip R, blacksmith, res 176 Henry. 
Gruver Ezra C, medical student, bds 278 Broadway. 
Guenther Henry, barber F C Meyers, res 380 E Wayne. 
Guese Frederick, clerk Pyke & Day, bds 114 Fulton. 
Guese Wm F, clerk, bds 114 Fulton. 
Guilford Samuel A, broommaker, bds 104 Maumee ave. 
Guiller Theodore, varnisher, res s s Hoffman w of Wells. 
Guipe Mrs John, res 103 Lafayette. 
Gumpper Christian C, baker 238 Calhoun, res same. 
Gunkel Florin, laborer, res 40 Nirdlinger. 
Gunkel Otto, laborer, res 40 Nirdlinger. 

Gunn George W, conductor T W & W Ry, bds Harmon House. 
Gunn Lucian, brakeman, bds Harmon House. 
Gunn Marion J, brakeman, bds Harmon House. 
Gunther Theresa, domestic 187 E Jefferson. 
Gusehing Joseph, policeman, res 122 Clay. 
Gust John, blacksmith, res 140 High. 

Gutermude John, laborer, res n s Hoffman e of St Mary's ave. 
Gutermuth Benjamin, baker Trentman & Fox, res 54 W Wash- 
Gutermuth Caspar, wood turner, res 39 W Jefferson. 
Gutermuth George, res 36 Wilt. 
Gutermuth George J, laborer, res 167 VanBuren. 
Gutermuth Henry, blacksmith, res 56 DeWald. 
Gutermuth John, res n s Hoffman. 

Gutermuth Valentine, clerk Root & Co, bds 167 Van Buren. 
Guy Minnie, domestic 334 W Washington. 
Gye Herman, shoemaker, bds Gable House. 
Gysen Emanuel, porter Geo Reiter & Co. bds to W Berry. 

Haag Louisa (wid John), res 329 W Washington. 

Haak Theo, laborer, res Spy Run ave. 

Haarselhorst Henry J, shoemaker, res 256 E Washington. 

it6 r. l. polk & co.'s 

Haaser Emma, domestic 91 E Main. 

Habbert Henry, laborer, res 58 Pritchard. 

Habecker Elias, carpenter, res 16 Sturgis. 

Habel Andrew, shoemaker, res 172 Taylor. 

Habel Charles, machinist, res 164 Taylor. 

Habel George, blacksmith Stanley & Beiber, bds 172 W 

Habel John G, machinist, bds 172 Taylor. 

Haberkorn Charles, clerk H Lampert, bds 86 Barr. 

Haberkorn Emil F, machinist, res 138 Harrison. 

Haberkorn Henry, machinist, res 395 Lafayette. 

Haberkorn Theodore, machinist T W & W Ry, bds 86 Barr. 

Hackett Wm H, bookkeeper Prescott Bros & Co, res 150 W 

Hackius Andrew, tinner, res 73 Brackenridge. 

Hackius Wm F, clerk Root & Co, bds 73 Brackenridge. 

Hadley Edward, hack driver, bds 87 Barr. 

Haffert John, fireman, res 98 Montgomery. 

Haffner Christian, baker, 37 W Berry, res same. 

Haffner Christian, baker C Haffner, bds 32 W Berry. 

Hagedorn Herman, clerk, res 128 Chicago. 

Hagedorn Miss Lizzie, bds 78 E Washington. 

Hagemann Frederick W, cigarmaker L Bender, bds 188 Broad- 

Hagemann Louis, clerk Root & Co, res 188 Broadway. 

Hagemann Sophia, domestic, 227 W Washington. 

Hagemann Wm, laborer, res 188 Broadway. 

Hagen Frank, fireman, res 282 W Jefferson. 

Hagen Frank, wood sawyer J C Hoffman, res n w cor Jefferson 
and Rockhill. 

Hagen Margaret (wid John), bds 282 W Jefferson. 

Hagen Wm, helper T W & W Ry, bds 6 Kansas. 

Hager Mrs Mary, dressmaker 225 Calhoun, res same. 

Hager Stephen, cooper, res 225 S Calhoun. 

Hagerman Vernon, student, bds 92 E Washington. 

Hahn Henry, laborer, res n s Samuel nr city limits. 

Hahn John, machine hand, res n s Samuel nr city limits. 

Hahn Wm (Brossard & Hahn), res 157 W Main. 

Haiber Fred, res 64 Wells. 

Haiber Geo W, clerk J B White, res 64 Wells. 

Haines Stacey E, conductor G R & I R R, bds 122 W Jefferson. 

Hake Frank (Casso & Hake), res 45 N Calhoun. 

Haki Mary, domestic, res 89 Bartho.ld. 

Haldemann Fred, laborer Bass foundry, res 169 Gay. 

Haley Minnie, waiter Robinson House. 




Hall James E, carpenter, res 254 Creighton ave. 

Hall Joseph, blacksmith S S Hall, bds 137 E Jefferson. 

Hall Mrs Mary F, bds Sturgis House. 

Hall Silas S, blacksmith, s e cor Clay and Main, res 137 E 

Hall Mrs Susanna A, res 63 W Jefferson. 
Hall Mrs S S, milliner, res 137 E Jefferson. 
Halleker William, fireman, bds 49 Baker. 
Haller Oottlieb, Meat Market, 371 Calhoun, bds w s 

Harrison bet Williams and Dawson. 
Halmeyer Wm, machine hand Jacoby & Weigand, res 1 7 Gay. 
Hambrock Fred, sawyer, res 264 E Washington. 
Hamilton Allen, machinist, res 19 Holman. 
Hamilton Andrew H, res s w cor Lewis and CHnton. 
Hamilton Bank, Capital $200,000 Charles McCulloch, 

Pres John Mohr jr. Cashier J D Mohr, Assistant Cashier, 44 

Hamilton I>aniel H, Photographer, s e cor Calhoun 

and Columbia, res same. 
Hamilton Miss Eliza, res s e cor E Lewis and Clinton. 
Hamilton Mrs Elizabeth, bds 16 Wallace. 
Hamilton Mrs E J, res s e cor E Lewis and Clinton. 
Hamilton Miss Frank, principal Hoagland school, bds 151 W 

Hamilton George W, engineer, res 69 Grand. 
Hamilton House, 103 W Berry. 

Hamilton John, township trustee, 54 Calhoun, res 151 W Wayne 
Hamilton John, porter Chas A Saunders & Co, res Lafayette 

bet Montgomery & Holman. 
Hamilton John C, blacksmith, res 96 W Washington. 
Hamilton Miss Maggie, res s e cor E Lewis and Clinton. 
Hamilton Montgomery, (Hamilton & Co, Huestis & Hamilton), 

res w s Clinton s of Lewis. 
Hamilton Moses, boatman, bds 232 Lafayette. 
Hamilton Miss Nellie, res s e cor Clinton and E Lewis. 
Hamilton Peter, boilermaker, res w s Hanna n of Eckart. 
Hamilton Robert J, machinist, res 210 Fairfield ave. 
Hamilton Mrs Sarah, res 232 Lafayette. 
Hamilton Wm, works spoke factory, bds 232 Lafayette. 
Hamilton «fe Co, (Montgomery Hamilton, Alexander C 

Huestis), Coffee & Spice Mills, 30 Clinton (See adv). 
Hamhn Franklin W, clerk James B Hill, res 58 W Washington. 
Hammerle Xavier, saloon 96 Broadway, res same. 
Hammon Ephraim W, medical student, res 278 Broadway. 
Hammond Mrs Caroline, res 58 W Lewis. 

Il8 R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

Hammontree Emma, domestic 173 (old number) W Washington. 

Hamroad Andrew, machinist, res 60 E Washington, 

Hamroad Miss Sarah, clerk M Frank & Co, bds 160 E Wash- 

Haiiee Joliii P, Deputy Sheriff, res County Jail. 

Hance Mrs J D, res Sheriff's office. 

Hand Andreiv J, Propr Sturgis House, 49 & 51 W Berry 

Handler Peter, stonemason, res 37 Walnut. 

Handmann Fred, laborer, res n s Julia nr city limits. 

Handschu Louis, printer Gazette office, res 178 W Washington. 

Hane Mrs Chrtistina, res 96 Madison. 

Hane Gottlieb, shoemaker, bds 96 Madison. 

Hane Henry, bds 96 Madison. 

Hane John, engine wiper, bds 96 Madison. 

Hankins Wm, conductor, res 100 Montgomery. 

Hanks Miss Mary, bds 16 Edsall. 

Hanley Ellen, domestic 33 Brackenridge. 

Hanley James H, helper, res 43 Baker. 

Hanley John H, coal dealer, res 74 E Washington. 

Hanley Mrs Julia, res 125 E Lewis. 

Hanna Charles, (French, Hanna & Co) res 208 W Berry. 

Hanna Mrs Cora, dressmaker, bds Anderson House. 

Hanna Mrs Eliza, res E Lewis opp Division. 

Hanna Henry C, res 135 E Berry. 

Hanna House, Mrs Annie G McCrimmon propr, cor Barr and 
E Washington. 

Hanna Hugh T, real estate, res 3 s Lewis opp Division. 

Hanna James T, (Carnahan, Hanna & Co) rooms 14 W Berry. 

Hanna Joseph T, bds 135 E Berry. 

Hanna Oliver S, clerk, bds Aveline House. 

Hanna Samuel T, real estate 68 Barr, res 109 W Berry. 

Hannan Mary, domestic 70 E Columbia. 

Hannan Mary, res 24 Bass. 

Hannon Katie, bds 90 W Main. 

Hannum Daniel, billiard hall 83 Calhoun, res 219 E Wayne. 

Hanrahan Timothy, laborer, res 98 Baker. 

Hansel Frank, tailor, res 82 Oakley. 

Haniser Prof. Otto^ Pres Concordia College, res same. 

Hansman Wm, blacksmith Bass foundry, res 395 Hanna. 

Hanson George H, clerk, bds 88 E Columbia. 

Hanson Joseph, sawfiler Hoffman Bros, res 145 Broadway. 

Hanson Peter, wo^ks spoke factory, res 160 Holman. 

Hanson Richard C, gasfitter A Hattersley, res 48 E Main. 

Happel Minerva, dressmaker, bds w s Wells n of Hoffman. 

Harber Ellen, domestic 50 W Berry. 


Harber Peter, machinist, res 390 Hanna. 

Hardendolf Dory, cabinetmaker, bds Comparet House. 

Hardendolf Jno, millwright, bds Comparet House. 

Hardendorf Henry, turner, bds Phillips House. 

Hardenrack Amos, yardman Hoffman Bros, res 26 Henry. 

Harder Jno, teamster Jno W Taylor & Co, res Pearl bet Mai- 
den Lane & Ewing. 

Hardiman Miss Augusta, milliner J Black & Co, bds s w cor 
Washmgton & Fulton. 

Hardiman Mrs, milliner, bds 21 W Jefferson. 

Harding Charles T, conductor, res i Dawson. 

Harding Daniel L, civil engineer, res 131 Jackson. 

Hardung Fred, tailor, res s w cor W Water and Van Buren. 

Hardy John, student W U Telegraph Co. 

Haring Peter, laborer, res 15 West. 

Harkemper Wm, clerk Mayer & Graffe, bds n \v cor Jefferson 
and Clinton. 

Harkenrider Frank, clerk A Rettig, bds 130 Broadway. 

Harlan Mrs Juliette, res 85 N Cass. 

Harlmann Christian, helper, res 53 W Jefferson. 

Harlmann Henry, helper, res 234 Francis. 

Harmeyer Frederick, wood sawyer, res 79 Holman. 

Harmeyer Wm, machine hand, res 17 Gay. 

Harmon Ilaniel, Propr Harmon House, n w cor Chi- 
cago and Calhoun, res same. 

Harmon Daniel J, bds Harmon House. 

Harinoii House, Daniel Harmon, Propr, n w cor Chicago 
and Calhoun. 

Harmon Jonathan C, bds Harmon Flouse. 

Harmon Samuel W, clerk Harmon House. 

Harmsderfer Lizzie, laundress Gable & Lott, bds 141 Calhoun. 

Harnischfeger Peter, boiler washer, res 78 Buchanan. 

Harper Miss Charlotte A, teacher Hoagland school, bds 23 W 

Harper Miss Eliza, teacher Hoagland school, bds 106 W Wayne. 

Harper James B, Lav/yer, 62 Calhoun, bds Grand Ho- 

Harper James P, hatter, res 65 Williams. 

Harper Miss Lida, teacher, bds 106 W Wayne. 

Harper Wm [, conductor, bds 402 Calhoun, res Grand Rapids. 

Harrier Lucy, bds 109 W Jefferson. 

Harries John (J Harries & Co), res 152 Holman. 

Harries J & €0 (John Harries, Wm Schmidt), Hard- 
ware, 126 Calhoun. 

Harring T W, fireman res 231 Webster. 


Harrington Edwin, carpenter, res 6S Dawson. 

Harris Amos, works spoke factory, bds 143 Wallace. 

Harris Elisha, laborer, bds 98 Barthold. 

Harris George, foreman round house, res 252 E Lewis. 

Harris Wm, conductor, bds 239 Barr. 

Harrison Charles C, driver American Express Co, res S6 E 

Harrison Miss Edith C, teacher Clay school, bds 30 Madison. 

Harrison Miss Eliza, cashier Foster Bros & Co, bds 30 Madison. 

Harrison Mary, domestic 1 1 5 E Berry. 

Harrison Robert H, foreman car machine shops P F W & C R 
R, bds 162 Montgomery. 

Harrison Wm, machinist, res 30 Madison. 

Harrison Wm H, brakeman, res 145 Fairfield ave. 

Harrold John A, medical student, bds 278 Broadway. 

Harshbarger Lora, domestic 174 W Wayne. 

Hart Miss Jennie, seamstress, bds 205 E Wayne. 

Hart John R, trav agent C L Hill, res 23 Baker. 

Hart Susan, domestic, railway dining rooms. 

Harter George (Harter & Son), 170 W Main. 

Harter John, coal deliverer, res 29 Pearl. 

Harter Joseph (Harter & Son), res 170 W Main. 

Harter Miss Mollie, res 241 W Wayne. 

Harter Pliilip, clerk Root & Co, res 227 W Washington. 

Harter William P, clerk Root & Co, res 227 VV Washington. 

Harter & Son (Joseph & George), blacksmiths, 170 W Main. 

Hartman Ann (wid Joseph),res 99 Lasselle. 

Hartman Eliza (wid George R), res 161 W Washington. 

Hartman George, laborer, bds 42 Barthold. 

fffartinaii Mrs Oeorge, Boarding House, 161 W Wash- 

Hartman George B (Hartman & Schrader), res 245 W Wayne. 

Hartman George O, laborer, bds 42 Barthold. 

Hartman Herman, res 128 E Washington. 

Hartman Moiner C, Lawyer, 22 W Berry, res Maple 
ave s of Wayne. 

Hartman James, teamster, bds 200 Hanna. 

Hartman John, laborer, res 42 Barthold. 

Hartman John H, grocer, 233 E Jefferson, res 231 E Jefferson. 

Hartman Joseph, butcher, bds 45 Monroe. 

Hartman Lemuel R, cashier ist Nat Bank, res 241 W Wayne. 

Hartman Peter, fireman, res 129 Tabor. 

Hartman Philip, teamster, res w s John s of Jones. ' 

Hartman S Brenton, dentist, res 91 Williams. 


Hartman Miss Tennie, milliner C Orff & Co, bds 126 E Wash- 

Hartman Valentine, laborer, res 129 Taber. 

Hartman W H, engineer, res 15 Holman. 

Hartman Wilton W, clerk, bds 161 W Washington. 

BEartmaii 4fc Schrader (George B Hartman, Henry C 
Schrader), Real Estate and Insurance, 22 W Berry. 

Hartmann Christian, helper, res 53 W Jefferson. 

Hartmann Frederick, painter P F W & C R R, bds 95 Wilt. 

Hartnett James, saloon, 12 Chicago, res same. 

Hartnett John, printer Sentinel office, res 68 Baker. 

Hartnett Morris, clerk Bass foundry, bds 68 Baker. 

Hartnett Murray, clerk Bass foundry, bds 6S Baker. 

Hartnett Richard, helper, res 68 Baker. 

Hartshorn John S, engineer T W& W Ry, res 418 Broadway. 

Hartshorn Luther, traveling agent, res 315 W Main. 

Hartshorn Salem J, confectioner, 172 Calhoun, res same. 

Hartstein Louis, watchman, res s s Taylor w of Metz. 

Hartsuff Wm D, clerk P F W & C R R, bds 86 E Lewis. 

Hartung Christian, tailor, res 284 W Jefferson. 

Hartung Emil, tailor, bds 284 W Jefferson. 

Hartung Emma, domestic 107 Lafayette. 

Hartung Gottholt, tailor, bds 284 W Jefferson. 

Hartung Louisa, milliner, bds 284 W Jefferson. 

Hartung Ludwig, tailor, bds 284 W Jefferson. 

Hartung Max O, watchmaker, bds 284 W Jefferson. 

Hartzell Charles, brakeman, bds 19 Baker. 

Hartzell Warren S, student, bds 70 Dawson. 

Hartzell Wm, brakeman, bds 96 Montgomery. 

Haskell Washington, produce and fish, 65 and 67 E Columbia, 
rooms same. 

Haskin John C, barber, bds 19 Baker. 

Hass Jacob, helper Bass foundry, res 133 Lewis. 

Hassemeyer Henry, bricklayer, res 15 Lavina. 

Hassler Miss Bessie, clerk A Mergentheim, bds 131 E Washing- 

Hassler Sarah (wid Joseph B), res 132 W Third. 

Hassler Mrs Sarah, res 170 Lafayette. 

Hasty John, laborer, res 91 Ewing. 

Haswell Geo I, cabinetmaker, res 27 Oliver. 

Hatfield Emily F, domestic 6^ Butler. 

Hatfield Lewis, bds 14 Chicago. 

Hatfield Wm, carriagemaker M L Albrecht, bds 322 Calhoun. 

Hath Jacob, engineer, res 204 Lafayette. 

Hattendorf Wm, expressman, res 30 St Mary's ave. 

122 R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

Kattersley Alfred, Plumbing, Steam and Gasfitting, 48 

E Main, res 173 W Wayne. (See adv, page 41). 
Hattersley Byron E. bookkeeper A Hattersley, bds 173 W 

Hattersley Carrie, res 173 W Wayne. 
Hattersley Willis, clerk, bds 173 W Wayne. 
Hattery Joseph, traveling agent H J Trentman & Bro, bds 

Mayer House. 
Hauenstein Julius, shoemaker, res 220 W Main. 
Hauf Wm, shoemaker C Braeuer, bds 148 Ewing. 
Haur Christ, laborer, res 107 Force. 
Hausbach Jacob, machinist, res 38 Henry. 
Hausbach Jacob, jr, blacksmith, bds 38 Henry. 
Hausbach Michael, machinist T W & W Ry, bds 38 Henry. 
Hauser Chas, polisher, res n e cor Hanna and Eckart. 
Hauser Henry, teamster, res w s Hanna nr city limits. 
Hauss David, carpenter, res 243 W Washington. 
Haustrausser John, wood sawyer, res 117 Wells. 
Hautsch Simon, wood dealer, res s s W Main nr city limits. 
Haven Harrison, works P F W & C R R, res 134 Force. 
Haverley Anthony, blacksmith, res 170 Madison. 
Haverley Miss Margaret F, clerk C Orff & Co, bds 2>6 E Main. 
Haverley Mary, domestic 106 Jackson. 
Hay Ernst, clerk H Wiebke, bds 92 Barr. 
fiEaydeu Fred J, Broker, Real Estate and Insurance 

Agent 68 Barr, res s s Lewis opp Division. 
Hayden «f olin W, Attorney and Register in Bankruptcy 

17 Court, res Thompson ave S Wayne. 
Hayes Dennis, supervisor, res 98 Chicago. 
Hayes Fred, Lawyer 62 Calhoun, res 235 W Main. 
Hayes Harry A, cook 92 Calhoun, bds same. 
Hayes Thomas, laborer, res 25 Colerick. 
Haynes Frank, engineer, res 29 Melita. 
Haynes Oilman, teamster, res 45 Grand. 
Hays Richard M, mail agt, res 63 N Calhoun. 
Hays Robert C, bds 67, N Calhoun. 

Hayum Leopold, clerk S Freiburger & Bro, bds 91 W Berry. 
Hazzard George, laborer Hoffman Bros. 
Hazzard Louis, (Schnurr & Hazzard) res 84 Van Buren. 
Heameler Henry, laborer, res s s W Water e of N Jackson. 
Heath Benjamin, porter Robinson House. 
Heath Wilbur F, prof music High school, res 154 Griffith. 
Heath Willis E, bds 92 Chicago. 
Heathington Joseph, brakeman, bds 30 Baker. 
Heaton Eben, medical student, bds Aveline House. 



Has over lOO Original llltistrations ; 132 Sandaffes described. Tejct-booU 
at several Medical Colleges. 8 00 clotli, $1.50. 

" It describes and gives cuts of almost all conceivable banda- 
ges. To those who have never enjoyed the opportunities which a large 
hospital can alone afford, this book will prove a very valuable aid." — Pe- 
ninsular Journal Med. " Every student should possess it; and as it is the 
most explicit and best illustrated English work of its kind, there will be 
few physicians who will not- prize its worth." — St. Louis Med. Jour.'''' "The 
wood-cuts are very instructive. It is charming to look, at last, upon a new 
set of these. We heartily commend the book, especially to recent graduates 
and to students." — Lnuisville Med. News. '^The most complete manual 
published." — Med. Observer. "So plainly illustrated that 'he who runs 
may read.' " — Revieiv. "This is an excellent compend, and will be found 
of great value by the tudent and young practitioner. The illustrations are 
well adapted to the purpose intended." — St. Louis Clinical Record. " Is 
very neatly illustrated, and l^esides a very comprehensive description of 
bandages proper, contains chapters on knots, poultices, strappings and im- 
movable dressings." — Med and Surg. Reporter. 


Second Edition (Seventh Thousand), revised and enlarged, Paper, 60 cts.; Cloth. 75c. 

Contains the doses of more remedies than any other Dose-Book or Materia Medica 
published, and is us^d in nearly every Medical College in the United States, and 
by Physicians and Dru^eists in every State and Territory, and tlie C^nadas. 

' ' The author has taken much pains and exercised good judgment in the process 
of selection and condensation. It is, in fact, astonishing how much he has got into 
these little books."— [Phil Med. and Surg. Reporter,] "Is emphatically a multum 
in parvo, and contains a fund of valuable information of every day requirement. 
Besides being the most complete Dose-Book we know "of, it is indispensable to the 
practitioner on a count of its other contents." — [Peninsular Jour. Med] "Every 
one must acknowledge that this author has compressed an immense amount of ready 
practical informacion into the minimum of space." — [Chicago Med. Jour, and Ex- 
aminer.] '"A very complete little volume containing a rare selection of valuable in 
formation, arranged for ready reference." — [St. Louis Med. Jour.] 

Enlarged Edition. Paper, .50 cts. Used in nearly every Medifcal College in th«' U. S . 

"Brief, comprehensible and to the point. Ih fact, it is 'Gray' and ' Wil>f)n ' in 
■4 'short dress.' The departments named are complete ; something you caiinot say 
of the small anatomies heretofore issued," — [Medical Observer.] " A neat^nd con- 
venient reference for the study of anatomy." — [St. Louis Med. Jour.] , 'A handy 
little manual for a medical student or practitioner that may want to save referring to 
(iray."- [Review.] "We should regard it as a very convenient work to carry with 
> ne, to refresh one's memory on points on which it is but too apt to grow rusty after 
leaving the dissecting room."— [Peninsular Jour. Med. 

The above books Are for sale by SIEMON & BRO., 50 Calhoun Street. 

Or will be sent post-paid upon receipt of the price by the publisher. 

C. HENRI LEONARD, M. D.. 137 Griswold Street, Detroit, Mich. 

$1.25 ?$r Day, $1,25 PorDay. 




Having leased the above Hotel, I Intend to make 
It one of the Best in the city of Fort Wayne. The 
Hotel has been thoroug-hly renovated, refurnished 
and put In First- Class shape, ?^nd is in fact the 
travelers' and farmers' perfect home. Commodious 
Stabling for 50 Horses, with plenty of water. The 
only Hotel In the city with good stabling connected. 
The table will always be supplied with the best the 
market affords, and the beds second to none in the 
city. The patronage of travelers and farmers 
solicited, and I assure them gendemanly treatment. 


25 Barr St. bet. Columbia and Main, 

Fort Wayne, - Indiana. 


Hebbisen George, brakeman res 17 Wallace. 

Hebert Oliver, engineer, res n w cor Thomas and Horace. 

Hecht Joseph, grocer, s w cor Holman and Monroe, res 160 

Hecker Henry, works college, res 421 E Washington. 
Heckler George, engineer, res 40 W Water. 
Heckler Geo, baker Trentman & Fox, res 40 W Water. 
Heckmann Mary, clerk, bds 112 Calhoun. 
Heckman Wm, laborer, res n s Aboit e of St Mary's ave. 
Hedekin Mrs Ellen, res 95 E Main. 

Hedekin IIouse9 A Freeman Propr, 25 Barr. (See adv.) 
Hedekin Thomas B, res 82 E Washington. 

Hedges Bailey S, carpenter P F W & C R R, bds 323 W Main. 
Hedges John, teamster, bds 73 Holman. 
Hedges Thomas J, carpenter, res 323 W Main.--'-'"^,^— ,^ 
Hedges Wm, conductor T W & W Ry, bds 14 Chicago. 
Heebner John, laborer, res 57 De Wald. 

Heffelfinger John M, clerk Owen, Pixley & Co, res 16 Sturgis. 
Heffern Michael, jointer stave factory, bds 6 Kansas. 
Hefiine Miss Elizabeth M, clerk Root & Co, bds 233 E Lewis. 
Hege Herman, teamster, res w s Clay bet Washington and 

Heger George M, laborer gas works, res 112 Wells. 
Hei Mrs Barbara, res 109 Barr. 

Heibler Frank, Ranke, Yergens & Brandt, bds 189 S Ewing. 
Heid Amos, works James Lillie & Co, res 37 Henry. 
Heidbach Wm, boatman Wm Samse, bds 67 W Water. 
Heidenrich Fred, bucket turner Peters Box and Lumber Co, bds 

27 Langohr. 
Heidenrich Henry, wood bender N G Olds & Sons, bds 26 

Heidrich Christian, res e s Wells n of Hoffman. 
Heidrick Frank, harnessmaker F Hilt & Co, bds w s N Cass n 

of Feeder. 
Heidwinkel Henry, res 54 W Wayne. 
Heilbroner Abraham, produce buyer, res 62 W Main. 
Heilbroner Samuel, clerk J B White, res 56 W Wayne. 
Heimroad Andrew, machinist, res 60 E Washington. 
Heindewinkler John, laborer, res 107 Holman. 
Heine Frederick, carpenter, res 52 i)ouglas ave. 
Heine Frederick, painter, res 139 Wallace. 
Heine Gottlieb, shoemaker Charles Stellhorn, 144 Calhoun. 
Heine John, engine wiper P F W & C R R, bds 96 Madison. 
Heine Wm, helper, res 167 Hanna. 
Heiney Joseph, grocer, res 241 Clay. 

124 K- L. POLK & CO.'S 

Heingartner Martin, merchant tailor 34 Clinton, res 155 W 

Heingartner Philip, clerk M Heingartner, bds 155 W Main. 

Heinlen Emanuel, machinist, res 319 Lafayette. 

Heinlen Frank, molder Kerr Murray, bds 304 Harrison. 

Heinlen Wm J, machinist, res 304 Harrison. 
. Heinnicke August, cigarmaker H W Ortmann, res 81 W Wash- 

Heiny Mrs Barbara, bds 52 Walnut. 

Heiny Erhart J (Heiny & Diebold), res 241 Clay. 

Heiny Nicholas, shipping clerk B Trentman & Son, res 253 E 

Heiny «fe Diebold (Erhart J Heiny, Henry Diebold), 
Grocers, 22 W Main. 

Heit Alexander, butcher A Wolf, res 74 Wells. 

Heit Christopher, traveling salesman, bds 188 Griffith. 

Heit Josephine (wid Anthony), res 188 Griffith. 

Heit Josephine A, tailoress, bds 188 Griffith. 

Held Adolph, molder Bass foundry, res 249 E Jefferson. 

Heldt George, barber, bds 78 High. 

Heldt John, barber, 78 High, res same. 

Heldt Miss Lizzie, bds 200 Fairfield ave. 

Helf Nicholas, res 135 Madison. 

Helfrich Christian, marble cutter, res 119 E Lewis. 

Heliker Wm, fireman, res 49 Baker. 

Helker August, helper, bds 114 Fairfield ave. 

Helker Charles, res 137 Francis. 

Heller Gottlieb, meat market, bds 332 Harrison. 

Heller Wm, cabinetmaker, bds Summit City House. 

Helling Fred, ice dealer, res 83 W Washington. 

Hellmuth Gustav, foreman bus line, res 1 1 N Cass. 

Helmkamp Henry (Scheuman & Helmkamp), res 344 Broad- 

Helmke Edward, boots and shoes 212 Calhoun, res same. 

Helmuth Gus, baggage driver Fletcher & Powers, res 11 N Cass. 

Heit Miss Barbara, clerk Foster Bros & Co. bds 78 High. 

Heltka Frederick, laborer, bds s s De Wald w of Webster. 

Hembrock Fred, sawyer N G Olds & Sons, res 264 E Washing- 

Hemphill William S, bookkeeper Gazette Co, res 39 W Wash- 

Hence Wm, shoemaker, res 159 Madison. 

Heneli Samuel M, Prosecuting Attorney Criminal Court, 
bds Mayer House. 

Henchen John H, clerk, res 164 Ewing. 


Henderson Alexander, engineer, res i8 Walnut. 

Henderson Andrew R, sup't woolen mills, res 1 1 5 E Wayne. 

Henderson Mrs Angeline M, boarding house 86 E Main. 

Henderson David, dyer French, Hanna & Co, res 225 E Wash- 

Henderson David, laborer Hoffman Bros, res s s Water w of 
Van Buren. 

Henderson Geo, student, bds Mrs L Snider Spy Run ave. 

Ilenclersoii Henry C, Propr Gable House, s w cor 
Madison and Lafayette. (See adv). 

Henderson Miss Kittie S, res Zd E Main. 

Henderson Matilda, student, bds Mrs L Snider Spy Run ave. 

Henderson Samuel C, machinist, bds 9 E Wayne. 

Henderson Wm, sawyer, bds David Henderson. 

Henderson ,Wm D, coppersmith P F W & C R R, bds 86 E 

Hendler Peter, laborer, res 37 Walnut. 

Hendricks Lizzie, domestic 62 Fulton. 

Henkel Philip, saloon 168 W Main, res same. 

Henkenius Frank, teamster B Trentman & Son, res 22 Third. 

Henkenius Frank, jr, teamster B Trentman & Son. 

Henkenius George, teamster B Trentman & Son, bds 22 Third. 

Henkenius Peter, confectioner Trentman & Fox, res 22 Doug- 
las ave. 

Henker Charles, wagon and blacksmith shop 88 E Columbia, 
res same. 

Henline Maggie, domestic 65 Baker. 

Hennan Paulina, domestic 74 E Columbia. 

Hennessy Alexander, car repairer, res 105 Wells. 

Hennings Fred, laborer, res 67 Bluff. 

Hennings Fred, weaver French, Hanna & Co, res 317 W Wash- 

Henry Mary, bds 387 E Wayne. 

Henry Meyer, blacksmith 10 N Calhoun, res 76 W Washington. 

Henry Wm H, grain buyer Bloomingdale Mill, res 122 Wilts. 

Henchen Ernst, helper, Bass foundry, bds 222 Francis. 

Henschen Fred W, molder Bass foundry, res 222 Francis. 

Henschen Henry, salesman Coombs & Co, res 164 Ewing. 

Henschen Wm, helper, res 222 Francis. 

Hense Edward, shoemaker, res 36 Monroe. 

Hensel Frank, Tailor 86 Calhoun, res 84 Oakley. 

Hensel Peter, brickmason, res 37 Miner. 

Hensel Wm, machinist Prentiss, McLachlan & Co, res 37 Gay. 

Henzie Wm, shoemaker M Noll & Son, res 159 Madison. 

Hepburn Archibald, painter 20 W Main, bds Central Hotel. 

126 R. L. POLK &C0.'S 

Herber Adeline, clerk G Fox & Son, bds 25 E Main. 

Herbert Valentine, engine wiper, res 105 John. 

Herchenrether Mrs Margaret, res 43 Nirdlinger. 

Herchenrether Michael, laborer, bds 43 Nirdlinger. 

Herder Voltin, engine wiper, res 105 John. 

Heres Ament, machine hand, bds 143 Wallace. 

Hergenrather Lizzie, domestic 236 W Berry. 

Herman John, helper, res 361 W Main. 

Hermann Henrietta, domestic 201 W Main. 

Hermsdorfer Geo A, boots and shoes 133 Broadway, res 281 W 

Herps Fred, teamster, res n s E Lewis w of Lillie. 
Herr Benjamin M, clerk Root & Co, res 215 E Wayne. 
Herr George, machine hand, Jacoby & Wiegand, res 40 Jones. 
Herr Henry, sawyer N G Olds & Sons, res Township line road. 
Herring George, teamster, res rear 73 High. 
Herring Mrs Laura, res 185 Lafayette. 
Herring Laura A, (wid William), res 272 W Jefferson. 
Herrington John S, carpenter, res 37 Colerick. 
Herrington Robert G. bds 37 Colerick. 
Herrmann Alexander, physician res 9 High, 9th ward. 
Herrmann Daniel A, physician, res 9 High. 
Herrmann Michael, carpenter, bds 173 Montgomery. 
Herrod Mary, domestic 74 E Lewis. 
Hersh John, clerk, Robinson House. 
Hersley Christian, farmer, res 333 W Main. 
Heseker Henry, carpenter, bds 91 E Lewis. 
Hesnar Wm, carpenter, res 108 Jackson. 

Hess Charlotte, (wid Jacob), res n e cor Lafayette and Pontiac. 
Hess John, expressman, res 71 VV Third. 
Hess Laura, cook Globe Dining Hall, 
Hdss Mary W, bds 71 W Third. 
Hess Nicholas W, plowmaker, res s s Elizabeth w of Spy Run 

Hess Philip J, machinist, res 132 Creighton ave. 
Hesserd George, watchman, res 44 Monroe. 
Hesserd George, laborer Hoffman Bros, w s Jackson n of Canal, 
Hessert Barney, teamster, bds George Hessert. 
Hessert George, laborer, res w s Jackson n of Columbia. 
Heth Jacob, engineer, res 204 Lafayette. 

Metli IVm, day caller T W & W Ry, bds 204 Lafayette. 
Hettiger George, tailor, res 101 Lafayette. 
Hettiger Joseph, tailor, bds 10 1 Lafayette. 
Hettinger George, cigarmaker, bds 310 Lafayette. 
Hettler Christopher F, lumber buyer, res 88 E Lewis. 


Hettler Gottlieb, laborer, res 84 Charles. 

Heuchling Mrs F, res 82 W Berry. 

Heuchling Theodore, physician 82 W Berry, res same. 

Heuer Herman, shoemaker, res 55 W Wayne. 

Heuer Martin, student, bds 55 W Wayne. 

Hewes James C, foreman, res 142 E Lewis. 

Hey Adolph, laborer Linker, Hey & Co, bds August A Hey. 

Hey August A, (Linker, Hey & Co) res s w cor Washington 
and Wabash ave. 

Hibbins Thomas H, slate roofer, bds 30 Baker. 

Hibler Maggie, domestic 121 W Main. 

Hibler Mary, domestic 92 E Main. 

Hickey Herman, porter Huestis & Hamilton, res s w cor Wash- 
ington and Clay. 

Hickey Mary, domestic 70 Douglas ave. 

Hickman Daniel, teamster, res n s Putnam nr city limits. 

Hiedenreich Amand, laborer, res 26 Henry. 

Hiel Frederick, teamster, res 104 Mechanic. 

Hierholzer Kolmanus, carpenter, res 37 Bass. 

Higby Wm, boatman, res 12 Clark. 

Higgins Cecelius R, train dispatcher, res 19 Williams. 

Higgins Frank P, engineer, res 143 E Jefferson. 

Higgins Oscar A, (Ellsworth, Andrew & Co,) bds Robinson 

Hight William, engineer G R & I R R, bds w s Harrison n of 

Hilbrecht Heinrich, blacksmith, res 228 W Jefferson. 

Hilbrecht Henry, engineer fire department, res 60 Clinton. 

Hild Henry, painter 149 W Main, res 249 W Washington. 

Hild Valentine, cigarmaker Geo Reiter, bds American House. 

Hildebrand Fred, carpenter, res 213 Madison. 

Hildinger Jacob, laborer, res n s Langohr w of Wells. 

Hilgemann Ernst H, carpenter, res w s Fairfield ave nr city limits. 

Hilgemann Frederick, laborer, res 18 McClellan. 

Hilgemann Frederick G, stave maker, res 114 Fulton. 

Hilgemann Frederick Wm, carpenter, res 399 E Washington. 

Hilgemann Henry, carpenter, res 184 Ewing. 

Hilgemann Henry, engineer, res 91 W Jefferson. 

Hilgemann Henry W, carpenter, bds 216 E Washington. 

Hilgemann Minnie, domestic 4 W Water. 

Hilgemann Wm, carpenter, res 216 E Washington. 

Hilgemann Wm Henry, carpenter, res 180 Ewing. 

Hilker Anthony, works J B White, res 114 Fairfield ave. 

Hilker Charles, carpenter, res 137 Francis. 

Hilker Fred, engine wiper, res 175 W Washington. 


Hilker Henry, barber, bds 175 W Washington. 

Hilker Wm, hack driver, bds 175 W Washington. 

Hill Mrs Barbara, res 158 W Main. 

Hill Cliarlesi !«, Music & Musical Instruments, Sole Agent 
for Wm Knabe & Go's Pianos, Mason & Hamlin Organs, and 
Sewing Machines, 52 Calhoun, res 34 W Water. 

Hill Clara, domestic s e cor Calhoun and Suttenfield. 

Hill Daniel, laborer, res n s 5th w of Wells. 

Hill David, teamster, res 64 W Third. 

Hill Edward R, commission merchant, res 219 Madison. 

Hill tfaines B, Grocer and Commission Merchant 82 
Calhoun, res 103 E Washington. 

Hill John, conductor, bds Gable House. 

Hill John E, res 58 W Berry. 

Hill John E Jr, Propr St Joe Flouring Mills, Spy Run 
ave, res n end Spy Run ave n of Canal feeder. 

Hill John H, res 159 Harrison. 

Hill Miss Mabel E, teacher Bloomingdale school, bds 34 W 

Hill Mandeville E, clerk, res 219 Madison. 

Hill Mrs Margaret, boarding house 197 W Wayne. 

Hill Mrs Mary, res 34 W Water. 

Hill Onslow G, res 316 W Jefferson. 

Hill S Melissa, domestic S B Bond. 

Hill Valentine, helper Peters Box and Lumber Co, bds 158 W 

Hill Wm, works oil mill, res 99 W Water. 

Hill Wm, bds 58 W Berry. 

Hille Henry C, boiler washer T W & W Ry, bds 45 W Jeffer- 

Hilleke Augustus, laborer, bds 114 Fairfield ave. 

Hilleke Henry, porter, res 114 Fairfield ave. 

Hilleg^aiss Jerry, (Hillegass & Statler), County Superin- 
tendent Public Schools, office Court House, bds Grand Hotel. 

Hilleg^as!§i «fe Statler (Jerry Hillegass, Augustus J 
Statler), Real Estate, Collection and Loan Agents, 15 Cal- 

Hilsman Lisette, tailoress J H Grimme, bds 20 McClellan. 

Hilt Fred (F Hilt & Co), bds 26 W Baker. 

Hilt John, res 26 W Baker. 

Hilt F & Co (Fred Hilt, John H Diether), harness &c, 17 E 

Himbart John, drayman, res 18 Hood. 

Himbart Michael, drayman, res 14 Lavina. 

Hines Mrs Hannah, bds 145 Broadway. 


Hines John, conductor P F W & C R R, bds 49 Baker. 

Hines John, gas fitter, res n s Hoffman w of Wells. 

Hines Philip, carpenter, res 40 Short. 

Hines Philip, laborer, res e s Florence s of Putnam. 

Hines Theodore, brakeman. bds 58 Chicago. 

Hiney Belle, bds Hedekin House. 

Hiney Nicholas, bookkeeper, res 253 E Jefferson. 

Hinkle Henry, well digger, res 237 Lafayette. 

Hinkle Oscar N, restaurant, bds Anderson House. 

Hininan Harry F, Contractor and Builder, n w cor 
Broadway and Cherry, Stophlet's Addition, res 424 S Broad- 

Hinman Alilon, machinist T W & VV Ry, bds 4 Kansas. 

Hinsdale Eugene A, clerk Central Hotel. 

Hinton John C, conductor, bds 55 Melita. 

Hinton Samuel, res 55 Helita. 

Hinton Wm P, brakeman. bds 55 Melita. 

Hintzman Fred, machinist, res 36 Lavina. 

Hire Ernst, boilermaker, res 59 Maumee. 

Hirsch Hattie (wid Leopold), res 89 W Jefferson. 

Hirschfelder Catherine, domestic 35 Douglas ave. 

Hislop Mrs Catherine, carpet weaver, res 120 Butler. 

Hisner Charles, boatman, res 5 Marion. 

Hisner Henry C, drugs, res 202 W Washington. 

Hitchcock Wm, brakeman, bds 328 Lafayette. 

Hite Harry T. engineer, res 91 Montgomery. 

Hite James, brakeman, bds 227 Lafayette. 

Hitzaman George, policeman, res 20 Summit. 

Hitzemann Christian, clerk, res 5 McClellan. 

Hitzemann Fred, machinist, res 36 Lavina. 

f^ilzemann Gottlieb, tailor J G Thieme & Bro, res 49 Wilt, 

f^itzemann Henry, grocer, 89 Harmer, res same, 
itzfield George, harnessmaker S H Shoaff, bds 84 E Wayne. 

Hoagland Americus V, salesman, res 312 W Jefferson. 

Hoagland James E, bds 106 W Berry. 

Hoagland Jotiii R, Justice of the Peace, 12^ E Main, 
res loO W Berry. 

Hoagland Pliny (Hoagland & Tresselt), res 106 W Berry. 

Hoagland & Tresselt (Pliny Hoagland, Christian 
Tresselt), Proprs City Mills, s w cor Clinton and E Water. 

Hobrock Annie, domestic 224 W Washington. 

Hobrock Eva (wid Wm), res 2 Cass. 

Hobrock John H, carpenter, res 94 Fairfield ave. 

Hobrock Wm H, printer, bds 2 Cass. 

Hoch Wm, saloon, 313 Lafayette, res same. 

130 R. L. POLK & CO/S 

Hockaday Mrs Deborah, boarding house 73 Grand. 

Hockaday James M, cooper, res no Chicago. 

Hockaday Warren, conductor, res 21 Melita. 

Hockaday Wm L, brakeman T W & W Ry, bds 73 Grand. 

Hockemeier Charles, engine wiper, res 317 W Washington. 

Hockemeier Miss Hannah, domestic 242 W Berry. 

Hockemeier Henry, mason, res w s Hannah bet Jefferson and 

Hockemeier Sophia (wid Ernst), res 196 Ewing. 

Hoctor Wm, blacksmith, res n w cor Van Buren and W Water. 

Hodgdon Wm A, professor of music, res 108 Fairfield ave. 

Hoebner John, laborer, res 323 Lafayette. 

Hoeltke Fred, carpenter, res 214 W Jefferson. 

Hoeltke Mrs Lena M, res 214 W Jefferson. 

Hoemig Charles, barber J J Kinsey, res 19 Cass. 

Hofer Andrew, saloon 8 Force, res same. 

Hofer Charles H, horse collar maker A Racine, bds 132 Wells. 

Hoff Frank, clerk, res 57 E Main. 

Hoffer Mrs Anna M, res n s Spruce nr St Mary's river. 

Hoffer Frederick, molder Bass foundry, bds 44 Spruce. 

Hoffer John G, carpenter, res 37 N Cass. 

Hoffet John, fireman, res 98 Holman. 

Hoffman see also Hoffmann and Huffman. 

Hoffman Andrew E (Hoffman Bros and J R Hoffman & Co), 
res 188 W Wayne. 

Hoffman Arthur E, clerk J C Hoffman, bds 149 W Berry. 

Hoffman Charles, auditor F W M & C R R, res 89 Barthold. 

Hoffman Christian, engineer, res 67 Melita. 

Hoffman Christian G, painter, bds Henry Hoffman. 

Hoffman Christina, domestic N B Freeman. 

Hoffman Daniel, painter, res 293 W Jefferson. 

Hoffman Fred, shoemaker A Markley, res 9 Union. 

Hoffman George, wagon maker G Biemer, res 400 E Washing- 

Hoffman Henry, carpenter, res n w cor Webster and Creighton 

Hoffman Jacob, laborer, res 9 Hood. 

Hoffman Jacob R (J R Hoffman & Co), bds 186 W Wayne. 

Hoffman Joseph C, wood yard, n e cor Pearl and Broadway, res 
149 W Berry. 

Hoffman Martin, tinner, bds 31 Force. 

Hoffmann Minnie, domestic 117 E Main. 

Hoffman Miss MoUie, clerk J Black & Co, res 173 W Washing- 

Hoffman Nicholas, laborer, bds 31 Force. 

Hoffman Mrs S C, clerk U S Pension Office, bds 132 E Main. 


Band Saw Mill 


Among the many advantages this Mill has over Circular and Mulay 
Mills we mention : 

l8t.— SAVING OF LUMBER. Ordinary saws cut five-sixteenths of an 
inch saw-kerf; our Band Saw takes ONE-TWELFTH, This makes a 
saving of 229 feet of lumber on each i,ooo feet of inch boards sawed. 

2d. — SAVING OF POWER. Twelve-horse power wiir cut 8,000 feet 
of lumber per day. 



We are also pi epared to furnish our Improved Patent 


A Mill and the small Machines can be seen in operation at our Factory in Fort 
Wayne. Manufactured only by J. R. HOFFMAN & CO.. Fort Wayne, Ind. 


Manufacturers of 

Black Walnut Lumber. 

Counter Tops, Coffin and Panel Stuff, Chair Stuff, Table 

Legs, Mouldings, &c. 

Band Saw Mills. - 200 West Main Street. 




Business Directories 

Illinois state Directory, - 1874 Price, $5 00 

Indiana State Directory,- -1876-7 * 

5 00 

Kentucky State Directory, - 1876-7 ' 

' 5 00 

Maryland State Directory, - 1875 ' 

4 00 

Massachusetts State Directory, 1874 

3 00 

Miciiigan State Directory, - 1877 * 

5 00 

Missouri State Directory, - - 1877 * 

5 00 

New England Directory, - 1875 

6 00 

New York State Directory, - 1874 

6 00 

Ohio State Directory, - - I876 ' 

5 00 

Tennessee State Directory, - 1876-7 ' 

5 00 

West Virginia State Directory, 1877 * 

' 5 00 

Wisconsin State Directory. - 1876-7 ' 

5 00 

New York City For Sale hij 


i CO-, 

Price, $3.00, 2 Tribune Buildii 

ig, Detroit, Mich 


Coffee and Spice Works, 

Sole Proprietors of the 


il@°^The Best in the World. '^'^a 

Mannfactnrers of Pnre Spices, Roastei and ftronnil Coffees, 

30 Clinton Street, - - FORT WAYNE, INDIANA. 



Hoffman Wm H (Hoffman Bros and J R Hoffman & Co), res 

200 VV Berry. 
BEoffinaii Bros (Andrew E & WmH), Mnfrs Black Walnut 

Lumber, Chair Stuff, Etc, 200 W Main. (See adv.) 
BLoffinaii J R <& Co (Jacob R, Andrew E, and Wm H 

Hoffman), Mnfrs Patent Band Saw Mills, 200 W Main. (See 

Hoffmann Charles A, boarding house 75 Harrison. 
Hoffmann Mrs Elizabeth, res 190 Montgomery. 
Hoffmann Ernestine, domestic Mrs E J Hamilton. 
Hoffmann Frank, oil tender P F W & C R R shops, bds 31 

Hoffmann John A, carpenter, res 31 Force. 
Hoffmann Peter, engine wiper, res 165 Clinton. 
Hoffmeister Henry, cooper, res 12 W Third. 
Hogan Mrs Catherine, res 58 Prince. 
Hogan Kugh, Restaurant and Saloon 89 Calhoun, res 92 

Baker. (See adv. p 43J. 
Hogan Samuel B, janitor Fort Wayne Medical College, res n s 

Langohr w of Wells. 
Hogan Timothy 9 City Councilman Sixth Ward, res 11 

Hogarth Thomas, engineer, res w s Lillie s of Cass. 
Hohenstein John A, blacksmith, bds 87 E Washington. 
Hohenstein Leonard, laborer, res 87 E Washington. 
Hohing John, fireman, res 27 Duryea. 
Hohing John J, machinist, res 27 Duryea. 
Hohloger Katie, domestic Washington House. 
Hohloger Lena, domestic Washington House. 
Hohnhaus George, carpenter Jacoby & Weigand, res 13 Wall. 
Hohnhaus George, finisher, bds 65 Wall. 
Hohnhaus Nicholas, laborer, res 13 Wall. 
Hohnhaus Peter, cabinetmaker, res 65 Wall. 
Hohnhaus Peter, laborer, res 13 Wall. 
Hoke Mrs Rosanna, res 177 E Lewis. 
Holderman Fred, laborer, res 169 Jay. 
Holdridge Wm G, traveling salesman Chas Saunders & Co, bds 

Mayer House. 
Holehin Wm P, coppersmith, res 60 Prince. 
Holeis George, brakeman T W & W Ry, bds 322 Calhoun. 
Holgate R P, messenger U S express, res Cincinnati, O. 
Holihan Peter, laborer, res 179 W Jefferson. 
Holland Annie, domestic 77 E Berry, 
Holland John M, boilermaker, res 124 Butler. 
Holland Mrs Mary, bds 22 W Water, 

132 R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

Hollcroft Miss Addie, bds 93 W Wayne. 

Hollenbacher Louis, boilermaker, res 150 Montgomery. 

Hollenbeck Frederick, baggagemaster, res 273 Webster. 

HoUenbeck Wm, watchman, res 299 Harrison. 

HoUister Adoniram J, cigarmaker Geo Reiter, res 17 W Jeffer- 

Hollmann August, seatmaker N G Olds & Sons, bds 96 Madison. 

Hollmann John F, carpenter, res 31 Lavina. 

Holloger Otto, brakeman, bds 70 E Jefferson. 

Holman Wm J (Holman & Cordrey), res 159 Van Buren. 

Holman & Cordrey. (Wm. J. Holman, Thomas Cor- 
drey), Insurance and Real Estate, TS}^ Calhoun. 

Holmes Bacy, laborer, res w s Lillie s of Pontiac. 

Holmes Johanna, (wid William J), res 29 Smith. 

Holmes Joshua, faruier, res 18 Gay. 

Holmes Mrs Lide J, dressmaker, res 48 McClellan. 

Holocher Otto, switchman P F W & C R R, bds 250 Barr. 

Hols worth Addison, clerk Co auditor's office, res 158 W Wayne. 

Holt Benjamin, boilermaker, res s s Hoffman w of Wells. 

Holt John, boilermaker, res 188 Henry. 

Holt John jr, helper T W & W Ry, bds 188 Henry. 

Holtz August, laborer, res 2 Lavina ave. 

Holverstott Charles H, laborer, bds 71 W Wayne. 

Holverstott Clinton W, agent Howe Machine, bds 71 W Wayne 

Holverstott Wm. Z, boarding house, 71 W Wayne. 

Holzworth Christian E, laborer, bds 48 W Main. 

Holzworth Eberhart, saloon 48 W Main, res same. 

Homan David, laborer, res 87 Griffith. 

Homberg Wm. F, machinist Bass foundry, res 148 Ewing. 

Home Insuraiace Co, Columbus O, A. C. Greenebaum 
agent, 31 Calhoun. 

Home of the Friendless, Mrs Sarah H. Kearney, 
Matron, 144 Pritchard. 

Homeyer Charles, apprentice Kerr Murray, bds 308 Harrison. 

Homeyer Fred, teamster, bds 310 Harrison. 

Homeyer Frederick W, laborer, res 325 W Jefferson. 

Homeyer Henry, laborer res 308 Harrison. 

Homsher Benjamin F, engineer, res 45 Butler. 

Hondheim Jacob, carpenter, res 31 Pine. 

Hondheim Jacob, laborer N. G Olds & Sons, bds 12 McClellan. 

Hondheim John J, machinist, res 12 McClellan. 

Hondheim Mary, domestic 70 Jackson. 

Hondheim Mary M, milliner, bds 12 McClellan. 

Honeck Conrad, sawyer Peters Box and Lumber Co, bds 58 



Honeck Henry, (H. Honeck & Co), res 127 Montgomery. 
Honeck H & Co, (Henry Honeck, Frederick Krift), carpenters, 

n s Montgomery bet Lafayette and Clay. 
Honik Alexander, painter, res 275 E Jefferson. 
Honik Charles, painter, bds 275 E Jefferson. 
Hood Mrs Elizabeth, res 223 E Jefferson. 
Hood George, wagonmaker, res 130 W Third. 
Hood James T, machinist, res 185 Ewing. 
Hood Thompson N, canvasser, res 223 E Jefferson. 
Hood Wra. E, corresponding clerk Bass foundry, res 334 W 

Hook Mary, dressmaker, rooms 157 W' Washington. 
Hoolihan Peter, laborer, bds 179 W Jefferson. 
Hoover Abram, carpenter, res 91 E Lewis. 
Hoover Clarence H, printer, bds Central Hotel. 
Hopkins Zeloiis, Artesian Well Djj|^r, res 51 W Water. 

(See adv.) 
Horan Kittie, domestic 106 W Wayne. 
Hormann Fred, blacksmith L C Zollinger, bds 15 E Water. 
Hormann Sophia, domestic 144 E Berry. 
Horner George, stovemounter T R Pickard & Sons. 
Horniug C^eorge, Saloon 69 and 71 Harrison, res same. 
Horning John J, conductor, res 141 B Jefferson. 
Sorsitiiiaii Fred II, Merchant" Tailor, 182 Calhoun, res 

Horstman Henry, carpenter, res 203 Hanna. 
Horstman Herman, clerk, bds 272 E Washington, 
Horstman Mary, domestic 220 W Wayne. 
Horstman Minnie, domestic 216 W Wayne. 
Horstmann John, laborer Boseker & White, res s e cor Wayne 

and Walton ave. 
Horstmann Joseph, clerk, bds 272 E Washington. 
Horstmann Wm, mason, res w s Wabash ave n of Maumee. 
Horstmeyer Gottlieb, laborer, res 5 Wall. 
Horstmeyer Henry, carpenter, res 120 Chicago. 
Horstmeyer Wm, carpenter, res 197 Ewing. 
Horstmeyer William, tailor C G Vogel & Son, res 38 Jones. 
Horton Elizabeth M C, (wid Elijah A) res 254 W Jefferson. 
Horton Mrs Mary A, dressmaker, res no Calhoun. 
Hosea John, laborer, res n s Samuel nr city limits. 
Hosey Mrs Jenny, res 142 E Wayne. 
Hosey Wm J, machinist, res 142 E Wayne. 
Hosmyer Wm, laborer, res 40 John. 
Hostetter Wm, laborer, res 163 W Washington. 
Hostman Christ jr, hackdriver, res 86 W Jefferson. 

134 R- L. POLK & CO. S 

Hostman Mary, (wid Christian) res 86 W Jefferson. 

Hough Mrs John, res 127 W Wayne. 

Hough Miss Martha, res 127 W Wayne. 

Houhhan John, engine wiper, res 28 Locust. 

Houlihan Michael J, bookkeeper, bds 28 Locust. 

House George, engineer, res 22 Fairfield ave. 

Houser Charles, foreman, res cor Hanna and Eckart. 

Houser Lena, domestic 55 W Lewis. 

Houser Samuel L, conductor, res 184 Griffith. 

Housman Zachary T, physician 244 Calhoun, res same. 

Llouston Alma E, res w s Hensch s of Putnam. 

Houston John H, res 225 Calhoun. 

Housworth Miss Kate, dressmaker, bds e s Wabash ave n of 

Hover James, brakeman, bds 330 Calhoun. 

Howard Ehza (wid JA^hael), res 60 W Washington. 

Howard Harry, sa^^V, res 60 W Washington. 

Howard Mary, ddlffstic 320 W Jefferson. 

Hoive iHaeliiiie Co% Amos Davis Agent, 72 Calhoun. 

Howenstein John (Carnahan, Hanna & Co), bds 50 E Berry. 

Howey Aaron B, clerk, res e s Fairfield ave, ^ mile s of city 

Howey Isaac, engineer, res e s Fairfield ave, j^ mile s of city 

Howey Miss Susan, teaclicr Hoagland school, South Wayne. 

Howley Thomas, blacksmith, s w cor E Water and Barr, res 30 

Hoyer Ernst, helper, res 59 Maumee ave. 

Hoyt Charles E, engineer, res 2 Brandriff. 

Hoyt David R, laborer, res 127 Harrison. 

Hoyt John E, brakeman, bds 14 Chicago. 

Hoyt Moses C, conductor T W & W Ry, bds 14 Chicago. 

Hoyt Will C, brakeman, bds 2 Brandriff. 

Hubach Heiiry, brewer 181 E Wayne, res same. 

Hubar Nicholas, fresco painter, bds 43 W Main. 

Hubbard Alexander, solicitor Singer Mnfg Co, res 25 Broad- 

Hubbard Charles, harnessmaker, bds 27 Broadway. 

Hubbard Willis V, artist E W Poster, res 25 Broadway. 

Hubbell James, engineer, res 50 Mehta. 

Hubbell Joseph, engineer, bds 3 Railroad. 

Huber Frederick, laborer Boseker & White, res 345 E Washing- 

Huber George, butcher, e s Barr bet Washington and Jefferson, 
res 126 E Lewis. 


Huber George jr, butcher, bds 126 E Lewis. 
Hubler Thomas, printer Fort Wayne Gazette, res 127 E Jeffer- 
Huckemeyer Ernst, tailor J G Thieme & Bro, res 10 Hanna. 
Hudry Nicholas, carpenter, res 186 Montgomery. 
Hudson Charles, brakeman, bds 19 Baker. 
Hueber Mrs Anna B, res 10 E Berry. 
Huestis Alexander C (Huestis & Hamilton, Hamilton & Co), 

res 205 W Berry. 
Huestis Charles I> C, Manager Hamilton & Co, res 203 

W Berry. 
Huestis «& Hamilton (Alexander C Huestis, Montgom^ 

ery Hamilton), Wholesale Grocers, 23 and 25, (old No's 77 

and 79) E Columbia. 
Huff Anthony, res s s 5th w of Wells. 
Huff Hiram, carpenter, res 23 Melita. 
Huffman Ann, domestic 146 W Berry. 
Huffman Christian, engineer, res 67 Melita. 
Hughes David, blacksmith, res 40 McLellan. 
Hughes Edwin, molder Bass foundry, res 2 Holton ave. 
Hughes Hugh W (Humphreys, Lohmann & Hughes), res 

Granville, N Y. 
Hughes James, engine wiper, res 25 Walnut. 
Hughes John, engine wiper T W & \V Ry, bds 396 Broadway. 
Huhn Frank, mason, res 177 E Lewis. 
Huisner Charles, laborer Wm Tagtmeyer, res 5 Marion. 
Hull lieivis O, Painter 75 Calhoun, res 199 W Wayne. 
Hull Sylvester, painter, bds 225 W Water. 
Hull Wesley, inventor, res 225 W Water. 
Hullman August, wagonmaker, bds 96 Madison. 
Hulse Wm L, machinist Prentiss, McLachlan & Co, res 185 W 

Hulzworth Augusta, domestic 117 Hanna. 
Humbert Alexander, laborer, res 18 Oak. 
Humbert James J, boatman, bds 86 E Main. 
Humbrecht George, policeman, res 44 W Third. 
Hume Miss S Thankful, teacher Harmer school, bds 153 E 

Humphrey Burr S, fireman, res 86 E Lewis. 
Humphrey George (Cochrane, Humphrey & Co), res 175 W 

Humphrey James A, carpenter, res 143 W Berry. 
Humphrey Miss Jane, res 171 W Berry. 
Humphrey Mrs Jane, res 171 W Berry. 
Humphrey John M, engineer, res 18 Pine. 

136 R. L. POLK &C0.'S 

Humphrey Mrs L W, res 15 Madison. 

Humphrey Miss Mary L., teacher Clay school, bds 175 W Berry. 

Humphrey Matthew, res 171 W Berry. 

Humphrey Miss Minnie, teacher, res 175 W Berry. 

Humphrey Wm C, machine hand, bds 91 Force. 

Humphreys David J, bookkeeper Humphreys, Lohmann & 

Hughes, res 70 Baker. 
Humphreys John (Humphreys, Lohmann & Hughes), res 70 

Humphreys Wm S (Humphreys & Case), res 142 Montgomery. 
Humphreys & Case (Wm S Humphreys, WilHs W Case), 

mnfr hnseed oil, Canal w of Calhoun. 
MaiiiiRpIireys, liOtimaitn dc IIug]iei«i, (John Hum- 
phreys, Fred Lohmann, Hugh W Hughes), Slate Roofers and 

Marbleized Slate Mantels, 213 Calhoun, 
Hunsche Frederick, brewer Certia & Rankert, res e s Beck s 

of Archer ave. 
Hunsche Henry, machine hand O D Hurd & Co, res Blake's 

Hunt Abram H, physician 17 W Berry, res 132 W Jefferson. 
Hunt Edward, conductor, res 48 Baker. 
Hunt Edward, laborer, res 6 Smith. 
Hunt John, plasterer, bds 6 Smith. 
Hunt Thomas, hack driver, bds 97 Baker. 
Hunter James W, telegrapher P F W & C R R offices, bds 

Anderson House. 
Mmiitiiig' Wm H9 Meat Market 141 Fairfield ave, res 16 

Huntsberry John D, peddler, res 62 W Lewis. 
Hupp Mrs Elizabeth, res 202 Lafayette. 
Hurd Mrs Mary, bds 142 W Jefferson. 
Hurd Orrin D, sash, door and blind mnfr, s w cor Lafayette 

and T W & W Ry, res 142 W Jefferson. 
Hurd Oscar, bookkeeper, bds 142 W Jefferson. 
Hurd Sarah, domestic 34 W Water. 

Hurley Daniel, boilermaker T W & W Ry, bds 181 Fairfield ave. 
Hursch Louis, cash boy M Frank & Co, bds 89 W Jefferson. 
Kuschfelder Lucas, mason, res 360 E Wayne. 
Sillier Xiouisi IP, Boots and Shoes, 178^ Broadway, bds 

10 1 Wilt. 
Hutchinson Thomas J, foreman, res 43 Brackenridge. 
LIutchison Thomas H, night yard master, res 210 Lafayette. 
Hutchison V R, produce buyer, res 8^ Holman. 
Hutsel John, truckman, res 200 W W^ashington. 


Hutton Edward H, traveling salesman Rogers, Duck & Lewis, 

bds American House. 
Hutzel Charles, laborer Jacob Fry & Sons, bds 296 W Main. 
Hutzell Daniel, grocer 297 W Main, res same. 
Huver Mrs Margaret, res 36 Hood. 
Huxford Merchant W, physician, res Spy Run ave. 
Huxoll August (Lichtsinn & Co), res 90 Barr. 
Hyde John, machinist, res 171 Fairfield ave. 
Hyer Christian, laborer Bass foundry, res 107 Force. 
Hyman Nancy J, domestic American House. 

Iba Mrs Elizabeth, res 129 Fairfield ave. 

Iba George S, fireman T W & W Ry, res 129 Fairfield ave. 

Icoff Chas, fireman, bds 94 W Main. 

Iddings Hiram, U S Pension Agent, s w cor Main and 
Harrison, res Kendallville. 

lex August, stave jointer Ranke, Yergens & Brandt, bds 60 W 

Imbody Adam, wood turner J Burkholder, bds n w cor Lafay- 
ette and Lewis. 

Immel Henry, res 24 E Berry. 

Immel Jno, blacksmith Jno Baker, res loi Clay. 

Indian Blood ISyrup, Mnfrd by Dr. Clark Johnson, 
Nick Leykauf, Agent, 209 Broadway. 

Indiana Conservatory of Husic, S B Morse, Di- 
rector, J C Bartlett, Secretary, over First National Bank. 

Indiana fStaats-Zeitung; (Tri- weekly and Weekly), 
Published by Indiana Staats-Zeitung Co Qohn D Sarnighau- 
sen, A Lewis Griebel), n e cor Columbia and Clinton. 

Indiana Tolksfreund (Weekly), Rudolph Worch, 
Publisher, 82 Calhoun. 

Inglander Caroline, bds 90 W Main. 

Irey Alfred K, clerk U S Express Co, res 186 Griffith. 

Irey Sarah (wid), bds 186 Griffith. 

Irvin George, works Olds' factory, res 89^ Force. 

Irving John M, sewing machine agent, res 211 W Jefferson. 

Irwin George B, traveling salesman C Orfi'& Co, res 71 Butler. 

Irwin I>r Jolin S, Supt of Fort Wayne Public Schools, 
Office High School Building, res 241 W Main.< 

Irwin Miss Mary, clerk office of supt pubHc schools, res 241 W 

Irwin Mary E, domestic 281 W Washington. 

138 R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

Irwin Miss Rose, res 241 W Main. 
Irwin Thomas, res 169 W Jefferson. 
Israel Henry, blacksmith, bds 152 Ewing. 
Iten John C, carpenter, res 435 Lafayette. 

Jabas Emil, mason, res n s E Lewis nr city limits. 

Jackon John P, conductor, res 326 Hanna. 

Jackson Kirby, engineer, res 55 Brackenridge. 

Jackson Peter, cook H Hogan, bds 89 Calhoun. 

Jackson Salina, bds 24 Chicago. 

Jackson Mrs Sarah J, res 193 Lafayette. 

Jackson Wm A, bds 193 Lafayette. 

Jackson Wm T, engineer, res 30 Wilt. 

Jacob Charles, butcher, bds 45 Monroe. 

Jacob Frederick, painter, res 68 W Washington, 

Jacob George, laborer, res 123 Williams. 

Jacobs Andrew, section hand, res 11 Wall. 

Jacobs Anthony, baker, res 11 Wall. 

Jacobs Charles J, machinist T W & W Ry, bds 124 Butler. 

Jacobs Charles W, baker 62 E Main, res same. 

Jacobs John H, (W Jacobs & Son, res 55 Barr. 

Jacobs Lena, domestic Gable House. 

Jacobs Mrs Rachael, laundress Aveline House. 

Jacobs Sarah, cook Aveline House. 

Jacobs Wm (W Jacobs & Son) res 50 E Berry. 

Jacobs Mrs, res rear 116 Madison. 

Jacobs W & Son, (Wm and John H) boots and shoes 17 Calhoun. 

Jacobson Fanny, (wid Elkan) res 199 W Washington. 

Jacobson Victor, clothing 27 Calhoun, res 136 W Wayne. 

Jacoby Frederick, carpenter, res 120 Wallace. 

Jacoby George, ('Jacoby & Wiegand) res 78 Wallace. 

Jacoby & Wiegand, (George Jacoby, Sebastian Wie- 
gand) Sash, Door and Blind Mnfrs, s w cor Virginia and 

Jacot August, laborer, bds 70 E Columbia. 

Jahn Edward, horse collar mnfr 116 W Main, res 323 W 

Jahn Nicholas, carpenter, res 17 Hood. 

Jahns Herman A, cigarmaker, res 83 Wilt. 

Jahr Frank, cabinet maker,, res 81 E Wayne. 

James Brother, teacher Cathedral school, res 171 Calhoun. 

James EUza, (wid Elisha) res w s St Mary's ave n of Lake. 

James Katie, domestic A G Barnett, Spy Run ave. 

James Wm, laborer, res 189 High, 


Jameson Samuel O, Physician, 32 W Berry, res 98 

Jaraey Emil, laborer Humphreys & Case, res 25 Smith. 

Jamieson Ab B, student, bds 191 E Lewis. 

Jamieson Mrs Margaret, res 21 Pine. 

Jamieson Richard W, check clerk T W & W Ry, bds 21 Pine. 

Jamratt Wm, laborer, res 408 W Main. 

Janken Anton, works French brewery, bds Peter Kuntz. 

Jarrett Cyrenius F, street car driver, res 226 E Lewis. 

Jasper George, porter Stophlet Bros, res 49 W Washington. 

Jasper Henry, laborer, res 124 Harrison. 

Jasper Rudolph, carpenter, res 49 W Washington. 

Jaudz Frederick, butcher W B Felt & Co, bds 42 E Lewis. 

Jautz Charles, teamster, res 113 High. 

Jautz Christian, laborer, res s s Polk w of St Mary's ave. 

Jautz Conrad, carpenter Peters Box and Lumber Co, bds Char- 
lotte Jautz. 

Jefferds Oliver W (French, Hanna & Co), res 131 E Wayne 

Jeffries Adam, res 276 W Wayne. 

Jeffries Wm T, cigarmaker, bds Exchange Hotel. 

Jenison Wm T, Lawyer, over First Natl Bank, bds Ham- 
ilton House. 

Jennings Mrs Maria, bds 50 W Washington. 

Jerman Mrs D F, dyer and scourer, 59 W Water.. 

Jerome Brother, teacher, res 171 Calhoun. 

Jewell Colin F, fireman, res 42 Force. 

Jewell Frank, teamster, bds Elizabeth Dunfee. 

Jewell Samuel V, fireman, res 42 Force. 

Jobst Bruno, cooper 3d, res same. 

Jobst Matilda, domestic 58 W Main, 

Jocquel John J, lamps and oils, 170 Calhoun, res same. 

Jocquel Louis, book seller, 168 Calhoun, res same. 

John Andrew, laborer, res 248 E Jefferson. 

John Mary, domestic s e cor Berry and Rockhill. 

Johnn Lizzie, domestic 139 W Main. 

Johns Alfred L (A S Johns & Son), res 70 Madison. 

Johns Alfred S (^A S Johns & Son), res 70 Madison. 

Johns Edward S, harnessmaker, res 265 E Washington. 

Johns Louis B, carriage trimmer, 65 E Main, bds 40 Madison. 

Johns A S & Son (Alfred S and Alfred L), harnessmakers 69 E 

Johnson Augustine, engineer, res 157 Holman. 

Johnson Charles H, res 91 E Main. 

Johnson Elias, pedler supplies, 257 Calhoun, res 117 East Main. 

Johnson Elizabeth, domestic 58 Chicago. 

I40 R. L. POLK &C0. S 

Johnson Mrs Emma, boarding house, 73 E Berry. 

Johnson Fillmore, brakeman, bds 58 Chicago. 

Johnson Fred, sawyer, bds Racine House. 

Johnson Gebhart, laborer, res 241 E Washington. 

Johnson George W, fireman, res t68 Holman. 

Johnson George Y, fireman, res 139 E Lewis. 

Johnson Henry M, bds 266 Calhoun. 

Johnson Herman, blacksmith, res 256 E Washington. 

Johnson Mrs Huldah, res 91 E Main. 

Johnson Isaac, watchman, res 59 Oakley. 

JTolinfiiOii James li. Barber, no Broadway, bds 26 Hol- 

Johnson John W, clerk, res s e cor Hoagland ave and DeWald. 

Johnson J H, engineer, res 157 Holman. 

Johnson Loran H, street car driver, bds 266 Calhoun. 

Johnson Madine L, conductor, res 16 Madison. 

Johnson Mrs Mary, res 227 Lafayette. 

Johnson Monroe, brakeman, bds 72 Wallace. 

Johnson Peter H, blacksmith, res 231 E Jefferson. 

Johnson Theodore, clerk S Bash & Co, res 282 W Jefferson. 

Johnson William, bds 93 W Washington, 

Johnson Miss Martha, bds 139 E Lewis. 

Johnson Wm jr, (Coombs & Co), bds 29 W Wayne. 

Joly Augusta, domestic 31 Barr. 

Jones Alonzo C, engineer, res 167 Webster. 

Jones Anbrose F, conductor P F W & C R R, bds 53 W Water. 

Jones Charles E, deputy recorder, res 8 Locust. 

Jones Charles E, clerk, bds 8 Locust. 

Jones Charles M, freight clerk, bds 46 Butler. 

Jones Christina, (wid R. V.), bds 161 W Washington. 

Jones David W, printer, res w end Maple ave. 

Jones Edward S, engineer, res 146 Holman. 

Jones Mrs Elizabeth, res 100 Montgomery. 

Jones Frank B, fireman, res 176 Fairfield ave. 

Jones Frank P, student, bds 146 Jackson. 

Jones Frederick, hackman, bds 63 Butler. 

Jones George M, fireman, res 37 Bass. 

Jones George W, bookkeeper, res 146 Jackson. 

Jones Harvey P, printer Sentinel office, bds Sturgis House. 

Jones Henry, engineer, res 189 Griffith. 

Jones John, brakeman, bds 74 E Lewis. 

Jones John, machinist, res 63 Butler. 

Jones Joseph H, physician, res 320 W Jefferson. 

Jones liCvi HI, Real Estate, 26 Court, res 25 W Berry, 
(See adv). 


Jones Lucelle F, farmer, bds D W Jones. 

Jones Miss Martha A, teacher Training school, bds 53 W Water. 

Jones Mrs Mary, res 53 W Water. 

Jones Mrs Nancy, res 49 Harmer. 

Tones Samuel, student, bds 194 Lafayette. 

Jones Silas C, teacher, bds Orin J Bowser. , 

Jones Thomas, clerk Coombs & Co, res 30 Pine. 

Jones Wm F, engineer, res 74 Nelson. 

Jones Wm H, lawyer, res 103 W Berry. 

Jonzen George, laborer, res 241 E Washington. 

Jordan George, section foreman Ft W J & S R R, res e s Beck, 

s of Putnam. 
Joslin Wm H (Coombs & Co), res 175 Clinton. 
Joslyn Mrs John J, trimmer C Orff & Co, res 50 W Water. 
Josse Fred, bds 138 Wells. 
Josse «f obn M, Physician and Surgeon, 54 Calhoun, res 

138 Wells. 
Jourdain Celestain, grocer, 98 Maumee ave, res 100 same. 
Joyce C H, bds 17 Hoi man. 
Juanez Fred, laborer Bass foundry, res 49 Force. 
Judkins Mrs Harriet E, boarding house, 8 Locust. 
Jules Simon, machinist T W & W Ry, res 42 Pine. 
Junge August, carpet weaver, 287 E Lewis, res same. 

Kaag Frederick, traveling agent H J Trentman & Bro, res 24 N 

Kaa^ Jacob C, clerk H N Ward, res 283 W Jefferson. 
Kabisch Julins^Saloon, 12 W Main, res same. 
Kabisch Rudolph, butcher F Eckart & Co, res 182 Fairfield ave. 
Kaegel Mrs Catherine, res 8 Colerick. 
Kagle Mrs Kate, dressmaker, res 128 Calhoun. 
Kahler George W, horse collar maker A Racine, bds n e cor 

Cass and ist. 
Kaiser Diedrich, laborer, J48 Broadway. 
Kaiser Ernst, laborer; res 186 E Lewis. 
Kaiser Ernst, laborer, bds 197 Ewing. 
Kaiser Fred, boilermaker T W & W Ry, res w s John s of 

Kaiser Frederick, tailor, 24 W Main, bds s w cor Water and 

Kaiser Mary, bs 45 Madison. 
Kaiser Sadie, domestic 330 Calhoun. 

142 R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

Kalbacber Anton, Flour, Feed and Provisions 286 Cal- 
houn, res 234 E Wayne. 

Kallen Peter, sawyer J C Peters & Co, res Rockhill addition. 

Kamm Andrew J, clerk postoffice, bds 112 E Main. 

Kamm Jolin JT, Postmaster, res 112 E Main. 

Kammaier Henry, laborer, res 19 Barthold. 

Kammeier Conrad, watchman T W & W Ry, res s s DeWald, nr 
Hoagland ave. 

Kamp George, machinist, res 32 Colerick. 

Kampe Adolph, bookkeeper, res 50 W Lewis. 

Kampe Charles A, bookkeeper F Eckart & Co, res 50 W Lewis. 

Kampe Gustave, teacher, bds 50 W Lewis. 

Kamphues Henry, laborer Bass foundry, bds 132 W Washing- 

Kamphues John, Ranke, Yergens & Brandt, bds 132 W Washing- 

Kamphues Joseph, painter, bds 132 W Washington. 

Kamphues Lanie, domestic Hamilton House. 

Kamphues Mrs Mary, res 132 W Washington. 

Kanaga Francis, brakeman, bds 219 Lafayette. 

Kanaga Lee, brakeman, bds 219 Lafayette. 

Kane Mrs Hannah, res 50 W Berry. 

Kane James F, clerk James M Kane & Bro, bds 88 W Berry. 

Kane James M (James M Kane & Bro), res 88 W Berry. 

Kane John, brakeman, bds 223 Lafayette. 

Kane John, helper, bds 98 Montgomery. 

Kane Miss Mary, res 50 W Berry. 

Kane Patrick H (James M Kane & Bro), res 50 W Berry. 

Kane James M & Bro (James M, Patrick H), notions, toys 
and fancy goods, 19 Calhoun. 

Kanne August, painter, bds s s Pontiac w of Hanna. 

Kanne Henry, clerk M Frank & Co, bds 33 Madison. 

Kanney Frank, clerk, bds 126 E Washington. 

Kanney Frederick, contractor, res 33 Madison. 

Kanney Henry, clerk, bds 33 Madison. 

Kanney John (John Kanney & Bro), res 126 E Washington. 

Kanney Nicholas (John Kanney & Bro), res 126 E Washington. 

Kanney Peter, mason, bds 126 E Washington. 

Kanney John & Bro (John & Nicholas), grocery and saloon 126 
E Washington. 

Kanning Frederick F, blacksmith P F W & C R R, bds 99 

Kanning Sophia, domestic 91 Madison. 

Kanning Wm, grocer, 84 Barr, res 59 E Wayne. 

Kans Louis, laborer, res 3 Marion. 


Kaough Miss Lizzie, clerk Foster Bros & Co, bds i66 Montgo- 

Kaough William, salesman Shordon & Swann, res i66 Montgo- 

Kappel Henry, helper, res 349 E Lewis. 

Kappern John, helper, res 180 E Washington. 

Karanz Peter, painter Fort Wayne Paint and Painting Co, bds 
165 Broadway. 

Karman Kip, machinist, res 348 Calhoun. 

Karns Lewis H, carpenter, bds 128 Calhoun. 

KarthoU Anthony, engineer Trentman, Monning & Son, res 15 
E Jefferson. 

Kartholl Mrs Caroline, bds 112 Clay. 

Kassans Wm, laborer, res 363 E Washington. 

Kassens Chris, carpenter, res 56 Thomas. 

Kastner Getta, painter, bds 81 Holman. 

Katt August, city circulator Daily Democrat, bds 41 Maumee 

Katt Claus, mason, res 41 Maumee road. 

Katt Henrietta, dressmaker, res 41 Maumee ave. 

Kauffman Mrs M L, teacher Washington school, bds cor Berry 
and Rockhill. 

Kauffmann Christ, meat market, 198 Broadway, res same. 

Kavanagh James, molder T R Rickard & Sons, bds n w cor 
ist and Harrison. 

Kaylor George, horse collar maker, bds Racine House. 

Kayser, see also Kaiser, Keiser and Keyser. 

Kayser Anton, tailor, res 252 W Jefferson. 

Kayser Conrad, millwright, res 45 Second. 

Kayser Frederick (McNulty & Kayser), res 221 Lafayette. 

Keafgaber George, laborer P F W & C R R, res Pritchard. 

Keal Wm, laborer, bds 62 Webster. 

Keancla Christian, teamster, res s s Hoffman w of Wells. 

Keaough Wm, traveling agent, res 166 Montgomery. 

Kearney Mrs Sarah H, matron Home of the Friendless, res 144 

Kecher John, engine wiper, res 23 Charles. 

Kee Chong, laundry 30 W Main, res same. 

Keefe David, laborer, bds 6 Kansas. 

Keefer Christian (S Keller & Co), res 25 Rockhill. 

Keefer Peter J, sheriff Custer City, Wyoming Territory, res 20 

W Water. 
Keegan Harry H, clerk, bds 155 W Washington. 
Keegan Howard H, clerk P F W & C R R, bds 155 W Wash- 

144 R« L. POLK & co.'s 

Keegan James E, machinist, res 143 Francis. 

Keegan Patrick H, engineer, res 155 W Washington. 

Keegan Wm, fireman, res 330 Calhoun. 

Keel Aurora C, traveling agent, res 138 Broadway. 

Keel Mrs Mary Cr, News Dealer and Millinery, 138 
Broadway, res same. 

Keenard August, helper, res 361 Lafayette. 

Kees Frank, engine wiper, res 43 Wilt. 

Kegel man Bernhard J, upholsterer, res 271 W Washington. 

Kegelman Julius (Paul Wolf & Co), res n e cor E Wayne and 
Walton ave. 

Kehnert Frederick A, helper, res 361 Lafayette. 

Keifer Adolph, letter carrier, bds s s Elizabeth w of Spy Run ave. 

Keifer John, laborer, res w s Lafayette s of Pontiac. 

Keiffer Miss Fannie, res 181 W Wayne. 

Keil Miss Amy J, bds 145 W Water. 

Keil David S, secretary Gazette Company, res 145 W Water. 

Keil Frederick W, president Gazette Company, res 145 W Wa- 

Keil Jacob H (Keil & Brother), res 143 W Water. 

Keil Lewis D (Keil & Brother), res 145 W Water. 

Keil Miss Mary A, bds 145 W Water. 

Keil Miss Sarah S, bds 145 W Water. 

Keil & Brother (^Lewis D and Jacob H), books, stationery, etc, 
3 Key Stone Block. 

Keintz John, saloon, 310 Lafayette, res same. 

Keinz Philip, saloon and leader Ft Wayne City Band 307 La- 
fayette, res same. 

Keiser Charles, blacksmith, res s s Allen n of Calhoun. 

Keiser Fred, boiler maker, res w s John s of Charley. 

Keiss John, packer A S Evans & Co, bds Mayer House. 

Keith Hzekiel, Cement Pipe Works opp P F W & C R R 
depot, bds e s Monroe bet Wallace and Charles. 

Keitli Robert F, Supt of Factory Ft Wayne Organ Co, res 
124 Creighton ave. 

Kelker Anthony, engineer, res 174 Griffith. 

Kelker George W, foreman round house, res 184 Francis. 

Kelker Henry, hostler Fletcher & Powers, res 142 Barr. 

Kelker Samuel, engineer, bds 50 E Washington. 

Kelker Samuel, hostler, bds 50 E Washington. 

Kellenberger M^s Frances E, res 96 Barr. 

Keller Cassimir, teamster, res 442 Broadway. 

Keller Charles Jr, File Mnfr 224 W Main, bds same. 
(See adv. page 4j.) 

Keller George, laborer, res 60 W Washington. 


Keller Jacob, baker C Haffner, bds 32 W Berry. 

Keller John G, engineer, res 114 Fairfield ave. 

Keller Joseph, cigar mnfr, res 160 Taylor. 

Keller Josiah O, pharmacist, 62 Calhoun, bds s w cor Clinton and 

Keller Patrick, laborer, res 9 Walnut. 

Keller Sebastian, (S Keller & Co) res 313 W Washington. 

Keller S & Co, (Sebastian Keller, Frederick Roth, Christian 
Keefer) stone dealers, 94 Pearl. 

Kelley Mrs Elizabeth, res e s Webster n of Baker. 

Kelley Michael M, saloon and restaurant, 250 S Calhoun,res same. 

Kelley Patrick, res 203 Barr. 

Kelley Timothy, foreman, res 20 Brandriff. 

Kelley Wm H, foreman, res 88 Fairfield ave. 

Kellicker Josephine, domestic 169 Montgomery. 

Kellogg Douglas N, clerk C A Zollenger, bds 106 Jackson. 

Kellogg John, engineer, res cor Maud and Thomas. 

Kelly Christopher, city marshal office City Hall, res 47 E Wash- 

Kelly Daniel, laborer, res 204 E Wayne. 

Kelly Finley S, brakeman, bds 69 Baker. 

Kelly James, boilermaker, res 122 W Washington. 

Kelly John, huckster, res 313 Harrison. 

Kelly [ohn, shoemaker L, Fortried, bds 290 Calhoun. 

Kelly John T, laborer, res 81 Hoagland ave. 

Kelly Michael S, bookkeeper Hamilton Bank, res 47 E Wash- 

Kelly Simon, bartender Robert McDonald, bds 203 Barr. 

Kelly Thomas, fireman, res jn Force. 

Kelly Thomas, laborer, res 108 W Third. 

Kelor Joseph, brakeman, bds 30 Baker. 

Kelsey Abner A, deputy .heriff, res 114 Wayne. 

Kelsey Urs I>elia S, Dress Maker, 114 W Wayne, res 
same. {See adv.) 

Kelsey James T, wood yard, n s Pearl w of Harrison, bds 54 

Kelter Mary, res 50 E Washington. 

Kemp Edgar, clerk Sentinel office, res 333 E Washington. 

Kempf Wm grocer, 13 High, res 17 High. 

Kenline Adam, butcher, res 148 Fairfield ave. 

Kennedy Eliza, bds 69 Baker. 

Kennell Ellen G, domestic 262 Calhoun. 

Kenneman Catherine (wid Fred), res e s McLaughlin s of 

Kennerk John, boarding house, 26 Wallace. 

146 R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

Kensill George W, machinist, res 395 Lafayette. 

Kensill John, clerk C A Zollenger, bds 395 Lafayette. 

Kensill John C, boilermaker, re.> 179 Hanna. 

Keoble John G, res 300 E Wayne. 

Keough Wm, wool carder French, Hanna & Co, res 166 Mont- 

Kepler George, laborer, res 26 Gay. 

Keplinger Charles W, clerk Geo DeWald & Co, res 118 Force. 

Keplinger Harry, clerk Keil & Brother, bds 118 Force. 

Keplinger Jacob A, engineer, res 118 Force. 

Keppler Jno G, works J B White, res 26 Gay. 

Kerchoff Mrs Caroline, res 157 Broadway. 

Kerchoff Wm, boxmaker, bds 157 Broadway. 

Kern Edward F, clerk Kern & Tyler, bds 107 W Washington. 

Kern Jacob J (Kern & Tyler), res 107 W Washington. 

Kern & Tyler (Jacob J Kern, Justin A Tyler), Druggists, 
Pharmacists, Etc, 40 Calhoun. 

Kerr Wm J, lawyer and claim agent, n w cor Calhoun a»d Main, 
res s e cor Calhoun and Pontiac. 

Kerry John, paper hanger Ellsworth, Andrew & Co, res 28 E 

Kessens Christian, carpenter, res 56 Thomas. 

Kessens Wm, laborer, res 363 E Washington. 

Kestel Peter P, Musical Instruments, 130 Calhoun, res 

Kester N W, engineer T W & W Ry, bds Harmon House. 

Ketcher John, fireman, res 23 Charles. 

Ketcher Mrs Emily P, res 200 E Wayne. 

Ketker Fred, blacksmith Bass foundry, res 18 Lavina. 

Ketchum Charles, clerk Central Hotel. 

Kettler Mrs Ehza, res 205 E Jefferson. 

KettlerWm, teamster, res 324 E W^ayne. 

Kettler VViUiam, clerk C Haffner, bds 324 E Wayne. 

Keys Clayton, works spoke factory, bds 227 Lafayette. 

Keys Edward, brakeman T W & W Ry, bds 48 Chicago. 

Keys John R, mason, res 48 Chicago. 

Keys Mattie, domestic Anderson House. 

Keyse Mrs Catherine, washerwoman, res 17 Bass. 

Keyser see also Kaiser, Kayser & Kiser. 

Keyser Jacob M, painter, res s end Webster nr Pontiac. 

Keyser Jacob Y, pump agent 185 Broadway, bds 19 Pritchard. 

Kickley Joseph, brass molder, res 118 Fairfield ave. 

Kiddie Henry, laborer, res 150 Fairfield ave. 

Kiefer Adolph, see also Keefer & Keifer. 

Kiefer Christ, contractor, bds 27 Wall, 


Kiefer Christian, stone cutter, res 25 West. 

Kiefer George sr, res 27 Wall. 

Kiefer George H, contractor, res 27 Wall. 

Kiefer Henry, salesman A D Brandriff & Co, res Elizabeth nr 
Spy Run ave. 

Kiefer Philip, carpenter, bds 27 Wall. 

Kiefer Joseph, porter, 103 W Berry. 

Kiefliaber George J, helper, res 168 Van Buren. ♦ 

Kiel, see also Keel & Keil. 

Kiel Christina, domestic 169 W Wayne. 

Kiel Henry, blacksmith, res 62 Dawson. 

Kierspe Charles, machinist, res 39 Locust. 

Kile Jacob, engineer, res n w cor Calhoun and Creighton ave. 

Kiley John J, engine wiper, bds 33 Colerick. 

Kiley Mary, domestic 106 W Wayne. 

Kiley Mrs Mary, res 33 Colerick. 

Killen Wm, blacksmith, res 151 Wallace. 

Killey John, engine wiper, bds 23 Colerick. 

Killian Miss Ella, dressmaker 29 E Main, res 186 Griffith. 

Kilpatrick Oscar D, engineer, res 43 N Calhoun. 

Kimball Ann L, (wid Wilbraham), res 43 Lavina. 

Kimball Benjamin H, carpenter, res 29 West nr Rockhill. 

Kimball Israel G, conductor, res 43 Lavina. 

Kimball Jennie O, teacher, bds 43 Lavina. 

Kimball Miss Laura A, teacher Jefferson school, bds 29 West. 

Kimmel Michael, porter, res 257 Hanna. 

Kimcade Wm A, engineer, res 23 West. 

Kindt Wm P, clerk Wm. Struber, bds 66 E Main. 

King George W, engineer, res 37 Bass. 

King John, harnessmaker G. H. Kuntz, res 41 Harrison. 

King Katie, domestic 213 W Berry. 

King Miss Lizzie, dressmaker, bds 176 Henry. 

King Mrs Margaret, res 125 Montgomery. 

King Patrick, fireman, res 93 Fairfield ave. 

King Mrs Rachel, res 62 Clinton. 

King Victor E, car inspector, res 271 E Washington. 

King Wm, boilermaker Prentiss, McLachlan & Co, res 335 E 

Kinline Adam, meat market, res 148 Fairfield ave. 

Kinnaird Miss Anna A, teacher Hoagland school, bds 25 Wil- 

Kinnaird Robert, machinist, res 25 Williams. 

Kinnaird Robert, student W U Telegraph Co, bds 35 Williams, 

Kinnan John M, farmer, res 392 Calhoun. 

Kinney Miss Maggie, domestic 55 Brackenridge, 

148 R. L. 

Kinney Michael, laborer, res 23 Henry. 

Kinsey tfacob J", Barber 17 W Columbia, res 247 W 

Kinsey Samuel T, barber 14 E Columbia, res same. 

Kintz Ambrose W, fireman, res w s Harrison n of 5tb. 

Kintz Jacob J, fireman F W M & C R R, bds n e cor Fourth 
and Harrison. 

Kintz John, carpenter, res 194 Hanna. 

Kirbach Fred, mason, res 159 Gay. 

Kirby Julia, domestic, railway dining rooms. 

Kirby Michael, helper T W & W Ry, bds 23 Grand. 

Kirchner Gottlieb W, clerk A D Brandriff & Co, res 16 Nird- 
linger ave. 

Kirk Charles, brakeman, bds 229 Lafayette. 

Kirkby John, engineer, res 24 Pine. 

Kirkham John, laborer, res 295 W Main. 

Kirkham Wm, weaver, res 190 E Wayne. 

Kirkhoff Sophy, domestic Charles McCulloch. 

Kirkland John, res 229 Lafayette. 

Kirkland Miss Kittie, res 229 Lafayette. 

Kirkland Miss Nettie, clerk Foster Bros & Co, bds 229 Lafay- 

Kirley John, engine wiper T W & W Ry, bds 33 Colerick. 

Kiser, see also Kaiser, Kayser and Keyser. 

Kiser Anthony W, bds 70 W Wayne. 

Kiser Byron A, clerk P Kiser, bds 70 W Wayne. 

Kiser Charles S, carpenter, bds 70 W Wayne. 

Kiser Frank E, clerk P Kiser, bds 70 W Wayne. 

Kiser J R, painter L O Hull, bds 70 W Wayne. 

Kiser Louisa, domestic American House. 

Kiser Mattie, waiter Grand Hotel. 

Kiser Mrs Minnie, res 127 Madison. 

Kiser Miss Nancy, seamstress, bds loi Lafayette. 

Kiser Peter, general store 25 Calhoun, res 70 W Wayne. 

Kist Frank, engine wiper, res no Creighton ave. 

Klaber Henry, blacksmith, res 50 Wall. 

Klaehn John J, furniture 42 and 44 W Main, res 5 Pearl. 

Klaehn Wm R, cabinetmaker J J Klaehn, bds 5 Pearl. 

Klaene Charles, res cor Spruce and St Mary's river. 

Kleber S B, fireman, res 297 Hanna. 

Klee John, painter, res 378 E Washington. 

Klein Henry, tailor J G Fledderman, res n s Elm e of Cherry. 

Kleiner John, saloon 119 W Jefferson, res same. 

Kleinmueller Henry, watchman, res 55 E Madison. 

Kleinrichert Kate, domestic 347 E Wayne. 



Kleinsmith Wm, truckman, res 73 W Washington. 

Kleinsorge Herman, teamster, res 164 High. 

Klene Henrich, basketmaker, bds 172 Ewing. 

Kley Frederick, brewer 232 W Main, res 240 same. 

Kley Frederick jr, brewer, res 240 W Main. 

Kley Tilly, domestic ^35 W Main. 

Kliese Mrs Mary, millinery 108 Broadway, res same. 

Klindrich Frances, domestic 159 W Washington. 

Kline Charles, laborer, res 75 Lafayette. 

Kline Mrs Elizabeth, res 170 E Wayne. 

Kline Frank, cigarmaker L Dessauer & Co, bds 10 McClellan. 

Kline Fred, clerk W Jacobs & Son, res 176 Griffith. 

Kline Jacob, grocer 30 E Columbia, res 118 E Berry. 

Kline Jacob Q, teamster, res 28 Buchanan. 

Kline James D, cigarmaker, bds 10 McClellan. 

Kline Milton, cigarmaker L Dessauer & Co, res 10 McClellan. 

Kline Wm, clerk J Kline, bds it8 E Berry. 

Klingenberger John, car repairer, res 354 W Main. 

Klinger Isaac, hostler A J Read, res 13 Douglas 9th ward. 

Klinger James E, hackman, res 198 Madison. 

Klingman John, cattle buyer, res 373 Lafayette. 

Klinke Conrad, helper T W & W Ry, bds 58 W Lewis. 

Klinkel Michael, conductor, res 21 John. 

Klinkenberg Otto, clerk, bds Grand Hotel. 

Klippert George, baker C W Jacobs, bds 62 E Main. 

Klix Mrs P, (wid Hugh) res 92 W Jefferson. 

Klopper Henry, car inspector, res 19 Wilt. 

Klotz Daniel, (Klotz & Zoeller) res n w cor Allen and Calhoun. 

Klotz & Zoeller, (Daniel Klotz, Roman Zoeller) grocers 372 

Klug Gregor, boots and shoes 204 Hanna, res same. 
Klug Martin, carpenter, res 295 E Wayne. 
Klusenkamp Fred, blacksmith, bds 132 Wells. 
Knaack Fred, laborer, res 146 W Main. 
Knaack Fred, laborer, res 196 W Washington. 
Knaack Wm F, shoemaker, bds 146 W Main. 
Knapp Alvin, dental student, bds Isaac Knapp. 
Knapp Isaac, M D (I Knapp & Son),res Fairfield ave s Wayne. 
Knapp Ora P, tuner organ factory, bds 122 Creighton ave. 
Knapp Wm B, D D S (I Knapp &: Son), bds Fairfield ave s of 

Knapp I 4& {Son (Isaac & Wm B), Dentists, s w cor Berry 

and Clinton. (See adv, p jy.) 
Knecht Dominick, undertaker C Fink, res 22 W Jefferson. 
Knecht Frank, laborer, bds 22 W Jefferson. 

150 R. L. POLK &C0.'S 

Knecht Kate, domestic 77 W Berry. 

Knecht Samuel, grocer, 92 Broadway, res same. 

Knerehn Sophia, waiter Grand Hotel. 

Knight Thomas, brakeman, bds 219 Lafayette. 

Knight Wm, carpenter, res n s Eckart e of Hanna. 

Knoblock Frederick, plasterer, res 225 Calhoun. 

Knoder George W, painter, res 228 Francis. 

Knoll Henry H, machinist, res 15 Miner. 

Knoll Mary, domestic 197 W Wayne. 

Knoll Wm H, machinist, res 15 Miner. 

Knothe Julius, lumber dealer, res 51 E Jefferson. 

Knox Calvin, clerk Anderson & Douglass, bds 123 W Wayne. 

Knox Jno, miller, bds Comparet House. 

Knuth Heinrich, laborer, res n s Hoffman w of Wells. 

Koahler Mary, domestic 95 Baker. 

Koahn Wm, shoemaker, res 217 E Jefferson. 

Koby Joseph, painter, bds 165 Broadway. 

Koch Anthony, res 58 W Lewis. 

Koch Anthony jr, blacksmith, res 57 W Lewis, 

Koch Carl, finisher, res 18 Henry. 

Koch Elise, domestic 241 W Main. 

Koch Henry, cigarmaker, res 178 E Washington. 

Kocb John B? Grocer, 122 E Washington, res same. 

Koch John M (Koch, Kuhne & White), res 150 Calhoun. 

Koch John Wm, tailor E Bostick & Son, res 119 Lafayette. 

Koch Theodore, bds tt8 E Washington. 

M0CII9 Kuhne «fe IVhite (John M Koch. Frederick W 
Kuhne, David P White), Abstract of Titles, Office Court 

Kochel Richard, engineer French, Hanna & Co, bds 39 E 

Kocks Frank J, sawyer Peters Box and Lumber Co, res 27 

Kocks Henry, porter H G Wagner, bds 54 Calhoun. 

Koegel Christ, carpenter, 54 Lavina. 

Koegler C W, fireman, res 202 Francis. 

Koehler Ernst, helper Bass foundry, bds 137 Francis, 

Koehlinger Peter, Constable, res 12 Lafayette. 

Koehnlein Michael, machinist, res 183 W Jefferson. 

Koehnlein William, laborer, bds 183 W Jefferson. 

Koenig Christ, boilermaker, bds 335 E Washington. 

Koenig Fred, clerk Rothschild & Bro, res 335 E Washington. 

Koenig Henry, carpenter, bds 335 E Washington. 

Koenig Mrs Theresa, millinery n w cor Griffith and Washing- 
ton, res 138 W Washington. 


Koenig Wm, boilermaker Bass foundry, res 335 E Washington. 

Koester Christian, res 151 Harrison. 

Koester John, boots and shoes 160 Calhoun, res same. 

Koester Martin, patternmaker Kerr Murray, bds 160 Calhoun. 

Kohlbacher Adam, helper, res 65 Force. 

Kohler Daniel, engineer, res 461 Calhoun. 

Kohlmann Conrad, watchman, res 11 Marion. 

Kohn Charles, meat market 46 Maumee ave, res same. 

Kohn Wm, shoemaker, res 217 E Jefferson. 

Kohr Abraliam B (Swayne & Kohr), res 82 Creighton 

Kohrmann Andrew, tailor, res 3 1 2 E Wayne. 
Kohrmann Mrs (wid John B), res s s W Water bet Van Buren 

and Jackson. 
Kolb Annie, domestic 50 W Water. 
Kolp George B, laborer, res 202 W Wayne. 
Kolthoff Frederick, laborer, res 23 Wall. 
Komp Daniel, carpenter and contractor, res 141 Henry. 
Konig Rev Edward, pastor St Paul's German Church, res 138 

W Washington. 
Koock John, plovvmaker, res 406 E Wayne. 
Koons Andrew, engineer, res 212 Francis. 
Koop Henry, watchman T R Pickard & Sons. 
Koopman Christ, engine wiper T W & W Ry, bds 57 W Lewis. 
Koopman Henry, laborer, res 10 1 Wilt. 
Koopmann Frederick C, helper, res n McClellan. 
Kopp Fred, laborer, res 51 Wilt. 

Kopp Henry, machinist Bass foundry, bds cor Grand and Lillie. 
Kopp Michael, laborer Bass foundry, res s vv cor Grand and 

Kopploth Matthew, painter, bds 70 E Columbia. 
Korn August, grocer, 194 Broadway, res same. 
Korn John G, clerk, bds 194 Broadway. 
Korn John W, shoemaker A Markley, res 58 Nelson. 
Korte Fred, carpenter, res 65 Maumee ave. 
Korter Lizzie, domestic 251 W Main. 
Kothel Richard, engineer, bds Summit City House. 
Kourson John, laborer, res 42 John. 
Kover Obadiah J (Fort Wayne Paint and Painting Co), res 

Main at w city limits. 
Kovioski Max, peddler, res 106 Madison. 
Krack Anson, teamster, res 325 E Lewis. 
Krack Benedict, laborer, bds 325 E Lewis. 
Kraft Bernard, clerk Wm Wright jr, rooms 98 Broadway. 
Kraft Conrad, helper, res 179 Jackson. 

152 R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

Kraft Fred, carpenter, res 317 Lafayette. 

Kraft Frederick, helper, res 333 E Lewis. 

Krager Charles, woodturner Hoffman Bros, res 82 Wilt. 

Krah Christian, bricklayer, res 159 Griffith. 

Krah Henry, bricklayer, bds 159 Griffith. 

Kramer see also Cramer, 

Kramer Anton, tinner, res 58 W Third. 

Kramer Bernhard, cutter J G Fledderman, res 49 Madison. 

Kramer Charles, engine hostler, res cor Walnut and Oakley. 

Kramer Christian, clerk Root & Co, res 128 Madison. 

Kramer Conrad, engine wiper P F W & C R R, bds 167 E Lewis. 

Kramer Elizabeth (wid Henry), res 95 Wilt. 

Kramer Frederick, painter, res w s John bet Force and Gay. 

Kramer Frederick, painter, bds 95 Wilt. 

Kramer Gottlieb, works Ranke, Yergens & Brandt, res e s St 
Mary's ave nr city limits. 

Kramer John, slate roofer, res 74 Wallace. 

Kramer Marcus, roofer, res 465 Lafayette. 

Kramer Martin, laborer, res 28 John. 

Kramer Minnie, domestic 152 E Wayne. 

Kramer Peter, laborer, res w s Spy Run ave. 

Kramer Wm, laborer, res 147 Madison. 

Kramer Wm F, molder Bass foundry, res 350 E Wayne. 

Kranz Peter, painter, bds 165 Broadway. 

Krass Isaac, enginewiper, res 133 Henry. 

Kratzsch Charles, clerk Star Clothing House, bds 149 Griffith. 

Kralzsch Emil, tobacco stripper J C Eckert, bds 177 Griffith. 

Kratzsch Herman, millinery and fancy goods 86 Calhoun, res 
177 Griffith. 

Krauks Charles, shoemaker C Braeuer, res 206 Broadway. 

Krause Henry, laborer, res 67 Wilt. 

Krause Nathan, solicitor Singer Mnfg Co, res 205 E Washington. 

Krauskopf Henry, helper Bass foundry, bds 42 Oak. 

Kready John J, Saloon 26 WMain, bds Exchange Hotel. 

Kreckmann Jacob, painter, res 358 E Wayne. 

Kreckmann Michael, boilermaker Bass foundry, res 256 E Wash- 

Kress Michael, laborer, res 29 Pine. 

Kress Theo, tinner H DeWald, res 29 Pine. 

Kressler John, painter, res cor Glasgow ave and Maumee. 

Kridler Christopher, fireman, bds 322 Calhoun. 

Kriete Rev Charles F, pastor Salem German Reformed Church, 
res 248 W Wayne. 

Krift Frederick, (H. Honeck & Co), res 317 Lafayette. 

Krimmel Charles, asst cashier Root & Co, res 55 Douglas ave. 


Krimmel Christian, carpenter, res 55 Douglas ave. 

Krimmel Julius, clerk C L Hill, bds 55 Douglas ave. 

Krimmel William, clerk, bds 55 Douglas ave. 

Kris Michael, laborer, res 28 Pine. 

Krisz Eusthar, engine wiper, res 133 Henry. 

Kritchet Harrison, brakeman, bds W W Spalding. 

Krock Benedict laborer J & K Baker, bds 325 Lewis. 

Krock George, laborer, res 364 E Wayne. 

Krock John, carpenter, res 416 E Wayne. 

Kroesh Fred, helper, res w s John n of Charley. 

Kromer Philip, sawyer Ranke, Yergens & Brandt. 

Kroram Curtis, grocer, 319 W Main, res same. 

Kronmiller George, boilerwasher, res 43 Taylor. 

Krontz Joseph, laborer, bds 43 Wall. 

Krouse Lizzie, domestic 113 W Wayne. 

Krouse Minnie, domestic 119 W Washington. 

Krudop John B, lumber yard, res 29 W Jefferson. 

Krueger Augustus C, bookkeeper Siemon & Bro, bds 75 Harrison 

Krueger August, clerk McCulloch & Richey, bds 95 Harrison. 

Kruger Charles, clerk, bds 75 Harrison. 

Krull Rudolph, car repairer, res 266 E Washington. 

Kruse Charles, tailor J G Fledderman, res s s Elm w of Cherry 

Kruse Christ, boilermaker. res 5 Summit. 

Kruse Mrs Elizabeth, res 20 Wall. 

Kruse Ernst W, carpenter, res 57 DeWald. 

Kruse Henry, machine hand, res 161 Montgomery. 

Kruse Henry F, cabinetmaker, res 415 E Wayne. 

Kruse William, laborer, res 259 E W^ashington. 

Kruser Charles, tailor, res s s Spruce nr St Mary's river. 

Kruser Ernst H, car inspector, res 55 DeWald. 

Kruser Ernst W, car inspector, res 53 DeWald. 

Kucher Caroline, res 212 W Washington. 

Kucher Rev John, pastor St John's German Lutheran Evangelical 

churc ., res 212 W Washington. 
Kuentzel Franz J, machinist Bass foundry, res s s Pontiac bet 

Hanna and Lafayette. 
Kuhfuss Julius, machinist T W & W Ry, bds 18 Colerick. 
Kuhne Frederick W, (Koch, Kuhne & White), also deputy 

county treas, res 124 W Jefferson. 
Kuhne John M, bookkeeper Carnahan, Hanna & Co, bds 79 W 

Kukuk Joseph, shoemaker P Uebelhoer, res res 162 Madison. 
Kulbach John, laborer, res 45 Maumee ave. 
Kules August, mason, res 90 Maumee ave. 

154 R- I- POLK & CO, s 

KuU Fred, laborer Peters Box and Lumber Co, res SS Franklin 

KuU John, laborer, res s s Hoffman w of Wells. 
Kulp George, laborer, res S8 Madison. 
Kummer Albert, seatmaker N G Olds & Sons, res 114 Creigh- 

ton ave. 
Kunkle Erastus B, machinist, res 138 E Wayne. 
Kunkle Mrs Harriet, res [38 E Wayne. 
Kuntz Adam, butcher W B Felt & Co, bds 92 W Water. 
Kuntz Frank, clerk, bds 337 W Jefferson. 
Kuntz George, upholsterer, res 131 Holman. 
Kuntz George H, saddle and harness maker 36 W Main, res 

337 W Jefferson. 
Kuntz Peter, teamster, res n end Spy Run ave. 
Kunz Andrew, engineer, res 2 1 2 Francis. 
Kunz Peter, fireman, res 317 Harrison. 
Kupp Michael, laborer, res e s Lillie nr city limits. 
Kurtz Miss Catherine, res 65 MeUta. 
Kuster Henry, (Kuster & McLane) res n e cor Columbia and 

Kuiiiter 4& M[cL«a.lie, (Henry Kuster, Patrick McLane) 

Potash Factory, n e cor Columbia and Ewing. 
Kuttner Henry J, clerk Root & Co, res 239 E Jefferson. 
Kiittner loseph, car inspector, res 239 E Jefferson. 
Kyle Abram F, (A P Kyle & Co) (L D Wilson & Co) 

and Private Detective, res 218 Broadway. 
Kyle A F & Co« (Alnam P Kyle, — ) General Bro- 
kers and Dealers in Pumps and Safes, Boots and Shoes, 20 W 


Labbe Joseph, engine wiper, bds 257 E AVashingtoh. 
LaBonta Will F, clerk T W & W Ry, bds Grand Hotel. 
liade Max O, Gun and Locksmith and Engrav«r, and Deal- 
er in Guns etc, 58 E Main, res same. (See adv. back corner.) 
Ladig Clarissa, bds 25 Duck. 
Laduke Alexander, laborer 34 W Water. 
Laduke Gilbert, teamster, res 102 W Water. 
Laemmle David, clerk, res 295 W Main. 
Laemmle Mrs Hannah, res 293 W Main. 
Laemmle John, potter 284 W Main, res 293 same. 
Laennen Mrs Ann, (wid William) res 43 W Berry. 
Laennen Augustus, blacksmith, bds 43 W Berry. 
Laennen Edward, clerk P Kiser, bds 43 W Berry. 


Laennen William, tinsmith, bds 43 W Berry. 

Laepple Christian, carpenter, res 51 Grand. 

Laery Mrs Elizabeth, res 171 W Berry. 

Lafayette Moses, traveling salesman C Orft & Co, bds Sturgis 

Laffin John, laborer, res 59 Gay. 
Lafranc Henry, laborer, res 294 W Jefferson. 
Lagan Maggie, domestic 50 W Water. 
Lagemann Henry, helper, res n s St Francis bet Hanna and 

Lagemann Rudolph, laborer, res n s St Francis e of Lafayette. 
Lahee Maggie, domestic 114 W Main. 
Lahey Kate, domestic 141 W Main. 
Lahm Harriet, domestic 124 W Jefferson. 
Lahmann David, drayman, res e s Mechanic nr city limits. 
Lahmayer Henry, produce buyer, res 180 Montgomery. 
Lahmeyer Daniel, carpenter, res 67 Union. 
liaible Clirisitiaii, Groceries and Crockery w s Hoagland 

ave n of Henry, res same. 
Laible Paul L, bartender, bds 4 Henry. 
Lalumiere Euseb, engineer, res e s Calhoun n of Wall. 
Laman Julius, coremaker Bass foundry, res 45 Francis. 
Lamar John, fireman, res 40 Williams. 
Lamarche John, engine wiper, res 26 West. 
Lamb David, machinist, res 181 Fairfield ave. 
Lamb George, fireman, res 181 Fairfield ave. 
Lamb George A, fireman, res 270 Webster. 
Lambert Walter L, shipping clerk organ factory, res 122 Creigh- 

ton ave. 
Lamku Caspar, helper, res 324 HaniAa. 
Lamley Moses (Falk & Lamley), res 128 W Wayne. 
liampert Henry, Saloon 86 Barr, res same. 
Lampert Henry jr, salesman Geo DeWald, bds 86 Barr. 
Lampke Mrs Elizabeth, res 19 W Washington. 
Liancasliire Insurance Co of Manchester, England, 

A C Greenebaum, Agent, 31 Calhoun. 
L<aneaster Infsurance Co, Noll & Foellinger, Agents, 

25 P O Building. 
Lancaster John, machinist, res 39 Pine. 
Landgraff John, laborer, res 81 Force. 
Landon Wm H, switchman, res n s Wilt w of Broadway. 
Lane Ellen, domestic 49 W Main. 

Lang Amelius J (Geo DeWald & Co), res 236 W Wayne. 
Lang George, saloon 26 Wells, res same. 
Lang Henry, plasterer, bds 262 Calhoun. 


Lang Henry L, fireman, res 259 Webster. 

Lang John, clerk H J Trentman & Bro, res 4 Marion. 

Lang Leonard, engineer, res 175 Fairfield ave. 

Langard John, bartender, res 70 E Columbia, 

Langard Joseph, saloon and boarding house 80 E Columbia. 

Lange Frederick, clerk H Wiebke, bds 92 Barr. 

Lange Wm, clerk Root & Co, res 17 W Jones. 

Lange Wm E, helper, res 42 Pritchard. 

Langenback John, clerk Foster Bros & Co, bds Sturgis House. 

Langenbacher Matthias, laborer, res 21 Wall. 

Langheinrich Edward, printer Indiana Volksfreund, res 13 St 

Langheinrich Frederika (wid Ernst), res 13 St Francis. 

Langheinrich Minnie, teacher St John's German Lutheran 
school, bds 13 St Francis. 

Langley John, farmer, res 3 Bass. 

liangohr Andreiv J, Baker and Confectioner 142 
Broadway, res same. 

Lanigan James, machinist P F W & C R R, bds 39 Melita. 

Lanigan Mrs Jane, res rear 164 Madison. 

Lanigan Patrick, switchman, res 39 Melita. 

Lankenau August, printer Indiana Staats Zeitung, res 80 W 

Lankenau Frank, carpenter, res 80 W Jefferson. 

Lankenau Miss Sophie, seamstress A F Shoch, bds 80 W Jeffer- 

Lansing James W, stave cutter, res e s Metz s of Taylor. 

Lansing Wm L, stave cutter, bds J W Lansing. 

Lape Charles F, foreman, res 105 Fairfield ave. 

Lapp Henry, baker C W Jacobs, res 10 1 Butler. 

Larch Frank, baker, bds 45 Madison. 

Large Charles, boatman, res s e cor Dwenger and Glasgow. 

Largemann Rudolph, laborer N G Olds & Sons. 

Larrabee Thomas, engineer, res 197 Barr. 

La Rue Mrs Amanda, clairvoyant, bds to6 Barr. 

La Rue Mark, yardman, res 36 Fifth. 

Larwill John S, agricultural implement mnfr, res 93 E Berry. 

Lassegar Gottlieb, saloon 135 Calhoun, res same. 

Latham Charles K, A M, principal High school, res 90 E Lewis. 

Latham Henry fireman T W & W Ry, bds 313 Calhoun. 

Lathrop Charles, teacher High school, res 90 E Lewis. 

Lau Julian, foreman Hamilton & Co, bds 122 Calhoun. 

liaii Tlionias^ Carpenter, res 122 Calhoun. 

Laubscher Louis, architect 40 Harrison, bds 159 Harrison. 

Lauderbaugh Ella, domestic 209 Barr. 


Lauer Mrs Anna, res 13 E Wayne. 
Lauer August, grocer 281 E Washington, res same. 
Lauer Barbara, saloon 150 Barr, res 70 E Jefferson. 
Lauer Mrs Catherine, res 297 E Wayne. 
Lauer Conrad, mason, res 116 Maumee ave. 
Lauer Ferdinand, butcher C Wilkens, res n s W Lewis bet Har- 
rison and Webster. 
Lauer Fred, clerk J Raab, bds 289 E Washington. 
Lauer George, clerk A Lauer, res 281 E Washington. 
Lauer Henry, brick mason, res 40 Taylor. 
Lauer Henry, carpenter, res n s Samuel w of Thomas. 
Lauer Jesse, carpenter, res 17 John. 
Lauer John, barber 152 Barr, bds 70 E Jefferson. 
Lauer John A, night caller, res w s Oliver s of Railroad. 
Lauer Joseph, carpenter, res 264 E Wayne. 
Lauer Maggie, tailoress, res 297 E Wayne. 
Lauer Peter, laborer Bass foundry, res 289 E Washington. 
Lauer Wm, carpenter, res 297 E Wayne. 
Lauer Wm, laborer, res w s Smith n of Jay. 
Lauferty Alex S (Lauferty & Becker), res 75 W Berry. 
Lauferty David L, clerk M J Lauferty, bds same. 
liauferty Isaac, Banker and Broker, 3 Aveline Block, res 

75 W Berry. 
Lauferty Max J, clothing, 28 Calhoun, res 97 W Wayne. 
Lauferty Simon L, clerk M J Lauferty, bds same. 
Iiauferty <& Becker (Alex S Lauferty, Emil Becker), 

Auction and Commission Merchants, 7 E Main. 
Laughlin Amos M, fireman, res 70 Wallace. 
Laumann Herman, laborer Peters Box and Lumber Co, res s e 

cor VanBuren and W Water. 
Laumann Herman, laborer J C Hoffman, res s s W Water nr 

city limits. 
Lauthner Barbara, bds 180 E Washington. 
Lauthner Elizabeth, res 180 E Washington. 
Lavanway Alexander, clerk A Geismar, bds 11 E Main. 
Law Charles D, civil engineer P F W & C R R, bds 161 W 

Lawrence Alexander, engineer, res s w cor Holton ave and 

Lawrence Alexander, engineer, res s s Fisher e of Hanna. 
Lawrence Charles R, fireman, res 202 W Jefferson. 
Lawyer Martin, fireman, res 137 Wallace. 
Lawyer Stephen, laborer gas works, res 43 Charles. 
Lazarski Aries, pedler, res 198 E Lewis. 
Lazer Augusta (wid Henry), bds 180 W Jefferson. 


Lazzarini Amidao, saloon and boarding, 74 E Columbia, res 

I.each Edward, carpenter, res 64 Eckart. 

Leach Mrs Eliza A, bds 16 Henry. 

Leach George, helper P F W & C R R, bds 64 Eckart. 

Leach James, machinist, res 83 Lasselle. 

Leach John, engineer, res 84 Henry. 

Leach John T, Boilermaker, res 83 Lasselle. 

Lear Frank M, watchmaker A P Kyle & Co, bds Exchange 

Lear Susan (wid John), bds 140 W Main. 

Lebble Gottlieb, car repairer, res 17 Terry. 

Lechler Henry M, collector Howe Machine Co, res 151 Barr. 

Lee George, laborer, bds 65 W Water. 

Lee George D, fish and oyster dealer 252 Calhoun, res 402 Cal- 

Lee Henry W, clerk freight office P F W & C R R, res 16 Chi- 

Lee Israel, carmaster P F W & C R R shops, res 26 Madison. 

Lee Jefferson J, carpenter P F W & C R R, res 26 Madison. 

Lee Morris, machinist, bds 26 Madison. 

Leek George W, engineer, res 92 Hanna. 

Leeser Charles G, shoemaker 189 Broadway, res 14 Wall. 

Leeson John, asst foreman P F W «& C R R, bds 96 E Wayne. 

Leeuw Edward, shoemaker M App, res 104 W Washington. 

Lefferts Irving, brakeman, bds 73 Grand. 

Lefferts Montgomery, brakeman T W & W Ry, bds 73 Grand. 

Lefferts Walter, brakeman, bds no Chicago, 

Leffler Otto (Leffler & Co), res 66 W Jefferson. 

Lieffler 4& Co (Otto Leffler, Wm Winkelmeyer), Druggists, 
s w cor W Jefferson and Webster. 

Legras August, clerk, res 13 Monroe. 

Legras Emile deliverer J C Didier, bds 13 Monroe. 

Legras Mrs Margaret, res 13 Monroe. 

Legraw Jo5eph, engineer Stapleford & Co, res 14 Lafayette. 

Lehman Mrs Ada M, boarding house, 122 W Jefferson. 

Lehman Charles, res 127 E Washington. 

Lehman Conrad, carpenter, res 92 Lillie. 

Lehman Frederick, laborer, res 140 Francis. 

Lehman George, brakeman, res 56 Williarns. 

Lehman Jacob, brakeman, res 48 Williams. 

Lehman Miss Jennie H, bds 122 W Jefferson. 

Lehman John C, painter T W & W Ry, res 222 E Washington. 

Lehrmann Wm, laborer gas works, res 213 W Washington. 

Lehmeier Christ, carpenter, res 10 1 Wilt. 


Lehmeier John, carpenter, res 6i W Lewis. 

Lehnert Christina, domestic 142 Broadway. 

Lehnert Henry, laborer, res 344 Broadway. 

Lehr Charles, caller Pittsburgh shops, res 92 E Jefferson. 

Lehr George P, engine wiper, res 162 Madison. 

Lehr John G, city treasurer, res 140 Lafayette. 

Lehr Justus, watchman, res 157 E Washington. 

Leib Henry, plasterer, res 81 Madison. 

Leichner Charles, clerk J Wilkinson, res 84 W Lewis. 

Leichner Conrad, laborer, res 84 W Lewis. 

Leichner John, saloon 13 E Main, res 35 Douglas ave. 

Leichner Reinhard, bds 35 Douglas ave. 

Leidolf Conrad, laborer, res loi Clay. 

lieifels tfosepli J, Saloon and Restaurant and Leader 

Leifels' Band, 231 Barr, res same. 
Leigh Frederick, carpenter, res s s DeWald e of Hoagland ave. 
Leighton James, drayman, bds cor ist and Harrison. 
Leikoff Henry, butcher J Leikoff, bds 94 Barr. 
Leikoff John, meat market, 94 Barr, res same. 
Leimkuler Casper, helper, res 324 Hanna. 

Leinker Christoph H, cabinetmaker J M Miller, res 19 Marion. 
Leir Frank C, jeweler (with A B Kyle & Co), bds Exchange 

Leisch George, druggist, bds 104 E Wayne. 
Leken Harmon, drayman, bds 296 E Washington. 
Lekow Albert, printer Indiana Volksfreund, bds 67 E Wayne. 
Lendlog Christian W, contractor, res 115 W Washington. 
Lendlog Henry, bartender, bds 115 W Washington. 
Lennart John, carpenter, res 364 E Washington. 
Lenocker John, switchman, res 290 Hanna. 
Lentz Wm, tanner Jacob Fry & Sons, res 408 W Main. 
Lenz Ernst, machine hand, res 69 Charles. 
Lenz Henry J, laborer, res 30 Oliver. 
Lenz Joseph F, helper, res 21 Gay. 
Lenz Wm, laborer, res 408 W Main. 
Leonard Charles, clerk Lauferty & Becker, bds Compirct 

Leonard Miss Hattie M, teacher Hanna school, bds 25 Butler. 
Leonard James, auctioneer, bds Comparet House. 
Leonard John, carpenter, res 364 E Washington. 
Leonard Park M, physician 24 Harrison, res 25 Butler. 
Leonard Wm, gunsmith 71 W Water, res 94 W Water. 

Leonard , engineer F W J & S R R, bds Racine House, 

Leppe Fred, mason, res 184 Montgomery. 
Lepper Caroline, domestic 154 Griffith, 

l6o R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

Lepper Christian, laborer, bds Mrs Eliza Hanna. 

Lepper Christopher, res S^ Broadway. 

Lepper Fred, cabinetmaker, bds 242 E Jefferson. 

Lepper Henry, cabinetmaker Griebel & Son, res 242 E Jefferson. 

Leppli Gottlieb, car inspector, res 17 Duryea. 

LeSeur Wm, insurance, res 139 Griffith. 

Lessing Louis, hides and pelts, 47 E Columbia, res St Joseph 

road I mile from city. 
Leutz Charles F W (Leutz, Bourie & Co), res 19 W Jefferson. 
Leutz, Bourie & Co (C F W Leutz, Louis T Bourie), wines and 

liquors, n e cor Main and Clinton. 
Levenberger Henry, carpenter, res 45 Force. 
Levi August, notion pedler, res 22 McClellan. 
Levy Abraham, pedler, res 197 E Jefferson. 
Levy Charles, pedler, res 163 E Jefferson. 
Ivew Anna, domestic John Stahl. 

Lewis Anthony, machinist Bass foundry, bds 419 Lafayette. 
Lewis Chauncey, clerk Owen, Pixley & Co, bds Grand Hotel. 
Lewis David M, drayman, res s s Maumee ave nr city limits. 
Lewis Mrs Etta, physician, 202 W Wayne, res same. 
Lewis Henry, boilermaker Kerr Murray, bds 419 Lafayette. 
Lewis Miss Marietta M, teacher Clay school, bds 202 W Wayne. 
Lewis Mrs Mary J, res e s Spy Run ave. 
Lewis Milford, (Rogers, Duck &• Lewis) res 171 S Clinton. 
Lewis Wm, engineer, res 163 CHnton. 
Lewis Wm, bds 195 W Main. 
Lewis Wm T, fireman, res 212 Lafayette. 

I<ey kauf ]S"icliolas9 Grocer, 209 Broadway, res 23 Hood. 
Lichtenberger John, carpenter, res 195 Barr. 
Lichtsmn Henry, teamster, res 380 E Washington. 
Lichtsinn Wm, (Lichtsinn cSe: Co) res 154 E Washington. 
Lichtsinn & Co (Wm Lichtsinn, August HuxoU) grocers, 90 Barr. 
Liebelt Alois, bartender Geo Ortlieb, res same. 
Liebenguth Charles, boilermaker, res s s Hanna. 
Liebmann Reinhardt, shoemaker, bds 84 E Wayne. 
Liebmann Richard, carpenter, res 289 W Jefferson. 
Liedtke John, porter Meyers Brother & Co res 24 Clark. 
Lieseng George, laborer Bass foundry, res 39 Maumee. 
Ligget James. (Ligget Brothers) res 119 Water. 
Ligget Robert, (Ligget Brothers) res 119 Water. 
liigget Brothers, (James and Robert) Livery 5 and 7 N 

Harrison. (See adv.) 
Liggett Charles, carriage maker, bds 40 W Water. 
Lihrman Christ, teamster, res 213 W Washington. 
Lillie James, (James Lillie & Co) res 87 N Cass. 


Lillie John jr, (James Lillie & Co) res 57 N Cass. 

liillie James dc Co, (James Lillie, John Lillie jr, Michael 

Baltes) Mnfrs White Lime and Dealers in Cement, Plaster, Sewer 

Pipe, etc, I N Calhoun. 
Limecooly Fred, policeman, res 193 Barr. 
Limecooly Wm, clerk, bds 193 Barr. 
Lincoln Charles, helper, res 117 Holman. 
Lincoln Edmund, machinist, res Logansport Ind. 
Lincoln George W, laborer, res 94 Jackson. 
Lincoln Rev. Thomas W, A B, teacher Ft Wayne College, bds 

Lindemann Daniel, teacher Emanuel German Lutheran school, 

res 245 W Washington. 
Lindemann Fred, laborer, res 55 Williams. 
Lindemann Henry, cash boy Root & Co, bds 106 Wilt. 
Lindemann John H, carpenter, res 106 Wilt. 
Lindemann Louis, janitor Court House, res 106 Wilt. 
Lindemann Wm, bartender Aug Dukemann, res 46 W Berry. 
Lindemann Wm, carpenter, res 404 E Washington. 
Lindemeir Paul, laborer Bass foundry, res 24 Lasselle. 
Lindenberg Christian, machinist Prentiss, McLachlan & Co, res 

22 Hood. 
Lindenberg Frederick, brick mason,f\res 55 Cherry, Stophlet's 

Lindlay Henry, clerk U Stolz, bds 21 E Main. 
Lindley Nelson, machinist, res 321 Harrison. 
Lindman Joseph (Lindman & Rubin), res 159 W Washington. 
Lindman & Rubin (Joseph Lindman, Max Rubin), liquor 

dealers, 37 W Main. 
Line Miss Annie E, clerk Mrs R Neuberger, res 38 Lavina. 
Ling George W, pump mnfr, res 91 E Lewis. 
Lingenfelser Henry, manager A H Carrier res 22 E Columbia. 
Lingenfelser John, trunkmaker, bds 28 E Columbia. 
Link Adam jr, letter carrier, bds Exchange Hotel. 
Link Edward, letter carrier, bds Exchange Hotel. 
Link George, carpenter, 236 Jefferson, res same. 
Linker Henry E (F Eckart & Co), res 46 W Berry. 
Linker John V, (Linker, Hey & Co), res s w cor Washington 

and Wabash ave. 
Linker, Hey & Co (John V Linker, August A Hey, Anton T 

Dryer), brewers, cor Washington and Wabash ave. . , 

Linn Louis, carpenter, res 203 W Washington. 
Lintz Anthony, street car driver, bds 12 E Columbia. 
Lintz Mrs Delia, res 12 E Columbia. 
Lintz Martin, salesman Huestis & Hamilton, bds 168 Griffith. 

1 62 R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

Lintz Theodore L, clerk, bds 14 E Columbia. 

Lipps John L, conductor, bds 330 Calhoun. 

Litot Geo A, miller, res Spy Run ave cor Randolph. 

Litot Joseph, bds Geo A Litot. 

Litt George, laborer, res 206 Madison. 

Little Alfred, painter, res 164 Madison. 

Little George E, laborer, res 257 Hanna. 

Littlejohn Wm, blacksmith, res 30 Nirdlinger. 

Lloyd Thomas M, clerk Geo DeWald & Co, bds 50 W Water. 

Loag George W (Loag & Brown), bds 166 W Berry. 

liOag «& lSrowii9 (George W Loag, J D Brown), Dentists, 

7 W Columbia. 
Lock John, molder bds 9 N Calhoun. 

Locklin Lorenzo D, helper P F W & C R R, bds 146 Holman. 
Lockhn Samuel W, patternmaker Bass foundry, res 146 Hol- 
Loepke Charles, clerk L Lessing, res 60 E Columbia. 
Loesch George H, clerk G B Thorp, bds s w cor Lafayette and 

Logan John C, brakeman, bds 186 Henry. 
Logan Joseph, brakeman T W & W Ry, bds 186 Henry. 
I^ogan Lott A, brakeman, res 186 Henry. 
Logan Wm L, blacksmith 18 E Wayne, res 42 Baker. 
Logg Wm, carpenter, bds 49 W Main. 
Logg Wm, carpenter Cochrane, Humphrey & Co, bds 9 N 

Lohmann Fred (Humphreys, Lohmann & Hughes), Pacific 

Lohmann Joseph, bookkeeper M Frank & Co, bds 46 W Wayne. 
Lohrmann Wm, carpenter, res 144 Holman. 
Lohmeyer Charles, cigarmaker L Dessauer & Co, res 61 W 

Lohrmann Wm J, engine wiper, bds 144 Holman. 
Loman Michael, res 18 Marion. 
Lomas Charles, jr, molder Bass foundry, res ,e s Calhoun bet 

John and Cour. 
Lombard Joseph, letter carrier, res 53 Brackenridge. 
Lomont Emil F (Stutzenberger & Lomont), bds Robinson 

Londre Mrs Dora, res 47 Melita. 
Lonergan Ella, domestic Wm J Kerr. 
Lonergan John V, machinist, res 88 Force. 
Lonergan Miss Katie, bds 88 Force. 
Lones Jerome H, clerk freight office P F W & C R R, bds 

Harmon House. 


Long George W, feed yard 14 Pearl, res 7 N Calhoun. 
Long Mrs Hannah, dressmaker, bds Anderson House. 
Long Henry, fireman, res 259 Webster. 
Long Henry F, wagon yard e s Calhoun n of W Water, res 30 

N Calhoun. 
Long John, clerk, res 4 Marion. 
Long John C W, conductor, res 20 Williams. 
Long John E, engineer, res 381 Lafayette. 
Long Leonard, engineer, res 19 Pine. 
Long Morris, conductor, bds 239 Barr. 
Longacre Milton P, clerk P F W & C R R, bds 71 Maumee 

Longshore John, trunkmaker C Neireiter, res W Water cor 

Longyear John W, teamster, res 129 Wells. 
Lonsberry James, foreman spoke factory, bds Gable House. 
Loomis Chas, molder, res e s Calhoun nr city limits. 
Loos Barney, machinist Bass foundry, bds 419 Lafayette. 
Loos Cyrus, porter Gazette Co, bds 419 Lafayette. 
Loos Henry, laborer Bass foundry, res e s Lafayette nr city 

Loran Jennie, domestic 70 E Columbia. 
Lorance Charles R, fireman, res 302 W Jefferson. 
Lordier Augustus, saloon, 20 Clinton, res same. 
Lorentz Carl, wire worker, res 23 Poplar. 
Lose Cyrus, clerk bds 43 Douglas ave. 
Lose Henry L, carpenter, res 43 Douglas ave. 
Lose Levi H, carpenter, res 43 Douglas ave. 
Lott Harrison, (Gabel & Lott), res 141 Calhoun. 
Loughlin Michael, fireman P F W & C R R, bds 70 Wallace. 
Lounsbeury James B, foreman, bds Gable House. 
Lour Fred, butcher, res 62 W Lewis. 
Louttit James, mechanic, res 6 Eckart. 
Love Wm, teamster J B White, res 33 Spruce. 
Loveman Adolph, (Joseph Black & Co), bds Aveline House. 
Lovett John, brakeman, bds 22 Chicago. 
Lovett Wm W, general evangelist of the "Church of God", res 

10 Henry. 
liOW I>ouglasi S5 Wholesale Millinery 11 E Columbia, res 

63 W Main. 
l<ow Mrs Kate, Millinery 11 E Columbia, res 6$ W Main. 
Lowe Edwin M, pressman Sentinel office, bds Anderson House. 
Lowry Miss Anna A, teacher Jefferson school, bds 251 W Main. 
liOwry Hon. Robert, Lawyer 14 Burgess Block, res 251 

W Main. 

164 R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

Lowry Robert J, law student, bds 251 W Main. 

Loyer Stephen, laborer, res 43 Charles. 

Lucas Charles, miller, bds 195 W Main. 

Lucey Timothy, laborer, res 206 Broadway. 

Luckey Elizabeth, (wid John), res 19 Pritchard. 

Luckey Jacob, teamster, bds 19 Pritchard. 

Lucky John, sawyer Hoffman Bros, bds 19 Pritchard. 

Ludeking Ferdinand, tailor, res 66 Baker cor Webster. 

Ludlow Wm, laborer, res s s Pontiac e of Calhoun. 

Ludlum Samuel S, (C Fairbank & Co), res 87 E Jefferson. 

Ludlum Staley, brakeman, bds 330 Calhoun. 

Ludwick Jasper, teamster, res e s Wabash ave n of Maumee. 

Luebking Charles, policeman, res 33 W Jefferson. 

Luebking Charles jr, clerk J D McGill, res 33 W Jefferson. 

Luebking Henry, tinner Stophlet Bros, res 33 W Jefferson. 

Luegring Anthony, stovemounter T R Pickard & Sons bds 47 

W Wayne. 
Luhmann Henry, cash boy Root & Co, bds rear 407 E Wayne. 
Luhmann Wm, tailor, res rear of 407 E Wayne. 
Lukens Alfred T, bookkeeper A D Brandriff & Co., res 282 W 

Lulai George F, laborer Bass foundry, res 2 Hanna. 
Luley Frank, coremaker, res 2 Jones. 
Luley Frank, printer Daily Democrat, res 171 E Jefferson. 
Luley Frank J, foreman pattern shop Bass foundry, res 171 E 

Luley Philip, foreman Kerr Murray, res 279 Hanna. 
Lumbard Sanford, adjuster Phenix Insurance Co, res 129 W 

liUinbard Sidney C, Insurance and Real Estate Agent 

36 Calhoun, res 133 W Wayne. 
Luncford Charles, fireman, bds 58 Chicago. 
Lund Hans, draughtsman Bass foundry, res 151 Holman. 
Lund Hans M, actionmaker, res 150 Creighton ave. 
Lutes Sarah, waiter Grand Hotel. 
Lutz George, butcher, res 125 Harrison. 

Lyles John Q, blacksmith Bass foundry, res 239 E Washington. 
Lyman Charles H, yardmaster, res 99 W Water. 
Lyman Fred, section hand, bds 44 Bass. 
Lynch August, laborer, res 47 Buchanan. 
Lynch Christian, mechanic, res 35 John. 
Lynch John, res 322 Lafayette. 
Lynch John, well digger, res 170 Lafayette. 
Lynch John M, blacksmith, res 5 Hoagland ave. 
Lynch Julia, domestic Isaac Knapp. 


Lynch Matthew, laborer, res 1 2 Kansas. 

Lynch Thomas, brakeman T W & W Ry, bds s w cor Kansas 

and Grand. 
Lyne Wm, machinist, res 1 1 1 W Jefferson. 
Lyons Mrs Ann, res 172 E Berry. 
Lyons Hannah, domestic 27 Baker. 
Lyons Mary, domestic Comparet House. 
Lytle Mrs Wm, res cor Harrison and W Wayne. 

McAfee Charles, blacksmith, res 33 Buchanan. 

McAfee Samuel R, helper P F W & C R R, bds 415 Lafayette. 

McAfferty Mattie, chambermaid Robinson House. 

McArdle Kate, domestic 48 W Wayne. 

McBain George W, clerk O'Brian & Brehin, bds 5 Railroad. 

McBennett Francis (McMullen & McBennett), res 124 Union. 

McBeth Miss Josie, dressmaker Mrs A M Stewart. 

McBride George, helper, res 70 Wallace. 

McCabe Alexander S, bookbinder Davis Sz: Bro, bds Washing- 
ton House. 

McCaffery Cormick, flagman, res 28 Melita. 

McCaffery Wm, wheelwright, res 228 E Lewis. 

McCaffray Thomas, helper, res 301 Webster. . 

McCain John H (J Phillips & Co), res 72 Nelson. 

McCain Mrs Margaret, res 208 W Berry. 

McCain Starkey, bookbinder, bds Washington House. 

McCamley Edward, bartender James H Summers, bds 47 
Douglas ave. 

McCann John, policeman, res 65 Grand. 

McCardle James T, clerk J Nirdlinger, bds Anderson House. 

McCarn Eli, laborer, bds 155 Broadway. 

McCarthy Bartholomew P, machinist T W & W Ry, bds 3 

McCarthy James, works J B White, res 290 Calhoun. 

McCarthy Mrs James, res 290 Calhoun. 

McCarthy Nellie, dressmaker, bds 3 Colerick. 

McCarthy Patrick, watchman, res 3 Colerick. 

McCarthy Patrick, brakeman, res 315 Hanna. 

McCarty Andrew, laborer, res 107 W Jefferson. 

McCarty Donald, laborer, res 1 1 1 Taylor. 

McCarty Jerry, foreman, res 44 Charles. 

McCarty Mary, domestic 106 W Berry. 

McCarty Patrick, fireman, res 14 Walnut. 

1 66 R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

McCauley John, hatter, res 64 E Jefferson. 

McClairn Avery C, brakeman and switchman T W & W Ry, 

bds 17 Wallace. 
McClarey Mary J, domestic 245 E Lewis. 
McClellan John Q, fireman, res 292 Hanna. 
McClure Andrew, engineer, res 17 Lavina. 
McClure David B, millwright Hoffman Bros, res 225 W Main. 
McClure John H, meat market, n w cor Hanna and Wallace, res 

McClure Theodore, tinner Wilson & Muhler, bds Salter House. 
McCollem John, engineer, res i West. 
McCollem Miss Melinda S, clerk Geo DeWald & Co, bds i 

McConnell Andrew J, carpenter, res 152 E Washington. 
McConnell Augustin J, plumber, bds 152 E Washington. 
McConnell Elijah R, bakery and restaurant, 48 E Columbia, 

res same. 
McConnell Mrs Emma, res 262 Calhoun. 
McConnell John C, baker, res 48 E Columbia. 
McConnell Miss Maggie, clerk Mrs R Neuberger, res 152 E 

McConnell Miss Minnie, milliner, bds 152 E Washington. 
McConnell Wm, candy maker, bds 152 E Washington. 
McCormick John, engineer, res 103 Wallace. 
McCoy John, chairmaker, bds 6 Kansas. 
McCoy Thomas, boilerraaker, res 4 Melita. 
McCracken Harvey M, ticket salesman P F W & C R R, bds 

117 Hanna. 
McCracken James K, station agent PFW& C&GR&IR 

R's, bds 117 Hanna. 
McCracken Jay, laborer P F W & C R R, bds 144 Wallace. 
McCrae Michael, fireman, res 12 Chicago. 
McCrea Wm, spinner French, Hanna & Co, bds cor Madison 

and Lafayette. 
McCreary Benjamin F, blacksmith Bass foundry, res 159 Barr. 
McCrimmon Mrs Annie G, proprietress Hanna House, cor Barr 

and E Washington. 
McCulloch Charles, president Hamilton Bank, res west end 

McCulloch Fred H (McCulloch & Richey), res 164 W Berry. 
McCulloch & Richey (Fred H McCulloch, Amos Richey), 

hardware 3 E Columbia. 
McCullough Frank, seal clerk P F W & C R R, bds 144 Wal- 




McCullough Gustine, student, bds i8o Harrison. 
McCullough Howard, student, bds i8o Harrison. 
McCiiliougli Tlioiiias P, Physician and Surgeon i8o 

Harrison, res 34 Douglas ave. 

McCumsey Ansel M, cabinetmaker, bds 64 McClellan. 

McCumsey Catherine (wid Wm), res 64 McClellan. 

McCumsey Rachel, bds 18 Butler. 

McCumskey Agnes, domestic 94 W Wayne. 

McCurdy Andrew R, clerk Geo De Wald & Co, res 38 Lavina. 

McCurdy James, foreman T R Pickard & Sons, bds 258 Cal- 

McCurdy Wm, molder T R Pickard & Sons, bds 258 Calhoun. 

McCutcheon A, fireman, res 28 Chicago. 

McDaniels John, brakeman, bds 14 Chicago. 

McDermott James, molder, res 317 Calhoun. 

McDermott Joseph, blacksmith, res 41 Gay. 

McDermott Mrs Josephine, res s w cor Francis and Madison. 

McDermott Mrs Nancy, res 29 W Lewis. 

McDermut Whitney B (McDermut & Tolan), res 29 W Lewis. 

McDermut Wilson E, printer Sentinel office, res 29 W Lewis. 

McDermut & Tolan (Whitney B McDermut, Frank C Tolan), 
job printers, 84 Calhoun. 

McDonald Charles, clerk Keil & Brother, bds 121 W Water. 

McDonald Miss DeEtte, clerk Fred Hayes, bds 6;^ W Water. 

McDonald Emmet H (Carnahan, Hanna & Co), res 235 E 

McDonald James A, bookkeeper Root & Co, res 121 W Water. 

McDonald James B, mason, res 128 Montgomery. 

McDonald John, conductor G R & I R R, bds 128 Montgomery. 

McDonald Mrs Margaret, res 121 W Water. 

McDonald Mary, carpet weaver, res n s Hoffman e of St Mary's 

McDonald Miss M B, teacher Training school, bds 128 Mont- 

McDonald Mrs N E, res 63 W Water. 

McDonald Patrick, bartender Timothy Hogan, bds 1 1 Grand. 

McDonald Patrick, engineer Sentinel office, res 3 Pearl. 

McDonald Ranald T (A S Evans & Co), res 135 E Washington. 

McDonald Robert, saloon, 23 E Main, res 203 Burr. 

McDonald Miss Sarah, teacher Hoagland school, bds 131 W 

McDonough Wm, section hand, bds 44 Bass. 

McDougall John, loan office, res 166 E Berry. 

McDougall Marietta, res 231 Lafayette. 

McElfatrick Mrs Eva, boarding house, 103 W Main. 

1 68 R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

McElfatrick John, carpenter, bds 103 W Main. 

McElfatrick Josiah H, carpenter, res 20 W Jefferson. 

McElfatrick Sarah, res 103 W Main. 

McEvoy James H, telegraph operator, res 43 E Wayne. 

McFarland Rev Wm H, pastor Second Presbyterian church, 

office 106 W Wayne, bds Hamilton House. 
McFee Daniel, carpenter, bds 330 W Jefferson. 
McFee Wm, carpenter, res 330 W Jefferson. 
McFeeley Dennis R, restaurant, 92 Calhoun, res same. 
McFeeley John, bds 92 Calhoun. 
McFerran Milton L, engineer, res 290 Harrison. 
McGaw Miss Annie B, bds 27 Hanna. 
McGaw John D, bds 27 Hanna. 
McGaw Thomas M, traveling agent, res 27 Hanna. 
McGeary J, fireman, res 34 Baker. 
McGee Miss Maggie, bds 35 W Main. 
McGee Miss Maria, bds 35 W Main. 
McGee Mrs Mary (wid Patrick), res 35 W Main, 
McGee Miss Mattie, cashier J Pierr, bds 35 W Main. 
McGee Thomas S, clerk P F W & C R R shops, bds 35 W 

McGee Willis, brakeman, bds 330 Calhoun. 
McGeehan John, conductor, res 343 Hanna. 
McOill James I>, Propr Central Grocery, 90 Calhoun, 

bds Anderson House. {See adv). 
McGinnis Andrew, helper, res 12 Colerick. 
McGinnis Daniel, roofer, res 103 W Water. 
McGinnis Patrick, brakeman T W & W Ry, bds 73 Grand. 
McGovern Miss Nellie, clerk, bds 119 W Water. 
McGowan Hugh, boilermaker, res 149 Barr. 
McGowan John, boilermaker, bds 149 Barr. 
McGrady John, mason, res 186 W Main. 
McGrath Maggie, domestic 77 E Berry. 
McGrath Thomas, servant 77 E Berry, 
McGrew Rebecca, domestic D H Hamilton. 
McGuire Mary, domestic 106 E Main. 
McGuire Owen, telegraph repairer, res 16 Baker. 
McGuire Thomas, engineer, res 381 Hanna. 
McGuire Thomos, brass molder, res 76 Chicago. 
McGuire Terence F, grocery and saloon, 41 Hoagland ave, res 

McHenry Thomas, brakeman, res 8 Bass. 
Mcintosh John, laborer, res 191 E Lewis. 
Mcintosh Martha, domestic R S Taylor. 
Mcintosh Mrs Mary A, res 118 Barr. 


McKaig Rev Robert N, pastor Wayne Street M E church, res 

195 W Wayne. 
McKay James M, bds 134 W Main, 
McKay John, cooper, bds 353 W Main. 
McKay John A (McKay & Nelson), res 332 W Washington. 
McKay Neil, railroad contractor, res 134 W Main. 
McKay & Nelson (John A McKay, Wm R Nelson), engineers 

and bridge contractors, 40 Harrison. 
McKeag Miss Ellen, teacher Hoagland school, bds 133 Fairfield 

McKeag Mrs Mary, res 133 Fairfield ave. 
McKean John, machinist Bass foundry, bds 184 E Jefferson. 
McKean Milt H, clerk A C Greenebaum, bds 184 E Jefferson. 
McKean Miss Sarah E, teacher Hanna school, bds 184 E Jef- 
McKean Wm T, foreman Bass Foundry and Machine Works, res 

184 E Jefferson. 
McKee Thomas L, (S Bash & Co) res 8 N Cass. 
McKendry Daniel, rodsman city engineer, res 293 Harrison. 
McKenna Amos, engineer P F W & C R R, bds 229 Lafayette. 
McKeon Charles, car checker, bds 86 Dawson. 
McKeon James, laborer, res 86 Dawson. 
McKenzie Caleb, painter, res 89 Lasselle. 
McKenzie George, machinist, res 121 Butler. 
McKenzie Miss Irene, bds 138 Broadway. 
McKillop John «fc Co, Commercial Agency, Fred Hayes 

Manager, 62 Calhoun. 
McKinley Henry, night watchman, res 46 Wells. 
McKinney Charles B, solicitor Singer Mnfg Co, bds Anderson 

McKinnie Alexander, res P F W & C R R dining rooms. 
McKinnie Charles, sewing machine agent, bds Anderson House. 
McKinnie Frank H, clerk, railroad dining rooms, bds same. 
McKinnie George, bds railway dining rooms. 
McKinuie Menry, Proprietor Dining Rooms, P F W & 

C R R depot, res same. 
McKinnie Wm M, farmer, bds railway dining rooms. 
McLachlan Alexander, bookkeeper Prentiss, McLachlan & Co, 

res 213 Barr. 
McLachlan John, machinist Prentiss, McLachlan & Co, res 213 

McLachlan Mrs Mary, res 12 N Cass. 
McLachlan Neil, (Prentiss, McLachlan & Co) res 213 Barr. 
McLachlan Neil jr, gasfitter, bds 213 Barr. 

lyo R. L. POLK &C0.'S 

McLachlan Wm, boilermaker Prentiss, McLachlan & Co, res 

105 Lafayette. 
McLaflin Mrs M J, res 1 1 7 Wilt. 
McLain Benoni, farmer, res Spy Run ave. 
McLain Clara, res Spy Run ave. 
McLain Jerome, painter L O Hull. 
McLain John, clerk, bds 19 Monroe. 
McLain Peter, wool dyer, res 19 Monroe. 
McLane Allen E, trav salesman Huestis & Hamilton, bds 235 W 

McLane Mrs Mary, res 77 Holm an. 

McLane Patrick, (Kuster & McLane) res 232 E Jefferson. 
McLaren Miss Mary, res 145 W Berry. 
McLaren Mrs S A, boarding house, 58 Chicago. 
McLaughlin Christopher, molder Bass foundry, res 127 Monroe. 
McLaughlin Michael, laborer, res 210 Fairfield avenue. 
McLean John, bill clerk H J Trentman & Bro, bds 19 Monroe. 
McLean Miss Zeruiah E, teacher Bloomingdale school, res Spy 

Run ave. 
McMahan John, farmer, res 55 Cherry Stophlet's addition. 
McMahon John, laborer, res 355 W Main. 
McMahon Tohn W, farmer, bds John McMahon. 
McMahon Lizzie, domestic 114 W Main. 
McMahon Sylvester, conductor, res 213 Broadway. 
McManigal Josiah, laborer, res 116 W Water. 
McManus Silas B, local editor Gazette, rooms 53 W Water. 
McManus Thomas, res 32 Baker. 
McMillan James, boilermaker, res s w cor Calhoun and Pontiac. 
McMillan James B, well digger, bds 71 W Wayne. 
McMillan John, helper, res 87 Williams. 
McMillan John A, sewing machine agent, res 6;^ E Water. 
McMullen James, engineer, res 70 Charles. 
McMullen James jr, fireman P F W & C R R, bds 70 Charles. 
McMullen John (McMullen & McBennett), res 70 Charles. 
McMullen Maggie, bds 70 Charles. 
McMullen Mary (wid Michael), bds 124 Union. 
McMullen Wm H, clerk postoffice, res 188 E Washington. 
McMullen & McBennett (John McMullen, Francis McBennett), 

carpenters 70 Charles. 
McNair Charles, carpenter, res 56 Henry. 
McNamara John, section hand, res 271 Webster. 
McNamara Monroe, carpenter, bds 322 Calhoun. 
McNamara Thomas, laborer, res 1 1 Melita. 
McNaughtan John, watchman, res 57 Williams. 
McNeal Orlando, teacher, res 78 E Washington, 


McNealy Mrs Martha, res 131 W Water. 

McNearney John P, machinist P F W & C R R, bds 84 Baker. 

McNearney Mary J, dressmaker, bds 84 Baker. 

McNearney Thomas, laborer, res 84 Baker. 

McNulty Mrs Ann, laundress, res 11 Melita. 

McNulty Frank, plumber A Hattersley, bds 11 Melita. 

McNulty John, plumber A Hattersley, res 247 Webster. 

McNulty Wm (McNulty & Kayser), res 221 Lafayette. 

MEcJS'ulty & Kayser (Wm McNulty, Frederick Kayser), 

Boots and Shoes, 221 Lafayette. 
McPhail Miss Jennie, clerk J Black & Co, bds 192 Ewing. 
McPhail Miss Margaret M, principal Hanna school, bds 192 

McPhail Walter, gas fitter A Hattersley, bds 192 Ewing. 
McPhail Wm, master mechanic F W M & C R R, res 192 Ewing. 
McPhail Wm B, machinist, bds 192 Ewing. 
McPike Henry, gold and silver plater, 52 & 52^ Calhoun, res 

309 W Jefferson. 
McQueen John E, switch conductor, res 219 Lafayette. 
McQuiston Allen P, farmer, bds 182 E Jefferson. 
McQuiston John, res 182 E Jefferson. 
McVey Michael, engine wiper, res 24 N Cass. 
Mack Edward, hostler Street Railway Co, bds 262 Calhoun. 
Mack John, helper P Ft W & C R R, bds 84 Baker. 
Mack Mary, domestic, railway dining rooms. 
Madden John, night watchman, res 76 E Wayne. 
Maddux Allan (Maddux Sons), bds 45 Hurd. 
Maddux George (Maddux Sons), bds 45 Hurd. 
Maddux John, millwright, res 45 Hurd. 
Maddux Sons (George & Allan Maddux), mnfrs picture frames 

and brackets, 49 Holton ave. 
Madigan Thomas H, city agent Singer Mnfg Co, bds Anderson 

Madison Albert, molder Bass foundry, bds 148 Wallace. 
Madison Wm J, machinist, res 148 Wallace. 
Maear Charles, carpenter, res 149 Ewing. 
Maenzen Henry, tailor, res 25 Maumee ave. 
Maethe Martin, laborer, res 144 E Jefferson. 
Magers Frank X, farm keeper, res n e cor Maple and Thompson 

Magnus Wm, engineer, res s s Samuel e of Thomas. 
Magrady Charles, J C Hoffman, 186 W Main. 
Hagaire John B, Bookkeeper Cochrane, Humphrey & Co, 

res 116 Jackson. 
Mahan Bridget (wid Dominick), res 176 W Jefferson. 

172 R. L. 

Mahan Nancy (wid Anthony), res 78 Baker. 

Mahana Johanna, domestic D F Comparet. 

Maher Maggie, domestic 22 W Wayne. 

Mahrt Conrad, harnessmaker S H Shoaf, res 88 E Wayne. 

Mahurin Marshall, salesman Coombs & Co, bds Anderson House. 

Mahurin Melville B, clerk N G Olds & Sons, res 65 Bracken- 

Maier see also Meier, Mayer and Meyer. 

Mahurin Simeon, clerk, bds Anderson House. 

Maier, see also Meier, Mayer and Meyer. 

Maier Mrs John A, clerk Root & Co, res 187 W Washington. 

Maier John G, res 76 Lafayette. 

Maier Willis D, deputy county clerk, res 79 W Main. 

Maily Patrick, laborer, res 54 Melita. 

Main Nelson L, laborer, res 50 Chicago. 

Major David H, clerk, res 155 Hanna. 

Majors Thomas, cigarmaker L Dessauer& Co, bds 116 Madison. 

Maley John M, foreman Boseker & White, res n w cor Wayne 
and Walton ave. 

Mallo Chas T, carriagemaker H Sthair, res 191 W Main. 

Malone Mary, domestic, railway dining rooms. 

Malone Patrick, night watchman, res 133 E Lewis. 

Malone Peter, day caller T W & W Ry, bds 39 Lavina. 

Maloney Michael, laborer, res s s Cass e of Wayne. 

Manabracker Henry, laborer, res s s W Water e of Van Buren. 

Manaray John C, carpenter, res 103 W Washington. 

Manaray Levi J, fireman, res 103 W Washington. 

Mangan Mrs Bridget, res 3 Walnut. 

Mangan Michael, stave buncher Ranke, Yergens & Brandt. 

Mangeot John, res 14 Lafayette. 

Manier Frank, carpenter, res 81 E Columbia. 

Mankins Benjamin, brakeman, bds 14 Chicago. 

Mann David W, fireman, bds 181 Jackson. 

Mann Levi W, carpenter, res 126 Wilt. 

Mannawisch Frederick, carpenter, res 187 Barr. 

Mannewisch Henry, boilermaker Prentiss, McLachlan & Co, res 
cor Barr & Lewis. 

Mannheimer Anton, salesman M J Lauferty, bds same. 

Manning Thomas, laborer, res 49 Grand. 

Mannix Thoiuast, Boots & Shoes, 241 Calhoun, res 10 

Mannok Charles, cigarmaker L Bender, bds 176 W Jefferson. 

Mannweiler Christian, helper, res 25 Duryea. 

Mannweiler Ferdinand, barber, bds 25 Duryea. 

Mannweiler Herman, barber, bds 23 Duryea. 


Mannweiler Martin E, barber, n w cor Locust & Fairfield ave 
bds 21 Popler. 

Manogg Carrie, (widow), res 176 W Jefferson. 

Manogg Charles, cigarmaker, bds 176 VV Jefferson. 

Manogg Edward, laborer, bds 176 W Jefferson. 

Manok Mrs Mary C, res w s Griffith bet Wayne and Washington. 

Manon Wm A, salesman Coombs & Co, res 67 W Main. 

Manor Theodore, brakeman, bds 219 Lafayette. 

Manth Julius, clerk Foster Bros & Co, res 332 E Wayne. 

Manthey Wm, civil engineer, res 64 Maumee ave. 

Mantze Frederick, laborer, res 329 E Lewis. 

Manuel Julius P, (] P Manuel & Co), res 240 E Wayne. 

Hanuel J. P. & Co, (Julius P. Manuel, John Begue), 
Grocers, 70 Barr. 

Mapes Benjamin, teamster, res 394 Broadway. 

Maples Darius W, tinsmith, res 106 Creighton ave. 

Marcellus Brother, teacher Cathedral school, res 171 Calhoun. 

Harcy Rufiis O, Patentee Tubular Wells, res 75 Dawson. 

Marhenke Augusta, domestic 236 W Wayne. 

Marhenke Christ, engineer, res no Madison. 

Marl&enke Frederick, Shoemaker, res 147 High. 

Marhenke Lizzie, domestic 106 E Washington. 

Mark M, bookbinder, bds Hedekin House. 

Markey Ed J, tinner Stophlet Bros, bds 1 1 1 W Jefferson. 

Markey Lawrence, baggagemaster, res 344 Calhoun, 

Markey Richard, bookkeeper B Trentman & Son, bds 344 Cal- 

Markey Willis J, florist, bds in W Jefferson. 

Martley Aaron, Boots and Shoes 80)^ Calhoun, res 
Maple ave s of Wayne. 

Markley Miss Flora A, teacher Bloomingdale school, bds 191 

Markley Rev Isaac W, pastor Church of God, res 141 Henry. 

Markley Orren M, shoemaker, res in Wilt. 

Markley Otto G, clerk, bds Aaron Markley. 

Marks Simon P, enginewiper, res 87 Holman. 

Maroney Harry, horse shoer 41 W Main, bds 71 W Wayne. 

Marquardt Mrs Catherine, bds 59 W Washington. 

Marrigan John, section hand, res 35 Grand. 

Marsh Charles, clerk railway dining rooms, bds same. 

Marsh Joel B, fireman T W & W Ry, bds 42 McClellan. 

Marsh Miss Nettie, principal Harmer school, bds Hanna House. 

Marshall Miss Cornelia, clerk Chas A Saunders & Co, res 74 


Marshall Joseph H, messenger U S Express Co, res Grand 
Rapids, Mich. 

Marshall Sarah S, res w s Franklin ave s of Archer. 

Martens Wm, grocer 225 Broadway, res same. 

Martin Alfred, baker, bds 195 Hanna. 

Martin Mrs Alice, res 52 Baker. 

Martin Mrs Anna M, res 206 W Washington. 

Martin Annie, domestic 87 W Wayne. 

Martin Rev A G, res cor Brackenridge and Calhoun. 

Martin Daniel, helper, res 77 Holman. 

Martin Dennis, laborer, bds 58 Prince. 

Martin Diedrich, helper, res 57 Wilt. 

Martin Ebenezer, engineer, res 53 Baker. 

Martin Emma, domestic B D Angell. 

Martin Fay W, cooper, bds John Packer. 

Martin Fred, laborer, res 26 Nirdlinger. 

Martin George, salesman N B Young & Co, res 206 W Wash- 

Martin Henry, cash boy Root & Co, bds 57 Wilt. 

Martin Henry M, solicitor Singer Mnfg Co, bds 104 Barr. 

Martin Mrs H C, (Martin & Son) bds Hanna House. 

Martin Mrs Jane, res 115 W Water. 

Martin Michael, apprentice Bass foundry, bds 359 Hanna. 

Martin Louisa, domestic 19 W Jefferson. 

Martin Terence, blacksmith Bass foundry, res 359 Hanna. 

Martin Thomas, plasterer, bds 74 E Lewis. 

Martin Wm U, (Martin & Son) bds Hanna House. 

Martin & H0U9 (Mrs H C and Wm U Martin) Druggists, 
244 Calhoun. 

Marx John, cigarmaker J C Eckart, res 31 Pearl. 

Marz Joseph, carpenter, res 25 Pine. 

Marz Theodore, carpenter, bds 25 Pine. 

Masbaum George, works spoke factory, res 140 E Washington. 

Masden Isaac, (Masden & Sutton) res 20 Chicago. 

Masden & Sutton, (Isaac Masden, Leander Sutton) 
Saloon, 280 Calhoun. 

Masel Martin, fireman res n s Hoffman w of Wells. 

Maske Martin, fireman Ranke, Yergens & Brandt, res n s Hoff- 
man w of Wells. 

Mason Andrew, butcher Henry W Fry, bds 246 S Calhoun. 

Mason John, brakeman, bds 19 Baker. 

Mason John F, contractor, res 91 Williams. 

Mason Richard A, salesman, bds 120 Union. 

Masonic Ilall^ n w cor Calhoun and Berry. 

Massey John, porter Grand Hotel. 


Match Christ, carpenter, bds 240 W Washington, 

Match Wm, carpenter, res 154 Holman. 

Matott John, conductor, bds Gable House. 

Matsch Henry, clerk Geo DeWald & Co, bds 154 Holman. ■ 

Matsch Joachim C, sawyer Gillett's strip factory, res 100 Putnam. 

Matsch Jno, machinist Prentiss, McLachlan & Co, res 240 W 

Mattliews Stephen, Merchant Tailor, 162 Calhoun, res 

Mattoon Grover J, engineer, res S^ Butler. 

Matz Mary, domestic 92 W Main. 

Mauddelin Amos, laborer Exchange Hotel. 

Mauk Francis M, conductor, res 12 Force. 

Maurer Albert, clerk Stutzenberger & Lomont, bds 500 E Wash- 

Maurer Jacob, res n w cor Washington and Hanover. 

Maurer Jacob jr, bds n w cor Washington and Hanover. 

Max Charles, clerk A Geismar, bds 11 E Main. 

Maxfield Charles, laborer, res n w cor Washington and Glas- 
gow ave. 

May Belle, domestic Comparet House. 

May Ella, domestic 156 W Washington. 

May Polly, domestic 25 Brackenridge. 

Mayer, see also Maier, Meier and Meyer. 

Mayer Mrs Andrew, res 29 W Wayne. 

Mayer Carl (Mayer & Graffe), bds n w cor Jefferson and Clin- 

Mayer Charles F, physician, res 105 Barr. 

Mayer George, saloon 45 Wells, res same. 

Mayer George J E ('Geo J E Mayer & Co), res 89 W Berry. 

Mayer House, J M Rhoads, propr, s e cor Calhoun and Wayne. 

Mayer Joseph M, traveling agent B Trentman & Son, bds 47 
E Jefferson. 

Mayer Lena, seamstress, bds 80 Montgomery. 

Mayer Lorenz, teamster, res 47 E Jefferson. 

Mayer Louis, tailor 18 E Columbia, res 80 Montgomery. 

Mayer Louise, seamstress, bds 99 Wilt. 

Mayer George J E & Co (George J E Mayer, Frank Voirol), 
wholesale and retail jewelers, 19 E Wayne. 

Mayer & Oraffe (Henry C Graffe), Watches, Clocks and 
Jewelry, s e cor Calhoun and Columbia. 

Mayland Frederick, laborer, res 236 W Washington. 

Mazarin John, carpenter, res 255 E Lewis. 

Meddendorf Barney, mason, res 140 E Washington. 

Medley James, brakeman, bds 139 Montgomery. 

176 R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

Medsker James R, machine hand Hoffman Bros, res 91 E 

Meegan Thomas, chief clerk, res 179 Clinton. 
Meehan James, fireman, res 22 Locust. 
Meehan Mrs Mary, res 126 W Washington. 
Meehan Michael, sawyer, res 42 Charley. 
Meehan Michael, polisher N G Olds & Sons, bds 24 Locust. 
Meeke Wm, laborer Boseker & White, res n w cor Wayne and 

Walton ave. 
Meers Robert A, printer Sentinel office, res 49 E Jefferson. 
Megrady Wm, plasterer, res 309 Hanna. 
Mehl John, laborer, res 90 Hanna. 
Mehr Dora, domestic American House. 
Mehre Mrs Clara, res 201 E Washington. 
Meier, see also Maier, Mayer and Meyer. 
Meier Diedrich, carpenter, res 190 E Lewis. 
Meier Ernst H, carpenter, res 310 Harrison. 
Meier Wm, machine hand, res 28 Hood. 
Meinsen Wm, laborer, res 31 Maumee ave. 
^leir Henry, tailor A Foster, bds 99 Wilt. 

Meisner Jacob, bread deliverer A J Langohr, bds 142 Broadway. 
Melahy Wm, section hand, bds 44 Bass. 
Melcheng Ernst, baker 112 Calhoun, res same. 
Melcher Henrietta, domestic 113 W Berry. 
Melching Albert, harnessmaker C Neireiter, bds 41 High. 
Melching Mrs Charlotte, res 41 High. 
Mellinger Jacob, foreman J F Fletcher, res 33 Barr. 
Mellinger Miss Lizzie, school teacher, res 33 Barr. 
Mellor Walter E, fireman, res 199 W Washington. 
Melzer Herman, laborer, bds 5 1 Wilt. 
Mendenhall Rev H G, pastor 3d Presbyterian church, bds 103 

W Berry. 
Mendenhall James, law student L M Ninde. 
Mengles Claus, laborer, res 63 Maumee ave. 
Mennewisch Edward, helper, res 92 Montgomery. 
Mennewisch Fred, carpenter, res 178 Barr. 
Mensch Henry S, letter carrier, res 340 W Jefferson. 
Menuez Henry, fruit tree agent, res 193 Montgomery. 
Menze Ctiristiaii, Cigar Mnfr 140 Calhoun, res same. 
Menze Conrad, cigarmaker C Menze, bds 140 Calhoun. 
Menze Wm, tailor E Bostick & Son, res 388 E Washington. 
Menzer Fred, porter, res 329 E Lewis. 
Mercantile Insurance Co, Noll & Foellinger, Agents, 

25 Postoffice Building. (See adv). 
Mercie Joseph, brewer French brewery, bds Peter Kuntz. 



Meredith Wm, blacksmith T W & W Ry, bds 53 Brackenridge. 
Mergel Martin H, clerk Kern & Tyler, bds 94 W Main. 
Mergel Reinhard, tobacco and cigars 85 Calhoun, res 94 W Main. 
Mergel Reinhard jr, clerk R Mergel, bds 94 W Main. 
Mergentheim Alexander, fancy goods 62 Calhoun, res 58 W 

Merlet Adeline, domestic American House. 
Merlet Matthew, woolpicker French, Hanna & Co, res rear 13 

Merrigan John, section hand, res 35 Grand. 
Merz Nicholas, carpenter, res 33 Henry. 

Merz Peter, carpenter and builder 159 Monroe. res 196 E Lewis. 
Mesker Isaac, bds 91 E Lewis. 
Mesker James R, machine hand, bds 91 E Lewis. 
Metcalf Samuel C, physician 6 Columbia, res 159 Harrison. 
Metcalfe John, conductor, res 52 Williams. 
Methley John, bookkeeper Kerr Murray, res 14 Brandriff. 
Metker Barney, laborer gas works, res E Wayne. 
Metker Joseph, plasterer, res 36 E Washington. 
Metterson Peter, bds 9 N Calhoun. 
Mettey Fred, cooper 17 E Water, res 11 Duck. 
Mettler Matthias, carpenter Jacoby & Wiegand, bds 45 Madison. 
Mettler Matthias, laborer Baker's saw mill, res w s Spy Run ave. 
Mettler Peter, trunkmaker, bds 45 Madison. 
Mettler Peter, res w s Spy Run ave. 
Metz Laura, domestic 453 E Wayne. 
Metzger Andrew, deputy county clerk, res 26 McCIellan. 
Metzger Henry M, freight clerk F W J & S R R, bds 26 

Metzner John, brakeman, bds 151 Holman. 
Mewcomer Christian, clerk Harmon Llouse. 
Meyer, see also Maier, Mayer and Meier. 

Meyer August, shoemaker Chas Stellhorn, bds 200 E Jefferson. 
Meyer Bryan, molder Bass foundry, res 29 Hough. 
Meyer Charles, laborer, res 7 1 Wilt. 
Meyer Charles, machinist, res 207 Madison. 
Meyer Charles F W, Principal Fort Wayne Conservatory 

of Music, 12^ E Main, res s s Pontiac e of Hoagland ave. 
Meyer Christian F G (Meyer Brothers & Co), res St Louis, Mo. 
Meyer Ernst, meat market, 213 Lafayette, res same. 
Meyer Ernst H, carpenter, res 310 Harrison. 
Meyer Fred, tailor, res 99 Wilt. 

Meyer Fred, clerk Meyer Brothers & Co, bds 100 Harrison. 
Meyer F Chas, machinist Prentiss, McLachlan, & Co, res 207 


33 • 

178 R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

Meyer George M, molder Bass foundry, res 287 Hanna. 

Meyer Gustav, baker C W Jacobs, bds 62 E Main. 

Meyer Henry, blacksmith, res 76 W Washington. 

Meyer Henry, carpenter, bds 339 E Washington. 

Meyer Henry, clerk Meyer Brothers & Co, res 100 Harrison. 

Meyer Henry, coppersmith, res 81 Brackenridge. 

Meyer John H, clerk, res 100 Harrison. 

Meyer John, mason, res s w cor Glasgow ave and Washington. 

Meyer John, teamster, res s s W Third w of Barthold. 

Meyer John F W (Meyer Brothers & Co), res 22 W Washing- 

Meyer Louis, sawyer Wm Tagtmeyer, res n e cor Harrison and 

Meyer Mrs Mary, res 339 E Washington. 

Meyer Mary S; tailoress J G Fledderman, bds 47 E Jefferson. 

Meyer Richard, carpenter, res 190 E Lewis. 

Meyer Wm, boilermaker, res 339 E Washington. 

Meyer Wm, boots and shoes, 195 Lafayette, res same. 

Meyer Wm, druggist, res 22 W Washington. 

Meyer William, machinist, bds 100 Harrison. 

Meyer William, porter 82 W Berry. 

Meyer William, tailor C G Vogel & Son, res 200 E Jefferson. 

Meyer Wm H, machinist Bass foundry, res 447 E Wayne. 

Meyer Brothers & Co (Christian F G Meyer, John F 
W Meyer, E P Williams), Wholesale Druggists, 2 Keystone 
Block and 9 W Columbia. 

Meyers, see also Meiers and Myers. 

Meyers Mrs Annie, res 183 E Jefferson. 

Meyers Bryan, molder, res 29 Hough. 

Meyers Charles F F, clerk Root & Co, res 45 W Washington. 

Meyers Miss Dora, milliner J Pierr, bds 183 E Jefferson. 

Meyers Elizabeth (wid Fred), res 81 Brackenridge. 

Meyers Ernst H, laborer, res 26 Oliver. 

Meyers Frank, painter, res 183 E Jefferson. 

Meyers Frederick, helper, res 181 E Lewis. 

Meyers Fred, clerk W Stolz, bds n w cor Clinton and Jefferson. 

Meyers Frederick C, barber 87 Calhoun, res 59 W Wayne. 

Meyers Fred W, barber 276 N Calhoun, res 81 Brackenridge. 

Meyers Henry, carpenter, res 181 E Lewis. 

Meyers Henry, laborer P F W & C R R, bds 81 Brackenridge. 

Meyers Miss Justina, bds 183 E Jefferson. 

Meyers Miss Katie, dressmaker, bds 183 E Jefferson. 

Meyers Lewis, barber, bds 81 Brackenridge. 

Meyers Mrs Wilhelmina, res 47 W Washington. 

Michael Andrew, printer, res 168 E Washington. 


Michael Fred, Propr Washington House, 121 and 123 S 
Calhoun cor Washington, res same. 

Michael Herman (Bauer & Michael), res 349 W Jefferson. 

Michaelis Chas, upholsterer Geo Gould, res 297 W Jefferson. 

Michaelis Henry A, cigar mnfr 245 W Jefferson, res same. 

Michaels Daniel H, varnisher, bds 297 W Jefferson. 

Michaels Elizabeth (wid Harmon), bds 297 W Jefferson. 

Michel Daniel, laborer, bds 9 N Calhoun. 

Michel Frank, cooper, res ^6 Marion. 

Michel L, reporter, bds 9 N Calhoun. 

Mick Abraham C, conductor P F W & C R R, bds 229 Lafay- 

Mickley Aaron, carpenter, res ;^S Walnut. 

Mickow John, carpenter, res 16 1 Gay. 

Middleton Ella, cook Central Hotel. 

Mier John, laborer, res s s Douglas e of St Mary's ave. 

Mihl John, laborer, res 90 Hanna. 

Mikell George, wagonmaker, res 408 E Wayne. 

Milan Lena, domestic 219 W Wayne. 

Miles Charles, engineer, res 221 W Washington. 

Miles David, machinist, res 10 West. 

Miles Mrs Mary, res 64 Maumee ave. 

Miles Richard, brickmaker, bds E Wayne opp Concordia College. 

Miller Ada, domestic 171 Clinton. 

Miller Albert, (H Day & Miller) bds 5 Sturgis. 

Miller Amelia, domestic 54 W Berry. 

Miller Andrew, carpenter, res 5 Sturgis. 

Miller Barbara E, (wid Robt) res w s Lillie s of Pontiac. 

Miller Bruno, tailor C G Vogel & Son, res w s Francis s of 

Miller Casper, bookkeeper H J Trentman & Bro, res 144 W 

Miller Mrs Catherine, res 58 Douglas ave. 

Miller Charles, brakeman P F W & C R R, bds 49 Baker. 

Miller Charles, cigarmaker L Dessauer & Co, bds 132 Wells. 

Miller Charles, engineer, res 10 Lavina. 

Miller Charles, patternmaker, bds 6 Gay. 

Miller Charles, switchman P F W & C R R, bds 22 Fulton. 

Miller Charles, tinner H J Ash, res 94 Wilt. 

Miller Charles W, laborer, res 10 Lavina. . 

Miller Mrs Charlotte, res 249 E Jefferson. 

Miller Christ, grocer 59 Wells, res same. 

Miller Christ, helper, res 14 West. 

Miller Christina, domestic 271 W Wayne. 

Miller Christopher, watchman, res 55 Williams. 

1 86 R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

Miller Clara, domestic 54 W Main. 

Miller Claude C, insurance 20 W Berry, res 187 W Washington. 

Miller Claude L, school teacher, bds 104 Fairfield ave. 

Miller Clemens, laborer, res n s Hendricks e of Broadway. 

Miller Cornelius A, engineer, res 80 Taylor. 

Miller Cyrus W, huckster, res s end Webster nr Pontiac. 

Miller Daniel B, (Miller Bros) res 49 W Main. 

Miller Daniel M, (Miller & Moritz) res Aveline House. 

Miller Miss Edna, seamstress, res 93 Ewing. 

Miller Edward, printer Gazette & Co, bds 249 E Jefferson. 

Miller Ernest, boilermaker, res 51 Williams. 

Miller Ernest, laborer Hoffman Bros, res 23 Wilt. 

Miller Erwin, student, bds 79 E Washington. 

Miller Mrs Esther, seamstress, res 93 Ewing. 

Miller Ferdinand, works spoke factory, bds 249 E Jefferson. 

Miller Frank, teamster, bds w s Lillie s of Pontiac. 

Miller Fred, carpenter, bds 224 W Washington. 

Miller Frederick, laborer, bds 131 W Water. 

Miller Frederick, laborer Bass foundry, res 5 Force. 

Miller Fred, mason, res 8 Summit. 

Hiller Fred J5 Druggist, 324 Lafayette, res same. 

Miller F Wm, machine hand Hoffman Bros, res 124 Wilt. 

Miller George, (George Miller & Co) res 62 Madison. 

Miller George, works spoke factory, res 6 Oak. 

Miller George A, res 390 E Wayne. 

Miller George F, sawyer, bds 6 Gay. 

Miller Harper, bookkeeper, res 136 W Wayne. 

Miller Hattie, domestic, railway dining rooms. 

Miller Henry, machinist, res 20 Marion. 

Miller Henry, shoemaker, bds 224 W Washington. 

Miller Henry D, brakeman, res 33 Williams. 

Miller Henry J, entry clerk A S Evans & Co, bds 200 E Wash- 

Miller Herman W, sawyer Peters Box and Lumber Co^ res n w 
cor Jefferson and Webster. 

Miller Isaac, fireman, res 38 Williams. 

Miller Jacob, chairmaker, res 390 E Wayne. 

Miller Jacob, machinery oiler P F W & C R R, bds 102 Wal- 

Miller James B, laborer J C Peters & Co, bds 93 Ewing. 

Miller Jerry, machinist T W & W Ry, bds 58 Douglas ave. 

Miller John, laborer, res 54 Spruce. 

Miller John, student, bds 81 E Jefferson. 

Miller John, tailor, 153 W Main. 

Miller John A, carpenter, res 143 Henry. 


Miller John Christ, cigarmaker, res 73 Williams. 

Miller John G M, compositor Daily News, bds 25 W Jefferson. 

Miller John J, real estate, res 79 E Washington. 

Miller John McC, clerk I M Biddle, res 61 N Cass. 

Miller John M, furniture dealer and manufacturer, 50 E Main, 

res 52 E Jefferson. 
Miller John V, engineer Hoffman Bros, bds 195 W Main. 
Miller Joseph, carpenter, res s s W Third nr city limits. 
Miller Joseph, laborer, res s s Douglas ave e of St Mary's 
Miller Joseph A (Miller Bros), res 49 W Main. 
Miller Josephine (wid Fred), res 35 St Francis. 
Miller J Ernst, boilermaker, res 51 Williams. 
Miller J Henry, machinist, res 20 Marion. 
Miller Kate, domestic 83 E Berry. 
Miller Kate, domestic 46 W Wayne. 
Miller Katie, domestic 63 W Main. 
Miller Katie, domestic, railway dining rooms. 
Miller Kendrick B, traveling salesman Taylor Bros, res 231 W 

Miller Lizzie A, bds Clemens Miller. 
Miller Louis, painter, res 125 N Cass. 
Miller Louis, laborer, bds 73 Williams. 
Miller Louis W, carriage painter, res 195 W Main. 
Miller Margaret, domestic 254 W Washington. 
Miller Mark J, cash boy, bds 6 Gay. 
Miller Mrs Martha, res 25 W Jefferson. 

Miller Martin H, news dealer postoffice, res 116 W Jefferson. 
Miller Mary, domestic 28 Douglas ave. 
Miller Mary, domestic 45 Monroe. 
Miller Mary (wid Xavier), res 6 Gay. 
Miller Mary A, dressmaker, bds 1 1 6 W Jefferson. 
Miller Matthias, painter, res 102 Wallace. 
Miller Matthias jr, boilermaker, bds T02 Wallace. 
Miller Michael, drover, res 224 W Washington. 
Miller Nathaniel C, lawyer, 20 W Berry, res 104 Fairfield ave. 
Miller Nicholas, laborer Bass foundry, res 296 E Washington. 
Miller Peter, res 31 Brandriff. 

Miller Robert E, laborer P F W & C R R, bds Union House. 
Miller Rosa, domestic 254 W Jefferson. 
Miller Rose, seamstress J G Fledderman, bds 141 E Lewis. 
Miller Mrs Sarah, res 338 Harrison. 
Miller Seraphin, laborer, res loi Barr. 
Miller Seraphin N, painter, bds 102 Wallace. 
Miller Theodore, tinner Wm E Griffiths & Co, bds 94 Wilt. 
Miller Miss Theresa M, bds 25 Jefferson. 

l82 R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

Miller Thomas, umbrellamaker 174 Calhoun, res same. 

Miller Tina, bookfolder Sentinel office, res 25 W Jefferson. 

Miller Urbin B, dentist Loag & Brown, bds 231 W Jefferson. 

Miller Uriah, bds 195 W Main. 

Miller Wm, ashery, res n s W & E Canal e of Lafayette. 

Miller Wm, res 200 E Washington. 

Miller Wm, janitor, res 305 Calhoun. 

Miller Wm, laborer Freeman & Barnett, res St Mary's ave, n of 

Miller Wm, laborer, bds 224 W Washington. 
Miller Wm, laborer, res s s Lake w of St Mary's ave. 
Miller Wm, night watchman Hoffman & Co, res 195 W Main. 
Miller Wm F, painter, bds 195 W Main. 
Miller Wm H, fireman, bds 36 Brandriff. 
Miller Wm H (W H Miller & Co), res 61 N Cass. 
Miller Bros (Joseph A & Daniel B), Proprs Union House 

and Farmers' Feed Stables, 49 W Main. 
Miller Citeorge «fe Co (George Miller, Henrietta Nestle), 

Grocers, n e cor Lewis and Lafayette. 
Miller & Moritz (Daniel M Miller, John M Moritz), proprs 

Aveline House, cor Berry & Calhoun. 
Miller W H & Co (Wm H Miller, Levi Turner), grocers, 24 
M Harrison. 

Millhouse Samuel, carpenter Bass foundry, res 17 Samuel. 
Mills Andrew J H, grain merchant 71 E Columbia, res 59 Barr. 
Mills Miss Frank, domestic 40 Douglas ave. 
Mills Henry A, blacksmith, res S6 Chicago. 
Mills Horatio T, machinist, res 281 W Washington. 
Mills James W, boilermaker, res 122 Butler. 
Mills Theodore, grain buyer, res e s Franklin ave n of Barthold 

Mills Theodore, painter, res Franklin ave s of Hoffman. 
Mills Thomas, machinist, res 66 Butler. 
Mills Wm, boilermaker, res 122 Butler. 
Mills Wm, laborer, res e s Hanna nr city limits. 
Miner Byran P, agent estate Geo W Ewing, 91 W Main, res 62 

Douglas ave. 
Miner George D, conductor,bds 62 Douglas ave. 
Miner James W, drayman, res 364 Broadway, 
Miner Mrs Margaret, res 36 Barr. 
Miner Mary, domestic 87 W Main. 
Miner Robert C, machinist, res 93 Fairfield ave. 
Miner Thomas J, night clerk Robinson House. 
Minneker Wm, heading jointer Ranke, Yergens & Brandt, bds 

49 W Washington. 


Minnick Joseph J, cigarmaker L Dessauer & Co, bds 132 Wells. 

Mischo Catherine (wid Michael), res 158 Broadway. 

Mischo Nicholas, laborer, res 33 Pritchard. 

Miser Christ, butcher, bds n w cor Hanna and Wallace. 

Misner George, painter, res 143 Wells. 

Misner James A, fireman, res 14 Cass. 

Mitchell James, Ft Wayne Journal, bds Summit City House. 

Mitchell Kerr M, draughtsman Kerr Murray, bds 141 W 

Mitchell Robert, fireman T W & W Ry, bds 202 W Jefferson. 
Mobley Mary J, res 57 Grand. 
Mock Miss Maggie, seamstress, bds 33 Hood. 
Moderwell Hiram C, ticket saiesman P F W & C and G R & I 

and C R & F W R R, bds railway dining rooms. 
Moderwell Jay M, clerk postoffice, bds 9 E Wayne. 
Moellering Henry, machinist, res 55 E Lewis. 
Moellering William (Moellering & Paul), res 120 Montgomery. 
Moellering Wm F, clerk H Dicke & Co, bds 120 Montgomery. 
Moellering Wm L, clerk Noll & Sommer, bds 55 E Lewis. 
Hoeliering «& Paul (Wm Moellering, Henry C Paul), 

Builders, Contractors and Mnfrs Lime, Cement and Plaster, 81 

E Columbia. 
Moering Henry, laborer Bass foundry, res 181 Monroe. 
Moering Henry, molder Bass foundry, bds t8i Monroe. 
Iloffat Rev I>avid W, Pastor First Presbyterian Church, 

res 144 E Berry. 
Moffatt Mrs Carrie, res 55 E Wayne. 
Moffatt Wm R, student Fort Wayne College, bds same. 
Mohr Jno, boots and shoes, 64 E Columbia, res same. 
Mohr John, jr, cashier Hamilton Bank, res De Wald square. 
Mohr Joseph D, assistant cashier Hamilton Bank, res 64 E 

Mohr Louis, bookkeeper C L Hill, res 238 E Washington. 
Moist Mrs Jane, midwife, res 14 Wall. 
Moltz James L, train dispatcher G R & I R R Go's office, res 

Mommer Anthony, laborer Kerr Murray, bds 279 Hanna. 
Mommer John, machinist Bass foundry, res 174 E Lewis. 
Hommer Joseph, jr. Recorder Allen County, Office 

Court House, res 133 W Main. 
Mommer Joseph F, carriage trimmer, res 133 W Main. 
Mommer Louis, molder, res 180 E Lewis. 
Monaghan Dennis, hatter C A Gallenger, res 235 E Lewis. 
Monaghan John, helper, res 6 Kansas. 
Mondt Wm, laborer, res w s St Mary's ave n of Lake. 

184 R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

Mong George E, painter, res 231 Lafayette. 

Monn Miss Annie, dinning room waiter 12 Harrison. 

Monn Va.entine, propr Farmers' Hotel 12 Harrison. 

Monning B Henry, shipping clerk Trentman, Monning & Son, 
bds 143 E Wayne. 

Monning Henry (Trentman, Monning & Son), res 143 E 

Monning John B (Trentman, Monning & Son), res 61 Lafayette. 

Monning;, Son «& Co, (Henry & John B Monning, 
August C Trentman), Propr Globe Mills, 75 E Columbia. 

Monnoch Matilda, domestic H H Barcus, 29 E Main. 

Monroe Anna, domestic 33 Butler. 

Monroe Annie, res 92 Franklin ave. 

Monroe Samuel, fireman, res cor W Lewis and Calhoun. 

Monroe William F, brakeman T W & W Ry, bds 54 E Wash- 

Montgomery Mrs Emma, res 34 Baker. 

Montgomery Noah, carpenter, res 49 Grand. 

Mooney John, fireman P F W & C R R, bds 6 Kansas. 

Moore Amanda R, domestic 337 Hanna. 

Moore David H, engineer, res 34 Chicago. 

Moore George W, switchman, res 13 Duryea. 

Moore James, brakeman, bds 56 Wells. 

Moore John, laborer, res 137 Wallace. 

Moore John S, conductor, bds 212 Lafayette. 

Moore John W, engineer Cochrane, Humphrey & Co, res 114 

Moore Josie, waiter Aveline House. 

Moore Newberry, laborer, res 36 Brandriff. 

Moore Miss Sarah, seamstress T Williams, res 80 Brackenridge. 

Moore Miss Sarah J, clerk U S Pension office, bds 143 W Berry 

Moore Samuel C, brakeman, res 121 Fairfield ave. 

Moore William H, fireman, res 69 Dawson. 

Moorehouse John W, miller, St Joseph mills, res 26 Baker. 

Moran Eli, baker A J Langohr, bds 142 Broadway. 

Moran James E, baker, bds 201 E Wayne. 

Moran Miss Julia T, res 201 E Wayne. 

Moran Norah, domestic 254 W Wayne. 

Moran Norah, domestic 60 Barr. 

Moran Miss Maggie, bds 5 1 Gay. 

Moran Peter, Ice Dealer, res 207 E Wayne. 

Moran Peter A, tinner H J Ash, bds 201 E Wayne. 

Moran William, ice peddler, res n s Elm nr city limits. 

Moran Rachael, domestic Grand Hotel. 

Mordhurst Henry W, clerk H G Wagner, bds 54 Calhoun. 


Morehouse Horace B, ^^X B Young &: Co), res 21S W Washing- 

Morell Henry, shoemaker M App, res 1 1 W Jefferson. 

Morell JuHa, domestic 66 E Columbia. 

Morell Mrs Mary, res 14 W Wayne. 

Morgan George W, painter, res 215 E Wayne. 

Morgan Tames H, machinist, res 106 Barr. 

Morgan James X, brakeman, res 51 Melita. 

Morgan Oliver H, clerk, bds 40 E Washington. 

^[organ Oliver P, (Morgan &: Beach), res 40 E Washington. 

^org^an cV Beaeli, (Oliver P. Morgan, Frederick 
Beach), Hardware 19 iS: 21 E Columbia. 

Morganthaler Peter, manager Star Clothing House res S5 W 

Moring August, fireman, bds s s Pontiac. 

Moring John, laborer, res s s Pontiac, e of Hoagland ave. 

Moritz Mrs Elizabeth, res 79 W Berry. 

Moritz John M, (^Miller & Moritz), re's 79 W Berry. 

Morris Mrs Barbara, seamstress T Williams, res 43 E ^^ain. 

Morris Edward, brakeman, res 313 Harrison. 

Morris James, switchman, res 315 Harrison. 

Morris John, (Coombs, Morris Os: Bell^, res s e cor Thompson 
&: Maple aves. 

Morris John H, painter, res Barr. 

Morris I^uis, laborer, bds 25 Hamilton. 

Morris Miss MoUie, saleslady, bds Hedekin House. 

Morris Mrs Rosa, bds 105 W Berry. 

Morris Samuel L, (Taylor &: Morris) res s s Maple ave w of 
Broadway. ^ 

Morris Stephen, messenger Ft Wayne Xaiional Bank, res Maple 
ave nr Wayne. 

Morrison Mrs Barbara, res 43 E Main. 

Morrison Mrs Betsey, res Central Hotel. /ticiA.^ 

Morrison James F, lawyer n w cor Calhoun and ^^^jTods Ex- 
change Hotel. 

Morrison Miss Julia, res Central Hotel. 

Morrison Robert G, manager Central Hotel 20 and 22 E Berry. 

^^orrison Rose, domestic Robinson House. 

Morrison Thomas J, Saloon 15 Grand nr Calhoun, res 
53 Butler. 

Morse John, teamster, res w s John s of Jones. 

Morse John B, Master >iechanic T W & W R3-, bds Ave- 
line House. 

Morse Jotham jr, brakeman G R & I R R, bds 17 Holman. 

Morse Samuel E, editor Sentinel, bds 9 E Wayne. 

1 86 

Morse Stanley B, principal Indiana Conservatory of Music, Bur- 
gess Block, bds 103 W Berry. 
Mortz Albert, bds American House. 
Morvilius Mrs Elizabeth, res 75 E Jefferson. 
Morvilius Frank W, (J & F W Morvilius) res 75 E Jefferson. 
Morvilius Jacob, (J & F W Morvilius) res 75 E Jefferson. 
Horvilius JT «& F W, Cigars and Tobacco, 140 Calhoun. 
Moser Valentine, molder TR Pickard & Sons, bds 258 Calhoun. 
Mosher George K, engineer G R & I R R, bds 262 Calhoun. 
Moss Jacob E, salesman, bds Grand Hotel. 
Mosshammer Mrs Bertha, midwife, res 84 E Wayne. 
Mosshammer Gust, molder T R Pickard & Sons, bds 84 E 

Mosshammer Jacob, cigarmaker H Day & Miller, bds 84 E 

Mosshammer John M, laborer T R Pickard & Sons, res 84 E 

Mote Miss Jennie, dressmaker, res 205 E Wayne. 
Motsch Frederick, saloon 28 W Main, res same. 
Motteram Wm, salesman Coombs & Co, res 391 E Wayne. 
Mottinger Simon, carpenter, res n e cor Burgess and DeGroff. 
Motz George, tailor A F Shoch, res 40 Second. 
Mougin Adeline, domestic 70 E Columbia. 
Moynihan Andrew J, printer Sentinel office, res Broadway bet 

R R tracks. 
Moynihan Martin, laborer, res 235 Broadway. 
Moynihan Martin jr, sewing machine agent, bds 235 Broadway. 
Muchlenbruck Goodrich, shipping clerk, res 173 Holman. 
Mudge George F, bds 20 €Ienry. 
Mudge Jeremiah C, carpenter, res 20 Henry. 
Mudge John A, carpenter, bds 20 Henry. 
Mudge Smith R, conductor, res 186 Jackson. 
Muehfeith John, tailor, res 40 Wells. 
Muhl Mary, domestic Robinson House. 
Mueller John S, tailor, res 153 E Main. 
Muhlenbruch Charles, wagonmaker, res 219 E Jefferson. 
Muhlenbruch Diedrich, carpenter, res 213 E Jefferson. 
Muhlenbruch Gottreich, shipping clerk Carnahan, Hanna & Co, 

res 173 Holman. 
Muhlenbruch Wm, carpenter, res 152 W Jefferson. 
Muhler Mrs Anna, res 27 W Berry. 
Muhler Charles F (Wilson & Muhler), res 62 Fulton. 
Muhler George L, tinner Wilson & Muhler, bds 27 W Berry. 
Muirhead Alexander, machinist Kerr Murray, res s e cor Sut- 

tonfield and Calhoun. 


Muirhead John W, res 6t Brackenridge. 

Muirhead Mrs R, res 6i Brackenridge. 

Mulcahy Richard, laborer gas works, res w s Spy Run ave bet St 
Mary's river and Elizabeth. 

Mulcary Edward, machinist^ res 23 Colerick. 

Muldoon Miss Emily, dressmaker, bds 140 Holman. 

Muldoon John, painter Fort Wayne Paint & Painting Co, bds 
140 Holman. 

Muldoon Mrs Margaret, res 140 Holman. 

Muldoon Miss Sarah, tailoress, bds 140 Holman. 

Mulheron Miss Maggie, bds 43 Brackenridge. 

Mulheron Mary (wid John), res 192 Broadway. 

Mulheron Thomas, fireman, res 192 Broadway. 

Mull Wm, millwright, res 104 Barr. 

Mullen George W, cashier F W M & C R R, bds Grand Hotel. 

Mullett John, laborer, res 273 W Main. 

Mullins Hannah, waiter Aveline House. 

Mundt Wm, laborer Citizens' Street Railroad Co, bds 262 Cal- 

Munger Annie, domestic 234 W Berry. 

Munger Miss Eugenia, teacher High school, bds 3 E Water. 

Mungovan Frank (Walker & Co), res e s Calhoun s of Leith. 

Mungovan Thomas C, blacksmith T W & W Ry, res S Calhoun. 

Munn Fred S, laborer F W J & S R R. 

Munn James, boilermaker, res s s Archer ave nr city limits. 

Munn Lillie, bds 72 N Cass. 

Munsch Philip, teamster, res 38 Third. 

Huusoii Cltarles A, Sheriff Allen Co, res County Jail. 

Munson Miss Lucretia M, res County Jail. 

Murch Richard, conductor, res 85 Baker. 

Murdock Adam, laborer, res w s Hanna n of Eckart. 

Murgul Reinhardt, cigar dealer, res 94 W Main. 

Murphy Amos W, painter, res 55 Maumee ave. 

Murphy Dennis, helper P F W & C R R, bds 7 Colerick. 

Murphy George, laborer, res 1 1 Colerick. 

Murphy Mrs Johanna, laundress, res 7 Colerick. 

Murphy John, porter Aveline House. 

Murphy John, helper, res 25 Taylor. 

Murphy John, laborer, res 237 Clay. 

Murphy John P, painter, bds 55 Maumee ave. 

Murphy Mary, domestic 29 W Wayne. 

Murphy Michael, engineer, res 159 Fairfield ave. 

Murphy Michael, laborer, res 171 Madison. 

Murphy Robert W (Foster Bros & Co, res 74 W Main. 

Murphy Samuel, painter, res 209 Hanna. 

1 88 R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

Murphy Seth T, engineer, res 187 Madison. 

Murray Americus W, machinist, res 82 Madison. 

Murray John, brakeman, bds 14 Chicago. 

Murray Merr, Mnfr Steam Engines, Boilers, Gas Ma- 
chinery, and Iron and Brass Founder, s e cor Calhoun and 
Wallace, res 141 W Wayne. 

Murray Newton, helper, res 82 Madison. 

Murray Robert, machinist, bds 141 W Wayne. 

Murray Wm R, machinist Kerr Murray, bds 141 Wayne. 

Murtagh Wm H (C B Woodworth & Co), bds Hamilton House. 

Mutz Alexander, canal lock tender, res n s Wayne e of Walton 

Myer, see also Maier, Mayer, Meyer and Meier. 

Myer August, shoemaker, bds 200 E Jefferson. 

Myer Ernst, laborer, res e s Oliver nr city limits. 

Myer Louis, tailor, res 80 Montgomery. 

Myer Wm, tailor, res 200 E Jefferson. 

Myers Anton, bds 60 Wilt. 

Myers Barnhard, laborer, res 115 E Berry. 

Myers Charles, machinist, bds 96 Madison. 

Myers Conrad, watchman, res 285 Hanna. 

Myers C Fred, street sprinkler, res 66 Douglas ave. 

Myers Ellis, polisher O D Hurd & Co, res 11 St Francis. 

Myers Ferdinand, truckman, res 165 Ewing. 

Myers Fred, laborer, res 7 Clark. 

Myers Fred, molder Bass foundry, bds i John. 

Myers George, Lumber, Lath, and Shingles, e s Broadway 
nofPFW&CRR track, res 60 Wilt. 

Myers George, laborer, res 57 E Water. 

Myers George M, molder, res 287 Hanna. 

Myers George P, Bookkeeper Geo Myers, bds 60 Wilt. 

Myers Henry, plasterer, res 200 E Lewis. 

Myers Isaac, fireman T W & W Ry, bds 86 E Main. 

Myers Isaac N, physician 80 Calhoun, bds 132 W Main. 

Myers James D, gravel roofer, res 57 E Water, 

Myers John, brakeman, bds Racine House. 

Myers J Fred, cooper n s E Water bet Calhoun and Clinton, res 
28 Douglas. 

Myers Joseph, wood sawyer, res 117 Wells. 

Myers Mark J, bill poster, res 57 E Water. 

Myers Nicholas M, car inspector T W & W Ry, bds 184 W Jef 

Myers Samuel, fireman, bds 328 Lafayette. 

Myers Sophia, domestic 125 Hanna. 

Myers Wm, blacksmith, res 98 Williams. 


Myers Wm, machinist Kerr Murray, bds loo Harrison. 

Myers Wm, machinist Bass foundry, res i8i E Lewis. 

Myers Wm, helper, res 339 E Washington. 

Myers Wm, teamster J C Peters & Co, bds Bloomingdale. 

5Iyers WiuH, Physician, 80 Calhoun, res 157 W Wayne. 

Myers "W^m H, General Contractor and Builder, res 100 
Fairfield ave. 

Myerson Eli, telegraph messenger, bds 173 W Washington, 

Myerson Lazarus, bds 173 (old number) W Washington. 

Myerson Philip, bookkeeper J Nirdlinger, res 173 \V Washing- 

Myerson Ravelle, res 31 W ^Main. 

Mygrant Isaac, porter Mayer House. 

Naegmann August, laborer Bass foundry. 

Nagel Fred, store keeper, res 99 W Jefferson. 

Nagel Martin, machinist, res 29 Hough. 

Nagle Mary, milliner, bds 99 W Jefferson. 

Nagle Minnie, domestic, 145 W Water. 

Nagle Sophia, dressmaker, bds 99 W Jefferson. 

Nahrvvold Frederick, helper, res 25 Wilt. 

Nahrwold Nicholas, helper Bass foundry, res 140 Force. 

Nahrwold Wm, carpenter, res 29 Wilt. 

Naier Joseph, shoemaker, res 12 Francis. 

Nathan Charles (Nathan Brothers), bds Grand Hotel. 

Nathan Herman (Nathan Brothers), bds Sturgis House. 

Nathan Julius (Nathan Brothers), res 130 W Washington. 

Xatliasi Brotliers (JuUus, Herman and Charles), Whole- 
sale Liquors, 59 E Columbia. 

Nattlehorst Oscar, clerk, bds 131 E Washington. 

Nave Frank, barber, 272 Calhoun, res 19 Baker. 

Nay Edward, laborer, res 10 1 Williams. 

Neaderhouser ]\Iary, domestic Montgomery Flamilton. 

Near George, teamster, bds 13 Hamilton. 

Nebb George, helper, res 54 Oakley. 

Neelley James N, master of transportation G R & I R R, res 
44 McClellan. 

Neely John, brakeman, res 323 Lafayette. 

Nees Chas, woodturner J Burkholder, res 36 Wall. 

Nees Henry, carpenter, res 28 College. 

Neff August, laborer Stophlet & Bros, bds 19 Monroe. 

Neff Enoch, farmer, res s s_W Main at city limits. 

190 R. L. POLK & CO. S 

Neff Jacob, res 6^ E Water. 

Neff John H, patent medicine mnfr, bds Enoch Neff. 

Neff Mrs Mary M, dressmaker 87 Ewing, res same. 

Neger Joseph, shoemaker Thomas Mannix, res 12 Francis. 

Neichter Joseph, machinist, res 183 Jackson. 

Neidermeir Paul, laborer, res rear 24 Lasselle. 

Neidhart Joseph, carpenter O D Hurd & Co, res 56 Madison. 

Neidhoefer Wm, grocer, 337 Lafayette, res same. 

Neimeyer Henry, teamster, res 153 Madison. 

Neir Julia, dressmaker, res 32 Clinton. 

^S'eireiter Conrad, Propr Summit City Trunk and Har- 
ness Factory 13 W Columbia, res 137 VV Wayne. 

Neireiter John, laborer, res 7 Hood. 

Neis Adam, painter Ft W P & P Co, bds n e cor Monroe and 

Nelley James N, master transportation G R & I R R, res 44 

Nelligan Miss Ellen, bds 47 Douglas ave. 

Nelligan John, res 56 Douglas ave. 

Nelligan John, jr, machinist Kerr Murray, bds 56 Douglas ave. 

Nelligan Michael, machinist, res 56 Douglas ave. 

Nelson Henry, plumber, bds 146 Holman. 

Nelson Isaac D G (IDG Nelson & Co), res 336 W Washing- 

Nelson Louis P, farmer, res 460 Broadway. 

Nelson Mrs Mary E, tailoress, res 71 Webster. 

Nelson Wm, contractor, bds 336 W Washington. 

Nelson William R (I D G Nelson & Co), res 40 Harrison. 

Nelson I D G & Co (Isaac D G Nelson, Wm R Nelson), agri- 
cultural implements, 35 E Columbia. 

Nemit Kate, domestic I N Taylor. 

Nerhood John, salesman Harry H Vernon, res 8 Lavina. 

Nerhood Mathias, switchman, res 26 WiUiams. 

Nessel Michael, carpenter, res 138 E Lewis. 

ITestel I^aniel, Manager Commodore Foote's Troupe, res 
203 W Jefferson. 

Nestel Daniel, jr, carpenter, bds 203 W Jefferson. 

Xestel diaries Win (Commodore Foote), res 203 W 
Jefferson. (See adv.) 

Nestel Miss Eliza (sister Commodore Foote), bds 203 W Jeffer- 

Nestle Adolph, bds 187 Lafayette. 

Nestle Edward, painter, bds 187 Lafayette. 

Nestle Henrietta (George Miller & Co), res 187 Lafayette. 

Nestle Philip, grocer, res 187 Lafayette. 



Nettelhorst Oscar, clerk P F W cS: C R R offices, bds 131 E 

Neuberger Chas, millinery, res 120 Clinton. 
Neuberger Mrs Rosina, millinery and fancy goods 15 E Main, 

res 120 Clinton. 
Neuenschwander Edward, shipping clerk Prescott Bros & Co, 

res 46 E Columbia. 
Neuenscewander Isaac M, saloon 46 E Columbia, res same. 
Neuenschwander Rheinhold, res 46 E Columbia. 
Neufpher Leonard, engine hostler, res 306 Harrison. 
Neuhaus Frank, gardener, res s s Hoffman w of Wells. 
Neuhaus Harry, clerk Keil & Brother, bds cor Washington and 

Neuhaus Reinhard H, shoemaker L Fortriede, bds n w cor Barr 

and Washington. 
Neuman Wm, engine wiper, res 62 LilHe. 
Neumont Mrs Sidney, res 140 Francis. 
Neuroth Lewis, coppersmith, res 133 Fairfield ave. 
Neuroth Mary C, domestic 42 McClellan. 
Newberger Charles, merchant 15 E Main, res n w cor Clinton 

and Washington. 
Newcomer Christian, clerk Harmon House, bds same. 
Newell Charles D, engineer, res 209 W Jefferson. 
Newell Hans, janitor Third Presbyterian churCh, res 16 Locust. 
Newham Thomas, engineer, res 141 Henry. 
Newhart Charles, student, bds 130 W Wayne. 
Newhart Miss Emma, artist, bds 130 W Wayne. 
Newhart Mrs Louisa, res 130 W Wayne. 
Newland Henry, helper Bass foundry, res 78 Force. 
Newman Augustus, organ regulator, res 49 Miner. 
Newton Charles H, check clerk T W & W Ry, bds 324 Calhoun. 
Newton Orren L, yard master, res 434 Broadway. 
'New York Grocery, James B Hill, Propr, S2 Calhoun. 
Ney Edward, laborer Citizens' Street Railroad Co. 
Ney Michael, enginewiper T W & W Ry, bds loi Williams. 
Nicholas Rebecca, bds 122 Ewing. 

Nichols James, carpenter, res w s DeGroff n of Burgess. 
Nichols John, fireman, bds 205 Barr. 
Nichols Towsend, bds Phillips House. 
Nicholson John, brakeman, bds 22 Chicago. 
Nichter Joseph, helper, res 183 Jackson. 
Nichter Otto, molder Kerr Murray, res 165 Broadway. 
Nickell A, fireman, res 205 Baker. 
Nickell John, engineer, res S Wayne. 
Niebel ]\Irs Mary, res i Bass. 

192 R. L. POLK &C0. S 

Niebergall Henry, baker & grocer, 88 Barr res same. 

Niece Frank, conductor, bds 5 1 Brackenridge. 

Nieder Herman, coachman J H Bass, bds 113 W Berry. 

Niemann Gottlieb, (Niemann & Dammeyer), res 49 Douglas ave 

Niem.ann John, lamp lighter gas company, res 326 E Washing- 

JS'iemaiiiii Tlteodore, Grocer, 274 E Washington, res 
272 same. 

Niemann & Dammeyer, (Gottlieb Niemann, Wm Dammeyer), 
grocers, 108 Calhoun. 

Niemeyer Louis, clerk C Orff & Co, bds 153 Madison. 

Niermann Annie, domestic 124 W Wayne. 

Niermann Herman H, bartender, bds 43 W Water. 

Niermann John, works gas company, res 326 E Washington. 

Niermann John B, bartender, J Glutting, bds 43 W Washington. 

Niermann Julia T, (wid Herman H), res 38 W Wayne. 

Niermann Martin, clothing renovator, 43 W Water, res same. 

Nies Helen, domestic Montgomery Hamilton. 

Nies Henry, laborer, bds 75 Monroe. 

Nieschang Adolph E, physician, 6 W Columbia, res 114 E 

Niether Herman, engine wiper, bds 178 Barr. 

Niles Hiram, street car driver, bds 62 Calhoun. 

Nill Albert C, clerk, bds 34 W Washington. 

Nill Conrad, laborer, res 13 Clark. 

Nill Edward H, druggist, 80 Calhoun, res 34 W Washington. 

Nill George, shoemaker, P Uebelhoer, res 177 W Washington. 

Nill John, shoemaker, bds 141 Wells. 

Nill Sophia, (wid George), bds 177 W Washington. 

Nille Emma, res 29 W Wayne. 

Ninde Lindley M, lawyer 16 W Main, res w s Fairfield ave nr 
city limits. 

Nines Isliss Celestine, teacher Training school, bds 202 Fair- 
field ave. 

Nirdlinger Mrs Fred, res 31 W Main. 

Nirdhnger Harry, clerk J Nirdlinger, bds 126 Clinton. 

Nirdlinger Jacob, wholesale clothing 19 W Main, res 136 Clinton. 

Nirdlinger Max, manager Star Clothing House, res 114 W Main. 

Mifdlliigei' SaiBiuel W9 Clothing and Gents' Furnishing, 
^^ Calhoun, and 5 E Main, res 31 W Main. 

Nisbet Eliza, (Com. Foote's troupe) bds 203 W Jefferson. 

Nithe Clara, clerk, bds 69 E Jefferson. 

Nitsche Clara, clerk J Black & Co, bds 69 E Jefferson. 

Nitsche F Joseph, cash boy Root & Co, bds 69 E Jefferson. 

Nix Valentine, shoemaker 80 E Jefferson, res same. 

Nixon Alfred, teacher, res 282 Harrison. 


Noarwold Conrad, laborer, res 267 E Lewis. 

Noble James E, traveling agent, res 30 Hough. 

Noble Mrs Sarah, res 87 Barr. 

Nohe Mrs Joseph, bds 167 Broadway. 

Nohe Veronica, clerk B Bangert, bds same. 

Nohe Wm, shoemaker, res 19 Nirdlinger. 

Nolan James, fireman, res 333 Hanna. 

Nolan John, machinist, res 22 Charles. 

Nolan Michael, engineer, res 24 Charles. 

Nolan Silas, carpenter, res 172 Hanna. 

Nolan Wm, apprentice P F W & C R R shops, bds 22 Charles. 

Noll Alphonse A, (Noll Brothers) res 235 E Lewis. 

Noll Andrew, stonecutter, res 25 Nirdlinger. 

Noll Benedict R, (Noll & Sommer) and bookkeeper Mayer & 
Bro, res 28 Douglas ave. 

Noll Charles, butcher, res 113 Barthold'. 

Noll Charles, clerk Noll & Sommer, bds 146 E Wayne. 

Noll Edward M, professor of music, bds 146 E Wayne. 

Noll Frank J, (Noll Brothers) res 243 E Lewis. 

Noll Henry, stonecutter Sutermister & Co. 

Noll John F, (M Noll & Son) res 208 Lafayette. 

Noll John George, laborer, res 249 E Lewis. 

Noll John G, (Noll Brothers) res 245 E Lewis. 

Noll Martin, (M Noll & Son) res 146 E Wayne. 

Noll Martin A, (Noll & Foellinger) res 201 W Main. 

Noll Peter, painter, res 129 E Jefferson. 

Noll Miss Sarah, bds 22 Chicago. 

IVoll Brothers (John G, Martin A, Frank J and Alphonse 
A), Wholesale Millinery, 8 Calhoun.* 

]W'oll «& Foellinger (Martin A Noll, John M Foellinger), 
Insurance and Real Estate, 25 Postoffice Building. (See adv.) 

Noll M & Son (Martin and John F), boots and shoes, 22 Clin- 

N'oll & ISominer (Benedict R Noll, Wra Sommer), Drug- 
gists, 128 Broadway. 

Nolton Theron J, salesman Prescott Bros & Co, res 43 Union. 

Nones Miss Belle D, clerk A Mergentheim, bds n e cor Lewis 
and Barr. 

Nones Mrs Mary L, res 87 E Lewis. 

Norman Harrison, boarding house 144 Wallace. 

Norris Peter, brakeman, bds Racine House. 

Norris Wm L, carpenter, res 311 Lafayette. 

]¥ortlii¥esiteru National Insurance Co» Noll & 
Foellinger^ Agents, 25 Postoffice Building. {^See adv.') 


194 R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

IK^ortlierii Indiana Agricultural and Horti- 
cultural AiS!SOCiation.9 H K Turner, President, office 
in Court House. 

Norwald Charles, laborer, res 265 E Lewis. 

Norwald Christ, boilermaker, res 147 E Lewis. 

Norwald Conrad, laborer, res 265 E Lewis. 

Norwald Dietrich, laborer, res 140 Force. 

Nowlan Charles, carpenter, bds Henry Moring. 

Nulf Edward, brakeman T W & W Ry, bds n e cor Pine and 

Nulf George, brakeman, res 54 Walnut. 

Nulf L Edwin, brakeman, bds 39 Pine. 

Nulf Phillip, brakeman, res 66 Oakley. 

Nussbaum Henry, laborer, bds 8 Force. 

Nussman John, shoemaker, res 231 E Wayne. 

Nutting Wm, butcher, res 83 Baker. 

Nuttman John A, bds 269 W Jefferson. 

Nuttman John M, clerk Nuttman & Co, res 269 W Jefferson. 

Nuttman Joseph D (Nuttman & Co), president First National 
Bank, res 130 W Berry. 

Nuttman Joseph D jr (Nuttman & Co), bds 130 W Berry. 

Nuttman J Albert, clerk Taylor & Co, bds 269 W Jefferson. 

Xuttman & Co (Joseph D and Joseph D jr), Wholesale 
and Retail Dealers in Lumber, Lath and Shingles, 309 

Nyhart Mrs Margaret, bds 37 Bass. 

Oakley Chauncey B, Insurance, res 143 Griffith. 

Obelock Theresa, domestic 142 Montgomery. 

O'Brian Wm (O'Brian & Brehm), res 5 RailrOS,d. 

O'Brian & Brehm (Wm O'Brian, John F Brehm), restaurant, 5 

O'Brien Dennis, superintendent Wabash and Erie canal, res 225 

W Washington. 
O'Brien Patrick, messenger, res 83 Hoagland ave. 
Oburn Eliot T, printer Daily Sentinel, res 274 W Jefferson. 
O'Callahan Mrs Ann, janitor Hoagland school, res S^ WiUiams. 
O'Connell Daniel, saloon, res 157 W Berry. 
O'Connell James, gilder C Reese & Co, res 385 E Wayne. 
O'Connell John, works spoke factory, res 21 Buchanan. 
O'Connell Morris, section foreman, bds 56 Wells. 
O'Connor Bernard, contractor, res 219 W Washington. 


O'Connor Bernard jr, bds 219 W Washington. 

O'Connor Mrs Bridget, res 186 Madison. 

O'Connor Catherine (wid James), bds 333 Hanna. 

O'Connor Miss Cornelia F, teacher Jefferson school, bds 104 E 
W ayne. 

O'Connor Jerry, blacksmith, res 46 Baker. 

O'Connor John, bartender E Driscoll, bds 274 S Calhoun. 

O'Connor John, helper, res 251 Webster. 

O'Connor John S, bookkeeper, res 38 McClellan. 

O'Connor Joseph M, agent, res 104 E Wayne. 

O'Connor Stephen, clerk S C Lumbard, bds 38 McClellan. 

Odanback Fred, boilermaker, res 210 E Jefferson. 

O'Day John, laborer, res 138 W Main. 

Odd Fellows' Kail, In Post Office Building. 

Oddou Joseph, clerk T Didier, res 132 Monroe. 

Oddou Peter, teamster Certia & Rankert, res 104 Wells. 

Oelschlager Frederick, tailor, res 66 Baker. 

Oetinger Mrs Mary, domestic 98 Montgomery. 

Oetting Wm, baker L Blase, bds 33 W Jefferson. 

Oettinger John, printer Indiana Staats Zeitung, bds 188 Broad- 

Ofenloch Michael, painter, res 130 Francis. 

Ofenloch Valentine, grocer, 30 Force, res 32 same. 

Ofloch John B, machine hand N G Olds & Sons, bds 275 E 

O'Grady Margaret, seamstress, bds 98 Baker. 

O'Grady Nellie, domestic Mayer House. 

O'Hearn James, blacksmith, res 51 Prince. 

O'Hearn Thomas, laborer, res 93 Williams. 

Ohneck George D, traveling salesman Trentman, Monning & 
Son, res 126 W Washington. 

Ohse John, machine hand, res Samuel. 

Olds Charles L (Prentiss, McLachlan & Co), bds 105 Lafayette. 

Olds Henry G (N G Olds & Sons), res s w cor Ewing and W 

Olds John D (N G Olds & Sons), res 198 W Wayne. 

Olds :9r O <fe Sons (Henry G & John D Olds), Patent Car- 
riage Wheels and Seat and Plow-handle Mnfrs, e s Lafayette 
s of T W & W Ry track. 

Olheken Sophia, domestic W H Hunting. 

OHve James, helper, T W & W Ry, bds 5 Henry. 

Oliver John, foreman Ho'ffman Bros, bds Robinson House. 

Olmsted George, fireman, res 56 Wallace. 

Olney Dudley, conductor, bds 56 Wells. 

Oltek James, brass molder, res 43 E Main. 

196 R. L. 

O'Neil Charles, laborer, res 21 Nirdlinger. 
O'Neil Daniel, fireman, res 313 Calhoun. 
O'Neil Kate, domestic cor First and Harrison. 
O'Neil Pat W, molder, bds cor First and Harrison. 
Onticalt Frank, cigarmaker, bds Hedekin House. 
Openshaw George, machinist Kerr Murray, res 32 Charles. 
Oppelt Joseph, engineer Sutermeister & Co, res 144 W Main. 
Oppelt Miss Kittie, clerk C Orff & Co, bds E Washington opp 

Oppenheimer Abraham (Becker & Oppenheimer\ res 54 W 

Oppenheimer Charles, dental student I Knapp & Son, bds 54 W 

Oppenheimer Frederick, res 54 W Berry. 
Orbison Alexander M, laborer A J H Mills, bds same. 
Orens Anton, laborer, res 241 E Washington. 
Orff Miss Addie, clerk C Orff & Co, bds 4 W Water. 
Orff eiiristian (C Orff & Co), res 4 W Water. 
Orff Edward, bookkeeper J Orff, bds end W Main. 
Orff Frank, clerk C Orff & Co, bds 4 W Water. 
Orff GottHeb, cabinetmaker, res 150 Clinton. 
Orff Henry, professor music, res 233 Webster. 
Orff John, flourmg mill Main street bridge, res end W Main. 
Orff John R, miller J Orff, bds end W Main. 
Orff Miss Mary E, teacher Bloomingdale school, bds 233 S 

Orff WilUiam H, dentist D D Weisell, bds 233 S Webster. 
Orff € <& Co (Christian Orff), Wholesale and Retail Dry 

Goods, Millinery, etc, 5 E Columbia. (S/'e adv front cover). 
Orill Joseph G, bookbinder Davis & Bro, bds Hedekin House. 
Ormiston James, farmer, res w s Lafayette nr city limits. 
Ormiston Louis, brick mnfr, res e s Calhoun nr city limits. 
O'Rourke Edward, judge Circuit Court, res 187 E Jefferson. 
O'Rourke Francis, tailor, res 170 Lafayette. 
O'Rourke John, conductor P F W & C R R. bds 6 Kansas. 
O'Rourke Michael, conductor P F W & C R R, bds 6 Kansas. 
O'Rourke Patrick S, division suptG R & I R R, e s Clinton s of 

Holman, res 30 McClellan. 
Orr Charles W, clerk Hamilton Bank, bds 28 W Butler. 
Orr Jane, (wid James) res 377 Lafayette. 
Orr John W, machinist, res 28 Butler. 

Orr J Henry, clerk Ft Wayne National Bank, res 28 W Butler. 
Orr Michael, teamster, res w s Mechanic nr city limits. 
Ortlieb George, saloon 76 Calhoun, res 105 W Jefferson. 
Ortlieb John, bartender, bds 105 W Jefferson. 


Ortmann Charles, saloon and boarding house 132 Wells, res same. 
Ortmann Charles, cigarmaker L Dessauer & Co, bds 132 Wells. 
Ortmann Henry R, cigarmaker L Dessauer & Co, res 2 Mc- 

Ortmann Henry W, cigar mnfr 79 Calhoun, res 72 W Jefferson. 
Orvis Charles, physician s w cor Berry and Calhoun, res 69 

Douglas ave. 
Orvis Hattie P, (wid George B") res 132 W Main. 
O'Ryan Patrick, carpenter, res 80 Baker. 
O'Ryan Patrick, policeman, res 50 Baker. 
Osborn Mattie, domestic 54 Jackson. 

Osenbaugh Isaac, upholsterer, res Piqua road nr city limits. 
Oser Josephine, domestic 179 W Berry. 
Osfarth Barney, laborer, res e s Oliver nr city limits. 
O'Shaughnessy John cement pipe maker, bds 26 Wallace. 
O'Shaughnessy Mary, res 17 Colerick. 
O'Shaughnessy Michael, laborer, res 17 Colerick. 
O'Shaughnessy Norah, housekeeper 166 E Berry. 
Ostermann Barney, laborer, bds 235 E \Vashington. 
Ostermann George, tinner, bds 235 E Washington. 
Ostermann Henry, cooper Ranke, Yergens & Brandt, res 320 E 

Ostermann Lambert, drayman, res 235 E Washington. 
Ostmann August, enginewiper, res s s Archer ave e of Hensch. 
O'Sullivan Eugene, laborer, res 35 Melita. 
O'SuUivan Eugene C, laborer, bds 35 Melita. 
O'Sullivan John H, fireman, bds 32 Melita. 
Oswald Joseph, teamster Bass foundry, res 26 John. 
Osyor David N, harnessmaker, res 70 Barr. 
Ott Frank, fresco painter, res 43 W Main. 
Otten Henry, bds 210 E Washington. 
Otten Louis, laborer spoke factory, bds s s Maumee ave nr city 

Otten Lucas, miller Trentman, Monning & Son, res 34 Gay- 
Otten Nicholas, plasterer, bds 34 Gay. 
Otten Otto H, plasterer, bds 34 Gay. 
Ousterman Henry, cooper, res 320 E Wayne. 
Out Peter, laborer, res 27 Langohr. 

Outcalt Frank, cigarmaker H W Ortmann, bds Exchange Hotel. 
Outh Veronica, domestic, 208 W Berry. 
Overley James, teamster, res n s Barthold ave nr city limits. 
Overman Mrs Catherine, res 143 W Wayne. 
Overman Henry f^H & J Overman), res 146 W Wayne. 
Overman John (H & J Overman), res 146 W Wayne. 
Overman H & J ('John and Henry), saloon, 114 Calhoun. 

IpS R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

Owen George W, fly finisher organ factory, bds 80 Creighton 

Owen John (Owen, Pixley & Co), res Utica, N Y. 
Owen Philip (Owen, Pixley & Co), res Utica, N Y. 
Owen Wm L, fly finisher organ factory, bds no Creighton ave. 
Owen, Pixley «& Co (John and Philip Owen, George W 

and Henry D Pixley), Wholesale and Retail Clothing and 

Gents' Furnishing Goods, 1 5 and 1 7 Court. 
Owens Herman, laborer spoke factory, res 122 Madison. 
Owens John, res 122 Madison. 

Owens Owen, conductor P F W & C R R, bds American House. 
Owens Peter, stave jointer, bds 6 Kansas. 
Oyler Bruce, brakeman, bds 19 Baker. 

Packer Vickers A, propr Eagle House 301 Calhoun, res same. 
Page Mrs Frances S, bds 107 Lafayette. 
Page William D fPage, Taylor & Co), res 107 Lafayette. 
Page, Taylor & Co (Wm D Page, Charles F Taylor) 

Editors and Proprs Daily News and Job Printers, n w cor 

Main and Calhoun. (See adv.) 
Pagler Fred, laborer spoke factory, res 177 Montgomery. 
Pailthorp Henry, engine wiper, res ^58 Oakley. 
Palmer Frank, machinist, rooms 24 Douglas ave. 
Palmer Mary, domestic 164 W Berry. 
Palmer Sarah F, bds Maggie Rener. 
Panne Minnie, domestic 29 W Columbia. 
Pantlind Henry D, laborer, res 98 Ewing. 
Pape Charles, President Peters Box & Lumber Co, res 

56 St Mary's ave. 
Pape Wm, contractor, res 141 High. 
Pappert Amos, cooper 252 E Wayne, res same. 
Paradise Adolphus, engineer F W J & S R R, bds Racine 

Parisot Joseph, laborer, res 322 Hanna. 
Parker Fremont, porter Hedekin House. 
Parker George, laborer, bds 322 Calhoun. 
Parker Henry C, Agent Empire Transportation Co, 26 

Court, bds Hamilton House. 
Parker Nancy, domestic 402 Calhoun. 
Parker Sheldon P (Swindell & Parker), res 70 Henry. 
Parks Julia, dressmaker, bds 32 Clinton. 
Parnin August, salesman Prescott Bros & Co, res 2 1 2 E Wayne. 


Parr Charles J, foreman, res 34 Third. 

Parr Wm H, switchman, res 48 Charles. 

Parrot Peter, carpenter, res 27 Oak. 

Passins Joseph, machinist, res 405 Lafayette. 

Passmore C W, fireman T W & W Ry, bds 4 Kansas. 

Paterson Insurance Co, Noll & Foellinger, Agents, 
25 Postoffice Building. {See adv.') 

Patterson Alice, domestic 186 W Wayne. 

Patterson Charles, conductor P F W & C R R, bds 14 Chicago. 

Patterson Jame's, brakeman, bds 14 Chicago. 

Patterson Jane (wid Wm), bds 330 W Jefferson. 

Patterson Stephen L, engineer, res 231 Wells. 

Patton Jesse, special police, bds Exchange Hotel. 

Patton Wm S, carpenter O D Hurd & Co, res 57 Butler. 

Paul Benjamin, bartender J J Kready, bds 49 W Main. 

Paul Charles, laborer, res 47 High. 

Paul Charlotte, domestic 107 W Washington. 

Paul Frederick, machinist, res 298 Harrison. 

Paul Henry, laborer S Keller & Co, bds W Main. 

Paul Henry C (Moellering & Paul), res s s W Berry w of Rock- 

Paul Lizzie, dressmaker, res 38 W Jefferson. 

Paul Rica, clerk H Kratsch, res 7^2, W Jefferson. 

Paul William, grocer 21 W Columbia, res 38 W Jefferson. 

Payne Miss Annie M, teacher Harmer school, bds cor E Wayne 
and Hanover. 

Payne Mrs Elizabeth, res s e cor Wayne and Hanover. 

Payne John H, blacksmith, res s e cor Wayne and Hanover. 

Payson George, spile driver, res 408 W Main. 

Payton Alfred, laborer, res n s Barthold ave nr city limits. 

Peaper Fred, carpenter, bds 161 Griffith. 

Pearson Charles H, drayman, res 309 W Main. 

Pearson Wm, stave sawyer Peters Box & Lumber Co, res 64 

Peck Henry, carpenter, res 20 Jones. 

Peck Peter, stone mason, res i Walnut. 

Peckham Wm T, tool keeper, res 119 Williams. 

Peek Henry, laborer Bass foundry, res 20 W Ewing. 

Pegg Catherine, res s s Hoffman w of Wells. 

Peitz F, jeweler, bds Central Hotel. 

Peltier James C, undertaker, res w s Clay s of Lewis. 

Peltier liOuis, Undertaker, 17 W Wayne, res same. (See 

Peltier Louis A, undertaker, res 1 7 W Wayne. 

Pelz August, fireman, res 40 Lasselle. 

R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

Pence Charles M, brakeman P F W & C R R, bds 46 Chicago. 

Pence Robert H, carpenter, res 46 Chicago. 

Pence Wm H, fireman, res 341 Hanna. 

Pence Wm H, student W U Telegraph office, bds 46 Chicago. 

Penz Henry, engineer Peters Box and Lumber Co, res 107 

Pepe Francis, res 230 E Wayne. 
Pequignot Joseph, saloon, 91 Harmer, res same. 
Perret Charles, works French brewery, res St Joseph road. 
Perrin Ashley C, livery stable, 62 E Wayne, res 152 E Wayne. 
Perrin John, pressman Gazette Co, bds 89 W Water. 
Perry Edgar A, gas and steam fitter P F W & C R R, bds 164 

W Wayne. 
Perry Frank, fireman, res 164 W Wayne. 
Perry John B, engineer, res 164 W Wayne. 
Perry John T, bricklayer, res 329 W Washington. 
Perry Joseph J, carpenter, res 2 Oak. 
Perry Orrin S, operator W U Telegraph Co, bds Anderson 

Perry Oscar L, manager W U Telegraph office, 6 E Berry, bds 

Grand Hotel. 
Peterman Jacob, brewer French brewery, bds same. 
Peters Sox and Ijiimbei* Co, Chas Pape Pires and 

General Manager, Joseph Schefier Sec and Treas, Mnfrs of 

Hard wood and Thin Lumber and Veneering, 79 to 102 High. 

(See adv p 21.) 
Peters Fred, machinist Prentiss, McLachlan & Co, res 21 Bath- 

Peters Henry, fireman, res 67 Madison. 
Peters Henry, works railway dining rooms, bds same. 
Peters H Frederick, sawyer Peters Box and Lumber Co, res 20 

Petsinger Fred, boilermaker, bds 33 Buchanan. 
Pettit Wm L, asst cashier First Natl Bank, res 220 W Jefferson. 
Pettit Isabella, domestic s e cor Thomas and Fisher. 
Pettys John, caller P F W & C R R, bds 270 Webster. 
Petzolt Jacob, clerk, A Kalbacher, bds 234 E Wayne. 
Pfeiffer Charles, miller, bds Racine House. 
Pfeiffer Charles F, (John C Pfeiffer & Co), bds n e cor ist & 

Pfeiffer Henry, clerk Morgan & Beach, res 386 E Wayne. 
Pfeiffer John C, (John C Pfeiffer & Co), res on Leo road 2 miles 

n of city limits. 
Pfeiffer Joseph A, stonecutter, res 5 Hood. 
Pfeiffer Philip, watchman, res 35 Maumee ave. 


Pleiffer Jobn €. <& Co, Charles F. Pfeiffer, Frederick 
Wehrs, Jacob Thumm, Proprs. Bloomingdale Mills cor 
Wells & Canal Feeder. (See adv). 

Pfiester Frank, confectioner G Fox & Son, bds 25 E Main. 

Pfleger Joseph, laborer, res 93 W Washington. 

Pfleiderer Jacob, meat market, n e cor Monroe and E Washing- 
ton, res 45 Monroe. 

Phelps Calvin B, res 15 E Jefferson. 

Phelps Clara, teacher Jefferson school, bds 258 W Wayne. 

Phelps George, transfer agent, U S Express Co, res 5 Grand, 

Phelps John W, sawyer, res 37 Lasselle. 

Phelps Whitcomb, root beer mnfr, 68 Barr res same. 

Phillabaum Mrs Ann J, bds 168 Francis. 

Phillabaum George, teamster, res n s Hoffman w of Wells. 

Phillabaum Lewis, teamster, res 8 Orchard. 

Phillabaum Mrs Sarah, bds 8 Orchard. 

Phillabaum Wm, laborer, res w s Beck s of Putnam. 

Phillbrick Lucinda, domestic 253 W Wayne. 

Philley Eli S, freight clerk, res 51 Douglas ave, 

Philley Emily L, dressmaker, bds 159 Griffith. 

Philley Milton S, lawyer and notary, 12}^ E Columbia, res 159 

Philley William H, conductor, res 84 W Jefferson. 

Phillips Barney, res 121 W Main. 

Phillips Edward, engine wiper T W & W Ry, bds 21 Walnut. 

Phillips Mrs Elizabeth, res 24 Walnut. 

Phillips George, propr hack line, res 42 Pearl. 

Phillips House, Jacob W Swaidner propr, 107 E Columbia cor 

Phillips Jay, (J Phillips & Co), bds Mayer House. 

Phillips John, hack driver, bds 42 Pearl. 

Phillips John, plumber, bds 35 Grand. 

Phillips John J, clerk, res 145 W Berry. 

Phillips Mary, domestic 60 W Main. 

Phillips Michael, laborer, res 35 Grand. 

Phillips Norah B, bds 44 Hoaglandave. 

Phillips J «& Co. (Jay Phillips, John H McCain) Home 
Billiard Hall, 96 Calhoun 

Phipps John, conductor P F W & C R R, bds 219 Lafayette. 

Phcenix Mutual luisuranee Co, Noll & Foellinger 
Agents, 25 P O Building. 

Pichon Alexander, res 346 E Wayne. 

Pichon Maggie, domestic 92 Calhoun. 

Pichon Sarah, domestic 92 Calhoun. 

Pickard Peter E, (T R Pickard & Sons) bds 106 E Washington. 


Pickard Thomas R, (T R Pickard & Sons) bds io6 E Washington. 

Pickard Thomas R, (T R Pickard & Sons) and foreman Bass 
foundry, res io6 E Washington. 

Pickard T K <& Sons, (Thomas R, Thomas D, and Peter 
E Pickard) Stove and Hollow Ware Mnfrs, cor Clinton and 
Seventh. {See adv.) 

Pickett Margaret, domestic 225 W Wayne. 

Pidgecn Nicholas, bookkeeper, res 64 Melita. 

Piepenbrink Conrad D, boots and shoes 32 E Columbia, res 48 W 

Piepenbrink Louis, porter Aveline House. 

Pierce Andrew W, painter, bds 515 E Lewis. 

Pierce Charles H, clerk C B Woodworth & Co, bds 82 W Wash- 

Pierce Everett, machinist, res 515 E Lewis. 

Pierce Heber, clerk Woodworth & Co, bds 24 McClellan. 

Pierce Ogden, postal clerk, bds D W Jones. 

Pierr Charles J, clerk, bds 254 W Washington. 

Pierr Jacob, Dry Goods and Millinery n w-cor Calhoun and 
Main, res 92 W Berry. 

Pierr James, Dry Goods, res 92 W Berry. 

Pierr Joseph M, clerk, bds 254 W Washington. 

Pierr Peter, Dry Goods, 168 Broadway, res 254 W Wash- 

Pietz J Ferdinand, jeweler 66 Calhoun, bds Central Hotel. 

Pike Henry, silver plater, res 309 W Jefferson. 

Pilgrim Mrs Ella, dressmakrr Mrs K Schafifer, res 127 Wallace. 

Pillers Benjamin, teamster, res 32 Brandriff. 

Pinkney Charles, engineer F W M & C R R, bds Racine House. 

Pio Anna, domestic 135 E Washington. 

Piper Frederick, machinist, res 71 W Jefferson. 

Piper John F, machinist, res 71 W Jefferson. 

Piper Miss Sophia, milliner, bds 71 W Jefferson. 

Pirrmann Miss Catherine, dressmaker, bds 44 Pritchard. 

Pisano Martin, boots and shoes no Calhoun, res 114 Fulton. 

Pisano Peter, brakeman, res 53 Buchanan. 

Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne & Chicago R fl passenger depot, on 
Railroad bet Calhoun and Clinton, general offices Western 
Division e s Clinton bet Holman and Railroad, Chas E Gor- 
ham asst gen manager, C D Gorham supt. 

Pixley George W, (Owen, Pixley & Co) res s w cor Wayne and 

Pixley Henry D, (Owen, Pixiey & Co) res Utica N Y. 

Playfair James, bds Wm Ludlow. 

Plegler Ricca, domestic 74 W Main. 


Plock Barney, laborer, bds 206 W Jefferson. 

Plock Elizabeth, (wid Harmon) res 206 W Jefferson. 

Plock Henry, enginewiper P F W & C R R, bds 206 W Jefferson. 

Plogsterth Fred, clerk, bds loo Maumee ave. 

Plogsterth Henry, clerk, bds 100 Maumee ave. 

Ploor Christ ^Tegeder & Ploor), bds 186 E Lewis. 

Platner Edwin J, bookbinder, bds 55 Maumee ave. 

Poeller Frank, clerk ] Raab, bds 18 E Columbia. 

Poetsch Frederick, basketmaker, res 32 Pritchard. 

Poffenberger Jacob W, laborer, bds 228 Francis. 

Pohlman Christ, sawyer, res Leith addition. 

Poland John, laborer, res Glasgow ave n of Canal. 

Poley Mary (wid Frank), res 31 John. 

Polhamus Albert, clerk Owen, Pixley & Co, bds 73 Dawson. 

Polhamus Albert H, engineer, res 73 Dawson. 

Polman Christ, laborer spoke factory, res 47 W Lewis. 

Pomeroy George, brakeman, bds Racine House. 

Pond Frank W, traveling salesman Huestis & Hamilton, bds 84 

E Berry. 
Pone Jacob, musician, bds 307 Lafayette. 
Poole Emery O, engineer, res 118 Jackson. 
Poole Frank H, assistant bookkeeper Hamilton Bank, res 118 

Poole Mrs Mary, res 71 W Third. 
Poos Augusta, domestic 54 W Berry. 
Pope Charles, bartender, res 20 Lafayette. 
Popejoy Creighton, switchman, bds 328 Lafayette. 
Porsch Miss Lena, bds 36 Pritchard. 
Porsch Wm, stove mounter T R Pickard & Sons, res Spy Run 

Porter Charles R, clerk P F W & C R R, bds dining rooms P F 

W & C R R. 
Porter Lizzie (wid Humphrey), res 39 Lavma. 
Porterfield Wm, shoemaker L Fortriede, bds Anderson House. 
Portner Jacob S, night switchman, bds 258 Calhoun. 
Post Office, e s Court bet Main and Berry, J J Kamm Post- 
Poston Ellislia W, Photographer 108 Broadway, res 70 

Pothoff Wm, works railway dining rooms, bds same. 
Potter Anna, dressmaker, bds John Potter. 
Potter Ed, printer Sentinel office, bds Mayer House. 
Potter John, carpenter, res n e cor Hoffman and Sherman. 
Potter Joseph L, carpenter and builder 124 W Main, res 132 

Creighton ave. 

204 R. L. POLK &CO.*S 

Potter Josaph L, jr, student, bds 132 Creighton ave. 
Potter Mrs Margaret J, res 43 Union. 

Potter N Karr, operator W U Telegraph Co, bds 30 Lavina. 
Potter Philip L (Potter & Craw), res 30 Lavina. 
Potter Thomas, carpenter, res e s St Mary's ave n of Putnam. 
Potter & Craw (Philip L Potter, Edward L Craw), In- 
surance, Collecting and Real Estate Agents, 12^ E Main. 
Potts Charles N, physician, n w cor Lafayette and Lewis, bds 

Gable House. 
Poulson Rritton, Pattern and Model Maker, 103 N Cass, 

res same. (See adv.) 
Powell David, switchman, res 17 Wall. 
Powers Emmett M (Fletcher & Powers), res Leith wof Calhoun, 

South Wayne. 
Powers John A, poultry dealer, res s end Webster nr Pontiac. 
Powers Thomas, principal Ft Wayne Commercial College, 30 E 

Main, res 140 Barr. 
Poyneer David H, engineer P F W & C R R, bds 17 W Lewis. 
Poyneer Oeo W, Physician, 2>6 Calhoun, bds Exchange 

Poyser Henry J, machinist, res 184 W Jefferson. 
Poyser Hiram, Foreman Carpenter, res 184 W Jefferson. 
Prange Ferdinand, painter, bds 161 Ewing. 
Pranger Barney, laborer, res 310 E Wayne. 
Pranger Conrad, engine wiper, res 206 E Washington. 
Pranger Henry, blacksmith L C ZolUnger, bds 15 E Water. 
Pranger Henry, carpenter, res 391 E Washington. 
Pranghe Mrs Sophia, domestic S B Bond. 
Pratt Joseph B, seed buyer, res 20 Douglas ave. 
Pratt Miss Mattie, 20 Douglas ave. 
Pratt Wm T, seed merchant, 25 W Columbia, res 20 Douglas 

Prentiss Joseph R (Prentiss, McLachlan & Co), res 90 Wells. 
Prentiss, Mcliaelilau & Co (Joseph R Prentiss, 

Neil McLachlan, Daniel M Falls, Charles L Olds), Fort 

Wayne Steam Iron Works, Water bet Calhoun and Harrison. 
Prescott Alvan S (Prescott Bros & Co), res 25 Brackenridge. 
Prescott Edwin W (Prescott Bros & Co), bds Hamilton House. 
Prescott Mrs Julia H, bds 25 Brackenridge. 
Prescott Bros & Co (Alvan S and Edwin W Prescott), hardware 

and stoves, 50 and 52 E Columbia. 
Pressler (George Pressler & Wagner), res n w cor Webster and 

Pressler «& Wagner (George Pressler, John Wagner), 

Contractors and Builders, w s Webster n of DeWald. 


Preston Charles W, machinist, res 176 Ewing. 

Price Rosa, waiter Exchange Hotel. 

Price Susan, domestic 245 W Wayne. 

Prill August, helper, bds 178 Barr. 

Prince Charles O, barber, bds 19 Baker. 

Prince Thomas, brakeman, bds 49 Baker. 

Prince Thomas, machinist, res 39 N Calhoun. 

Prindeville Morris, brakeman, bds 22 Chicago. 

Pring Jennie, domestic 12 Harrison. 

Prints Patrick, laborer, res 97 Baker. 

Pritchard Thomas, molder Bass foundry, res e s Holton ave bet 

Pontiac and Charley. 
Probasco Aaron C, secretary Fort Wayne Gas Light Co, res 106 

E Main. 
Probasco Wm J, clerk Coombs & Co, bds 106 E Main. 
Prock Gussie domestic Mayer House. 
Proctor Sarah E, bds 74 Barr. 

Proegler Carl (Proegler & Trexler), res 222 W Washington. 
Proegler & Trexler (Carl Proegler, Lesher Trexler), physicians, 

I W Main. 
Pronger Adeline, domestic 82 E Washington. 
Pronget Dora, domestic 155 W Main. 
Prtman Henry W, foreman cigar mnfy, res 2 McClellan. 
Pullan Mrs Eliza, res 68 Jackson. 
Pullan Miss Emma, res 68 Jackson. 
Pullan James, engineer, res 17 W Lewis. 
Parkis John E, laborer Wilson & Muhler, res 83 Broadway. 
Pnrmaii Algernon A, Lawyer, 20 W Berry, res 225 

Purman Andrew A, lawyer, res 125 Hanna, 
Purman Darius II, Physician 66 Calhoun, bds 9 E 

Putnam Harvey N, alderman, bds 117 E Wayne. 
Putt Benjamin F, medical student, bds 278 Broadway. 
Putt Miss Jennie A, res 104 Madison. 
Putt Mrs Mary E, res 104 Madison. 
Pyke Charles W (Pyke & Ford), res 155 W Wayne. 
Pyke Wm H (Pyke & Day), bds Grand Hotel. 
Pyke & Day (Wm H Pyke, Elihu T Day), hats, caps and gents' 

furnishing, 31 Calhoun. 
Pyke & Ford (Charles W Pyke, Wm Ford), boots and shoes, 4 

Keystone block. 


206 R. L. POLK & CO.'S 


cksell Peter, engineer, res 105 Wilt. 

cksell Thomas, engineer, res 47 Gay. 

dor Nathan K, engineer, res 40 Wilt. 

nlan Dennis, carbuilder, res 241 Webster. 

nlan James, stave jointer, bds 6 Kansas. 

nn Mrs Bridget, res 38 Chicago. 

nn Daniel, section hand, res 38 Chicago. 

nn Edward, deputy marshal, res 42 Chicago. 

nn James, furnace man, res 88 Montgomery. 

nn James E, bral^eman, bds 14 Chicago. 

nn James J, cash boy Root & Co, bds Anderson House. 

nn Mrs Margaret, res 39 Duck. 

nn Miss Mary, milliner, res 35 Taylor. 

nn Miss Mary, bds 38 Chicago. 

nn Michael, laborer, res 35 Taylor. 

nn Patrick, helper P F W & C R R, bds 38 Chicago. 

nn Thomas, fireman P F W & C R R, bds 38 Chicago. 

nn Wm, bookkeeper James Fox, bds 35 Taylor. 



Raab Mrs Christina, Millinery and Fancy Goods, 175 

E Washington, res same. 
Raab Fred, grocer, res 175 E Washington. 
Raab John, grocer, 18 E Columbia, res 112 W Jefferson. 
Raab John, molder Bass foundry, res 24 Lasselle. 
Raab Miss Lizzie, milliner, bds 175 E Washington. 
Rabel Henry, laborer, res 23 Jones. 
Rabus John, bucket turner Peters Box and Lumber Co, bds 56 

Rabus John, merchant tailor, 61 Wells, res 63 Wells. 
Rabus John jr, cutter John Rabus, bds 63 Wells. 
Race Henry, truckman, res 261 W Jefferson. 
Race Mrs Martha, bds 261 W Jefferson. 
Rach;,TheodQre, laborer T W & W Ry, bds Killeon. 
Rachenberger Rudolph, works spoke factory, res 17,3 Jay. 
Racht Joseph, laborer, res s end Webster w of Calhoun. 
Racine Aime, horse collar mnfr, n w cor ist and Cass, res 

Racine August, teamster, res w s Wells n of Hoffman. 


Racine Fred L, horse collar mnfr, 36 N Cass nr Saginaw depot, 

bds Racine House. 
Racine Herman, laborer T S Vergil, bds same. 
Racine House, H F Riblet Propr, n e cor First and N 

Cass. (See adv.) 
Racine Jacob, horse collar maker, res 1 24 N Cass. 
Rademacher Bernard, clerk, bds 171 Broadway. 
Rademaeher Casper, Groceries and Crockery, 171 

Broadway, res same. 
Rademaeliei* Rev Josepb, Pastor St Mary's (Catho- 
lic) Church, res 134 E Jefferson. 
Rademacher Mrs Theresa, res 134 E Jefferson. 
Rademacher Wm (Schmucker & Rademacher), res 106 Wallace. 
Rafferty Owen, engineer, res 212 Lafayette. 
Rahe Frank, cigarmaker L Bender, bds 231 W Washington. 
Rahe Henry, carpenter, res 161 Broadway. 
Rahlie Louisa, domestic 68 W Berry. 
Rahling Ernest, boilermaker, res 161 E Lewis. 
Rahling Henry W, helper T W & W Ry, bds 99 Madison. 
Raidy David, engineer, res 18 Bass. 

Raifsnider Al, conductor P F W & C R R, bds Harmon House. 
Raifsnider Sylvester, teamster Jacoby & Wiegand, bds 82 Force. 
Railway Dining Rooms, P F W & C R R depot, Henry McKen- 

nie, propr. 
Raiser George, laborer, res 24 Piqua road. 
Raling Charles, fireman, res 127 Francis. 
Rambo Benjamin W, watchmaker 70^ Calhoun, res 124 W 

Ramsay Lizzie, tailoress, res 87 Williams. 
Ramsey Charles C, molder T R Pickard & Sons, bds s w cor 

Calhoun and Water. 
Randall Franklin P, insurance and real estate j 24 Clinton, res 

115 E Berry. 
Randall Perry A, Lawyer, 7 and 8 Foster Block, res 

Maple ave s of Wayne. 
Rank Eli, laborer, res 161 Barr. 

Ranke Henrietta (wid Frederick), bds 127 W Washington. 
Ranke Henry, machinist T W & W Ry, bds 152 Ewing. 
Ranke Herman, painter, bds 127 W Washington. 
Ranke Wm (Ranke, Yergens & Co), res 127 W Washington. 
Ranke Wm, laborer, res 14 Maumee ave. 
Ranke Wm, teamster Ranke, Yergens & Co, res 127 W 

Ranke Yergens & Co (Wm Ranke, Wm Yergens, Fred Brandt), 

stave mnfrs, w s Ewing s of Water. 

2o8 R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

Rankert Chas (Certia & Rankert), bds 132 Wells. 

Rankin Charles, brakeman, bds 22 Chicago. 

Ransom Lyman H, traveling salesman Prescott Bros & Co), res 

21 W Jefferson. 
Rapp Chas O, Saloon 52 W Main, res same. 
Rapp Jacob, carpenter, res 191 Hanna. 
Rapp Phillip, helper, res 37 Cherry. 
Raquet August F, gunsmith 139 Calhoun, res same. 
Raquet Christian, gunsmith, res 114 Wells. 
Raquet Peter, gunsmith, res 199 Broadway. 
Rastetter Louis, foreman, res 147 Calhoun. 
Ratherst Christ, helper, res 7 Summit. 
Rathert Henry, res 212 E Washington. 
Rau Casper, bakery, res 299 E Washington. 
Rau Frank, brewer Linker, Hey & Co, bds J V Linker. 
Rau Maggie, domestic J M Scheffer. 
Rau Minnie, milliner, bds 299 E Washington. 
Rau Pauline, dressmaker, bds 299 E Washington. 
Rauh Gustav, plasterer, res 49 N Cass. 
Rauner Anna, dressmaker, bds 126 Wilt. 
Rauner August, helper, res 3 Harrison. 
Rauner Ellis, helper, res s s Horace nr city limits. 
Rauner Joseph, painter, res 126 Wilt. 
Rawley Andrew, helper, res 38 Melita. 
Ray Frank H, cigarmaker, bds 231 W Washington. 
Ray Wm F, res w s De Wald w of Webster. 
Rayhouser Gedaliah Z I, lawyer, res n w cor St Mary's ave 

and Aboit. 
Rayner Bernhard, bookkeeper, bds 64 W Wayne. 
Rayner Harmon, cigarmaker, bds 64 W Wayne. 
Rayner Henry, mason, bds 64 W Wayne. 
Rayner Martin, clerk, bds 64 W Wayne. 
Rayner Ulrich, brick mason, res 64 W Wayne. 
Read, see also Reed and Reid. 

Read Asabel J, Livery 18 W Wayne, res 16 same. 
Read Charles E, clerk Owen, Pixley & Co, bds 16 W Wayne. 
Read Henry A, veterinary surgeon 18 W Wayne, res 55 W 

Readel George, helper Bass foundry, res e s Force, cor Pontiac. 
Reading James, engineer, bds 56 Wells. 
Ready Wm, helper, res 80 Hoagland ave. 
Reakers Louisa, domestic 179 Clinton. 
Ream Wm, brakeman, bds 18 Baker. 

Receiver Julius J, clerk Star Clothing House, bds 39 Barr, 
Rechenberger Henry R, machinist N G Olds & Sons. 



Reckewig Charles, laborer, bds 33 Madison. 

Reddy Mrs Isabella, res 260 E Jefferson. 

Reddy Joseph, laborer, res 260 E Jefferson. 

Redelsheimer David S (Joseph Black & Co), res 186 W Wash- 

Redelsheimer Henry, optician 36 Calhoun, bds 30 W Washing- 

Redelsheimer Julius, agent, res 66 W Jefferson. 

Redelsheimer Sigmond, res 48 W Wayne. 

Reder Anthony, mason, res 67 Wells. 

Redetzkie John, engine wiper, res w s Smith s of Charley. 

Redlech Miss Lizzie, clerk John M Koch, bds John M Koch. 

Redpath Wilbur, clerk Frank Gable, bds same. 

Reed, see also Read and Reid. 

Reed Charles, medical student, bds 278 Broadway. 

Reed Isaac N, helper, res 86 Lillie. 

Reed James S, clerk S Freiburger & Bro, res 66 Wilt. 

Reed John, carpenter Cochrane, Humphrey & Co. 

Reed Lizzie, domestic Mayer House. 

Reed Mrs Sarah A, res 14 Colerick. 

Reed Thomas L, laborer, res 235 E Jefferson. 

Reed Wesley, brakeman, bds 69 Baker. 

Reed Wm, stableman Hoffman Bros. 

Reed Wm B, laborer, res 9 Sturgis. 

Reed Wm M, conductor, res 35 Buchanan. 

Reehling Conrad, fireman, res 127 Francis. 

Reehling John H, machinist, bds 222 Madison. 

Reehling Philip J, res 222 Madison. 

Reeps Charles, carpenter, res 74 Henry. 

Reeps Charles jr, stopmaker, bds 74 Henry. 

Reese Charles (C Reese & Co), res 131 Montgomery. 

Reese Frederick C (C Reese & Co) res 415 W Washington. 

Reese Nicholas, carpenter, res 135 E Lewis. 

Reese Wm, yardman Hoffman Bros, res 70 Mechanic. 

Reese Charles & Co (Charles and Frederick C Reese), chair 
mnfrs, 419 and 421 E Wayne. 

Reeves Charles B, carpenter, bds 114 W Wayne. 

Reeves Miss Lotta, dressmaker Mrs D S Kelsey, bds 114 W 

Reffelt Wm R, carpenter, res 235 Madison. 

Regedanz Christ, tailor C G Vogel & Son, res 344 E Wayne. 

Regel Ferdinand, printer Indiana Volksfreund, bds 67 E Wayne. 

Regel Mrs Marie, res 96 Barr. 

Rehling Conrad, tailor M Heingartner, res 97 E Madison. 

Rehling, see also Reehling. 

2IO R, L. POLK &CO.*S 

Rehling Ernst, boilermaker, res i6i E Lewis. 

Rehling Frederick, blacksmith, res 126 Gay. 

Rehling Henry, boilermaker T W & W Ry, bds 99 Madison. 

Rehling Louis, helper P F W & C R R, bds 126 Gay. 

Rehm Christian, laborer, res 247 W Washington. 

Rehm Miss Rica, domestic 221 W Wayne. 

Rehm Samuel, carpenter, res 205 Broadway. 

Rehnen Bernhard, cashier B Trentman & Son, res 64 W Main. 

Rehnen Herman, cigarmaker, bds 64 W Wa)^^ 

Rehnen Martin, porter Nathan Brothers, bds 64 W Wayne. 

Rehorst Frederick, carpenter, res 218 E Jefferson. 

Rehrer Thomas J, engineer, res 208 Broadway. 

Reichard Mrs Mary, bds 275 E Washington. 

Reichardt Bertha, domestic 132 E Main. 

Reid Adam D, blacksmith, cor Water and Harrison, res 27 

Reid John, plasterer, res 50 Smith. 

Rcidt Barney H, helper P F W & C R R, bds 407 E Lewis. 
Reidt John H, laborer, res 407 E Lewis. 
Reidt John H jr, fireman, res 133 E Jefferson. 
Reifsnider Jacob, res 82 Force, 
Reifsnider Sylvester, teamster, bds 82 Force. 
Reiling August, locksmith and machinist 66 Pearl, res 70 Pearl. 
Reiling Frederick, carpenter, res 282 Broadway. 
Reiling Matilda, domestic 270 W Jefferson. 
Reineke Christian, upholsterer J M Miller, res 103 Barr. 
Reineke Fred J, upholsterer Geo Gould, res 29 B irr. 
Reinewald Henry, car inspector, res 82 Williams. 
Reinewald Henry, clerk H G Wagner, bds 54 Calhoun. 
Reinewald John, painter C & F Chovey, bds 328 Harrison. 
Reinewald Rudolph, bartender, res 328 Harrison. 
Reinewald Wm, car inspector, res 328 Harrison. 
Reinhart Isaac, laborer, res 127 W Water. 
Reinhart Margaret, (wid John) res s s Pontiac e of Calhoun. 
Reinhart Matthias, shoemaker, res 241 E Jefferson. 
Reiniche Frances, (wid Julius) res 68 Lasselle. 
Reinkensmeyer Christ, clerk, bds 49 Douglas ave. 
Reinking Frederick, (Rohs, Eme & Reinking) res Maysville 

Pike East of city Hmits. 
Reinking Fred jr, helper, bds 114 Lafayette. 
Reinking Lizzie, domestic 229 W Jefferson. 
Reinking Wm, sawyer Wm Tagtmeyer, res n s Maumee-ave bet 

Oak and Washington. 
Better Oeo, Cigar Mnfr, 68 Calhoun, res same. 



Reiter Geo W, cigarmaker Geo Reiter, res s e cor Madison and 

Reiter Henry, machinist, res 46 Wall. 

Reiter John, car inspector, res 54 Wall. 

Reiter Martin, boatman, res 284 E Jefferson. 

Reiter Wm, carpenter, res 49 Wall. 

Reiter Wm, foreman, res 148 Taylor. 

Reitnou Jerry, laborer, bds Mrs M Reitnou. 

Reitnou Mrs Margaret, res w s Webster s of Pontiac. 

Reitze John, carpenter, bds 93 W Water. 

Reitze Tobias, carpenter, res 93 W Water. 

Reitze Wm F, teller Ft Wayne National Bank, res 255 W Wayne. 

Reker Clemens, bds no W Washington. 

Reker Clemens A, res no W Washington. 

Rekers Barnard A, carpenter, bds 122 Ewing. 

Rekers Barnard J, carpenter 122 Ewing, res same, 

Rekers Bernhard, clerk G Rekers, bds 114 W Washington. 

Rekers Oer hard ^ Groceries and Provisions, 116 W Wash- 
ington, res 114 same. 

Remington Anna E, seamstress, bds t West. 

Remmel Miss Ada E, principal Ft Wayne Training school, bds 
202 W Jefferson. 

Remmel Augustus C, (Remmel Bros) bds 164 Broadway. 

Remmel Caleb L, engineer T W & W Ry, bds 202 W Jefferson. 

Remmel Harmon L (Remmel Bros), bds 161 W Washington. 

Remmel Nicholas, molder T R Pickard & Sons, res 71 Wells. 

Reinmel Bros (Augustus C and Harmon L), Wholesale 
Dealers in Hardwood Lumber, 98 Broadway. 

Remmert Herman, laborer French, Hanna & Co, res 30 W 

Remmert Herman J, foreman pattern shop Kerr Murray, res 157 
W Washington. 

Rempke Henry, blacksmith Henry Myer, bds 76 W Washing- 

Rener Mrs Maggie, res e s DeGroff n of Burgess. 

Renfrew Benton, machinist Bass foundry, bds 41 Force. 

Renfrew Ray K, cooper J Fred Myers, bds 41 Force. 

Renfrew Robert G, foreman N G Olds & Sons, bds 15 Wallace. 

Renner George A (Chas A Saunders & Co), res 83 E Berry. 

Rensmann Bernard, porter B Trentman & Son, res 47 Walnut. 

Rentschler David, laborer Bass foundry, res 48 Wall. 

Renz Adam, laborer, res 257 E Washington. 

Requa Miss Florence A, teacher Hoagland school, bds 93 Fair- 
field ave. 

Resal Paul, bds 387 E Wayne. 

212 R. L. POLK &CO.*S 

Rethert Christian, helper, res 7 Summit. 

Rettig AdLolpli, Confectionery Mnfr, 130 Broadway, res 

Rettig August, hostler, bds Azel A Rogers. 
Reuss John B, watchmaker G J E Mayer & Co, res 31 E Barr. 
Reynolds John W, confectioner Huestis & Hamilton, res 75 

Douglas ave. 
Reynolds Wm J, confectioner Huestis & Hamilton, res 75 

Douglas ave. 
Rheams Julia, domestic 136 Wayne. 
Rhein August, stave buncher, bds 62 Wall. 
Rhein Frederick, tailor, res 62 Wall. 
Rheuark Mrs Kate, res 90 Chicago. 
Rhine Christ, helper T W & W Ry, bds 62 Wall. 
Rhine Louis, laborer Ranke, Yergens & Co, bds 6^ Wall. 
Rhinesmith Mrs Elizabeth, res 231 W Wayne. 
Rhinesmith George, laborer, bds 116 W Water. 
Rhinesmith John (Clark & Rhinesmith Lumber Co), res 231 W 

Rhinesmith Miss Susan, res 231 W Wayne. 
Rhoads Alf, clerk Sentinel office, bds Mayer House. 
Rhoads Jonathan M, propr Mayer House, res same. 
Rhodes Miss Carrie, clerk Mrs A Deihl, bds 49 Harmer. 
Rhodes Daniel, helper, res 52 Case. 

Rhodes Chapman (col'd), brakeman, res 139 Montgomery. 
Rhodes Robert, brakeman, res 85 Holman. 
Rhodes Vincent, hostler street railway, bds 262 Calhoun. 
Rhotenberger Fred, tinner, bds 188 Ewing. 
Rhotenberger George, laborer, res 188 Ewing. 
Biblet Hiram F, Propr Racine House, res same. (See 

Rice Mrs Lucy, res 78 E Washington. 
Rice Wm H, machinist, res 119 Fairfield ave. 
Rich Edwin (Rich & Bro), res 77 Baker. 
Rich Sanford (Rich & Bro), res 264 N Calhoun. 
Rich W, butcher Rich & Bro, res 31 Baker. 
Rich «& Bro (Edwin & Sanford), Meat Market, 264 S 

Calhoun, and 15 W Berry. 
Richard George C, bill poster, res 37 Duck. 
Richard Henry, machine hand, bds 98 Lasselle. 
Richard Philip T, spoke inspector, res 91 Lasselle. 
Richards Andrew, bds 143 Wallace. 
Richards David, laborer, res 89 Lasselle. 
Richards Henry, polisher, bds 95 Lasselle. 


Richards James, Physician, Office Nestle's Block, res 
276 W Jefferson. 

Richards John B, works spoke factory, res 82 Force. 

Richards Laney (wid Henry), res 143 Wallace. 

Richards Wm, conductor T W & W Ry, bds 262 Calhoun. 

Richards Wm C, boarding house, 74 E Lewis. 

Richardson Mrs Helen, dressmaker, 91 Clinton, res same. 

Richey Amos (McCulloch & Richey), res 87 W Wayne. 

Richey Wm J, hatter, bds 173 Jackson. 

Richley John, coppersmith, res 80 Butler. 

Ricker Charles, blacksmith, res 75 Lafayette. 

Ridding Elizabeth, domestic 262 Calhoun. 

Rider Archibald C, engineer, res 153 Ewing. 

Riedel John, teacher St Paul's German Lutheran school, res 196 

Riediniller Jolm H, Propr Eagle Brewery, s e cor Tay- 
lor and Eagle. 

Riemann Augusl^, porter H J Trentman & Bro, res 314 E 

Riemann Mrs Sylvester D, res 141 E Berry. 

Rienau Isaac, res n s Summit e of Division. 

Ries Philip A, tailor, res 365 E Washington. 

Rieter Augusta, domestic 79 W Berry. 

Riethmiller August (Riethmiller & Son), bds 28 Lavina ave. 

Reithmiller George (Reithmiller & Son), res 28 Lavina ave. 

Riethmiller George jr, laborer, rese s Broadway nr Taylor. 

Rietlimiller & Son (George and August), Grocers, s e 
cor Broadway and Taylor. 

Rilenk John, works Bass foundry, res 9 Force. 

Riley Anna, domestic 97 W Wayne. 

Riley James, laborer, res w s Piqua road nr city limits. 

Riley Thomas O, brakeman, bds 14 Chicago. 

Rillie Robert, res 1 1 1 N Cass. 

Rimmerman Henry, grocer, 141 Broadway, res 143 same. 

Ringwald Ellen, cook Grand Hotel. 

Ringwald Lizzie, cook Grand Hotel. 

Ringsmith Margaret, domestic 9 E Wayne. 

Rippe Christ H, carpenter, res 89 Wilt. 

Rippe Fred, polisher Sutermeister & Co, res 91 Wilt. 

Rippe Minnie, domestic John Morris. 

Rippe Wm, carpenter, res 56 Wall. 

Rippe Wm C, cabinetmaker, res 79 Oakley. 

Ripple Carrie, domestic 205 W Berry. 

Riser George, works spoke factory, res w s Pickway road nr city 

214 K, L. POLK & C0.'S 

Rising John H, cabinetmaker J Burkholder, res 123 High. 

Rising Mrs Mecklin, bds 123 High. 

Riter Fred, teamster spoke factory, res 57 W Lewis. 

Rittenour Jerry, laborer N G Olds & Sons. 

Ritter Eliza (wid Henry), bds 193 Ewing. 

Ritter Jacob, machinist, res 116 Creighton ave. 

Ritzinger John, jr, printer Daily News, res 436 E Wayne. 

Rivers Charles (Ft W Paint and Painting Co), res W Main at 
city limits. 

Roach David, laborer, bds 60 Baker. 

Roach James, helper, res 60 Baker. 

Roach John, galvanic battery operator, res 50 Pearl. 

Roahling John, laborer Bass foundry, res 9 Force. 

Robbe Alphonse (H Bargus & Robbe) res 33 Barr. 

Robbe Fillmore, clerk H Bargus & Robbe, bds 31 Barr. 

Robbins Augustus, engineer, res no Noll. 

Robbins Charles G, cabinetmaker, res 185 Hanna. 

Robbins Clement, clerk Foster Bros & Co, Foster block. 

Robbins John E, constable, res 20 Wallace. 

Roberts A, miller G Esmond, res S Wayne. 

Roberts E, miller G Esmond, res S Wayne. 

Roberts George, casemaker, bds 457 Lafayette. 

Roberts Rev Septer, res 457 Lafayette. 

Roberts Wm A, bds American House. 

Robertson James H, hostler, res 29 Wilt. 

Robertson Kobert S, Lawyer 62 Calhoun, res 179 W 

Robertson Wm G, clerk, res 86 Brackenridge. 

Robinson I>avid A, Flour and Feed 95 Barr, res 286 E 

Robinson Frank C, fireman, res 126 W Jefferson. 

Robinson Frank P, spinner French, Hanna & Co, bds 40 Madi- 

Robinson Henry H, Manager Robinson House. 

Robinson House, James H. Robinson Propr. Henry 
H. Robinson Manager, Harrison head of Columbia. (See adv.) 

Robinson James H, Propr. Robinson House. 

Robinson Jesse S, teamster, bds 322 Calhoun. 

Robinson Miss Lucy E, teacher Fort Wayne college, bds same. 

Robinson Mrs Lydia, bds 50 W Water, 

Robinson Rev Reuben, D D, prof. Fort Wayne college, res same 

Robinson Stephen, plasterer, bds 93 Fairfield ave. 

Robinson Wm L, fireman, res 168 E Lewis. 

Robinson Wilson, machinist, bds 322 Calhoun. 

Robinson Wilson L, fireman, res 316 Calhoun. 


Robison David A, flour and feed, 95 Barr, res 286 E Washing- 

Robison Henry, works street railway stables, res 28 Wilt. 

Robison William, fireman, res 168 E Lewis. 

Rochester Insurance Co, of Rochester Pa. Edward 
Seidel, Agent 107 E Main. 

RochoU Lorenzo J, fruit stand, s e cor Harrison and Columbia, 
bds 19 Harrison. 

Rocholl Mrs Matilda, res 19 Harrison. 

Rockey Wm M, brakeman G R & 1 R R, bds 35 Buchanan. 

Rockhill Mrs Emily, res 295 W Wayne. 

Rockhill Jesse B, wholesale tobacco 30 E Mam, retail 39 Cal- 
houn res W Main, )^ mile from city limits. 

Rockhill Wm W, clerk J B Rockhill, res 34 Garden. 

Rodabaugh Adam, watchman P F W & C R R, bds Exchange 

Rodabaugh John F, (Sinclair & Rodabaugh), res 290 Harrison. 

Rodabaugh Thomas J, foreman, res 216 W Jeiferson. 

Rodda Henry, laborer, res 138 Francis. 

Rodeheaver Horace S, clerk N G Olds & Sons, bds 22 Butler. 

Rodeheaver Wm H, gen'l foreman, res 22 Butler. 

Rodemann William, Cigar Mnfr, 292 Harrison, 
res same. 

Rodemeyer Fred, helper Bass foundry, res 325 E Washington. 

Rodenbeck Christ, carpenter, res n s E Lewis, w of Lillie. 

Rodenbeck Conrad, laborer Bass foundry, res 168 E Lewis. 

Rodenbeck Fred, boilermaker Bass foundry, res 210 E Jefferson 

Rodenbeck Henry, helper Bass foundry, res 345 E Lewis. 

Rodenbeck Lizzie, domestic 104 E Main. 

Rodenbeck Sophie, domestic 119 E Main. 

Rodenbeck Wm, helper, res 67 VJadison. 

Rodenbeck Wm, harnessmaker F Hilt & Co, bds 67 Madison. 

Rodenbeck Wm, laborer, bds 106 Wilt. 

Rody Michael, shoemaker Patrick Woulfe, bds Mrs Beegan. 

Roe James, engineer organ factory, res rear same. 

Roebel Gustav, boots and shoes 50 W Main, res same. 

Roebuck Asa, laborer, res SS Lasselle. 

Roeger Charles, helper, res 75 Lafayette. 

Roehm Christ, laborer, res 325 Lafayette. 

Roelle Frank, laborer, res 45 Webster. 

Roelle Jacob, machinist, res 156 Calhoun. 

Roelle Peter, bds 156 Calhoun. 

Roelle Mrs Susan, res 156 Calhoun. 

Roembke August, helper, bds 47 Wilt. 

Roembke Fred, laborer, res 47 Wilt. 

2l6 R. L. POLK & CO/S 

Roembke Henry, lab, res 19 Wilt. 

Roesener C Fred, clerk McCulloch & Richey, res 37 Cherry. 

Roesener Fred, hostler Dr G P Barnum, bds same. 

Roesler Charles H, machinist, res 141 E Jefferson. 

Roesler Henry,. machinist, 141 E Jefferson. 

Rogers Alanson A, carpenter, res 152 E Wayne. 

Rogers Azel A, horse trainer, res end of W Washington. 

Rogers Mrs Belle, domestic 113 W Berry. 

Rogers Mrs Bridget, bds 116 Jackson. 

Rogers E, fireman, res 197 E Lewis. 

Rogers Miss Flora, milliner C Orff & Co, res 152 E Wayne. 

Rogers Fred H, horseman, bds Azel A Rogers. 

Rogers Henry, fireman, res 197 E Lewis. 

Rogers Homer B, engineer, res 122 Fairfield ave. 

Rogers Wm (Rogers, Duck & Lewis), res 242 W Berry. 

Rogers Wm H, boilermaker, res 117 E- Wayne. 

Rogers brakeman. bds 14 Chicago. 

Rogers, Duck & Lewis (Wm Rogers, Henry Duck, Milford 

Lewis), wholesale saddlery and carriage hardware, 313 E 

Rogge Ernst, tailor, res 84 Oakley. 
Rogge Fred, laborer Prentiss, McLachlan & Co, res east of city 

Rogge Wm, car inspector, res 52 McClellan. 
Rohan John H, finisher organ factory, res 157 Montgomery. 
Rohlmann Wm, painter, res 169 Ewing. 
Rohr Fred, stone cutter, res 131 W Main. 
Rohr Lanie, domestic 96 W Wayne. 
Rohr Raselle, clerk G Fox & Co, bds 25 E Main. 
Rohrer John, finisher Griebel & Son, bds 36 Wells. 
Rohrer Wm, laborer, bds 36 Wells. 

Robs Henry (Rohs, Eme & Reinking), res 134 E Washington. 
Rohs, Eme & Reinking (Henry Rohs, C F Eme, Frederick 

Reinking), dry goods 13 E Columbia. 
Rohyans John N, letter carrier, bds 135 E Jefferson. 
Rolape Mrs Angeline, res 157 E Washington. 
Rolf Frederick, brickmason, res 53 Wall. 

Romary Joseph J F, clerk Morgan & Beach, res 387 E Berry. 
Rombke Ernst, helper, res loo Smith. 
Rombke Henry, cabinetmaker, res 68 Madison. 
Rombald Gottlieb, helper, res 55 Wilt. 
Romrey Armour, laborer, res 231 E Jefferson. 
Romy Charles, beer pedler, res s s Maumee ave nr city limits. 
Roney John, engineer, res 162 E Lewis. 
Root Lewis B (Root & Co), res New York city. 



Root Van dorn, lumber and boat oars, res 121 W Washington. 
Root <fc Company (Lewis B Root, Ernst C Rurode, 

Edward F Gary), Dry Goods, Garpets, Notions, etc, 46 and 48 

Ropa Fred, machine hand Gochrane, Humphrey & Co, res 55 

Ropa Wm, saloon 139 Broadway, res same. 
Roquat Ghrist, gunsmith, res s e cor First and Wells. 
Roscher Diederich, teacher German Lutheran school, bds 104 

Rosenau Albertine, domestic 12 Harrison. 
Rosenberg Ghas, painter, res 72 Lasselle. 
Rosenberg Frank G, trunkmaker, bds 72 Lasselle. 
Rosenberg Henry, gilder, bds 72 Lasselle. 
Rosenberg Joseph, pedler, res i8t Lafayette. 
Rosenberger Gharles, cooper 76 Wallace, res same. 
Rosenthal Ephraim, horse dealer, res 30 West Washington. 
Rosenthal Isaac M, physician, office H G Wagner's drug store, 

res 96 W Berry. 
Rosenthal Max, cigar mnfr 32 E Columbia, res 105 W Wayne. 
Ross Chalmers M, clerk T M Biddle, bds 1 ^S W Wayne. 
Ross Mrs Emma, saloon, 139 E Jefferson, res same. 
Ross Judson B, clerk Hedekin House. 
Ross Wm, works spoke factory, res 69 Gharles. 
Rossington Richard, carpenter, res 59 Barr. 
Rossington Rodolfus B, railroad clerk, bds 117 Madison. 
Rossington Wm, res 117 Madison. 
Rossington Wm W, conductor, res 106 E Berry. 
RossLewin Edward A,works Olds' spoke factory,res 100 E Lewis 
Rossman August, wiper, res 78 Buchanan. 
Rost John, wood bender, res 38 Gharles. 
Roth Barney, policeman, res 20 Force. 
Roth Frederick (S Keller & Go), W Main. 
Roth John, apprentice Ghas A Scharf, bds 20 Force. 
Roth Rev Peter, pastor Bethel (German) church, res e s GHnton 

bet Holman and Lewis. 
Rothefluoh Miss Maggie, clerk M Frank & Go, bds 160 E 

Rothefluoh Mrs Mary, res 160 E Wayne. 
Rothefluoh Miss Mary E, clerk T P Anderson, bds 160 E 

Rothenberger Fred, tinner Wilson & Muhler^ bds 188 Ewing. 
Rothenberger George, painter, res 188 Ewing. 
Rother Gharles, laborer, bds 146 W Berry. 
Rothoff Wm, cigarmaker, res 33 W Lewis. 


2l8 R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

Rothschild Aaron, clerk Rothschild &' Bro, bds 68 W Berry. 

Rothschild Benjamin (Rothschild & Bro), res 46 W Wayne. 

Rothschild Solomon (Rothschild & Bro), res 68 W Berry. 

Rothschild & Brother (Solomon & Benjamin), clothing, 7 E Col- 

Rouscup Henry W, clerk Mayer House, res same. 

Routh Maud, domestic 254 W Jefferson. 

Roux Oeorge, Meat Market, 60 E Main, res same. 

Rouzer Cassius, machine hand, res 190 W Main. 

Rowan Mrs Barbara A, res 133 Barr. 

Rowan Miss Jane, res 114 Clinton. 

Rowan Miss Mary E, clerk Auditor's office, bds 133 Barr. 

Rowe James H, machinist, res s s Eckart e of Hanna. 

Rowe Thomas S, student, bds 191 E Lewis. 

Rowe Wm, carpet layer, res 7 Eckart. 

Rowen Stephen H (Turner Bros & Co), res 133 Barr. 

Rowley Hiram, brakeman T W & W Ry, bds 12 Chicago. 

Rowley James B, barber S T Kinsey, bds 9 N Calhoun. 

Rowling Amza W, traveling agent, res 76 Butler. 

Roy Julius, shoemaker, res s s Jefferson nr city limits. 

Royal Canadian Insurance Co, Noll & Foellinger 
Agents, 25 P O Building. (See adv.) 

Rubin Charles E, (Rubin Bros) bds 84 W Main. 

Rubin Rev, Edward, pastor Jewish Church Unity and Peace, res 
84 W Main. 

Rubin Joseph E, (Rubin Bros) bds 84 W Main. 

Rubin Max (Lindman and Rubin) res 84 W Main. 

Rubin Bros, (Joseph E and Charles E) Notions and Fancy 
Goods, 120 Broadway. 

Ruby Patrick, laborer, bds John Nolan. 

Rucker Fred, carpenter, res 315 E Washington. 

Rudert George, butcher s s W Main at city limits, res same. 

Rudolph Charles, carpenter, res n s Hoffman w of Wells. 

Rudolph Frank, (Sharp & Rudolph) res 16 Hoffman. 

Rudolph Gottlob, upholsterer, res e s Florence s of Beck. 

Rudolph Wm, sawyer Hoffman Bros, res w s High n of Hoffman. 

Ruess George, machinist, res e s Calhoun s of Leith. 

Ruess Wm E, driver U S Express Co, res 86 VV Jefferson. 

Rugg Mrs Isabella, res 79 W Main. 

Ruggaber Joseph, carpenter, res 99 AVilliams. 

P-Ugge Jacob W, carpenter, res 52 McClellan. 

Ruble J, medical student, with DrWoodworth. 

Rump Ernst F, carpenter, res 29 Lavina. Jj 

Rumrill Annie, domestic Robinson House. ^ 

Runcy Mary, domestic 135 E Berry. 


Rundel Charles, res 5 Brandriff. 

Rundel Louis D, bds 5 Brandriff. 

Rupp John, blacksmith, res s s Maumee nr city limits. 

Ruppel Fabian, mason, res 122 Chicago. 

Ruppel John, bakery 268 E Wayne, res same. 

Ruppel John, mason, res 223 Lafayette. 

Ruppel Paul, helper, res 258 E Wayne. 

Ruppert David, laborer, res 28 Williams. 

Rurode Ernst C, (Root & Company) res 76 W Berry. 

Russell James A, printer Journal office, res 130 W Main. 

Russell Johnson, bucket turner, res 50 W Third. 

Russell Peter, carpenter, res 130 Wilt. 

Russell Wm, painter, res 13 Walnut. 

Russell Wm J, painter P F W & C R R, bds 170 Francis. 

Russell Wm R, cutlery 30 W Main, rooms same. 

Rust Henry, clerk Carnahan, Hanna & Co, bds 152 Ewing. 

Rutan Charles F, machinist, res 75 Barthold. 

Rutan George W, engineer, res 74 Barthold. 

Rutan George W, machinist, res 75 Barthold. 

Ruth Jane, cook Sturgis House. 

Ruthrauff Henrietta E, (wid Charles) res 265 W Jefferson. 

Ruthrauff Wm H, bookkeeper First National Bank, res 265 W 

Ryall John H, city engineer, office City Hall 314 W Jefferson. 

Ryan Andrew, blacksmith, res 12 Colerick. 

Ryan Mrs Annie, res 66 Chicago. 

Ryan Cornelius M, cabinetmaker J Burkholder, res 196 Ewing. 

Ryan Oaiiiel, Justice of the Peace, 19 Court, res 63 E 

Ryan Daniel, enginewiper, res 25 Baker. 

Ryan Ellen, domestic 126 E Main. 

Ryan Frank J, clerk A C Greenebaum, bds Lima road n of city 

Ryan Harriet, domestic W Samse, res W Water. 

Ryan Jacob, carpenter, res 81 Holman. 

Ryan James, bartender Wm Ryan, bds 243 Calhoun. 

Ryan Jane, res 140 E Main. 

Ryan John, boatman Wm Samse, res W Water. 

Ryan John, watchman, res e s Runnion nr city limits. 

Ryan Mrs Mary, res 320 Lafayette. 

Ryan Michael, section hand T W & W Ry, bds 320 Lafayette. 

Ryan Michael, machinist organ factory, res Indiana ave nr Bluff- 
ton road. 

Ryan Patrick, wood measurer, res 43 Grand. 

Ryan Peter, enginewiper T W & W Ry, bds 66 Chicago. 

220 R. L. POLK & CO/S 

Ryan Mrs Rosa, res 133 E Jefferson. 

Ryan Thomas, messenger U S Express Co, res 120 Union. 

Ryan Wm, enginewiper, res 119 Williams. 

Ryan Wm, saloon 243 Calhoun, res same. 

Ryan Wm H, laborer, res 119 Williams. 

Ryley Wm, engineer Boseker & White, res s e cor Glasgow and 

Ryon James W^ Fort Wayne City Truck, General 

Furniture and Safe Mover, 164 Harrison, res 39 W Lewis. 

Saalfrank John, brewer J M Ried miller, bds same. 

Saffen Thomas, machinist, res 189 Madison. 

Saffen Thomas W, machinist Bass foundry, res 146 Holman. 

Saffern Frank, gas fitter A Hattersley. 

Sagstetter John, blacksmith Bass foundry, res cor Pontiac and 

Sain James E, res 60 W Main. 
St Augustine'is Academy (Catholic), s e cor Calhoun 

and E Jefferson. 
St George Pierce, horseshoer, res 3 Pearl. 
St Joseph's Hospital, s w cor Main and Broadway. 
Sale John W, with Hoffman Bros, res 186 W Wayne. 
Salge Christian, enginewiper, res 7 West. 
Sallott James F, carpenter, res 164 E Lewis. 
Salter Jolin9 Boarding House, 9 N Calhoun. 
Salter Miss Rosetta, bds 9 N Calhoun. 
Salway James, brakeman, res 42 Charles. 
Sampson Herbert, brakeman, bds 58 Chicago. 
Sampson Lizzie, cook O' Brian & Brehm. 
Samse Wm^ Wood Yard, n s W & E Canal w of Harrison 

street Bridge, res 67 W Water. (See adv.) 
Sanborn Amos H, hack driver, res 75 E Wayne. 
Sanborn May, res n s Hoffman w of Wells. 
Sander Charles W, clerk Siemon & Bro, bds 106 W Jefferson. 
Sander Ernst, stone mason, res 103 W Jefferson. 
Sander Wm, clerk Siemon & Bro, bds 106 W Jefferson. 
Sander Wm, street sprinkler, res '^d W Washington. 
Sanders, see also Saunders. 
Sanders John, laborer, bds Exchange Hotel. 
Sanders Wm, clerk J Pierr, bds 103 W Jefferson. 
Sanford James A, engineer, Ires 293 Harrison. 
Sanford Maggie, domestic i railroad. 


Sarazin Joseph, saloon, 300 E Washington, res same. 

Sarazin Julian, fireman, res 57 W Water. 

Sarber Thomas J, brakeman, bds 72 E Main. 

Sargeant James M, collector Daily News, bds 130 E Lewis. 

Sargeant Thomas, truckman, bds 130 E Lewis. 

Sargeant Wm, truckman, bds 130 E Lewis. 

Sargent Wm, blacksmith, res 142 Holman. 

Narnighausen John I> (Indiana Staats-Zeitung Co), res 

n e cor Columbia and Clinton. 
Sauer Albert, brewer F Kley, bds 240 W Main. 
Sauer Rev Henry G, pastor St Paul's Lutheran church, res 168 

Sauers Gottlieb, brakeman, res 113 Holman. 
Sauerwein Ernst, apprentice Max G Lade, bds 56 Barthold. 
Sauerwein Ernst, laborer, res 56 Barthold. 
Sauerwein Herman, whitewasher, res 56 Barthold. 
Saunders, see also Sanders. 
Saunders Benjamin, clerk Wm E Griffiths & Co, bds 208 E 

Saunders Chas A (Chas A Saunders & Co), res 83 E Berry. 
Saunders Joseph B, machinist, res 179 W Washington. 
Saunders Mrs Mary A, res 208 E Lewis. 
fSauuders Cliarlesi A <& Co (Charles A Saunders, Geo 

A Renner), Wholesale Paper and Stationery, 74 Calhoun. 
Saurs David F, bds 226 Fairfield ave. 
Saurs Henry A, bds 226 Fairfield ave. 

Saurs James J, engineer T W & W Ry, bds 226 Fairfield ave. 
Saurs Mrs Mary A, res 226 Fairfield ave. 
Saurs Samuel P, engineer, bds 226 Fairfield ave. 
Sauser Louis, watches, clocks and jewelry, 223 Calhoun, res 

Sawyer Joseph, brakeman, bds Racine House. 
Sawyer Mrs S M, dressmaker, 24 Clinton, res same. 
Sawyer Mrs, bds Mrs Wm Lytle. 

Scammon Charles W, organ tuner, bds 122 Creighton ave. 
Scanell Hannah, domestic 133 E Berry. 
Scarbough Jno W, clerk Mayer House, res same. 
Scarlet Wm H, boatman Wm Samse, res 3 miles n w on Goshen 

Schaaf Rev Charles, pastor First German Reform church, res 59 

W Washington. 
Schacher Christ, bds 47 Lavina. 

Schacher Leonhardt, helper, res 41 Cherry Stophlet's addition. 
Schack Gottlieb, clerk Geo DeWald & Co, bds 103 Madison. 
Schack Lizzie, tailoress, bds 103 Madison. 

222 R. L. POLK & CO. S 

Schack Sophia, domestic io6 Wilt. 

Schack William, shoemaker Wm Meyer, res 103 Madison. 

Schad Fred, (Frentzel, Schad & Feudner), res n w cor Van 

Buren and Pritchard. 
Schader Rudolph, cooper, res 148 High. 
Schaefer Reinhardt, clerk Siemon & Bro, bds 26 Wilt. 
Schaefer Wm E, carpenter, res 26 Wilt. 
^el&afer Cliristiau, Ice Dealer, res 193 High. 
Schafer Diedrich, tinner, res 135 Montgomery. 
Schafer Fred W, boilermaker, res s s Leith e of Calhoun. 
Schafer Gottlieb, laborer, res 167 Holman. 
Schafer John H W, laborer Peters Box & Lumber Co, res rear 

170 High. 
Schafer John H W jr, clerk H J Ash, res rear 170 High. 
Schafer William, constable, bds Wm Lindeman. 
Schaffer John, res 26 Clinton. 
Schaffer Mrs Katie, millinery and dressmaker, 26 Clinton, res 

^clialk tf 0I1U9 Saloon 148 W Main, res same. 
Schalk Matthias, clerk Geo Strodel, bds 54 E Main. 
Schanck Amiel, clerk Root & Co, res 62 E Columbia. 
Schanck Louis, basketmaker, 62 E Columbia, res same. 
Ncliarf Charles A, Stoves and Tinware 217 Lafayette, 

res 294 Madison. 
Schassel Valentine, helper, res 325 Lafayette. 
Schauff Uriah, clerk, bds Sturgis House. 
Scheer William, laborer, res 42 Prichard. 

Scheffer John, laborer, Peters Box & Lumber Co, res 26 Clinton 
Scheffer Joseph M, sec and treas Peters Box & Lumber Co, res 

w s Hoagland ave nr Creigton ave. 
Scheid Peter J, machinist, res 383 Lafayette. 
Sclieidegger Joliii, Watchmaker and Dealer in Clocks 

and Jewelry, 191 Broadway, res same. 
Scheimann Fred, tailor, res S6 E [efferson. 
Scheimann Fred E W, cashier Citizens Street Railroad Co, bds 

86 E Jefferson. 
Scheimann William, molder Bass foundry, res 16 Butler. 
Scheie Anthony, clerk G J Schott, bds Mrs Magdalene Scheie. 
Scheie Conrad, mason, res 253 E Jefferson. 
Scheie Henry, laborer, res 32 Butler. 
Scheie John, res 253 E Jefferson. 
Scheie John F, brickmason, res 180 Griffith. 
Scheie John H,porter B Trentman & Son, res 286 E Wayne. 
Scheie Julius, mason, res 184 W Main. 
Scheie Magdalene, (widow August), res 169 Griffith. 


Schell Mrs Mary, teacher Washington school, bds 272 W Jeffer- 

Schellberg August, tailor, F H Horstman, bds 182 Calhoun. 

Schencks Conrad, res n end Spy Run ave. 

Scherer Andrew, laborer, 8 Erie. • 

Scherer Andrew jr, watchman, res 6 Erie. 

Scherer Frederick, cabinetmaker, res 95 E Washington. 

Scherer Frederick, stone mason, res 50 Oakley. 

Scherer John, expressman, res 12 Erie. 

Scherer Katie M, domestic 141 E Berry. 

Scherer Louisa, domestic 85 W Main. 

Scherschil Valentine, engine wiper, res 325 Lafayette. 

Scherzinger Primus (Trenkley & Scherzinger), res 78 Calhoun. 

Scheumann Christian, carpenter, res 315 E Washington. 

Scheumann Ernst (Scheumann & Helmkamp), res 338 Broad- 

Scheumann Frederick H, carpenter, res 321 Calhoun. 

Scheumann Wm, molder, res 16 Butler. 

Scbeumanii «& Helmkamp (Ernst Scheumann, 
Henry Helmkamp), Planing Mill, Moulding Mnfrs and Stair 
Builders, s e cor Broadway and Taylor. 

Schiefer Charles, clerk Wm Schiefer, bds 250 E Wayne. 

Schiefer Christian (C Schiefer & Son), res 99 E Main. 

Schiefer Christ, boots and shoes, res 99 E Main. 

Schiefer Dietrich, tinsmith, res 135 Montgomery. 

Schiefer George W, clerk J P Manuel & Co, bds 250 E Wayne. 

Schiefer Miss Maggie, domestic 138 Clinton. 

Schiefer William (C Schiefer & Son), bds 99 E Main. 

Schiefer Wm, flour and feed, 74 Barr, res 250 E Wayne. 

Schiefer C <& Son (Christian & William), Boots and 
Shoes, 8 E Columbia. 

Schilling Miss Emma, milliner Miss M SchiUing, bds 255 W 

Schilling Franz, stone cutter, res 255 W Jefferson. 

Schilling Miss Mary, millinery, 3 1 E Main, res same. 

Schipman James, engineer, bds Racine House. 

Schirmeyer Anthony, wiper, res 148 W Washington. 

Schirmeyer Charles, wiper P F W & C R R, bds 148 W Wash- 

Schirmeyer Charles L, boarding house, 104 Barr. 

Schirmeyer Charles W, messenger, res 148 W Washington. 

Schirmeyer Louis, clerk Star Clothing House, res 165 Clinton, 

Schirmeyer Theodore, dentist Loag & Brown, bds 148 W Wash- 

Schirmeyer Wm C, clerk Dreier & Bro, res 104 Barr. 


Schlatter Miss Caroline, teacher Training school, bds 128 Lewis. 
Schlatter Christ C, clerk Morgan & Beach, res 128 E Lewis. 
Schlesinger Elizabeth (wid Marks), res 12 Cass. 
Schlueter Nicholas H, cigarmaker H W Ortman, res 178 E 

Lewis. , 
Schmalhaus Charles, clerk, bds 207 E Jefferson. 
Schmalhaus Gerhard, clerk J B White, bds 75 Harrison. 
Schmalhaus Karl, drug clerk, bds 153 W Main. 
Schmall Gottlieb, helper, res 174 Broadway. 
Schmalz Charles, tailor 108 Harrison, res same. 
Schmalz Margaret, domestic 266 W Jefferson. 
Schmeades George, bds 160 Ewing. 
Schmeades Fred, cigarmaker, bds 160 Ewing. 
Schmenner Henry, marble works 47 W Main, res same. 
IScIiiuetzer llicliael F, County Treasurer, res 240 W 

Schmidt August, teamster, res 320 E Washington. 
Schmidt, see also Schmitt, Smit and Smith. 
Schmidt Barncrad, laborer Peters Box and Lumber Co, res 64 

Schmidt Charles, clerk F P Randall, bds 75 Monroe. 
Schmidt Charles, engineer, res 4 Henry. 
Schmidt Christ, butcher F Eckart & Co, res 367 W Main. 
Schmidt Edward, porter Prescott Bros & Co, bds Essig House, 

Schmidt Eliza (wid WilHam), bds 232 W Jefferson. 
Schmidt Gottlieb, porter Leutz, Bourie & Co, bds Washington 

Schmidt Gus A, taxidermist, res 87 E Main. 
Schmidt Jacob, laborer, res 33 Wilt. 

Schmidt John W, cutter J G Thieme & Bro, res 75 Monroe. 
Schmidt Leon, laborer, res 11 Duryea. 
Schmidt Louis, laborer, res 211 Madison. 
Schmidt Martin, bds 60 E Columbia. 
Schmidt Peter C, carpenter, res 211 W Jefferson, 
Schmidt Peter S, foreman, res 29 S Francis. 
Schmidt Wm (J Harries & Co), res 211 W Main. 
Schmiedes Frederick, cigarmaker L Desseaur & Co, res 160 

Schmiemann Gustav, clerk J B White, res i Hendrick. 
Schmit August, teamster J Orff, res 320 E Washington. 
Schmitt Andrew, laborer, res 12 Hood. 
Schmitz Carl, physician, res 116 College. 
Schmoe Lewis C, shoemaker, res 161 Ewing. 


Schmucker Joseph, clerk Schmucker & Rademacher, bds 309 

Schmucker T (Schmucker & Rademacher), res 309 Lafayelte. 

ISchmueker «fc Rademacher (T Schmucker, Wm 
Rademacherj, Grocery and Saloon, 318 Lafayette. 

Schneider, see also Snider and Snyder. 

Schneider Gottlieb, tailor, res 52 Wells. 

Schneider John, laborer, res n s Putnam w of Hensch. 

Schneider John, laborer, res 42 Walnut. 

Schneider Louis, hostler O Deardoff, bds 190 W Main. 

Schneider Paul, apprentice Griebel & Son, bds 104 Webster. 

Schneider Wm C, bookseller and market mister, res 104 Webster. 

Schnelker Mrs Barnard (Schnelker, Beugnot & Co), res New 
Haven, Ind. 

Schnelker Henry, mason, res 261 E Wayne. 

Sehnelker Herman (Schnelker, Beugnot & Co) res New Haven, 

ISclinelker, Beugnot <& Co (Barnard Schnelker, Her- 
man Schnelker, John B Beugnot, Anthony Beugnot), Stave 
and Heading Mnfrs, s w cor Garden and Henry. 

!^cliiiiecler!§i Bernhard H, Proprietor American House, 
15, 17 and 19 W Columbia, res same. 

Schnieders Clemens A, clerk American House, bds same. 

Schnieders John H, clerk American House, bds same. 

Schnitcker Christian, laborer, bds 50 Wall. 

Schnoesenberg Andrew, res 227 E Jefferson. 

Schnorberger Christian, wood sawyer, 141 Madison. 

Schnurr' Stephen (Schnurr & Hazzard), res 24 W Main. 

Sehimrr & Hazzard (Stephen Schnurr, Louis Hazzard), 
Saloon, 24 W Main. 

Schoch August F, tailor 45 W Main, res 46 Second. 

SchochCorneilus, gardener, bds 235 E Wayne. 

Schoch Ferdinand, tailor, res 46 Second. 

Schoemaker John H, helper P F W & C R R, bds 266 E Wash- 

Schoenbein Albert F, draughtsman, res 164 E Wayne. 

Schoenbein Minnie, domestic 146 Holman. 

Schoenbein Wm B, draughtsman T W & W Ry, bds j 64 E Wayne. 

Schoenfeld Wm, engineer, res 59 Cherry. 

Schoepf John, machinist Bass foundry, res 50 Taylor. 

Schoepf J Frank, barber, bds 50 Taylor. 

Schoepf Matthew, laborer, res 21 Taylor. 

Schoerpf Anton, clerk M Strodel, bds 10 E Berry. 

Schoerpf Mrs Delia, res 12 E Columbia. 

Schondel George, teamster Jas Fox, res 35 Wilt. 


226 R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

Schone Henry, real estate, res 227 E Washington. 
Schoolcraft Ezra E, clerk Dr Gard, bds 106 Barr. 
Schooley Marshall H, sewing machines, res 56 TSFelson/ 
Schophorst Frederick, machinist, res 26 Orchard. 
{^eliopliorst Haraioii, Carpenter, 22 Orchard, res same. 
Schophorst Henry, laborer Peters Box and Lumber Co, res 12 

Schopmann Henry, res 141 E Lewis. 
ISclioppmanii H F Wm^ Carpenter P F W & C R R, 

res 12 Hough. 
Schoppman Wm, saloon 213 Hanna, res cor Lillie and Phillie. 
Schott Oeorge O, Druggist, 120 Barr, res same. (See adv.) 
Schovey John, blacksmith, res 221 E Wayne. 
Schrader see also Shrader. 

Schrader Frederick, sawfiler, res e s Calhoun nr city limits. 
Schrader Godfrey, tailor 129 Calhoun, res 170 E Jefferson. 
Schrader Henry, street car driver, res s s High w of Wefer. 
Schrader Henry C,. (Hartman & Schrader) res 189 DeWald. 
Schrader John, laborer, res 78 Force. 
Schrader Louis, res e s Calhoun nr city limits. 
Schrader Rudolph, cooper, res 184 High. 
Schraeder Carrie, domestic 96 W Wayne. 
Schrage August, plasterer, bds 214 Madison. 
Schrage Christian, tailor, res 214 Madison. 
Schram Francis, laborer, res n s Summit nr McCoUoch. 
Schram Frank, laborer, res 28 Jones. ' 
Schram Martin, shoemaker M App, res Zd Madison. 
Schram Philip, machinist, res 37 Force. 

Schramm Christ, carpenter Jacoby & Weigand, bds 28 Force. 
Schramm John, laborer, res 463 Lafayette. 
Schreck Agnes, (wid Adam) res 99 Lasselle. 
Schreck Eva, domestic Robinson House. 
Schreck Henry, works spoke factory, bds 99 Lasselle. 
Schreck Lena, waiter Robinson House. 
Schrehn Conrad, helper, res 18 Archer ave. . 
Schreive George, fireman, res 49 Walnut. 

Schroeder Charles F, cash boy Root & Co, bds 380 E Wayne. 
Schroeder C Louis, saloon 27 W Columbia, res same. 
Schroeder Edmund, sawyer, res 46 Walnut. 
Schroeder Ferdinand J. clerk James M Kane & Bro, bds 170 E 

Schroeder Fred, sawfiler N G Olds & Sons, res e s Calhoun nr 

Schroeder Gottfried, renovator, res 170 E Jefferson. 
Schroeder John, machinist Bass foundry, bds 170 E Jefferson. 



Schroeder J H Charles, bds 27 W Columbia. 

Schroeder S Louis C, clerk Dreier Bros, bds 27 W Columbia. 

Schrum Adam, weaver woolen factory, bds 66 E Main. 

Schrum Philip, helper, res 37 Force. 

Schryock Wm, dentist, bds 236 W Jefferson. 

Schuch Lizzie, domestic 99 E Main. 

Schuck Henry, farmer, res 106 Butler. 

Schuckman Henry, tinner, res 211 E Washington. 

Schuckman Henry J, clerk Root & Co, res 16 W Washington. 

Schuckman John, res 16 W Washington. 

Schudemaier Herman, laborer, res 134 College. 

Schuester Wm, helper Bass foundry, res s s Allen bet Calhoun 

and Harrison. 
Schuler John, laborer T R Pickard & Sons, bds 26 Archer ave. 
Schuler John, porter, res 214 E Jefterson. 
Schuler Matthias, watchman, res 268 E Jefferson. 
Schulthies Pius, laborer, res 211 E Jefferson. 
Schultz, see also Shulz. 

Schultz Benjamin, molder Bass foundry, bds 162 Montgomery. 
Schultz Christopher, plasterer, res 29 Pritchard. 
Schultz Ferdinand, cooper, res 388 W Main. 
Schultz Frederick, laborer, res 338 Hanna. 
Schultz Henry, plasterer, res 123 Union. 
Schultz Lizzie, domestic 32 W Berry. 
Schultz Wm, fireman, res 50 E Washington, 
Schultz Wm, laborer, res 91 Force. 
Schultz Wm, laborer, res 104 John. 
Schulz Frederick, mason, res 140 Francis. 
Schulz John, boxmaker, bds 45 E Wayne. 
Schulz Peter, boots and shoes, 45 E Main, res same. 
Schulz Wm, boot and shoemaker, 25 .W Wayne, res same. 
Schum Adam, weaver French, Hanna & Co, bds 66 E Main. 
Schumacher Wm, janitor High school, res 60 E Wayne. 
Schumacher Wm jr, printer, bds 60 E Wayne. 
Schumfild Wm, laborer, res 59 Cherry. 
Schumfeld Maria, domestic Mrs J P Fay. 
Schunk Frank A, clerk C M Schunk, bds 207 E Jefferson. 
Schuphorse Sophia, domestic 123 W Wayne. 
Schust Ferdinand, clerk, res 230 W Jefferson. 
Schust George, carpenter T W & W Ry, bds Concordia College. 
Schust Michael, carpenter, res 230 W Jefferson. 
Schuster, see also Shuster. 
Schuster John, laborer, bds 408 E Washington. 
Schuster Joshua, engineer, res 183 Montgomery. 
Schuster Susan, domestic 176 W Washington. 

228 R. L. POLK & CO/S 

Schuster Wm, laborer, res s s Allen w of Calhoun. 

Schutz Gottfried, tailor, res 137 High. 

Schuwerk Gust, laborer, bds 26 Oak. 

Schwab Hannah, domestic 105 W Berry. 

Schwab John, laborer, res 392 E Wayne. 

Schwab Susie, domestic 60 Barr. 

Schwake Henry J, teacher St John's German Lutheran school, 
res roQ VanBuren. 

Schwartz, see also Swartz. 

Schwartz August, brakeman, bds 104 Butler. 

Schwartz Charles A, harnessmaker L Traub,res 104 Butler. 

Schwartz Christian, plasterer, res 51 Wilt. 

Schwartz Fred, horse coUarmaker, res 41 Butler. 

Schwartz Frederick, cooper, res 244 W Main. 

Schwartz George, helper, res 348 Broadway. 

Schwartz George M, bolt cutter, res 348 Broardway. 

Schwartz Henry, plasterer, res 72 Brackenridge. 

Schwartz John A, farmer, res 104 Butler. 

Schwartz VVm. carpenter, bds 317 Lafayette. 

Schwartz W, fireman, res 104 Butler. 

Schwarze Henry, carpenter Cochrane, Humphrey & Co, res 12 
St Mary's ave. 

Schwaz Carl, principal West German school, bds Maumee ave, 
Vondermark's add. 

Schweger Peter, eagine wiper, res 147 E Lewis. 

Schwehn Christ, sawyer Peters Box and Lumber Co, bds 18 

Schwerk Jno, stave factory, res w s Spy Run ave. 

Schwier Charles, boilermaker Bass foundry, res 174 Montgom- 

Schwier Fred W, boilermaker Bass foundry, bds 96 Madison. 

Schwier Henry, boilermaker Bass foundry, res 145 Holman. 

Scli"wiei* Wni9 Foreman Boilermaker Bass Foundry, res 
186 E Jefferson. 

Schwieters Benjamin, clerk J B White, res 41 E Columbia. 

Schwieters Herman, baker, 4[ E Columbia, res same. 

Schwieters John, baker H Schwieters, bds 4 1 E Columbia. 

Schweiters Joseph, clerk J Pierr, bds 41 E Columbia. 

Scott Francis M, res e s Fletcher ave s of Maumee. 

Scott George, machinist, res 165 Montgomery. 

Scott James W, carpenter, res 452 E Wayne. 

Scott James W, molder Bass foundry, bds 165 Montgomery. 

Scott Jefferson C, driver Am Ex Co, res 70 Jackson. 

Scott John, clerk, bds 2 Madison. 

Scott Peter W, conductor G R & I R R, res 153 E Lewis. 


Scott Wm L, plasterer Wilding & Son, res 138 Lafayette. 

Scramm Frank, helper, res 28 Jones. 

Screen John, laborer Hoffman Bros, res i^ miles on Lima road. 

Scribner Joseph L, fireman, res 9 Buchanan. 

Scully Miss F, milliner J Black & Co, bds Hanna House. 

Scully John, yardman, res 334 Hanna. 

Seabold, see also Seibold. 

Seabold Adam, laborer, res 57 High. 

Seabold Barney, clerk, bds 202 Broadway. 

Seabold Casper, teamster Peters Box and Lumber Co, res 57 

Seabold Christian H, foreman, res 191 Jackson. 
Seabold Henry, laborer, bds 7 Pine. 
Seabold John, grocer, 202 Broadway, res same. 
Seabold John, jr, laborer, bds 202 Broadway. 
Seabold Mrs Sophia, res 7 Pine. 
Seamon, see also Siemon. 

Seamon Charles, laborer J C Peters & Co, res 234 W Main. 
Seamon Conrad, truckman, res 19 Jones. 

Seamon Paul, engineer Jacoby & Weigand, res 82 E Jefferson. 
Sears Charles W H, pressman, res 46 W Lewis. 
Seavos Hubert, baker, bds 112 Calhoun. 

Seberning Christ, laborer Bass foundry, res w s John cor Charles. 
Security Insurance Co, Noll & Foellinger Agents, 25 

Postoffice Building. {See adv). 
Sedgwick John, propr St Joseph Oatmeal Mills 240 Calhoun, res 

83 Brackenridge. 
Sedgwick John W, Livery 242 S Calhoun, res 47 Baker. 
Seegmiller Charles A, agent Hamilton Beer Co, bds American 

Seelig Henry, clerk Trentman & Fox, res two miles e of city. 
Seelmann Jacob, engineer S Keller & Co, res 23 Nirdlinger. 
Seely Albert J, clerk J M Miller, res 72 Williams. 
Seeman Charles, works sawmill, res 395 W Main. 
Seemeyer Gottlieb, merchant tailor 134 Broadway, res 118 W 

Sefton David W, brakeman P F W & C R R, bds American 

Seibold, see also Seabold. 
Seibold Carrie, domestic 163 W Wayne. 
Seibold Charles J W, organmaker, res 41 Miner. 
Seibold Christ, teamster, res 211 W Main, 
Seibold Christian, carpenter, res 68 Butler. 
Seibold David, grocer, 121 Wells, res same. 
Seibold George J, laborer, res 97 Cass. 

230 R. L. 

Seibold Gottlieb, laborer, res 45 Walnut. , 

Seibold Henry J, clerk T M Biddle, bds 97 N Cass. 

Seibold Louisa, domestic 284 W Berry. 

ISeidel Sdiward, Insurance Agent, 107 E Main, res same. 

Seifert August, slate roofer Humphreys, Lohmann & Hughes. 

Seimond Charles, clerk, res 112 E Wayne. 

Self Jasper N, tea dealer, res 334 W Jefferson. 

Sell Wm, carpenter, bds Phillips House. 

{Selle Aug^ust li. Druggist, 260 Calhoun, res 56 Douglas 

Selle Mrs Maggie, bds 152 Holman. 
Sellear Frank, carpenter, res e s Lillie nr city limits. 
^Seller Killian, brewer, res s s Archer ave nr city limits. 
Sellman Jacob, laborer, bds 23 Nirdlinger. 
Seltz Joseph, brewer H Hubach, bds 181 E Wayne. 
Senker Harman, teacher, res 223 Hanna. 
Senle Louis, machinist, res loi Wells. 
{Sentinel Printing Co, Hon R C Bell Pres,W R Nelson 

Sec'y and Treas, Wm Fleming Manager, Publishers Daily and 

Weekly Sentinel, 107 Calhoun. 
Sept Charles, laborer, res e s Lafayette e of Pontiac. 
Serol John, laborer, res w s Wabash ave n of Maumee. 
Sessler Peter, laborer, res 204 E Wayne. 
Seybel Charles, teacher St Paul's German Lutheran school, res 

196 Barr. 
Seybold Charles, painter, res n e cor Andrew and Putnam. 
Seybold Wm, finisher organ factory, bds 80 Creighton ave. 
Shade Frederick, printer, res 22 Pritchard. 
Shafer, see also Schaefer, Schaffer and Scheffer. 
Shafer Alfred K, brakeman P F W & C R R, bds 144 Wallace. 
Shafer Charles W, brakeman, res 44 Chicago. 
Shafer Frederick W, boilermaker, res S Calhoun. 
Shafer Henry, brakeman P F W & C R R, bds 144 Wallace. 
•Shafer Henry, teamster .Ranke, Yergens & Co, res 90 St 

Mary's ave. 
Shafer Maggie, domestic 138 Clinton. 
Shafer Wm E, machine hand Cochrane, Humphrey & Co, res 26 

Shaffer Chas, res Spy Run ave. 
Shaffer Chas, barber, 26 Wells, bds Racine House. 
Shaffer Mrs E J, res 144 E Washington. 
Shaffer George, grocer, 169 Broadway, res same. 
Shaffer Georgianna, domestic 278 W Berry. 
Shaffer Molly, domestic Mayer House. 
Shaffer Oregon, fireman, res 136 Force. 


Shaffer Orville, laborer, res Spy Run ave. 

Shaffer Wm, teamster, res Spy Run ave. 

Shafton Mary, cook Robinson House. 

Shaloup Mrs Catherine, res 14 Lafayette. 

Shaloup Joseph, painter, res 14 Lafayette. 

Shannon Christ, laborer, res 420 E Wayne. 

Shapper Louisa, res 22 W Washington. 

Sharp Carrie B, principal Jefferson school, bds 3 E Water. 

Sharp Henry, res 3 E Water. 

Sharp John (Sharp & Rudolph), bds 3 E Water. 

Sharp & Rudolph (John Sharp, Frank Rudolph) saddles and 

harness, 2 N Calhoun. 
Sharper Christian, res 135 Holman. 
Shaughnessy John, laborer E Keith, bds 26 Wallace. 
Shaughnessy Martin, laborer, res 4 Colerick. 
Shaven Emil, horse collar maker A Racine, bds s w cor Water 

and Calhoun. 
Shaven Joseph, clerk H Bargus & Robbe, bds 31 Barr. 
Shaw Alfred T, fireman, res 107 Fairfield ave. 
Shaw David, canvasser, bds 25 Smith. 
Shaw Marion, clerk Foster Bros & Co, bds 106 Barr. 
Shaw Robert H, machinist, bds 129 Fairfield ave. 
Shaw Vincent B, machine hand, res 25 Smith. 
Shay Hannah, res 181 Ewing. 
Shay Michael F, fireman, res 8 Bass. 
Shea Mrs Catherine, res 7 Walnut. 
Shea Cornelius, saloon 82 Fairfield ave, res same. 
Shea John N, laborer, bds 7^ Walnut. 
Shea Maggie, waiter Grand Hotel. 
Shea Michael, brakeman, bds 56 Wells. 
Shea Michael, fireman, res 6 Bass. 

Sheafer Wm G, carpenter 81 Broadway, res 187 W Wayne. 
Sheafer Wm S, carpenter, bds 187 W Wayne. 
Sheahan Thomas, res 153 E Lewis. 
Sheehy Miss Mary, domestic 94 W Wayne. 
Sheeler Lizzie, domestic, railway dining rooms. 
Shelhorn Mary, domestic 73 W Main. 
Shell Edward, engineer, res 63 Melita. 

Shelps Miss Clara, teacher Jefferson school, bds 258 W Wayne. 
Shelvey Thomas J, clerk Foster Bros & Co, bds 79 W Jefferson. 
Shelvey William H, barber S T Kinsey, bds 79 W Jefferson. 
Shelvey Mary, (wid William), res 79 W Jefferson. 
Shenzinger Reinhold, truss mnf'r, 176 Broadway, res same. 
Shepard Abram L, brakeman, res 117 Williams. 
Shephen Julius, carpenter, res 32 Wall. 

232 K. L. POLK & CO.'S 

Sheppard Thomas, helper, res 189 Montgomery. 

Sherbondy Abram, collector, bds Abram Sherbondy. 

Sherbondy Abram M, carpenter, res w s Metz s of Taylor. 

Sheridan Mrs Annabel, res 34 Hood. 

Sheridan Charles L, section hand, bds 34 Hood. 

Sheridan Dennis, tile mnPr, bds 225 W Washington. 

Sheridan Francis, farmer, bds 34 Hood. 

Sheridan James, tile mnfr, res 21 Brackenridge. 

Sheridan James, steward, bds 34 Hood. 

Sheridan Margaret, bds 21 Brackenridge. 

Sherman Fred, carpenter, res 321 Calhoun. 

Shidel Charles, barber, 27 Calhoun, res 200 Fairfield ave. 

Shildmyer Fred W, house painter, bds 180 W Jefferson. 

Shildmyer Lousie, (wid Christ), res 180 W Jefferson. 

Shildmyer Sophia, dressmaker, bds 180 W Jefferson. 

Shilling Mrs Camilla, dairy, res end Rebecca st. 

Shilling Jacob, milk peddler, bds Camilla Shilling. 

Shine Daniel, fireman, res 74 Baker. 

Shipman Charles, works agricultural works, bds n s Putnam w of 

Shipman Frank, works agricultural works, res n s Putnam w of 

Shipman Frank I, sawyer res n s Putnam nr city limits. 
Shipman James, engineer John C Pfeiffer & Co, bds n e cor 

I St and Cass. 
Shmalzriedt George, bds 159 E Lewis. 
IShoaff Jotin A, Photographer 7.W Columbia, res 201 E 

Shoaff Samuel H, harnessmaker, 12 W Columbia, res 84 E Berry 
Shoaff Valentine, painter Fort Wayne Paint & Painting Co, res 

180 Fairfield ave. 
Shoemaker Adam, boilermaker, res 64 Baker. 
Shoemaker Albert, brakeman, bds 22 Chicago. 
Shoemaker Alfred M, night switchman, bds 22 Chicago. 
Shoemaker Annie, clerk John. M Koch, bds 60 E Wayne. 
Shoemaker Henry, tinner Wilson & Muhler. res 95 Clay. 
Shoemaker James S, cashier Huestis & Hamilton, res 39 Second. 
Shoff Uriah S, salesman A S Evans & Co, bds Sturgis House. 
Shondel George, potter, res 35 Wilt. 
Shondel Wm, teamster, res 167 E Wayne. 
Shordon Daniel (Shordon & Swann), res 61 E Columbia. 
Shordon Stephen, res 61 E Columbia. 
Shordon & Swann (Daniel Shordon, Scott Swann), agricultural 

implements 61 and 63 E Columbia. 
Shorey George W, engineer, res 18 Butler. 


Shoven Emil, collarmaker, bds 9 N Calhoun. 

Shrack Mrs Joseph, bds 131 W AVashington. 

Shram Frank, machinist P F W & C R R, bds 28 Force. 

Shrieve George T, fireman, res 49 Walnut. 

Shrif Rosa, domestic 32 Clinton. 

Shroeder Frederick, shoemaker, res 380 E Wayne. 

Shryock Samuel, res 12 N Cass. 

Shryock Wm W, dental student S B Brown, bds 220 W Jefferson. 

Shuck Lewis, watchman, res s s Pontiac e of Calhoun. 

Shuck Wm H, conductor T W & W R R, res 49 Melita. 

Shuckman Wm, saloon, res e s Lillie nr city limits. 

Shulze Charles E, clerk Root & Co, bds 71 Maumee ave. 

"humaker William, printer Indiana Volksfreund, res 60 E 

\ Allen F, foreman, res 207 E Jefferson. 
Shunk Charles M, druggist 277 E Washington, rooms same. 
Shunk Frank, clerk, bds 207 E Jefferson. 
Shuran John, laborer Boseker & White, res 273 E Jefferson. 
I§i]inrick Frank S, Staves, Heading and Cooperage 

Works n s Wallace bet Lafayette and Clinton, res n w cor 

Fairfield and Creighton aves. 
Shurick John S, sup't stave, heading and cooperage F S Shurick, 

res Spy Run ave. 
Shurtleff Charles, laborer O D Hurd & Co, res 1 7 Jones. 
Shurtleff Walter, res 64 Madison. 
Shuster Joshua, engineer, res 183 Montgomery. 
Sibray Nathan, carpenter, res 230 W Wayne. 
Sidel Isaac, engineer, res 29 Garden. 
Siebert Wm, teamster, res 82 Cherry. 
Sigmund Herman, tailor C G Vogel & Son, res 28 West. 
Siemon, see also Seamon. 

Siemon Augustus F (Siemon & Bro), res 27 Madison. 
Siemon Charles, clerk postoffice, res 112 E Wayne. 
Siemon Henry, clerk Siemon & Bro, bds 27 Madison. 
Siemon Rudolph (Siemon & Bro), res 100 E Jefferson. 
Siemon & Brother (Rudolph and Augustus F), Books, 

Stationery and Wall Paper. 50 Calhoun. (See adv back cover.) 
Sihler Fred W, clerk Meyer Brothers & Co, bds 166 Barr. 
Sihler Rev Wm, pastor St Paul's German Lutheran church, res 

166 Barr. 
Sillps Jacob, laborer, res 14 Gay. 
Silvers Mrs Alice, res 177 E Lewis. 
Simon Albert, hides, pelts and furs, 43)^ E Columbia, res 128 

W Main. 
Simon Julius, machinist, res 42 Pine. 

234 R. L. POLK & co.'s 

Simons Gordon, engineer P F W & C R R, bds Meyer House. 

Simons Oscar A, vice president First National Bank, res 33 

Simonson James H, lumber, res 140 E Berry. 

Simpson George, machinist, res 142 E Jefferson. 

Simpson Harry T, train dispatcher T W & W Ry, bds 150 

Sinclair Miss Frank, bds s w cor Calhoun and Allen. 

Sinclair Henry, machinist, res 11 Henry. 

Sinclair Maggie, domestic Charles McCuUoch. 

Sinclair Miss Orlinda, res s w cor Calhoun and Allen. 

Sinclair Samuel E (Sinclair & Rodabaugh), res s w cor Calhoun 
and Allen. 

Sinclair Sue S, teacher Hoagland school, bds S Calhoun. 

Sinclair Thomas, machinist, res 1 1 Henry. 

Sinclair & Rodabaugh (Samuel E Sinclair, John F Rodabaugh), 
lawyers, 44 Calhoun. 

Singer Mauufactiiriiig Co, J S Finkenbiner, Man- 
ager, 60^ Calhoun. 

Singleton John, laborer, res 27 Baker. 

Singleton Michael, ret 33 Baker. 

Singleton Philip J, machinist, res 27 Baker. 

Smgmaster Joseph, watchman, res 177 Jackson. 

Singmaster Joseph M, helper P F W & C R R, bds 177 Jack- 

Sink Miss Alice M, teacher Clay school, bds 30 Williams. 

Sink Mrs Elizabeth, res 30 Williams. 

Sink Genoa S, student bds 30 Williams. 

Sink John, fireman, bds 332 Harrison. 

Sinn John, carpenter, res 200 Lafayette. 

Sinram Minnie, domestic 151 E Wayne. 

Sisler Cyrus, conductor T W & W Ry, bds Harmon House. 

Sisler Frank, brakeman, res 71 Dawson. 

Sisler George B, brakeman, bds 18 Colerick. 

Sisson George H, laborer Peters Box (Sr Lumber Co, res 8 Clark. 

Sites Henry C, dentist 96 Barr, res 52 W Lewis. 

Sites John, farmer, res w s Fairfield ave s of city limits. 

Sittans Stephen, millwright, res 22 Ewing. 

Skatulla Carl, patternmaker Bass foundry, bds 205 Calhoun. 

Skelley Philip S, clerk S A Aurentz, res 147 Broadway. 

Skelton Benjamin W, clerk J B White, res 151 Broadway. 

Skelton Mrs Wm, bds 151 Broadway. 

Skinner Rev Clark, pastor Berry Street M E church, res 26 W 

Slagle John F, machinist, res w s Calhoun s of Butler. 


Slagel Wm, fireman, res 68 Chicago. 

Slater Miss Carrie, bds 128 E Lewis. 

Slater Christ C, clerk, res 128 E Lewis. 

Slater Dennis, bar tender Edward Driscoll, bds 274 Calhoun. 

Slater Emmett, carpenter, bds 24 Barthold. 

Slater Fowler, brakeraan, bds 229 Lafayette. 

Slater John, blacksmith, res 29 Butler. 

Slater John, laborer, res 102 Chicago. 

Slater Joseph, blacksmith, res 29 Prince. 

Slater Monroe, turner, bds 24 Barthold. 

Slater Mrs Sarah, res 24 Barthold. 

Slater Thomas P, brakeman, bds 73 Charles. 

Slattery Michael, section hand, res 39 Grand. 

Slaudraff Peter, laborer, bds H C Hartman. 

Sleeper Francis H, bookkeeper and accountant N G Olds & 
Sons, bds 40 Madison. 

Sloan Sallie, domestic N Burwell. 

Sloan Samuel C, clerk, bds 14 E Washington. 

Slocum Clark E, coppersmith, res 242 E Lewis. 

Slocum Edward, blacksmith, res 242 E Lewis. 

Slocum George, machinist, bds 242 E Lewis. 

Smalhouse Charles E (Smalhouse & Creveling), bds 270 Cal- 

Smalhouse & Creveling (C E Smalhouse, Wm I Creveling), 
saloon and restaurant, 270 Calhoun. 

Small L D, clerk James M Worman, 205 Calhoun. 

Smaltz Frank M, tinner, bds 353 W Main. 

Smaltz John, carpenter, res 353 W Main. 

Smead Albert, laborer, res 377 E Washington. 

Smedley Edward G (Carnahan, Hanna & Co), bds 235 W 

Smenner George, driver fire dept, bds 7 3 E Berry. 

Smerr Thomas, fireman, res 263 Hanna. 

Smick Manford M (M M & W P Smick), res 64 Barr. 

Smick Solomon S, agricultural implements, 24 W Columbia, res 
64 Barr. 

Smick Wm P (M M & W P Smick), res 64 Barr. 

fSmick H M 4fe W P, (Manford M and Wm P) Agricul- 
tural Implements, 22 and 24 W Columbia. 

Smith see also Schmidt and Schmitt. 

Smith Adam, fireman, res 74 E Lewis. 

Smith Andrew, patternmaker, res 26 Orchard. 

Smith Andrew, plasterer, res 90 Wilt. 

Smith Annie, domestic 443 Lafayette. 

Smith Calvin L, U S Express agent 28 E Main, res 106 W Wayne. 

236 R. L. 

Smith Carrie, laundress Robinson House. 

Smith Casper A, engineer, res 100 Butler. 

Smith Charles, engineer, bds 4 Henry. 

Smith Charles H, brakeman, res 104 Williams. 

Smith Charles T, engineer, res 162 Montgomery. 

Smith Christ, laborer, res 367 W Main. 

Smith Clarence G, circulator Daily News, res 11 Lavina. 

Smith Cornelius S, physician 38 Douglas ave, res same. 

Smith Daniel D, laborer, res 49 Archer ave. 

Smith Edward, clerk, bds 82 Baker. 

Smith Edward C, (^Dudenhafer, Daniels & Smith) res 11 Monroe. 

Smith Elijah, receiver F W M & C R R, res Boston Mass. 

Smith Elizbaeth, domestic Grand Hotel. 

Smith Elliott, bds 10 Leith. 

Smith Emily, (wid Anthony) res e s Franklin nr city limits. 

Smith Eugene B, foreman Gazette office, res 178 W Washington. 

Smith Frank, fireman, bds 4 Kansas. 

Smith Fred, mason, bds 153 Madison. 

Smith Frederick, machine hand N G Olds & Sons, res 29 St 

Smith Fred'k S, laborer, res 29 St Francis. 
Smith George H, cigarmaker, res 205 E Washington. 
Smith George O, stone mason, res 16 Gay. 
Smith George W, clerk W Jacobs & Son, bds 55 Barr. 
Smith Gilbert, laborer, bds Emily Smith. 
Smith Gottlieb, clerk, bds Washington House. 
ISmith Owin JL, Manager American Sewing Machine Co, 

139^ Calhoun, res 296 Hanna. 
Smith Harmon H, brakeman, bds 96 Montgomery. 
Smith Henry, clerk J B White, res 68 Ewing. 
Smith Henry, cooper, bds 225 Calhoun. 
Smith Henry, fireman, res 8 Lavina. 
Smith Jacob M, cooper, bds 225 Calhoun. 
Smith James, machinist Bass foundry, res 14 Summit. 
Smith James S, coal dealer, res 96 Butler. 
Smith John, molder Bass foundry, res 343 E Lewis. 
Smith John, teamster Jacoby & Wiegand, res 44 John. 
Smith John W, carpenter, res 123 Fairfield ave. 
Smith Joseph, res 92 Chicago. 

Smith Joseph, conductor T W & W Ry, bds 64 Baker. 
Smith J McNutt, res 39 Douglas ave. 
Smith J Sion (Bass & Smith), res 96 Butler. 
Smith Lewis, sawyer N G Olds & Sons. 
Smith Lorin, res 107 W Main. 
Smith Martin, butcher, res 6S Lasselle. 


Smith Mary, domestic 92 Franklin ave. 

Smith Nathan H, photographer, res 52 Chicago. 

Smith Orson, engineer P F W & C R R, bds Hedekin House. 

Smith Peter S, laborer, res 29 St Francis. 

Smith Samuel, carpenter, res 53 W Lewis. 

Smith Sarah (wid Wm S), res 126 W Jefferson. 

Smith Seymour J, traveling agt Morgan & Beach, bds Sturgis 

Smith Thomas, brakeman, res Beck s of Putnam. 
Smith Thomas (col'd), brakeman, res 272 Calhoun. 
Smith Thomas C, painter, res 154 Montgomery. 
Smith Wallace M, fireman, res 46 Butler. 
Smith Walter C, baggagemaster, res 17 N Cass. 
Smith Wm, carpenter, res 53 Madison. 
Smith Wm, laborer, bds 27 W Columbia. 
Smith Wm, works spoke factory, res 65 Charles. 
Smith Wm B, bookkeeper, res s end Calhoun. 
Smith Wm H, expressman, res 179 E Washington. 
Smoker Joseph, clerk, bds 309 Lafayette. 
Smoker Tieber, grocer, res 309 Lafayette. 
Smurr Thomas, fireman, res 263 Hanna. 
Smyser Miss Charlotte A, teacher Jefferson school, bds 264 W 

Smyser Peter D (S Bash & Co), res 278 W Berry. 
Smythers George, bds 73 E Berry. 
Snearly Miss Lucinda, res 46 W Berry. 
Snedker Carrie, domestic 53 Madison. 
Sneider Mary, domestic 220 W Jefferson. 
Snider, see also Schneider and Snyder. 
Snider Allen B, res Spy Run ave. 
Snider Clark, engineer, res 21 Lavina. 
Snider James M, fireman, res 96 Lasselle 
Snider John, laborer, res 190 W Main. 
Snider Mrs Louis, res Spy Run ave. 
Snively Mrs Catherine, res 235 W Main. 
Snively Henry J, fruit tree dealer, bds Hedekin House. 
Snodgrass John, res 4 Summit. 

Snodgrass McCampbell, harnessmaker, bds 4 Summit. 
Snow Isaac B (Archer & Snow), bds Sturgis House. 
Snurr David, well digger, res 153 High. 
Snurr John, laborer, res 153 High. 
Snyder, see also Schneider and Snider. 
Snyder Abner F, hostler, bds Azel A Rogers. 
Snyder Alexander C, clerk Root & Co, bds 197 Lafayette. 
Snyder Caroline, domestic 57 Barr. 

238 R. L. POLK &C0.'S 

Snyder Charles, fireman, res 46 Chicago. 

Snyder Edward, fireman T W & W Ry, bds 42 McClellan. 

Snyder Emma, domestic 211 E Wayne. 

Snyder Ferdinand, fireman, res 138 Force. 

Snyder George, bds 353 W Main. 

Snyder Isaac L, conductor, res 133 Wallace. 

Snyder Jacob, tanner Jacob, Fry & Sons, res n s Sixth nr Cal- 

Snyder John, conductor, bds 212 Lafayette. 

Snyder John V, cabinetmaker, res 230 Lafayette. 

Snyder J M, fireman, res 96 Lasselle. 

Snyder Lewis F, teamster Peters Box and Lumber Co, res 73 
High. - 

Snyder Simon, glass blower, res s s Archer ave nr city limits. 

Snyder Valentine, brakeman, bds 69 Baker. 

Soliday Solomon D, clerk, res 10 EHzabeth. 

Solomon Chas, helper, res 338 Hanna. 

Somieski Carl, laborer Certia & Rankert, res 72 Langohr. 

Sommer Miss Amelia, res 54 Calhoun. 

Sommer Carl, photographer 30 Calhoun, res n s Beck e of 

Sommer Mrs Gertrude, res 57 W Jefferson. 

Sommer Henry, clerk H G Wagner, bds 54 Calhoun. 

Sommer Miss Veronica, res 54 Calhoun. 

Sommer William, confectioner, bds 44 W Third. 

Sommer Wm (Noll & Sommer), bds 166 W Berry. 

Sommers, see also Summers. 

Sommers Henry, machinist, res 57 W Jefferson. 

Sommers John, mason, res 33 Grand. 

Sommers John, machinist, res e s Lafayette bet Wallace and 

Sommers John F, brakeman, bds 33 Grand. 

Sommers Reinhard, clerk John C Pfeifier & Co, res n e cor 
Fourth and Wells. 

Sopher Herbert, conductor, res 58 Melita. 

Soper Melvin, engineer, res 106 Wells. 

Sorg Isador, druggist 43 Wells, res 41 Wells. 

Sorg Peter, res 179 E Washington. 

Sordlet Mary, domestic 96 E Wayne. 

Souder Daniel W, carpenter, res 17 Miner. 

Souer Christ, conductor, bds 72 Wallace. 

Southern James, engineer, res 278 Webster. 

Southern Wm, helper P F W & C R R, bds 278 Webster. 

Southoff Henry, clerk Foster Bros & Co, res 273 Webster. 

Sovin Charles, laborer, res 12 Clark. 


Sovin Frederick, molder Bass foundry, res 124 Douglas. 

Sovin Philip, laborer, res 12 Clark. 

Sovine Emanuel, blacksmith, res s w cor Archer ave and 

Sovine Samuel H, blacksmith, res s s Putnam w of Hensch. 

Spain Hugh, hostler, res 275 Hanna. 

Spalding Willard W, teamster, res w s Calhoun opp Leith. 

Spang Mrs Carrie, res 54 E Washington. 

Spangler Joseph, laborer, res w s Lafayette s of city limits. 

Spangler Leonard, laborer O D Hurd & Co, res 375 Lafayette. 

Spangler Martin, machinist, res w s Lafayette s of Pontiac. 

Sparrow David, teamster, res 65 W Water. 

Spearing Henry, engine dispatcher T W & W Ry, bds 8 Locust. 

Speidel Herman, helper, res 272 E Jefferson. 

Spence Jane fwid John), res 223 W Jefferson. 

Spencer Mrs A M, bds 196 Calhoun. 

Spencer Miss Ellen, res 216 W Wayne. 

Spencer Martin V B, lawyer 33 Calhoun, res 216 W Wayne. 

fSpereisen J" Alexander, Blacksmith 56 Taylor, res 

Spidel Herman, helper, res 272 E Jefferson. 

Spiegel August, tailor, res 40 Wall. 

Spiegel Bernard, helper, res 147 Henry. 

Spiegel Ernst, groceries 183 Broadway, res 36 Nirdlinger. 

Spiegel Fred H, clerk Meyer Bros & Co, bds 315 W Jefferson. 

f§^piegel Qustave^ Boots and Shoes, 132 Broadway, res 
315 W Jefferson. 

Spiegel Wm C, clerk, bds 315 W Jefferson. 

Spielman Peter, laborer, res s s Summit nr McCulloch. 

Spitler John M, fireman, res 28 Wilt. 

Spoendle Joseph, blacksmith, res 7 John. 

Spoenle Louis, machinist Prentiss, McLachlan & Co, res loi 

Sponhauer W Steese, traveling salesman Rogers, Duck & Lewis, 
bds 18 Madison. 

Spore Warren D, driver U S Ex Co, res n w cor Fisher and Hel- 
ton ave. 

Springer Miss K, laundress, bds 186 W Main. 

Springer Lizzie, domestic 206 W Wayne. 

Sprandel Wm, clerk Aveline House, res 55 E Wayne. 

Springer Wm G, shoemaker M Pisano, bds same. 

Spurrier Dennis, tinner, res 141 Force. 

Spurrier Joseph, laborer J I^ Williams, bds 96 W Wayne. 

Square Table Club Rooms, 23 E Main. 

Squires Charles W, 99 Cent Store 14 W Berry, bds Grand Hotel. 

24© R. L. POLK ft CO.'S 

Stabler Rev Thomas, presiding elder M E church, res 131 

Stabler Thos P, clerk J B White, res 131 Griffith. 
Stabler Wm J, music teacher, bds T31 Griffith. 
Stacher Charles, fireman, res 94 Lasselle. 
Stadler Christian, res 25 Clark. 
Staeger George, clerk, bds 150 Montgomery. 
Staenky Adolph, painter, bds 76 Union. 
Staenky Ottela, (wid August) res 76 Union. 
Staenky Robert, shoemaker, bds 76 Union. 
Stafifey Josiah H, tinner, res 90 Wilt. 
Staffy Alexander, clerk, res 115 Madison. 
Stagemeier Wm, turner, res 20 Hough. 
Stahl Christian, bolt cutter, res 77 Lasselle. 
Stahl Frederick, laborer, res 68 Charles. 
Stahl John, lawyer, 12^ E Main, res s e cor Creighton ave and 

Stahl Wm R, waiter Sturgis House. 
Stahlhut Fred, teamster, res 157 Ewing. 
Stanger Henry, helper, res 527 Lafayette. 
Stanke August, scroll sawyer, bds 61 Oakley. 
Stanke Edward, engine wiper, res 61 Oakley. 
Stanley Chauncey, (Stanley & Bieber) res 221 W Main. 
Stanley Miss Emma, teacher Washington school, bds 221 W 

Stanley Jessie, bds s s Putnam w of Hensch. 
Stanley Thomas J, carriage trimmer, res 29 Spruce. 
Stanley <fc Bieber, fChauncy Stanley, Milton Bieber) 

Carriage Mnfrs, 106 W Main. 
Stansbury Philip, brakeman, bds 229 Lafayette. 
Stapleford Caroline E (Stapleford & Co), res 223 Madison. 
Stapleford Frank D, clerk Root & Co, bds 104 Barr. 
Stapleford Henry T, buyer Lauferty & Becker, res 157 E 

Stapleford Lucien P (Stapleford & Co), res 223 Madison. 
Stapleford Miss Mary, bds 134 E Main. 
Stapleford Nelson, agent, bds 134 E Main. 
Stapleford dfc €0 (C E and L P Stapleford), Fort Wayne 

Mills, cor Columbia and Lafayette. 
Stark Daniel, clerk J D McGill, bds iii Wells. 
Stark Erasmus, porter B Trentman & Son, res 23 Nirdlinger. 
Starka Fred, blacksmith, res 8 Orchard. 
Starkey Mrs Mollie, res 102 E Main. 
Starkey Orlando (Fort Wayne Paint & Painting Co), res 102 E 



Starling John, clerk, bds 9 N Calhoun. 

Starr L P, conductor P F W & C R R, bds 30 Baker. 

States C W, brakeman, bds 330 Calhoun. 

Statler Augustus J (Hillegass & Statler), bds Grand Hotel. 

Staton John W, sawyer Hoffman Bros, res no W Water. 

Staub George, tinner res 135 Lafayette. 

Staub Henry, res 105 Madison. 

Staudcher George, enginewiper, res 43 Wilt. 

Stauffer Gottlieb, tailor, res 363 W Main. 

Staunton James C, engineer, res 22 Baker. 

Stecher Chas, fireman, res 94 Lasselle. 

Stedman Mrs Irene, boarding house, 56 Wells. 

Steedley James P, watchman Certia & Rankert, res e s Wells 

bet 3d and 4th. 
.Steel Emil, laborer, res 381 E Washington. 
Steele James H, salesman A S Evans & Co, bds 126 E Main. 
Steen Mrs Elizabeth, res 40 Brandriff. 
Steffey George W, clerk Foster Bros & Co, res 29 Wall. 
Steffey Gideon W, clerk, res 29 Wall. 
Steffey Josiah H, tinner Wilson & Muhler, res 90 Wilt. 
Stegmaier Jacob, carpenter, res s s Horace nr city limits. 
Stegner Charles A, clerk Geo S Fowler, bds 55 Madison. 
Stehle Martin, baker L Blase, bds 27 W Columbia. 
Steigel Mrs Christine, res 33 W Lewis. 
Steigerwald John A, turner, res 63 Madison. 
Steigerwald John A, apprentice Fort Wayne Paint & Painting 

Co, bds 63 E Madison. 
Stein Daniel, carpenter, res 318 Harrison. 
Stein Jacob, carpenter, res 44 Butler. 
Stein John J, laborer, res 122 Maumee ave. 
Stein Joseph, carpenter, res 70 Force. 
Stein Joseph M, carpenter, res 70 Gay. 
Stein Peter, shoemaker, res 122 Maumee ave. 
Stein Wm, harness maker A S Johns & Son, bds 142 Jackson. 
Steinacher Frederick, laborer, res 112 Fairfield ave. 
Steinart Michael, sausage maker A WoJf. 
Steinbruner Matilda, dressmaker, res 24 Williams. 
Steinbruner Robert, laborer, res 24 Williams. 
Steinburn Wm H, cabinetmaker J Burkholder, bds 23 Pritchard. 
Steiner Mary, domestic 138 W Washington. 
Steinert Michael, butcher, res 81 W Washington. 
Steinhauser Henry, wagonaiaker, res 31 Taylor. 
Steinke Edward, engine wiper, res 61 Oakley. 
Steinkey Robert, shoemaker, bds 294 W Jefferson. 

242 R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

Steinkoemper Anthony, car inspector T W & W Ry, bds 58 

Steinman Mrs Catherine, res 70 E Jefferson. 
Steinman Mrs Edith, res 109 Holman. 
Steinman Mrs Mary, res 107 Holman. 
Steiss John, cooper, res s s Archer ave e of Hensch. 
Steller Conrad, meat market n e cor Wells and second, res 66 

Stellhorn August, clerk IDG Nelson & Co, res 35 E Columbia. 
Stellhorn Charles, boots and shoes 144 Calhoun, res 133 W 

Stellhorn Fred W, teacher, res 130 Maumee ave. 
Stellhorn Henry, blacksmith, res 22 Madison. 
Stellhorn Henry jr, machinist, bds 22 Madison. 
Stellhorn Maggie, domestic 255 W Wayne. 
Stellhorn Minnie, milliner, bds 22 Madison. 
Stellwagon Aaron, fireman, res 38 Hough. 
Stellwagen Charles, engineer, res 38 Hough. 
Stellwagen George, engineer, res 38 Hough. 
Stellwagen Joseph A, foreman copper shops, res 233 E Lewis. 
Stenner Fred W, clerk C Orff & Co, res 95 E Jefferson. 
Stephan Anthony, porter C Orff & Co, res 4 W Water. 
Stephan Frederick W patternmaker, res 89 Hanna. 
Stephan Henry (H Stephan & Co), rooms 109 Madison. 
Stephan H & Co (Henry Stephan, Samuel D Bitler), coopers, 

tress hoops and bed-bottom mnfr's, 194 Calhoun. 
Stephen Wm, patternmaker, res 89 Hanna. 
Sterling Belle, bds 100 E Lewis. 

Sterling George P, machinist, res \Y Washington cor Harrison. 
Sterling John, fruit tree agent, bds 9 N Calhoun. 
Sterling Thomas, laborer, res 5 1 W Lewis. 
Stern Josephine, domestic 301 E Washington. 
Stern Katie, domestic 30 Baker. 
Stern Philip G, engine wiper, res 222 Lafayette. 
Stetter Louis, porter, res 42 Nirdlinger. 
Steuffer Gottlieb, tailor A F Shoch, res 363 W Main. 
Steup Gottlieb H C, elk C G Vogel & Son, bds 106 W Jefferson 
Steup Henry A, clerk, res 106 W Jefferson. 
Steup Louis, painter, bds 106 W Jefferson. 
Steupp Louis, res 273 W Main. 
Stevens Miss Amelia, res 15 Clay. 
Stevens Ephraim, wagonmaker, res 70 Wells. 
Stevens George W, train dispatcher T W & W Ry, bds 9 E 

Stevens Henry, laborer, res 109 Madison. 


Stevens Henry, tress hoop maker, bds Gable House. 

Stevens John S, telegraph operator T W & W Ry, bds 9 E 

Stevens Leander, brakeman, bds Racine House. 
Stevens Rufus L, upholsterer, res 15 Williams. 
Stevens William, carriagemaker, res 15 Clay. 
Stewart Alpheus E, carpenter, O D Hurd & Co, res 284 

Stewart Mrs A M, dressmaker, res 104 E Lewis. 
Stewart Calvin, foreman, O D Hurd & Co, res 231 Lafayette. 
Stewart Charles, merchant police, res 123 Wilt. 
Stewart Charles, blacksmith, res 14 E Lewis. 
Stewart Charles, molder Bass foundry, bds 14 W Lewis. 
Stewart Daniel B, engineer, res n e cor Fisher and Thomas. 
Stewart Edward C, fireman, res 144 Wallace. 
Stewart Hugh, bds 203 Calhoun. 
Stewart Mrs Martha, res 39 W Washington., 
Stewart William, (col'd) barber, 63 E Main res same. 
Stewart Wm D, clerk (Spice Mills), res 39 W Washington. 
Stewart Wm H, dining hall, 133 Calhoun, res same. 
Sthair Henry, (Henry Sthair & Co), res 95 W Water. 
Sthair Wm S, blacksmith, H Sthair, res 95 W Water. 
Sthair Henry & Co, ^Henry Sthair), carriage mnf rs 1 1 E Jefferson 
Stiegner Mrs Emily, bds 55 Madison. 
Stien Chrisnna, (wid Fred), res 142 Jackson. 
Stien Wm A, harnessmaker, bds 142 Jackson. 
Stier George, barber, bds Henry Stier. 
Stier George J, clerk Root & Co, res 32 Clinton. 
Stier Mrs George J, milliner, 32 Clinton, res same. 
Stier Henry, laborer, res 106 Lafayette. 
Stier Henry A, carpenter, res s s Hanna nr city limits. 
Stier Jacob, molder Bass foundry, res 114 Lafayette. 
Stier John, supervisor, res 188 E Washington. 
Stier John, clerk Rohs, Eme & Reinking, bds 188 E Washington. 
Stier Joseph, molder Bass foundry, res 140 Wallace. 
Stier Miss Sophia, milliner, bds 106 Lafayette. 
Stiles Clifford P, conductor T W & W Ry, bds 14 Chicago. 
Still Smith, laborer Boseker & White, res s w cor Washington 

and Glasgow. 
Stillborn, see Stellhorn. 
Stilson Eva, domestic 246 S Calhoun. 
Stilson Frank, teamster Hoffman Bros, bds 6 Runnion. 
Stillwagon, see Stellwagon. 
Stinnett Wm W, train dispatcher, res 154 W Jefferson. 

244 R- L. POLK & CO.'S 

Stirling George P, machinist^ res 75 W Washington. 

Stites John, carpenter, res 32 Williams, 

Stock Geo, night watchman woolen mills, res Bloomingdale. 

Stockbridge Charles A, clerk N P Stockbridge, bds 225 W Wayne. 

Stockbridge Joseph W, freight and ticket agt, bds 225 W Wayne. 

IStockbridge Nathaniel P, Books, Stationery, Wall 

Paper and Children's Carriages, 15 E Columbia, res 225 W 

Stockbridge Wm J, ticket agt, bds 225 W Wayne. 
Stocking Henry, engineer, res 126 Ewing. 
Stocking John, fireman, res 126 Ewing. 
Stocking Terry, machinist T W & W Ry, bds 83 Baker. 
Stockmann Charles, works French brewery, res nr same. 
Stockwell James, fireman, res 206 Hanna. 
Stoddard Sarah, waiter Grand Hotel. 
Stokes Catherine (wid John), bds 74 Baker. 
Stokes John W (col'd) barber,' res 270 Calhoun. 
Stokes Lawrence W (Stokes & Winslow), res Calhoun. 
Stokes & Winslow (Lawrence W, Stokes, Elwood Winslow), 

barbers, 243^ Calhoun. 
Stoler Jacob, engine hostler, res 178 Ewing. 
Stoler Wm, machine hand J Burkholder, res 59 3d. 
StoU Conrad, helper, res 17 Wefel. 
Stoll Fred, coppersmith, res 48 Walnut. 
Stoll Henry, teamster, res 25 Second. 

Stoll iWlhelm, shoemaker Edward Helmke, bds 212 Calhoun. 
Stone Rev James R, D D, (Baptist), res 60 W Berry. 
Stone Wm E, engineer, res i McClellan. 
Stonebrook Fred, carpenter, res 51 Oliver. 
Stonebrunner Robert, wiper, res 24 Williams. 
Stoneburner Elias, painter L O Hull, res S Calhoun. 
Stonecipher Daniel, baggagemaster, res w s Marion s of 

Stoner JohnM, millwright, res 102 W Water. 
Stophlet Frank C (Stophlet Bros), res 322 Broadway. 
Stophlet John W (Stophlet Bros), res 6 Leith 
Stophlet Joseph H, architect T J Tolan & Son, res 211 E 

Sltophlet Brotliers (Frank C and John W), Stoves and 

House Furnishing Goods, 14 W Columbia. 
Storm Joseph, traveling agent McCulloch & Richey, res 242 W 

Story Charles, engineer county jail, bds 16 W Water. 
Story Henry, artificial stone maker, bds i6 W Water. 
Story James, res 16 W Water. 


Stotz Ulrich. saloon, 21 E Main, res n w cor Clinton and Jeffer- 

Stouder Emma,,bds 64 E Jefferson. 

Stouder Pryntbia, bds 64 E Jefferson. 

Stout Edward F, railway engineer, res 168 Griffith. 

Stover Marion, painter, res n s Samuel nr city limits. 

Strack Miss Anna, bds 103 W Main. 

Strack Mary, dressmaker, res 100 W Main. 

Strain John, engineer, res n s Langohr w of Wells. 

Strasburg Christian, ashery, n s Canal e of Lafayette, res 119 

Strasburg Fred, laborer, res 74 Wilt. 

Strasburg Israel, street car driver, bds 62 Calhoun. 

Strasburg Wm, laborer, bds 74 Wilt. 

Strass Emanuel (E Strass & Brother), res to6 Webster. 

Strass J Louis (E Strass & Brother), res 106 Webster. 

Strass E & Brother (Emanuel & J Louis), hides and pelts, 6 

Strassberger Rickie, domestic 181 E Wayne. 

Strasser Robert, machinist Bass Foundry, res s s Pontiac nr city 

Stratton Chas, printer, bds 96 W Washington. 

Stratton Charles B, laborer Hoffman Bros, bds 96 W Washington. 

Stratton Eva, res s s Hoffman w of Wells. 

Stratton Henry, hack driver Fletcher & Powers. 

Stratton Jerome Q, (Stratton & Stratton) res 235 W Washington. 

Stratton Robert F, (Stratton & Stratton) bds Aveline House. 

Stratton Wm, bricklayer J C Hoffman, bds 96 W Washington. 

{Stratton «& Ntratton^ (Jerome Q and Robert F) Law- 
yers, 21 Court. 

Straughan Jesse R, civil engineer, res 87 E Berry. 

Strausz Henry, brewer Certia& Rankert, bds 131 Wells. 

Strausz John, brewer Certia & Rankert, res 71 Langohr. 

Straw Miss Ella, dressmaker Mrs K Schaffer, bds 1 17 E Jefferson. 

Strebla Mrs Nancy, res 95 Fulton. 

Streeter George, brakeman, bds 58 Chicago. 

Streicher William, bartender John Liechner, bds 35 Wefel. 

Strieder Christopher, teacher St Paul's German Lutheran school, 
bds 166 Barr. 

Striker Mrs Anna, res 37 Wefel. 

Striker Elizabeth, (wid Gottlieb) res 113 Wells. 

Striker Tunis Van H, actionmaker organ factory, res 41 Walnut. 

Stringer Ezra T, traveling salesman Huestis & Hamilton, bds 
113 E Main. 

Stritmatter Charles, teamster, res 16 Oak. 

2 46 R. L. POLK & CO.*S 

Stritmatter John, teamster, bds 26 Oak. 

Strodel Oeorge, Saloon, 54 E Main, res same. 

Strodel Gustave A, clerk M Strodel, res 45 E Main. 

{Strodel Matthias, Saloon and Dealer in Swiss and Lim- 
burger Cheese, 10 E Berry, res same. 

Strodel Matthias jr, clerk Foster Bros & Co, bds 10 E Berry. 

Strong Edward, brakeman, bds 3 Railroad. 

Strong Edwin R, tobacco and cigars Aveline House, bds same. 

Strong Eva, confectioner 164 Calhoun, res same. 

Strong Henry, shoemaker 164 Calhoun, res same. 

Strong Jared C, patternmaker Prentiss, McLachlan & Co, res 
49 E Lewis. 

Strong Miss Josephine, teacher Clay school, bds 49 E Lewis. 

Strong Mrs Kate, stewardess Aveline House. 

Strong Miss Lousie E, teacher Jefferson school, bds 49 E Lewis. 

Strong Melzar B, res 258 W Wayne. 

Strope Dennis B, engine dispatcher, res 324 Calhoun. 

Strope Wendell M, fireman, res 321 Calhoun. 

Strubey Charles, music teacher, res 81 E Jefferson. 

Strunz Christian, grocer 72 Barr, res same. 

Struver Wm, grocer 66 E Main, res same. 

Stuart Julia, (wid CorneHusj bds 72 Brackenridge. 

Stubnatzy Rev Wolfgang S, pastor Emanuel's German Lutheran 
church, res 241 W Jefferson. 

Studer Jerome J, clerk Ellsworth, Andrew & Co, res 337 E 

Studer l<eopoI«l, Ginger Ale, Seltzer and Mineral Water, 
Mnfr, cor Hood and P F W & C R R, res same. 

Studer Mrs Mary, res 327 E Lewis. 

Stumpp Louis, laborer, res 33 Wall. 

Sturges Mrs Louisa, bds 103 W Berry. 

Sturgis Housie, A J Hand, Propr, 49 and 51 W Berry. 

Sturmer Wm, laborer T W & W Ry, res E Wayne opp Con- 
cordia College. 

Stuter Wilson, conductor P F W & C R R, bds 49 Baker. 

Stutzenberger Anthony, works spoke factory, res 320 E Jeffer- 

Stutzenberger Frank, painter, res 168 E Washington. 

Stutzenberger John W (Stutzenberger & Lomont), bds Robin- 
son House. 

Stutzenberger Michael, painter, 28 Clinton, res 320 E Jefferson. 

Stutzenberger & liomont (John W Stutzenberger, 
Emil F Lomont), Hats, Caps, Furs and Gents' Furnishing 
Goods, 34 Calhoun. 

Stutesman Samuel P, supt street car stables, rooms 244 Calhoun. 


Suber Lizzie, domestic 96 W Berry. 

Sudhoff Henry, clerk, res 273 Webster. 

Sukup Andrew, molder Bass foundry, res 31 Lasselle. 

Suler Chas, hostler M Glynn, bds same. 

Sullivan Andrew, fireman, res e s Oliver s of Railroad. 

Sullivan Cornelius, section hand, res 23 Taylor. 

Sullivan Hannah, waiter Aveline House. 

Sullivan James, brakeman G R & I R R, bds 35 Melita. 

Sullivan John, truckman, res 34 Baker. 

Sullivan John H, fireman P F W & C R R, bds 35 Melita. 

Sullivan Michael, engineer, res 37 Buchanan. 

Sullivan Nelson, pedler, res 103 W Main. 

Sullivan Thomas, local mail agent, res 174 E Berry. 

Summers, see also Sommers. 

Summers James, laborer, bds 98 Montgomery. 

Summers James H, saloon 262 Calhoun, res 47- Douglas ave. 

Summers John, helper, res 329 Lafayette. 

Summers Michael, bds 47 Douglas ave. 

Summit City House, Adam P Essig, propr, 39 E Water. 

JSummit City Tinegar Worksi, Wm D Van De- 

Vanter, Propr, 09 E Columbia. 
Sundermann John, res 197 Lafayette. 
Supple Miss Mary, bds 47 Douglas ave. 
SSapply Store, J S Tyler, Propr, 106 Broadway. 
Suren John, carpenter, res 273 E Jefferson. 

Sutermeister Arnold (Sutermeister & Co), res 229 W Jefferson. 
Sutermeister «& Co (Arnold Sutermeister, Christian 

Becker, Charles Birkner), Architects, Contractors, Marble 

Workers and Dealers in Building Stone, n w cor Main and 

Fulton. (See adv p 2g.) 
Suttenfield Mrs Laura, bds s s E Lewis opp Division. 
Suttenfield Wm R, horse trainer, res 17 N Cass. 
Sutter Jacob H, fireman, res 42 Charles. 
Sutton John, lunch room, cor ist and Harrison. 
Sutton Leander (Masden & Sutton), res 20 Chicago. 
Swager John, carpenter, res 178 E Lewis. 
Swager Peter, engine wiper, bds 178 E Lewis, 
Swaidner Jacob W, propr Phillips House, 107 E Columbia, cor 

Swain Bennett, res 126 Chicago. 
Swain Charlotte (wid Jackson), res 60 W Main. 
Swain Conrad, helper, res 18 Orchard. 
Swain George, driver fire dept, res 57 Clinton. 
Swain George, plasterer, res w s St Mary's ave nr Putnam. 
Swain Jackson, brakeman, bds 60 W Main. 

248 R. L. POLK & CO/S 

Swain James, hackdriver, res 60 W Main. 

Swain John, blacksmith, res 89 Force. 

Swain John, plasterer, res Spy Run ave. 

Swain Miss Margaret, res 279 W Berry. 

Swan Levi H, physician and professor Fort Wayne Medical 
College 75 Calhoun, bds 161 VV Washington. 

Swann Scott (Shordon & Swann), res 253 W Wayne. 

Swaney Charles F, hostler, bds 33 John. 

Swaney Laney (wid Louis), res 33 John. 

Swart Amos M, machinist, res 212 Broadway. 

Swart Meinhardt, patternmaker, res 222 Broadway. 

Swayne Miss Margaret J, teacher Hoagland school, bds 278 VV 

Swayne Samuel F (Swayne & Kohr), res 278 W Berry, 

S^wayite & Kotir (Sauiuel F Swayne, Abraham B Kohr), 
Lawyers n w cor Calhoun and Main. 

Sweeney Abraham, carpenter, res 165 E Washington. 

Sweet Edward R, lumber dealer, res 120 Rockhill, 

Sweet Kay C, engineer, res 53 N Cass. 

Sweet Samuel B, Freight and Ticket Agent T W & W 
Ry, res 82 Montgomery, 

Sweetzer Mrs Caroline, res 109 W Main. 

Sweir Wm, boilermaker, bds 96 Madison. 

Sweuey Mrs Mary A, res 43 E Water. 

Sweney Wm D, laborer, bds 43 E Water. 

Sweny Charles F, engine hostler, bds 33 John. 

Sweny Louis, caller P F W & C R R, bds 33 John. 

Sweringen Hiram V, physician 98 Broadway, res 225 W Jeffer- 

Swier Wm, foreman boilermaker, res 186 E Jefferson, 

Swift Alpheus, woodyard, res 7 Harmer. 

Swift Bayless, lawyer 32 E Berry, bds 7 Harmer. 

Swindell Edwin W (Swindell & Parker), res 1 1 Walnut. 

Swindell & Parker (Edwin W Swindell, Sheldon Parker), meat 
market 125 Fairfield ave. 

Swinney Wm P, conductor, res w end W Jefferson. 

Tag Mrs Catherine, res 99 E Washington. 
Tag Christian J, painter, bds 99 E Washington. 
Tag Henry J, cigarmaker, bds 99 E Washington, 
Tagtmeyer, see also Tegtmeyer. 
Tahtmeyer Christ, laborer, res S Broadway. 


Tagtmeyer Conrad, carpenter, res s s Blake e of DeGroff. 

Tagtmeyer David, saw mill, n w cor W and E Canal and Cass, 
res s w cor Ewing and Water. 

Tagtmeyer Dietrich, saw mill, res 109 W Water. 

Tagtmeyer Frederick, boilermaker, res 12 E Summit. 

Tagtmeyer Henry, helper, res 12 Summit. 

Tagtmeyer Louis, cooper, bds Gerald J Dwyer. 

Tagtmeyer Wm, boots and shoes, 17 Grand, bds 297 Harrison. 

Tahey Michael, laborer, res s s Hoffman w of Wells. 

Tait George W, section hand, res 90 Fairfield ave. 

Tait Herbert, apprentice J B Gilbert, bds 91 Ewing. 

Talbot Miss Laura J, teacher Hanna school, bds 124 Creighton 

Tam Silas, proprietor stock yards, res 25 Hamilton. 

Tancey Micfaiael, Justice of the Peace. 52^ Calhoun, res 
59 Brackenridge. 

Tapp Ferdinand, contractor, res Ohio foot of Oak. 

Tapp Herman, mason, bds Ohio foot of Oak. 

Tapp Robert, mason, bds Ohio foot of Oak. 

Tarmon Henry A, carpenter, res 225 E Wayne. 

Tate Rev Colin C, rector Trinity church, res 169 W Wayne. 

Tate George, brakeman, bds 330 Calhoun. 

Tate Jennie, domestic 64 E Columbia, 

Tauhhaber Louis, car repairer, res 40 Wells. 

Taxtheimer Lenhardt, tailor, res 31 Wefel. 

Taylor Charles F (Page, Taylor & Co), res 15 Douglas ave. 

Taylor Charles J, solicitor Gazette Co, res 47 W Berry. 

Taylor Mrs Elizabeth, bds 24 Jones. 

Taylor Geo, tinner, bds 61 E Main. 

Taylor Henry C, clerk J C Didier, res 114 Lafayette. 

Taylor Isaac N (Taylor Bros), res Fairfield ave near organ fac- 

Taylor John, produce dealer, res 244 E Washington. 

Taylor Jno W (Jno W Taylor & Co), res Hoagland ave s of 
street R R. 

Taylor Mrs Mary, res 15 Douglas ave. 

Taylor Mrs Mary, bds 34 W Water. 

Taylor Robert S (Taylor & Morris), res e s Fairfield ave s of 
Creighton ave. 

Taylor Mrs Ruth E, res 28 Chicago. 

Taylor R W, bds American House, 

Taylor Samuel (col'd), laborer, res 121 Holman. • 

Taylor Samuel R, salesman Taylor Bros, bds I N Taylor. 

Taylor Wm, laborer, res 49 Williams. 

Taylor Wm C, bookkeeper Jacobv & Wiegand, res 1 1 Oak. 


250 R. L- POLK & CO.'S 

Taylor Bros (John W and Isaac N), musical instruments, 15 W 

Taylor Jno W & Co (Jno W Taylor, Enoch Zollars), coal and 
lumber, 15 W Wayne. 

Taylor & Morris (Robert S Taylor, Samuel L Morris), 
Lawyers, 34 E Berry. 

Tearnan Miss Eliza, clerk Foster Bros & Co, bds 73 E Madison. 

Teeples John P, fireman, res 74 E Lewis. 

Tegeder Frederick, laborer, res e s Lafayette s of Pontiac. 

Tegeder Henry (Tegeder & Ploor), bds 100 Harrison. 

Tegeder <fc Ploor (Henry Tegeder, Christ Ploor), Fur- 
niture Dealers, 212 Calhoun. 

Tegtmeyer, see also Tagtmeyer. 

Tegtroeyer Christian, clerk, res 439 Broadway. 

Tegtmeyer Ernst, machinist, res 77 Brackenridge. 

Tegtmeyer, Frederick, boots and shoes 94^ Barr, res 297 Har- 

Tegtmeyer Fred, machine hand Jacoby & Weigand, res 24 Wilt. 

Tegtmeyer Fred jr, wood deliverer J C Hoffman, bds 24 Wilt. 

Tegtmeyer Wm, machinist, res 274 W Wayne. 

Telford Charles, clerk Grand Hotel. 

Telford Mrs Harriet J, res 59 E Wayne. 

Telford Isaac, fireman, bds 18 Walnut. 

Telford Lawrence, res 141 High. 

Telford Miss Lillie C, clerk J Black & Co, bds 59 E Wayne. 

Telly Charles, fireman, res 358 Calhoun. 

Telly George W, fireman, res 358 Calhoun. 

Telley Thomas, engineer, res 386 Calhoun. 

Temme Mrs Mary, res 28 Erie. 

Templar Henry, cashier, res 56 Douglas ave. 

Tenney Edward L, engineer, res 259 W Jefferson. 

Terry George H, foreman Bass foundry, res 378 S Calhoun. 

Texas Sureati of Emigration, Isaac dTsay, Agent, 
20 W Berry. 

Thaler George, tinner Chas A Scharf. 

Thanhouser Samuel (Thanhouser, Wiler & Co), res 24 W Wayne. 

Tbanliouser, Wiler «fe Co (S Thanhouser, S Wiler, J 
Nirdlinger), Wholesale Notions, &c, 23 W Main. 

Thavenet Alexander, laborer, bds Mrs M Reitnou. 

Thayn Chas, upholsterer Paul Wolf & Co, res 271 W Washing- 

Thiabold Christian, carpenter, res 65 Wells. 

Thiel Charles, carpenter, res 106 Butler. 

Tliiel William, Carriage & Wagon Maker, 159 W Main 
res 366 same. 


Thiele Diedrich, machinist, res 84 Wilt. 

Thieme Amelia, domestic 88 Barr, 

Thieme Andrew, grocer 170 Broadway, res same. 

Thieme Antoine, domestic 113 Barr. 

Thieme Frederick, merchant tailor, res 216 W Berry. 

Thieme George, cigarmaker, bds 170 Broadway. 

Thieme Gottlieb, tailor J G Thieme & Bro, bds 53 E Wayne. 

Thieme John F, (J G Thieme & Bro), res 53 E Wayne. 

Thieme John G, (J G Thieme & Bro), res 53 E Wayne. 

Thieme Theodore, clerk Meyer Bros & Co, res 216 W Berry. 

Thieme Traugott, student, bds 53 E Wayne. 

Tbieme J. O. «& Bro, (John G & John F), Clothiers k 

Merchant Tailors, 37 E Columbia. 
Thine John, bricklayer, res 271 W Washington. 
Thomas Calvin L, printer Daily News, res 138 Jackson. 
Thomas Charles E, fireman, res 169 Jackson. 
Thomas Orion T, printer Sentinel office, res 173 Jackson. 
Thomas Wm M, lawyer 33 Calhoun, res 316 E Jefferson. 
Thome Veronica, domestic n w cor Jefferson & Clinton. 
Thompson Charles S, fireman T W & W Ry, bds 8 Locust. 
Thompson Mrs Elizabeth, res 31 Brandriff. 
Thompson George, molder Bass foundry, bds 238 E Lewis. 
Thompson Ira R, brickmason, bds 8 Locust. 
Thompson John R, laborer, res s w cor Madison & Monroe. 
Thompson Mrs Laura, bds 173 Jackson. 
Thompson Maggie A, domestic 178 W Jefferson. 
Thompson Mrs Mary, res 234 Lafayette. 

Thompson Miss Mary L, principal Clay school, bds 134 E Main. 
Thompson Nelson, laborer Bass foundry, res 346 E Wayne. 
Thompson Thomas, molder Bass foundry, res 224 Hugh. 
Thornberry Mrs Lois A, clerk Ellsworth, Andrew & Co, res 108 

Thornton Edward, brakeman, rooms 26 Holman. 
Thorp Oeorge B, Druggist 96 Barr, res 155 Broadway. 
Thorp Miss Sarah, bds 140 Lafayette. 
Threadgall George A, machine hand, bds 28 Williams. 
Threadgall James, machine hand, res 186 E Wayne. 
Threadgall John E, helper Bass foundry, res 52 Lasselie. 
Threadgall John W, laborer, res 28 Williams. 
Threadgall Joseph, teamster, bds 13 Hamilton. 
Thrift John S, Well Driver, res 72 Pearl. 
Throckmorton John A, blacksmith, res 193 Ewing. 
Thumm Jacob (John C Pfeiffer & Co), res Goshen road )4 

mile from city limits. 
Thurmann Charles W, florist, 89 W Jefferson, res same. 

252 R. L. POLK & CO.*S 

Tibbies John H, chairmaker J M Miller, res 370 Calhoun. 
Ticknor James P, machinist Singer Mnfg Co, bds Anderson 

Tieges Fred, works P F W & C R R freight house, res 22 W 

Tielker Minnie, domestic 265 W Jefferson. 
Tiemann Adam, farmer, res 44 Wall. 
Tiemann Frederick, carpenter, res 57 Wall. 
Tiemann Wm, carpenter, res 1 1 McClellan. 
Tigar John, printer, bds 15 Clay. 
Tigar Mrs Thomas, res 153 E Berry. 
Tigar Walter, printer Sentinel office, res 153 E Berry. 
Tigar Wm H, operator W U Telegraph office, res 153 E Berry. 
Tigges Mrs Catherine, machine knitter, res 29 W Jefferson. 
Tigges Frederick, check clerk, res 22 W Jefferson. 
Tigges VVm E, laborer Meyer Bros & Co, res 177 Ewing. 
Tilbury Rettie, domestic 156 E Wayne. 
Tilbury Wayne, fireman, res 15 John. 
Tilford Isaac, fireman, res 18 Walnut. 

Tillotson Truman T, lawyer, res e s Franklin ave nr city limits. 
Tilton Josiah, engineer, res 109 Fairfield ave. 
Timanus Miss Frances, domestic 98 W Berry. ; 

Timmis Wm, engineer, res 75 Buchanan. 
Tinkham John P, wood yard, res 219 W Main. 
Tinner Henry, laborer, bds 164 Harrison. 
Titus Philip, engineer, res 31 Gay. 
Titus Theodore, engineer, res cor Thomas and Samuel. 
Todd Mary, domestic 49 W Main. 

Todd S Clay, physician, 6 W Columbia, bds Grand Hotel, 
Tolan Bentwood S (T J Tolan & Son), bds 209 E Wayne. 
Tolan Frank C (McDermut & Tolan), res 209 E Wayne. 
Tolan Thomas J (T J Tolan & Son), res 209 E Wayne. 
Tolan T J <& Son (Thomas J and Brentwood S), Archi- 
tects, Room 2 Armory Hall. 
Toledo Fire and Marine In$!»urance C09 Noll 

& Foellinger, Agents, 25 Postoffice Building. (See adv.) 
Toled09 Wabash & Western Railway, Passenger 

Depot, s e cor Calhoun and Railroad track, S B Sweet, Ticket 

Agent. (See adv.) 
Tombaugh Daniel, fireman, res 93 Williams. 
Tompkins George R, broommaker, res 344 W Jefferson. 
Tompkins Joseph, carpenter, res w s Hensch n of Aboit. 
Tompkins Peleg Cr^ Restaurant and Confectionery, 278 

Calhoun, res 340 W Jefferson. 
Tonne Julius, boilermaker Bass foundry, res 354 E Washington. 


Tons Henry (Fisher & Tons), res 248 W Wayne. 

Toomey Thomas, laborer Bass foundry, res 14 Oak. 

Torrence George K, supt Peters Box & Lumber Co, res 50 W 


Touhey Francis P, bartender T J Morrison, bds 43 Melita. 

Touhey James H, enginewiper, res 43 Melita. 

Touhey Patrick, laborer, res 43 Melita. 

Tourge Wm, fireman, res 164 E Lewis 

Tower Alexander M, machinist P F W & C R R, bds 96 E 

Tower Miss Emma, teacher, bds 96 E Wayne. 

Tower Floyd, machinist, res 153 W Washington. 

Tower Mrs Nancy B, res 96 E Wayne. 

Toy Wm M, plowmaker, res s s Hoffman w of Wells. 

Trainer John W, organmaker, bds 47 W Berry. 

Traneaman Isaac, cigar dealer, res 92 W Main. 

Trarbach August, helper Bass foundry, bds lo Force. 

Trarbach Charles, laborer, res 10 Force. 

Traub Louis, harness and saddles, iS}^ E Columbia, res 8 Mc- 

Trauerman Isaac (L Dessauer & Co), res 92 W Main. 

Traut Charles, solicitor Singer Mnfg Co, bds 176 E Washington. 

Traut Eugene, drayman, res 176 E Washington. 

Traut Joseph, clerk V Jacobson, res 176 E Washington. 

Trautman Fred, baker Trentman & Fox, res 18 Maiden Lane. 

Trautman Jacob, farmer, res s e cor Pontiac and Webster. 

Trautman John, policeman, res 120 E Wayne. 

Travelers Home, Wm Fox, propr, 248 Calhoun. 

Traverse Patrick, brakeman, bds Harmon House. 

Traves Isaac M, tinner, bds Exchange Hotel. 

Treece James, laborer, res 396 Broadway. 

Treep Mrs Mary, res e s Wabash ave n of Maumee. 

Treese Daniel, brakeman P F W & C R R, bds 21 John. 

Treistroffer Henry, blacksmith, bds Andrew Vogley. 

Tremmel Conrad, grocer 283 Hanna, res 281 same. 

Tremmel John, laborer, res 34 Force. 

Tremmel Philip, helper P F W & C R R, bds 283 Hanna. 

Trenam George, architect 160 W Main, res 162 W Main. 

Trenkley Coelestin (Trenkley & Scherzinger), res 106 W Wash- 

Trenkley & Ndierzinger (Coelestin Trenkley, Pri- 
mus Scherzinger), Jewelers, jS Calhoun. 

Trentman Anthony, clerk B Trentman & Son, bds 72 W Wayne. 

Trentman August C (H J Trentman & Bro, and B Trentman & 
Son, also Trentman, Monning & Son;, res 10 W Water. 



Trentman Bernard, clerk BTrentman & Son, bds Mayer House- 
Trentman Bernard H, (Trentman & Fox) res 151 E Wayne. 
Trentman Henry J, (H J Trentman & Brother) res 122 W Wayne. 
Trentman Herman, shipping clerk B Trentman & Son, bds 72 

W Wayne. 
Trentman John, clerk B Trentman & Son, bds 72 W Wayne. 
Trentman John H, (Carier & Trentman) res 161 E Wayne. 
Trentman Mrs Mary P, res 72 W Wayne. 
Trentman B «fc Son, (August C Trentman) Wholesale 

Grocers and Liquor Dealers, 56 and 58 Calhoun. 
Trentman & Fox, (Bernard H Trentman, Joseph V Fox) mnfrs 

candies and crackers, 100 Calhoun. 
Trentman H J <& Bro, (Henry J and August C) Crock- 
ery and Glassware, Wholesale rear 22 W Berry, Retail 24 E 

Trentman, llonning A; ISon, (August C Trentman, 

Henry Monning, John B Monning) Proprs Ft Wayne 

Coffee, Spice and Mustard Mills, 73 and 75 E Columbia. (See 

Treseler Henry, plasterer, res 152 Ewing. 
Tressel Henry, carpenter H Stephan & Co, res 18 Brandriff. 
Tressel Johanna, (wid George) res s w cor Franklin ave and 

Tressel Mrs Mary, res 158 Montgomery. 
Tressel Philip, baker, res 158 Montgomery. 
Tresselt Charles, clerk, res ZZ E Jefferson. 
Tresselt Christian, (Hoagland & Tresselt) res 55 E Jefferson. 
Tresselt Oscar, bookkeeper city mills, bds 55 E Jefferson. 
Treuchet Celestin, wagonmaker, res 320 Hanna. 
Trexler Lesher, (Proegler & Trexler) res 173 Ewing. 
Trexler Wm S, stock dealer, bds 173 Ewing. 
Trier Henry, salesman Henry H Vernon, res cor Water and 

Trier Peter, teamster, res 145 Ewing. 
Trimble J Marion, conductor, res 6 Lavina. 
Trimble Samuel, carpenter, res 96 E Lewis. 
Tritchler John P, filecutter, res 287 W Main. 
Tritchler Peter, filecutter J Harries & Co, res 278 W Main. 
Trout Frank, baker, res 31 Lavina. 
Trout John F, clerk S A Aurentz, res 31 Lavina. 
Troutman Fred, baker, res 18 Maiden Lane. 
Trowbridge Addison, teamster, res lo Oak. 
Truckey Fred, switchman, bds Harmon House. 
Trusler Samuel, carpenter, res 37 E Wayne. 
Tucker Mrs Helen M, res 56 Barr, 


Tucker Wm, spoke tui;ner, res 56 Barr. 

Tuckey C F, conductor P F W & C R R, bds Harmon House. 

Tulley Frank, fireman, res 386 Calhoun cor Williams. 

Turk Leabinon D, clerk, res 100 W Jefferson. 

Turner Henry A. (Turner Bros & Co) res 159 E Wayne. 

Turner John H (Turner Bros & Co) res 151 Ewing. 

Turner Levi, (W H Miller & Co) res 65 Lewis. 

Turner Miss Sarah J, dressmaker, bds Sturgis House. 

Turner Wm, engineer P F W & C R R, bds 28 Chicago. 

Turner Brothers «& Co^ (John H Turner, Henry A 
Turner, Stephen H Rowen) Manufacturers of Cigar and 
Packing Boxes, 10 and 12 E Water. 

Turney Thomas, yardman, res 73 Madison. 

Tyler Moses C, fireman, res 223 Lafayette. 

Tvger Philip C, saw filer Peters Box and Lumber Co, res 65 

Tyler Mrs Ellen, res 276 W Washington. 

Tyler Fred, traveling agent, bds 49 E Lewis. 

Tyler Justin A (Kern & Tyler), res 93 E Jefferson. 

Tyler James S, Grocer 106 Broadway, res 339 W Wash- 

Tyler John L, teacher of writing public schools, res 20 Burgess 

Tyrrell Frank, machinist T W & W Ry, bds 64 Fairfield ave. 


Ubelhoer Fred, plasterer, res 44 Lavina. 

Ubelhoer John F, tinner, bds 44 Lavina. 

Uebelhoer Philip, boots and shoes 68 E Main, res same. 

Ulenhake Wm, blacksmith, res Maumee ave outside city limits. 

Ulery George F, clerk George Butler, bds 332 W Main. 

Umbaugh Jessie, domestic 56 Wells. 

Umscead Harry D, salesman, bds Hedekin House. 

Underbill Elliot S, (Walker & Co), bds 10 Leith. 

Underbill Francis W (Underbill & Congdon), res 87 Wilt. 

Underbill Phineas S. traveling agent, res 10 Leith. 

Underhill <Sr Coiiy^don (Francis W Underbill, J Eddy 

Congdon), Marble Works 74 and 76 W Main. [See adv,p 41). 
Underwood James, carpenter and joiner, res 63 E Water. 
Ungemach Henry, teacher St Paul's German Lutheran school, 

res 196 Barr. 
Unger Barbara (wid Andrew), res 92 Wilt. 
Unger Ferdinand, tinsmith, res 51 Cherry. 
Unger Fred, tinner, res 51 Cherry. 

256 R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

Unger Gottlieb, gasfitter, res 73 Harrison^ 

Unger Mrs Martha J, milliner and bonnet bleacher 73 Harrison, 

res same, 
lingerer George, laborer, res 49 Cherry, Stophel's addition. 
Uifiioia Central liife Insurance Company, Noll 

& Foellinger Agents, 25 Postoffice Building. (^Ses adv). 
Union Mouse, Miller Bros, Proprs, 49 and 51 W Main. 
United States Collector's Office, Allen H Dougall dept collec- 
tor, 30 E Berry. 
United States Express Company, C L Smith 

Agent, 28 E Main 
United States Pension Agency s w cor Main and Harrison. 
Updegraff Miss H, res 34 Douglas ave. 
Updegraff John, laborer, res 75 W Lewis. 
Updegraff Miss Josephine, teacher Clay school, bds 34 Douglas 

Updegraff Miss Sarah A, teacher Clay school, bds 34 Douglas 

Uplegger Charles, policeman, res 146 Broadway. 
Uplegger Miss Julia, domestic 31 W Wayne. 
Uplegger Louis, barber F C Meyers, bds 146 Broadway. 
Upmeyer Frederick, carpenter Peters Box and Lumber Co, res 

s s Elizabeth s of Emery. 
Urbine James, clerk Dreier & Bro, res 104 Barr. 

Valreff Mrs Delphine, res 90 E Main. 

Valreff Adolph, clerk Star clothing house, bds 90 E Main. 

VanAllen John, laborer, res 49 Langohr. 

VanAllen Sarah, domestic 269 W Wayne. 

VanAistine Mrs Eleanor, res 94 E Berry. 

VanAlstine Frank, hack driver, res 94 E Berry. 

Vanl>eTanter l¥m 1>, Propr Summit City Vinegar 
Works, 69 E Columbia, res 54 Jackson. 

Vangiesen Mrs Margaret, boarding house, 80 Creighton ave. 

Vangiesen Wm H, fireman, bds 80 Creighton ave. 

Vanker Bena, domestic 220 W Washington. 

VanNess Sarah E (wid James), seamstress, res 130 VanBuren. 

VanNoyes Frank, machinist T W & W Ry, bds 51 Bracken- 

VanPatten Wm B, machinist T W & W Ry, bds 191 Henry. 

Vaughn Henry, butcher, res 186 W Main. 

Vaughn Wm, brakeman, bds 139 Montgomery. 


Vaugier Xavier, res 1 2 Sturgis. 

Vegales Lavinia, domestic 130 W Berry. 

Veith Frank, blacksmith, bds 265 E Wayne. 

Veith Louis, saloon 267 E Wayne, bds 265 E Wayne. 

Veith Peter, res 265 E Wayne. 

Veith Wm, laborer P F W & C R R, bds 165 E Wayne. 

Vernon Henry H, farm machinery, 58 E Columbia, res Charley 
e of Hanna. 

Vevia Frank, laborer, res 3 Pine. 

Vincent James, finisher French, Hanna & Co, res 65 E Main. 

Violand Louisa, domestic Mayer House. 

Virgil Thomas S, physician, 70 Harrison, res same. 

Vizard Anthony, horse shoer 85 E Columbia, res 23 Brandriff. 

Vizard John, blacksmith, res 72 Melita. 

Vizard Michael, boilermaker, res 17 Taylor. 

Vizard Mrs Rose, res 19 Brandriff. 

Vizard Thomas, helper, res 19 Brandriff. 

Vodde Christ, grocer 430 E Washington, res same. 

Vodermark Ernst, boots and shoes, res s s Maumee ave e of 
Glasgow ave. 

Vogel Charles G (C G Vogel & Son), res 57 W Berry. 

Vogel Mrs E, Milhnery 29 Calhoun, res 57 W Berry. 

Vogel Frank B (C G Vogel & Son), chief engineer fire depart- 
ment, res 57 W Berry. 

Vogel € O <& Son (Chas G & Frank B), Merchant Tailors 
and Gents' Furnishing Goods, 29 Calhoun. 

Vogele Peter, helper, res 53 Walnut. 

Vogler Edward, tailor L Mayer, res 28 College. 

Vogler Theodore, upholsterer Paul Wolf & Co, res 28 College. 

Vogley Andrew, blacksmith, res s s Maumee nr city limits. 

Voirol Emile, clerk J B White, res 177 E Jefferson. 

Voirol Frank (Geo J E Mayer & Co), res 177 E Jefferson. 

Voirol Frank jr,clerk Geo J E Mayer & Co, bds 177 E Jefferson. 

Voirol Jules, clerk Casso & Hake, bds 177 E Jefferson. 

Volger Adolph, tailor, res 28 College. 

Volkerd Fred, bus driver, bds 20 W Water. 

Volland Henry, miller, res 279 W Washington. 

VoUand Henry jr, painter Stanley & Beiber, bds 279 W Wash- 

Volliede Christ, tail sawyer J C Peters & Co, bds Bloomingdale. 

VoUmer C Daniel, clerk Daniel Vollmer, bds 21 W Berry. 

Vollmer Daniel, druggist 66 Calhoun, res 21 W Berry. 

Von Phul George, conductor, res 191 Griffith. 

Toors Joltn O, Grocer no Wells, res w s Wells n of 


258 R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

Vorce John, cook railway dining rooms, res cor Clinton and 

Vordermark Caroline, teacher, bds 16 E Washington. 

Vordermark Ernst (E Vordermark & Sons), res s s Maumee ave 
e of Glasgow. 

Vordermark Henry P (E Vordermark & Sons), res 128 E Main. 

Vordermark John W (E Vordermark & Sons), res 301 E Wash- 

Vordermark Louis P, clerk E Vordermark & Sons, res 16 E 

Vordermarlt E & Nonis (Ernst, John W & Henry P), 
Boots and Shoes, 32 Calhoun. 

Voss Louis, bds 20 Wall. 

Votery Alexander, police and keeper Allen county fair grounds, 
res at entrance to fair grounds. 

Waddington Benjamin, fireman, bds 162 Montgomery. 

Wade John S, laborer, bds 72 Brackenridge. 

Wade Julia, dressmaker, bds 72 Brackenridge. 

Wade Lizzie, domestic 70 Harrison, 

Wade Maria (wid James), res 72 Brackenridge. 

Wade Patrick, messenger American Express Co, res 72 Bracken- 

Wadge George, wood sorter, res 170 Montgomery. 

Wadge Wm, carpenter, res 143 Montgomery. 

Wafer Charlotte (wid Frederick), res 161 High. 

Wafer Wm, carpenter, res 168 High. 

Wagemann Andrew, laborer, bds n w cor Hoffman and Wells. 

Wagemann Jacob, laborer, res w s Franklin ave s of Putnam, 

Wagemann John, res n w cor Hoffman and Wells. 

Wagemann John, jr, laborer, bds n w cor Wells and Hoffman, 

Wagenlialsi Rev ^^amuel. Pastor Holy Trinity Church, 
res 54 E Wayne. 

Wagman Henry, shoemaker, res 338 E Wayne. 

Wagner Francis O, teamster, bds 74 E Lewis. 

Wagner George E, fireman, res 149 Fairfield ave. 

Wagner Henry, laborer, res city limits e of Lillie. 

Wagner Henry G, druggist 54 Calhoun, res same. 

Wagner Jacob, carpenter Pressler & Wagner, res 38 Butler. 

Wagner John (Pressler & Wagner), res 255 Webster. 

Wagner John C, roadmaster, res 35 N Calhoun. 

Wagner John C H, piano tuner and repairer, res 46 00 Lewis. 


Wagner John P, tuner organ factory, res no Creighton ave. 

Wagner Julian, hostler A C Perrin, bds 152 E Wayne. 

Wagner Rupert^ Saloon 120 Calhoun, res 10 W Wash- 

Wagoner Austin E, servant Jno W Dawson, Spy Run ave. 

Wagoner Frank, laborer, bds 74 E Lewis. 

Wahmhof Miss Mary, domestic 61 W Berry. 

Wahmhuff Wm, machine hand Cochrane, Humphrey & Co, res 
172 Ewing. 

Wahrenburg Frederick, carpenter, res 124 Union. 

Waibel Placidus, cabinetmaker, res 226 W Jefferson. 

Waibel Silas, carpenter, res 226 W Jefferson. 

Waite Nellie, dressmaker, bds 130 Van Buren. 

Wakefield Miss Alice, dressmaker, bds 59 W Water. 

Wakefield Andrew R, molder Bass foundry, bds 162 MontgO* 

Wakefield Wm E, molder Bass foundry, bds 162 Montgomery. 

Walbaum Mrs Eliza, res 142 Madison. 

Walch Michael V, clerk Aveline House, bds same. 

Walchling Mary (wid John), res 44 Taylor. 

Walda Charles, carpenter, res 329 E Washington. 

Walda Charles, painter, bds 329 E Washington. 

W^alda Christian, carpenter, res 325 W Washington. 

W^alda Frederick, carpenter, bds S Calhoun. 

Walda Frederick W, tailor, res s end Calhoun. 

Walda Henry, carpenter, res 331 E Washington. 

Walda Miss Minnie, res 216 E Wayne. 

Walda Wm, carpenter 216 E Wayne, res same. 

Walde Henry, laborer, res 619 Lafayette. 

Walde Wm, laborer, res 361 Lafayette. / 

Waldemuth Louis, machine hand, res 259 E Lewis. 

Waldie Archibald, laborer, bds 256 Calhoun. 

Waldraann Benedict, saloon 91 Calhoun, res same. 

Waldo Mrs Mary, bds 104 E Wayne. 

Waldo Miss Mary S, teacher Clay school, bds 104 E Wayne. 

Waldschmidt Peter (Ehle & Waldschmidt), res 10 Pritchard. 

Walke Fred, res 319 Hanna. 

Walker Andrew, check clerk, res 80 Chicago. 

Walker Anthony, molder Bass foundry, res 26 Buchanan. 

Walker Irving (Walker & Co), and boilermaker P F W & C R 
R, bds n w cor Calhoun and Pontiac. 

Walker James, blacksmith, res cor Williams and Fairfield ave. 

Walker Leonard, farmer, res 57 Miner. 

IValker «fe Co (Irving Walker, Elliot S Underbill, Frank 
Mungovan), Grocers, w s Calhoun bet Leith and Pontia.c 

26o R. L. POLK & CO.*S 

Wall Edward, student, bds 295 W Wayne. 

Wallace Mrs Fannie, res 226 E Lewis. 

Wallace Frank, boilermaker, bds 140 E Lewis. 

Wallace Frederick, carpenter, res 124 Harrison. 

Wallace John, boilermaker, res 140 E Lewis. 

Wallace Matilda (wid Wm), res s e cor Smith and Jones. 

Wallace Richard, bds s e cor Smith and Jones. 

Walleing John, laborer Bass foundry, bds i8 Hood. 

Wallin Charles E, photographer, 18 W Berry, res same. 

Waltemath Charles (H Wigman & Co), res 138 E Lewis. 

Waltemath Charles F, clerk Root & Co, bds 43 W Lewis. 

Waltemath Frederick, boilermaker, bds 43 W Lewis. 

Waltemath Henry, laborer, res 43 W Lewis. 

Waltemath Henry (H Waltemath & Co), res 134 E Lewis. 

.Waltemath Henry, clerk Root & Co, bds 259 E Lewis. 

Waltemath Louis, finisher, res 259 E Lewis. 

Waltemath Louis, fireman T W & W Ry, bds 43 W Lewis. 

Waltemath Louisa, dressmaker, bds 259 E Lewis. 

Waltemath Wm, cigarmaker, bds 160 Taylor. 

Waltemath H & Co (Henry Waltemath, Frederick Bickmes), 

general store, 26 E Columbia. 
Walter Amos R, clerk postoffice, res 169 Clinton. 
Walter Andrew, brewer French brewery, bds same. 
Walter Augustus J, shoemaker, bds in Wilt 
Walter Charles W, law student, bds 147 Griffith. 
Walter Frank, shoemaker, res 12 Pine. 
Walter Frank jr, bds 12 Pine. 

Walter John A, shoemaker A Markley, bds in Wilt. 
Walter Wm B, real estate, 22 W Berry, res 147 Griffith. 
Walters David B, saloon 207 Calhoun, res same. 
Walters Frederick, pianomaker, res 159 Harrison. 
Walters George, barber 146 Calhoun, res 41 Lavina. 
Walton Charles E, telegrapher P F W & C R R office, bds 51 

Walton Clinton H, train dispatcher P F W & C R R, bds 131 

E Wayne. 
Walton Horace B, baggageman, res 66 Baker. 
Walton Joseph R, clerk, res 5 1 Baker. 
Wamhof Wm, laborer, res 172 Ewing. 
Ward Horatio N, crockery, 9 E Columbia, res 233 W Berry. 
Ward James H (Ellsworth, Andrew & Co), res Lafayette, Ind. 
Ward Loran D, bookbinder, bds 157 Van Buren. 
Ward Theodore C, steward Robinson House. 
Ward Wm, laborer, res 206 Madison. 
Ward Wm A, brakeman, res s s Pontiac e of Calhoun. 


Ward Wm H, clerk, res n s Leith e of Calhoun. 

Ward Wm L (Ellsworth, Andrew & Co), res Lafayette, Ind. 

Ward Wm S, baggageman, bds 157 Van Buren. 

Warner Miss Eva, bds 82 Madison. 

Warner Frank, brakeman, bds 262 Calhoun. 

Warner Franklin, machinist Prentiss, McLachlan & Co, res 132 
E Creighton ave. 

Warner Morgan, R R employee, res Spy Run ave. 

Warner Wm F, printer Gazette Co, res 58 W Water. 

Wartenbe Ephraim B, sawyer J & K Baker, res 90 E Main. 

Washburn Louis H, truckman, res 13 Maiden Lane. 

Washington House, Fred Michael, propr, 121 and 123 S Cal- 
houn, cor Washington. 

Wasserbaech John, tailor, 90 Barr, res same. 

Wasson Fred, laborer, bds 72 Wilt. 

Wastenfeld Fred, laborer Bass foundry. 

Waterbeck Charles, engine wiper, res 68 Oakley. 

Waterhouse Edward, blacksmith, res 11 Water. 

Waterman Frank, helper, res 210 W^ Jefferson. 

Waterman Frank E, boilermaker, bds 210 W Jefferson. 

Waterman John H, engineer, res 210 W Jefferson. 

Waters Sadie, domestic Aveline House. 

Waters Miss Hattie, bds 141 W Water. 

Watertown Insurance Co, Noll & Foellinger Agents, 
25 Post Office Building. (See adv.) 

Wather Frederick W, piano tuner and repairer, res 159 Harri- 

Watkins Robert, boilermaker Kerr Murray. 

Watson Charles H, conductor P F W & C R R, bds 54 E Wash- 

Watson Mrs Maria, res 139 Madison. 

Waugh James R, engineer, res 459 Lafayette. 

Wayer Benjamin, tinner Wilson & Muhler, bds w s Hoffman e 
of Canal. 

Weary Mary, domestic i6t W Washington. 

Weatherly Annie, domestic American House. 

Weaver Charles, fireman, res 18 Fairfield ave. 

Weaver Elias, bds 164 E Lewis. 

Weaver Jacob, laborer, res 97 Lasselle. 

Weaver John F, engineer A Hattersley, bds 63 E Water. 

Weaver Thomas, whitewasher, res 74 Barr. 

Weaver Thomas P, porter Grand Hotel, res 74 Barr. 

Webb August M, coroner, res 234 W Wayne, 

Webb Marion A, (A S Evans & Co) res 24 E Washington. 

Webb Reuben M, pressman Gazette, bds 234 W Wayne. 

262 R. L. POLK &C0.'S 

Webber Andrew S, carpenter T R Pickard & Sons, res 26 Ar 
cher ave. 

Webber Charlotte, (wid Benjamin) res 93 Fairfield. 

Webber Ferdinand, apprentice Kerr Murray, bds 81 Montgomery. 

Webber Frederick, baker A J Langohr. 

Webber Lizzie, domestic N B Freeman. 

Webber Milton N, saloon 39 Calhoun and 3 East Main, res 58 
W Wayne. 

Weber Adam, shoemaker, res 81 Montgomery. 

Weber Andrew, engine wiper, res 413 Lafayette. 

Weber Andrew, patternmaker, res w s Indiana ave s Wayne. 

Weber Caroline, domestic 127 W Wayne. 

Weber Fred, res 168 E Jefferson. 

Weber Frederick, cigars and tobacco 259 Calhoun, res same. 

Weber Irvin, blacksmith, res e s Hanna nr city limits. 

Weber Jacob, engine wiper, res Lasselle. 

Weber John, molder Bass Foundry, bds 413 Lafayette. 

Weber John, flour packer city mills, res 275 E Wayne. 

Weber John jr, flour packer, city mills, bds 275 E Wayne. 

Weber John J, principal East German school, bds 191 E Wash- 

Weber Kate, domestic 69 W Berry. 

Weber Miss Lizzie, domestic 69 W Berry. 

Weber Mary, domestic 77 W Wayne. 

Weber Peter, stonemason, res 308 W Jefferson. 

Webster Fred, fireman, res 149 Holman. 

Webster John F, fireman, res 149 Holman. 

Wedge George, wool sorter French, Hanna & Co, res 170 

Weed Miss Flora E, teacher Jefferson school, bds 29 West. 

Weeks George H, painter, res 41 Jones. 

Weeks John H, painter, res 215 Henry. 

Weems Alice, domestic Anderson House. 

Wefel Adolph. tinner Stophlet Bros, res 21 E Washinton. 

Wefel Mrs Elizabeth, res 21 W Washington. 

Wefel Fred, sawyer Turner Bros & Co, bds 161 High. 

Wefel William, file cutter J Harries & Co, bds 41 Barthold. 

Wegraan Barney, laborer French, Hanna & Co, res E Jefferson, 
e of Hanna. 

Wehler Charles, laborer J C Peters & Co, res 1 8 Burgess. 

Wehrli Rudolph, butcher F Eckart & Co, bds 91 E Wayne. 

Wehrs Mrs Elizabeth, res 69 E Jefferson. 

Wehrs Fred, bds 69 E Jefferson. 

Wehrs Henry, boatman, bds 69 E Jefferson. 

Weibel Albert, clerk M Block, bds 226 W Jefferson. 


Weible Lizzie, domestic 262 W Jefferson. 

Weidenmier Frank, laborer, res 92 Wilt. 

Weier Martin, enginewiper, res Hoffman. 

Weiffels Helen, domestic 188 W Wayne. 

Weigand Mary, domestic 138 Lafayette. 

AVeil Abraham, clerk J Weil, bds 261 Hanna. 

Weil Charles, brickmason. bds 15 Lavina. 

Weil George, carpenter, bds 119 Taylor. 

Weil Isaac, hides & pelts, res 26 t Hanna. 

Weil Jacob, hides pelts tSz:c, 76 Barr, res 261 Hanna. 

Weingartner Andrew, butcher Rich & Bro, bds Joseph Wren 

Weipert Michael, carpenter, res s s Hoffman w of Wells. 

Weipert Reinhard, laborer, bds s s Hoffman w of Wells. 

Weir Ferdinand, hostler S B Bond. 

Weir George, clerk H Gimpel, bds 119 Taylor. 

Weis Jacob, carpenter, res 172 Hanna. 

Weisell David D, dentist 34 Calhoun, res 311 W Jefferson. 

Weisenberger Daniel, polisher, res 44 Charles. 

Weisenburger Benjamin, hotel clerk, res 126 W Third. 

Weisenburger George, wagonmaker, res n s W Main nr city 

Weisenburger Katie, domestic 54 E Main. 

Weismantel Frank, foreman J C Eckart, bds 70 Douglas ave. 

Weiss Chas, clerk, bds 75 Harrison. 

Weiss Hugo, clerk Morgan & Beach, res 76 Harrison. 

Weist Isaac D, bookkeeper, bds 106 W Wayne. 

Weittrock John, laborer Kerr Murray, res Calhoun. 

Weitzmann Franz T, cutter J G Thieme & Bro, res 182 Jackson, 

Weitzmann Theobald, cutter, res 182 Jackson. 

Welch Byron E, fireman, bds 139 Fairfield ave. 

Welch Mrs Catherine, res 8 Colerick. 

Welch George W, engineer, res 139 Fairfield ave. 

Welch John H (Welch & Baker), res 84 Creighton ave. 

Welch Miss Kittie, bds 58}^ W Wayne. 

Welch Thomas, section hand P F W & C R R, bds 71 Holman. 

Welch & Baker (John H Welch, John Baker), stoves and tin- 
ware 184 S Calhoun. 

Weldon Francis R, clerk, res 83 Baker. 

Welker Daniel, tailor, res 48 W Third. 

Welker Daniel, shoemaker, bds 48 W Third. 

Welker Daniel, laborer Boseker & White, bds E Washington. • 

Welker Henry, cabinetmaker J M Miller, res 59 Wall. 

Welker Louis, laborer Boseker & White, bds E Washington. 

W.ellenstein Rudolph, prof music, res 82 W Main. 

WcUer Mrs Barbara, res 76 E Wayne. 

264 R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

Weller Christina (wid George), res e s Lillie s of Pontiac. 

Weller Miss Elizabeth, res 76 E Wayne. 

Weller John, meat market e s Harrison bet Washington and 

W Jefferson, res 123 Harrison. 
Welling Frank, traveling agent Coombs & Co, bds Robinson 

Wellmaier Frederick, laborer, res s e cor N Jackson and Water. 
Wellmann Fred, engine wiper, res 112 Jackson. 
Wellraann Henry, carpenter, res 44 Pritchard. 
Wells Miss Alice, music teacher, bds 50 DeWald. 
Wells Charles M (C M Wells & Co), res 2 Madison. 
Wells Clarence E, conductor T W & W Ry, bds Harmon 

Wells Miss Delphine B, teacher Jefferson school, bds 29 West. 
Wells George R. harnessmaker F Hilt & Co, res 6 N Cass. 
Wells Henry, tailor C Bornemann, bds 98 Harrison. 
Wells Hiram A (C M Wells & Co), res St Louis Mo. 
Wells Judson W, clerk freight office P F W & C R R, res 391 

Wells Mrs Maria, res 50 DeWald. 
Wells Permelia, domestic 186 W Washington. 
Wells Wm, tanner, bds Star dii ing hall. 
Wells C M & Co (Charles M and Hiram A), hay and feed, 

45 E Columbia. 
Welsh John, conductor P F W & C R R, bds 14 Chicago. 
Welsh John, engine wiper, res 27 Brandriff. 
Welsh Miss Kate, seamstress, bds 22 Ewing. 
Welsh Patrick, blacksmith, rear 75 E Water, res 75 E Water. 
Welsheimer Daniel, farmer, res 305 W Washington. 
Welsheimer Wm T, lawyer 44 Calhoun, bds 305 W Washing- 
Welten John, machinist, res ^8 Butler. 
WemSioli' Mew Joltra, Pastor St Peter's (Catholic) 

Church, res s w cor St Francis and Hanna. 
Wende Mrs Wilhelmina, res 90 Barr. 
Wendelen Henry, cooper Ranke, Yergens & Co, res 347 E 

Washington. :A 

Wendle Henry, cooper, res 347 E Washington 1 

WendtAnne, domestic 270 W Berry. 
Wendt V/m, shoemaker P Uebelhoer, bds 58 Pritchard. 
Weneke Henry, horse collarmaker, res 172 W Jefferson. 
Weninger George, barber B Eilert, bds W Wayne. 
Wenninghoff Christ, cigar ranfr, 148 Calhoun, res same. 
Wenninghoff Rudolph, cigarmaker, res 156 E Jefferson. 
Wentworth O N, engineer, res 71 Douglas ave. 


Werkmeister Charles, brewer H Hubach, bds i8i E Wayne. 

Werner Charles, fireman Ranke, Yergens & Co, res 21 Clark. 

Wery John H, wood dealer, 132 Williams, res same. 

Wery John H jr, teamster, bds 132 Williams. 

Wery Mary, laundress Central Hotel. 

Weseman Wm, helper Bass foundry, bds S6 E Jefferson.. 

Wesner Augustus^ engineer Humphreys & Case, res s w cor 
Cherry and Spruce. 

Wesner Mrs Susan, res 37 E Wayne. 

Wessel John, grocer 397 Lafayette, res 401 Lafayette. 

Wessel John, clerk J Kabisch, bds 12 W Main. 

West Wm H, laborer, bds 278 Broadway. 

Westcott Daniel L, res 401 E Washington. 

Westcott Robert, machinist, res 401 E Washington. 

Western Union Telegraph Office, O L Perry, 
Manager, 6 E Perry. 

Westfall Fred, laborer, res 173 Montgomery. 

Westfall Christ, teamster, res n w cor St Mary's ave and Lake. 

Westrumb Henry C F, Lawyer and Collection Agent, 
20 W Berry, room 13, res 452 E Wayne. 

Wetta Christopher, laborer, res 27 Charles. 

Wetz Ella, domestic no W Main. 

Wetz Isaac, detective, res 199 Barr. 

Weyer Louis, clerk Dreier & Bro, bds n s Hoffman e of Wells. 

Weyer Martin, laborer, res n s Hoffman w of Wells. 

Wichman Barney W, wool scourer, res 235 E Jefferson. 

Whalen Bridget, domestic 157 W Wayne. 

Whalen Mrs Johanna, res 46 Melita. 

Whalen John, molder, bds 46 Melita. 

Whaly Mrs Hannah, res 108 Clinton. 

Whan Joseph, millwright, res 80 Brackenridge. 

Wharff Edwin D, fireman, res 109 Fairfield ave. 

Wheeler Charles, laborer, res n s Burgess w of DeGroff. 

Wheeler John, carpenter, res s e cor Horace and Thomas. 

Whery Wm (Whery & Ferguson), bds t6 W Jefferson. 

Whery A; Ferguson (Wm Whery, W T Ferguson,) Phy- 
sicians, 7 W Columbia and 14 W Jefferson. 

Whetsel Edward, janitor Ft Wayne Conservatory of Music, res 
133 Madison. 

Whetstone Frank, teamster J B Comstock, bds same. 

Whilt Frank, foreman, res 33 N Calhoun. 

Whinery John, machinist, res 302 Harrison. 

Whinery Robert, expressman, res 263 Hanna. 

Whitbeck R M, engineer, res 24 W Berry. 

White Mrs Ada, res 241 Barr. 

266 R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

White Annie, domestic Mayer House. 

White David P (Koch, Kuhne & White), res 103 W Berry. 

White Ebenezer, bds 60 Barr. 

White Edgar, fireman, res cor Calhoun and Baker. 

White Egbert, fireman G R & I R R, bds 262 Calhoun. 

White Frank L, music teacher, bds 106 W Wayne. 

White George B, bookkeeper Shordon & Swann, bds Anderson 

White Isabella (wid John), res s e cor Charley and Thomas. 
White James, engineer, res 313 Calhoun. 
ll^hite Jameii B, Groceries, Produce and Teas 9 and 1 1 

W Berry, res 60 Barr. 
White James W, brakeman, bds Racine House. 
White Jefferson, fireman, res 67 Baker. 
White John I, secretary Bass Foundry and Machine Works, res 

210 W Wayne. 
White Jno W, clerk J B White, res 60 Barr. 
White Miss N E, milliner J Pierr, bds 51 W Berry. 
White Wm, merchant tailor, 84 Calhoun, bds Grand Hotel. 
White Wm, teamster Hoffman Bros. 
White Wm T, molder Bass foundry, bds 15 Henry. 
White Miss, milliner, bds Sturgis House. 
Whitehead Arthur T, engineer, res 316 Calhoun. 
Whitehead Rhoda A (wid Alfred), bds 17 r W Washington. 
Whiteley Mrs Mary E, res 208 E Lewis. 
Whiteley Thomas R, renovator 28 Calhoun, res same. 
Whiting Almon, clerk T W & W Ry, bds Harmon House. 
Whitman Sebastian, res 70 E Jefferson. 
Whitney Eleazer P, baggage master P F W & C R R, bds 324 

Whitney Frank H, engineer P F W & C R R, bds 78 Douglas. 
Whitney Washington I, engineer, res 232 W Washington. 
Whitrock John, laborer, res 389 Calhoun. 
Whittles Joab, machinist, res Leith w of Lafayette. 
Wichman Ferdinand, tailor, res 27 College. 
Wichman John, apprentice Bass foundry, bds 27 E College. 
Wickey Martin (Samuel Wickey & Bro), res 24 E Berry. 
Wickey Samuel (Samuel Wickey & Bro), res 24 E Berry. 
Wickey Simon, saloon, bds 71 W Wayne, 
IVictey Samuel «& Bro (Samuel and Martin), Saloon, 

24 E Berry. 
Wickins Wm, laborer, res 86 High. 
Wickman John, shoemaker, res 338 E Wayne. 
Wics Jacob, carpenter, res 172 Hanna. 
Wiebke Henry, grocer 92 Barr, res same. 


Wiedbrauk Annie, domestic 9 N Cass. 

Wiedbroch Henry, laborer, res 93 Barr. 

Wiedbruk Christ, laborer Becker & Oppenheimer, res 59 Wilt. 

Wiedelman Wm, carpenter, res 103 Maumee ave. 

Wiedman Mrs Barbara, res 72 Oakley. 

Wiedman Michael, painter, res 348 Broadway. 

Wiedman Wm, laborer, bds 72 Oakley. ' 

Wiegand Sebastian (Jacoby & Wiegand), res 339 Lafayette. 

Wiegand Wm, laborer, res 25 Wall. 

Wiegmann Mary, dressmaker, res 200 E Jefferson. 

Wiegmann Wm, blacksmith, res 403 W Main. 

Wiegmann Wm, sawyer N G Olds & Sons, res 72 Oakley. 

Wiemann William, mincemeat and yeast, 109 E Main. 

Wiemeyer Wm F, bookkeeper First National Bank, bds Grand 

Wieneke Fred, shoemaker, res 172 W Jefferson. 

Wieneke Henry J, horsecollar maker, bds 172 W Jefferson. 

Wiest Isaiah D, cashier Singer Mnfg Co, bds 106 W Wayne. 

Wietfeldt Henry, helper Bass foundry, res s s Allen and bet 
Calhoun and Harrison. 

Wiggins Mrs Lucretia, 27 Clinton. 

Wiggington James, brakeman, bds 58 Chicago. 

Wigman Henry, (H Wigman & Co) res 136 E Lewis. 

IVigman HE & Co, (Henry Wigman, Charles Waltemuth) 
General Store, 199 and 201 Lafayette. 

Wike Mrs Theresa, res 263 E Washington. 

Wikel S A, clerk F W M & C R R, bds Robinson House. 

Wikel Samuel, clerk F W M & C R R, bds Robinson House. 

Wilbur Aaron A, salesman Shorden & Swann, res 130 Van Buren. 

Wilcox Isaac, propr Mayer House bar, res 109 W Washington. 

Wilcox Lester, carpenter, res 323 Calhoun. 

Wilder Kdnriii P B, Physician, 75 Calhoun, res 92 E 

W^ilder Jacob, shoemaker, res 310 Hanna. 

Wilder Joseph Henry, clerk N G Olds & Sons, res 149 W Wash- 

Wilder Wm W, brakeman T W & W Ry, bds 73 Grand. 

Wilding James, (Wilding & Son) res 260 W Wayne. 

Wilding James W, (Wilding & Son) res 132 Fairfield ave. 

Wilding Miss Lillie A, teacher Clay school, bds 260 W Wayne. 

IWilding «fc IS01I9 (James and James W) Plasterers and 
Painters, 193 Calhoun. 

Wiler Solomon (Thanhouser, Wiler & Co) bds Sturgis House. 

Wiley Bird, clerk, res 118 Barr. 

Wiley Oliver A W, bds 118 Barr, 

268 R. L. 

Wiley Mrs Sarah J, (wid Alexander) res ii8 Barr. 

Wiley Thomas, carpenter, res 45 Williams. 

Wilhelm Mary, domestic 119 W Jefferson. 

Wilhelm Mary A, domestic 161 W Washington. 

li^ilken BEarmaii, Saloon and Restaurant, 60 E Columbia, 
res same. 

Wilkens Charles, butcher C Wilkens, bds 116 Broadway. 

Wilkens Christ, Meat Market 112 Broadway, res 116 

Wilkens Wm, butcher C Wilkens, bds 116 Broadway. 

Wilkinson Frank, lieutenant police, bds Anderson House. 

Wilkinson Henry W, lawyer, res 194 Lafayette. 

l¥iIkiiisoii John, Saloon 77 Calhoun, res 89 N Cass. 

Wilkison James, propr Fort Wayne House 258 Calhoun, res 

Wilkison Minnie, bds 205 Lafayette. 

Wilkison Thomas A, deputy sheriff, res 192 Lafayette. 

Will John, carriagemaker, res 52 Charles. 

Will Thomas H, blacksmith Bass foundry, res 117 Butler. 

Willenburg Frank M, painter, res 15 Oak. 

Willenburg Henry, clerk J B White, res 15 Oak. 

Willenburg Joseph, apprentice J G Fledderman, res 15 Oak. 

Williams Alfred, fireman P F W & C R R, bds 49 Baker. 

Williams Edward P (Meyer Brothers & Co), res 61 W Berry. 

Williams Edwin, clerk J B White, res 122 E Wayne. 

Williams Effingham T (Geo De Wald & Co), res 132 E Main. 

Williams Henry M, lumber, res 103 W Wayne. 

Williams James, brakeman, bds 219 Lafayette. 

Williams Jerry, drayman, res 71 Wilt. 

Williams Jesse L, civil engineer, res 96 W Wayne. 

Williams John A, helper, res 82 Baker. 

Williams Jonn H, wagonmaker 170 W Main, res n w cor Jeffer- 
son and College. 

Williams Samuel, clerk Exchange Hotel, bds same. 

Williams Thomas, tailor [7 W Main, res same. 

Williams Z, brakeman, bds 71 Wilt. 

Williamson Andrew J, cooper, res RockhiU's addition. 

Williamson A C, physician 13 W Jefferson, res same. 

Williamson Mrs Eva G, res 13 W Jefferson. 

Williamson John, coppersmith, res 37 Langohr. 

Willis Caleb, sawyer organ factory, res w s Fairfield ave s of city 

Wills John, blacksmith, res 62 Madison. 

Willson Martin S, teamster D A Robinson, res 284 E Washing- 


Willson Miss Mary E, res 2 1 7 W Wayne. 

If illson Oscar J^, Chief Clerk Machinery Department 

T W & W Ry, res 217 W Wayne. 
Wilmington Wm, messenger U S Express Co, res 25 W Lewis. 
Wilmore Oliif, molder T R Pickard dz Sons, bds n w cor ist and 

Wilmot Julia, domestic 3 E Water. 
Wilson Alexander, gas fitter, bds 54 E Washington. 
Wilson Alexis, steam fitter A Hattersley, bds 54 E Washington. 
Wilson Chas H, carder French, Hanna & Co, res 112 Lewis. 
Wilson Gains, (Wilson & Bro), bds 238 Creighton ave. 
Wilson George, (Wilson & Bro), res 238 Creighton ave. 
Wilson George H, (Wilson & Muhler), res 221 W Berry. 
Wilson Jacob L, fireman, res 66 Charles. 
Wilson James, painter 43 E Columbia, res 39 E Lewis. 
Wilson Lorenzo D, (L D Wilson & Co), res 210 Calhoun. 
Wilson Milan, laborer, res 59 Gay. 
Wilson Mrs Nancy, bds 284 E Washington. 
Wilson Richard, hostler G P Barnum, res 93 E Columbia. 
Wilson Robert M, bds 118 E Lewis. 
Wilson William C, clerk, res 12 Fairfield ave. 
Wilson & Bro, (George & Gains Wilson), saw mnf'rs and re 

pairers, 178 Calhoun. 
UTilson I*. I>. «fc Co, (Lorenzo D Wilson, Abram P 

Kyle), Loan Office and Dealers in Fire and Burglar Proof 

Safes, 210 Calhoun. 
Wilson & muhler, (Geo H Wilson, Chas F Muhler). 

Stoves, Tinware & Galvanized Iron Cornices, 27 E Columbia. 
Wilt Frank P, clerk G Esmond, bds 306 Calhoun. 
Wilt John M, res 306 Calhoun. 
Wiltman Jacob, laborer George DeWald. 
Winch Calvin J, dairyman, res s s Maumee nr Glasgow ave. 
Winch Homer D, tuner organ factory, bds C J Winch. 
Windemeier Frank, spinner French, Hanna & Co, res 92 Wilt. 
Wineke William, laborer J C Hoffman, bds 172 W Jefferson. 
Wines Mrs Elizabeth, res 132 E Main. 
Wingart Henry, sawyer, bds 103 W Main. 
Wingart Henry M, sawyer Peters Box & Lumber Co, bds 103 

W Main. 
Wingate John, laborer, res 13 John. 
Winget Miss Cornelia, milliner C Orff & Co, res 114 Creighton 

Winget William, engineer, res 114 Creighton ave. 
Winike Fred, boots & shoes, 283 W Main, res 172 W Jefferson. 

270 R. L. POLK & CO/S 

Winkelmeier Henry, molder Prentiss, McLachlan & Co, res 

152 Evving. 
Winkelmeyer William, (Leffler & Co), bds 100 Harrison. 
Winslow Elwood, (Stokes & Winslow), res 74 Barr. 
VVinslow Isaac, barber, res 41 W Lewis. 
Winslow Penn (col'd), barber, bds 47 E Water. 
Winslow Mrs Susan, res 225 Barr. 
Winslow Wm P, barber C F Brooks, bds 55 E Water. 
Winte John, car inspector, res 342 Calhoun. 
Winters Mary, 127 E Washington. 
Winters Melicca A, domestic Isaac d'Isay. 
Winton Henry F, machinist Singer Mnfg Co, res 1 1 1 Madison. 
Wirsch Peter, night watchman, res 174 Jackson. 
Wise Aaron F, clerk Am Ex Co, bds Grand Hotel. 
Wise Charles P, bookkeeper Huestis & Hamilton, res 228 W 

Wise Emanuel, rag pedler, res 15 Erie. 
Wise Isaac, carpenter, res 13 Smith. 
Wise Piatt J, ex-sheriff, res 228 W Berry. 
Wisel Otis W, lumber dealer, res 126 W Main. 
Wisemantle Frank, cigarmaker, bds 70 Douglas ave. 
Wiseman tie Joseph, stone cutter Sutermeister & Co, res 114 

Wisemantle Peter J, stone cutter, res 114 Jackson. 
Wisemer Nicholas, res 112 Creighton ave. 
Wisener Joseph, shoemaker, res 421 E Washington. 
Wishart Robert, helper, res ;^8 Lavina. 
Wisman Bernhard, laborer, res 320 Lafayette. 
Wisner Augustus, works oil mill, res s w cor Spruce and Elm. 
Wisong Harvey, conductor, bds 330 Calhoun. 
Wissler Joseph, shoemaker Eggeman Bros, res 421 E Washington 
l¥itliers l¥arreii H, Lawyer 44 Calhoun, res 287 W 

Withers William H, clerk C Orff & Co, res 287 W Wayne. 
Witte Christ, tailor J G Thieme & Bro, res 86 E Jefferson. 
Wittie Christian, clerk A Kalbacher, bds 201 E Washington. 
Witte Conrad, apprentice Conrad Bunck, bds 254 Broadway. 
Witte Frank, carpenter, res 40 Locust. 
Witte Fred, laborer N G Olds & Sons, bds 57 W Lewis. 
Witte Frederick, laborer, bds 201 E Washington. 
Witte John L, helper Bass foundry, bds 96 Madison. 
Witte Louis, molder, bds 96 Madison. 
Witte Wm, boilermaker, res 148 Madison. 
Witterman Ulrich, laborer, res 347 Lafayette. 
Woebbeking Conrad, carpenter, res 195 Broadway. 


Woebbeking Wm, laborer, res 195 Broadway. 

Woehnker Fred H, salesman Hamilton & Co, bds 209 E Wash- 

Woehnker Wm, packer Trentman, Monning & Son, bds 209 E 

Wohlform Leopold, butcher, res 14 Wall. 

Wohlfort Kittie L, res 36 Colerick. 

Wohlfort Rosamond W, machinist, res 36 Colerick. 

Woidziak Joseph, helper, res Smith. 

Wolf, see also Woulfe and Wulf. 

Wolf Abraham, Beef and Pork Packer, 10 W Main, res 
73 W Main. 

Wolf Miss Amelia, res 130 W Washington. 

Wolf Charles H, brakeman, res 239 Barr. 

Wolf Mrs Elizabeth, res 45 Maiimee ave. 

Wolf Ellen, dressmaker Miss E Killian, bds 81 Wells. 

Wolf Henry, boots and shoes 81 Wells, res same. 

\Volf Miss Jessie, res 152 W Washington. 

Wolf lieopold. Meat Market 187 Broadway, rooms 222 

Wolf Lizzie, domestic 264 W^ Wayne. 

Wolf Louis (M Frank & Co), bds Aveline House. 

Wolf Paul (Paul Wolf & Co), res n e cor E Wayne and Walton ave 

Wolf Paul 4& €0 (Paul Wolf, Julius" Kegelmann), Up- 
holsterers, Mattress and Husk Factory, 51 E Main. 

Wolfe Albert F, miller, bds 23 Pritchard. 

Wolfe Augusta, domestic 87 N Cass. \ 

Wolfe Edmund F, carpenter, res 23 Pritchard. 

Wolfe Ezra A, clerk J S Tyler, bds 23 Pritchard. 

Wolfe Mrs Lavina, res 162 Montgomery. 

W^olford Wm A, machinist, res 408 Hanna. 

Wolfrom Leopold, butcher F Eckart & Co. 

Wolke Frank H, Clerk Circuit Court, bds Mayer House. 
^Wood Charles, engineer, res 41 Washington. 

Wood Cyrus, engineer, res 41 Washington. ^ 

Wood Isaac A, machinist, res 64 McClellan. 

Wood Miss Jennie, teacher Jefferson school, bds x,g Wilt. 

Wood John A, solicitor Singer Mnfg Co, bds Anderson House. 

Wood Joseph, boilermaker, bds 59 Wilt. 

Wood Miss Laura, res 59 Wilt. 

Wood Mrs Letitia, res 41 W Washington. 

Wood Walter C, salesman Coombs & Co, res 21 Clay. 

Wood Wm, res 333 E Washington. 

Wood Wm S, looking glasses and picture frames, 142 Calhoun, 
bds Central Hotel. 


Wooden George, cooper, res 353 W Main. 

Woodruff A E, conductor P F W & C R R, bds 30 Baker. 

Woods Mrs Esther, res 50 W Water. 

Woodward Mrs Caroline, res 50 W Water. 

Woodward Edward, clerk, bds 134 E Main. 

Woodward Marcus E, agent Union fast freight line, 4 Aveline 
House Block, res 134 E Main. 

Wood worth BeujamiiilS, Physician, 234 W Berry, res 

Wood worth Charles, conductor P F W & C R R, bds 14 

Woodworth Charles B (C B Woodworth & Co), res 254 W 

Woodworth Dorris A, deputy postmaster, res 234 W Berry. 

Woodworth James C, asst cashier Ft Wayne National Bank, res 
224 W Wayne. 

Woodworth Mrs Mary, res 26 Melita. 

Woodworth VIR A €0, (Charles B & Dr Benjaman S 
Woodworth, Druggists, i Aveline Block. 

Woodyach Joseph, laborer, res w s Smith n of Pontiac. 

Wooff Joseph F, clerk D R McFeeley, res 217 E Washington. 

Woolsey Hiram B, foreman N G Olds ^S^: Sons, res 63 Bracken- 

Woolsey Isaac B, foreman Olds' spoke works, res 65 Douglas ave. 

Woolsey Mrs K, res 63 Brackenridge. 

Worcll Biidolpli, Publisher Indiana Volksfreund, 82 Cal- 
houn, res 78 W Main. 

Worden Ella, res 234 Lafayette. 

Worden Mrs Ella, domestic 139 Griffith. 

Worden James L, judge Supreme Court, res 99 E Jefferson. 

Worden James VV, law student, bds 99 E Jefferson. 

Work Robert, farmer, res 28 Charles. 

Workman Ella, domestic 42 Force. 

Workman Isabella, domestic 93 E Berry. 

Worman Mrs F M, bds 205 Calhoun. • 

Worman Jacob, fireman, res 10 Bass. 

Worman James M, restaurant 205 Calhoun, res same. 

Worsten Samuel, whitewasher, res 24 Barthold. 

Wort John M, foreman gas works, res 125 E Main. 

Worthington Edward F, conductor, res 46 W Water. 

Worthington Wm "W, Supt Ft Wayne, Muncie & Cin- 
cinnati R R, res 228W Washington. 

Woulfe see also Wolf and Wulf. 

Woulfe James, (J Woulfe & Bro) res 28 Baker. 


Woulfe Michael, (J Woulfe & Bro) res 36 Melita. 

Woulfe Patrick, boots and shoes 268 Calhoun, res same. 

Woulfe J & Bro (James and Michael) grocers 266 Calhoun. 

Woy Qeorge, Grocer 134 Fairfield ave, res same. 

Wren Joseph, boarding house, 49 Baker. 

Wright Alfred, clerk, bds Sturgis House. 

Wright Allen C, organ agent, bds 378 Calhoun. 

Wright Carrie, domestic bds 28 Wilt. 

Wright Horace, teamster, res Spy Run ave. 

Wright John, fireman, bds 133 E Jefferson. 

Wricjht Luther, car inspector, res 41 Lavina. 

Wright Mary, laundress, bds 230 Lafayette. 

Wright Milton C. fireman, res 3 Brandriff. 

Wright Thomas W, brakeman, bds 2 Brandriff. 

Wright Wm, carpenter, res 64 Williams. 

Wright Wm, conductor, res 243 Webster. 

Wright Wm jr, drugs and notions, 98 Broadway, res 156 W 

Wrightson Charles, engineer, res 33 St Francis. 
Wrightson Rebecca (vvid John), res 33 St Francis. 
Wulf, see also Wolf and Woulfe. 
Wulf George, brakeman, res 54 Walnut. 
Wulf Philip, brakeman, res 66 Oakley. 
Wurtle Wm G, grinder, res 142 Fairfield ave. 
Wyatt Wm A, student, bds Geo W Berry. 
Wybourn Julia, dressmaker, bds 50 McClellan. 
Wyckoff Miss Hattie A, bds 52 Chicago. 

Yager August, laborer, res w s Franklin ave nr city limits. 
Yager Christina, domestic Grand Hotel. 
Yahr Frank, cabinetmaker J M Miller, res E Wayne. 
Yarmar. Ella, dressmaker, bds 133 W Washington. 
Yates John, teamster, res e s Calhoun nr city limits. 
Yates Wm, engineer, res 4 Bass. 

Yeager Valentine, laborer Bass foundry, bds 165 Broadway. 
Yenni Gottlieb, laborer, bds 34 Buchanan. 
Yergens August H, foreman L O Hull, bds Central Hotel. 
Yergens C F William, painter, bds 87 W Washington. 
Yergens Wm (Ranke, Yergens & Co), res 87 W Washington. - 
Yerrick Edward, fireman F W J & S R R, bds Racine House. 
Yetter Eli C, second hand goods, 71 E Main, res same. 
Yobst Alex, helper Prentiss, McLachlan & Co, res 75 Force. 

274 R. L. POLK &C0. S 

Yobst Amon, meat market, 327 Lafayette, res same. 

Yobst John, butcher, bds 327 Lafayette. 

Yobst Kate, domestic Central Hotel. 

Yobst Matilda, domestic Central Hotel. 

Yohey Joseph, traveling salesman, res 19 Miner. 

Yohn Isaac L, boilermaker P F W & C R R, bds 142 E Lewis. 

Yokel Matthias, stonemason, res 32 Henry. 

York Cyrus F, brakeman, res 28 Brandriff. 

York Joshua, watchman, bds 353 W Main. 

Young Charles A, carpenter, res 80 Oakley. 

Young Delilah, domestic 9 E Wayne. 

Young Elizabeth, domestic 6 Kansas. 

Young John, brakeman, res 44 Hoagland ave. 

Young John, carpenter, res 204 Francis. 

Young John B, principal St Mary's (Catholic) school, res 102 E 

Young John T, fireman, res 164 Wells. 

Young John W, carpenter T R Pickard & Sons, res 204 Francis. 

Young Miss Leonora, music teacher, bds 102 E Jefferson. 

Young Louis, cigarraaker, res 44 Taylor. 

Young Louis, well digger, res 58 W Third. 

Young Nathaniel B (N B Young & Co), res 218 W Washington 

Young Wm, blacksmith, res 32 Hood. 

Young Wm, brakeman, bds 14 Chicago. 

Young Wm C, marble cutter, res 171 W Washington, 

Young Wm G, finisher, res 9 West. 

ITonng IT B <&< Co (Nathaniel B Young, John Fowles, 
Horace B Morehouse), Merchant Tailors and Clothiers, 9 E 

Youngblood Robert N, conductor, res 36 McClellan. 

Youngblood Samuel, engineer, res 151 Montgomery. 

Younglove Daniel, conductor P F W & C R R, bds 330 Cal- 


Zadronski Solomon, pedler. res 198 E Lewis. 

Zahm Robert D, blacksmith M L Albrecht, bds 75 Harrison. 

Zahn Annie, seamstress, bds 27 Erie. 

Zahn Mrs Catherine, res 27 Erie. 

Zahn Elizabeth, seamstress, bds 27 Erie. 

Zahn Fred, carpenter, res 212 E Jefferson. 

Zahn Miss Lizzie, clerk Mrs G H Stier, res 27 Erie. 

Zahn Maggie, domestic 75 W Berry. 

Zahn Wm, laborer, res 212 E Jefferson. 

Zamaski Charles, brewer, res 72 Langohr. 


Zangen August, brewer French brewery, res nr same. 

Zaunel Henry, apprentice Bass foundry, bds 35 Force. 

Zauner Matthias, engineer, res 35 Force. 

Zeddies Wm, tanner Jacob Fry & Sons, res 283 W Main. 

Zegenfus Basil, teamster, res 69 High. 

Zegenfus Wm, laborer, res 1^ miles Lima road. 

Zekind Mrs D, res 103 Barr. 

Zekind Joseph S, trunkraaker, bds 103 Barr. 

Zeller Killian, brewer Certia &: Rankert, res Archer ave over 

Feeder Canal. 
Zellers Wm, machine hand N G Olds & Sons, res 52 Charles, 
Zellier Amos, res 11 Gay. 

Zent Morris F, solicitor S C Lumbard, res 166 W Berry. 
Zeperling Christ, works Bass foundry, res n w cor John and 

Zern Xavier, grocer, 342 Hanna, res same. 
Ziegler Adam, wagonmaker, res T13 Wilt. 
Ziegier Charles, porter Siemon & Bro, bds 113 Wilt. 
Ziegler Fred, laborer, bds 113 Wilt. 
Ziegler Louisa, domestic 308 W Washington. 
Ziegier Peter (C C Fletcher & Co), res 25 W Columbia. 
Ziemendorff Fred, laborer Moellering & Paul, res 81 Maumee 

Zigenfelter Mary, domestic 24 E Washington. 
Zimmerlin Theophilus, carpenter, res w s Franklin ave s of 

Archer ave. 
Zimmerly Emma, domestic, railway dining rooms. 
Zimmerly John W, painter, res 78 Dawson. 
Zimmerly Wm, printer Indiana Staats-Zeitung, res 78 Dawson. 
Zimmerman Abhart, shoemaker, res 289 W Jefferson. 
Zimmerman Andrew, cabinetmaker, res 218 E Washington. 
Zimmerman Anton, grocer 57 E Main, res same. 
Zimmerman Anton, shoemaker 136 Fairfield ave, res4oPritchard. 
Zimmerman Charles, bucket maker, bds 141 Wells. 
Zimmerman David, bucket maker, bds 141 W^ells. 
Zimmerman Eberhart, shoemaker, res 289 W Jefferson. 
Zimmermann Frank E, insurance agent, res 243 Clay. 
Zimmermann John O, cabinetmaker J M Miller, res 218 E Wash- 
Zimmermann Joseph, miller John C Pfeiffer & Co, bds 132 

Zimmermann Martin S, clerk, bds 41 Wells. 
Zimmermann Mrs Mary E, dressmaker,, res 130 Van Buren. 
Zimmermann Perry, traveling agent B Trentman & Son, bds 

Mayer House, 

276 R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

Zimmermann Stephen, shoemaker, 141 Wells, res same. 

Zink John B, drayman, res 41 Locust. 

Zink John C, engineer, bds 41 Locust. 

Zink John W, fireman, bds 332 Harrison. 

Zink Robert, fireman, res 19 Baker. 

Zitzman John, fireman, res s s Elizabeth w of Spy Run ave. 

Zoeller Roman, (Klotz & Zoeller) res 372 Calhoun. 

Zoeller Valentine, helper, res 131 Barr. 

Zollars Allen, (Zollars & Zollars) res 17 Brackenridge. 

Zollars Miss Emma L, clerk Fred Hayes, bds 5 Hoagland ave. 

Zollars Enoch, (Jno W Taylor & Co) res Hoagland ave s of 
street railway. 

Zollars Frederick T, (Zollars & Zollars) res 108 Creighton ave. 

Zollars «& Zollars, (Allen and Frederick T) Lawyers, n w 
cor Calhoun and Berry. 

Zoller George, saloon 13 Harrison, res same. 

Zolier George jr, bartender, bds 13 Harrison. 

ZoUerman John, boilermaker, res 49 Buchanan. 

Zollinger Charles A, hats and caps 30 Calhoun, res 106 Jack- 

Zollinger liOuis C, Mnfr Carriages, Wagons, Plows, Etc, 
15 E Water, res same. 

Zorbaiigh Emanuel, machinist, res 178 W Jefferson. 

Zuber Frederick, laborer, res 19 E Wayne. 

Zuber Nicholas, plasterer, res 324 E Wayne. 

Zunnerman John, coachman W L Carnahan, res 197 Lafayette. 

ZurMuhlen Henry, clerk H N Ward, res 90 Barr. 

Zvvahlen Frank, general store, s e cor Francis and E Lewis, res 




Coffins, Caskets, Slirods, h 

Hearses and Hacks at all hours, 
Night and Day, at 

No. 17 West Wayne Street, 



Fort Wayne Directory. 



Abstracts of Title. 

Koch,Kuhne & White,Court House. 

Agricultural Impleraents 

Shordon & Swann, 61 and 63 E 

Smick M M & W P, 22 and 24 W 



Laubscher Louis, 40 Harrison, 

Nelson I D G & Co, 35 E Colum- 

Sutermeister & Co, 14 Fulton. {.See 

Tolan T J & Son, 2 Armory Hall. 

Trenam George, 160 W Main. 

Artificial Limb Manufactur- 

Foster James A, 73 Clark, Chicago, 
60 W Fourth, Cincinnati, 72 Gris- 
wold, Detroit, 1013 Chestnut, 


{See Potash Manufacturers.) 

Attorneys at Law. 
{^See Lawyers.) 

Auction and Commission. 

Lauferty & Becker, 7 E Main. 

Bakers and Confectioners. 

Barbara Frank, 90 E Main. 
Blase Louis, 29 W Columbia. 
Braun Geo, 135 Fairfield ave. 
Brown Albert, i Railroad. 
Glaser Edward, 195 Hanna. 
Gumpper Christian C, 238 Calhoun, 
Hoffner Christian, 32 W Berry. 
Jacobs C W, 62 E Main. 
Langohr A J, 142 Broadway. 
McConnell E R, 48 E Columbia. 
Melcheng E, 112 Calhoun. 
Niebergall Henry, 88 Barr. 
Ruppel John, 268 E Wayne. 
Schwieters H, 41 E Columbia. 
Wigman H & Co, 199 to 201 Lafay- 

Band Saw Mills. 
Hoffman J R & Co, 200 W Main. 
{See adv.) 

Banks and Bankers. 

First National Bank, s e cor Main 

and Court. 
Fort Wayne National Bank, s wcor 

Main and Clinton. 
Hamilton Bank, 44 Calhoun. 
Lauferty Isaac, 3 Aveline Block. 


R. L. POLK & CO.'S 


Bauer & Michael, i6 W Main, 
Brooks C F, 71 E Columbia. 
Eberwine L, 277 E Washington. 
Ellert Benoit, 4 E Berry. 
Fitzgibbon & Eigholz, Mayer 

Heldt John, 78 High. 
Johnson James L, I lo Broadway. 
Kinsey ST, 14 E Columbia. 
Lauer John, 152 Barr. 
Mannwiier M E, n w cor Fairfield 

ave and Locust. 
Meyers F C, 87 Calhoun. 
Meyers Fred W, 276 N Calhoun. 
Nave Frank, 272 Calhoun. 
Shaffer Charles, 26 Wells. 
Shidel Charles, 27 Calhoun. 
Stewart Wm, 63 E Main. 
Stokes & Winslow, 2435^ Calhoun, 
Walters George, 146 Calhoun. 

Basket Maker. 
Schanck Louis, 62 E Columbia. 


Ellert Benoit, 4 E Berry. 

Bed Bottoms. 

Stephan H & Co, 194 Cnlhoun. 

Billiard Halls. 

Casso Frank, 67 E Main. 
Deppen & Abendroth, 8 W Colum- 
Geismar Adolph, 11 E Main. 
Goodman F X, 11 W Columbia. 
Hannum Daniel, S;^ Calhoun. 
Phillips J & Co, 96 Calhoun. 


(^SV^ a/so Carriage and Wagon Mak- 

Becker Fred, 7 E Washington. 
Brossard & Hahn, 146 W Main. 
Ehrman Charles, 104 W Main. 
Hall S S, s e cor Clay and Main. 
Harter & Son, 170 W Main. 
Henker Chas, 88 E Columbia, 
Howley Thomas, s w cor Barr and 

E Water. 
Logan W L, 18 E Wayne. 

Myer Henry, 10 N Calhoun. 
Spereisen J A, 56 Taylor. 
Reid Adam D. cor Water and Har- 
Remmel Bros, 98 Broadway. 
Welsh Patrick, rear 75 E Water. 
Zollinger Louis C, 15 E Water. 

Black Walnut Lumber. 
I Hoffman Bros, 200 W Main. (See 

I adv. ) 
Peters Box and Lumber Co, 79 to 
102 High. [See adv.) 

Boarding Houses. 

Bayless House, 32 E Wayne. 

Beegan Mrs E, 6 Kansas. 

Blakeslee Robert W, 14 Chicago. 

Bolton James, 328 E Lafayette. 

Book Walter J, 330 Calhoun. 

Breem John F, i Railroad. 

Cothrell Moses, 30 Baker. 

Cottingham Wm, s w cor Clinton 
and Wayne. 

Cumpton Charles P, 50 W Water. 

Darrow James, 17 W Lewis. 

Durbrow Mrs Lid a, 322 Calhoun, 

Ferguson Mrs Ann E, 22 Chicago. 

Fleming Mrs S E, xo6 Barr. 

Gable House, Henry C Henderson 
propr, s w cor Lafayette and 

Grafmiller Christian, 262 Calhoun. 

Graham Charles, 214 Calhoun. 

Hanna House, (old number), 166 

Hartraan Mrs Geo, 161 W Washing- 

Henderson Mrs AM, 86 E Main. 

Holverstott Wm. Z, 71 W Wayne. 

Kennerk John, 26 Wallace. 

McLaren Mrs S A, 58 Chicago. 

Ortman Charles, 132 Wells. 

Richards Wm C, 74 E Lewis, 

Salter John, 9 N Calhoun. 

Schirmeyer H L, 104 Barr. 

Sturgis House, A J Ham propr, 49 
to 51 W Berry. 

Boiler Makers. 
Bass Foundry and Machine Works, 
Hanna s of Railway crossing. iSee 



Murray Kerr, s e cor Calhoun and 

Prentiss, McLachlan & Co, Water 

bet Calhoun and Harrison. [See 


Bookbinders and Blank 

Book Manufacturers. 
Davis & Bro, 78 and 80 Clinton. 
Sentinel Printing Co, e s Calhoun 
bet Wayne and Washington. 

Books and Stationery. 

Jocquel Louis, 168 Calhoun. 
Keil & Brother, 3 Keystone Block. 
Siemon & Brother, 50 Calhoun. 
Stockbridge N P, 15 E Columbia. 

Boots and Shoes. 

App Matthias, 106 Calhoun. 

Bauer Henry, 321 Lafayeite. 

Baumann J, 374 Calhoun. 

Braeuer Conrad, 20 Harrison. [See 

Brinkroeger Wra, 47 W Main. 

Buuck Conrad, 154 Calhoun. 

Carnahan, Hanna & Co, 30 and 32 
E Main. 

Eggenian Bros, 118 Calhoun. 

Etzold Henry, 1 10 Webster. 

Foellinger Fred, 36 Calhoun. 

Fortriede Louis, 32 W Main. [See 

Geye Henry, 424 E Wayne. 

Geye Herman, 117 E Lewis. 

Helmke Edward, 212 Calhoun. 

Hermsdorfer Geo A, 133 Broadway. 

Huser T^Onis P, 178;^ Broad- 

Jacobs W & Son, 17 Calhoun. 

Klug Gregor, 204 Hanna. 

Koester John, 160 Calhoun. 

Leeser Charles G, 189 Broadway. 

McNulty & Kayser, 221 Lafayette. 

Mannix Thomas, 241 Calhoun. 

Markley Aaron, 80 j^ Calhoun. 

Meyer Wm, 195 Lafayette. 

Mohr Jno, 64 E Columbia. 

Nix Valentine, So E Jefferson. 

Noll M & Son, 22 Clinton. 

Pipenbrook C D, 32 E Columbia. 

Pisano Martin, 1 10 Calhoun. 

Pyke & Ford, 4 Keystone Block. 

Roebel Gustav, 50 W Main. 

Schiefer & Son, 8 E Columbia. 
Schulz Peter, 45 E Main. 
Schulz Wm, 25 W Wayne. 
Spiegel Gustave, 132 Broadway. 
Stellhorn Charles, 144 Calhoun. 
Strong Henry, 164 Calhoun. 
Tagtmeyer Wm, 17 Grand. 
Tegtmeyer Frederick, 94^^ Barr. 
Uebelhoer Philip, 68 E Main. 
Vordermark E & Sons, 32 Calhoun. 
Walter Frank, 12 Pine. 
Winike Fred, 283 W Main. 
Wolff Henry, 81 Well?. 
Woulfe Patrick, 268 Calhoun. 
Zimmerman A, 136 Fairfield ave. 
Zimmerman Stephen, 141 Wells. 

Bottling Works. 

Casso & Hake, s w cor N Harrison 
and W Water. {See adv.) 

Box Manufacturers. 

Davis Bros, 78 and 80 Clinton. 

Peters Box and Lumber Co, 79 to 
I 102 High. 

I Turner Bros & Co, 10 and 12 E 
' Water. 

j Brass Pounders. 

I Hattersley Alfred, 48 E Main. {See 

I adv.) 

I Murray Kerr, s e cor Calhoun and 

j and Wallace. 


I Centlivre Chas L, north end Spy 
j Run ave. {Ste adv.) 
! Certia & Rankert, on Feeder canal 
j w of Wells. 

I Hubach Henry, 181 E Wayne. 
I Kley Frederick, 232 W Main. 
; Linker, Hey & Co, cor Washincjton 
: and Wabash ave. 
I Riedmiller John M, prop Eagle 
i Brewery, s e cor Taylor and 

! Brick Manufacturers 
I Comstock John B, n s E Wayne e 
of Hanover. 

Cour C J A, s end Calhoun. 

Framion Joseph, w s Hanna nr 
j city limits. 


R. L. POLK & CO.*S 

Bridge Builders. 
McKay & Nelson, 40 Harrison. 


Hayden Fred J, 68 Clinton. 
Lauferty Isaac, 5 Aveline block. 

Broom Manufacturers. 

Bechtold Lewis, 102 Maumee ave. 
Gage James & Bro, 324 W Main. 


(See Carpenters and Builders.) 

Cabinet Makers. 
[See Furniture Manufacturers.) 

Candy Manufacturers. 
Trentman & Fox, 100 Calhoun. 

Carpenters, Contractors 
and Builders. 
Allen Cyrus VV, 88 Fulton. 
Boester George H, 161 Griffith. 
Brackenridge & Nelson, 40 Harrison. 
Boester G H. 161 Griffith. 
Cochrane, Humphrey & Co, loo 

French C G, 87 E Wayne. 
Goshorn Jacob S, Court House. 
Hinman H F, n w cor Broadway 

and Cherry. 
Honeck H & Co, n s Montgomery 

bet Lafayette and Clay. 
McKay & Nelson, 40 Harrison. 
McMullen & McBennett, 70 Charles, 
Morz Peter, 159 Monroe. 
Moellering & Paul, 81 E Columbia. 
Myers Wm H, 100 Fairfield ave. 
Potter J L, 124 W Main. 
Pressler & Wagner, w s Webster n 

of DeWald. 
Rekers Barnard J, 122 Ewing. 
Sheafer Wm G, 81 Broadway. 
Sutermeister & Co, 14 P'ulton. [See 

Walda Wm, 216 E Wayne. 


Ellsworth, Andrew^ & Co, 26 E 

Foster Bros & Co, Foster Block. 
Root & Co, 46 and 48 Calhoun. 

Carpet Weavers. 
Hislop Mrs C, 120 Butler. 
Junge August, 287 E Lewis. 

Carriage and Wagon 
Albrecht M L, 46 W Main. 
Baker Jno, 18 Lafayette. 
Bremer George, s e cor Clay and 

Buhrkuhl Henry, s e cor E Water 

and N Calhoun. 
Chorey C & F, n w cor E Water 

and Clinton. 
Dierstien Anthony, 102 W Main. 
Dudenhafer, Daniels & Smith, II 

and 13 Clay. 
Gilbert James B. 149 W Miin. 
Sthair Henry, 1 1 E Jefferson. 
vSt.^nley & Bieber. 106 W Main. 
Thiel Wm, 159 W Main. 
Williams John H, 170 W Main. 
Zollinger Louis C, 15 E Water. 

Carriage Trimmings. 
Gilbert Wm H, 149 W Main. 
Johns Louis B, 65 E Main. 
Rogers, Duck & Lewis, 31 E Co- 

Carriage and Wagon Work 

Oids N G & Sons, e s Lafayette s 
of T W & W Ry track. 

Car Wheel Manufacturers'. 

Bass Foundry & Machine Works, 
Hanna s of Railroad crossing. 

[See adv.) 

Cement Pipe Works. 
Keith E, n s Wallace e of ^Calhoun. 

Chair Manufacturers. 
Reese Charles & Co, 419 and 421 
E Wayne. 

Chair Stuff Manufacturers. 
Hoffman Biosy20oW Main. (Seeadv) 



Peters Box & Lumber Co, 79 to 102 
High. [See adv.) 

Cigar Box Manufacturers. 
Turner Brothers & Co, 10 and 12 
E Water. 

Cigar Manufacturers. 

Beverforden Bros, 231 Webster. 

Day H & Miller, 96 Barr. 

Dessauer L & Co, 23 Calhoun. 

Eckert John C, 85 Calhoun. 

Ehle & Waldschmidt, 178 Broad- 

Menze Christian, 140 Calhoun. 

Michaelis Henry A, 245 W Jeffer- 

Morvilius J & F W, 140 Calhoun. 

Ortman H W, 79 Calhoun. 

Reiter Geo, 68 Calhoun. 

Rodemann Wm, 292 Harrison. 

Rosenthal Max, 32 E Columbia. 

Wenninghoff Christ, 148 Calhoun. 

Cigars and Tobacco. 

Bender Louis, 56 E Main. 

Buck Charles, 272 Calhoun. 

Eckert J C, 85 Calhoun. 

Evnns Calvin, 216 Calhoun". 

Gable Bros, n w cor Lafayette and 

Masden & Sutton, 280 Calhoun, 

Mergel R, 35 Columbia. 

Miller Fred J, 324 Lafayette. 

Miller Geo & Co, n e cor Lafayette 
and Lewis. 

Morvilius J & F W, 140 Calhoun. 

Ortman n H W, 79 Calhoun. 

Rockhill Jesse B. n e cor Calhoun 
and Main. 

Wf^ber Frederick, 259 Calhoun. 

W Ionian H & Co, 199 and 201 La- 

Civil Engineers, 
de la Camp John, Court House. 
Goshorn J S, Court House. 
Goshorn Wm H, Court House. 
Ryall John H, City Hall. 


Block Marx, i Keystone Block. 

Jacobson V, 27 Calhoun. 

Lauferty Max J, 28 Calhoun. 

Lauferty & Becker, 7 E Main. 

Nirdlinger Jacob, 19 W Main. 

Nirdlinger S F, 5 E Main and 33 

Owen, Pixley & Co, 15 and 17 

Rothschild & Brother, 7 E Colum- 

Thieme J G & Bro, 37 E Columbia. 

Young N B & Co, 9 E Main. 

Clothing Renovators. 

Niermann Martin, 43 W Water. 
Whiteley Thomas R, 28 Calhoun. 

Coal Dealers. 

Bass & Smith, Bass Foundry and 

Machine Works. 
Fox James, n w cor Clinton and 

Taylor Jno W & Co, 15 W Wayne. 

Coffee and Spice Mills. 

Fort Wayne Coffee, Spice and 
Mustard Mills, 73 and 75 Colum- 
bia. {See adv). 

Hamilton & Co, 30 Clinton. {See 

Trentman, Monning & Son, 73 and 
75 E Columbia. {See adv.) 

Collection Agents. 

Bossier H H, 44 Calhoun. {See 

adv. ) 
Graham Samuel D, nw cor Calhoun 

and Main. 
Graham & Gotshall, 17 E Main. 
Greenebaum A C, 31 Calhoun. 
Hillegass & Statler, 15 Calhoun. 
Potter & Craw, I2J^ E Main. 

Commercial Agency. 

McKillop John & Co, 62 Calhoun. 

Commission Merchants. 

Hill J B, 82 Calhoun. 

Lauferty & Becker, 7 E Main. 

Strass E & Brother, 2, 4 and 6 Cal- 


R. L. POLK t CO.*S 

{See also Bakeis and Confectioners.) 
Barcus H H, 29 E Main. 
Brandenburg Wm H, 116 Calhpun. 
Darrow James R, 206 Calhoun. 
Denio D wight V, Wells nr River 

Evans Calvin, 216 Calhoun. 
Fahlsing Wm, 104 Broadway. 
Fox G & Son, 25 E Main. 
Haffner Christian, 32 W Berry. 
Hartshoru Salem J, 172 Calhoun. 
Rettig Adolph, 130 Broadway. 
Strong Eva, 164 Calhoun. 
Tompkins Peleg G, 278 Calhoun. 


Cody John H & Co, s s of W Main 
at city limits. 

Dwyer Gerald J, West Main at city 

Jobst Bruno, Third. 

Mettey Fred, 17 E Water. 

Myers J Fred, n s E Water, bet 
Calhoun and Clinton. 

Pappert Amos, 252 E Wayne. 

Rosenberger Charles, 76 Wallace. 

Shurick F S, n s Wallace bet La- 
fayette and Clinton. 

Steiss John, s s Archer ave e of 

Stephan H & Co, 194 Calhoun. 

Trentman & Fox, 100 Calhoun. 

Crockery and G-lassware. 

Laible C, w s Hoagland ave n of 

Trentman H J & Bro, 24 E Colum- 

Ward H N, 9 E Columbia. 

Austin T B, 2 E Colurabii. 
Brown Seneca B, over isi National 

Coyle J D, 108 Calhoun. 
Knapp I & Son, s w cor Beny and 

Clinton. {^See adv.) 
Loag & Brown, 7 W Columbia. 
Sites H C, 96 Barr. 
Weisell David D, 34 Calhoun. 

Diamond Burr Dressing Ma- 
Cookson J C, address Exchange Ho- 

Dining Rooms. 

{See also Restaurants.) 

Archer D L, 18 Harrison. 
Geismar Adolph, ii E Main. 
McKinnie Heniy, P F W & C R R 

depot, s s Railroad E Calhoun. 
Star Dining Hall, 133 Calhoun, 

Boyce Mrs Julia E, 28 Calhoun. 
Crosby Miss Del, 112 Broadway. 
Garrison Mrs M A, 140 Broadway. 
Gould Mrs J M, 108 Broadway. 
Hager Mrs Mary, 22c, Calhoun. 
Kagle Mrs Kate, 128 Calhoun. 
Kelsey Mrs D S, 114 W Wayne. 
Killian Miss Ella, 29 E Main. 
Neff Mrs Mary M, 87 Ewing. 
Richardson Mrs Helen, res 91 Clin- 
Snwyer Mrs S M, 24 Clinton. 
Schaffer Mrs K, 26 Clinton. 


(Wholesale. ) 
Meyer Brothers & Co, 3 Keystone 


Biddle J M, 6 Keystone Block. 
Bond W J, n w cor Locust and 

Fairfield ave. 
Dreier & Brother, n w cor Calhoun 

and Columbia. 
Frietzsche John U, 22 W Berry. 
Gable Bros, n w cor Lafayette and 

Lewis. {See adv.) 
Gard Dr Brookfield, 128 Calhoun. 
Kern & Tylei", 40 Calhoun. 
Leffler & Co, s w cor W Jefferson 

and Webster. 
Martin & Son, 244 Calhoun. 
Miller Fred J, 324 Lafayette. 
Nill EH, 80 Calhoun. 
Noll & Sommer, 128 Broadway. 
Schott George J, 120 Barr. {See 





Schunk C M. 277 E Washington. 
Selle August L, 260 Calhoun. 
Sorg Isador, 43 Wells. 
Thorp G B, 96 Barr. 
Vollmer Daniel, 66 Calhoun. 
Wagner Henry G, 54 Calhoun. 
Wery John H, sr, 132 Williams. 
Woodworth C B & Co, I Aveline 

Wright Wm, jr, 98 Broadway. 

Dry Goods and Notions. 


Evans A S & Co, 28 and 30 E 
Berry. [See adv). 

Orff C & Co, 5 E Columbia. {See 


Bond W J, n w cor Locust and 
Fairfield ave. 

De Wald Geo & Co, n e cor Cal- 
houn and Columbia. 

Foster Bros & Co, Foster Block. 

Frank M & Co, 7 Keystone Block. 

Goodwin H N, 126 Broadway. 

OrfF C & Co, 5 E Columbia. 

Pierr Jacob, n w cor Calhoun and 

Pierr P, 168 Broadway. 

Rohs, Eme & Reinking, 13 E Co- 

Root & Co, 46 and 48 Calhoun. 

Wigman H & Co, 199 and 201 La- 

Engine Builders. 

[See Founders and Machinists.) 

McPike Henry, 52 Calhoun. 

Express Companies. 

Adams Express Co, W P Chapman 
agent, 102 Calhoun. 

American Express Co, W P Chap- 
man agent, 102 Calhoun. 

United States Express Co, 28 E 

Fancy Goods and Notions, 


Evans A S & Co, 28 & 30 E Berry. 
{See adv.) 

Thanh ouser, Wiler & Co, 23 W 


Black Joseph & Co, 26 Calhoun. 
Bond Henry W, 18 W Berry. 
Deiainger U, 33 Calhoun. 
Gable Bros, n w cor Lafayette and 

Kane James M & Bro, 19 Calhoun. 
Kliese Mrs Mary, 108 Broadway. 
Koch John M, 150 & 152 Calhoun. 
Mergentheim Alexander, 62 Calhoun 
Root & Co, 46 & 48 Calhoun. 
Rubin Bros, 120 Broadwav. 
Squires C W, 14 W Berry.' 

Farm Machinery. 
Vernon H H, 58 E Columbia. 

Feed Yards. 
Davis George, n e cor Pearl & Cass, 
Long George W, 14 Pearl. 

File Manufacturers. 
Harries J & Co, 126 Calhoun. 
Keller Charles jr, 224 W Main. 
{See adv.) 

(See Oysters^ Game ^c.) 

Fire Brick and Clay. 

Lillie James & Co, i N Calhoun. 

Dreibelbiss John jr, n e cor Brack- 

enridge and Webster. 
Gross G, 450 E Wayne. 
Thurman Charles W, 89 W Jeffer- 


Flour and Feed. 

Esmond George, South Wayne. 
Kalbacher Anton, 286 Calhoun. 
Robinson D A, 95 Barr. 
Schiefer Wm, 74 Barr. 

Flouring Mills. 

Esmond George, South Wayne. 
Hoagland & Tresselt, s w cor Clin« 

ton and E Water. 
Orff John, nr W Main si Bridge. 


R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

Pfeiffer John C & Co, cor Wells and 

canal feeder. {See adv.) 
St Joe Mills, J E Hill jr, propr, e s 

Spy Run ave s of canal feeder. 
Sedgwick John, 240 Calhoun. 
Stapleford & Co, cor Columbia and 


Foreign Passage Agents. 

{See Steamship Agents.) 

Founders and Machinists. 
Bass Foundry and Machine Works, 

Hannasof RR crossing. {See adv.) 
Murray Kerr, Calhoun s of depot. 
Pickard T R & Sons, cor Clinton 

and 7th. {See adv) 
Prentiss, McLachlan & Co, Water 

bet Calhoun and Harrison. 

Furniture Manufacturers 

and Dealers. 
Arnold A, 166 Broadway. 
Burkholder Joseph, 80 W Wayne. 
Carter Wm, ijo E Columbia. 
Enger Nils C, 143 Fairfield ave. 
Gould Geo, 72 E Columbia. 
Griebel & Son, 44 E Main. 
Klaehn John J, 42 and 44 W Main. 
Miller John M, 50 E Main. 
Tegeder & Ploor, 212 Calhoun. 

Gas Machinery Mnfrs. 
Murray Kerr, s e cor Calhoun and 

General Stores. 
Kiser Peter, 25 Calhoun."; 
Waltemath H & Co, 26 E Columbia. 

Gents' Furnishing Goods. 

{See also Clothing.) 

Christen John, 16 W Main. 

Fowler George S, n w cor Calhoun 
and Berry. 

Nirdlinger S F, 5 E Main and ^^ 

Pyke & Day, 31 Calhoun. 

Stutzenberger & Lomont, 34 Cal- 

Thanhouser, Wiler & Co, 23 W 

Ginger Ale Bottler. 

Studer Leopold, n e cor Hood and 
P F W & C R R. 

Gold and Silver Platers. 
Donnell Wm, 52^ Calhoun. 
McPike H, 52 and 52^^ Calhoun. 

Grain Dealers. 
{See also Cofumission Merchants'). 
Mills A J H, 71 E Columbia. 

Grain and Seed Cleaner 

Edgerton J K, 57 and 59 W Main. 


McGill J D, 90 Calhoun. 

Manuel J P & Co, 70 Barr. 

Martens Wm, 225 Broadway. 

Miller Christ, 59 Wells. 

Miller Geo & Co, n e cor Lewis and 

Miller W H & Co, 24 Harrison. 

Huestis & Hamilton, 23 and 25 E 

Trentman B & Son, 56 5md 58 Cal- 

(Wholesale and Retail.) 

Alter Nicholas, 25 Force. 

Anderson & Douglass, 124 Broad- 
way and 198 W Jefferson. 

Aurentz S A, 135 and 137 Broadway. 

Ball Rudolph, 189 W Main. 

Bangert B, 167 Broadway. 

Baxter J S, 173 Fairfield ave. 

Brannan John H, 72 E Main. 

Breen James, 176 Calhoun. 

Butler & Clear, 7 N Calhoun. 

Butler George, 332 W Main. 

Corneille & Bro, 41 E Water. 

Cour C J A & Sons, 328 Calhoun. 

DeWald Nicholas, n w cor Cal- 
houn and Butler. 

Dicke H & Co, 215 Lafayette. 

Didier Frank, 76 E Columbia. 

Didier T, 66 and 68 E Columbia. 

Doehrman W & Co, 56 Barr. 

Draker John, 26 Harrison. 

Epple Gottlieb, 185 Fairfield ave. 

Figel Fred C, 54 Wells. 





Fletcher C C & Co, 25 W Columbia. 

Fox George, 167 E Jefferson. 

Gable Frank A, 8S Calhoun. 

Geiss Jacob, 355 Lafayette. 

Gerke Henry F. 207 Lafayette. 

Gers P, 1 1 7 Fairfield ave. 

Gimpel Henry, 3 54 Broadway. 

Gruber Michael, 16 Wilt. 

Hartman John H, 233 E Jefferson. 

Hecht Joseph, s w cor Holman and 

Heiny & Diebold, 22 W Main. 

Hill James B, 82 Calhoun. 

Hitzman Henry, 89 Harmer. 

Hutzell Daniel, 297 W Main. 

Jourdain Celestain, 98 Maumee ave, 

Kanney John & Bro, 126 E Wash- 

Kanning Wm, 84 Barr. 

^empf Wm, 13 High. 

Kline Jacob, 30 E Columbia. 

Klotz & Zoeller, 372 Calhoun. 

Knecht S, 92 Broadway. 

Koch John B, 122 E Washington. 

Kromm Curtis, 319 W Main. 

Laible Christian, w s Hoagland ave 
n of Henry. 

Lauer A, 281 E Washington, 

Leykauf N, 209 Broadway. 

Lichtsinn & Co, 90 Barr. 

Neidhoefer Wm, 337 Lafayette. 

Niebergall Henry, 88 Barr. 

Niemann Theodore, 274 E Wash- 

Niemann & Dammeyer, 108 Cal- 

Ofenloch Valentine, 30 Force. 

Paul Wm, 21 W Columbia, 

Raab Fred, 44 E Columbia, 

Raab John, 18 E Columbia. 

Rademacher C, 171 Broadway. 

Rekers G, 116 W Washington, 

Riethmiller & Son, s e cor Broadway 
and Taylor, 

Rimmerman H, 141 Broadway. 

Schmucker & Rademacher, 318 

Seibold David, 121 Wells. 

Shaffer Geo, 169 Broadway. 

Spiegel Ernst. 183 Broadway. 

Strunz Christian, 72 Barr. 

Struver Wm, 66 E Main. 

Thieme A, 170 Broadway. 

Tremmel Conrad, 283 Hanna. 

Tyler James S, 106 Broadway! 

Vodde Christ, 430 E Washington. 

Voors John G, 1 10 Wells, 

Walker & Co, w s Calhoun bet 
Leith and Pontiac. 

Wessel John, 397 Lafayette. 

White James B, 9 and ii W Berry. 

Wiebke Henry, 92 Barr, 

Wigman H & Co, 199 and 201 Laf- 

Woulfe J & Bt-os, 266 Calhoun. 

Woy George, 134 Fairfield ave. 

Zern Xavier, 342 Hanna. 

Zimmerman A, 57 E Main. 

Zwahlen Frank, s e cor Francis and 
E Lewis. 

Guns, Pistols, Etc. 
Lade Max G, 58 E Main {See adv^ 

Leonard Wm, 71 W Water. 
Raquet August F, 139 Calhoun. 
Raquet P. 199 Broadway. 

Hair Q-oods and Hair Deal- 
Baldwin Anne, 30 E Columbia, 
Gilchiist Mrs M H, 28 Calhoun. 



Coombs & Co, 38, 40 and 42 E 

Hardware, Stoves and Tin- 

Griffiths, Wm E & Co, 122 Broad- 

Ash Henry J, 17 E Columbia. 

Balliet Jacob, 61 E Main. 

Cottingham & Co, 36 Clinton. {See 

DeWald Henry, 47 Main. 

Graffe G W & Co, 132 Calhoun. 

Harries J & Co, 126 Calhoun. 

McCulloch & Richey, 3 E Colum- 

Morgan & Beach, 19 and 21 E.Co- 

Pickard T R & Sons, cor Clinton 
and 7th. {See adv.) 


R. L. POLK & CO/S 

Prescott Bros & Co, 50 and 52 E 

Scharf Charles A, 217 Lafayette. 
Stophlet Brothers, 14 W Columbia. 
Welch & Baker, 184 Calhoun. 
Wilson & Muhler, 27 E Columbia. 

Hardwood Lumber Manu- 
Hoffman Bros, 200 W Main. [See 

Peters Box & Lumber Co, 79 to 

102 High. [See adv.) 
Remmel Bros, 98 Broadway. 

Hats, Caps and Furs. 

Lauferty M J, 28 Calhoun. 
Pierr P, 168 Broadway. 
Pyke & Day, 31 Calhoun. 
Stutzenberger & Lomont, 34 Cal- 
Zollenger C A, 30 Calhoun, 

Hay and Stra-w. 
Haskell W, 65 and 67 E Columbia. 
Wells C M & Co, 45 E Columbia. 

Hides and Pelts. 
Becker & Oppenheimer, 55 E Co- 
Lessing Louis, 47 E Columbia. 
Simon A, 43^ E Columbia. 
Weil Jacob, 76 Barr. 

Horse Collar Mnfrs. 

Boss & Boerger, 39 E Main. 
Jahn Ed, 116 W Main. 
Racine Aime, n w cor ist and Cass. 
Racine Fred L, 36 N Cass. 

Horse Shoers. 

{See also Blacksmiths.) 

Fogerty Ed, cor Harrison and Pearl, 
Maroney H, 41 W Main. 
Vizard A, 85 E Columbia. 

Hot Air Furnaces. 
Cottingham & Co, 36 Clinton. [See 

Wilson & Muhler, 27 E Columbia, 

American House, Bernhard H 
Schnieders, propr, 15, 17 and 19 W 

Columbia. (.SV^ adv.) 
Anderson House, 24 W Berry. 
Aveline House, cor Berry and Cal- 
Central Hotel, 20 and 22 E Berry. 

[See adv.) 
Exchange Hotel, 18 W Main. [See 

Eagle House, Vickers A Packer 

propr, 301 Calhoun. 
Farmers' Hotel, V Monn propr, 12 

Fort Wayne House, James Wilki- 

son propr, 258 Calhoun. 
Gable House, s w cor Madison and 

Lafayette. [See adv). 
Grand Hotel, J H Buckels propr, i 

Hanna House, cor Barr and E 

Harmon House, n w cor Chicago 

and Calhoun. 
Hedekin House, 25 Barr. [See adv). 
Mayer House, cor Calhoun and 

Phillips House, J W Swaidner propr 

107 E Columbia. 
Racine House, H F Riblet propr, 

n e cor First and N Cass. [See 

Robinson House, Harrison, head of 

Columbia. [See adv.) 
Summit City House, Adam P 

Essick propr, 39 E Water. 
Travelers' Home, Wm W Fox 

propr, 248 Calhoun. 
Union House, 49 W Main. 
Washington House, Fred Michael 

propr, 121 and 123 S Calhoun, cor 


Hub and Spoke Manufac- 
Boseker & White, e of Glasgow n of 
W and E Canal. 

Ice Dealers. 

Cody Morris, 13 Barr, 
Moran Peter, 201 E Wayne. 

Schafcr Christian, 193 High. 



Insurance Agents. 
Bossier H H, 44 Calhoun. (See 

adv. ) 
Buck W S, I2>^ E Main. 
Carier & Trentman, 4 Foster Block. 
Cour C J A, 328 Calhoun. 
d'Isay Isaac, 20 W Berry. [See 

Fisher & Tons, 32 E Berry. [See 

Graham & Gotshall, 17 E Main. 
Greenebaum A C, 31 Calhoun. 
Hartman & Schrader, 22 W Berry. 
Hayden Fred J, 68 Barr. 
Holman & Cordrey, 75^ Calhoun. 
Kramer B, 27 E Main. 
Lumbard S C. 36 Calhoun. 
Miller C C, 20 W Berry. 
Noll & Foellinger, 25 Postoffice 

Potler & Craw, 12^ E Main. 
Randall F P, 24 Clinton. 
Seidel Edward, 107 E Main. 

Insurance Companies. 

Hartford, of Hartford, Conn, Fred 

J Hayden agent, 68 Barr. 
Metropolitan Plate Glass, A C 

Greenebaum agent, 31 Calhoun. 
Railway Passenger of Hartford Conn 

Fisher & Tons, agt's 32 E Berry, 

[See adv.] 
Railway Passenger of Hartford, 

Graham & Gotshall agents, 17 E 

Travelers of Hartford Conn, Fisher 

and Tons agents, 32 E Berry. 

[See adv.) 
Travelers Accident of Hartford, 

L C Lumbard agent, 36 Calhoun- 
United States Plate Glass, H H 

Bossier agent, 44 Calhoun. 

Fire and Marine. 
y^tna of Hartford, Fisher & Tons 

agents, 32 E Berry. [See adv.) 
Amazon Insurance Co, of Cincinnati 

O, Hartman & Schrader agents 22 

W Berry. 
American Central, A C Greenebaum 

agent, 31 Calhoun. 

American Fire of Philadelphia Pa, 

Hartman & Schrader agents, 22 

W Berry. 
British American of Toronto Ont. 

Hartman & Schrader agents, 22 

W Berry. 
Buffalo German of Buffalo N Y, 

Edward Seidel agt 107 E Main, 
Cittzens of Newark N J, Hartman 

& Schrader agents, 22 W Berry. 
Commercial Fire New York, Isaac 

d'Isay agt, 20 W Berry. [See adv) 
Commercial of St Louis, Noll & Foel- 
linger agents, 25 P O Building. 
Commercial Union of London, Car- 
ier & Trentman agents, 4 Foster 

Connecticut of Hartford, Carier & 

Trenlman agents, 4 Foster Block, 
Continental of New York, S C Lum- 
bard agent, 36 Calhoun, 
Cooper Insurance Co, Dayton O, 

Isaac d'Isay agent, 20 W Berry. 
Faneuil Hall of Boston, Mass, F P 

Randall agent, 24 Clinton. 
Farmers & Drovers of LouLsville Ky, 

Holman & Cordrey agents, 751^ 

Farmers & Drovers of Louisville Ky, 

Noll & Foellinger agents, 25 P O 

Building. [See adv.) 
Fire Association of Philadelphia, S 
' C Lumbard agent, 36 Calhoun. 
Firemen's Dayton O, B Kramer agt, 

27 E Main. 
Firemen's Fund of San Francisco 

Cal. Fred J Hayden agent, 68 Barr 
Fidelity Fire of Delphos O, Isaac 

d'Isay agent, 20 W Berry. 
Franklin of Indinapolis, B Kramer 

agent, 27 E Main. 
Franklin of Philadelphia, S C Lum- 
bard agent, 36 Calhoun. 
Franklin of St Louis, Mo, Isaac 

d'Isay, agent, 20 W Berry. 
German American, A C Greene 

baum, agent, 31 Calhoun. 
German of Freeport, 111, B Kramer, 

agent, 27 E Main. 
German of Rochester, N Y, Isaac 

d'Isay, agent, 20 W Berry. 
Germania of Cincinnati, O, Noll & 

Foellinger, agents, 25 Postoffice 

Building. {See adv.) 


R. L. POLK & CO.*S 

Germania of Newark, N J, Hart- 
man & Schrader, agents, 22 W 

Germania of New Orleans, Isaac 
d'Isay, agent, 20 W Berry. 

Girard of Philadelphia, Pa, Hart- 
man & Schrader, agents, 22 W 

Glens Falls of New York, Isaac 
d'Isay, agent, 20 W Berry. 

Guaranty of New York, Isaac 
d'Isay, agent, 20 W Berry. 

Hamburg-Bremen of Germany, Car- 
rier & Trentman, afcnts, 4 Foster 

Hartford of Hartford, Conn, F P 
Randall, agent, 24 Clinton. 

Home Insurance and Banking Co, 
Texas, Isaac d'Isay, agent, 20 W 
Berry. [See adv.) 

Home of Columbus, Ohio, A C 
Greenebaum, agent, 31 Calhoun. 

Home of Newark, N J, A C 
Greenebaum, agent, 31 Calhoun. 

Home of New York, Fisher & Tons, 
agents, 32 E Berry. 

Homestead of Watertown, N Y, 
Noll & Foellinger, agents, 25 
Postoffice Building. {See adv.) 

Howard of New York, Graham & 
Gotshall, agents, 17 E Main. 

Humboldt, of Newark, N J, Gra- 
ham & Gotshall, agents, 17 E 

Imperial and Northern of London, 
Eng, S Lumbard, agent, 36 

Indianapolis Mutual of Indianap- 
olis, Edward Seidel, agent, 107 E 

Insurance Co of North America of 
Philadelphia, Pa, Graham & Got- 
shall, agents, 17 E Main. 

Jefferson of Steubenville, O", Isaac 
d'Isay, agent, 20 W Berry. 

Kenton of Covington, Ky, Isaac 
d'Isay, agent, 20 W Berry. {See 

La Caisse General of Paris, Carier 
& Trentman, agents, 4 Foster 

Lancashire of Manchester, Eng, 
A C Greenebaum, agent, 31 Cal- 

Lancashire Insurance Co of Man- 
chester, Eng, Fred J Hayden, 
agent, 68 Barr. 

Lancaster of Lancaster, Pa, Noll 
& Foellinger, agents, 25 Postoffice 
Building. {See adv.) 

Liverpool and London and Globe 
of London and Liverpool, S C 
Lumbard, agent, 36 Calhoun. 

London Assurance Corporation of 
London, Eng, Fred J Hayden, 
agent, 68 Barr. 

Lorillaid of New York, Hartman & 
Schrader. agents, 22 W Berry. 

Manhattan of New York, S C Lum- 
bard, agent, 36 Calhoun. 

Mercantile of Cleveland, O, Noll & 
Foellinger, agents, 25 Postoffice 
Building. {See adv.) 

Merchants of Newark, N J, S C 
Lumbard, agent, 36 Calhoun. 

Milwaukee Mechanics of Milwau- 
kee, Wis, Hartman & Schrader, 
agents, 22 W Berry. 

Mississippi Valley of Memphis, 
Tenn, Holman & Cordrey, agents, 
75^ Calhoun. 

National of Hartford, C C Miller, 
agent, 20 W Berry. 

Newark City, New Jersey, B Kra- 
mer, agent, 27 E Main. 

New York Underwriters Agency, 
Fisher & Tons, agents, 32 E 
Berry. {See adv.) 

Niagara of New York, S C Lum- 
bard, agent, 36 Calhoun. 

North British and Mercantile of 
London, Eng, F P Randall agent, 
24 Clinton. 

Northwestern National of Milwau- 
kee, Wis, Noll & Foellinger 
agents, 25 Postoffice Building. 

Orient of Hartford, C C Miller 
agent, 20 W Berry. 

Paterson of Paterson, N J, Noll & 
Foellinger agents, 25 Postoffice 

Pennsylvania of Philadelphia, Gra- 
ham & Gotshall agts, 17 EMain. 

People's of Newark, N J, Hartman 
& Schrader agents, 22 W Berry. 

People's Insurance Co of Trenton, 
N J, Isaac d'Isay agent, 20 W 
Berry. {See adv.) 



Phenix of Brooklyn, S C Lumbard 
agent, 36 Calhoun. 

Phenix of St Louis, Mo, B Kramei- 
agent, 27 E Main. 

Phoenix of Hartford, H H Bossier 
agent, 44 Calhoun. 

Queen of Liverpool and London, 
Carier & Trentman agents, 4 Fost- 
er Block. 

Residence of Cleveland, O, Hart- 
man & Schrader agents, 22 W 

Rochester of Rochester, Pa, Edward 
Seidel agt, 107 E Main. 

Royal Canadian of Montreal, Noll 
& Foellinger agents, 25 Postoffice 
Building. [See adv.) 

Royal of Liverpool, S C Lumbard 
agent, 36 Calhoun. 

St Joseph, of St Joseph, Mo, F P 
Randall agent, 24 Clinton. 

St Paul, of St Paul, Minn, A C 
Greenebaum agent, 31 Calhoun. 

Scottish Commercial, H H Bossier 
agent, 44 Calhoun. 

Springfield of Massachusetts, S C 
Lumbard agent, 36 Calhoun. 

Southern Underwriters Association 
of Raleigh, N C, Holman & Cord- 
rey agents, 75^ Calhoun. 

Standard of New York, B Kramer 
agent, 27 E Main. 

Traders' of Chicago, 111, Carier & 
Trentman agents, 4 Foster Block. 

Teutonia, Dayton O, B Kramer 
agent, 27 E Main. 

Watertown of N Y, Noll & Foell- 
inger agents, 2<^ Postoffice Build- 
ing. (See adv.) 

Westchester of New York, Hartman 
& Schrader agents,* 22 W Berry, 

Western Assurance Co of Toronto, 
Canada, Hartman & Schrader 
agents, 22 W Berry. 


Connecticut Mutual of Hartford, W 

S Buck district agt, 12 }4 E Main. 
Equitable of New York, Holman & 

Cordrey agents, 751^ Calhoun. 
Germania Life of New York, A C 

Greenebaum agent, 3 f Calhoun, 
German Mutual of In(i;:!napolis,Ind, 

Edward Seidel a>;eiit, 107 E 


Mutual of New York, Fisher & Tons 
agents, 32 E Berry. (See adv.) 

New England Mutual Life of Bost- 
on, Mass, S C Lumbard agent, 36 

New York Life, Hartman & Schra- 
der agents, 22 W Berry, 

Northwestern Mutual, Martin V B 
Gotshall agent, 17 E Main, 

Phoenix of Hartford,Noll & Foelling- 
er agents, 25 Postoffice Building. 

Protection, of Chicago, H H Bossier 
agent, 44 Calhoun. 

Travelers' Life of Hartford, Conn, 
Fisher & Tons agents,32 E Berry. 

Union Central of Cincinnati, Ohio, 
Noll & Foellinger agents, 25 
Postoffice Building. 

Union Mutual of Maine, Isaac 
d'Isay agent, 20 W Berry. 

Iron and Heavy Hardware. 

Brandrifl AD & Co, 54 and 56 E 

Coombs & Co, 38, 40 and 42 E Main. 


{See Watches, Clocks and Jewelry^ 

Justices of the Peace. 
Archer David R, 25^ Postoffice 

Peeks James C, 62 Calhoun. 
Dolan John, 20 W Berry. 
Graham James E, 17 E Main. 
Hoagland J R, 12^ E Main, 
Ryan Daniel, 19 Court. 
Tancey Michael, 52^ Calhoun. 
Wilkinson Henry W, res s w cor 

Lewis and Lafayette. 

Lath Dealer. 

Lillie James & Co, i N Calhoun. 


Fort Wayne City Laundry, Gable & 
Lott proprietors, 141 Calhoun. 
(See adv.) 

Kee Chong, 30 W Main. 

Aldrich & Barrett, 52;^ Calhoun, 

2 go 

R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

Bittinger A H, n e cor Main and 

Bittinger G L, n w cor Calhoun and 

Bittinger Jacob R, n w cor Main 

and Calhoun. 
Beeks James C, 62 Calhoun. 
Brackenridge Joseph, 62 Calhoun. 
Burwell Newton, 17 Court, 
Colerick Philemon B, i and 2 Fos- 
ter Block. 
Colerick W G, H & T W, 4 Foster 

Coombs, Morris & Bell, 32 E Berry. 
Crane Geo D, 44 Calhoun. 
Curtice John F, 14 Burgess Block. 
Driver W M, 20 W Berry. 
Edgerton Hon Joseph K, 57 W 

France H F, 44 Calhoun. 
Gilchrist Charles P, 8 Foster Block 
Graff Myer L, 32 E Berry. 
Graham Samuel D, n w cor Calhoun 

and Main. 
Graham & Gotshall, 17 E Main. 
Harper James B, 62 Calhoun. 
Hartman Homer C, 22 W Berry. 
Hayden John W, 17 Court. 
Hayes Fred, 62 Calhoun. 
Jenison Wm T, over 1st National 

Kerr Wm J, n w cor Calhoun and 

Lowry Robert, 14 Burgess Block. 
Miller N C, 20 W Berry. 
Morrison James F, n w cor Calhoun 

and Berry. 
Ninde Lindley M, 16 W Main. 
O'Rourke Edward, 14 Burgess 

Philley M S, 121^ E Columbia. 
Purman A A, 20 W Berry. 
Randall Perry A, 7 and 8 F'oster 

Robertson R S, 62 Calhoun. 
Robinson Henry H, Robinson 

Ryan Daniel, 19 Court. 
Sinclair & Rodabaugh, 44 Calhoun. 
Spencer M V B, 33 Columbia. 
Stahl John, 12 j4 Calhoun. 
Stratton & Stratton, 21 Court. 
Swayne & Kohr, n w cor Calhoun 

and Main. 

Swift & Bayliss, 32 E Berry. 
Taylor & Morris, 34 E Berry. 
Thomas Wm M, 33 Calhoun. 
Welsheimer Wm T, 44 Calhoun. 
Westrumb H C F, 20 W Berry. 
Withers Warren H, 44 Calhoun. 
Zollars & Zollars, n w cor Calhoun 
and Berry. 

Leather and Findings. 

Freiburger S & Bro. 24 E Main. 

Lime, Plaster and Cement. 

Lillie James & Co, i N Calhoun. 
Moellering & Paul, 81 E Columbia. 

Livery, Sale and Feed Sta- 

Barnum Dr G P, 93 E Columbia, 

Deardorff O, 88 Broadway. 

Draker John, 13 Pearl. 

Edsall & Christman, n e cor W & 
E Canal and Clinton, 

Fletcher J F, 32 Barr. 

Glynn M, 53 E Main. 

Ligget Brothers, 5 and 7 N Har- 
rison, (S^^ adv.) 

Perrin A C, 62 E Wayne. 

Read A J, 18 W Wayne, 

Sedgwick John W, 242 Calhoun. 

Loan Agents. 
Fisher & Tons, 32 E Berry. (Se<! 

Wilson L D & Co, 210 Calhoun. 

Hahn Wm, 146 W Main. 
Lade Max 0,^3 E Main. {See adv.) 
Reiling August, 66 Pearl. 

Looking Glasses. 
Wood Wm S, 142 Calhoun. 

Lumber Dealers. 

Clark & Rhinesmith Lumber Co, n 
s Wallace bet Lafayette and Clin- 

Cochrane, Humphrey & Co, 100 
Pearl . ( See adv page ^ I . ) 

Hoffman Bros, 200 W Main. {See 



Myers Geo, e s Broadway n of P F 

W & C R R. 
Nuttman & Co, 309 Broadway. 
Peters Box and Lumber Co, 79 to 

102 High. {See adv.) 

{See Founders and Machinists.) 

Marble Works. 

Schmenner Henry, 47 W Main. 
Underbill & Congdon, 74 and 76 W 
Main. {See adv.) 

Mattress Mnfrs. 
Wolf Paul & Co, 51 E Main. {See 

Meat Markets. 

Burkenn Edvvd, 104 Calboun. 

Eckart F & Co, 60 Calhoun. 

Felt W B & Co, 22 Harrison. 

Fisher Isaac, 112 Griffith. 

Fry Henry C, 246 S Calboun. 

Haller Gottlieb, 371 Calboun. 

Huber George, e s Barr bet Wash- 
ington and Jefferson. 

Hunting Wm H, 141 Fairfield ave. 

Kaufmann C, 198 Broadway, 

Kohn Charles, 46 Maumee ave. 

Leikoff John, 94 Barr. 

McClure John H, n w cor Hanna 
and Wallace. 

Meyer Ernst, 213 Lafayette. 

Pfleiderer Jacob, n e cor Washing- 
ton and Monroe. 

Rich & Bro, 264 S Calho,un and 15 
W Berry. 

Roun George, 60 E Main. 

Rudert George, s s W Main at city 

Steller Conrad, n e cor Wells and 

Swindell & Parker, 125 Broadway. 

Weller John, e s Harrison bet W 
Washington and W Jefferson. 

Wilkens Christ, 112 Broadway. 

Wolf A, 10 W Main. 

Wolf Leopold, 187 Broadway. 

Yobst Amon, 327 Lafayette. 

Merchant Tailors. 

[See also Clothing.) 
Bostick E & Son, 10 E Columbia. 
Clark Joseph M, s w cor Berry and 

Fledderman J G, 27 E Main. 
Foster Andrew, 21 Calhoun. {See 

Grimme Jno H, 19 W Wayne. 
Heingartner M, 34 Clinton. 
Horstman Fred H, 182 Calhoun. 
Matthews Stephen, 162 Calhoun. 
Rabus John,6l Wells. 
Seemeyer Gottlieb, 134 Broadway. 
Thieme J G & Bro, 37 E Columbia. 
Vogel C G & Son, 29 Calhoun. 
White Wm, 84 Calhoun. 
Young N B & Co. 9 E Main. 



Low D S, 1 1 E Columbia. 

Noll Brothers, 8 Calhoun. 

Orff C & Co, 5 E Columbia. {See 


Black, Joseph & Co, 26 Calhoun. 

Dalzell Mrs S J, 30 Calhoun. 

Keel Mrs M G, 138 Broadway. 

Kliese Mrs Mary, 108 Broadway. 

Koenig Miss J, n w cor Washing- 
ton and Griffith. 

Kratzsch H, 86 Calhoun. 

Low Mrs Kate, 1 1 E Columbia. 

Neuberger Mrs R, 15 E Main. 

Orff C & Co, 5 E Columbia, {See adv) 

Pierr Jacob, n w cor Calhoun & 

Raab Mrs C, 175 E Washington. 

Schaffer Mrs K, 26 Clinton. 

Schilling Mary, 31" E Main. 

Stier Mrs George J, 32 Clinton. 

Unger Mrs Martha J, 73 Harrison. 

Vogel Mrs E, 29 Calhoun. 

Music and Musical Instru- 
Anderson T P, 98 Calhoun. 
Hill C L, 52>^ Calhoun. 
Kestel Peter P, 130 Calhoun. 
Taylor Bros, 1 5 W Wayne. 


R. L. POLK & CO. S 

Music Teachers. 
Strubey Charles, 81 E Jefferson. 

Ne^ws Dealers. 
Davis P B, 72 Calhoun. 
Keel Mrs M G, 138 Broadway. 


(Daily English.) 

Daily News, Page, Taylor & Co, 
Publishers n w cor^Main & Cal- 
houn. {See adv.) * 

Fort Wayne Gazette, 25 W Main. 

Fort Wayne Sentinel, 107 Calhoun. 

(Daily German.) 

Daily Democrat, 86 Calhoun. 

(Weekly & Tri-Weekly German.) 

Indiana Staats Zeitung, n e cor Clin- 
ton & Columbia. 

(Weekly English.) 
Fort Wayne Gazette, 25 W Main. 
Fort Wayne Journal, C Fairbank & 

Co, publishers Journal Building, 
Fort Wayne Sentinel, 107 Calhoun. 

(Weekly German.) 
Indiana Volksfreund, 82 Calhoun. 

Notaries Public. 

Aldrich Charles H, 52^ Calhoun. 

Brittinger George L, n w cor Cal- 
houn and Main. 

Bossier Henry H, 44 Calhoun. 

Carier A H, 4 Foster Block. 

Dougall Allen H, 32 E Main. 

Driver Willis M, 20 W Berry. 

Fisher David C, 32 E Berry. 

Fleming Oliver E, 32 E Berry. 

Furst F L, 54 Calhoun. 

Gilchrist C P, 8 Foster Block. 

Gotschall M V B, 17 E Main. 

Graham Samuel D, n w cor Calhoun 
and Main. 

Harper J B, 62 Calhoun. 

Hartman George B, 22 W Berry. 

Harrman Homer C, 22 W Berry. 

Hayden Fred J, 68 Barr. 

Hayes Fred, 62 Calhoun. 

Jones L M, 26 Court. 

Kerr W J, n w cor Calhoun and 

Lowry R J, 14 Burgess Block. 
Morris Samuel L, 34 E Berry. 
Morrison James F, 60 Calhoun. 
Philley MS, 12)^ E Columbia. 
Randall Perry A, 7 and 8 Foster 

Rodabaugh [ohn F, 44 Calhoun. 
Schradev Henry C, 22 W Berry. 
Stahl John, 121^ E Main. 
Statler Augustus J, 15 Calhoun. 
Stratton Jerome Q, 21 Court. 
Stratton Robert, 21 Court, 
Swayne & Kohr, n w cor Calhoun 

and Main. 
Swift & Bayless, 32 E Berry . 
Thomas Wm W, 33 Calhoun. 
Tons Henry, 32 E Berry, 
Trentman John H, 4 Foster Block. 
Tresselt Charles, county treasurer's 

Welsheimer Wm T, 44 Calhoun. 
Withers W H, 44 Calhoun. 
Westrumb H C F, 20 W Berry. 


[See Fancy Goods and Notions^ also 
Dry Goods. 

Oat Meal Mill. 

Sedgwick John, 240 Calhoun. 

Oil Manufacturers. 


Humphrey & Case, Canal w of Cal- 

Omnibus Lines. 

Fletcher & Powers, 12 to 

[6 E 


Redelsheimer Henry,. 36 Calhoun. 

Ornamental Plaster Manu- 
Grandi C & Co, 136 Barr. 

Oysters, Fish and G-ame. 
Central Grocery, 90 Calhoun, 
Lee George D, 252 Calhoun. 



Alder Jacob, 140 Van Buren. 
Allen Albert S, 5 E Main. 
Bellamy Albert F, 100 W Water. 
Bowers James, 48 W Jefferson. 
Brimmer Joe H, i W Main. 
Fedeli Jerome, 2 Ewing Hall. 
Ft Wayne Paint and Painting Co, 

73 Calhoun. 
Hepburn Archibald, 20 W Main. 
Hull Lewis O, 75 Calhoun. 
Stutzenberger M, 28 Clinton. 
Wilding & Son, 193 Calhoun, 
Wilson James, 43 E Columbia. 

Paints, Oils and G-lass. 
Fee F W, 29 Clinton. 
Jocquel John J, 170 Calhoun. 

Paper Warehouses. 

Freeman & Barnett, 57 E Columbia. 
Bowers J, 48 W Jefferson. 
Saunders Chas A & Co, 74 Calhoun. 

Pattern Makers. 
Poulson Britten, 103 N Cass. (See 

Pa^wn Brokers. 
Kyle A P & Co, 20 W Main. 

Pearl Barley Manufacturers: 

Monning, Son & Co, 75 E Columbia. 

Peddlers' Supplies. 

Johnson Elias, 255 and 257 Calhoun. 

Photographers . 
Hamilton D H, s e cor Calhoun 

and Columbia. 
Poston Elisha W, 108 Broadway. 
Shoaff John A, 7 W Columbia. 
Sommer Carl, 30 Calhoun. 
Walling Charles E, 18 W Berry. 


Anderson Samuel, 80 Calhoun. 
Ayres H B, 114 Clinton. 
Beck Joseph R, 52 Calhoun. 
Bowen George W, 4 Calhoun. 
Bruebach G T, 66 Calhoun. 

Chambers J D, 66 Calhoun. 
Clark Henry A, 20 W Berry. 
Davis Jesse, 32 W Berry. 
Doggett S B, Central Hotel. 
Ferguson Wm T, 14 W Jefferson. 
Fick H A, 18 Clinton. 
Frietzsche John U, 22 W Berry. 
Gard Brookfield, 128 Calhoun. 
Goeriz Adolphus, 365 Lafayette. 
Goeriz G A, 30 E Columbia. 
Green Mrs M F, 139 W Mam. 
Gregg & Buchman, 40 Calhoun. 
Heuchling Theodore, 82 W Berry. 
Housman Z T, 244 Calhoun. 
Hunt AH, 17 W Berry. 
Jameson S G, 32 W Berry. 
Josse John M, 54 Calhoun. 
Leonard Park M, 24 Harrison. 
Lewis Mrs Etta, 202 W Wayne. 
McCullough T P, 180 Harrison. 
Mayer C P, 105 Barr. 
Metcalf S C, 6 W Columbia. 
Myers Isaac N, 80 Calhoun. 
Myers Wm H, 80 Calhoun. 
Nieschang A E, 6 W Columbia. 
Orvis Chas, s w cor Berry & Calhoun 
Potts Charles N, n w cor Lafayette 

and Lewis. 
Poyneer George W, 86 Calhoun. 
Proegler & Trexler, i W Main. 
Purman D M, 66 Caihoun. 
Richards Jas, office Nestle's Block. 
Rosenthal I M, office Wagner's 

Drug Store. 
Smith C S, 38 Douglas ave. 
Swan F H, 75 Calhoun. 
Sweringen H V, 98 Broadway. 
Todd S Clay, 6 W Columbia. 
Trexler Lesher, 173 Ewing. 
Virgil Thomas S, 70 Harrison. 
Whery & Ferguson, 7 W Columbia 

and 14 W Jefferson. 
Wilder E P B, 75 Calhoun. 
WilliaaBfisosi AC, 13 W Jef- 

Woodworth B S, 234 W Berry. 

Piano Tuner. 
Wagner John C H, 64 W Main. 

Picture Frame Mnfrs. " 

Maddux Bros, 49 Holton ave. 
Wood Wm S, 142 Calhoun. 


R. L. POLK & COJs 

Pig Iron. 
Bass & Smith, office Bass Foundry & 
Machine Works. 

Planing Mills. 

Clark & Rhinesmith Lumber Co, n 
s Wallace bet Lafayette and Clin- 

Cochrane, Humphrey & Co, loo 
Pearl. (Se^ adv.) 

Scheuman & Helmkamp, s e cor 
Broadway and Taylor. 


Wilding & Son, 193 Calhoun. 

Plow Handle Mnfrs. 
Olds N G & Sons, e s Lafayette s of 
T W & W Ry track. 

Plow Manufacturers. 
Edgerton Joseph K, 57 and 59 W 
Main, salesroom 23 W Columbia. 
Zollinger Louis C, 15 E Water. 



and G-as 

Hatlersley A, 48 E Main. {See adv.) 

Pork Packers. 

Eckart F & Co, 60 Calhoun. 
Wolf Abraham, lo W Main. 

Portrait Painter. 
Dille Joseph H, 44 Calhoun. 

Potash Manufacturers. 
Kuster & McLane, n e cor Columbia 

and Ewing. 
Strasburg Chinstian, n s Canal e of 


Laemmle John, 284 W Main. 

Printers— Book and Job. 

Ft Wayne Journal, Journal Building. 

Gazette Conipany, 25 W Main. 

Indiana State Zeitung, n e cor Clin- 
ton and Columbia, 

McDermut & Tolan, 84 Calhoun. 

Page, Taylor & Co, n w cor Main 
and Calhoun. {See adv.) 

Sentinel Printing Co, 107 Calhoun. 

Worch Rudolph, 82 Calhoun. 

Produce Dealers. 

Bash S & Co, 49 and 51 E Columbia. 

Pump Makers. 
Kyle A P & Co, 20 W Main. 


{See Miscellaneous Directory^ 
Real Estate. 

Bittinger G L, n w cor Calhoun and 

Bossier H H, 44 Calhoun. {See adv.) 
Burgess Henry, 7 Burgess Block. 
Carier & Trentman, 4 Foster Block. 
Cour C J A, 328 Calhoun. 
d'Isay Isaac, 20 W Berry. ( See adv.) 
Fisher & Tons, 32 E Berry. {See 

Furste Frank L, 54 Calhoun. 
Greenebaum A C, 31 Calhoun. 
Hanna S T, 68 Barr. 
Hartman & Schrader, 22 W Berry. 
Hayden Fred J, 68 Barr. 
Hillegass & Statler, 15 Calhoun. 
Holman & Cordrey, 75^ Calhoun. 
Jones L M, 26 Court. {See adv.) 
Lumbard S C, 36 Calhoun. 
Noll & Foellinger, 25 Postoffice 

Building. {Set adv.) 
Potter & Craw, I2>^ E Main. 
Randall F P, 26 Calhoun. {See adv.) 
Walter Wm B, 22 W Berry. 


Adams John, 256 Calhoun. 
Axx Andrew, 270 Calhoun. 
Barcus H H, 29 E Main. 
Brown Albert, i Railroad. 
Burnett Alfred, 10 W Berry. 
Evans Calvin, 216 Calhoun. 
Hogan Hugh, 89 Caihoun. 
Kelly Michael M, 250 S Calhoun. 
Leifels Joseph J, 231 Barr. 



McFeeley D R, 92 Calhoun. 
O'Brian & Brehm, 5 Railroad. 
Tompkins Peleg G, 278 Calhoun. 
Worman James M, 205 Calhoun. 

Gorham Marquis, 19 Harrison. 
Humphreys, Lohmann & Hughes, 

213 Calhoun. 
Myers James D, 57 E Water. 

Root Beer Manufacturers. 
Forgham Horatio T, 12 Marion. 

{See adv. outside back cover.) 
Phelps Whitcomb, 68 Barr. 

Saddle and Harness Makers. 
Gilbert Wm H, 149 W Main. 
Hilt F & Co, 17 E Main. 
Johns A S & Son, 19 Court, also 

69 E Main. 
Kuntz G H, 36 W Main. 
Neireiter C, 13 W Columbia, 
Sharp & Rudolph, 2 N Calhoun. 
Shoaff S H, 12 W Columbia. 
Traub Louis, 18^ E Columbia. 

Saddlery Hardware. 

Johns A S & Son, 69 E Main. 
Rogers, Duck & Lewis, 31 E Co- 

Safe Dealers. 
Wilson L D & Co, 210 Calhoun. 


Adams John, 256 Calhoun. 

Axx Andrew, 270 Calhoun. 

Blee Charles A, 231 Calhoun. 

Bothner John, 127 Calhoun. 

Brenner Geo, 13 W Wayne. 

Brown Mat, 84 Fairfield ave. 

Cannady August, 98 E Columbia. 

Casso & Hake, cor Harrison and 

Corneille & Bro, 41 E Water. 

Deppen & Abendroth, 8 W Colum- 

Dicke H & Co, 215 Lafayette. 

Diems Charles, 245 Calhoun. 

Dierstein Christ, 2 Fairfield ave. 

Draker John, 26 Harrison. 

Drew Wm E, 297 W Main. 
Driscoll Edward, 274 S Calhoun. 
Dukeman Augustus, 84 Calhoun. 
Ehrman C, 41 E Main. 
Ehrman J M, 173 Broadway. 
Epple Gottlieb, 185 Fairfield ave. 
Ferckel Martin, 31 Clinton. 
Figel Fred C* 54 Wells. 
Gaetje John, 181 Calhoun. 
Geismar Adolph, 11 E Main. 
Gerardin H, 28 E Columbia. 
Glutting Jacob, 34 W Washington. 
Goodman F X, 1 1 W Columbia. 
Gross William, 138 Calhoun. 
Hammerle Xavier, 96 Broadway. 
Hartnett James, 12 Chicago. 
Henkel Philip, 168 W Main. 
Hoch William, 313 Lafayette. 
Hofer Andrew, 8 Force. 
Hogan Hugh, 89 Calhoun. 
Hogan Timothy, 270)^ Calhoun. 
Holz worth Eberhart, 48 W Main. 
Hornung Geo, 69 & 71 Harrison, 
Jourdain Celestain, 98 Maumee ave. 
Kabiscli Julius, 12 W Main. 
Kanney John & Bro, 126 E Wash- 
Keintz John, 310 Lafayette. 
Keinz Philip, 307 Lafayette. 

Kelley Michael M, 250 S Calhoun, 

Kleiner John, 119 W Jefiferson. 

Klotz & Zoeller, 372 Calhoun. 

Koch John B, 122 E Washington. 

Kready J J, 26 W Main. 

Lampert Henry, 86 Barr. 

Lang George, 26 Wells. 

Langard Joseph, 70 E Columbia. 

Lassegar Gottlieb, 135 Calhoun. 

Lauer Barbara, 150 Barr. 

Lazzarini A, 74 E Columbia. 

Leichner John, 13 E Main. 

Leifels Joseph J, 231 Barr. 

Lordier A, 20 Clinton. 

McDonald Robert, 23 E Main. 

Masden & Sutton, 280 Calhoun. 

Mayer George, 45 Wells. 

Morrison Thos J, 15 Grand, 

Motsch Frederick, 28 W Main, 

Neuenschwander I M, 46 E Colum- 

Ortlieb Geo, 76 Calhoun. 

Ortmann Charles, 132 Wells. 

Overman H & J, 114 Calhoun. 

Pequignot Joseph, 91 Harmer. 

Rapp Chas G, 52 W Main. 


R. L. POLK & CO. S 

Ropa Wm, 139 Broadway. 

Ross Mrs Emma, 139 E Jefferson. 

Ryan Wm, 243 Calhoun. 

Sarazin Joseph, 300 E Washington. 

Schalk Joseph, 148 W Main. 

Schmucker & Rademacher, 318 La- 

Schnieders Bernhard H, 19 W Co- 

Schmurr & Hazzard, 24 W Main. 

Schoppman Wm, 213 Hanna. 

Schroeder C L, 27 W Columbia. 

Shea C, 82 Fairfield ave. 

wSmalhouse & Creveling, 270 Cal- 

Stotz Uirich, 21 E Main. 

Strodel George, 54 E Main. 

Strodel Matthias, 10 E Berry. 

Summers James H, 262 Calhoun. 

Sutton John, cor ist and Harrison. 

Vieth Louis, 267 E Wayne. 

Wagner Rupert, 120 Calhoun. 

Waldman Benedict, 91 Calhoun. 

Walters David B, 207 Calhoun. 

Webber M N, 3 E Main. 

Wickey Samuel & Bro, 24 E Berry. 

Wilker Harman, 60 E Columbia. 

Wilkinson John, 77 Calhoun. 

Zoller George, 13 Harrison. 

Sash, Doors and Blinds. 

Cochrane, Humphrey & Co, 100 

Pearl. {See adv.) 
Kurd O D, s w cor Lafayette and T 

W & W Ry. 
Jacoby & Wiegand, s w cor Monroe 

and Virginia. 

Saw Manufacturers. 
Wilson & Bro, 178 Calhoun. 

Saw Mills. 
Baker J & K, n s W & E Canal w 

of Lafayette. 
Hoflfman Bros, 200 W Main. [See 

Peters Box and Lumber Co, 79 to 

102 High. {See adv.) 
Tagtmeyer Wm, n w cor W & E 

Canal and Cass. 

Saw Repairers. 
Gorham Marquis, 19 Harrison. 


{Field and Garden.) 
Bash S & Co, 49 and 51 E Colum- 
Nelson I D G & Co,35 E Columbia. 
Pratt Wm T, 25 W Columbia. 

Sew^ing- Machines. 
American Sewing Machine Co, 

Gwin L Smith manager, 139^ 

Conrad George, 35 Lavina. 
Hill C L, ^2% Calhoun. 
Howe Machine Co, 72 Calhoun. 
The Singer Manufacturing Co, 60^ 


Sewing Machine Repairer. 

Kestel Peter P, 130 Calhoun, 

Shirt Manufacturers. 

Fowler George S, n w cor Calhoun 
and Berry. 

Stave Manufacturers. 

Ranke. Yergens & Co, w s Ewing s 
of Water. 

Schnelker Beugnot & Co, s w cor 
Garden and Henry. 

Shurick F S, n s Wallace bet Lafay- 
ette and Clinton. 

Steamship Agents. 

Fisher & Tons, 32 E Berry. {See adv.) 
Greenebaum A C, 31 Calhoun. 
Lauferty Isaac, 3 Aveline Block. 
Westrumb H C F, 20 W Berry. 

Steamship Lines. 

American and Red Star, Isaac 
Lauferty agent, 3 Aveline Block. 

Anchor IJne, Fisher &Tons agents, 
32 E Beny. {See adv.) 

Anchor Line, H C F Westrumb 
agent, 20 W Berry. 

Bremen & Hamburg Line, H C P" 
Westrumb agent, 20 W Berry. 

Central Trans Atlantic, Isaac Lauf- 
erty agent, 3 Aveline Block. 

Cunard Line, Fisher & Tons agents, 
32 E Berry. {See adv.) 



Guion Western, Isaac Lauferty 

agent, 3 Aveline Block, 
Innian Line, Fisher & Tons agents, 

32 E Berry. [See adv.) 
Inman Line, A C Greenebaum agent, 

31 Calhoun. 
National Line, H C F Westrumb 

agent, 20 W Berry. 
Netherland American, Isaac Lau- 

erty agent, 3 Aveline Block. 
North German Lloyd, Isaac Lauf- 

ferty agent, 3 Aveline Block. 
White Star Line, Fisher & Tons 

agents,32 E Berry. (See adv.) 

Stencil Cutter. 

Lade Max G, 58 E Main, [See adv.) 

Stone Dealers. 

Keller S & Co, 94 Pearl. 
Lillie James & Co, I N Calhoun. 
Sutermeister & Co, 14 Fulton. [See 


[See also Me7-chani Tailors.) 
Bornemann Charles, 98 Harrison. 
Finn Ellen, 66 Calhoun. 
Hensel Frank, 86 Calhoun. 
Kaiser Frederick, 24 VV Main. 
Mayer Louis, 18 E Columbia. 
Schmalz C, 108 Harrison, 
Shoch A F, 45 W Main. 
Schrader Godfrey, 129 S Calhoun. 
Williams T, 17 W Main. 

Tanners and Curriers. 

Fry Jacob & Sons, cor Main and 
Cherry. • 

Tea Dealers. 

Central Grocery, 90 Calhoun. [See 

White James B, 9 and 11 W Berry. 

Tile Manufacturer 

Crouse Charles F. n w^ cor Erie and 


Tin, Copper and Sheet Iron- 

[See Hardware. Stoves and Tinware.) 


[See also Cigars and Tobacco.) 
Rockhill J B, 30 E Main. 

Transportation Companies. 

Empire Transportation Co, 26 

Merchants' Despatch, Fred J 

Hayden agent, 68 Barr. 
Union Fast Freight Line, N E 

Woodward agent, 4 Aveline 

House Block. 


Ryon James W, 164 Harrison. 

Trunk Manufacturers. 
Carier A H, 22 E Columbia. 
Neiieiter C, 13 W Columbia. 

Truss Manufacturer. 

Shenzinger R, 176 Bi-oadway. 

Tubular Wells. 

Marcy R G, 75 Dawson. 

Umbrella Manufacturer. 

Miller Thomas, 174 Calhoun 


Fink Charles, 37 Maiden Lane, 
Peltier Louis, 17 W Wayne. {See 


Baus Fred, 143 Calhoun. 
Wolf Paul & Co, 51 E Main. [See 

Veterinary Surgeon. 

Barnum Dr G P, 93 E Columbia. 
Nestel Daniel, Nestel's Block, 

Read H A, 18 W Wayne. 

Vinegar Works. 
Van Dewater M, 69 E Columbia, 

W^agon Yard, 

Long Henry F, e s N Calhoun n of 
W Water. 



Wall Paper. 

Ellsworth, Andrew & Co, 26 E 

Siemon & Brother, 50 Calhoun. 

{See adv.) 
Stockbridge N P, 15 E Columbia. 

Watches, Clocks and 

Caps John E & Co, 100 Barr. 
Mayer Geo J E & Co, 19 E Main. 
Mayer & Graffe, s e cor Calhoun 

and Columbia. 
Pietz J Ferdinand, 66 Calhoun. 
vSauser Louis, 223 Calhoun. 
Scheidegger John, 191 Broadway. 
Trenkley & Scherzinger, 78 Calhoun. 

Wines and Liquors. 

Bargus H & Robbe, 29 Barr, 
Falk & Lamley, 33 E Columbia. 
Leutz, Bourie & Co, cor Main and 

Lindman & Rubin, 37 W Main. 
Nathan Brothers, 59 E Columbia. 

Wood Dealers. 

Hoffman Joseph C, n e cor Pearl 

and Broadway. {See adv.) 
Kelsey James T, n s Pearl w of 

Samse William n s W and E Canal 

w of Harrison street bridge. {See 

Welch Geo W, s e cor Broadway 

and Taylor, 
Wery J H, sr, 132 Williams. 

Wool Dealers. 

Bash S & Co, 49 and 51 E Colum- 

Woolen Mills. 

French, Hanna & Co, Water, bet 
Barr and Lafayette. 


$1,00 Per Day, I 

$1,00 Per Day. 

MEALS 25 Cents. LODGING 25 Cents. 

Well Supplied Table, Clean Beds, 
Orderly House. 

Good Stabling and Yard rooin for fanners, at 
Lowest Rates. 

P. S. CRISENBERRY, Ppoprietor. 

ii ¥. liii Si 

foil W4f 11, 111. 

R. L. POLK & CO;S 

Fort Wayne Directory. 




Aboit, from Sherman west to Frank- 
lin ave, first south of Barthold 

Alien, from Lafayette west to Web- 
ster, first north of Pontiac, 

AndreWjfrora Archer ave south, third 
east of St Mary's ave. 

Archer ave, from Wells west to Ty- 
ler ave at north city limits. 

Baker, from Calhoun west to Fair- 
field ave, first south of Bracken- 

Barr, from Water south to Pontiac, 
second east of Calhoun. 

Barthold, from St Mary's river 
north to canal feeder, fourth west 
of Wells. 

Barthold ave, from Sherman west 
to G R «& I R R, second north of 
canal feeder. 

Bass, from Fairfield ave east to 
Hoagland, first south of T W & 
W Ry. 

Beck, from Wells west to Tyler ave, 
first south of Archer. 

Berry, from Francis east, first north 
of E Wayne. 

Berry (East;, from Calhoun east to 
W & E Canal, first south of Main. 

Berry (West) from Calhoun west to 

St Mary's river, first south of 

Bowser, from Wells west, first north 

of High. 
Brackenridge, from Calhoun west, 

first south of Douglas ave. 
Brandriff, from Hoagland ave east 

to Webster, first south of Melita. 
Breck, from St Mary's river at Van 

Buren street bridge, west to canal 

Broadway, from W & E canal south 

to city limits, seventh west of Cal- 
Buchanan, from Lafayette east to 

H anna, fifth south of T W & W Ry. 
Burgess, from St Mary's ave west, 

first south of F W M & C R R. 
Butler, from Lafayette west to Fair- 
field ave, first south of Williams. 
Calhoun, from St Mary's river 

south to city limits, first west of 

Canal, from W & E canal west of 

Case, from Holton ave east to 

Grund, fourth south of P F W & 

C R R crossing. 


R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

Cass, from Berry north to St Mary's 

river, third west of Calhoun. 
Cass, from High north to Douglas 

ave, second west of Wells. 
Cass, from Lasselle south to Pontiac 

first east of Lafayette. 
Centre, from St Mary's river north 

to canal basin, second west of 

Main street bridge. 
Charles, from Lafayette east to 

Hanna, first south of Wallace. 
Charley, from Hanna east to Holton 

ave, first south of Greene. 
Cherry, from St Mary's river north 

to canal basin, first west of the 

Cherry, from Broadway west, first 

south of Nirdlinger. 
Chute, from Maum'ee road south to 

T W & W Ry, second east of 

Clay, from Main south to Lasselle, 

first east of Lafayette. 
Clinton, from Water south to Pon- 
tiac, first east of Calhoun, 
Colerick, from Fairfield ave east to 

Hoagland ave, second south of T 

W & W Ry. 
College, from Beny south to P F 

W & C R R, third west of Jackson. 
College, from W & E canal south 

to Maumee *road, fifth east of 

Columbia,from Harrison east to La- 
fayette, first north of Main. 
Columbia, first north of M'ain, from 

Cherry to Osage. 
Comparet, from Wayne south to 

Maumee road, second east of 

Coombs, from Wayne north to W & 

E canal, second east of Harmer. 
Creighton ave, from Broadway east 

to Hanna, first south of DeWald. 
Dawson, from Calhoun west to 

Hoagland ave, first north of Wil- 
De Wald, from Hoagland ave east 

to Hanna, second south of Wil- 
liams, one mile from Court House. 
Diamond, from Range road east, 

second south of P F W & C R R. 
Division, from Maumee road south 

to Lewis, third east of Hanna. 

Douglas, from Wells west to St 
Mary's, third north of the river. 

Douglas ave, from Calhoun west to 
McCIellan, second south of Jeffer- 
son ave. 

Du Bois, from Maumee road south 
to T W & W Ry, fourth east of 
Range Road. 

Duck, from Calhoun east to Barr, 
first north of Water. 

Eagle, from Taylor south, second 
west of Broadway. 

Eckart, from Hanna east to Smith, 
fourth south of Pontiac. 

Edsall, from Main south to Berry, 
first west of Jackson. 

Eliza, from Francis east, second 
south of Lewis. 

Eliza, from Range road east to 
Euclid, second south of Maumee 

Elizabeth, from Spy Run ave west 
to Spy Run, at north city limits. 

Elm, from Maumee road south to 
Lewis, first east of Ohio. 

Elm, from St Mary's river west to 
St Mary's river, first south of 

Emily, from Spy Run ave west to 
Spy Run, first south of Elizabeth. 

Emily, from Thomas west to Gay, 
second south of Charley. 

Euclid, from Maumee road south 
to Wayne Trace, second east of 
Range road. 

Euclid, from Vine south to Mercer, 
first east of Range road. 

Ewing, from W Water south to 
Brackenridge, third west of Cal- 

Fair, from St Mary's river to same, 
third south of Main. 

Fairfield ave, from George to south 
city limits, continuation of Griffith. 

Fifth, from Wells east to North Cal- 
houn, fifth north of St Mary's 

Fisher, from Holton ave west, sec- 
ond south of Charley. 

Fletcher ave, from Maumee road 
south to Wayne Trace, first east 
of Range road. 

Force, from Hern don south to Pon- 
tiac, fourth east of Lafayette. 



Fourth, crosses Wells, fourth north 

of St Mary's river. 
Fox, crosses Creightou ave, second 

east of Broadway, 
Francis, from W & E canal south to 

T W & W Ry, fourth east of La- 
Franklin, from Holton ave west to 

Smith, fourth south of Pontiac. 
Franklin ave, from canal feeder 

north to Archer ave, first west of 

St Mary's ave. 
Frederick, from Holton ave west to 

Smith, second south of Pontiac. 
Fulton, from W Water south to Jef- 
ferson, first east of Broadway. 
Garden, crosses Jefferson, first west 

of Nelson. 
Gay,from Hayden south to Pontiac, 

third east of Hanna. 
Gerke, from Holton ave west to 

Smith, first south of Pontiac. 
Glasgow, from Wayne south to Mau- 

mee road, fourth east of Range 

Grand, from Calhoun west, south 

side of T W & W Ry. 
Grant, from Grund east to Range 

road, continuation of Case. 
Grant, from Hanna east to P F W 

& C R R, first south of Jones. 
Grant ave, from Wayne south to 

Euclid, second east of Range 

Greene, from John east to Holton 

ave, first south of Samuel. 
Griffith, from W Water south to 

George, second east of Broadway. 
Grove, from Maumee road south to 

Lewis, second east of Ohio. 
Grund, from Grant to south city lim- 
its, second south of Holton, 
Hamilton, from Calhoun east to 

Lafayette, first south of Wallace. 
Hanna, from W & E canal south to 

city limits, third east of Lafay- 
Hanover, from Wayne north to W 

& E canal, first east of College. 
Harmer, from W & E canal south to 

Hayden, second east of Hanna. 
Harrison, from St Mary's river 

south to city limits, first west of 


Hayden, from Francis east, third 

south of Lewis. 
Hendricks, from Fairfield ave west 

to Broadway, first north of P F W 

&CR R. 
Henry, from Broadway east to 

Hoagland ave, first south of T 

W & W Ry crossing. 
Henry ,from Range road east, fourth 

south of P F W & C R R. 
Henry ave, from Holton west to 

Smith, fifth south of Pontiac. 
Hensch, from Archer ave south, 

third west of Wells. 
Herndon, from Hanna east to Gay, 

first south of T W & W Ry. 
High, from Archer ave south, sec- 
ond west of Wells. 
High, from Wells west to St Mary's, 

second north of the river. 
Highland, from Calhoun west to 

Webster, first south of T W & W 

Hoagland ave, from T W & W Ry 

shops south, third west of Cal- 
Hoffman, from Wells at canal feed- 
er west to Tyler ave. 
Holman, from Calhoun east to Han- 
na, second south of Lewis. 
Holton ave, from P F W & C R R 

to south city limits, seventh east 

of Hanna. 
Homer, from Euclid east to city 

limits, second south of Maumee 

Hood, from Pritchard south, first 

west of Jackson. 
Horace, from John east to Holton 

ave, first south of Grant. 
Hough, from Clay east to Hanna, 

first south of Holman. 
Howard, from Euclid east to city 

limits, first north of T W & W Ry. 
Howell, from G R & I R R east, 

second north of Burgess at canal 

Huestis ave., from Broadway west 

second south of Creighton ave. 
Hugh, from Francis east, first south 

of Lewis. 
Hugh, from Range road east to 

Euclid, first south of Maumee 



R. L. POLK & CO. S 

Humphrey, from Grant east to Glas- 
gow, first south of Washington. 

Hurd, from Holton ave east, first 
south of Case. 

Jackson. W & E canal south to P F 
W & C R R, second west of 

Jefferson (East), from Calhoun east 
to Division, first south of Wash- 

Jefferson (West), from Calhoun west 
to Fair Ground, first south of 

Jenison, from Holton ave east, sec- 
ond south of Case. 

Jesse, from G R & I R R, east, third 
north of Borgess at canal feeder. 

John, from P F W & C R R south 
to Pontiac, second east of Hanna. 

Jones, from Hanna east to Smith, 
second south of T W & W Ry. 

Jones, from West west to Nelson, 
second south of Jefferson. 

Julia, from Holton ave west, first 
south of Charley. 

King, from E Wayne south to Mau- 
mee road, first east of Harmer. 

Koch, from Archer ave south, first 
west of Wells. 

Lafayette, from Water south to city 
limits, third east of Calhoun 

Lake, from St. Mary's ave al canal 
feeder west to Franklin ave. 

Lasselle, from Lafayette east to 
Hanna, first south of Charles, 

Lavina, from Broadway east to Fair- 
field ave, second north of P F W 
& C R R. 

Lavina ave, from Taylor south to T 
W & W Ry, third west of Broad- 

Leith, from Calhoun east to Lafay- 
ette, first south of Pontiac. 

Lewis, from Euclid east to city 
limits, first south of Maumee 

Lewis, from Ewing east to Range 
road, first south of Jefferson. 

Li Hie, from Grant south to Pontiac, 
third east of Holton ave. 

Lillie, from Maumee road south to 
T W & W Ry, first west of Range 

Locust, from Fairfield ave west, first 
south of T W & W Ry. 

McClellan, from Lewis south to 

Baker, first west of Webster. 
McCulloch, from Maumee road 

soujh to Lewis, third east of Ohio. 
Madison, from Barr east to Division 

first south of Jefferson. 
Madison, from Grove east, first north 

of Lewis. 
Main, from Miller east, second north 

of E Wayne. 
Main (East), from Calhoun east to 

W and E canal, first north of 

Main (West), from Calhoun west to 

city limits, first north of Berry. 
Maple ave, from Broadway west, 

third south of Creighton ave. 
Maria, from G R & I R R east, 

second south of Barthold ave. 
Marion, from High north to Doug- 
las, first west of Wells. 
Mary, from Runnion ave west, first 

north of canal feeder, 
Maud, from Holton ave west, first 

north of Pontiac. 
Maumee Road, from nr corner of 

Washington and Harmer, south- 
east to city limits. 
Mechanic's, from Fair north to canal 

basin, third west of Main street 

Melita, from Harrison ave west to 

Hoagland ave, first south of 

Mercer, from Range road east, third 

south of P F W & C R R. 
Meridian, from Archer south, fourth 

west of Wells. 
Metz, from Taylor south to T W & 

W Ry, first west of Broadway. 
Meyer, from Holton ave west to 

Smith, third s of Pontiac. 
Miller, from W & E canal south to 

Wayne, first east of Harmer. 
Miner, from Henry south, first east 

of Broadway. 
Montgomery, from Barr east to 

Hanna, first south of Lewis. 
Monroe, from Berry south to Las- 
selle, second east of Lafayette. 
Nelson, from W Wayne south to P 

FW & C R R, fourth west of 

Nirdlinger, from Broadway west, 

first south of Wall. 



N Calhoun, from St. Mary's river 
north to canal feeder, third east of 

N Cass, from St. Mary's river north 
to canal feeder, first east of Wells. 

N Harrison, from St, Mary's river 
north to canal feeder, second east 
of Wells. 

Oak, from Division east to Ohio, 
first south of Jefferson. 

Oakland, from canal feeder north to 
Archer ave, first east of St. Mary's. 

Oakley, from Taylor south to Henry, 
first west of Fairfield ave. 

Ohio, from Maumee road south to 
T W & W Ry, third east of Har- 

Oliver, from P F W & C R R south 
to city limits, first east of Smith. 

Osage, from Main north to canal 
basin, fourth w^est of Main street 

Park ave, from Broadway west, 
fourth south of Creighton ave. 

Pearl, from Harrison west to Broad- 
way, first north of Main. 

Philley, from Range road west, first 
south of Grant. 

Pine, from Taylor north, first west of 
Fairfield ave. 

Plum, from Water north west to St. 
Mary's river, first west of Harri- 

Polk, from canal feeder east, par- 
allel with F W M & C R R. 

Pontiac, from Hoagland ave east to 
Range road, fifth south of Creigh- 
ton ave. 

Poplar, from Fairfield ave west to 
Oakley, second south of Taylor. 

Prince, from Bass south to Colerick, 
first east of Fairfield ave. 

Pitchard. from Broadway west to 
Rockhill, first north of P F W & 
C R R. 

Randall, from Grant east to Glas- 
gow, second south of Washington. 

Range road, from Maumee road, 
south to city limits, tenth east of 

Rebecca, from G R & I R R east,third 
south of Barthold ave. 

Reed, from Charley south to Pontiac, 
first east of Holton ave. 

Richardson, from canal feeder west 
to G R & I R R, first north ot 

Rockhill, from W Main south of 
Prichard, second west of Jackson. 

Rumsey ave, from Canal feeder 
north to Barthold ave, third east 
ofGR&I R R. 

Runnion ave, from Main north to 
Barthold ave, second east of G R 
& I R R. 

St. Francis, from Lafayette east to 
Hanna, first south of Buchanan. 

St. Mary's ave, from Canal Basin 
north to city limits, eighth west of 

Samuel, from John east to Holton 
ave, fifth south of T W & W 

Sherman, from Canal feeder north 
to Archer ave, second east of St. 
Mary's ave.' 

Sherman, from Euclid east, first 
south of T W & W Ry. 

Sixth, from Wells east to N Calhoun, 
sixth north of St. Mary's river. 

Smith, from P F W & C R R south 
to city limitst fourth east of Han- 

Spring, from Canal feeder north to 
Mary, first west of Runnion ave. 

Spy Run ave, from St. Mary's river 
at junction of Water and Lafay- 
ette, north to city limits. 

Sturgeon, from Fulton west to 
Broadway, first south of West Jeff- 

Summit, from Division east to Elm, 
first north of Lewis, 

Suttenfield, from Webster east to 
Hanna, second south of Creigh- 
ton ave. 

Taber, from Webster east to Han- 
na, first south of Creighton ave. 

Taylor, from Fairfield ave west to 
Lavina ave, fourth south of P F 
W & C R R. 

Third, from Wells east to Calhoun 
(continuation of Douglas.) 

Thomas, from P F W & C R R 
south to Meyer, first west of Hol- 
ton ave. 

Thomasetta, from Thomas west to 
Gay, first south of Charley 



Thompson ave, from T W & W Ry 

south, first west of Broadway. 
Tyler ave, from Barthold ave south 

to Howell, first west of Runnion 

Union, from Berry south to Pritch- 

ard, firsi west of Jackson. 
University, from Wayne south to 

Maumee road, third east of Har 

Van Buren, from St Mary's river 

south to Pritchard, first west of 

Vine, from Range road east, first 

south of P F W & C R R. 
Virginia, from Lafayette east to 

Monroe, first south of T W & W 

Wabash ave, from Wayne south to 

Maumee road, third east of 

Range road. 
Wall, from Broadway west, first 

south of P F W & C R R. 
Wallace, from Calhoun east to La- 
fayette, first south of P F W & 

C R R. 
Wallace from Lafayette east to Han- 

na, first south of Virginia. 
Walnut, from Fairfield ave west, 

first south of Taylor. 
Walnut, from vSt Mary's river west, 

to St Mary's river, second south 

of Main. 
Walter, from Wayne south to Mau- 
mee road, fourth east of Har- 

Washington (East), from Calhoun 

east to city limits, third south of 


Washington (West), from Calhoun 

west to Fair Grounds, third south 

of Main. 
Water (East) from Calhoun east to 

Clay, first north of W & E canal. 
Water (West), from Calhoun west, 

first north of W & E canal. 
Wayne (East), from Calhoun east 

to city limits second south of 

Wayne (West), from Calhoun west 

to College, second south of 

Wayne Trace, from Range road 

south of T W & W Ry, southeast 

to city city limits. 
Webster, from Beny south to city 

limit, second west of Calhoun. 
Wefel, from High north to Douglas 

first west of Barthold. 
Wells, from St Mary's river north 

to city limits, continuation of 

Wheeler, from canal feeder west 

to G R & I R R, first north of 

Wierke, from Lafayette east to Han- 

na, i^ miles south of Court 

Williams, from Lafayette west to 

Fairfield ave, fourth south of T W 

& W Ry. 
Wilt, from Broadway west to Nelson 

first south of Jefferson. 
Winch, from Maumee road south to 

Wayne Trace, third east of Range 

Wright, from G R & IRReast, 

first south of Barthold ave. 


Gold and Silver Plating Works, 

Plating for Jewelers, Builders, Carriage Makers, etc. 





Municipal Election, first Tuesday in May. 

Council meets on the second and fourth Tuesday evenings of 
each month, and at the call of the Mayor or five members. 

Council Chamber, City Hall Building, Barr street, between 
Berry and Wayne. 

Municipal Officers. 

Mayor — Charles A. Zollinger. 
Clerk - John M. Godown, 
Treasurer — Charles M. Barton. 
Attorney — Allen Zollars. 
Marshal — Christopher Kelly. 
Deputy Marshals — Chas. Earner and 

Edward Quinn. 
Assessor — John H. Pranger. 
Civil Engineer — John Ryall. 
Street Com'r — Conrad Baker. 
Chief of Police— Hugh Diehl. 
Lieut, of Police — Frank Wilkinson. 
Chief of Fire Department — F. B. 



First Ward— H. N. Putnam, W. T. 

Second Ward— C. Hettler, J. B. 

Third Ward— M. Baltes, E. L. 

Fourth Ward— Charles F. Muhler, 

Emanuel Zorbaugh. 
Fifth Ward— D. L. Harding, W. H. 

Sixth Ward— D. B.Strope,T. Hogan. 
Seventh Ward — S. Tam, Joshua 

Eighth Ward— H. Schnelker, F. 

M. Willenburg, 
Ninth Ward— Chas. F. Pfeiffer, J. 



Dr. J. M. Josse, 
Dr. Theodore Heuchling. I Dr. Thomas J. Dills. 


Justices of the Peace — John Hoag- 
land, Jas. C. Beeks, Henry W. 
Wilkinson, Daniel Ryan, J. Dolin, 
M. Tracey. 

Constables — John E. Robbins, Oli- 
ver Kelly, Wm. Schafer, P. Car- 

Supervisors — Michael Koehler, F. 
Stellhorn, Martin Spenlee, Daniel 
Ulmstead, A. Link, J. A. Burt. 
Fred. Fahlsing, Ed. Bushman. 

Trustee — John Hamilton. 


Court House between Calhoun and Court, south of Main and 
north of Berry. 



R. L. POLK & CO/S 

Judge of the Circuit Court — Hon. 

Edward O'Rourke. 
Judge of the Criminal Court 

James W. Borden. 
Clerk— Francis H. Wolke. 
Prosecuting Attorney — Samuel 

Sheriff *—Ch as. A. Munson. 
Recorder — Joseph Mommer. 



Treasurer — M. F. Schmetzer. 

Auditor— Wm. T. Abbott. 

Surveyor — Wm. H, Goshorn. 

Coroner — Wm. GafFney. 

Commissioners — Francis Gladio, Ja- 
cob Goeglein, Harvey K. Turner. 

Attorney— Robert C. Bell. 

School Superintendent — Jeremiah 


Time of holding Courts in Allen county. 

Circuit Court-— First Monday in 
February, third Monday in April, 
first Monday in September, and 
third Monday in November. Hon. 
Edward O'Rourke, Judge. 

Criminal Court — First Monday in 
April and first in October, six 
months a term. Hon. James W. 
Borden, Judge, Samuel M. Hench 
Prosecuting Attorney. 


Postmaster — J. J. Kamm. 
Collector of Internal Revenue — 

Allan Dougall. 
U. S. Gauger — M. M. Bowen. 

Pension Agent — Hiram Iddings. 
Register in Bankruptcy — John W. 

U. S. Commissioner — J. B. Harper. 


Chief Engineer — Frank B. Vogel, 
office cor Court and Berry. 

First Assistant — Robert Crane. 

Second Assistant — Clark Slocum. 

Committee — Wm. T. McKean chair- 
man; Christ Hettler, Silas Tam. 

Alert Hook and Ladder Company 
No. I — nw cor Clinton and Berry. 
George W, Swain and R. Ros- 
sington, Drivers. 

Vigilant Engine and Hose Company 
No. 2 — n e cor Court and Berry. 
John McGowan, Foreman. Mi- 
chael Conners, Driver of Engine. 
John Downie, Driver of Hose 

Torrent Engine and Hose Company 
No. 3 — N E cor Court and Berry. 
Henry Myers, Foreman. Patrick 
Bulger, Eng^ine Driver. George 
Smenners, Driver of Hose Car- 
riage, Fred. Pohlmeyer, Driver 
Supply Hose Cart. 

Rescue Engine and Hose Company 
No. 6 — Seventh Ward Engine 
House. John Kintz, Foreman. 
Henry Hilbrecht, Engineer of 
Anthony Wayne Steamer, N E 
cor Court and Berry. John Graff, 
Engineer of Vigilant Steamer, N 
E Court and Berry. John Schroe- 
der, Assistant Engineer, Fire De- 









Corner Columbia and Calhoun 

Chief Engineer's House, 57 W 

Chief Engineer's Store, 29 Cal- 

Corner Third and Wells. 

Corner High and Barthold. 

Corner Water and Ewing. 

Corner Calhoun and Jefferson. 

Corner Calhoun and Chicago. 

Corner Butler and Hoagland. 

Corner Washington and Clay. 

Corner Washington and Har- 

Corner Lewis and Hanna. 

2-6. Corner Hanna and Wallace. 

3-1, Corner Main and Griffith. 

3-2. Corner Jefferson and Griffith. 

3-4. Corner Fairfield ave and Bass. 

3-5, Corner Wayne and Van Buren. 

3-6, Corner Union and Pritchard. 

3-7. Corner Broadway and P F W 

4-1. Olds & Sons' Works. 

4-2, Corner Lafayette and P F W 
& C R R Car Shops. 

5.1. Corner Douglas ave and Web- 

5-2. Second Ward Engine House. 

5-3. Corner Jefferson and Jackson, 

6-2. Corner Barr and Madison. 

ChieJ Engineer. 


President — Hon. A. P. Edgerton, 
Secretary — Hon. P. Hoagland. 
Treasurer — Oliver P, Morgan. 
Superintendent — Dr. John S, Irwin. 
Clerk — Miss Mary Irwin. 

Public Schools. 

High School — E Wayne between 

Calhoun and Clinton, Chas, K. 

Latham, Principal. 
Training School — In same building. 

Miss Ada S. Remmel, Principal. 
Jefferson School— s w cor Jefferson 

and Griffith. Miss Caroline B. 

Sharp, Principal. 
Clay School — n w cor Clay and 

Washington. Miss Mary L. 

Thompson, Principal, 
Hoagland School — n e cor Hoag- 
land and Butler. Miss Frank 

Hamilton, Principal, 
Hanna School — s w cor Hanna and 

Wallace. Miss Margaret M. Mc- 

Phail, Principal. 
Washington School — s w cor 

Washington and Union. Miss 

Margaret S, Cochrane, Principal. 
Bloomingdale School — n w cor 

Bowser and Marion. Temple H. 

Dunn, Principal. 

Harmer School — n w cor Harme 

and Jefferson. Miss Nettie Mark, 

East German School — In Clay 

School Building. John J . Weber, 

West German School — s e cor 

Webster and Washington. Carl 

Schwaz, Principal. 
Bloomingdale German School — In 

Bloomingdale School Building. 

Rev. Edward Rubin, Principal. 

Miscellaneous Schools. 

Cathedral School (Catholic)— s w 
cor Clinton and E Jefferson. 

Concordia College (German) be- 
longing to the Evangelical Lu- 
theran Church— East side College 
street between Washington and 
Maumee road. Established 1848. 
Prof. Otto Hanser, President, and 
Professor of Theology and His- 
tory ; Prof. George Schick, Prof. 
R. A. Bishoff and Prof. W. 
Stellhorn, professors of old lan- 
guages ; Prof. A. Crull, German 
and French languages ; Prof. H. 
Diederich, English language ; Dr. 
H. D 


R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

physics; Prof. J. H, Ungemach. 
music. Number of pupils, 225. 

Fort Wayne College — at head of 
Wayne. Officers of the Board of 
Trustees : Rev. W. S. Birch, 
Pres. ; Geo. Brackenridge, Sec'y ; 
John M. Miller, Esq., Treas. 
Faculty: Rev. Reuben D. Rob- 
inson, D.D.,'Pres., Prof, of natural 
mental and moral science ; Rev. 
T. W. Lincoln, A. B., Prof, of 
Greek and Latin languages ; 
Lucy E. Robinson, teacher of En- 
glish literature; Dr. H. V, Swer- 
ingen. Prof, of pharmacy : P. 
Allen, teacher of commercial de- 
partment, Prof, of mathematics, 
teacher of academic department ; 
Mrs. A. M. Babcock, teacher of 
art department ; Henry Schwake, 
teacher of German ; Prof. S. B. 
Morse, from Conservatory of Mu- 
sic, Berlin, Principal of music de- 
partment, piano and organ ; Mrs. 
Susan Griggs, Lady Principal and 
teacher of piano ; Miss Mira Ross, 
teacher of vocal music. 

Fort Wayne Commercial College, 
30 and 32 E Main, Thomas Pow- 
ers, principal. 

German Lutheran School, s cor W 
Jefferson and Union, Daniel 
Fechtmann, teacher. 

Medical College of Fort Wayne, n 
w cor Broadway and W Main, 
Incorporated June 1876, Dr B S 
Woodworth, dean, Dr H A Clark, 

St. Augustine's Academy, (Roman 
Catholic) s e cor Calhoun and E 
Jefferson, under the direction of 
the Sisters of Providence. 

St. John's (German Lutheran), s e 
cor W Washington and Van 

St. Mary's School, s w cor Lafayette 
and Jefferson. John B. Young 
and Chas. Geiger, teachers. 

St. Mary's School (Catholic) for 
girls, south of St. Mary's Church, 
under the direction of the Sisters 
of >3otre Dame. 

St. Paul's (German Catholic), s e 
cor W Washington and Griffith. 

St. Paul's (German Lutheran) n e 
cor Barr and Madison, Dr. Wm. 
Sihler, principal. 

St. Peter's Catholic School, s w cor 
St. Francis and Hanna, H. Sen- 
ker, teacher. 


First National Bank, s e cor Court 
and Main, capital $400,000, or- 
ganized May 1863, J. D. Nutt- 
man, pres, L R Hartman, cashier. 

Hamilton, Bank w s Calhoun s of 
Main, capital ;^200,ooo organized 
1874, Charles McCulloch, pres, 

Fort Wayne National Bank, s w cor 
Main and Clinton, ^350,000 sur- 
plus ^^125, 000, organized 1865, S, 
B. Bond, pres. J. D. Bond, cashier. 
Juhii Muhi, Ji, uubUf CTf " ~ 


Fort Wayne City Band, Brass and 
String, Philip Keinz, leader, 
office 307 Lafayette. 

Germania Brass and String Band, 
Prof. Ernst Spiegel, leader, office 
s e cor Broadway and Lavina. 

Leifels' Band, Brass and String, 

Joseph J, Leifels, leader, office 

231 Barr. 
St. Cecelia, Brass and String Band, 

Joseph Bdehler, leader. 
St. Mary's Brass Band, Prof. A. 

Spiegel leader, office American 






Bass Foundry and Machine Works, 
cor Hanna and T W & W Ry, 
established 1853, incorpo'-ated 
1873, capital stock, ^$500,000 J. 
H. Bass, pres. J. I. White, sec'y 
R, J. Fisher, treasurer. 

Clark & Rhinesmith Lumber Co, 
s w cor Lafayette and T W & W 
Ry, John H. Clark, pres. James 
H. Simonson, sec'y. 

Fort Wayne Gas Light Co, s e cor 
E Water and Barr, organized 
1855, capital $225,000, James 
Cheney, pres and treas, A. C. 
Probasco, sec'y. 

Fort Wayne Organ Co, e s Fairfield, 
ave nr city limits, incorporated 
187 1, S. B. Bond, pres, J. D. Bond, 
treas, G. E Bursley, sec'y. 

Fort Wayne Saenger Bund Hall, 54 
E Main, incorporated 1872, Geo. 
Strodel pres, J. J. Weber, director 

meets Monday and Saturday even- 
ing of each week. 

Gazette Printing Co, 25 W Main, 
organized August 12th, 1873, 
capital $30,000, James B. White, 
sole proprietor and manager. 

Globe Gas Light Co, 164 Broad- 
way, T. B. Empie,general mana- 
ger incorporated , capital $ 

Sentinel Printing Co, 107 Calhoun, 
incorporated April 13th, 1874 cap*- 
ital $35,000, Hon R. C. Bell, 
pres,W.R. Nelson, sec'y and treas. 

Indiana Conservatory of Music, E 
Main over First National Bank, 
incorporated 1872, S. B. Morse, 
director, J. C. Bartlett, sec'y, 

Peters Box and Lumber Co, 79 to 
102 High, established 1870, in- 
corporated Nov. 26, 1873, capital 
stock $55,000, Chas Pape, pres, 
Joseph Schefifer, sec'y and treas. 


Fort Wayne Light Guard, organi- 
zed Oct. 1875, Armory s w cor 
Main and Harrison, regular drill 
Tuesday evenings, captain, Jared 
D. Bond; ist lieut, Geo. S. Fowler'* 
2d lieut. Alfred G. T-,ukins 

orderly sargeant, J. D. Bond^ pres 
T. M. Andrews; sec'y. T. M. 
Andrew, W. B. Page, C. Fair- 
bank, Geo S. Fowler, A. T. 
Lukins, O. S. Hanna, Henry 
Vordermark, E. T, Williams. 



German Building, Loan and Saving 
Association No. 3. Meets ist of 
each month at 299 E Washington. 

^ Henry Tag, pres ; C. Rau sec'y. 
No. 4 meets 28th of each month, 
at 299 E Washington. Louis 
Stump, pres ; Henry Stephan, 
treas; C. Rau, sec'y. No. 5 
meets 22d of each month, at 299 
E Washington. J. W. Vorder- 
mark, pres ; J. J^^eber, treas ; 
C. Rau, sec'y. ^^^6 meets at 
299 E Washington loth of each 
month. Chas. Ehrman, pres; 
Henry Helmkamp, treas ; C. Rau, 
sec'y. No. 7 meets 26th of each 

month, at 299 E Washington. B. 
E. Bohn, pres; John Grieb, treas.; 
C. Rau, sec'y. 

German Washington Loanand Sav- 
ing Association. Meets fourth 
Wednesday in each month, at 
St. Mary's Hall. H. Monning, 
pres. ; J. G. Fledderman, treas. 
J. B. Monning, Sec'y. 

Lafayette Building, Loan and Sav 
ing Association. Meets 1st Thurs 
day after the 24th of each month, 
at the office of Isaac Lauferty^ 6c 
Calhoun. Isaac Lauferty, prest. 
C. F. Erne, treas. ; C. M. Barton, 


R. L. POLK &C0.'S 


Fort Wayne, Jackson & Saginaw, 
office, freight and passenger de- 
pots cor First and Railroad. P, B. 
Loomis, pres., Jackson, E R. Par- 
ker Gen'l Freight agt, Jackson, H 
Bromley, agent, Fort Wayne. 

Fort Wayne, Muncie & Cincinnati, 
offices First bet N Cass & Rail- 
road, freight and passenger de- 
pots cor First and Railroad. W W 
Worthington gen'l sup't, Henry 
Bromley, freight and ticket ag't 

Grand Rapids & Indiana, offices, 
freight and passenger depots with 
Pittsburgh Ft Wayne & Chicago 
Railway. W OdenHughart pres, 
Grand Rapids, Mich. FA Gor- 
ham auditor, Grand Rapids, 
Mich. W R Shelby sec'y and 
treas Grand Rapids, Mich J H 
Page gen'l passenger and ticket 
agt, Grand Rapids Mich. A B 
Leet gen 1 freight agt, Grand 
Rapids, Mich. J M Methany 
supt northern division. Grand 
Rapids, Mich P S O'Rourke 
supt southern division. F( Wayne 

Cincinnati, Richmond & Fl Wayne, 
Leased and operated by the 
Grand Rapids & Indiana Railroad. 

Pittsburgh Fort Wayne & Chicago, 
office e s Clinton bet Holman and 

Railroad, freight depot n e cor 
Clinton and Railroad, passenger 
depot n w cor Clinton and Rail- 
road, Chas E Gorham ass't gen'l 
manager, J D Layng gen'l mana- 
ger, office Chicago, 111. Chas. D 
Gorham, sup't western division. 

Toledo, Wabash & Western Rail- 
way. Gen'l offices Toledo, Ohio, 
Master Mechanic's office, cor 
Fairfield ave and T W & W Ry. 
Passenger depot s e cor Calhoun 
and T W & W Ry. Freight depot s 
w cor Calhoun and T W & W Ry. 
J D Cox Pres, office Toledo, Ohio. 
W L Malcolm, gen'l passenger 
and ticket ag't, office Toledo, 
Ohio. J M Osborn, gen'l freight 
ag't, office Toledo. Ohio. R. An- 
drews, gen'l supt office, Toledo, 
Ohio. K, H, Wade, supt. eastern 
division, office Lafayette, Ind. 
C. W. Bradley, supt. western div- 
ision, office Springfield, Ills. J. B. 
Morse, master mechanic office 
Fort Wayne, S. B. Sweet, local 
ticket and freight agent, Fort 
Wayne, Ind. 

Cititzins Street Railroad Co, office, 
I2j/^ E Main, organized 1 87 1, cap- 
ital $50,000. J. H. Bass, pres, G. 
E. Bursley, sec'y, treas and supt. 


Achduth Vescholom Congregation 
(Jewish), Broadway bet T W & W 
and P F W & C railroad tracks, A. 
Oppenheimer, S. Redelsheimer, 
and A. Wolf, trustees, 

German Lutheran (St. John's), 
Bluffton road, 3 miles s w from 
city, P. Hohnhaus, supt. 

German Lutheran Cemetery and 

Emanuel (St. Paul's), New Haven 

road, east end city, F. Shrader, 

Lindenwood, Huntington road, %, 

mile west of city, John H. Dos- 

well, supt. 
New Catholic, Hicksville, State 

road, I J/^ miles east of city limits, 

Henry Sullivan, supt. 




Allen County Fair Grounds — West 
end Washington street between 
St. Mary's river and P F W & C 
R R. Alexander Votery, Keeper. 

Mad Anthony Park — On North side 

of Maumee river East of Main 
St. Bridge. A summer resort for 
parties, picnics, etc. 
Svirinny's Park — (See Fair Grounds). 



First Baptist - -West Jefferson 
bet Harrison and Webster, Rev. J. 
R. Stone, pastor. Sunday services : 
10.30 a m and 7 30 p m ; Sunday 
school, 2 pm; prayer meeting, Wed- 
nesday evening. 


Cathedral of the Immaculate Con- 
ception — east side of Calhoun bet 
Jefferson and Lewis, Rt. Re v. Joseph 
Dwenger, bishop, Very Rev. Julian 
Benoit, V. G., Rev. J. H. Brammer, 
Rev. J. R. Dinnan. Sunday ser- 
vices loj a m and 3pm; Sunday 
school, 2 pm. 

St. Mary's (German)— Southeast 
cor of Lafayette and Jefferson, 
Rev. Joseph Rademacher, pastor. 
Sunday services, 10 am and 3 pm; 
Sunday school, 2 pm. 

St. Paul's (German) — Southeast 
cor W Washington and Griflith. 

St, Peter's (German) — South side 
St. Francis bet Hanna and Charley, 
Rev. John Wemhoff pastor. Sun- 
day services, 10 a m and 3pm; 
Sunday school, 2 pm. 


Christian Chapel — Southeast cor 
W Jefferson and Griffith. Rev. 
J. W. Aylesworth, pastor. _^^ 

Church of God. 

Cor Hoagland ave and DeWald. 
Regular services every Sunday at 
ioJ4 am and 7^ pin; Sunday 
school at 9 am; prayer meeting 
Wednesday evening. I. W. Markley 

Plymouth — Rev. A, B. Brown, 
pastor, northwest cor Fulton and 
Washington. Sunday services, 
io)4 a m and 7^ p m ; Sunday 
school, 2 p m ; prayer meeting, 
Wednesday evening. 


Trinity — Southwest cor West 
Berry and Fulton. Rev. C. C. 
Tate, pastor. Sunday services, loj/x 
a m and 71^ p m. 

Church of the Good Shepherd — 
Southside of Holman bet Cal- 
houn and Clinton, Rev. , 

pastor. Sunday services, lo^ a m 
and 7 pm. 

Evangelical Association. 

Bethel (German) — Northeast cor 
of Clinton and Holman, Rev. Peter 
Roth, pastor. 

G-erman Reformed. 

St. John's — Southeast cor Webster 
and Washington, Rev. Fran- 
cis Schwedes, pastor. Sunday ser- 
vices, loj^ a m and 7^ pm. 


R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

Salem — East side of Clinton 
bet Wayne and Berry, Rev. C. F. 
Kriete, pastor. Sunday services, 
ioj4 a m and 7^ p m. 


Achduth Veshalom Synagogue — 
West side of Harrison nr Wayne, 
Rev, E. Rubin, rabbi. Children's 
instruction on Sunday from 10 to 12 
a m, and i to 2 p m. 


Church of the Holy Trinity (Eng- 
lish Lutheran), Rev. S. Wagenhals, 
pastor, s e cor E Wayne and Clin 

St. PauPs (German) — West side 
Barr bet Jefferson and Lewis, (foot 
of Madison), pastors Rev. Wm. Sih- 
ler and Rev. Henry G. Sauer. Sun- 
day services, 10 a m and 2 pm. 

Emanuels' (GermanLutheran) — 
Southeast cor West Jefferson and 
Union, Rev. W. S. Stubnatzy, pas- 
tor. Sunday services, 10 a m ; Sun- 
day school, 2j^ p m. 

St. John's (German Lutheran) — 
Southeast cor West Washington 
and Van Buren. 


Berry Street — Northeast cor West 
Berry and Harrison Rev. Clark 
Skinner, pastor. Sunday services, 
io}4 a m and 7pm; Sunday school, 
2pm; prayer meeting, Thursday 

Wayne Street — Southwest cor W 
Wayne and Broadway, Rev. A. ' 
Ml, ' . , pastor. Sunday services, 
10^ a m and 7prn; Sunday school, 
2pm; prayer meeting, Thursday 

Centenary — Southeast cor Daw- ■ 
son and Harrison, Rev. Stephen 
Clark, pastor. Sunday services. 

10^ a m and 7 pm; prayer meet- 
ing, Wednesday 7 pm; Sunday 
school, 2 pm. 

Third Street M. E. Church- 
Southeast cor Marion and Third, 
Rev. D. M. Brown, pastor. Sunday 
services, lo^ a m and 7)4 P m ; 
Sunday school, 2 pm. 


First — Corner Clinton and Berry 
Rev. D. W. Moffat, pastor. 
Sunday services, lo^ a m and 7 p 
m ; Sunday school, 2pm; prayer 
meeting, Wednesday evening. 

Second — West Berry st., foot of 
Cass, Rev. J. Hughes, pastor. Sun- 
day services, 10 J4 a m and 7pm; 
prayer meeting, Wednesday evening. 

Third — Corner of Calhoun and 
Holman srs.. Rev. Mendenhall, pas- 
tor. Sunday services, loj^ am and 
7 p m ; Sunday school, 2pm; pray- 
er meeting, Wednesday evening. 

Glenwood Chapel Mission of the 
Second Presbyterian Church — has 
no pastor. Sunday school, 2 pm; 
S Broadway at city limits. 

Univeralist Church — West side 
Harrison, Rev. Marion Cros- 
ley pastor. Sunday services, 
p m ; Sunday 

1014 a m and 7 

; prayer meetmg 

Mission Sunday Schools. 

Bloomingdale Mission — North- 
east cor Sixth and N Cass. Sunday 
school at 4 p m. 

Evans' Chapel— Wilt bet Broad- 
way and Van Buren. Sunday school 
at 3>^ p m. 

Glenwood Chapel — East side 
Broadway S Fort Wayne. Sunday 
school at 2 p m. 

Hanna Mission — East Lewis, opp 
Division. Sunday school at 2j^ 
p m. 





Allen County Medical Society, Dr. 
W Wheery, pres. Dr. J. R. Beck, 
sec'y and treas, meets at their 
Hall, at s w cor Calhoun and 
Berry, isr Tuesday evening in 
each month. 

Allen Co, Poultry and Pet Stock, 
Associations meets 2d Monday of 
each month, 22 W Berry, Willis 
D. Meiers, pres, Geo. B. Hart- 
man, sec. 

Cigar Makers Union, No. 73, meets 
1st. Saturday in each month, at 
76 Calhoun, John Marx, pres, 
Wm. Freund, cor. sec'y. 

Evangelical Hospital Association of 
Ft W. organized April i6th. i86q 
Rev W. Stubnatzy, pres, August 
L. Selle, treas and sec'y meets 
annually at Immanuel Church. 

Conductor's Brotherhood, Wayne 
Division No. 23, meets ist and 
3d Sundays, and 2d and 4th Wed- 
nesdays in each month, at Cours 
Hall, 328 Calhoun. Peter W Scott, 
C. C. J. C W. Long, R. S. 

Fort Wayne Arion Musical and 
Singing Ass(iciation, L. Schir- 
meyer, pres, Wm. Bohn, sec'y 
C. Trenkley, treas, Prof R. A. 
Wellenstein, musical director, 
meets Tuesday and Friday even- 
ings of each week, at new Odd 
Fellows Hall, W Berry. 

Fort Wayne Catholic, Circulating 
Library and Association, Wolke 
Block, 98 Calhoun, Rev J. Bram- 
mer, spiritual director, George 
Frey, pres, John J, Noll, sec'y. 
Association meets first Thursday 
in each month. Library open 
Thursdays from 7 to 8.30 P. M., 
Sundays 2 to 3, and 7 to 8.30 P. M., 
Philip J, Singleton, librar-an. 

Fort Wayne Choral Union, connec- 
ted with Ft. W. Conservatory of 
Music, meets every Friday even- 
ing for practice, A. J. Goodrich, 
director, F. W. Meyer, sec'y. 

Fort Wayne Typographical Union, 
No. 78, meets first Saturday, 

evening in each month over 76 
'Clinton, H. P. Jones, pres, W. E. 
McDermut, sec'y. 

Home for the Friendless Women, 
i44Pritchard cor Rockhill, organi- 
zed 1874, for the assistance and re- 
formation of fallen women, officers 
Mrs W. H. Coombs, pres, Mrs 
A. A. Rogers, vice pres, Mrs C. 
Taylor, sec'y, Mrs L. M. Ninde, 
treas, Mrs Sarah Kearney matron. 

Irish Catholic Benevolent Associa- 
tion, meets fourth Sunday in each 
month, at their Plall cor Lewis 
and Calhoun, D. Quillinan, pres. 

Lafayette Benevolent Society, Hall 
Foster Block, meets 2d Saturday 
of each month, A. H. Carier, 
pres, A. Parnin, sec'y. 

Mendelssohn Literary Musical Club, 
meets at the Fort Wayne Conserva- 
tory of Music, every other Tues- 
day evening. Prof J. M. Goodrich, 
musical director. 

Northern Indiana Agricultural and 
Horticultural Association, H. K. 
Turner, pres, Edwin Evans, treas, 
I. D. G. Nelson, secy, W. W. Rock- 
hill, asst sec'y, office, Court House 

St. Joseph's Hospital, s w cor Main, 
and Broadway, Mother Prudentia, 
sister superior. 

St. Martinus Benevolent Society, 
meets every second Sunday in each 
month, at St, Peter's school, s w 
cor Hanna and St. Francis, T. 
Schmocker, pres, A. Koch, sec'y. 

St. Charles Benevolent Society, 
meets first Sunday of each month 
at St. Mary's Hall, s w cor Lafay- 
ette and Jefferson, M. Baltus, 
pres, M. Schuler, sec'y. 

Square Table Club, (private), organ- 
ized Nov. 20th, 1872, officers Wm. 
R. Nelson, pres, D. C. Fisher, 
treas, F. F. Boltz, sec'y, Board of 
Managers, Joseph M. Clark, 
Thomas Hutchinson and A. Wolf, 
open day and night, No. 23 E 
Main. Annual meeting first Mon- 
day in December. 


R. L. POLK Ss CO.'S 



Hall, northwest corner Calhoun and Berry Streets, 

Wayne Lodge No. 25, F. & A. M., 
meets first Tuesday on or before 
full moon. C. D. Law, W. M. ; 
P. R. Grund, sec'y. 

Home Lodge No. 342, F. & A. M., 
meets first Tuesday in each month, 
in Postoffice Building. W. M. 
Smick.W. M. : A. K. Irey, sec'y- 

Sol. D. Bayless Lodge, No. 359, F. 
& A. M., meets second Monday in 
each month. Wm. Johnston Jr, 
W. M. ; D. Rockhill, sec'y. 

Summit City Lodge, No. 170, F. & 
A. M., meets first Friday in each 
month,C L. Thomas W. M. ; Wm. 
W. Fisk, sec'y. 

'Ft. Wayne Chapter, No. 19, R. A, 
M., meets first Wednesday in each 
month. S. B. Sweet, H. P. ; 
John Lillie, Jr, rec. 

Ft. Wayne Council, No. 4, R. & S. 
M., meets second Wednesday in 
each month. J. A. Stellwagen, 
I. M. F. F. Blotz, rec. 

Ft. Wayne Commandery No. 4, K. 
T., meets first and third Thursdays 
in each month. R. W. Murphy, 
E. C. ; Edgar Kemp, rec. 

A. & A. Scottish Rite of 
Free Masonry. 

Ft. Wayne Consistory, meets sec- 
ond Thursday in each month. J. 
A. Stellwagon, 111 C-in-Chief. 

Ft. Wayne Chapter of Rose Croix, 
meets second Thursday in each 
month. Jos. A. Stellwagon, M. 
W. & P. M. 

Council of P. of J., meets second 
Thursday in each month. A. H. 
Hamilton, M. E. S. P. G. M. 

Lodge of Perfection, meets second 
Thursday in each month. A. H. 
Hamilton, T. P. G. M. 

Hall, in Postoffice Building. 

Ft. Wayne Lodge, No. 14, meets 
every Monday evening. Harry 
Turner, N. G. ; John Whinery, 

Concordia Lodge, No. 228, meets 
every Wednesday evening, Geo. 
Fisher, N.G. ; John Wasserbaech, 

Smmmit City Encampment, No. 16, 
meets first and third Friday even- 
ings in each month. L. P. Voder- 

mark, C. P. ; Allen Hamilton.rec. 

Harmony Lodge, iSo. 19, meets 

every Thursday evening at Hall, 

20 W Berry, A. Muirhead, N. 

G. ; C. M. Stewart, rec. sec'y. 
Deborah Rebekah Degree Lodge, 

No. no, meets second Friday 

evening in each month. Wm. 

Killer, N. G. ; Mrs. A. H. Bay- 

less, rec, secy. 




Improved Order of Red- 

Maumee Tribe, No. 23, (English), 
meets every Wednesday night, at 
hall over No. 80 Calhoun. G. W. 
Morgan, Sag. ; Henry Anweiler, 
C. of R. 

Chippewa Tribe, No. 26 (German), 
meets every Thursday night at 
hall, s w cor of Berry and Harri- 
son. Chas. Seybold, Sag, ; J 
Wasserbaech, C. of R. 

O. U. A. M. 

Decatur Council, No. 4, meets every 
Thursday evening at hall over 80 
Calhoun. Isaac Barcus, C. ; Fred. 
Barrett, rec. sec'y. 

Good Templars. 

Home Lodge, No. 585. Summit 
City Lodge, No. 14, and Union 
Degree Lodge, not holding regu- 
lar meetings. 


Adelphi Theater — Baker's Hall, n 
•w cor Clinton and Main. 

Armory Hall — s w cor W Main 
and Harrison. (Formerly Turners 

Barr Street Market House — s e cor 
Barr and Berry. 

Burgess Block — s e cor Main and 

City Hall — w s Barr bet Berry and 

Colerick's Hall — Over 49 and 53 

Court House — e s Calhoun bet 
Main and Berry. 

Driscoll's Hall — s e cor Calhoun 
and railroad track. 

Evans Block — s s Berry bet Calhoun 
and Clinton. 

Foellinger's Block — 34 and 36 Cal- 

Foster's Block — e s Court bet Main 
and Berry. 

Hamilton Hall Building — w^ s Cal- 
houn bet Main and Berry. 

Herrington Block, e s Fairfield ave 
bet Williams and Bass. 

Hibernia Hall, 176 Calhoun. 

Kane's Block, s s Main between 
Calhoun and Harrison. 

Keystone Block, w s Calhoun, s of 

McDougal's Block, n w cor Calnoun 

and Berry. 
Light Guard Armory Hall, s w cor 

Main and Harrison. 
Masonic Hall, n w cor Calhoun and 

Miner Block, n e cor Clinton and 

Miller Block, w s Clinton bet Berry 

and Wayne. 
Myers Block, 108 Fairfield ave. 
Nierraan's Block, No. 5 and 7 N Har- 
Nill's Hall, 80 Calhoun. 
Odd Fellows' Hall, Post Office 

Odd Fellows' Hall, (new) n s Berry 

bet Calhoun and Harrison. 
Phoenix Block, w s Calhoun n of 

Post Office, e s Court s of Main, 
Red Men's Halls, 80 Calhoun and 

s w cor Berry and Harrison. 
Schott's Block, n w cor Barr and 

St. Mary's Hall, s vr cor Lafayette 

and Jefferson. 

3l6 R. L. POLK & CO/S 


The village of Antwerp is situated in Carryall township, 
Paulding county, Ohio, between the Maumee river and the 
Wabash and Erie canal, being distant from Toledo 71 miles and 
from Fort Wayne, Indiana, 22 miles via T. W. & W, railway, 
and 4^ miles from Indiana State line. It was first settled in 
1 84 1 by Isaac Woodux. The population in 1855 was 200 which 
has increased to the present time to 1,300. 

The resources of this town are principally grain and timber 
(hard wood), the village being in the midst of as valuable timber 
belt as can be found in the State. 


Anthony Joseph, barber. 

Antwerp Furnace Co, A Phelps manager. 

Antwerp Grazettc, Will E Osborne Proprietor. 

Antwerp Hub & Spoke Factory, L S Gordon secretary and 

Antwerp Stave Co, stave mnfrs and grocers, Jacob Taylor supt, 
Henry George cashier. 

Applegate Oliver S, city marshal. 

Barrett D J, livery stable and blacksmith shop. 

Breed George S, Agent U S Express Co and grain deal- 

Bruning Joll, furniture. 

Burnett Jackson, blacksmith. 

Burt Frank E, jeweler. 

diampion J S, Grocer. 

Clark Matthias, saloon. 

Cliue Adam, Boots and Shoes. 

Cole Joseph, meat market. 

Doyle Michael, saloon. 

Dunderman Jacob, carriage maker. 

KllsTTorth «& Applegate* Livery. 
. Emanuel Mrs E C, Druggist. 

Exchange House, A Ellsworth Proprietor. 

Fredenburg Mrs W W, milliner. 

Gordon Elmer, barber. 

Gordon Lewis S, lawyer. 

Gordon Bros, hardware. 

Hallinau Thomas, Saloon. 

Harris «& Graves, Grocers. 


Hertel Philip, blacksmith. 

Hill Wm, druggist. 

Hockaday Mrs M C, milliner. 

Hughs D S, city treasurer. 

Jones Tliomas J, Mayor, Justice of the Peace, Lawyer 
and Insurance Agent. (See adv.) 

Jones W A, physician. 

Kolopp Rev Hyacinth, (catholic). 

McDannel Adam, druggist and physician. 

McGuire Wm, saloon. 

Mooney P H, boots and shoes. 

Humina A S, Bakery and Confectionery. 

Murphy Emeline, postmaster. 

Hurphy Robert S, Notary Public, Real Estate, Collec- 
tion and Insurance Agent. 

Nyswander R E & Co, general store. 

Osborn David N, lawyer. 

Pocock John L, agent T W & W Ry. 

Ralston Wm H, Physician. 

Reeb & Knapp, hardware. 

Root & Bros, oar factory. 

Rymers J T, general store. 

Schilb Andrew, furniture dealer and saloon. 

Short Richard, hotel. 

ISuiitli James, Bakery and Restaurant. 

Snook John S, constable. 

Snook Peter, hotel and saloon. 

Snook W N & Son, general store. 

Snook W R, physician. 

Stenger, Barnett & Co, blacksmiths. 

Stroband John J, tailor. 

Weistmantel Frank, saloon. 

White Benjamin J, harnessmaker. 

Wilson Wm D, harnessmaker. 

Wimplinger Joseph, meat market. 

Young «fc Cromley, Flouring Mill. 

Zook Rev Jonathan, (methodist). 

Zuber Brothers, grocers. 


In the center of DeKalb county, of which it is the seat of 
justice, is located the village of Auburn. It is on the line of the 
Fort Wayne, Jackson and Saginaw railroad, twenty-three miles 


north of Fort Wayne. The Detroit. Eel River and Illinois rail- 
way also has a station here. The village is in a thriving condi- 
tion, and the merchants generally do a good business. The pub- 
lic school buildings, as well as those belonging to the county, 
are substantial and elegant structures. The Republican is a live 
paper with various correspondents in DeKalb and adjoining 
counties. The Courier is democratic in politics, and has a 
good circulation. Population about 2,500. 


Abright James, jeweler. 

Allen S, physician. 

Altenberg & Lockwood, lawyers. 

Anderson James, blacksmith. 

Ashley Engelbert, wagonmaker and blacksmith. 

Auburn Courier, Thomas C Mays Editor. 

Auburn House, Wm Traxler propr. 

Auburn Manufacturing Co, spoke mnfrs. 

Baker & Bro, brokers. 

Benedict Harvey I>, Telegraph Operator and Agent F 

W & J S R R. 
Beugnot Charles & Co, stave mnfrs. 
Beugnot Josepli^ Saloon and Billiard Hall. {See adv^ 

page 319.) 
Beuret Jules, hardware, 
Bodine James E, dentist. 
Bodine & Siler, druggists. 
Bolivad Michael W, county recorder. 
Bowers Lewis, flouring mills. 

Campbell Samuel li. Wagon Maker, (See adv.) 
Carter Alfred B, saloon. 
Case John W, scroll factory. 
Casebeer James E & Co, general store. 
Casebeer John B, Physician. 
Central House, Murray C Markee, propr. 
Clark T A, saw mill. 
Cool Isaac N, livery stable. 
Cool & Ralston, grocers. 
Coivan Jobn A, Physician. 
Cuppy Thomas, agent D E R & I R R. 
Davenport Frank E, druggist. 

Davis John L, hardware dealer and agent American Express Co. 
BeKalb County Republican^ Robert H Weamer, 

Editor and Proprietor. 


o?. cr. oro:LTEs, 

Attorney at Law, Notary Public, 


A.iid Insn ranee ^gent, 


Will pay Taxes for non-residents, investigate Titles, attend to the fore- 
closure of Mortgages, drawing and acknowledging Deeds, Mortgages and 
all other Legal Instruments. Also, to the collection of Rents, and all kinds 
of Claims, negotiate Loans, &c. g^" Office, Main STREET.°^g 

H. jr. i>A^i^E:r«*'r, 

Livery & Bus Line, 

East of Court House, 


St. Nicholas Saloon 


For Choice Brands of 

Wines, LiprsaiCips 

^ ^"^ - >- c % - AUBURN, IND. 

%rx^ r WAGON 



All kinds of Repairing 
done to Order, 


320 R. L, POLK & CO.*S 

Dills William H, lawyer. 

Duck Martin L, furniture maker. 

Edgerton Wm, barber. 

Ehlers John H, druggist. 

Eldridge Edward, saloon. 

I^lson Richard, Dentist. 

Ensley Nicholas, farm implements. 

First National Sank, Joseph R Lanning Prest, James 

V Hazzard, Cashier. 
Gonsor Daniel, county treasurer. 
Goodman Benedict, tinner. 
Gordon George W, photographer. 
Gripe David, photographer. 
Hague Isaac, county auditor. 
Hoffman Publius V, lawyer, 
Houser Calvin C, bookstore. 
Houston Mitchell, meat market. 
Kahn David & Co, clothing. 
Klotz Oliarles, dry goods. 
Kruer John, ashery. 
Lanning Joseph R, dry goods. 
Lessip; Wm, gents' furnishing goods. 
Little Andrew J, lawyer. 
Littlefield J J, physician. 
Lordier Phillip, boots and shoes. 
McQuiston Wm H, dry goods. 
Martin B P & F P, grocers. 
Mitchell Jacob, saw mill. 
Moss George H K, clerk Circuit Court. 
Parent iBLiram J", Livery Stable and Bus Lme. 
Penfield <& Moody, Lawyers. 
Peterson Henry C, lawyer. 
Plum Ouy, lawyer. 
Pommert Samuel, barber. 
Porter George A, baker. 
Potter James A, shoemaker. 
Raiueer «f osepli. Postmaster. 
Ralston Samuel W, dry goods. 
Raseley Hiram, saddle and harness maker. 
Rickel & Seward, restaurant. 
Kiekle & Teft, Lawyers. 
Rose & Hartman, lawyers. 
Rush Wm E, flour and feed. 

Ryan Prancis B, Boots and Shoes. (See adv.) 
(Sebring Havid A, Physician. 


IP. ID. iRizrj^isr, 




Custom work made to 
order on short notice. 



Merchant Tailor, 

A full Line of Choice Goods for gentlemen's wear always on hand and 
made to order in the Latest Style. 

Perfect Fits Guaranteed.-^^a AUBURN, INDIANA, 

St Clair John C, sheriff. 

Shaffer Christopher C, furniture. 

Shaffer John W, blacksmith and wagonmaker. 

Shearer & Wilson, planing mill. 

Sherlock John O P, grocer. 

Shilling Joseph E, assip^nee Auburn Woolen Mills. 

Smith C G & D W, saloon. 

Snyder Daniel I>, Hardware. 

Spooner Jared, physician. , 

Sprott Thomas H, lawyer. 

Stahl George W, tailor and sewing machine agent. 

Stamets Henry H, millinery. 

Steele George painter. 

Stone Wm B & Co, lumber. 

Strebe Frank E, shoemaker. 

Summers Thomas, saloon. 

Swineford House, S C Swineford, propr. 

Tarney Simon U, meat market. 

Warlenslaben Henry, painter, 


322 R. L. POLK &C0.;S 

Weamer Robert H, Editor and Proprietor DeKalb 

County Republican. 
Weir Sarah A, telegraph operator. 
Wetstone Wm, flouring mill. 
Williams Ebenezer E, grocer. 
IVriglit F IS" «& C05 Lumber. 

ITesbera CJeorge HE, Merchant Tailor. (^Sge adv.) 
Zacher Robert, grocer. 
Zimmerman Bros, planing mill. 


This village, the county seat of Wells county, is on the south 
bank of the Wabash river, twenty-four miles south of Fort 
Wayne via the Fort Wayne, Muncie & Cincinnati railroad. 
On the business streets, which are substantially paved, are a 
number of brick blocks which compare favorably with any in 
Northern Indiana. The streets, on account of being well 
lighted, have in the evening quite a city appearance. Two 
weekly papers are published, one Democratic, the other Repub- 
lican. A number of extensive manufacturing establishments 
are located here. The Oliver House is a new and well- kept 
hotel. Population 2,500. 


Acton John, wagonmaker. 

Angel & Bliss, grocers. 

Arnold Henry C & Co, dry goods. 

Bachelor Lemuel, county treasurer. 

Ball Charles, telegraph operator. 

Bell, livery stable. 

Bell Emerson, agent F W M & C R R. 

Bell James, livery. , 

Bender Harry, marble works. 

Bennett James R, county recorder. 

Bennett Wm H, restaurant. 

Beyha George, tailor. 

Bliss Jeffrey & Co, hardware. 

Bluffton Banner, E A K Hackett, editor and reporter. 

Bluffton Chronicle, James W Ruckman, editor and reporter. 

Blufirton Floufing Mill, David M Shelly, Propr, {See 

Boman J & Co, blacksmiths. 


Bluffton Flourin g Mills. 

D. M. SHELLY, Proprietor. 

I^kYof ite du^torq jVEill of Well^ douqty. 

LiTOff, Feed, Sate i Traiaiflg Stalk 

W. DEAM, Proprietor. 

Market street, West of Bnrgan House, lorti Side. - BLUFFTON, INDIANA. 

The oldest livery man in town, with new stable and new outfit entire. 
Special attention given commercial men. •* Good rigs, fair rates." A 
call respectfully solicited. 


A Favorite Resort for traveling men. 



Saloon and Billiard Hall 

A full line of Choice 

Always on hand. 

324 R. L. POLK & CO/S 

Borden John, saddle and harnessmaker. 

Bugh John W, physician. 

Bugh & Co, druggists. 

Burgan House, C S Burgan, propr. 

Burns Wm F, saloon. 

Clark ^KTormaii, Saloon and Billiards (^See adv.^p. 323). 

Clark W R S, physician. 

Clayton John T, flouring mill. 

Christman Fred, baker. 

Covert Oliver S, dentist. 

Craig Wm J, clerk Circuit Court. 

Crosby Mrs Annie J, millinery. 

Crosby T H, physician. 

Cump Mrs Dorcrous J, photographer. 

Curry & Rogers, dry goods. 

Dailey & Mock, lawyers. 

Davis Wm J, lawyer. 

Deam Elizabeth A & Co, dry goods. 

Deam James P, produce. 

Deam Wilson, Livery and Sale Stable. {See adv.) 

De Haven Robert C, saloon. 

De Long James S, bookseller. 

Davenport Samuel, postmaster. 

Davenport & Baumgardner, druggists. 

Erler John M, grocer. 

Exchangee Bank, John Studabaker & Co Proprs. 

Exchange Hotel, Thomas H Gutelius propr. 

Feeser John J, blacksmith. 

Freeman Jack W, druggist. 

Oardiner Oeorge E, County Auditor. ' 

Gattle John W, blacksmith. 

Gottschalk George J, shoemaker. 

Grove Hiram E, meat market. 

Outelius IVm A, Druggist. 

Hale James S, lawyer. 

Harnish George A, photographer. 

Hilligass Wm J, lawyer. 

Horton Theodore, physician. 

Horton Theodore & Co, washing-machine mnfrs. 

Jackson Mrs Jennie, millinery. 

Johnson Wm, physician. 

Justus Marcellus M, meat market. 

Kapp Lee S, grocer. 

Kapp Wm S, grocer. 

Kellogg F N, bookseller. 


Kenagy Bros, farm implements. 

Kline Clements J, barber. 

Kornblith Nathan, clothier. 

liCsIi «fc Brickley, Hardware. 

McBride Frank, barber. 

McBride & Brother, furniture. 

McCleery Bros, restaurant. 

McDowell Erastus B, painter. 

McFarren George F & Co, clothing. 

McFerrin George F, grocer. 

martin Aug^ustas JX^ Lawyer. 

Martin & Ernst, lawyers. 

Mast David, cigar mnfr. 

Miller James, saloon. 

Mitchell Oliver C, harness. 

Montgomery E H, saw mill. 

Mosure Abner, farm implements. 

Mosure Ephraim, boots and shoes. 

Myers Joseph L, general store. 

Nimmons Wm B, stave mnfr. 

North J & Bro, planing mill. 

Oliver House, Wm H J Covert, propr. 

Plessinger James, restaurant. 

Plessinger James B, Sheriff. 

Poffenberger Ezra, meat market. 

Quick Charles J, jeweler. 

Read Moses, hardware. 

Ridgeley James H, millinery. 

Ridgley & Linn, millinery. 

Robison Peter L, baker. 

Schaffer Charles, wagonmaker. 

Sharpe Arthur L, lawyer. 

IShelly ]>avifl M, Bluifton Flouring Mill. (See adv p 121.) 

Sickner Mrs Rebecca, dressmaker. 

Smith James G, job printer. 

Smith John & Co, bending works. 

Smith J H C, grocer. 

Spake Abijah C, shoemaker. 

Spencer Benjamin M, shoemaker. 

Spencer Jacob J, shoemaker. 

Stephenson Wm H, sewing machines. 

Ntont Jacob, Saloon and Billiard Hall. {See adv p 323.) 

Studebaker & Wiley, dry goods and woolen mill. 

fStnrgis Jolm E9 Druggist. 

Sturgis Thomas, dentist. 

326 R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

Thoma Henry, furniture. 
Todd & Rinehart, Lawyers. 
Townsend, Amos & Co, founders. 
Tribolet Bros, clothing. 
Van Horn John, flouring mills. 
Walmer Henry, boots and shoes. 
Waring, Studabaker & Co, produce. 
Warner Cerine, jeweler. 
White Henry, barber. 
Whitney & Dougherty, lumber. 
Wiecking & Co, cigar mnfrs. 
Wilhelm & Estabrook, founders. 
Wilie W Arthut, sewing machines. 
Wilson Oscar F, dry goods. 
Wist Samuel, livery. 
Workman Wm, cabinetmaker. 
Zehrung & Young, dry goods. 


A thriving incorporated village, the county seat of Whitley 
county, situated 19 miles west of Fort Wayne, and 129 miles 
east of Chicago, on the Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne & Chicago rail- 
road, at the crossing of the Detroit, Eel River & Indiana rail- 
road. Its superior railroad facilities make it a point from which 
large quantities of grain, flour and stock are shipped annually. 
The merchants are wide awake for trade and for the most part 
do a good business. Among the leading industries of the village 
prominent mention is made of the new " Brilliant " merchant 
flouring mills, owned by D F Campbell & Co. 

The hotels compare favorably with any in this portion of the 
State ; and if the traveler stops at the Columbia City House, he 
will soon learn that its manager "knows how to keep a hotel." 

Two weekly papers are published, one Republican, the other 
Democratic. A new $30,000 jail furnishes safe accommodation 
to its occupants. Population, about 3,000. 


Aborn O H, deputy county clerk. 
Anthes PhiUip, saloon. 
Appleton Wm M, carriages. 
Arlin Wm H, fruit dealer. 
Bainbridge G M, dry goods. 



E. L. M'LALLEN & CO., 

Opposite Court House, - - COLUMBIA CITY, IND. 

J®* Transact regular Banking business ; receive Deposits; make Loans ; 
issue Exchange; and make Collections at home and abroad." 

D. F. OA.]yiPBE;LL & 00.5 


Brilliant Flouring Mills, 






Columbia City Bank Building, - COLUMBIA CITY, IND. 

Agents for Butterick & Co.'s Patterns. 


g. $. gSMs Sropmtms, 

The " Columbia City Hotel" has Two Large, Light Sample Rooms, and 
a Cozy Billiard Hall on First Floor. All Rooms outside ones. Office open 
day and night. The only First-Class Hotel in the city. fi^-FREE 'BUS 
To and From all Trains. 

328 R. L. 

Raker H E, Propr Whitley County Commercial. 

Baker Jacob A, county treasurer. 

Baker J W, editor Whitley county Commercial. 

Sakei* liOuis, Undertaker aiid Furniture Dealer. 

Ball W A, telegraph operator. 

Bartholomew Peter, grocer. 

Beeson B & H, blacksmiths and wagonmakers. 

Beeson Wm, saloon. 

^Briggs A O, Wagonmaker N Main nr Van Buren. 

Brown Eli W, propr Columbia City Post. 

Busch Fred, saloon. 

Campbell I> F «& Co, Proprs Brilliant Merchant Flour- 
ing Mills, Line nr P F W & C R R. (S^^ adv.') 

Campbell & McNagny, lawyers. 

Carr William, contractor. 

Carter J A, telegraph operator. 

Click Michael E, photographer. 

Cole Seymore, broom mnfr. 

Collins & Adair, lawyers. 

Colaimbia City Hotel, L L Hall Proprietress. {See 

Cutter Edward, blacksmith and wagonmaker. 

Daniels & Bro, meat market. 

Dempsey Mrs Jennie H, livery stable. 

Collinger Joseph, cooper. 

Duke David D, baker. 

Kagle Brewery, Schaper & Son Proprietors. (^See adv.) 

Edwards Charles, saloon. 

Edwards & Anderson, hardware. 

Emrick Robert W, cigarmaker. 

Enyeart William R, telegraph operator. 

Eyanson Charles J, clothing, 

Eyanson T E, woolen mills. 

Farmers' Bank, E L M'Lallen & Co Proprietors. (6>^ 

Ferguson J L, marble works. 

Foust F H <fc Co, Bankers. 

Garver David, shoemaker. 

Geissler & Kessler, boots and shoes. 

Greulich F J, grocer. 

Grund Frederick, boots and shoes. 

Haas John, shoemaker. 

Haas ISamuel, Barber. 

Haas & North, hardware. 


C J. W^-^RO, 




SCHA.i»EIt & SOW, 


Lager Beer Brewers, 




Manufacturer and Wholesale Dealer in 

Brooms, and Broom Material 




Repairing Promptly and Neatly Done, 


330 R. L. POLK Sc CO.*S 

BEall li !j9 Proprietress Columbia City Hotel. (See adv, 

Harris J E, grocer. 

Hawkins John B, agent P F W & C R R. 
Hildebrand George W, cigars. 
Huffman F, cooper. 
Hunter & Bro, books and drugs. 
Jellison Robert A, county auditor. 
Jobnsoii Alvan R^ Dentist. 
Jones Curtis W, lawyer. 
Jones D C, shoemaker. 
Kelsey Wm, grocer. 
Kitclicart ^ I, Physician. 
Kramer Abraham, grocer. 
Kramer N & Co, grocers. 
Krause & Bro, grocers. 
LaFollette T J, physician. 
I^awrence Isaiah 'EI9 Physician. 
Levy Simon, meat market. 
Liggett Wm H, sheriff. 
Linvill David G, physician. 
Long J B, warehouseman P F W & C R R. 
Long Peter, gunsmith. 
McDonald Isaiah B, lawyer. 
Meliallen E li & Co, Proprietors Farmers' Bank. {See 

McMackin Wm, sewing machines. 
Mabus Fred, saloon. 

Maine Doctor J & Son, druggists. * 

Marshall D M, physician. 
Marsliall Thomais R^ Lawyer. 
Mason Mrs Agnes, millinery. 
Mason Mrs Mary J, millinery. 
Mason Warren, news dealer. 
Mattoon C B, agent D E R & I R R. 
Heely & If entiniek. Dry Goods. 
Meiser Nathaniel C, billiard saloon. 
Meitzler Wm, bakery. 
Meyers Abraham, tanner and currier. 
Millei* Jacob W, Propr Miller House. 
Mitchell Lambert, dry goods. 
Mitten Allen P, physician. 
Mosher Ambrose, blacksmith and wagon maker. 
Mnller Ferdiiaaiid, Barrel Mnfr, nr D E R & I depot. 
Myers Dan, confectioner. 


Nelson C Hall, harnessmaker. 

Netter & Meyer, meat market. 

^ITortli Mrs S C, Milliner and Dressmaker, cor Chauncey 

and Jackson. 
Olds 4&; ISiekafoose, Lawyers, over Columbia City Bank. 
Palmer L« He Essa, Dentist, over Sandmeyer's drug store. 
Paulus Peter, barber. 
Pond Charles H, builder. 
Prickett Isaac W, harness and trunks. 
Ramp Jacob, hardwood lumber mill. 
Ramp A Hark ward. Lumber Dealers, Line nr P F W 

& C R R. 
Rapp Jacob, oar mnfr. 
Raupfer Benjamin, saloon. 
Reed Theodore, grocer. 
Reider James, county clerk. 
Ricker Alfred A, grocer. 
Rueh C d^ J A, Livery Stable. 
Ruch David & Son, livery stable. 
Ruch Jacob A, propr Rhodes House. 
Ruch & Brother, painters. 
Sanders Charles & Bro, shoemakers. 
Sandmeyer Dr A L, druggist. 

Schaper & ISon, Proprs Eagle Brewery. (See adv.) 
Schneider F & Co, blacksmiths and wagonmakers. 
Schnelzteer Martin, grocer. 
Scott & Kepner, millers. 

ISears lieonard. Broom Mnfr. (See adv.) 
Seibert Mrs Mary E, laundry. 
Serjeant James E, harnessmaker. 
Show Lewis C, jeweler. 

Slussman Michael, blacksmith and wagonmaker. 
Smith Oeo W, Insurance Agent. 
Smith Mrs G W, dressmaker. 
Smith Wm H, druggist and bookseller. 
Snyder Henry, furniture. 
Steerhof George, furniture. 
Steinfeld & Wolf, dry goods. 
Stradley Thomas, co-operative store. 
Strong Ephraim & Co, Dry Goods and Groceries, 

Columbia City Bank Building. (See adv.) 
Supple Francis, grocer. 
Taupert J A, founder. 
Taylor & McHugh, grocers. 
Thiele Herman, Civil Engineer. 

332 R. L. POLK & CO.'S 

Trout Z W, blacksmith. 

Tulley «fe Mrider, Lawyers. 

Tuttle R & C W, boots and shoes. 

Ulerich Charles, meat market. 

Varner J, commission. 

Wagner & Meiser, boots and shoes. 

Wallace Mrs. W C, Millinery over Express Office. 

Walter Wm, saloon. 

Ward Cyrus J", General Store. (See adv.) 

Washburn Alanson, dry goods. 

Weber Wm, physician. 

Weihe Rudolph T, barber. 

Wliite Jolm J, Proprietor Eureka Restaurant. 

Whitley County Commercial, J W Baker, Editor, 

H E Baker, Publisher. 
Wigent John C, county recorder. 
Williams C S, physician. 
IVilliams Mrs J O, Millinery, Columbia City Bank 

Wooclworth Orson H, Postmaster and Jeweler. 
Worth & Meiser, clothing. 

Yontz Josepli R, Wagon Maker. {See adv.) 
Young Abraham, cigars. 


The county seat of Adams county, is situated on the Cincinnati, 
Richmond & Fort Wayne railroad, twenty-one miles south-east 
from Fort Wayne. It is in the midst of a very fine farming 
country and bemg on the banks of the St. Mary's river enjoys a 
very salubrious climate. Population 2,500. 


Adams County Co-operative Association, Gen- 
eral Store, Byron S Thompson Manager. 

Adams County Bank. Organized Aug i, 1874, Capital 
$50,000, Jesse Niblick, Pres; David Studabaker, Vice Pres; 
Robert B Allison, Cashier; W H Niblick, Asst Cashier; cor 
Monroe and 2nd. 

Alvers & Miller, bakery and restaurant. 

Argo M E, stave factory. 

Ayers & Hartsock, nail keg hoop factory. 

Ballard Edward C, physician and surgeon. 

Harthel Albert, Saloon and Restaurant. 





Good Table, Clean Spring Beds, 

Good Sample Rooms for Commercial Men. 

:fr.eb btjs to j^ll TK.^iisrs. 

Rates, $1.50 per day, 

Clerk. Proprietor 


A pleasant resort for gentlemen, 

where they will always find 

a quiet and orderly 

House, and the 



^■mmu ill CIgifi, 

Opposite Citizens' Bank, 
Second Street. DECATUR, iND, 



Stock, Grain, Seeds 


idiltess for Market Prices, 



Bell Alexander R, livery and feed stable. 

Blood & Meisse, saloon and ten pin alley. 

Bobo James R, lawyer. 

Bogart John F, grocery and bakery. 

Bosse Frank B, grocery and bakery. 

Bosse Harmon, grocery and saloon. 

Bottenberg Charles A, meat market. 

Bradley & Fitzgerald, cloak and dressmaking. 

Bremerkamp &; ISou, Dry Goods and Groceries. 

Bricken Michael E, barber. 

Brock John, tinsmith. 

Burns llilen. Saddles, Harness and Trunks. 

Burt House, Chester Burt Propr. {See adv.) 

Bushnell & Schlegel, blacksmiths. 

Cannoven & Thomas, marble dealers 

Cliristen Ooclfrey, County Auditor, Court House. 

Citizens' Bank, Organized May 4th, 1871; Capital, 
$50,000 ; Johrj W Rout, Pres ; Alex Eichar, Vice Pres ; 
Bernard J Kohne, Cashier. 

Closs Jacob, grocer and agent Remington sewing machines. 

Congleton Winfield S, Attorney at Law and Collect- 
ing Agency, cor Second and Monroe. 

Commons & Johnson, confectioners. 

Center L A & Co, boots and shoes. 

Corbin E H, saloon and billiards. 

Cox & Commons, General Blacksmiths, Monroe. 

Coverdale L N & Son, physicians. 

Curran Bichar<l A, Druggist and Physician. 

Beeatur Bemocrat^ Joseph McGonagle Propr. 

Becatur Flouring MiilSi, Patterson & Pillars Proprs. 

Becatur Stave "Works, Heller & Dague Proprs. 

Bonovan & Adelsperger, Groceries and Provisions. 

Borwin Cornelius T, Photographer. 

Dorwin Thomas T, drugs and medicines. 

Eichar Alexander, woolen mills. 

Siting BLenry, Grocery and Saloon. 

Eiting & Enneking, dry goods and groceries. 

Eley Bavidt Lawyer, cor Court and Second. 

Ellsworth Charles T, carriage and wagon maker. 

Elzey <& Maun, Jewelers and Watchmakers. 

Empire House, David Showers propr. 

Fetick George, saloon and billiards. 

Fitzgerald Wm J, agent Howe sewing machines. 

Flagg Samuel, groceries and notions. 

Forbing Peter, grocery and saloon. 


Fouts James A, propr Decatur Marble Works. 

France & ISon, Lawyers. 

Freeman Benjamin R, physician and surgeon. 

Garard & Glenn, carpenters and builders. 

Gast Mrs Catherine, dry goods and groceries. 

Glass & Dorwin, dealers in lumber and building material 

Olenn John, Dentist. 

Gloss Wm, confectionery and restaurant. 

Goodsell Rier N, lumber dealer. 

Grosbety Peter, watchmaker and barber. 

Haff John P, watchmaker. 

Harris James W, carpenter a,nd builder. 

Hart Henry H, Practical Miller. 

Hart Jacob S, propr City flouring mills. 

Hellehen James, watches, clocks and jewelry. 

Heller Daniel D, lawyer. 

Heller & Dague, dry goods, groceries, etc. 

Hill A Jndson, Millinery, Toys and Notions. 

Hiskey Frank, furniture dealer. 

Jackson Daniel O, Moulding, Scroll Sawing and 

Planing Mill. 
Jelleff Fitzallen A, physician and surgeon. 
Johnson Hiram R, Parlor Saloon. {See adif.) 
Jones <& Hay, Furniture Mnfrs. 
Kellisson Charles, lawyer. 
King John jr, carriage and wagon maker. 
Krick Henry, commission and produce. 
Kurtenbrer Herman, propr Decatur brewery. 
Mallonee Joseph, gunsmith. 
Mann Harlow, grocer. 
Martin & Kleinhenz, boots and shoes. 
Meifers J & Co, boots and shoes. 
Miesse House, Israel J Miesse propr. 
Miller Charles W, merchant tailor. 
Moon & Lynn, contractors and builders. 
Niblick, Crawford & Sons, dry goods and groceries. 
Patterson James C, telegraph operator C R & Ft W R R, 
Patterson j& Pillars, flouring mills 
Peterson Robert S, Lawyer. 
Peterson Shaffer, justice of the peace. 

Pittsburgh SIhoeing Shop, Cox & Commons Proprs. 
Porter & Feist, barbers. 
Pyle Isaac N, blacksmith. 
Rademacker Cornelius, saloon. 
Railing & Huffman, livery stable. 

33^ R. L. POLK ft CO.'S 

Rout & Bremekamp, flouring mills. 

Schlegel Daniel, tinsmith. 

^cliroek Wm H, Physician. 

^chrock <& Bro, Druggists. 

Schumacher Franz, merchant tailor. 

Sliackley Pkineas C, House, Sign and Carriage Paint 

(Skater, F «& Bro, Stoves and House Furnishing Goods. 

Shafer John, cooper. 

Shank John R, propr Hoagland- flouring mills, Hoagland, Al- 
len Co, Ind, res Decatur. 

l§^kolty Benjaiuiii W, Fire Insurance Agent. 

Sholty & Holthouse, agents U S Express Co. 

Sievers Frederick, agent Singer Mnfg Co. 

Smith George, saloon. 

Smith Joseph, carriage and wagon maker. 

Spencer W O & Bro, Stoves and Hardware. 

Stone & Terveen, stoves and hardware. 

Stoops Jaiue^ Jr, Saddles, Harness and Trunks. 

Strass MAI, Clothiers and Gents' Furnishing Goods. 

Studabaker & Quinn, lawyers. 

Tonellier John J & Co, dry goods and groceries. 

Trout Wfc Son, Physicians and Surgeons, Diagnosticate Dis- 
eases by the Uroscopia System, cor Front and Monroe. 

VanNess Wm VV, physician. 

Walck Mederic P, Station Agent C R & F W R R. 

Welfley John, saloon and restaurant. 

Whipple & Burdg, barbers. 

Winnes Henry, boots and shoes. 

Woolpert Rev David C, (Methodist Episcopal). 

Yager Leopold, furniture mnfr. 

Yager & Bro, meat market. 


Twenty -four miles west of Fort Wayne, on the line of the 
Toledo, Wabash and Western railway, surrounded by a rich 
agricultural district, is located the incorporated village of 
Huntington, the county seat of Huntington county. 

As a manufacturing point it is scarcely second to none of 
its size in this portion of the State. Thorn, Slack and Ayres' 
planing mill is an extensive establishment, doing a large business. 
The village has a number of fine churches and schools. The 
Herald weekly expounds Republican doctrine, while the 




Attorneys at Law, 

llayne's Block, opp. Court House, near Depot. 


I*. r>. S TV I OK, 

Merchant Tailor, 


Twenty years experience as a Cutter enables me to Guarantee Perfect Fits. 


4. 4. §§§Mgg, ^TopnetOT. 

A New House, just opened for public patronage. It is pleasantly 
located, convenient to the business center of the city, and within one and a 
half squares of the T., W. & W. Railway Depot. Jg^°* No Bus. 

Wooden Pump Maker, 

Shop, near T., W. & W. Railway Depot, 

338 R. L. POLK & CO. 

Democrat attends to the interest of the opposing political party. 
The Hubbell House, located near the business portion of the 
city, is a favorite stopping place with commercial r^en. Popu- 
lation about 5,000. 


Alexander & Hatfield, lawyers. 

Anglmyre Samuel S, contractor. 

Arnold Thomas & Co, millers. 

Ashley & Bro, barbers. 

Baker Phineas T, farm implements. 

Beaver & Ahlschwede, blacksmiths and wagon makers. 

Beeber Wm P, marshal. 

Berry & Boist, lime mnfrs. 

Binkley Jacob, Pump Factory. (See adv.) 

Black Harvey C, county auditor. 

Black Robert, cooper. 

Blackburn Bros, bakers. 

Boehner Christian, shoemaker. 

Boos Jacob, brewer. 

Bowers Amos, lime dealer. 

Branyan James C, lawyer and member legislature. 

Sranyan «& liVatkins, Lawyers, Mayne's Block, opp 

Court House. (See adv.) 
Breen Peter, grocer. 
Briant & Taylor, staves and headings. 
Brown Wm & Son, dry goods. 
Brumbaugh & Bros, livery stable. 
Buchanan Samuel & Co, hardware. 
Campbell Wm I, cigars. 
Christian Daniel, county treasurer. 

Citizens' Hanls:, F Dick, Pres ; John Morgan, Cashier. 
Cobb Buell M, lawyer. 
Cole & Hessin, lawyers. 
I>avies Jesse, Druggist. 
Day Lewis J, county recorder. 
Day Samuel F, livery stable. 
I>e I^ong Allen W, Postmaster. 
Dick & Wagner, clothing. 
Drover Henry, spoke factory. 
Drover Henry F, druggist and bookseller. 
Drummond, Quincy J, fruits. 
Engelman George, saloon. 
Ewing & Bro, dry goods. 



General Blacksmith 


All kinds of Blacksmithing done 
on short notice, at reason- 
able prices, 


ESxcbange Motel, Mrs J G Ager Propr. 

Ferguson Donald, physician. 

Fernandez Joachim, Catholic books, 

Filson Charles, bookseller. 

Fink Uriah, miller. 

First Efational Bank, Joseph W Purviance Pres, Wm 

McGrew Cashier. 
Fisher Nicholas, boots and shoes. 
Forst & Stuver, restaurant. 
Graystons F & B, physicians. 
Oriflith Jesse W, Druggist. 
Griffith Wm H, baker. 
Grupe Henry, saloon. 
Gurley Benjamin F, blacksmith. 
Gusman Jas W, county surveyor. 
Haerly Henry, saloon. 
Hall & Hendricks, carriages and wagons. 
BEartman Augustus F, Blacksmith and Horseshoer. 

(JSee adv.') 
Hartman & Hilgenberg, tailors. 
Haviland Isaac E, agent T W & W Ry. 
Herberg Bros, brewers. 
Herberg & Eschbach, saloon, 
Herrberg Joseph, saloon. 
Hilgemann E B & H F, woolen factory. 
Hitzfeld Louis, glassware. 
Hoffmann Charles, saloon. 
Hohe Jacob, tailor. 
Hohnhaus John, blacksmith. 
HoUoway C M, confectionery. 
Hoover D B & Co, druggists. 

Hubbell House, A A Hubbell, Propr. {See adv,) 
Humbert & O'Leary, grocers. 

340 R. L. POLK & CO.*S 

SEuntington I^emocrat, Samuel F Winter, Propr. 

BLantington Herald, John F Moses & Co, Proprs. 

Ibach & Stults, lawyers. 

Jupp George, bookseller. 

Kahn Marx, clothing. 

Keating Joseph B, jeweler. 

Kelly Bailey, sewing machines. 

Kenner James B, Lawyer. 

Kenower Adam Q, furniture. 

Kilander Samuel, restaurant. 

Kinders John, harness and saddle maker. 

Kintz John A, sale stable. 

Kocher Wm C, lawyer. 

Kohl John, harness and saddle maker. 

Kopp Fred, furniture. 

Lavey Samuel S, jeweler. 

Levi & Marx, clothiers. 

Levy Leopold, clothing. 

Lewis J C & Co, hardware. 

liCwisi Oscar A, Physician. 

Lewis Theodore, tinner. 

Leyman Daniel S, physician. 

Luber & Vitz, bakers. 

Lucas Thomas L, clerk Circuit Court. 

Lucas & Miner, real estate. 

liyons Ira E, Physician. 

Lyons Wm B, physican. 

Lyons Wm L H, restaurant. 

McCauley & Co, hats and caps. 

Macomber Wallace, sewing machines. 

Mangus John, boots and shoes. 

jflarsliall & Oill, Organs and Pianos 

Meech W H, hardware. 

Miller Abraham, dentist. 

Miller John, meat market. 

Milligan Moses, meat market. 

Hilligan & Moore, Lawyers. 

Miner Frank A, lawyer. 

Moffitt & Roche, founders. 

Moore Samuel, dry goods. 

Myers Norman A, marble works. 

National Hotel, H R Kretsinger, propr. 

Niblock John, bagging factory. 

Oats Wm, meat market. 

Patterson Sisters, millinery. 


PauUus Peter L, justice of the peace. 

Peters Charles H, physician. 

Pinyerd Amos A, restaurant. 

Price John G, insurance. 

Provines John S, farm implements. 

Purviance A S & Bro, dry goods. 

P.adabaugh E B, photographer. 

Radabaugh Mrs E B & Co, millinery. 

Randolph & Gardner, pump factory. 

Rausch John, saloon. 

Raymond & Phares, blacksmiths 

Rehling Conrad, potash mnfr. 

Reichard Cliarles, Cigar Maker. 

Reichard Mrs Mary, cigar factory. 

Reom Francis, blacksmith. 

Reynolds B H, spoke dealer. 

Roelie John, Lawyer. 

Rosebrough Henry W, hides and pelts. 

Rouch & Smith, lime dealers. 

Schepper Daniel, boots and shoes. 

Schiles & Son, grocers. 

Scott Joseph Z, lawyer and justice of the peace. 

Searles Joseph D, physician. 

Severance La Grange, physician. 

Shafer Edward A, physician. 

Shaffer Abner H, physician. 

Shaffer Theodore, meat market. 

Shank W H, horse shoer. 

fShearer Ilavid Li, Grain Dealer. 

Shearer Sextus H, dry goods. 

Sherwin Heman H, physician. 

Sonsabaugh John, American House. 

{Slater Alfred, Meat Market. 

Slater Milton, barber. 

Smith Frederick P, saloon. 

Smith Samuel B, saloon. 

ISmith Thomas Cr, Lawyer. 

Snyder Jacob & Son, boots and shoes. 

Swafford & Co, jewelers. 

Swiek Peter I>, Merchant Tailor, Market nr Main. {See 

Taylor E T, boots and shoes. 
Taylor & Griffith, plow handle factory. 
Thorn, (Slaek & Ayres, Planing Mill and Lumber 

Yard, Fort Wayne ave. 

342 R. L. POLK & CO/S 

Townsend & Kenower.. hardwood lumber. 

Trammel Wm H, lawyer. 

Van Antwerp Thomas B, dentist. 

Van Holten John, grocer. 

Vogt Jacob, wagonmaker. 

Walker Thomas P, photographer. 

Watkins Charles W, lawyer. 

Watson & Gintz, saloon. 

Weber Jacob, saloon. 

Whitelock Wm T, grocer. 

Wilds Nathan J, sheriff. 

Williams "Wm 1¥ «& Co, Dry Goods. 

Winton Mrs A T, millinery. 

Wire James P, grocer. 

Yingling Daniel, physician. 

Young John B, meat market. 


An important village in the east part ot Noble county, 1 1 miles 
from Albion, the county seat, is situated on the Air Line of 
the Lake Shore & Michigan Southern railway, at the crossing 
of the Grand Rapids & Indiana railway. Kendallville is 
located in one of the best agricultural and fruit-growing districts 
in northern Indiana. It is 82 miles west of Toledo and 141 east 
of Chicago. Fort Wayne via the Grand Rapids & Indiana 
railroad lies 28 miles south. It was incorporated as a village 
in 1 86 1, and as a city in 1866. Population, about 3,500. 
C O Myers, postmaster. 


Abell Lem F, druggist. 

Ackerman Solomon H, handle mnfr. 

Aichele Charles Q, Insurance Agent and Real Estate. 

Alexander Oeorge P, Agricultural Implements, 

Musical Instruments and Sewing Machines. 
Anderson Miss A & J, hair goods. 
Anderson & Brother, barbers. 

Ayers Isaac R, carriage, wagon mnfr and general blacksmith. 
Bacon Frank B, druggist. 
Bassett Rev Wm M, (Baptist). 
Bassett Wm M, physician. 
Bates Mrs M J, millinery. 
Beckman Louis, jewelry. 


Beehler Christian, cooper. 
Berhalter Joseph, furniture. 
Bittikoifer John, watches, clocks and jewelry. 
Blainey Rev L M, (Christian). 
Blunow Charles, cigar mnfr. 
Boggs Alexander M, cooper. 
Brace & Willard, carpenters. 
Brillhart George A, agricultural implements. 
Brillhart S B, flour mill. 
Brown John S, physician. 
Bunyant & Brothers, druggists. 
Chapin A A, lawyer. 
Cheetham Joseph, cooper. 
Cox Wm H, photographer, 
Cushing Wm, carpenter. 

Deible John, planing mill, sash, doors and blinds. 
DeSouza Wm H, Harness Mnfr and Dealer. 
Deurling Joseph, barber. 
Diggin W A & Brother, barbers. 
Dondge Samuel W, hotel. 
Drake Nelson, meat market. 
Dunbar Jefferson, books and stationery. 
Engel & Co, clothing. 
Erickson Gunder, physician. 
Failour James M, blacksmith. 

First National Bank, John Mitchell pres, E H Shulze cashier. 
Fisli «& Horton, Wholesale and Retail Groceries, Provis- 
ions, Glass and Queensware. 
Fleischman Rev P, (German Lutheran). 
Flint, Walling & Co, founders and machinists. 
Foehl John A, saloon. 
Ford Frank P, photographer. 

Frances Samuel, harness and agricultural implements. 
Franke Henry, shoemaker. 
Gappinger John, harness and leather, 
Geddes Wm, blacksmith. 
Gilbert J L, physician. 
Glatte George C, groceries. 
Goodman Lucius E, lawyer. 
Goodman Rev R S, (Presbyterian). 
Gonser Jacob, baker. 
Graves Thomas L, lawyer. 
Hall Wm B, insurance agent. 
Hartman Rev D P, (Methodist). 
Hartsuck G D, boarding house. 


Hartsuck George W, ticket agent L S & M S R R. 

Hartsuck, Holbrook & Co, mnfrs eave trough hangers. 

Hasting Joseph H, painter. 

Helmer S B, hotel. 

Hirsch August, furniture. 

Humphreys Joseph M, freight and ticket agent G R & I R R. 

Hunt H P (fe Son, meat market. 

Isbell Mrs Ella, millinery. 

Isbell P C, truss mnfr. 

Jacobs Daniel, shoemaker. 

Johnson Wm C, tannery. 

Keller Jacob, dry goods. 

Keller & Kann, produce dealers. 

Kelly J B & T D, proprs Kelly House. 

KendallTille (Standard (Weekly), C O Myers, 
Publisher, $2 per annum. 

Knight James, painter. 

Kraner Jacob, restaurant. 

Kratzer John G, brewer. 

Krueger Herman, liquors. 

Kundert Rudolph, saloon. 

Liebing Louis, groceries. 

Lohman G H & Co, druggists. 

Lang Julius, shoemaker. 

Long Mrs J H, millinery. 

Loomis S J M, dry goods. 

McCray Hiram, produce. 

McGregor R P, painter. 

Mains Vincent, lawyer. 

Merkling George S, marble works. 

Miles Henry P, produce. 

Millard Charles, freight agent L S & M S Ry. 

Miller Reuben, saloon. 

Miller Rev Wm (German Methodist.) 

Miller & Duerr, grocers. 

Mitchell John, president First National Bank. 

Moyer Henry, insurance agent. 

Moyer Henry A, dentist. 

Myers C O, Publisher Kendallville Standard, also Post- 

Nellis James, wagonmaker. 

Park A B & Brother, hardware, stoves and tinware. 

Peck Wm, saloon. 

Pike Linus E, grocer. 

Raymond John, horse trader. 


Reed & Hill, mnfr lumber, doors, sash and blinds. 

Reyher J & C, dry goods. 

Robbins & Reeves, boots and shoes. 

Rossbacher Oscar, furniture. 

Schmeykal Charles, gunsmith. 

Schneider John P, blacksmith. 

Schwartz Peter, baker and grocer. 

Seifert Wm, brewery. 

Sheffer & Haines, painters. 

Sheffer & Haines, painters. 

Stewart T H & Son. boots and shoes. 

Sticht John M, livery stable. 

St^ater Wm, blacksmith. 

Taber Freeman, grist and saw mill. 

Taylor Mrs C, millinery. 

Teal G B & Co, hardware. 

Teal Norman, physician. 

Thompson L A & Son. grocers. 

Tish Wm, harnessmaker. 

United States Express, G B Teal agent. 

Wads worth Mrs M, dressmaker. 

Wakeman Henry, justice ol the peace and insurance agent. 

Walda Herman, merchant tailor. 

Wallace E O, carpenter. 

Ward Harris D, dry goods and clothing. 

Wayner Charles N, harnessmaker. 

Wehmeyer H H, saloon. 

Wells Mrs L B, millinery. 

Wildman Stephen, lawyer. 

Willett Wm, carpenter. 

Williams N & Son, physicians. 

Wilson David C, physician. 

Wolff Philip, cigar mnfr. 

Zimmerman D, boot and shoemaker. 


An mcorporated village in Adams township, Allen county, 
situated on the line of the Toledo, Wabash & Western railway 
and Wabash & Erie canal, six miles east of Fort Wayne. The 
village was incorporated in 1866. Population, 1,200. 


Beechgood John, flouring mill. 
Bell Miss Sarah, millinery. 
Bilderback John J, marshal. 


Brooks John, meat market. 

Brown Henry I, constable. 

Brown Matthias, painter. 

Brudi, Gothe & Fisher, flouring mill. 

Cameron James, grocery and meat market. 

Crippen & Son, druggists. 

Dowling Bartholomew, hardware. 

Federspiel Joseph, blacksmith. 

Federspiel B & Bro, blacksmiths. 

Frossard Alexander, saloon. 

Gibson Mrs Mary, millinery. 

Gbthe Carl, tailor. 

Ooetlie & Co, Lumber. 

Hagar Henry, baker. 

Indiana Stave Co, Schnelker, Beugnot & Co, proprs. 

Johnson Wm M, Propr New Haven Hotel. 

Josse & Federspiel, druggists. 

Knode R S, physician. 

Kremmel T, tailor. 

liCe KdwaiHl, Blacksmith. 

Licklider Jacob, justice of the peace. 

Linnemanij F, boots and shoes. 

Lipes Andrew, jeweler and proprietor Evergreen House. 

Love Wm, cigarmaker. 

Mack Frederick, Boots and Shoes. 

Mason & Meads, saw mill. 

Miller Mrs Margaret, dressmaker. 

Miller & Koehn, boots and shoes. 

Null Abraham C, physician. 

J^ull lijcnrgns N, Physician. 

Poiry & Leppar, wagon makers. 

Schnitker A R, harnessmaker. 

Schuckman Nicholas, general store and saloon. 

f^chwanz C «& Bro, Furniture Mnfrs and Dealers and 

Carpenters and Builders. 
Sharkey J. principal pubHc schools. 
Simons John W, barber. 
Starks & Hargrave, grocers. 

Stark Joseph, foreman New Haven fire department. 
Stutz Joseph, saloon. 
Thompson M M, justice of the peace. 
Wliitaker <f Oiseplt 1¥, Postmaster. 
Whitaker & Schnelker, dry goods. 
Wiedon Rev Bernard, (Catholic). 
Williamson M F, physician. 
Wolf Carl, saloon. 

Wabash Fast Mail Route. 

Now controls and operates the following Lines : 
TOLEDO to ST. LOUIS, - 434 Miles 
TOLEDO to HANNIBAL, - 463 Miles 

TOLEDO to QUINCY, - - 474 Miles 
TOLEDO to KEOKUK, - - 489 Miles 
Connecting in Union Depots at 

St. Louis, Hannibal, Quincy, Keokuk 


Illinois, Missouri, Arkansas, Kansas, Texas, Nebraska, 
Colorado and California, 

And f(jrniing the Leading Thoroutjhfan; between the Missouri and 
Mississippi Valleys and 

New York, Boston, 


Enabling Passengers who travel by the 


To reach the principal cities in the East and West 

Many Hours in Advance of Other Lines. 

No change of cars between Cleveland and St. Joseph and Atchison (810 miles) 
and between Toledo and Kansas City (700 miles.) 

All Express Trains of this Line are fully equipped witli Pullman's Palace Sleeping 
Cars, We«tin^honse's Lately ImproTe;! Air-Brake, and Miller's Platform and Oonplttr 
rendering a serious accident almost an impossibility. 


General Superintendent. Gen'l Pass. *£- Ticket Agent^ 

Canada Southern Railway Lines. 

The Shortest, Quickest^ most Direct Route 


Si TfeeatSj -liffilos iiagtm liJls, 


And all Principal Points in the East. 


And Principal Points in Michigan. 


Wagner's Magnificent Drawing Room and 
Sleeping Coaches on all Trains. 

Five ExpressTrains Daily 

Pass over this Line, fully e(|uipped with all modern appliances for 
Speed, Comfort and Safety. 

Connections in Toledo & Detroit are made in UnlonDeiiots. No Transfer, 


Tickets and Sleeping Car Berths can be ol^tained at all the Principal Hotels 

and Ticket Offices in Detroit, and at the Company's General 


FRANK E. SNOW, Gen'l Pass, and Ticket Agent, Detroit. 
W. K. MUIR, Gen'l Manager.